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BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review – August 2018

BoxyCharm box

BoxyCharm is a full-size beauty and makeup subscription box. They always provide a great value compared the cost of the box. (If you are a makeup addict – I HIGHLY recommend this box!)

open BoxyCharm box

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

contents of BoxyCharm August 2018

The Subscription Box: BoxyCharm

The Cost: $21 a month

SPECIAL OFFER: One of the brands featured in this box, NOTE Cosmetics, kindly provided us with an exclusive coupon just for MSA readers! Now through 8/15/2018, use code Note25SUBADDICT to save 25% on their site!

The Products: 5-6 beauty items that will include nail care, skin care, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).

Ships to: US and Canada

boxy charm info card life of the party theme page

There’s a small booklet that folds out to reveal the theme which is “Life of the Party”.

page one of contents page two of contents

Then each item is detailed with the retail values. This one was also curated by Laura Lee whose palette is featured this month.

Live it Up

See how this glam gang wears the items!

coupon codes

Lastly, there are coupon codes for Laura Lee and Smashbox!

Laura Lee Party Animal Eyeshadow Palette

Laura Lee Party Animal Eyeshadow Palette – Retail Value $19.00

(All subscribers will receive this)

opened Laura Lee Party Animal Eyeshadow Palette

Wow! I knew what was coming due to the spoiler, but these colors are so vibrant and awesome! The palette comes with a mirror, of course, too.

close up of Laura Lee Party Animal Eyeshadow Palette

I love reading the names of makeup colors and I began to giggle but then realized how true these ring for me on a night out. There are six in all that go from (clockwise from top left) a super unique matte yellow that has a greenish tone (Issa Party), to a bright matte turquoise (Damage Control), bold shimmery lapis blue (Karaoke), deep sparkly purple (Hungover), brilliant glittering pink (Bottoms Up), and a vivid matte orange (Dranks). True, these are daring to wear for the average person (like myself) but I get geeked out on thinking of the fun possibilities too! *Stay tuned next week to see how to wear this palette from office hours to happy hour!* For now, I’ve swatched below.

House of Lashes in Bombshell

House of Lashes Bombshell Lashes, 1 pair – Retail Value $9.00

(This is one variant of several House of Lashes available, or you may receive Becca Primer or Tarte Mascara)

These are familiar lashes to me since I’ve seen them around before. The packaging is adorable and they house one pair of handmade lashes. These are said to made of human hair on their site, so although I’m not a false lashes expert, that sounds premium to me.

House of Lashes in Bombshell on tray

The varying lengths give these a more natural look even though they are so much longer and fuller than my given lashes. They come slightly sticky so you can size them on to your lids and trim to fit, but you’ll need glue to hold them into place for prolonged wear. The info card lets me know that I should get a good 15 wears out of this single pair as well.

Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in Totes

Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in Totes, Full Size 0.1 oz. – Retail Value $21.00

(This is one variant of several Smashbox lip products available)

I love getting familiar beauty brands so seeing this Smashbox lipstick was a pleasant surprise! I love the square tube that comes with gunmetal grey accents. It feels very “luxe” to me.

opened Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in totes

The creme stick is a lot brighter on than it looks and delivers a bold matte color that feels really moisturizing. While it doesn’t have the same staying power as some liquids I use, that also means it doesn’t stain my lips which I appreciate. Swatched below!

3 Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks x3 – Estimated Retail Value $12.50 (Buy a box of 6 for $25.00)

Next are gold eye masks that said to “brighten, hydrate, and reduce the appearance of dark circles”. If you’ve read some of my other beauty box reviews, you’ll know that my dark eye circles are a main concern of mine and I’m always up to try a product that will help.

back of 3 Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks

Normally 6 come to a box but they’ve graciously sent three sets which is pretty great since using something like this just once rarely yields immediate results. I appreciate that I’ll get to use this product three separate times before deciding if I want to go for a full box.

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask out of package

Making sure not to place these too close to my delicate eye area, I remove them from their protective plastic to reveal a white fabric side and the gold foil side you can see above. The foil goes face up and helps retain heat while preventing evaporation of all that good serum. Like a face mask, I left these on for 10-15 minutes (as directed) and then massaged the remaining serum into my skin. These felt cooling while on and I can tell these would be especially nice to use the next morning after a long night out. Time will tell if these have long-term effects to battle those bags.

