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BoxyCharm July 2018 FULL SPOILERS Box Variation #3


We have full spoilers for another one of the July Boxycharm boxes!

And in case you missed it, each box will include:

One of these two skincare items:

And one of these two makeup items:

Here is everything in Box version #1:

Here is everything in Box version #2:

Source: magics_inthe_makeup

Source: ashley_pyle_mua

If you sign up now, the July box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.


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Comments (123)

  1. My info says
    0.8 lbs / 0.36 kgs
    7x4x2 in.
    What am i getting and why the dimensions are so small?

    • So, I had replied earlier about the order #’s ending in _1, _2, _3 etc. My daughter and I had _1 and _3. Different weight and dimensions on our boxes. We both received identical boxes (Dr Brandt). So throw the product number theories, weights, and measurements out the window. You get what you get, surprise! 😁 We are perfectly happy with our outcome, we both have annual subs and it is still a great value. I also have three adult daughters so nothing ever goes to waste. I’m sorry for those who are disappointed 😕

      • You’ll find your box version number on the back of the card that comes in the box.
        It’s in the lower right hand corner 🙂

      • Yes, you are correct. We were discussing trying to figure out which box we were getting before it arrived based on shipping labels and shipping info 😊

    • You’re getting the palette the dr Brandt and the other 3 items everyone got

  2. Not to impressed with most of the items in this month’s box. The only thing that looks like it may be good is the Tarte setting spray. The crown pallete is nothing I have not seen before. And wow another mascara =I

    • The Tarte isn’t a setting spray. It’s a facial mist/refreshing spray. I would hate for you to do your makeup and ruin it with a good spray down of moitlsturizer.

  3. I got the Dr Brandt eye gel. Anyone want to trade for their Farmacy mask?

    • I’m wanting to trade for the mask too if anyone else does too.

      • I’m getting the Tarte spray. Looking to trade for the Farmacy mask if anyone was to. 🙂

      • I haven’t found anyone wanting to trade the mask for anything 🙁

  4. My box dimension size is 16x9x1 and weight is 0.8 lbs. Anyone else have that?

    • The 0.8 pounds yes. That box size? Never seen that before. I’m starting to think they just put in random box sizes to mess with us lol

      • I’m really hoping I get the mask!

      • I hope you get what you want! The palette is the biggest bummer ever! It’s basically being given away for free with purchase of a $15 brush set on the Crown brush website. I’m so ticked off abt it too!

      • They are. My daughter and I had completely different weights and dimensions, our boxes are identical.

    • Mine is same dimension and weighs 1 lbs but im supposed to get the cover fx drops

    • Yup its the palette

  5. I really want variation Nr4 (if it exists😅) with tarte and pharmacy. But according to weight, I’ll get Nr3 what is not bad too

  6. I just got my shipping notification. My box dimensions are 0.8 and 8x5x2. Does anyone know what this might be? Thanks a million!

    • Probably the Dr Brandt and palette. Does your item number also end in _1?

      • Jamie, Mine ends in a _1, is that really an indication?

      • I don’t know yet. It’s just a theory. My package always has the _1 at the end and I always get variation 1.

      • I always get variation 2 but this month my package has _1 at the end. I really want variation 2 but I will just have to wait and see what arrives

      • I got variation 1 as always. Just to keep this thread updated.

      • Am I the only one with weight of .09 lbs and 7×7×7

      • Are you receiving the cover fx drops? I am and that’s my weight and box size so I figured that was why it weighed more.

      • You must be getting something extra. The cover FX drops maybe?

      • Mine is 16X9X1 and 1 lb and item number ends with 1! What would i be getting?

      • Why are some people getting extra things? Is there a way to do that on my end? lol

      • Hi I think the 1 behind the series of numbers indicates your 1= month to month subscription. 2= 3 month subscription. 3= annual. I don’t know but I don’t think it has anything to do with your box variation. Some people can find out about 1 or 2 items by the packing label. But that’s for only people that ship through a specific company. I wish I shipped through that company.

