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BoxyCharm August 2018 Spoiler #3!


We have our third confirmed spoiler for the August Boxycharm box thanks to Yosef!

Each box will include one of the following products:

tarte Lifted Sweatproof Mascara


Becca Primer – First Light Filter Face PrimerBacklight Filter Face Primer, or Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector


House of Lashes False Eyelashes

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

All subscribers will receive a Smashbox Lip Product This sneak peek shows a lip palette, Be Legendary Lipstick, Be Legendary Triple Tone Lipstick, and Liquid Lips!

And all subscribers will receive:

Laura Lee Los Angeles Party Animal Palette

And here is a look with the palette (skip to minute 13):

Thanks to Yosef, we now know that the August box will have six items!

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the July box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted! Check out the full spoilers here!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.


How do subscribers rate BOXYCHARM?

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Comments (163)

  1. I got my box yesterday and it’s awesome!

    3 packs of Wander Eye Masks
    Laura Lee Party Animal
    Beautiful HOL lashes in Bamble style
    Adesse Cuticle Oil
    Smashbox Lipstick
    Bang Beauty Gel Eyeliner in Chocolate

    It’s a perfect, well co ordinated box that offers me a complete and exciting look. No more neutrals for a couple months please/Thank You!

    I’m totally in favor of Boxy sending a variety of products, and hope they continue to doing what they are doing, because I want a surprise every month. If it’s something I can’t use- I give it away. The value is there- and I’m not ever giving this sub up!

  2. I just got my box. Biggest pile of…. A metallic lipstick. The purple primer when I have crater size pores and combo skin. Nail oil. More gel liner that I’ll never use. And the palette. The only good thing is the eye masks and even those only came in a half pack – the full size is 6 sets. I’m done. I’ll do beauty fix or something else but not boxy. Not anymore. I feel like I got a box of clearance items.

  3. Got my Boxycharm box today, not happy with the liquid eyeliner or the eyelashes, not going to use those! I am sixty, and I do not mind different colors and different products, but lashes and liquid eyeliner are a no go for me!!!

  4. I send boxes to my Granddaughters and just checked the site to see a preview, and each of the 4 girls are getting the lashes….

    • I got lashes too. I did see on Boxy’s ig that there were 10 different types of lashes they were sending out, when I saw that I knewwwew the majority of people would get lashes. Oh well I don’t mind lashes too much, but I already have enough of them and only like short natural looking ones otherwise they look like spiders on your face!! Oh well also, because I can’t get lucky every month I guess lol. I did get the very rare farmacy mask last month!

  5. Oh boo I just got an email from Boxy, saying I’m getting false lashes! Definitely the worst option of the bunch, how disappointing!

  6. Do you get both mini eyeshadow pallets?

  7. Lol, so much angst on here about not liking the fact that there are variants, complaining about a colorful (and not to mention sold out, so like, that has to mean something) palette, complaining about lashes, and all this when we only have to pay $21 a month for all this. The fun of subscription boxes is getting things you wouldn’t necessarily be willing to pay for or try yourself at full price. ALSO, how many warm brown tone palettes and neutral lipsticks does a person need? If Boxy gets hate for sticking with the same stuff and then hate for branching out, then clearly the problem isn’t with them.

    • Items sent to boxy for inclusion in their boxes are often listed as sold out on their respective websites. It’s because the manufacturer gave the majority of their stock on hand to boxycharm for the boxes in addition to sending out product to their other retailers. It’s a simple explanation. For another example when we got the Hans lipstick the shades we got were both listed as sold out for that month.

  8. Super hyped for this box. I love Laneige skincare products and those lip products from Smashbox seem kind of nice too.

    • Laneige???

      • Laneige is in Play and Allure for August.

  9. Everyone sounds like a bunch of entitled whiny brats! Just saying. I really don’t see any other makeup Box better than boxy for the value!

  10. Please no more lashes. Some of us don’t wear them and you don’t even send glue to use them with. The last ones are just sitting there collecting dust.

