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Beauteque Mask Maven Box Review – January 2019

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Beauteque Mask Maven is a monthly subscription box dedicated to masks. If you love trying new Korean sheet masks, this subscription is for you!

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My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

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About Beauteque Mask Maven

The Subscription Box: Beauteque Mask Maven

The Cost: $18.95 month-to-month ($15 subscription + $3.95 shipping), save with 6- and 12-month subscriptions

The Products: 9 to 11 masks of all kinds, straight from Korea. Most are facial sheet masks, but you will sometimes see a hair mask or hand mask or lip mask, too.

Ships to: USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia (see international shipping costs during checkout)

Beauteque Mask Maven January 2019 Review

The number of sheet masks out there for sale must be incredibly large. Mask Maven almost never sends repeat items, and I discover something new every month:

Beauteque Mask Maven January 2019 - Booklet Front Top Beauteque Mask Maven January 2019 - Booklet Inside Top 1 Beauteque Mask Maven January 2019 - Booklet Inside Top 2 Beauteque Mask Maven January 2019 - Booklet Back Top

The box came with this information card. This month has a theme of “Drama Queen” and was a little less cohesive than last month. Oh well, you can’t win every time!

Beauteque Mask Maven January 2019 - JM Solution Water Luminous SOS Ampoule Top

JM Solution: Water Luminous SOS Ampoule Hyaluronic Mask – Retail Value $3.99

You’ll usually get one or two premium masks with this subscription (I tend to apply that term based on price – if something is above $2 or $3, for example). I consider this one of them. My information booklet actually had a different product from this line mentioned, but occasionally there are variations and I think Beauteque does a good job of trying to keep any substitutions in a similar value range.

Anyway, the key ingredient here is hyaluronic acid. This is a long carbohydrate polymer that holds on to a lot of water molecules near the surface of the skin (it is too large to penetrate the skin). This helps with moisture as well as (allegedly) reducing the appearance of fine lines. Most hyaluronic acid is from animal sources (a byproduct of poultry byprocessing) and is not vegan, but you should probably not expect a K-beauty subscription to provide a lot of vegan products.

Anyway, this was nice for moisturizing winter skin. We’ve been having some crazy temperature swings lately but there have definitely been a few cold and dry days and I used this on one of those.

Beauteque Mask Maven January 2019 - Frienvita Jellyfrien Honey Bear Silky Skin Mask Top

Frienvita Jellyfrien Honey Bear Silky Skin Mask – Retail Value $2.90 (found here for $2.76)

This brand is new to me and we received several of their offerings in this month’s package (this one, for some reason, was not available directly from Beauteque). This is actually the first one I used. I’ve been lazy with skincare lately and had a few breakouts, and honey has antibacterial properties (as well as being a source of minerals). I do think this was soothing, but I also think I’d have to buy a whole box and use them consistently to see any results on my currently-congested skin.

Note: a lot of honey masks have a strong artificial honey scent. This one did not. So if you don’t like that scent but want to use a honey mask, this is a good one to try.

Beauteque Mask Maven January 2019 - Frienvita NMF Royal Crown Mask Top

Frienvita: NMF Royal Crown Mask – Retail Value $3.99

I can see how this one fits the drama queen theme this month. This mask touts three specific ingredients. One is “quint-hyaluronic acid” (no idea what this is supposed to mean, but assume it is a derivative or variant of hyaluronic acid, possibly hydrolyzed to a shorter length) which is going to be similar to what I’ve discussed above. Another is amino acids (building blocks of protein although I note that putting them on your skin isn’t going to make protein as claimed on the information page, you’d have to eat them for that). A third is glycosaminoglycan (a generic term for a class of molecules that includes hyaluronic acid; these are going to have similar properties as hyaluronic acid). “NMF” refers to “natural moisturizing factor,” which I think is just a cosmetic industry term.

Anyway, this is basically a moisturizing mask and it is good at that. I really like the moisturizing masks during winter time, especially for work-at-home days when I don’t put makeup on (sometimes the serum from the super-moisturizing masks takes too long to dry or doesn’t really dry and then foundation doesn’t really stick to my skin all that well).

Beauteque Mask Maven January 2019 - Dermal Premium Hyaluronate Collagen Essence Mask Top

Dermal: Premium Hyaluronate Collagen Essence Mask – Retail Value $1.99

We’ve been over hyaluronic acid already (hyaluronate is the same thing, or nearly enough so, without getting into biochemical details that aren’t really important here). This also has collagen, a protein that is going to do essentially the same as hyaluronic acid here. (If you EAT collagen, it may help with the condition of your skin, hair, and nails. Please note, though, that collagen can only come from animal sources.) Finally, this has aloe, which can help with redness and is moisturizing in a slightly different way from hyaluronic acid and collagen. This was another great one for wintertime and is more economical to repurchase if you are looking to use a mask like this more often.