      • Mine ends in a 1 as well! I’d like to know if people getting spray ends in 3??

      • Mine ends in a 1 but im getting the spray. So, nope. 🙂

      • Theory busted. Oh well. Thank you!

      • You have restored my hope. Mine ends in 1, and I wanted the spray 🙂

      • Yeah I’m getting the fx drops, so my box originally is more of a .07?

    • Wondering the same thing, as that’s what I have!

      • I think it’s variation 1 with the eyeshadow and eye gel.

    • Mine said that. I got the palette and dr brandt. 🙁 I HATE THIS BOX 🙁 I so wanted the other stuff. So sad 😭😢

      • Ah, bummer. I don’t want that variation either.

      • The palette is so FUGLY imo! The blush smells weird and the color is awful. It’s going straight to swaps. Maybe someone else wants it.

      • I dont fb or anything so I have only swapped on fabfitfun. I wish I could swap on here. Bc I have so much to swap. Do u know what else I could do? Thanks..

      • Just sign up for the swap site, get on the waitlist and wait.

      • Really?!! I love my box…I got the palette and Dr.Brandt(their products are really good and actually work)! I always like my box though- I have only had to give away 2 or 3 products..and everything else was so great that I didn’t mind giving them away!

  7. I’m getting the Tarte spray, so def not getting versions 1 or 2. Looks like they’ll end up with 4 versions this month.

    Super excited to try the Tarte. It’s not like I’ll run out of palettes to use before next month’s box anyway….hahaha!

    • How much does your box weigh?

      • I don’t know how much it weighs. I haven’t gotten any shipping info yet. I know I’m getting the Tarte because I got the beta email that revealed one product for following the links in the email that went to Twitter. I don’t know which of the other variants I’m getting either. I can reply to this and let you know the weight once I get the shipping email.

  8. So is everybody getting the brow gel in taupe? I don’t think that’s going to work for me :/

  9. Hope I get version 1, but due to my beauty profile I feel like I’m going to get version 2. Not that I’d be disappointed with either one. Everything looks great!

    • The boxes are packed randomly. The beauty profile isn’t currently being used for anything other than as a suggested direction of which products boxy might want to include in future boxes.

  10. Has anyone who’s getting the tarte gotten a shipment notification?

    • I did! This morning. It says expected date of delivery is 16th.

      • Ooh my box is supposed to be delivered the 16th as well. However I didn’t get a spoiler. I hope this means I’m getting the tarte spray 🤔😮

      • Hey, my name is Cady too!

        Also, how do I determine by box. Someone help me with the weight stuff Please! Lol

      • Nira, how much does your box weigh?

      • I am getting the tarte spray… here is my box info.

        Weight 0.7 lbs / 0.32 kgs Dimensions 8x6x2 in.

      • Shoot!!😕🤦🏼‍♀️ My box says .8 and 6/6/6 and so there goes my hopes that I’m getting the tarte!

      • I am getting the tarte spray too (per the spoiler email from boxycharm) by box weight an size is the same…(.7 and 8x6x2)

      • how do you know what you are getting?

      • I’m getting the Tarte spray as well… but my box is 0.7 lbs and 6x6x6… I keep on wondering if my box happens to be missing something or something. Especially because it is also supposed to have a lippie in it since I didn’t get one last month! Grrrr.. All of this box size stuff is so confusing lol

      • That’s my box deminisons and I do not want the spray, I want the palette

    • Not yet

  11. I really hope for box #2 but I got last month the same box as the reviewer did here on MSA with the brown eyeliner and Offra lip gloss. So I am a little scared I will get box #1 the 1 I do Not like or want.
    The crown palette is nice looking and I like the blush and mascara,but the rest is of no use to me or anyone else I know.

  12. I know I’m getting the Tarte spray. I hope it’s this version with the Dr. Brandt that I receive. Love!

    • Did your box ship yet?