Bang Beauty Chocolate Eyeliner

Bang Beauty Chocolate Gel Eyeliner, 0.12 oz. – Retail Value $22.00

Coincidentally, the last time I reviewed BoxyCharm back in May, I received another pot of gel eyeliner, but in black.

bottom of Bang Beauty Chocolate Eyeliner

This one is a creamy chocolate brown that comes in a cute clear pot that you’ll use a liner brush to apply.

Bang Beauty Chocolate Eyeliner with lid off

The pigment on this one isn’t as intense, but that means I can use it as a brow tint that has a built-in gel! Makeup can be so fun! This is luckily really close to my brow shade so I’ll probably go for it since I’m more of a black eyeliner gal. Swatched below!

Adesse Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil

Adesse Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil – Retail Value $18.00

Finally, they’ve rounded out this month’s box with a super useful nail product! I am all about getting my claws sharpened and polished at the salon these days and don’t own much nail color anymore. In between visits though, I’ve noticed my cuticles getting wrecked due to excessive hand washing and the likes, so this cuticle oil is a welcome gift!

Adesse Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil with brush

All I have to do is brush this pleasant smelling sweet almond oil on like I would polish but around those dried out cutes’ to make them moisturized and soft again! This will be added to my weekly if not daily routine!

August BoxyCharm swatches

Here are all six shadows, the lipstick, and the gel eyeliner swatched!

Verdict: For $21.00 for this box, I received six items worth an awesome $101.50 retail! I found each product to be a great quality and I’m super excited to incorporate this super bright palette into my makeup arsenal. The lashes are the only thing I won’t use frequently, but they’re fun to have around and a great score for those who wear falsies more often.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! This BoxyCharm is still available to grab!

Value Breakdown: At $21.00 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Eyeshadow Palette: $3.93
  • Lashes: $1.86
  • Lipstick: $4.34
  • Eye Masks x3: $2.59
  • Gel Eyeliner: $4.55
  • Cuticle Oil: $3.72

Check out all of my BoxyCharm reviews and the Beauty Subscription Box Directory!

What do you think of the August 2018 BoxyCharm Box? Would you like to see a tutorial on how to wear those bright shadows?


How do subscribers rate BOXYCHARM?

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Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

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Comments (97)

  1. I love my Boxycharm subscription box, can’t complain and if I get the chance to upgrade to the Boxyluxe (which means deluxe, not luxury). I’m ready. Well worth the $28.99 more on top of your already $21 a month adding to $49.99. no complaints here.

  2. Check Instagram Yosef has responded and offered a something for those bothered by Laura Lee’s racist tweets that have come to light.

    • Yep. Boxycharm has cut ties with her. So has Ulta, Morphe and every other company that had a partnership with her.

      • It was nice that Boxycharm was proactive but it’s been on Allure, Washington Post etc so ignoring it wasn’t going to be helpful. I hope that all the subscribers that would want to get the Alamar or charms instead of the LL palette knows it’s an option.

      • What do you mean? Abt having an option?

      • I don’t know anything about this…we have (or had?) an option to not get the Laura Lee?

      • Try Reddit I can’t post it here it gets caught up in filter.

    • I was going to subscribe for this month but after hearing the horrible racist tweet she made along with fat shaming, I definitely did not want to purchase this box with her pallet in it..So thank you for letting us know to check instagram.

  3. I thought this box was okay – but my daughter was thrilled. The palette, lipstick and the lashes were her fave. Good thing – because I only liked the eyeliner, patches and the nail oil! Two sets of matches made in heaven. I think I’ll keep Boxycharm for a while longer…

  4. OK so here’s this box there’s one saving grace possibly because I hate black eyeliner and I don’t think it looks good on anybody unless they’re really good at doing wings and in that case I’m just jealous because I can’t do it. Being over 40 I don’t wear eyeliner on the top of my eyelid I tight line from underneath. So I am actually happy to receive a brown eyeliner so let me ask all of you ladies out there who are much more experience with Liquid and any non-pencil format eyeliner and can you tight line from underneath with this gel

  5. This was by far the worst sub box I have ever gotten and that’s saying a lot considering some of the crappy boxes I’ve gotten from Birchbox I got a Smashbox always on lipstick in a color that I swear looks like something my puppy dumped in the backyard in addition to the hideous Halloween pallet I could appreciate a pop of color if the lip product even remotely went with it but this is the worst generation I have ever experienced in my life and then I got some crazy lashes that aren’t even a whole lashes their little mini extensions but the hair is on them go every possible way they look like something that my 13-year-old autistic son glued together for his crap arts and crafts I mean these aren’t even wearable lashes so I guess maybe if the curación theme was for a Halloween costume I could go with it

    • Fully agree.

