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BoxyCharm November 2018 FULL SPOILERS Box Variation #1 Update!


We have the full spoilers for the November Boxycharm box – now including the two previously unidentified items!

Here’s one version of the box:

Source: Instagram user Kimkardashian

Box #1 Variation:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the October box will be your first box! (Check out October spoilers here!)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.


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Comments (83)

  1. I am 100% happy about the November boxycharm! I have finally mastered putting false lashes on thanks to my Allure box, and I had saved all my false lashes I’ve gotten in previous boxes and cute including the lashes we got in boxing not too long ago that you can reuse and they look awesome on me :-). The eyeshadow palette is great I love brushes I save all the brushes I get and then when the other ones were out I can rotate them and use my new ones that I got which doesn’t happen very often and then tweezers you always lose tweezers but I have really good tweezers from the last boxycharm that had the rose gold. Love those and anything that doesn’t work for me my 22 year old daughter gets! That yeah I’m loving the eyeshadow palette. I have I am cool tones and I have like 20 pallets but because of all the pallets and have come in the recent boxes I have no need to buy the Cherry palette from Urban Decay now LOL

  2. They can keep.those tweezers. I’m curious does BC do a lot of skin care products or jst primarily make-up? I’m new to this subscription.

    • Its mostly makeup heavy. They do throw in an occasional skin or hair care products, but the majority is makeup and brushes. I have been with boxy for 3 years and I love that its mostly makeup.

  3. I got my tracking number already for my Boxycharm November box and it says it’s scheduled to be delivered Oct. 31!! That’s exciting!

    • Whoa! That is 😃

    • I got a shipping notification also, but I thought it was my free gift for referring someone subscribing? Now I am curious if it is my November box.

    • I got a tracking number too, but I thought it was my free referral gift? If it is my November Box, that is way more exciting!

  4. I never wear lashes, they are a waste for me. What’s with the constant eye brushes?

    • Personally, I love getting brushes.

      Kind of agree on lashes though. Between this and my other subs, I’ll have 5 sets. Which probably means if I ruin one learning how to apply, I’m not out of luck.

      • I don’t mind having a stockpile of any of these products. Because you can have back up whenever your other ones wear out or get lost or someone borrows them and don’t return them or just any of the above lol.

    • You can NEVER have enough brushes!!

  5. Thinking about resubbing for this box… but any work on any of the variant items? And what color is Nova for the glitter drops? That color is not listed on cover FX site. I’d be pretty disappointed if the variant items were completely different products (as has been happening lately).

    • It’s a holiday special color. Coppery gold. Which makes me sad bc it’s way to dark for me. I wish they made the colors a variant item based on your questionaire. The upside is that Boxy Charm is always woc friendly but I’ll admit it’s hard to get a product I’d love to have but won’t work for me. Although I can use it on my eyes. I’m not usually a neutral/gold wearing consumer, but that being said I just had the thought that it prob would look amazing with my deep red or burgundy eyeshadows.

  6. Finally an eyeshadow palette that I can actually use!! I’m 55 and I have the common 55 yr old hooded eyelids and when you have hooded eyelids you have to choose your eyeshadow colors very carefully. Lighter natural colors and a just a little bit darker color than a light natural color look best on my eyelids. For the last 3-4 months I haven’t been able to use those really bold bright colors that Boxycharm has been putting in their boxes. So Finally!!

    • You can’t blamw hooded eyes on the age factor and hooded eyes being only restricted to neutral colors. I’m 37 and have hooded eyes and there’s a trick to being able to wear the more daring colors. YouTube has helped a lot for me on finding those tricks

    • Yes, I agree! All those bright color & glittery palettes were a waste for me too!

  7. The lashes claim to be 100% vegan and also 100% silk. Last I checked, silk was made from insects. Not that I care about that, but this is misleading.

    • Vegan silk is a thing. Look it up.

      • That depends how you define ‘Vegan.’ Most people would define vegan as no-animal products and not even using products from dead animals (like littered bone) as a commodity. Some ‘Vegan silk’ uses animal products (Peace Silk, Amhisa silk), just in a more cruelty free way (such as harvesting the leftover shell of a cocoon for silk.

        Synthetic ‘spider silk’ is vegan, since it’s made from water, sugar, and yeast. Art/Bamboo silk is vegan – but so many chemicals are used in the process it’s not very natural.

