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Walmart Beauty Box Review – Summer 2018 Trendsetter Box

The Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly beauty sample subscription box from Walmart. They feature brands you will find at Walmart, plus coupons.

FYI – They ask for your birthday at sign up to customize the box based on age. There are two options you could receive based on age: Trendsetter (under 35) or Classic (35 and over).

You can sign up for both like I did – just change your birthday year for the different account. Check out my post on the Trendsetter and Classic options to see how to get both options.

This is a review of the Trendsetter Beauty Box.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Box: Walmart Beauty Box (Classic Box)

The Cost: $5 (ships once a season)

The Products: Beauty samples from brands carried by Walmart.

Ships to: US only

Delivered via: USPS

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SOO AE Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask – Retail Value $3.30

This sheet mask is hydrating and gentle. It took a long time for the excess product to absorb after I removed the mask, though. I’d recommend using this at night, or otherwise, you’ll likely have to wipe off excess product.

Kleenex Wet Wipes Gentle Clean – 8 wipes Value $.50

These Kleenex wipes are ideal for travel. Basically anytime you’d like to wash your hands, but don’t have access to soap and water, these will do! (I’m packing them for my next flight!)

Village Naturals Therapy Aches + Pains Muscle Relief Bath Oil & Body Wash – .25 oz Value $.08

Village Naturals Therapy Aches + Pains Muscle Relief Hand & Body Lotion – .25 oz Value $.09

Love the scents of both of these! The strongest scent in the body wash is the menthol, and the standout fragrance in the lotion is the Wintergreen. Both are very refreshing!

Garnier Fructis Damage Repairing Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask – 12 ml Value $.36

This is an ingredient-conscious line from Garnier – and I really liked it! The tropical scent is fab, and the formula added moisture without weighing down my hair.

Garnier SkinAcive Soothing Mask with Rose Water – 5ml Value $.25

This moisturizer also doubles as a mask. It also is ingredient-conscious, and I found the formula to be very gentle.

Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Foam Conditioner – 1.4 oz Value $1.40

This foam conditioner designed for fine to medium hair. You use it how you would normally use conditioner, just wait for the foam to absorb, then rinse out. My hair isn’t fine, so I don’t have the issues of regular conditioners weighing it down, but this still worked as a regular conditioner for me.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $5.98 – just a little over the cost of the box. I’m not happy with the value and the amount of foil sample packets in this box.

What do you think of the Summer Walmart Beauty Box? Did you get the Classic or Trendsetter box?

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Walmart Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (92)

  1. 👀

    • This was my second box and I received the same items as what’s shown in this review and also feel swindled.
      #1 I was charged on June 27th but they didn’t ship it until the END of JULY.
      #2 I received the exact same crappy Pantene Mouse Conditioner in the previous box shipment. It’s the one product I hated and rated 1-star. I have fine hair but I find this product is so, so unnecessary. What a gimmick, I got a little more than 2 applications out of this stupid 1 oz. can… as opposed to about 10-12 applications out of 1oz of traditional conditioner. I see it as just a way for mfg’s to make a lot more money off their product by making it in a foaming version. I don’t want to, and will not pay for AIR. No thanks Pantene.
      #3 Not impressed with the rest of the samples in the box.
      #4 Not a good value overall. If next shipment is this bad, then I will be cancelling my subscription.

    • I just got finished canceling my subscription.
      Save your money. I kept getting the same stuff and this time around they were all samples. I didn’t get anything that resembled a full size product. This box was not worth $5.00. I was very disappointed.
      The only thing I really used was the coupon that allowed me to purchase a full size box of hair coloring and then after I used it, my entire body broke out in hives.
      This was a waste of money.

      • The hair coupon didn’t come in this box, but in the last box.
        I didn’t get that foam can this time around. From what I can read this was the “Classic” box and I changed my subscription to the Trend box. I would have loved to have received nail polish and things like that, but this stuff is garbage.

  2. I got the exact same thing in my regular box and my trendsetter box. What’s that about?

  3. …this is the worst box, ever–from any company, ever

    don’t care if walmart themselves aren’t “doing” this box–the box has walmart written all over it, not “brandshare”…sooo, walmart gets my bad attitude, and all the bad karma that comes with ripping people off…because, this is practically straight-up theft–at least, it makes me feel like i was robbed!

    never, ever, will i waste my $5 on this pathetic bs, and never, ever will i waitwaitwait for this box, again


    so done…sooooo done

  4. Just got mine and I’m upset but not surprised. I got
    * nair wax ready strips (only 4 came in it)
    *pantene pro-v foam conditioner sheer volume
    *garnier fructis damage repairing treat 1 min hair mask (.40 oz)
    *garnier skinactive soothing 3 in 1 moisturizer (0.169 fl oz.)
    *neauteogena hydro boost hydrogel mask
    *kleenex wet wipes (8 wet wipes )
    I’m on the trendsetter profile and I’m 30 so this was not a good array of stuff and as u can see the sizes are very very small

  5. My box was basically this with a bath bomb instead of the Village Naturals Therapy products and a different sheet mask. But I only got one (ONE!!!) Kleenex wet wipe. I’m sitting over here feeling jealous that others got a whole pack of six. Very disappointing to get so many foil packets of samples and not a single coupon in the box. I cancelled and I see I’m not the only one put off enough by this box to cancel. Which of course means that next season’s box will be super awesome since they’ll have so many samples available thanks to all of those cancellations!

