BoxyCharm October 2018 FULL SPOILERS Box Variation #1!

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We have the full spoilers for the October Boxycharm box!

Here’s one version of the box:

boxycharm october box

Source: Instagram user cosmeticosalpormayor

Box #1 Variation:

Here’s a closer look at the October products that ALL subscribers will receive:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the October box will be your first box!

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  1. In my spoiler email shows something in a jar not like a hand cream. Wonder what that is? Haven’t seen it in any of the spoiler videos. I guess I’m getting the sheet masks as well.

    • SunnyT, the Farmacy cleansing balm comes in a jar. I got the same silhouettes so I’m hoping that’s what it means!

      • Thanks!!! Wow! That would be awesome!!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but not getting my hopes up!

        • Are the shapes of the spoiler silhouettes really the shape of what we are getting?

    • Hi I have the same preview! I am trying to figure out what the tall jar is!

  2. Noooooooooooo no face cleaners- I only want makeup!

    • This subscription is a beauty sub which means it will include skincare, beauty tools, makeup and any other covited beauty item. Skincare is very important and this may be the best box I’ve seen. Very happy this month

      • agreed!! this product is awesome! I travel with a mini one because these balm cleansers are so easy & will not potentially spill. this box is SUPER!

  3. Someone in wisconsin come trade with me because i got KDUB. I look horrible in that color.

  4. So. If the people that have had boxy for a while and already got the brigeo hair mask get a repeat ?? It’s bad enough that the variants stink but getting repeats is adding salt to the wound. I didn’t get the farmacy last time, and when I saw it I just knew it wasn’t going to be in all the boxes. At this point I don’t trust any spoilers from any boxes that send variants (looking at you allure)

  5. Sydney from SydneySmallsBeauty got variation 3 with the hand cream and Briogeo leave in mask.

  6. I got Mother,and wanted KDUB. I’ll take it. Glad it’s not brown.

    • Amy Lynn, I’ve seen several posters say they are getting KDUB and were disappointed. Someone may be willing to swap with you.

    • I am willing to swap with you! Mine is already on the swap site or you can leave your email and I would be willing to swap that.

    • Wanna a trade?!!!!

  7. I think someone mentioned it below but has anyone heard if the spoiler email placeholders for the two variant items are actually a profile of the product we will be getting or just a generic placeholder? I am curious if I am getting farmacy and the lace face masks or at risk for leave in conditioner and stinky hand cream (I got it for free from Ulta I think or else it’s Ipsy leftovers).

    If anyone is curious I got KDub. I’m regifting for personal reasons to my sister and I think based on her urban decay lip color choices she will like this color or regift to her super young sister in laws who will.

    Overall it’s not a bad box, but it could range from mediocre to awesome very quickly depending on variants.

    • Based on my latest email spoilers, i am gettting kvd in mother, a lace mask and a jar of something. I have that ahava hand cream already and hate the smell, brings on a migraine!

  8. If boxycharm is FULL SIZE why we getting 2 sample sizes this month????

    • we arent getting any sample sizes

    • What are you talking about? Everything is full size in this month’s box. There aren’t any samples. Unless I’m wrong please lmk

      • Some youtubers opened did an unboxing and there were 2 samples. Brogio and something else I cannot remember.

        • Those items the hair mask and the hand cream aren’t large but YES THEY ARE FULL SIZE, THAT SIZE IS AVAILABLE FOR SALE NOT AS A TRAVEL OR DELUXE SAMPLE BUT AS A FULL SIZED PRODUCT

          • Those are definitely not full sizes. I have the full size of both products. My products that I have bought are absolutely bigger than what’s in the box.

          • The hand cream is a travel size.. I have the full size and it’s much larger. I’m not sure about the hair mask but it’s like the bum bum cream.. it was travel size too. It isn’t quite fair but it is a $21 box so it’s worth the money 🙂

  9. I’m getting the KVD lipstick in MOTHER. It looks super pretty!

  10. I’m getting KDub. It’s okay. A bit over the top, but I’ll kindly accept it over brown. I got a small size of it through Sephora last year (in my play box). I saw beautiful colors in the September boxes and I got the absolute worst color. It was Grande Lips Rebel Raisin 🤢 It was ridiculously dark brown and runny. Nobody would even trade. I put a tiny bit on one lip and it smeared everywhere. That tiny bit also made me look like I was preparing for Halloween… early.