    And I swear if I get another lippy I can’t wear (I’m batting zero here – haven’t been able to wear a single one) I will quit. Stop with the orangey and reddish shades – not all of us can rock that color range. How about some tinted glosses that everyone can wear?

    They really need to work on somewhat more personalized boxes – I have given away so much stuff I can’t use or don’t like lately it’s starting to feel like a waste of money 🙁 I will take more of the skincare stuff if they can’t personalize the makeup much.

    • Same hun, 100% same! I’m so over it that I’m not even interested in the boxyluxe at this point. It’ll likely just be more if the same old stuff that I can’t or flat out won’t use and either have to deal with selling, trading or giving away. I’m 99% done with boxy. They don’t seem to be listening very well to ppl. I email them and I don’t hear back for weeks. It used to be something so much better, but now it’s just a hassle. The more I think on it the more I believe I need to cancel boxy and get something else.

  11. Hey all, I am looking for advice. I just started doing subscription boxes in June, and I think they are loads of fun, but I am getting carried away I think. Especially with the looming boxylux. I am curious to know if people are making sacrifices to get the BoxyLux. I am thinking of cutting my FabFitFun, unless people think this box will be better than the Lux. Or is anyone planning to get rid of the monthly version and subscribe only to the Lux? Currently I am subscribed to Boxycharm, FabFitFun, Ipsy, and Allure. I would love input from veteran subscribers to know which boxes they think are unnecessary. Thanks so much!

    • Personally I would never do FFF bc I don’t want a bunch of the junk they send to end up paying around my house lol. If you’re into makeup and beauty items then dropping fff for luxe is probably the way to go.

      • Same here, I have been subscribed to Boxycharm & Ipsy for about 2 years now. I used to get FFF about a year ago and half of the items were unusable to me so I cancelled. For instance, the cheap jewellery/mugs and scarf/wraps/ items were of no joy to me. However, I am very happy with Ipsy and Boxy, they are different and helps me find products that I may really like and want to buy in future.

  12. This box looks good so far, I don’t mind any of the variations even though they are so completely different from each other. I’m still geeked about that palette so all the rest is cool with me.

  13. I wish there was. I’m not going to talk about this disaster of an eyeshadow palette anymore. There’s no point. But this box (with so many variations) is looking a lot like random leftovers to me. If there was an option to skip a month I would definetelly use it now.

    • Omg I thought the same thing! Like here ya go boxycharm – here’s all the stuff we haven’t really been selling a lot of recently. Y’all can have it for your box and we can write it off as a loss on our taxes! Win win!

  14. Is there an option to skip a month?

    • Not at this time, no.

  15. Boxycharm Now has a Beauty Quiz for subscribers so Boxycharm can get to know your preferences. Go to Boxycharm and click on “Giveaways”. I googled it and thats where I found it.

    • Just remember it’s going to be at least 2 months before the results of the quiz translate to changes in our boxes.

  16. Hi! What is the boxyluxe? And do we have to purchase it separately or is it just an extra box that comes with our subscription?

  17. Even though I am not thrilled with the Laura Lee palette, I think the balance of the items are good. Nothing exciting so far, but a solid box…AND we have 3 more items to come!

    I just updated my profile on the Boxy site, so I am curious to see how the added information will effect the future boxes. I’m really happy to see they are pressing themselves into new areas.

  18. Oh no not Laura Leech

    • my thoughts exactly. its pretty disgusting of them to give her money like this.

  19. I’m going to unsubscribe. I just get so many variations with stuff I don’t use. I already have plenty to gift/donate. Once improvements are fully implemented, I’ll reevaluate.

  20. Great Box! I don’t wear eyelashes though but if I get them I’m sure I can give them away.

  21. I really wish that there was no survey and limited variations again. This is the main reason I subbed to boxy. I liked that I got a bunch of products that I never would purchase myself and got to play with.

    For example, one of the questions make you select if you like lashes or not. I don’t wear them often but wouldn’t mind getting a pair or two a year. If I don’t select I will probably never get them but if I do I might get overloaded with them.