        Anyways, the Instaglam lashes are made from 100% “silk fibers” – meaning they aren’t bamboo silk or vegan ‘spider silk’ made from yeast. At best they could be cruelty-free peace silk – which isn’t vegan. So it is a notable contradiction.

  8. I love everything in the box. I really hope I get this box contents.

  9. Idk guys , I’m usually very positive about boxy but …eh unfortunately I haven’t got the patience for fake lashes . So these will just collect dust with the others ,the tweezers I’ll probably lose in a week .the drops I’m on the fence with .the eyeshadow palette is gorgeous though and who doesn’t love getting brushes
    So yeah I’m only looking forward to 2 things. Kinda bummed but that’s life with sub boxes can’t win them all . But really?? Kim Kardashian??? Ugh .

    • join boxycharm beauties on facebook there’s lots of ladies willing to buy what you won’t use in the box 🙂

    • I have a collection of stuff to put up for sale on Mercari or elsewhere to help fund my sub boxes. I’d have more but I give so much away. Like the Midnight Masquerade palette I gave to my niece for her ninth bday. She got my last Pür palette as well. (I’m not a fan of their formula and they tend to be neutral heavy and when they do color it’s “wearable” shimmers.) I’ve helped my two nieces build up their makeup collection with sub boxes. But the rest I’ve got in allure boxes to sell soon.
      You can also trade products in FB sub box groups.

  10. Super excited to try the ace beauty palette. Have been thinking about buying all 4 of their palettes but they are over a hundred dollars with shipping, so if this one works for me, I’m definitely buying them!!!
    Those highliter/glitter drops are everywhere these days. Won’t use those. But I’m always down for lashes , because I’m still trying to figure out how to get them on right, without looking wonky, so I ruin more pairs then actually wearing them. I have about 15 pairs in a drawer for when I have the nerves to practice again . Hahaha

    Hmm, would be cool if they put a Kim perfume in the box coming up, but don’t want her makeup. A couple years ago, I bought a 4 piece lip kit “koko” on sale, and I swear kylies liquid lipstick is bad bad. It seems like it is just the cheapest repackaged China made liquid lip. The one lip gloss wasn’t too bad, but the color of it looked like it should have been left behind in the 1970s.

    • I have their paradise fallen palette and its one of my favorites in my entire collection. The formula is the very pigmented, yet powdery variety – kind of like Anastasia. Tap your brush off, don’t dig in and they are WONDERFUL

      • I checked the website. The Paradise Fallen colors are very pretty.

  11. Does Boxycharm ever have holiday deals? I think my daughter would love this sub for Xmas!

    • No it is always the same price. Its only 21 a month all full size and usually one item cost more than 21 dollars so its a good deal.

    • I don’t believe they do.

    • two years ago they did do a deal for black friday. i bought it and if you bought a whole year it was 20% off. i don’t recall seeing that same deal last year though.

  12. I like the looks of this box but it being curated by Kim Kardashian kind of scares me. I’m praying Boxy won’t have her makeup line in future boxes bc every review I’ve seen on any of her products is not good.

    • I totally agree with you, I love Boxycharm, but I don’t use Kim K makeup, (or anything else by Kim K lol!) But really, I like products from the reputable companies we’ve come to know and love, and thats not what that is.

    • I totally agree with you, BC always strikes me as a pretty classy box, I like the brands they use. I don’t really think Kims make up line, is doing that well anyway. I surely hope they never send us, Kims make up!

  13. OMG!!!! i am so excited!!!! i love you Boxycharm! i am extremely happy with everything i get, 21 dollars is totally worth it …Thank you boxycharm

  14. Omg, Boxy I’m begging… PLEASE no more golds. I know I’m probably the minority but I was so much more excited when I thought it was the Aurora drops. I’m sick and tired of gold. Please do more pinks. Liz… if u speak with then about comments you get please let then know include more than just gold highlighters… 🙂

    • There are variations on the drops. Thats just one color.

    • I so agree with you on the colors. The Gold colors are not good for me. I need pinks as well.

  15. Is this the October box or the November box?

    • November 2018

  16. Irregardless of which lashes are included in the box, this company sells mink lashes. The website claims they only take the fur that has naturally shed, but you have to ask yourselves what conditions these animals are living in. Is the company paying someone to follow them out in their natural habitat and pick up after them? No. They aren’t. These animals are in cages. This is extremely disappointing.