    • How do u know for sure u get the tarte spray

      • Some people got a spoiler email

      • How do you sign up for the spoiler email? Or is it random??

      • Boxycharm selected the ppl that got the email. You can’t opt in, but I would suggest being signed up to get all the emails from boxy.

  13. So what’s the 6th item???? They say we get items???

    • that’s in August, I thought they said

  14. I’ll take variant box #3 thank you very much. Boxycharm, are you listening?

  15. Oh I hope I get box 3!

  16. Those who are getting thw Tarte spray. What is the weight of your box?

    • Mine says .7lbs

  17. i hope to get the 2nd vararient

    • Me too!!

    • me toooo

    • Same for me please! 😆

  18. Oh I hope I get the Tarts spray!!! I have enough eye shadow…for now. I will be happy with any of the other products but I need that spray!😀😀

    • Tarte not Tarts…lol

  19. I just don’t understand the purpose of a Taupe brow if not everyone has that eyebrow color… why have a brow item in the first place.

    • RIGHT? The vast majority of the population has dark hair genetically! “Taupe” isn’t the neutral, since even blonds tend use brown brow products? Just freaking send brown and quit leaving the vast majority out? At least that COULD work!

      • Hi I think the 1 behind the series of numbers indicates your 1= month to month subscription. 2= 3 month subscription. 3= annual. I don’t know but I don’t think it has anything to do with your box variation. Some people can find out about 1 or 2 items by the packing label. But that’s for only people that ship through a specific company. I wish I shipped through that company. 9
        The taupe eyebrow cream is a natural color that builds anyone can use it, there are review videos of pale women & women of color using it & wearing it well. Check it out

      • The taupe eyebrow cream is a natural color that builds anyone can use it, there are review videos of pale women & women of color using it & wearing it well. Check it out

    • Idk either. They make brow palettes just like they make lip, cheek, eye, etc palettes so that more ppl can make use of the product. At least last time they sent out a brow gel we had a chance at getting a correct color as there were options. When they sent out the BrowGal gel it came in 3 shades – 01 light, 02 brown and 03 dark brown or something like that and even though most ppl got the light shade some ppl did get the other 2 options, trades and sales were made and ppl walked away happy. This time the brow cream comes in 5 different shades including one for redheads which is a rarity. I wish that with things like this, where shade selection really friggin matters, that they would do things differently. There are several ways to make sure that we each get a shade close enough for us to be able to use. I’m no business person, but just by going off of what other sub boxes have done Boxy could have:
      A) emailed us ahead of time and had us pick a shade.
      B) included a pre-paid coupon/coupon code for the product to be used on whatever company’s website they got it from so we could choose our own shade after the bozmxes shipped without spoilers being revealed too early for their liking.
      C) Boxy could have waited to include products like this (shade specific products, condition or need based products like skin care and other things. There are plenty that fit in this category) until AFTER they got the personalization features/algorithms working to make sure that at least most of us got the correct shade.
      D) Boxy could have just looked up basic statistics for the USA and easily found out that the most common hair color (and one would have to assume matching brow color) in the whole country is brunette with over 80% of ppl having some form of brown to black hair. It took me 2 minutes to get that info, but boxy is sending out thousands of tubes of taupe brow cream that will mostly go to waste, fill up land fills and just generally disappoint ppl all over again after the BrowGal thing from a couple months ago. Now, if they wanted to go more in depth they’d find Canada tends to have more light brown and blondes due to their very European heritage so taupe might be a hit up there. Who knows? All I know is statistically the USA has a lot of dark haired/dark browed ppl that Boxy is ignoring with this brow cream.

      I also know I’m tired if getting boxes that have only 1 or 2 usable items in them (for me) and having the rest go in my big plastic boxycharm rejects plastic tub. I don’t have friends that are into makeup and I just got into the swap site and groups, but still swapping costs even more money. This is supposed to be about getting great deals for personal use, but getting the highest retail value so that ppl can buy multiple boxes and sell each item off on eBay for at least the price of the box.