Beauteque Mask Maven January 2019 - Frienvita Skin Filtering Moisture Plum Vita E Top

Frienvita: Skin Filtering Moisture Plum Vita E – Retail Value $2.50

This has vitamin E, which is moisturizing but which is also an antioxidant. I really do like to use skincare containing antioxidants so I was happy to see this one. This mask also has hyaluronate (honestly it is hard to find a sheet mask that doesn’t) and sugar maple extract, which also seems to be moisturizing based on past experience. It has plum extract which may provide some additional antioxidants (when foods have lots of colors – red, orange, purple, etc. – they are usually high in antioxidants) and it has anise extract, which is supposed to help slough off dead skin cells, apparently, although I didn’t see direct evidence of that. (But then, I had just used a peeling gel the night before and I also do exfoliate regularly so maybe I didn’t have too many cells to slough off.) This one did not have a strong scent although my nose has been stuffy so you might have a different opinion.

Beauteque Mask Maven January 2019 - TonyMoly Fresh To Go Grape Mask Sheet Top

TonyMoly: Fresh to Go Mask Sheet (Grape) – Retail Value $1.99

This mask’s key ingredient is grape extract, as you might expect. Grapes also have antioxidants, including vitamin C, which may help fight aging and skin discoloration. This one is supposed to be a little bit toning, too, and I think I felt that. (Sorry I don’t have more comments on this one but the Beauteque page doesn’t have a full ingredients list. If you have allergies or ingredients you are avoiding, you should know that I often find bizarre mistakes in the Korean-to-English translation of some mask ingredients lists, or sometimes I just don’t find the ingredients lists at all, so you will have to use caution or find a friend who reads Korean to analyze the packages for you.)

Beauteque Mask Maven January 2019 - Wish Formula Panda Eye Essence Mask Top

Wish Formula: Panda Eye Essence Mask – Retail Value $2.50

Most masks in this subscription are standard full-face sheet masks, but you will usually get one that is somewhat different. This is that one for the month. These are two comma-shaped under-eye masks with a somewhat oily, yellow-colored serum. The language on the product page suggests you don’t want to look like a panda, which I guess means this is supposed to help with dark circles? I don’t get those so I can’t say whether it helps there.

This has lemon extract, although it doesn’t smell like lemon. But lemon has vitamin C and antioxidants, which we’ve discussed above with respect to other products. This is also supposed to help reduce oil secretion but so much oil from the mask stayed on my skin it is a bit hard to judge that, as well. This also has mistletoe, which they claim is anti-inflammatory. I think I *could* see that, as my skin had been a bit irritated and seemed soothed after using this. Also, unlike some other under-eye masks, these actually stayed in place while I sat up and read a book, so that was nice.

Beauteque Mask Maven January 2019 - It’s Skin The Fresh Sheet Mask Rose Top

It’s Skin: The Fresh Sheet Mask: Rose – Retail Value $1.99

This one actually DID have a scent and it is exactly what you would expect based on the product name. I like rose scents, so I was fine with this. Rose water is traditionally a gentle toning ingredient and I feel like I got those benefits here. This also has allantoin, which is supposed to soothe rough skin, as well as tea leaf extract, which is a source of antioxidants. (This one does not seem to have hyaluronate, which is kind of a rare thing among sheet masks.)

Beauteque Mask Maven January 2019 - Mizon Joyful Time Essence Mask Strawberry Top

Mizon: Joyful Time Essence Mask: Strawberry – Retail Value $1.99

This had a slight scent but it wasn’t very strong (I like strawberry fragrance in bath/body products). Strawberries have a lot of vitamin C, which we’ve talked about a bit already. This one also has the standard moisturizing ingredients like sodium hyaluronate and hydrolyzed collagen, as well as some other carbohydrates (i.e., fructooligosaccharides and saccharide hydrolysate) that are going to be moisturizing as well.

Verdict: I calculated a value of $23.84 for the January 2019 Beauteque Mask Maven. That’s a few dollars above the month-to-month cost of the box. Frienvita was a totally new brand for me, though I was familiar with some of the others (TonyMoly, It’s Skin, Mizon, JMSolution). Most of the masks were new to me, as well. This was a good collection for winter, with lots of moisture for when my skin gets really dry.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, this was the January package. You have to sign up by the 15th to get a box for the month, so your first box would probably be February’s box and arrive in early March.

Value Breakdown: At $18.95 for this box, you are paying approximately the following per item:

  • Ampoule mask $3.17
  • Honey bear mask $2.31
  • Royal crown mask $3.17
  • Dermal mask $1.58
  • Skin filtering mask $1.99
  • Grape mask $1.58
  • Eye mask $1.99
  • Rose mask $1.58
  • Strawberry mask $1.58

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What did you think of the January 2019 Beauteque Mask Maven? Do you get any K-Beauty or Asian Beauty subscriptions?

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Written by Ragan Buckley

Ragan Buckley

Ragan stumbled across My Subscription Addiction in late 2013 and immediately subscribed to way too many beauty boxes. She’s now focused on boxes for her cats and dog, vegan/vegetarian food boxes, and craft subscriptions (and she didn’t give up beauty boxes entirely).

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