      I hate the eye shadow and I got black lipstick


  6. Boxycharm is my fave subscription out of the 5 I get monthly,iv been subscribing for over 2 years and never complained..but I don’t like all these variations. That’s was one of the reasons it’s my fave,everyone got the same products..hope the quiz they asked us to take will have some bearing on what products we do receive,but still the old way:(

    • If it does it’ll be at least 2 months before it takes effect.

  7. I might be on the wrong thread for this. My apologies if so. If I’m wrong in how the extra item for the double BECCA Primer is being handled, my apologies once again. Can someone please clarify if so? Thanks
    I didn’t get the LE Box, I wanted it but it was sold out, nor did I get a BECCA Primer this month. However, I did get a set of false lashes a month or so ago, of which I do not wear as stated in my beauty profile, and another set in this month’s box… Does this mean I’ll also be getting a freebie??? I feel all of the subscribers that got their hands on an LE Box which included a BECCA Primer and were LUCKY enough to get ANOTHER ONE instead of ANOTHER SET OF FALSE LASHES are just that, LUCKY. For all of us whom received the false lashes twice in a 2 or 3 month time span should be given a freebie.
    Why is Boxycharm giving free items to people whom got good items twice versus the latter? Why not hook up the subscribers that got duplicate lashes with a BECCA primer??? Or a pencil sharpener… Kidding but not really. Anything would be better than nothing, or another set of false lashes..

    • As far as I know only the ppl who actually bought the L.E. box and got an email abt getting the becca primer twice are getting a replacement item.

      I feel your pain though. I got the primer this month, but I don’t believe I can use it bc it’s the absolute wrong type for my skin. I needed the pore filling one and got the purple one instead. I have a sample of it somewhere in going to try before I put the full to be up for swap, but still, we all just got a big tube of primer 2 months ago from Cover FX. Just like we all just got lashes too. I was so disappointed with this mishmash box of repeats that I canceled.

    • I’m upset also. I send them a email and they dont care at all. They didn’t care if they lost one person like me but I told them it’s not just me. I wont pay anything from them. I just spend more on my fabfitfun. I’m going to cancel after one more month. The last 2 boxes I couldn’t use anything. Ipsy helped me way more. They just didnt care so I’m done. I know it is to try stuff but I can try fake eyelashes r my eyes will break out but like I said they didnt care!!! So they can keep giving the good stuff to ppl that make them look good that is all they care about. Over it 🙂

  8. I love House of Lashes and buy their lashes often, but I seriously got the most horrid pair ever in my box. The style is called “Bambi” and it resembles the hairstyle that Cynthia from Rugrats rocks. Yes, it’s that bad. Throwaway product for sure!

    • I got the Bambi lashes as well and feel they give a more snuffalupogous type look than the doe eyes I think was the goal.

  9. Hey ladies, just a quick suggestion for those of you who aren’t happy with what you received. I know these palette colors are really bright and hard to work into every day wear for some of you. I tend to be a little conservative on my shadow colors as well.

    For really bold eyeshadows, I use them on days when I’m staying at home. I like to step out of my comfort zone, pull up some really wild eye tutorials on YouTube, and glam it up! No one but my family is going to see it anyway, it’s fun following along on the tutorials, and I really enjoy the challenge of combining some of the brighter colors. It helps me step up my makeup game (because mistakes are much more noticeable with high contrasting shades) and sometimes I surprise myself with a look I really like.

    For the bizarre lip colors, try layering them with colors you’re more comfortable with to create some dimension. Dark browns and purples are great for contouring under bold shades you DO like, whites and greys are great for highlighting over your regular colors, and the oranges can warm up cool tones.