    I like variation in what I get throughout the year as a whole but not variation between what I get and what someone else gets each month. It easily leads to disappointment and the grass being greener.

  22. I just got that mascara in the Pinterest box and got lashes in some box, I forget which one but I don’t use them. I have 2 drawers of mascara, it is so confusing now when I get ready lol. I have plenty of backups too. I should get rid of some

  23. I love my boxy charm and it’s always worth my $21, but I can’t wait til the quiz results are in full effect. With variations like this being so different from one another there’s always one you really want more. I don’t wear lashes and just received a new mascara . I’m hoping for one of the primers, would love to try.

    • I have a feeling not many people will put they want lashes in their quiz so I’m thinking they’ll send them to just those … hopefully

      • Well I could have sworn I just got false lashes last month but maybe it was in another subs box. Anyway, I am getting the lashes of which I don’t want. I don’t get the huge price difference in options!!! Why do some get high dollar stuff and others like myself get the $8 variety? It never fails, whatever the cheapest box is, I GET IT. I still think it’s a great deal but have to throw it out there. I kind of wish there weren’t spoilers… Then I wouldn’t have to always feel like I’m getting the “raw” end of the deals.

      • I put I do not want lashes and that is what I am getting.

      • The new quiz results won’t be used on the boxes for at least 2 months. It has zero effect on the August box, September box and probably won’t be enabled for October either.

    • When I seen your name at first I thought I left the comment then realized I hadn’t yet but your comment is exactly what I would of said. I have 13 mascaras and still trying to figure out the last set of lashes we got so I hope I get the primer as well 🙂

    • They didn’t even ask if we like primer 🤦‍♀️

      • There were a lot of things they didn’t ask. A lot of questions were lacking in the range of answers. I was annoyed when I couldn’t skip answering a question – like which nail polish did I like. The actual true answer is none, but since that wasn’t an option I thought I would skip it, but I couldn’t bc it wouldn’t let me continue the quiz without pitting an answer for every single question.

        Like most everything boxy has done lately, imo, this was a missed opportunity to really find out what ppl wanted since questions couldn’t be skipped, questions didn’t have a “not interested” option for an answer and so many more things. It’s like they said yeah this is good enough. Let’s launch it. Whatever. Kinda how I’m feeling abt boxy atm.

  24. This box keeps getting better and better! Woo!

    • I was literally gonna comment the same thing! I don’t mind any variation at this point as every product featured is amazing !

  25. Conspiracy theory : they grew to large too fast and now they are forced t use old stock from previous boxes as csroents. For example, I am pretty fit one of those Becca primers was in the LE holiday box — it’s like they are just scrapping things together at this point.

  26. All y’all have to do is go on the site and take the new beauty quiz to get what you want!!!!

    • No, it doesn’t work like that. Yosef said that it’s going to take a couple of months to put the results of the new beauty quiz into effect. The new quiz was just posted today so there’s literally no possible way to apply the results to the August box because there’s just no time between today and when they start packing the boxes. The August variants will be fully randomized as per boxycharm usual.

      Yosef said it’s going to be at least 2 months before the new quiz is in effect so it also won’t have any effect on the luxe box if there are variants in it.

      • How do you access the beauty quiz? I just logged into my account and looked everywhere for it and could not find it.

      • It’s located under the “Giveaways” tab of all places. Click that and there’s a small banner ad near the top saying “Take Our Beauty Quiz” It’s a white rectangle.

      • Thank you! I would have never found it there.

      • Thank you so much! I did not see it, and I would have completely missed the survey.

      • Thank you!!

    • I cannot find the quiz !

      • Its under the giveaway tab

    • You sweet summer child.

    • Where on the site is the quiz? I cannot find it.

    • well idk anything about a quiz cuz there isnt an option for that on mine

  27. Oooohhh yes! The palette had me super excited and this spoiler is continuing the momentum for me. I would love that Tarte mascara or the Becca Backlight primer. Thank you Boxy! This is looking like an excellent box.

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