    I miss the days where everyone got the same thing and it was pretty.

  11. Butts. I’m getting Bow and Arrow, which is gorgeous…but I already own it. I’m excited about the IT mascara though, and the palette looks pretty.

  12. I saw two people unbox on YouTube neither one got Faramcy cleanser. They received sample size hand cream and hair mask.???
    I thought boxycharm was full size???

  13. I’m getting “Lovesick” and I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally not get a brown lipstick from Boxy!!! 🙌🏻

  14. Omg the Faramcy cleanser is so good- just ordered full size yesterday. Best cleanser ever.

  15. I got KDUB if anyone wants to trade.

    liz petrus at aim dot com
    no spaces

    • How do you know already?

      • They sent out an email and you can check your spoilers (like ipsy does).

  16. Yay! I’m getting Vampira. That makes up for some of my other boxes being disappointing.

    • Lucky.

      I’m getting Mother.

      Why do box people think I like pink lipstick?

      Is it because I’m 56?

      GIMMEE reds!

      • Me too! I’m 58 and they are sending me Lovesick, a pepto pink.
        Blech! I ONLY wear reds or dark berry lippies

        • You ladies are so lucky to be able to wear reds, me, I look sick and pale with reds. Recd a beautiful berry red from Lorac Pro in my boxluxe last mth and have no idea what to do, gift or donate are my 2 choices. Boxy usually send me browns or reds, but this mth will be a kvd in mauve pink color.

      • I have found out by lying about my real age I get more products I like. I don’t like to put into a demographic box. I don’t want the Old Lady box (I am 64). I want something that is modern but not too trendy. I say I am 40.

        I swear some companies don’t want people my age! I guess they think after a certain age women all want to become invisible!

        • Exactly….I always subtract 20 years on my profiles.

          • i am 30 & i am getting lovesick. I would hope that age isn’t part of their algorithm !!

      • All I ever get is rose colors. This time it’s Lolita. I have this shade from about a dozen other companies.

        • I would love to swap with you! I have KDub.

      • You can have mine hawkwind it’s a brick red.. I wanted pink so I’m happy to trade 🙂
        Let me know 🙂

        • Expect a message from Babyzillah.

        • did you get your box in hand yet? Just curious what other items you got with Hawkwind 🙂 That is the color I am supposed to get too. Hoping for a hint at what the surprise items are…

  17. I’m getting the Kvd lippy in KDUB. Anyone wanna swap? I dont do pinks.

  18. I don’t think everyone is getting the Farmacy. On my spoiler page if you scroll all the way down, the jar is definitely blue and white ombre, blue top white bottom. It looks like there is a green logo on the left side of the jar. Any clues? Also, if the bold writing next to it is an indication the name of the brand is very short.

    I am getting Lovesick which I think I might already have so I’m going to check. I’m definitely hoping to swap for Vampira since I was planning on buying it.

    • If you have any ragweed allergies the Farmacy can be a problem due to some that are allergic to ragweed having reaction to echinacea.
      If you have sensitive skin you should definitely patch test first.

  19. I’m not sure if I would like the cleansing balm. I just ready up on the mask and I’m alll over that for my silly congested skin!

  20. Hoping the silhouette is correct, because I love the Farmacy cleanser, I have the full size and 2 trial sizes now! The Kat von D lip will be donated or tossed, just not a fan in general of her products. But I absolutely love Farmacy, so I’m really hoping that’s what I’m getting!!!!

    • You’re more than welcome to donate or toss your lipstick to me lol

  21. I’m getting Crucifix which I’m sooo happy for ! Yay

  22. I got Lovesick, but I already have this shade. Anyone want to trade? Ps. I already have KDub too

    • How do you know what color you are getting? Have u gotten the box already?

      • I got an email that let me see some spoilers

        • OHH! I never get any emails from them even for shipping notices. iw ill lyk if I get the color u want

    • I’m getting now n arrow if you want to trade!

    • I have bow n arrow and hawkwind to swap for lovesick..

  23. Ugh. Looks like I’m getting K-Dub. If anyone is interested in swapping for it feel free to email me. (Ladyicarus at yahoo).

    • I can’t even give these lip colors away lol!