    I know this was a pretty bold box, but I think this is a great combo for some serious experimentation. And for those of you who got lashes that you won’t wear? Slap them on for cleaning the house! If you’re going to be elbows deep in dishwater or scrubbing dirty floors, you might as well look glamorous while you do it!

    • Awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you those are all great ideas! Your post is the definition of seeing the glass half full.

  10. I got this bright pink lipstick from smashbox. Its really is awesome. I love it and in the end thats all that matters. I think some people call it barbie pink lol. I love the bright color however. Thank you for the great review.

  11. How come Laura Lee Party Animal Eyeshadow Palette didn’t came in original BOX????🤔WHY WITHOUT BOX!!!🤔

    • That is weird that it didn’t come in a sleeve or anything. Mine wasn’t even in bubble wrap lol. Just an open ended plastic bag.

      • That’s strange…mine had the box and everything. I would write to customer service. I heard some people didnt receive the palette though, it seems like a warehouse issue…

      • It’s ok. I’ve already canceled. It’s good that others know though.

  12. I am soooo happy with my box! I got the HOL in Boudoir – they’re sooo pretty & I wear lashes all the time so it’s perfect for me. I also got the Smashbox matte liquid lipstick in Stay Neutral which is also perfect for me! I love brown shades, it compliments my skin tone way more than pinks so I’m thrilled & all I wear are matte lipsticks so it’s a win-win for the variations. The eyeshadow palette is bomb! I’ve been looking for a cobalt blue like the one that’s in there so I’m definitely thrilled for that. All and all this box is an A+ for me and I’m stoked for the Boxyluxe – bring it on! <3

    • 💌💙💚I’m so happy you loved ur box my spoiler said I’m getting the lashes too (if anyone wants to trade lemme know😄)
      💙love seeing positive comments here💙

  13. I got this same box (variation 1) except I got Featherette lashes and a metallic lipstick in XO Vlada from the Petal Metal collection. I love the lipstick.

    • I’m insanely jealous. I got poop brown liquid lip

      • I also got the poop brown color but if you mix it with white lipstick it really tones it down I do this with all lipsticks that I get in my numerous boxes hope that helps

  14. I’m 34, an elementary teacher, and a single mom. These items will not be in my ‘daily wear’ bag, however I am so excited to have something to have some fun with! I absolutely love this month’s box! My variation was box 5 with the bight eyeshadow, Tarte sweatproof mascara, smashbox pucker up palette, wander eye masks, bang beauty chocolate eyeliner, and ncla so rich cuticle oil. While I know it’s not for everyone, I am so thankful to Boxy to remind me that everyone deserves a little fun now and then!!

  15. Anyone who got the Crown Glam Metals palette in a previous box, I think this Party Animal palette would make a great companion for it. Just a suggestion.

    • Good idea!!!!!

  16. Got this exact box and I LOVE IT!

    Can’t wait to see the makeup review!

  17. this was my second boxycharm box. July was great, this box not so much.. the eye pallet was made for a 6 year old. Sorry but not wearing blue, yellow, or orange eye shadow to work. The eye liner worked on my brows but def not eyes. And cuticle oil?? Really? Mascara was fine but not a fan of brown. And my lip kit was also a joke. Bummed !

  18. This is the first time that I’ve ever been disappointed in a box. And it’s the whole box. I got the same variation (always get 1, and it’s never the one I want but I never complain because I still love the value of the box) Does anyone know 1) How to tell in advance which variation you’re getting, and 2) is there any way to influence which variation you get? While I’m at it, 3) WHY do the variations vary so widely??? I’m not going to cancel, it’s a bad month for plenty of good ones… but it still stinks.

    • If you have FedEx Manager, you can see which variations you’re getting. There’s a spot under “Shipment Facts” that shows the purchase order number and at the end of those random numbers will be an “_#” with the # being your variation. So far, this has correctly been the variation I’ve gotten (variation 1 in July, variation 3 for August).

      The new quiz they released (you’ll find it under giveaways on their website) will supposedly influence the stuff you’ll receive, but it’ll take a couple of months to really have an effect, I read.