      Sorry unloaded on you. I’m just so frustrated and flustered with boxy at this point. I used to love her, but I might need to just dump her. For all the love they show me I’m not sure they deserve my $21 a month. They might not deserve $1 a month from me. I’m not getting a lot out of it lately.

      • I’m very pale and blonde and I still got the dark brown from last month. I still use it and it works great. I just learn to not over apply

      • I’m glad you were able to make a shade work for you that was darker than what you usually use. However, when I put the light blonde in my nearly black brows it looked like I had something very wrong with me – maybe a dye job gone wrong or some odd eyebrows going grey thing happening. It wasn’t an attractive look.

      • I’m naturally brown (well, gray now) haired, currently dyed red.

        I got both brown and dark brown brow products in other boxes and they were cartoonishly dark on me.

        Taupe might work depending on where it falls on the spectrum of taupes.

        Though truthfully, I have never been into grooming my brows beyond brushing or the occasional plucked stray, but I’m thinking I could use a little more definition there.

      • Depending on your own natural thickness, shape, etc filling in your brows can make a huge difference in your overall look. Try it out 🙂

      • I just looked at the brow colors and they picked one right in the middle. It’s two shades higher than the blonde so to me they picked okay. I’m blonde and the only brow item I’ve even been able to use was the it cosmetics universal pencil. I always end up with way darker colors.

      • I really am happy that this brow product will work out well for some ppl. I’m not trying to begrudge anyone something that could become an HG item for them. I’m just disappointed that this is the 2nd brow item in a row that I’m getting that I can’t wear. I watched a few ppl build it up to be darker, but even though it got darker in color it also got really heavy looking and the color was still too warm for me.
        But really, I’m happy for you 💖💖💖

      • I was hesitant to try it at first, but it actually worked for me and I’m a woman of color(tiny giggle) Sorry, I always chuckle when I say that! but I did have to use a slightly deeper brown on the tail of my brows. I just keep a lot of things and play around with them and end up making them work for me.

      • I completely agree with you. BOXYCHARM has really gotten cheep with brands I would never use. Everything in July’s box except Dr Brant eye gel is going in the trash! Last months box was not great either.
        I love Laura Lee so thinking of staying through August then canceling for sure. There are other boxes at this price that are good heck I wouldn’t mind paying a little more to get a box I could use.

    • I agree, I’m black and there is NOTHING I can do with a taupe color or that blush color 😔😢 not very inclusive Boxycharm.

      • By not sending out a variety of shades there’s not even a chance for ppl to swap and try to get a workable color. It’s really ticking me off. This is the 2nd time I’ve gotten a brow product from boxy this year that I won’t be able to use. These things are expensive and are one of the reasons I sub to boxy – so I don’t have to pay full price for the makeup items I need. Most of this box is going in the can’t use pile. So disappointed.

      • Girl yes. I’m black too and I get so annoyed every time they send a “nude” lip color.

      • You could always take the nude lips and use it as a highlightner on your cheeks and right under your brow bone for a more “awake” look
        I have a ton of samples from playboxes and boxy sends things not suited but i gift it out, repurpose it or i sell online
        Always looking for an alternative to unwanted products! Have a great day..

      • I’m not sure that was exactly what anyone was asking for, but thanks? I don’t even use multi-sticks so I would never put lipstick anywhere besides my lips tbh. Heavy cream products like blush always give me the joy of pimples for whatever reason, even and especially around my brows (unless it’s brow specific products). My skin is weird. Plus I have had zero luck selling my unwanted boxy items. It’s like the market is super saturated with these products bc of all the ppl buying the box specifically just to resell it.

      • I’m honestly curious what nude lipsticks you’ve gotten. Mine have all been brown and very dark. Or dark reds and even very dark purple! And most people have complained about that and have been asking for actual nudes or at least something that is not dark brown. Most of the lip products that have been sent out to most people have not worked for them because of how incredibly dark they are. I’m honestly not trying to say you’re wrong or anything like that. Im truly curious what you’ve been getting that is nudes… Because i wish i got nudes. And because ive seen so many complaints about the dark brown lippies

      • Same here! Pale to the grave lippies, dull blushes and light brow stuff! Boxy its time to use our beauty profiles!