      • Lol!!! I feel bad giving it to strangers bc there’s no one I dislike that much! 🤪

        • Well, I would be happy to have them and wouldn’t be offended! I would gratefully take *any* color and pay for postage! Really! Gemma Di Marco at Yahoo 😊

      • I would humbly take *any* color and pay for postage! Really! Gemma Di Marco at Yahoo 😊 Gratitude!

  24. Im getting the shade mother. It’s not bad, but i had my heart set on kdub! Anybody wanna trade with me?

    • Me!!!🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙏🙏🙏

    • I was hoping for mother and got k-dub. Would love to trade

  25. Got my spoiler email. Lip is Lovesick, looks too pinky for me. I’m excited to get the Farmacy, assuming from the silhouette.

  26. I got lovesick but that pink is way too light for my skin. Anyone want to trade? I’m looking for Lolita or hawkwind. 🙂

    • I got it too. It looks like a chalky pink – darn 😦

    • I have hawkwind!! Let’s trade


  27. I’m getting hawkwind kvd. And I have silhouettes of jar and face mask. Curious, does everybody have same silhouettes?

    • I have the same silhouettes. My KVD is in KDUB.

    • It’s Farmacy cleansing balm and probably the Dermovia lace a peel bamboo face mask.

    • I have the same silhouettes, but I’m getting the color Mother in the KVD. Which I’m actually happy about. The bright fuchsia would not work well for me.

  28. Ugh, my spoiler shows KDUB. The only color I do not like. We received that in another box some time ago. It’s Barbie pink. Not good for me.

    • I received that shade too… It’s just not wearable for me! :’) I will pass it on to a friend.

      • I googled pics of the shade on folks and it really doesn’t look great on anyone.

    • forgot barbie pink – it’s neon purple.

  29. *sigh* This is a great box, super not happy about the lippie tho. But thats how it goes. IDK about KVD’s stance, but I do care that im getting yet another brown lipstick….brown brown brown brown, all I ever get its brown, meanwhile I have never worn a brow lippie in my life nor do I know anyone who actually wears them….which is probably why I keep getting them. Honestly, I hate her lipstick formula anyway, and I have well over 200 lippies at this point anyway, but….man, Id like to get a color I can actually use just ONCE. Other than another lippie to be tossed in the trash, love that we are getting some skincare items and I have been wanting to try that mascara for a while.

    • What color are you getting? I’m getting Lovesick and will happily trade for Lolita 🙂

      • Im getting Bow n Arrow. Not only a brown but a warm brown….it couldnt be more opposite from what I would ever wear lol

        • Wanna trade for k-dub?

  30. Just got the spoiler email for the Kat Von D lipstick shade. If anyone wants to swap for lovesick let me know…

    • I do! Want to swap? I got KDub (the only color I already have – sample from Sephora Play). Or I have lots of items on the swap site.

  31. Just got my spoiler email. It tells you what color of the lipstick you are getting. I got Mother, which looks great.

    • How do you get a spoiler email

    • I’m getting whatever the ridiculously bright pink shade is called. 😲

    • Got: Vampira (deep reddish burgundy). I went to Sephora to check out the color… looks slightly brownish on the model pic -__-… *sigh

      • Vampira (on me) is VERY dark, but does look more red than brown.

      • Wanna trade for Mother? Gemma Di Marco at yahoo. It’s pink and Motherly 😊

    • I’m getting Hawkwind. Looks a little bit too dark for me but we’ll have to see. It’s not like I *have* to use it, I’ve got enough that I do like.

      • let me know if you wanna trade for Kdub!

  32. Welllp… i’m loving variation #1 super hard… wonder what the others will end up being ?!??!

  33. I seriously hate the colors in that pur pallette. They do not work for me

    • They don’t work for me at all either unless I want to look like 💀 . I am getting Mother in the lipstick so that will work. I don’t wear black mascara ever. I also never need to purchase mascara for my daughter thanks to the many I receive in boxes. Hopefully the mystery tub will be a win for me.

  34. I’ve canceled Boxy, but Farmacy is like my HG brand for skincare. If anyone does NOT want theirs, I’ll happily purchase it from you! (Or could offer to swap for some of the other items I have.)
    Definitely going to be keeping my eyes peeled on Reddit’s Makeup Exchange/Skincare Exchange! 🙂

  35. Skincare? Greate, finally. I’m overload on makeup and want to try something without unsubscription from boxy

  36. Too bad we’re. It receiving the cute skulls😂!!

    • Not receiving **

      • They’re at Trader Joe’s! 🙂

    • Trader Joe’s!