  19. I hate this month’s box. The palette is crazy, the eyeliner is garbage, I got orange lipstick, the lashes are just too much, and I won’t use the cuticle oil (already have some from another sub). It doesn’t matter if the products are worth over $100 if you don’t like them or cannot use them. So yes, they will be donated, but I don’t buy this box to give everything away. Call me selfish, but my sub boxes are a treat for me. I do have a donate box for the occasional product I can’t use or don’t like. But to not be able to use the majority of the box is really upsetting. I understand that I won’t like everything all the time, that’s the risk of sub boxes. But when it looks like more people hate the box than like it, that’s a problem.

    • I’m with ya on the palette. Maybe I’ll use the dark shimmer…but there’s no way on earth, as a cool-toned person, that I’m putting on yellow, orange, pink, blue, turquoise…and that liner application and the lipstick shades sounds like hot messes from what I’m reading. Why, BoxyCharm, why?! Laura Lee has some nice-looking palettes, and this is what we get? Maybe it is Halloween in a Box. That will help me feel like I have a use for it.

    • Totally agree! The eyeshadow colors are child-like. The lashes are too long, I literally got BROWN lipstick. Like who cares if it’s smashbox if it’s BROWN. and like chocolate brown too.

      • I got a grey lipstick. It’s named “punked.” Yeah, I got punked alright.

      • I actually really like wearing brown lipsticks especially in the fall with a warm eye look

  20. I received:

    Becca Matte Primer(YAY)
    Eye Masks (Okay)
    NCLA cuticle oil (I’ll use it eventually)
    Colorful palette (Nope)
    Smashbox metallic lippe in Foiled Brat (It’s purple! Absolutely.No.Way!)

    I keep looking at the palette and lippe trying to figure out how in the world can make these work. Unfortunately I cannot. I’m going to give everything except the primer to my local YWCA.

    This will be my last box. So long Boxy…..

    • I think smashbox was trying to get rid of all their awful colors. I got dark brown matte. Gag. My 9 year old took the eyeshadow.

    • I wish I got metallic purple lipstick!! I got the same brownish pink neutral again. And Becca primer…wish I’d gotten mascara or lashes!

  21. I got the same variant, but the lipstick is a different, MUCH brighter shade (Power On Matte, a bright poppy coral). I think it’s going to have to be swapped. It’s a pretty color, but a little much for me.

  22. Everything was fine but the eyeliner in a pot was a joke. Just a smeary mess trying to make it work. Not good for an eyeshadow either. Disappointed in another orange lipstick. Nail stuff is pretty much clutter and probably won’t use it. Rather have had a top or base coat or just a polish. Other stuff was great though. Loved the fun pallet.

  23. I am in the minority, but I love this box so much!

    The “eyeliner” says you can use it as an eyeshadow base or to touch up brows. I used it as a casual Saturday shadow and it looked great, but I’ll likely use it as a base and brow fill on my blond brows.

    The lip color is the same as this one, and it is a lovely rose color on me. I use eye masks all the time, and put one on immediately. Love. I actually like to wear lashes sometimes. I’m pretty well stocked, but these are the right length for me. The eyeshadow isn’t my style, but it might be fun for dress-up days at school or halloween. And I have another cuticle oil I love, but this will get used when I run out.

    So… everything should get used and that rarely happens with this box. Even still, this box is always a bargain for $21!!!

  24. I’m so disappointed in Boxy this month. I’ve been subscribed for 3 1/2 years and this is by far the worst box I’ve ever received.

    The gel eyeliner just clumps up on my lashes when I try to apply it to my waterline, and I can’t even see it when I apply it on the skin right above & below my lashes. I got the shade ‘Warrior Pose’ for my Smashbox lippie, which is a deep brown. It won’t work for me at all – I’m a light-skinned blonde.

    Unfortunately, I don’t need more cuticle oil or eye masks, either, and I’m allergic to the glue used to put on false lashes.

    The eyeshadow palette is the only thing I can work with, but only on days when I’m going for a bold look. Mehhhh.

    • haha same, girl. Same.

  25. I love boxy charm. But I received a weird white, lilac, beige type color for the lipstick. No one on earth would wear that color. It is awful! I haven’t see anyone get a lipstick as bad as me yet. Maybe I can use it to lighten some darker shades. The formula is great though! I love almost all makeup but that lipstick goes too far. Love the rest of the box!!! Sorry i’m complaining but why would anyone even produce that color. My husband told me I looked dead. LOL. Oh well. I still love boxy charm!