  20. Just saw Sydney Smalls do her unboxing. She got variation # 1. Looks like I’m getting that same box. My box weighs 0.8 oz/0.36kgs and the purchase order number on the FedEx label ends in _1 so I’m guessing that as usual that means I’m getting variation # 1. It contains the Dr Brandt, the palette, blush in desert rose (hers came broken!), brow cream in taupe (at its darkest it’s still very light) and the mascara. At least the eye cream is something I wanted. Everything else is just junk for me.
    If anyone wants to buy/trade the remainder of my box it’ll be up on the swap board as soon as I get it. Provided, of course, that my blush doesn’t come broken like Sydney’s did! I’m especially looking to get the farmacy mask. This box is such a bummer 😢

    • I do t think that _1 means anything. According to my spoiler email I’m getting the tarte spray. My box weighs .8 and the purchase number is _1 at the end so that can’t mean I’m getting box 1.

  21. so there will probably be one more variation with the tarte spray and Farmacy mask. I know I’m getting the pallet, just don’t know what skin care product I’m getting. I kind of want the dr brandt now. And I’ll probably get the Farmacy instead now that I said that……………

    • would love to swap with you if I get the dr Brandt :)!

  22. This variation is the perfect box I’m hoping to get. I would use every product. Can’t wait!

  23. So far variation one seems like my ultimate box this month

  24. oh! The 3rd one is what I want! I still haven’t got the email to see which item I am receiving, but did email them yesterday about it. Hopefully they will let me know.

    • Im pretty sure the email spolier , charmers were picked at random. I seen it on IG

  25. I’m not getting the Farmacy!?? I’ll be stalking eBay for sure now!

  26. My box shipped 😊

    • Did you get an email telling you about any items? I can use everything but the blush and the taupe brow.

    • My box shipped as well this morning. I wonder if that means we’re getting number 1.

      • I think, if you look on your shipping info, the purchasing order # ends in _1 or _2, or _3 etc
        This may be the version you are receiving. The last two months my daughter and I both had _1 our boxes were identical. This month, mine is _1 and hers is _3 so I guess I’ll test my theory out.

      • I think you’re correct. My order number usually ends in _1 and my variation is usually in line with that number, if there is a variation. So, joy of joys, I’m getting the thing I least wanted: the dang palette.

      • I only see the tracking number not an order number? Or is that what you mean? I am curious if your theory is correct though that would be very helpful 🙂

      • If you click on your tracking number, it takes you to your Fed Ex tracking. On that page, change the “tracking history”to “Shipment details” (I think that’s what it says…if you click on tracking history a menu bar drops down, check the other option. Look for the purchase order number, you should see a _1, _2, or _3…as the last digets.

      • Ah gotcha! Thank you, I have a 1 next to mine so I will update when I receive if it was correct! Also says it weighs .9 lbs.

      • Mine also ends in _1, but weighs 0.8 lbs/0.36kgs How weird.

      • On your shipping label there should be an option to show more info. That’s where my number is.

      • well my order number ends in 1… However my email that I got says im getting the tarte spray. So I’m not too sure about your theory. Although i was hoping you were correct. But does anyone see a reference number as well in the shipping info? Im curious what that number is about and if it at all has any variation hints in it. Lol probably not but always fun to try to figure out our stuff before it comes! 🙂

      • We received our boxes, _1 and _3. They are identical so my theory was a bust. They had different dimensions as well so the weight and dimensions theory is also a bust. The insert on both of ours was 1❤

      • Yes, I got box version 3 and it has the Tarte spray and Dr. Brandt gel. Versions 1 and 2 both have the palette. V1 has the eye gel, V2 has the mask.

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