  37. Thanks Liz for this cute Halloween pic… I have a desk idea now …I love those planters… what a great pic!!! I hope they put that on Instagram … so seasonally cute😶 … very grateful to be back without being on waitlist.

    • It is on Instagram she has the username of the account for the photo she used link below it.

  38. Ooooh! I’m excited about this box! The face palette looks so pretty! I love the Clinique Cleansing Balm so I hope the Farmacy Cleansing Balm works just as well. I always welcome a good liquid lipstick and mascara! Can’t wait to get mine. I hope I get a nice shade of lipstick.

    • It does. I’m almost out of mine so I hope we get it!

    • I have both and think the Farmacy version is better. It’s smoother and washes away more cleanly I think!

  39. I’m always excited, even if there are items I don’t use. Those go into the gift bag of goodies that I share with my cousins and friends. As for KVD, if I get one, I hope its a darker shade and not a nude.

    • Are you on the swap site? I’ll take it from you. As long as we don’t get the same colors…

      • I don’t belong to a swap site. What’s the name of that? Thanks.

  40. Darn I might have stayed subbed if the Farmacy had been the spoiler. I canceled cause of the Pur palette and I didn’t like the shades of the Kat Von D lipstick.

    • Are you on the swap site? I’ll take it from you. As long as we don’t get the same colors…

      • What’s the swap site?

  41. Great box!! Better than the Lux IMO but that mask is scary. Reviews all over the place but common theme is it hurts to remove if you have sensitive skin or get it too close to under eye area.

  42. Way better than the Ipsy plus bag. I hope we all get the makeup remover

    • The ipsy plus bag is a joke and im super salty about it lol 25 bucks for a ridiculous palette😒😒 compared to the boxes the youtubers got it’s horrible..bait and switch 🙁

    • Ipsy Plus Bag is horrible. Sparkles galore. Reminds me of my teenage nieces, and I mean 13-14yrs old- lol. Entire bag is no good, complete mess, major F-A-I-L. After advertising exceptional brands prior to the Plus launch, nothing from the advertisements was included in the stupid bag! Unbelievable… And they refuse to issue me a refund. Will gift my teenage niece everything come xmas. Goodbye Ipsy for your shady business sense.

      Anyone else excited the Violet Voss palette spoiler that was spotted in Yosef’s video!!! Rumor is may possibly be in the BL Dec box (VV palette is too big & woouldnt fit BC box)!!! *faints*

      • OMG, really? Which Violet Voss palette?

        • Speculating it’s the holy grail palette:-)

          • That would be awesome! Here’s hoping.

    • Are the shapes of the last 2 products the same in everyone’s sneak peak email?

  43. Wow, now it really sucks KVD is in the box this month or I’d actually want it for the skincare since Ipsy plus was kind of a bust there. :-/

    • I think a lot of people haven’t seen the Instagram post KVD has since deleted with POC’s hand holding a product in a cotton field saying “Let Lock-It Concealer do all the hard work for you with instant one-coat coverage.” That among other reasons are why many canceled for October.

      • What is POC?

        • A person of color.

      • I’ve seen so many reasons people don’t want Kat Von D, from anti-semitic rumors to the whole anti-vaxxer thing…

        But this one really hits hard. I had no idea. Wow.

      • Oh my goodness. I sure hope people get it together and stop supporting her. It’s not like there aren’t other great makeup options out there.

      • Huh? What’s wrong with the picture of her lock it concealer with a background of a cotton field? I’m confused.. a lot of makeup companies use pictures of outdoors and flowers as a backdrop?

        • Who used to do “hard wirk” in a cotton field?

          • They also used a dark arm emoji it was so tone deaf.

    • My regular IPSY was one of the best I’ve ever gotten, plus they let me add the products I didn’t get but wanted for $3 each. I got all this done on the 2nd. IPSY has really picked up there game. I am sticking with BC until I get my first Luxe box (dec), by then I should be off IPSY’s waitlist. I get BEAUTYFIX by Dermstore also. There is always a high end makeup item or 2 but it’s mainly skincare. It’s 25 a month and this month’s box is has a value of over $170, if you want awesome skincare it’s the best sub box.