  17. I got an email saying if I reactivate my account I may see Sunday Riley in a future box!

    • No, the email says it will be in the Charm Room. If you reactivate your account you might be able to get Sunday Riley from the Charm Room IF you have a ton of points and it doesn’t sell out in ten seconds AND if they remember to process your order. When I order from the Charm Room they have “issues” in the shipping department and I never get my stuff so they just give me back my charms. I cancelled too.

  18. I have the Farrah tweezers in blue like this. I got them from ipsy awhile back and I love them! They work great.

  19. Did everyone got silhouette of the face mask and green cleaner in their email for October box???

    • I did get that email… and it showed me which color lipgloss I was getting. My daughter also got that email.

      • how do i find out which color gloss Im getting??
        thank you!

  20. The lashes are made out of Siberian mink😿 Ive never worn lashesand know little about them, but not sure how that could be cruelty free.

    • It says faux mink on the website.

      • Ok, I see, not all of them. It does say cruelty-free???

      • Only the basic collection is faux mink. The expen$ive and OMG collections are “100% siberian mink.” Their about page claims the fur is harvested during the minks “natural shedding cycle.”

    • Also on the website they say the lash hairs are gathered when the animal sheds.

      • It’s lies, they keep the minks in cages and close to each other which they hate. They might brush the minks instead of kill and skin them but the minks hate being handled and it’s very dangerous for the workers to handle them. Minks have razor sharp teeth that easily can take off a finger. Don’t be fooled, no mink lashes are cruelty free, minks don’t like being brushed or handled by humans.

      • 😢😢😢

    • Instaglam, the type that will be included in the box, are made of 100% silk. Not sure if this addresses your objections; the company itself still makes mink lashes.

  21. idk those Z tweezers seem pretty dope

  22. That palette looks gorgeous, and I loved the Luxie brush that came in my last Ipsy bag. This may be the push I need to subscribe.

  23. Is the pink bag part of the eye brush set? It’s so cute! I’m excited for both October & November Boxy now, and I’m betting December’s Luxe box will be amazing! It makes me sad when I see people complaining and calling the boxes “throw aways” or “trash”. No one is forced to subscribe! The whole point of Boxy is to get things that you may not ordinarily try! If you prefer to stick to the things you KNOW you do like, then just don’t subscribe!!

    • Ipsy Plus is where the trash is at. Nothing advertised was in the Plus box, they refuse to admit their shadiness & refusing refunds. Loving Yosef for calling them out on it. Spoiler: BL maybe cotaining Violet Voss Holy Grail palette!!! Waiting for confirmation, Yosef said that it is indeed an item they will include in a future box… I HAD to sign up for BL after passing on Sept BL 🙂 FYI: speculation is the VV palette does not fit the BC box, most likely a BL item.

    • Haha I wish they include hermes bag in box too. I even agree for colour variations

    • Hi! I saw elsewhere that the pink wallet is Hermès (It’s a Kim K Instagram pic). So I only wish we were getting that in the next box!!

      • 😍😍😍OML…I KNOW!!!!! I’ll take her old one…lol

    • Omg!!! I was thinking the exact same thing lol…. guess we have very good taste😭

    • I agree.!!

    • @Ladylani
      I so want that Hermes bag in the photo lololol
      The Hermes KELLY Pochette. It cost like $15K for that little pink bag.

    • I love boxy charm and I agree if they don’t like it then unsubscribe it’s that simple.

  24. Liz, I remember reading on a post before what your favorite tweezers were (which brand) and I can’t find it. Can you comment that? Would love to find them.

    • I think Liz said they were Tweezerman, I have a pair and they live up to the hype!

      • Seriously, tweezerman is the BEST. You’ll never buy another brand.

      • And EVERYONE carries them!

      • I know I’m the odd man out, but I do not like Tweezerman at all. They’re super sharp and it’s very easy to cut the skin around your brows unintentionally. I’ve owned two pairs and never had a good experience with them.

      • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

      • So true. A pair I bought 23 years ago is still going strong and I’ve used them for all sorts of crafts and metal jewelry work etc and they still do my eyebrows great!!!

    • Not Liz, but personally I love the Tonya Crooks tweezers. You can also get sharpening things for them, so they last forever.

      • Thank you! I’ll check them out!

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