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FabFitFun – Better Than Black Friday 2018 Deal!

Women’s quarterly beauty, fashion, and fitness lifestyle subscription FabFitFun has a Better Than Black Friday deal for MSA readers:

11/19 ONLY – New members get $12 off PLUS a free Kate Somerville ExfoliKate by using code MSAFRIDAY!

And we have a deal for Current members, too! Now until 11/26 – Current members can buy a $60 gift card, and you’ll earn a $10 in Winter Edit credit (limit 1 per customer) + Kate Somerville ExfoliKate with Winter Edit order. *Credit will be applied once the promotion ends.

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FabFitFun Shipping

The Subscription Box: FabFitFun

The Cost: $49.99 a box sent every quarter

The Products: The hottest seasonal items (worth at least $200) selected by the FabFitFun team

Ships to: US and Canada

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Comments (100)

  1. Hmm. I just ordered the $60 gift card, but it states “Your gift card can be applied to A Seasonal Box ($49.99) plus $10 towards an Add-Ons purchase.” I see a few comments from people who think you buy the $60 gift card and get a bonus $10 = $70 add-on credit, plus the Exfolikate. If what is stated in my receipt is correct, I would interpret this as a $10 + $10 bonus of add-on credits PLUS having to buy a $49.99 seasonal box. *IF the $10 ghost bonus and ghost Exfolikate are honored* – skeptical without nay mention of it in my receipt. I will call tmrw and ask for CS to email a note to me clarifying the seasonal box purchase requirement and the $10 added credit and the Exfolikate. I hate the lack of transparency with any purchase. It is very simple to just note it all in the invoice for people!

  2. Thanks Liz! I will be using this deal! XO

  3. I did order a gift card for this ExfoliKate deal, and confirmed it with a CS rep with some English language challenges (which has never happened before), but I find the lack of wording on the FFF site to be some cause for concern. Is there any FFF-authored deal advertisements that we MSAers can have in case the deal gets denied later?

  4. Fabfitfun Instagram page has a sponsored story for a promo for the past subscribers, reactivate for $10 off and get an Exfolikate if you click the link on the story. I just reactivated after confirming with the CS that it is indeed the full size Exfolikate (RV $75 woohoo!).
    If you can’t locate the deal on Instagram, just contact CS via chat, I am sure they will help. If you need the screenshot, I can email you.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Hi Can you send this to me? I can’t seem to find it on their insta…

      email is [at]

  5. Huge kudos to FFF for offering a great deal for current subscribers! $60 for $70 worth of credit plus a $75 skincare product is a fantastic deal. I’ve only been with FFF since the fall box but it has quickly become my favorite subscription. I wish there had been some sort of confirmation page about the add on credit and exfoliKate but I decided to just trust them since I’ve had great experience with their customer service so far.

  6. Ya, I felt like there were a lot of companies trying to get me to subscribe to what I have already decided I don’t want or need to subscribe to… Nothing that said (to me) , this is Super deal, don’t miss out!!

  7. I am proud of myself I walked away with nothing today and thankful for that. The only thing I liked was the Look Fantastic promo. To me that was the best deal.

    • Ya, I felt like there were a lot of companies trying to get me to subscribe to what I have already decided I don’t want or need to subscribe to… Nothing that said (to me) , this is Super deal, don’t miss out!!

  8. Does anyone know when the edit sale will be happening? I’m going to be traveling a lot between Thanksgiving and Christmas, not sure i’ll be free to shop the sale

    • Dec 26 for annual subscribers, Dec 29th for quarterly subscribers.

  9. Can you still customize the box if subscribing today?

    • Yes!

  10. This one was a no brainer for me. As much as I like to think I will skip one of their edit or add-on sales I just won’t.

  11. This is a great deal! I bought the gift card for myself. The exfolikate is $75.00 they sell this size on her site! Not to mention I love it! 😋 happy day!!

    • Did they send you a email with the additional $10 off or do they just record it somewhere?

      • The fine print: the $10 credit shows up AFTER the promo is over on 11/26.

    • Did you see any confirmation for the add on credit and the exfolikate? It isnt showing up for me on the giftcard page

  12. Does anybody know where the BarkBox offer is? I see it on main page but it won’t open.

    • Don’t work for me either. Same with super chewer link. Neither one works.

