Dollar Maxi Pad Club Period Subscription Review + Coupon

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Dollar Maxi Pad Club mailer

Dollar Maxi Pad Club is a service that delivers their brand of feminine hygiene products to your door monthly (or on whatever schedule you’d like). They carry pads, tampons, and even menstrual cups along with other items and packages that include beauty items and snacks as well. All of their products are high quality and made with the best materials. NO dyes, chemicals, chlorine or toxins are used.

This month’s box is being reviewed thanks to an MSA reader request!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

contents of Dollar Maxi Pad Club

About Dollar Maxi Pad Club

The Subscription Box: Dollar Maxi Pad Club

The Cost: Prices start at just $1.00 per item but are customizable to whatever you need. 

The Products: Pads (with bamboo charcoal and anion strips), tampons, menstrual cups, wipes, and period packages with the option to choose a recurring shipping cycle of 21, 28 or 35 days.

Ships to: U.S. for $1.00 or Canada $6.00 shipping fee. 

Good to know: They donate a percentage of their sales to Operation Underground Railroad, a company that is dedicated to stop sex trafficking and also runs operations to rescue kids who have been kidnapped. You can choose to donate more to the same charity every month just by clicking the Donate $1 on the order page.

Dollar Maxi Pad Club August 2018 Review

packing list

First, you’ll see a packing list with everything you ordered and the cost breakdown. Since this was my very first order, I got to choose up to $15.00 of products for free and only had to pay $1.00 shipping with code ONEDOLLAR! The only things excluded from this were the menstrual cups (rats! I wanted to try theirs!) and the period and postpartum packages they offer that include beauty products and snacks.

other side of info card info card

There’s a small info card that has a thank you with a hashtag and social media handle on it so you can spread the word about your experience.

Now, let’s see what I got!

Dollar Maxi Pad Club Panty Liners back of Dollar Maxi Pad Club Panty Liners folded up Dollar Maxi Pad Club Panty Liner unfolded Dollar Maxi Pad Club Panty Liner

Bamboo Charcoal Panty Liners, 20 ct x2 – Total Retail Value $2.00

These were the first thing I threw in my cart because I use panty liners more often than other pads. I am normally a menstrual cup wearer instead of tampons and even though I have used one for 5+ years and consider myself an expert, spillage happens and panty liners are there to save my undies from devastation. The first thing I noticed about these (and all of their pads) is that they are made with bamboo charcoal and Anion strips. I have no idea what that means but the site enlightens me and offers:

The Charcoal Bamboo and Anion Strip blocks odor naturally, can help alleviate cramping, and kills bacteria. The Charcoal Strip possesses a negative ionic charge. That’s important since most of the toxins and pollutants in your body possess a positive ionic charge. Toxins are drawn to charcoal and eliminated from the body naturally.

I’m not quite sure if this is a gimmick or backed by science, but it sounds pretty cool! The panty liners themselves are 6 inches long and absorb up to 80 ml if you’re counting.

Dollar Maxi Pad Club Regular Absorbency Pads with Wings back of Dollar Maxi Pad Club Regular Absorbency Pads with Wings folded up Dollar Maxi Pad Club Regular Absorbency Pad with Wings unfolded Dollar Maxi Pad Club Regular Absorbency Pad with Wings

Bamboo Charcoal Regular/Day Pads, 10 ct – Retail Value $3.00

The regular/day pads have the same bamboo charcoal and anion strip as the panty liners but are 9 inches long and can hold 100 ml. They also have wings that hug your undies per the usual larger pad design. Like the other pads, these come individually wrapped so they travel easily and stay sanitary.

Dollar Maxi Pad Club Heavy Absorbency Pads with Wings back of Dollar Maxi Pad Club Heavy Absorbency Pads with Wings folded up Dollar Maxi Pad Club Heavy Absorbency Pad with Wings unfolded Dollar Maxi Pad Club Heavy Absorbency Pad with Wings

Bamboo Charcoal Heavy/Night Pads, 10 ct x2 – Total Retail Value $6.00 ($3.00 each)

These are of course the largest size pads they offer and good to use on heavy days or overnight when you think you may leak. They hold 120 ml and are 12 inches. Sometimes near the end of my period I am just not feeling like wearing my cup, so I can switch to these to give my body a break or while sleeping (just in case).

