BoxyCharm August 2018 Confirmed Spoiler #1!

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We have our first confirmed  spoiler for the August Boxycharm box thanks to lauraleelosangeles!

Each box will include:

Laura Lee Los Angeles Party Animal Palette

And here is a look with the palette (skip to minute 13):

Thanks to Yosef, we now know that the August box will have six items!

In case you missed it, all subscribers will receive items from these two brands:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the July box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted! Check out the full spoilers here!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. This will either be sold or donated! ugh

    • Clowns?? Any clowns in the box community?? Lol

      • Hahaha! Best comment ever.

      • Please don’t let that be the theme! #boxyclown

      • No, but there are people who know how to use/incorporate color.

        • Love this comment and completely agree. It will make some amazing looks by layering with complementary neutral tones. If people take time out to play around with it, they can create some great looks.

          • Agree !!!!!!!!!!!

        • Completely agree with Lexana!

          I’m super excited that Boxycharm has finally introduced a bold color palette instead of the typical browns and neutrals.

          About time Alt-gals received something that will work for them.

          I’m super excited for this and i really hope that the whole theme of the box is as bold and fun as this palette!

          • I have a ton browns tans nudes wish I new about this box and all the amazing colors but for bright and pigmented I love my cheap la palette but again wish I had

          • This might just entice me to drop the boring box and switch to this one.

        • Agreed! It’s the summertime and a break from all the neutral colors. It’s okay to go bold sometimes period.

        • Right? Super excited that I found out this was the spoiler before I purchased it on my own. I was sure the Laura Lee item would be Cats Pajamas, since no one ever mentions that anymore. Love that one, but I already have it. So happy this was one of the new palettes.

      • Maybe it’s not for you, but to infer that someone it is for is a clown isn’t necessary, color can be done tastefully and beautifully.

        • It wasn’t a personal comment and I thought it was pretty funny. I had the same thought.

          • I didn’t claim it was personal, but it’s rude none the less, A LOT of us are looking forward to bold color and have grown tired of the same neutrals over and over, but it’s rude to say people that prefer them are boring or basic. Not any different. Lots of comments have suggested ways to use color in a subtle way, a little open minded Ness never hurts, I always try the neutrals, I tried the palette so many hated in last months box they might not be my favorite but it’s make up it washed off and should be fun. Go with it !

        • It was a joke! Geez🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

      • I have no use for that pallet. Who has time to blend neutral colors to tone down those clownish colors.

    • Don’t blame you definately not for me!
      Colors are very loud.Not liking August box so much.

  2. I was about to cancel boxy because it didn’t have stuff i was looking to add to my collection for the last two, but the palette is exactly what i was hoping to get in a palette (like the 35B that is sold out). I’m so excited!

  3. Omg yay I love it so much!!!

  4. Eh huge no for meeeeee , we are so close to August and this is the only confirmed spoiler im afraid to see what the other items might be 😩

  5. Love it!! So many people were complaining and saying they didn’t want boring palettes anymore. I’m excited for this

  6. I love it , just unsure if I’ll ever be able to use it lol but it’ll still be nice in my pallet collection 😍

  7. I really wanted to sub to Boxycharm but now with too many variations and this pallette not quite my cup of tea I think I am still holding out for another sub box out there that can take care of my cosmetic wishes.

    • I agree. And for that very reason I unsubscribed from Boxycharm. I hated this month’s box, didn’t get anything I wanted from variations.

  8. This one is going straight to my donation box. I love to be challenged to get out of my own personal makeup box…but this? lolol…sorry, but no.

    That said, I’m curious to see what else is in the box. I love Boxy and am sure there will be a few items that I will like.

  9. Can we skip months with Boxy? I will in no way ever use this but that’s just personal preference. I’m sure many are thrilled to be getting these crazy neon shadows. May be time to cancel for awhile. I hated July and now August is looking even worse😞🙁😕 Eitherway I think boxy is a great value but only if you actually use the products.

    • No your only option is to cancel.

  10. Personally I’m very excited for this! I’ve got a bajillion neutral shadows so I’m dying to fill my collection with more colour. It seems so crazy how many people are complaining. I swear it’s like a neutral palette gets bashed and now a bright one gets bashed, you just can’t win! But that’s the nature of a m y s t e r y box, you have to be prepared to not like things, it’s bound to happen.

    • I am really excited for this, too! The only things missing from this palette is a nice vivid green.