      • Oops, “doesn’t”! 🙂

    • Go to the featured post about better than black Friday. You can find it there.

      • Never mind, it is gone from there 🙁

    • It’s back on the Better than Black Friday page – find the featured post.

  13. Do we need a code for the gift card purchase? Also how do you redeem it? Thanks!

    • You do not need to use a code if you’re already a subscriber


    • The photo shows 1.7oz. Sephora shows the standard sizes are 2oz and 5oz, and a .5oz mini, so I’m wondering if this is a special size for FFF?

      • Yes the same as the winter 2017 box

      • I am wondering if it’s leftover stock from Winter 2017….

      • Even it if is a product like this has a 3 to 4 year shelf life so it isn’t expired

    • Hi!
      It would be a 1.7 FL oz. 🙂

  15. I’m not currently subscribed but I can see the $60 giftcard deal when I log in to my account. If I resub before the winter edit sale, will I still get the free Exfolikate from the giftcard deal?

  16. If we sign up with this deal, can we still customize our Winter box or do we just get whatever they send?

    • Contact customer service, they will let you customize what they can as an seasonal or annual subscriber.

    • Hi!

      If you’re a new member and it’s your first time to sign up, you have 1 HOUR to choose your selections for the customization.

    • I just live chatted with them and they said yes, after you place the order you can customize.

  17. When I click on the link, it page to buy the gift card doesn’t show anything about the $10 add on credit and exfolikate. Is there a code to enter to make sure I get the extrad?

    • I was wondering about that myself.

  18. I wish there was a deal to upgrade to annual

    • Did you get the email from FFF yesterday? $20 add-on credit if you upload to annual. I think I’m going to go that route, especially since annual is cheaper already and I’ve been a subscriber for years.

      • I just saw it. It says it’s for spring add on. I think I’m going this route too.

      • Is there a link? I can’t find this email!

  19. For all confused current subscribers wondering, I confirmed with FFF support that the gift card you purchase can be applied to anything. So aside from the bonus $10 that must be used toward the Winter edit sale, the remaining $60 can be used for any add-ons, edit sale purchases, box renewals, etc, and it will not expire.

    • Thanks for checking!
      Do you know if it could count toward upgrading from seasonal to annual?

      • They said it could apply to anything. So I’m sure it could go toward an upgrade.

    • Thanks for checking!

    • Yeah after some other people said you could I bought it and applied it to my account easily.

      I think everyone is just concerned about possible limitations because of the wording on the site.

  20. So the $10 credit will only be for edits, but will the additional $60 credit be available for say the Spring Box if for some reason I don’t use it all up for the Winter Edit sale?

    • The $10 will only be applicable for the Edit sale and the $60 can be used to any purchases.

  21. Can you customize with this deal? Thank you for the help!

  22. Can (as new subscribers) we sign-up for the box with the $12 discount & exfoikate deal and then after the account is set-up, can we purchase the gift card with the $10 edit credit and another exfolikate?

    • Lol I really doubt it

    • Good question!

    • No. Above: “$10 in Winter Edit credit (limit 1 per customer)”

      Nice try, though!

    • You could try, let us know!

  23. Super! Code for me to spend on add ons or edits! YEAH!!!!

  24. The mountain became a molehill. These “deals” – well, at least my wallet is safe.

    • Right?! The only I caved to was the popsugar…

    • Yep, me too. I had budgeted $400 and only spent $50. Guess I’ll treat myself to the cashmere hoodie I’ve been eyeing.

      • Ohh cashmere hoodie, where did you find that? I might ‘need’ one of those for Christmas 🎄

    • I’m pretty disappointed with these deals today. I was ready to buy a couple new subs, at great discounts; not into the getting an extra item or even box of extras. Only into the money deals. (my wallet say’s so) Hoping some of them have actual black Friday deals coming!

      • From what I saw, Liz noted in a lot of BTBF deal posts that the corresponding subscription wouldn’t have a black friday deal, seems like a lot of them are just doing BTBF and not BF. I mean, I hope that that’s not the case and that we have more deals coming, but I’m not really expecting it.