Dollar Maxi Pad Club Super Absorbency Tampons back of Dollar Maxi Pad Club Super Absorbency Tampons Dollar Maxi Pad Club Super Absorbency Tampons coming out of package extended Dollar Maxi Pad Club Super Absorbency Tampon

Compact Pearl Applicator Tampon in Super Absorbency, 8 ct – Retail Value $3.00

As I’ve mentioned, I’m not normally a tampon wearer, but I wanted to try as many products as I could, so I ordered these super absorbency tamps. The applicator was just as comfortable to use as a bigger brand and come in convenient individual wrappings, as usual. It’s good to have these on hand when my period may take me by surprise and I don’t have access to my usual cup! Comparing to an 8 count of a major brand of similar tampons, these are about 62 cents cheaper, so it looks like you can save some money.

Dollar Maxi Pad Club Cleansing Wipes back of Dollar Maxi Pad Club Cleansing Wipes

All Natural Feminine Cleansing Wipes, 10 ct – Retail Value $1.00

Finally, I like to feel clean while on my period just as much as anyone, so sometimes wipes can come in handy. This pack comes with 10 lightly scented wipes that are made of pure cotton and are alcohol-free. They also contain vitamin E. It seems like these are flushable since they say “approved for properly maintained and code approved toilets, sewers, and septic tanks” but I can’t say for sure exactly what that means. The package is small enough to toss in a bag so they are travel-friendly.

Verdict: My first experience with Dollar Maxi Pad Club was enlightening and I certainly got a LOT for my first order. I appreciate that they’re made with no toxins or chemicals and have new technology that I wasn’t familiar with. If you want items to arrive without having to think about it, setting a recurring schedule (choose 21, 28 or 35 days) is super easy and I’m really impressed that they included menstrual cups at a low price as well.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? This subscription is fully customizable so you can get this same box as your first or choose what suits you best.

Value Breakdown: My first delivery only cost me $1.00 shipping, so clearly it was a deal to get 7 items for the price. Even after they go to regular price with my next shipment, they range from $1.00-$3.00 which doesn’t seem too bad at all. 

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Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a stationery addict, lip product connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. Her favorite subscriptions contain office supplies, natural skin care products, and anything with food.

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  1. The coupon code only gives $8 off now.

    • And the SHIPPING code doesnt work either

  2. Wow – thanks for the review! I just ordered about 4 or 5 months worth of product and paid only $3 (including a $1 donation to their charity!)
    The bigger wow…. my order was processed and for real shipped out the same day. (Not just label created.) Amazing.

  3. I can’t place an order. The website is telling me to create an account, but the only page it will take me to is the Sign In page, not the Create Account page. Clicking “Join The Club” leads me to shopping and then to the shopping cart where the same problem persists.

    • Hey Iana- It can be a little tricky, I had the same problem at first. Maybe try “create an account” under the little gear icon on the top right? If that doesn’t work, it looks like they have a customer support chat you can use.

      • Thank you Marne! I had contacted customer support before seeing your comment and was able to place an order (the method you describe is the way to go). The customer support was very prompt, but they did say that you should be able to do the signup process via the shopping cart and the homepage as well, which was impossible for me. And the support chat window closed automatically after I pressed checkout, so I wasn’t even able to thank the person who helped me properly. Hope they fix the website, makes me a little worried about canceling later, if need be.

  4. This sounds great. I’ve been doing this awhile so I feel like every period doesn’t need all the frills like most of the TOM boxes offer. Kris, I have also wanted to try the cups but am apprehensive. Thanks Marni for the review. I just ordered. Looking forward to trying their brand.

    • Im sorry I spelled your name wrong. Marne. Thanks for the review.

  5. wow, a dollah?! definitely buying right now

  6. Hopefully this isn’t TMI, but I’ve wanted to try a menstrual cup for awhile, but have just been too scared to try! 😳 Thanks for the review, as I had not previously heard of this company! I’m off to order and try the items out for myself!! Great review as always!!

    • Hey Kris! I am a HUGE fan of menstrual cups and am always singing their praise. I will admit that it was a little tricky in the beginning when I was learning how to use them but I kept trying and eventually got the hang of it. My advice is to try it and be patient with yourself. I’m over 5 years in and have never looked back. I haven’t tried the ones from Dollar Maxi Pad club but the price is really nice compared to others!

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