    • Ya I wouldn’t mind having different colors but just not neon. It would be cool to have a nice plum, or greens palette. Also, why do they always do such inexpensive palettes, the Norvina one would be so awesome! If they did that and like a lippy and like a primer it would still be the same value. They put an expensive skin care item in and that’s great but it would be nice to have an expensive palette once and maybe a cheaper skin care item.

      • Because it is brand new, selling well, and they can’t get it for super cheap. If you want the Norvina palette, you can find it on ABH’s website…ships super quickly. If you want to have 5 or 6 items, not of your choice, for $21…then boxycharm is for you. Boxycharm should NOT be your main source of makeup…for most of us it is just fun add ons for a low price. I don’t rely on Boxycharm to send me what I need/want, sometimes it sends stuff I want/need, sometimes it’s just fun, new things to try.

      • Boxycharm is a business, above anything else. They make deals with certain brands and companies to get their products for very cheap or free, for the publicity and marketing and sampling of the items. An expensive palette that is selling extremely well has no reason for sampling or marketing to be done, since it’s already so sought after. Boxycharm wouldn’t be able to make any money if they spent $40+ for one palette to put in a $21 box.

  11. I am here for this. Glad to see Boxycharm isn’t afraid to think out of the box and send brighter palettes. By now we all have neutral palettes. This will be a good opportunity to people afraid of playing with color so they won’t ever purchase on their own to have a chance to experiment. Can work this in with other palettes I own.

  12. So it’s not everyone’s cup of tea… And I myself thought Cat’s pajamas palette would have please more people… But can we all agree on one thing? THANK GOD IT’S NOT ANOTHER BLACK EYELINER!!! Nothing against her eyeliner but that was the worst case scenario in my head for her Boxy product. I could drown in the useless sea of eyeliners I’ve gotten from sub boxes. LOL

    • Specifically eyeko eyeliner!
      *eyes crossed*
      I swear I have 10 of them floating around in my vanity!



    • We are getting 6 items in August…don’t be so sure that 6th item won’t be a crappy black/brown eyeliner 😂🤷‍♀️🌟

  13. Doable once I get my contacts, I’ll use it as an eyeliner palette lol. Anyone know is this just a variation?

  14. I don’t have any of these colors in my too big neutral eyeshadow collection but not sure when I would ever wear except to maybe a costume party.

    • Having makeup and not having to buy it special for a costume/theme party is very underrated tbh. Plus, I’m a big fan of having girls’ night out with the express purpose of wearing clothes and makeup looks out of the norm. The palette looks intimidating because the colors are all together, but looked at on their own it’s a lot easier to incorporate into a look (Liner or under the eyes with a more neutral look. Or a pop of color on the lid with a semi smokey eye).

  15. I think I have thrown away or given away every single pallet I have ever gotten and Boxee charm and the one pallet I wanted last month I didn’t get. I realize they cater to a younger audience but they really need to do something about some variety for the more mature audience

  16. Was hoping for cats Pajamas. But, I’ll take this. Very pretty. Even if i never use it, it’s a good piece to show off on my vanity lol

  17. Wow, people. Just because you don’t like the colors doesn’t make them trash.

    Personally, I’m excited. I want to reup but not get the July box. Do I need to wait until 8/1?

  18. I knew, I knew that August gonna be bad. It’s almost time to send boxes and still no spoilers. Now we see one and it’s a tears

  19. To each their own. I am 46 and very fair, a definite no for me!

  20. Ugh. Can’t we have a say??? Some of us have a lot of letters after our names! And go to work!! I can’t pull. This off at work. Wow.

    • Some of us (with letters) have a life outside of work.

      • I’ve been a paralegal for 7 years. I wear a lot of bright colors and bold shadows. I’ve received nothing but compliments from my bosses and our clients. If you know how to incorporate bold colors, there’s no reason you can’t wear them to work. Just because you choose to throw out a stigma that employers will have a negative reaction, doesn’t mean they actually will.

        Your work performance should not be judged by your clothing, hair color or makeup.

        • It shouldn’t, but often it does. I would definitely get spoken to if I wore these makeup colors to work.

        • Idk where you work, but down where I live even showing up to work at McDonald’s wearing makeup this bright colored will get you fired.

          Not every or even most workplaces are as liberal as yours. The patriarchy still stands quite firmly in its place of power.

          • Sorry, I’ve seen people at McDonald’s wearing a lot more offensive things than this. Especially if you mix it with a neutral and use the bright only in the corners, I don’t see how anyone could get fired for this.