    • They’d produce a color like that for people like me, ahah! Everyone has different aesthetics and likes/dislikes so it seem so like people who aren’t into a wide variety of looks & products would be better off either a customizable box or a box that you’ll know the contents of before purchase. I have a very gothy, death-rock aesthetic but I also like plenty of other looks so a lot of the things people are complaining about, like the lilac lipstick, sound awesome to me. Remember, everyone is different!

      • I’m weird. I only really like lilac lipstick. Kim Chi from Sugar Pill is my fave and I’m bummed it’s been discontinued.

  26. I got the same box. I was praying to get the Becca primer but sadly I did not. The only thing I might keep is the cuticle oil. The palette is ok, just colors I’d never wear on me. I don’t wear fake eyelashes either, I haven’t ever been able to apply them. The eyeliner again is a color I won’t use, and I don’t like gel ones I don’t know. Just wasn’t the box for me this month.

    • I get that. Except I know I won’t use the cuticle oil, false lashes or the crazy purple lipstick I got. It isn’t even a wearable purple… I might use the palette a bit and the eye liner if it’s good but other than that- nope. Sort of bummed with this box. :/

      • I wish my lipstick had been purple! I got another nude pink brown liquid….

      • You are welcome to my pale lavender lippie… I couldn’t find anyone who would take it.

      • I love a pale lavender lipstick. Is it matte liquid lipstick?

  27. I was not happy with my box this month. I might cancel very unhappy.

  28. Even less happy now to be getting the lashes seeing how much they’re worth compared to the other variants. At least everything else looks nice!

  29. The palette is fab and I can’t wait to play with it. People have been asking for MORE COLOR and that’s exactly what we got. Don’t worry….they are back to a more subdued palette scheme next month. The beauty of sub boxes is trying new things and breaking out of your routine with things you might not normal reach for. Makeup is such a luxury that many people cannot afford. Be grateful that you can and if you don’t like something, donate it to your local D.V. or homeless shelter! I promise that will feel better than complaining how much you don’t like something <3

    • I promise that your holier than thou attitude is going to make ppl angry. Not just that but where I live there aren’t any shelters within 100 miles of me. How about you let others be the judge of the makeup they are getting and you stop judging the ppl for having an opinion of their own? That would be awesome.

    • Great post!

    • Amen!
      I get so disappointed in the constant negativity girls are spouting! Every box is filled with quality products valued at over $100! I am so grateful to have a luxury like Boxycharm and will remain so.

    • As someone who works for a DV agency, I am so happy when people donate to us (so thank you for mentioning us). Our clients are so appreciative to receive beauty products

      • What is a DV agency?

      • Domestic violence agency

    • Well stated and I totally agree. How many neutral shade palettes do people want? Give me something NEW and DIFFERENT!

  30. Say what you will about the palette being “loud” but the pink and the purple are to die for! I also got the metal lippie but it’s not my color darn it! I got the NCLA cuticle oil also, it smells sweet but nothing really great and I have FOUR other bottles of different scented ones already. I ALSO ended up with the BECCA which I already have one of. So it’s the palette as my winner and the maybe the eye patches, I think I have a few already though.

    Thank God for the swap side here. lol

  31. I got from metallic purple lipstick. Wow not my favorite but I like everything else in the Box. The eye shadow is so creamy and beautiful I can’t wait to use it.

    • What shade was it? Because if it was ‘foiled brat’ or ‘boys n berries’ I’d LOVE that. I ended up with ‘brains n bronze’.

  32. Ooof! The pigmentation on those shadows doesn’t look so great. There are so many fantastic eye shadows on the market, the bad ones really stand out now.

  33. I cancelled a couple months back and so far no FOMO and I am okay with that. Product overload.

  34. I just canceled. I looked over all my reviews from all the boxes I received since February and realized I pretty much disliked at least half of what I got every month. This month is terrible. It’s like everyone tossed their leftovers at boxy and said toss these in box! I’m done paying for the privilege of being disappointed every month. Y’all enjoy 🙂

    • I feel the exact same way! I get that not everyone has the fortune of being able to subscribe to this and blah blah blah don’t complain. And i’m not complaining about the price at all. But when I’m paying $21 a month and don’t get a single item I’d spend that much money on in a store, it’s time to say goodbye.