  44. I’m actually look forward to this. Minus the lipstick – I just got my KVD Bow n Arrow from Allure and I just don’t care for the formula.

    • Are you on the swap site? I’ll take it from you. As long as we don’t get the same colors…

      • I got Lolita, I get this color from all my sub boxes, what’s the swap sites address? Thx

    • I am getting the Bow n Arrow too…I’m hoping for the best, but not thrilled for the IT mascara. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great product if you can wear non-waterproof mascara. (Sadly I’m too oily and lashes are a tad long😩)

      • I have a nice mascara topper from Bare minerals. It turns ALL mascara into waterproof. BM doesn’t make it anymore, but I bet another company does. IT Mascara is awesome!

        • Elf used to make one, too. Idk if they still have it, but it’s worth checking into as it would be very affordable.


  46. Im not too excited. Had an allergic reaction to Farmacy cleaning balm with “green envy”…*sigh* im happy for those of you who can use it and love it 🙂

    • I had a reaction to the Farmacy she cream in my FabFitFun box. Other ladies did,too. Come to find out, Echinacea is part of the ragweed family. Those with ragweed allergies need to do a skin test first. I’ve developed seasonal and food allergies/sensitivities after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. So, trying to go natural in skin care can be very difficult. My reactions were extremely itchy and puffy eyes, nasal drainage, and a slight tightening of the throat.

      • *eye cream. I hate auto correct on my kindle fire tablet!lol

      • Sandra i have fibrmyalgia also, i suffer with a gluten allergy and other sensitivities. I didnt know that my fibromyalgia caused th es se types of problems until my doctor informed me. Take care of yourself this time.of year can be hard.on the body.. sending you Peace and Blessings

        • Thank you so much for your kind words! I am wishing you the same. I call fibromyalgia, the gift that keeps on giving.😒 My doctor explained that, in my situation, I had had so much long term stress that it had caused an upheaval/imbalance in my body. You just never know what’s going to make you feel worse(changes in barometer, dairy, allergens, etc). I joined boxycharm in order to do something for myself. Stress reduction, low intensity walking in short(20minute) sessions throughout the day, effective probiotics(code word for not cheap), and laying off dairy, avoiding/drastically limiting the Nightshade & Kale Family, and MSG are HUGE! Take care of yourself, too!

          • Hi, Sandra:

            Just wanted to say that I suffer with RA and I get subscription boxes to treat myself and cheer myself up too. I hope you have a good holiday season with as little symptoms as possible.

          • Another Fibro Sister here 👋🏼 saying hello and blessings to all 💜

  47. I am very surprised, since it IS October, you at MSA don’t have official spoilers in place. The inclusion or exclusion of the Farmacy product makes a great deal of difference to me.

    You’ve spoiled this box’s contents for years. What happened? It’s the 3rd of the same month.

    • They can only post what information they’ve been given. Liz does a great job of contacting these sub companies and getting info that no one else has. Chill

    • That comment is rude and unnecessary. Liz provides an invaluable service to us all by providing information on dozens (if not more) subscription boxes. It is not her fault if Boxycharm hasn’t released all of the confirmed spoilers yet. A little kindness and gratitude goes a long way.

    • Actually I blame Boxycharm. I am surprised that Boxycharm has chosen not to use the world’s most prolific subscription spoiler and promotion site to promote their box.
      Please re-read my post. I didn’t assign blame to Liz or MSA in any way. You who posted this to me assumed yourselves. I think we are all protective of Liz, and rightly so.

      • “…you at MSA don’t have official spoilers in place…” sounds like you are blaming MSA…

    • Not to pile on, but this comment made me LOL. It’s a perfect example of what’s wrong with the world today.

      • My exact reaction was “LOL…wow.”

      • First world problems….

        What a little perspective could do.


  48. The skin care item is “green clean” by farmacy. Instagram makeup user “Maryandpalettes” showed on her story yesterday all the items in her box, and that was the one!

    • I love that green clean. I am jealous!

  49. I am excited for this month! I actually wish we were getting the cute little skeleton too! haha!

    • Those exact sugar skulls with air plants are at Trader Joe’s right now for like 2.99 or 3.99.

  50. Wow two possible skin care items? I’m personally super excited about that. I’ve been with boxy for over a year so I have a ton of makeup products but would love to start getting more skin care along with makeup.

    • I agree! I am super excited!

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