          • You might not see it, but it happens. Ppl get fired for doing a lot less than wearing bright colored makeup. Some employee handbooks expressly forbid wearing colorful makeup. Some workplaces simply drown upon it and if someone is already on thin ice with their boss then wearing a bright makeup look one time could be the thing that gets them fired. There is literally no law keeping anyone safe from being fired bc they express themselves through their makeup. It’s why transgender ppl get fired all the time when they transition – one day they show up as men in dresses and makeup and their bosses fire them and they have no recourse bc there are no laws protecting them against that kind of discrimination. Same kind of thing here, just less intense.

          • It’s in my work handbook. Neutral hair and makeup colors, no flashy colors. We are not allowed to wear fingernail polish either.
            I can see why people are upset. They’ll have to throw it in the gift pile or the donation pile.

          • You can’t wear fingernail polish? Wow. Do you work in medicine or foodservice where they think the chemicals from polish might contaminate something? I’ve never heard of that one before.

          • I work in an office, but it’s a factory that makes plastic containers they put good in. Very strict.

          • A lot of teachers aren’t allowed to wear nail polish. It’s a weird thing.

    • I have a lot of letters after my name and can still wear colours. I may not be able to wear all of these to work, but I also don’t work 365 days a year. Also, I could make the yellow, orange, and purple passable at work if done lightly. Boxycharm can’t just cater to those who want makeup wearable to the office. A lot of people either don’t have office jobs or still want to look fun for the weekend. They have given a TON of neutral palettes so far, it’s time they catered to those who want colours for a month.

  21. That’s it I am done with BOXYCHARM they have really gone down hill. I love Laura Lee but they pick a palette that most people would not want to use or do you think maybe they just want the college kids as their customer base.

    I would rather pay a bit more and use the products than continue to give away the junk that BOXYCHARM has been putting out lately.

    It’s a shame, this time last year BOXYCHARM was on top as one of the best subscription makeup boxes and now we get clown paint and I’m sure the rest of the box will continue like the past few months and just keep getting worse.

    I vowed last year never to cancel I loved this box that much! With the horrible customer service and garbag boxes I’m done with BOXYCHARM.

    Sorry this is so long but it felt good to vent😁

    Thank you!

  22. While these colors are not my style it’s nice for the people that love bright colors. I wear more neutral colors so most of the palettes we get work for me. It nice they are mixing it up and I know something that will love to have this given to them.

    • That is a lovely sentiment! 🙂 I love bright colors & I’m seriously considering subbing just to get this.

      • I get 2 boxes and so 1 of these will be swaped if you want. mjw at gmail dot com

  23. I’m so happy about the spoiler, I was looking for a yellow shade and some bright colors to add to my collection! Cant wait for the august box

  24. Disappointed. I know that everyone provided suggestions on how to wear these colors, but I’m feeling it. Going to cancel.

  25. I might be in the minority here but I’m so excited we are getting the bright version of Laura’s new palletes! I was hoping maybe we would get both the neutral and the brights one but I am really excited for this!

    • Me too! I love getting the fun colors in subscription boxes. I don’t generally purchase them on my own since I can’t wear them as often as neutrals, but I love incorporating them into my makeup looks.

      I know everyone suggests using bright colors on your lower lash line for a more moderate effect, but I actually prefer a dab near the outer corners of my lids, close to my lash line. Then I use neutral colors everywhere else to keep the look a little cleaner. If I really want to keep it toned down, I only tightline my lower lashes with brown liner (no mascara).

  26. All I can say is it looks like a box of crayons threw up.

    • 😂 agreed!! I can honestly say I hate this

    • I totally agree. My first thought was sidewalk chalk?

  27. No. Just no.

  28. Yay! I’m so here for this! Luv these colors and I’m so excited that All subscriber get this!

  29. I’m excited for this! For those of you that think you can’t wear these…. just cover the whole eye with a nice neutral taupe shade and use these as a pop of color on the lid.

  30. 🙁not for me

    • Not even if a god designed it from Olympus.

  31. Oh my!! I love it. Everyone can use those colors even if it is just in moderation. Use as eyeliner only. You will be glad you did.

  32. Not even for Halloween…

    • That’s what I said

  33. No. That’s 3 unusable palettes in a row for me. Glad I cancelled and this will be my last month.

  34. waiting to decide to cancel to see if the next item is a good one. This item is definitely not for me!