    • I think that’s exactky why people are upset. It feels like a leftovers box. I’m fine with not being thrilled with 1 or even 2 items in a box every month. Overall it’s still great and worth the value. This one had so many variations and they gave us six items too, it was almost like they knew people would not be happy so they threw in another item. It just doesn’t work. Like fine have your main item be the colorful shadow but then give everyone a coordinating nice pink lipstick, not 100 different smashbox leftovers of reject colors no one seems to like. And when we just got fake lashes two months ago the glam lashes weren’t that exciting. I would have loved a magnetic pair to try though! Oh well, better luck next month. For now my daughter gets Halloween color eye shadow and the smashbox lipstick is a joke that I don’t think anyone would want! 🙂

      • I agree with you, This was the worst box I ever received!! I tried to cancel this or pause this box and Boone from boxycharm would write me back!! I’m completely disappointed in this months box! There’s not one thing in my box that I want or am excited to try!! The one item that I was excited to try was the tarte mascara and of course I didn’t even get one in this depressing box I just opened!! This is so terrible I’m ready to cancel My subscription!!

      • I gotta agree. I received my box today and it was a total disappointment. I received the psychic brown shade of lipstick. It is literally brown. Not even a wearable brown. I tried the palette on. Just no. I got a set of the fake lashes – will never use them. The cuticle oil and the eye patches. Boxycharm why 🙁 I hope these surveys help us to customize at least one item in the future. I think the box was supposed to have a theme of party animal but all I felt from it was like a being a homebody because I’m not going anywhere wearing that stuff lol. Customization would make a lot more customers happy.

  35. Marne, I absolutely LOVE your reviews! You are fantastic 🙂

    • That was my reaction, too! Meh on the box but Heck yeah on the review! I love Marne’s voice in her reviews. 💘

    • So kind! Thank you both!!

  36. You are my favorite reviewer here on MSA! That said, all the ladies (and gents) here are great too. This box drew some flak on the spoilers but any review you do makes the box enticing.

    I don’t sub to this box but a nice change from safe colors boxes normally send out.

    • Thanks so much, Mimi! I appreciate you reading my reviews! 🙂

  37. Hi Marne – love your review. Can’t wait to see how you will use the eye shadow palette, it sounds like you have some fun ideas!

    • Thanks, Cyndi! It’s gonna be fun!

  38. I received variant one. Bombshell lashes, cuticle oil, masks and palette are all mine. Lipstick is “off script matte” and the liner won’t work for me but counting box as win. I have never received a lip color I could use in any box. I’m killing the game with the purple on the outer eye and darker blue shade over the purple on the lid! 🙂

    • I apologize Marnie, I didn’t realize you did the review. That pink shade definitely works for your skin tone. I hope you find a good look with it. I think people are going to be surprised they might find it easier to work with it now that we have it in our hands.

  39. I love the the lipstick color. I hope I get that one.

  40. I just received my box today, delivered by FedEx, not USPS as usual, and I have to say, the pallette is much more wearable for my currently tanned olive skin and dark hair than I was expecting. Hungover (the purple) is stunning and I can make all the other shades work for my eyes except the pink. I received variant 3 and got the Becca primer and Be Legendary Liquid Metal in Petal Metal. The NCLA oil has a vanilla-ish scent to me and will definitely be used nightly. I also received the chocolate eyeliner and eye masks. Anyway, I have to say this is a total win for me. I subscribed in March and have received every variant I’ve wanted, so I am a very happy Charmer, and they probably have me hooked for upgrading to Luxe. I live close to Kennesaw, GA and usually get my box within 1 day after the shipping notice.

    • Lucky girl! I’ve been dying to try that petal metal!! I got a pretty pink in on demand but was hoping for the liquid metals… also got lashes but wanted the primer…. guess you can’t win em all… still a great value and solid box for ppl not as picky as I am, lol

      • Petal Metal is on markdown at Ulta.

  41. At first I was disappointed in the eyeshadow palette but Atlanta pride is coming up and I think I could get a little creative with those colors.

    • I was also bummed about the palette until today when I remembered my husband had asked me if I had a bright pink eyeshadow that he needs for Dragon Con.

      I didn’t even THINK about Pride this October!!!!

      • Yes! I saw a rainbow eyeshadow look on Instagram that I’m going to try and duplicate.

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