      • I’m thinking that there won’t be subscription deals for black friday but possibly some mystery one off boxes or secret sales. Those are usually my kryptonite.

    • So glad no BB (that I’m interested in) hasn’t had any mind blowing deals lol
      You’re Welcome to my wallet.

    • Haven’t seen anything at all. And I saved for good deals on annual of the boxes in currently an annual of. Nope Not biting.

    • I agree. I’m almost a little embarrassed for MSA with some of these “deals”, like that Ipsy bum bum one. Not much savings to be found.
      But our wallets are safe!

  25. Thanks so much for all these fabulous deals MSA!! 💕

  26. How do we get this deal? Do we just buy a $60 gift and assume they record it or does it need a code of some sort?

  27. Too difficult to understand my profit of that offer. So I prefer to skip it too:)

  28. Thanks again liz and all involved with this special day….lucky for me I only jumped on one 3 month subscription.

  29. Too difficult to inderstand my profit:) So I better pass that offer too

  30. Not sure how the deal for current subscribers benefits the annual subs. $50 of the $60 can only be used on a seasonal box, well mine are already paid for. I guess if you want to give it to someone. This deal isn’t for me.

    • You can use it towards the edit sale or add ons.

      • Kay, being a subscriber, did you just send the gift card to the email address associated with your account? And then does it show a $70 credit (60 plus the 10 additional)?

      • Yes, I emailed it to myself and immediately applied the code to my account. It only shows $60 in credit. The other $10 will show up after this promotion window closes.

      • Here’s clarification for all:

        Click the link through the MSA post above, and it will take you DIRECTLY to the gift card page with $60 gift card amount highlighted.

        Read the fine print: the $10 edit credit will be applied AFTER the promotion ends on 11/26.

        Current subscribers may apply the $60 gift card to their own account- just click the link to send it to yourself, not a friend. Or yes, you CAN send the gift card to a friend- notice it does not say MUST use on gift box.

    • If you purchase the Editors box after the Winter box sells out, you can get the bonus exfolikate and use the add-on credit.

      • ** not Editors box, Edit sale for $10 credit and exfolikate

  31. I’m not even gonna lie, I’m confused (again, lol) The gift card can go toward what? Can you purchase your next box with it? Explain please,. TIA

    • People are saying you can use it on the edit sales – or FFF is saying you CAN use it on an additional box and $10 Add ons. I’m hoping it’s either!

  32. But can current subscribers use the deal?

    “Your gift card can be applied to
    A Seasonal Box ($49.99) plus $10 towards an Add-Ons purchase.”

    So I can’t buy it for myself to use as credit?

    • Yes you can, that’s just an example…I just added the $60 to my account, and I can use it to upgrade, roll towards my next boxes, or buy stuff in the sales. It’s totally flexible!

      • I just did the same as Kay! Plus I can always use more Exfolikate

      • Thanks for the info and update! Wasn’t sure if it was an example or “fine print” type of warning.

      • I doublechecked with customer service through chat. If you send the gift certificate to yourself, and then redeem it as a “gift credit,” you should be able to use it however you like.

  33. Is the gift certificate option a straight $60 that can be used any way we’d like (like on edit products), or is it only for a complete box?

    • Just a gift credit. I bought it and redeemed it on my account. It shows up as a purchase credit.

  34. Is the gift card able to apply towards edit sale purchases, or just for a subscription?

    • Also redeemable toward edit sale purchases

  35. Can you use the gift card for yourself or does it have to be given to someone else?

    • That’s what I want to know. I’ll definitely spend $70 in edits so I would definitely take this deal.

    • You can redeem it yourself. I just did it and added it back to my own account. If I don’t see much I like in the edit sale, I’ll apply it towards upgrading to an annual membership 🙂

      • Thank you! I figured that was the case, but I wanted to double check before I bought it haha 🙂

    • You can use the GC yourself. I have not done it myself, but tons of people in the FFF community say they do it regularly. You just gift it to yourself.

  36. Lame. Just like the winter box…

  37. THANK YOU for thinking of current subscribers!!!!!!!

  38. Code doesn’t apply to annual subs?

  39. THANK YOU FABFITFUN for having a deal for CURRENT subscribers!

    • Yes!!!

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