    • Same for me

  35. So happy I cancelled, I don’t like to wear bright colors like that so it would have been pretty to look at but never used

  36. LOVE IT! If you think you can’t wear it, try the bright pop as a lower lash liner. I love to play with brights in small portions.

  37. Ohh… COLOR. and I was going to cancel…

  38. These are fun! Definitely not an every day look, but I can see this being fun for events or holidays. Not like anything else I have, which I appreciate.

  39. Wish I could wear those colors…sigh.

    • Anyone can! Try using some as a lower lash line pop of color. Or even blend it in with a neutral shade on just part of the lid. Pair with a nude lip and you’re good to go!

      • They also pair beautifully with grays for color smokey eyes!

        • Thank you both! Those are terrific suggestions.

  40. Oh my goodness… These colors are hideous.

    • To you….

      Just because you choose to not like bold colors, doesn’t mean the palette is “hideous”.

      • I agree it is hideous, but that’s an opinion. If disneyjoy1970 finds it hideous she’s allowed to. Not everyone’s opinions have to be the same. Some people find neutrals hideous and that’s okay.

  41. I love this! We’ve all been wanting more color and more unique items. I love that Boxy is working with an influencer brand and I love Laura Lee! This will be so fun to play with.

    • My thoughts exactly! Now I don’t have to just wish I could buy the palette. I’ll actually own something from Laura Lee and that’s really exciting! It’ll actually be my first pigment product too.

  42. That purple will be used for certain … maybe I can depot and donate the others ???

  43. I can’t wear these colors unfortunately. I think this box is way too young for me. I think it may be geared twords teens. I’m in my thirties

    • Michelle, I’m on my twenties and I’ll never used those colors, it’s toooo much.

    • I’m 58 and I will rock those colors!!!

      • I’m with you, Michelle!! I’m not going to let age deter me from fun colors anymore—I did that for too long & where’s the fun in that? Plus, I think it’s my right to use fun colors now, having to live through the 90’s grunge era while in my prime.

      • I feel the same way. I’m 59. Give me COLOR! I know I can rock these colors. Anyone can get a neutral palette just about anywhere. Playing with & wearing majeup should be fun! Life is too short. If you put it on and like it OR don’t like it, it washes off. So many ways to use them. I’m excited!!!!

      • heck yes, get it girl!

    • Michelle. I won’t tell you my exact age but you may as well double up & can in a couple years lol… I’m rocking that purple and might mute the blues with a shade of purple as that works sometimes. I rock Gabbys red shade with browns and it looks very work appropriate . I do work in corporate IT so don’t dare stand out too much. I just hope this brand plays well with my other brands.

      • Today, I have brown eye shadow, red in the crease blended out, on with the blue eyeliner from Allure and a bit of yellow in the inner corner. I think the blue makes the brown absolutely stunning if I say so myself.

        I do not look like a clown. BUT i would be proud if I did as my parents were circus clowns. Proud of that too.

        • I’m wearing that blue liner today too! Loving it. And this month’s BC palette from Crown.

    • Me too. In my thirties going to give it to my sister in law. Shes 25. Hopefully she can use it. I wouldnt be caught dead wearing that.

    • I am in my 30’s, and will definitely be incorporating that hot pink and purple into my routine eye makeup! Just because colors are swatched heavily doesnt mean you have to apply them as such! I plan on doing a nude all-over lid, and work the hot pink into the crease and blend it out with a medium brown.
      For nighttime, the hot pink will look amazing as an under eye liner color, and I would blend the dark purple out on the sides of my eyes for a smoky look.
      the orange and yellow can be used in small amounts in your everyday eye too ! just play with it! No one is saying to put a neon yellow all over your lid & go into work!! Many people who love makeup enjoy using different colors and textures to create a different look! Try to enjoy it!

    • i’m in my thirties and i use bold colors all the time. You would be surprised at how great bold colors can look paired with the right transition colors and some blending.

  44. Good lord these are bright!

  45. Sigh… I was hoping for the Cats pajama palette, even if it isn’t the big palette, the other one would have been better than this one…… It’s toooooooooooooo colourful 🙁

  46. Wow…lol. Those colors, while not something I can pull off, sure look like fun. I’ll happily play around with this but then will likely hand down to my teenage niece.

  47. Wow 😑

  48. Wow, a big not for me.

  49. thanks for the first spoiler – but it seems it is parrot theme again

    • Lol! I agree, it’s parrot season! My God there IS such a thing as too much color and this palette is it. Hopefully this spoiler isn’t the highlight of our August box!

  50. Love this!

    • Too out there for me 😏

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