  6. Omg!,I have been getting this box for a very long time, I use to Love ! The walmart bb, this is the most ridiculous box ever! Nothing but a few packets of one (If I’m lucky) times use pkts. I’ll cancell. What a joke.You mean they couldn’t even send me at least 1 travel size if nothing!?

  7. Just got my box. I got-

    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Mask
    Aches & Pains Cold & Allergy Relief Mineral Bath Soak
    Kleenex Wet Wipes (8 ct.)
    Garnier Damage Repairing Treatment 1 Min. Hair Mask foil
    Garnier Soothing 3-in-1 Moisturizer Day/Night Mask foil
    Garnier Whole Blends Oat Delicacy Shampoo & Conditoner foil

  8. why do they keep sending us that same dang pantene sample every month? This box is terrible. It used to be so nice! I can get more samples on a Saturday morning walking through Sams club.. booooo!!

  9. They should rename this to box of 💩. I think someone from Brandshare & Walmart heard that Woot has a bag of crap and they want to compete with an always available box of crap.

    • 😂

  10. This was my first box and I promptly cancelled. I received the same items as what’s shown in this review and feel swindled. I’m seriously embarrassed that I even subscribed.

  11. I actually liked Wal Mart beauty boxes, but with the new company BrandShare and taking a month to ship I cancelled , even before I opened my last box and glad I cancelled..

  12. I don’t get this box but just had to comment. I think I get better foil packets in my Allure magazine that is a dollar per month! Sorry to everyone that paid money for this, it would probably work better to just pick 5 random samples from the bins at Wal-Mart.

  13. I was all set to be disappointed and mad when I got my Walmart box, but mine was awesome! I got a full size L’Oreal infallible super slim eyeliner, a full size L’Oreal voluminous lash paradise mascara, a full size L’Oreal multi mask clay kit (3 mask pots!) and then packet samples of the garnier hair mask, Kleenex wet wipes, garnier skin active moisturizer, and a voucher for the full Camilla cabello album. I couldn’t believe it, and I really don’t understand the discrepancy between boxes.

    • My box was like yours just without the mascara. And I got a nice make-up bag. Sounds like we got one of the few decent boxes.

      • I received the Camilla bag box too, it wasn’t an exciting box but compared to what Liz & other commenters have received it wasn’t so bad. I do have to say that if the box I received was a Target box on sale for $5 that I wouldn’t have purchased it though. The last Target boxes weren’t great but they’ve always been better than this box.

  14. This is the worst box ever like seriously the worst

  15. Ok I have always told myself it is only $5 but honestly foil packets?? the only thing about this box worth $5 is the box itself which I will trash because I don’t need boxes. This is really making me think it is time to cancel.

  16. I tried to justify this box because it is only 5 dollars, but 4 times a year means 20 bucks that could go towards an actual beauty treat or more expensive product. So glad I canceled.

  17. Cancelled – only some of the foil packets were received by me and no travel sizes. Not even worth $5. I should have cancelled much sooner.

  18. just received mine after over a month of charging my account …. worst box yet cancelling my account with walmart

    • I agree. I just cancelled too. 1) I never know when they’re going to charge my card 2) then I get the box sometimes months later 3) I can’t even use 99% of the stuff they send anymore. My hair is way too long to use a foil worth of shampoo and/or conditioner. Plus, I don’t use masks. This was their worst box ever and they’ve got worse and worse as each new box comes out.

  19. From what I understand. This is not Walmart. They are using an outside marketing/advertising company to promote and distribute these items with the hope that you will purchase these items in the future from them but the only thing I think is that they are getting (walmart) is negativity. I always say you get what you pay for and they probably just hired the cheapest marketing company they could get. I cancelled after they took my money ($10.00) for both subscriptions and never shipped it. The worst subscription ever. So glad I cancelled as this box would have been the last straw

    • The marketing company is Brandshare, and I didn’t care for them at all..

  20. I’ve been subscribing for a while and canceled. This box was beyond terrible! I didn’t get any full size or even deluxe size samples. All I got was foil packs. Everything seemed to be a repeat of what they’ve sent before. When I picked up the box, it was so light, I thought it was empty! I know it was only $5, but there’s no way the value of my box was $5. Hope they get better or they will lose all their subscribers! I subscribed to both the trendsetter and classic and both were terrible. I’m happy for them, but I’m not sure why some subscribers seemed to get a half way decent box.

  21. I feel so bad for everyone who got this box. My trendsetter box came with a full sized lash paradise, l’oreal clay mask trio, a camilla cabello make up bag, a download of her album, and a few foil packets. Why did I get full sized items and everyone else got junk?

    • Sounds like my box. I’m happy!

    • I’m glad you gals got good boxes!! Mine were awesome the first two….now it seems I just get what’s left over at the end and get my box months after everyone else.

  22. Thanks so much for your honest reviews Liz! Although too late to get in my cancellation for this quarter – just cancelled for future. Foil packets are just ridiculous! I don’t care that supposedly we are “only” paying for shipping with the $5/quarter – this is just waste of $’s. Can spend on coffee at Starbucks instead:)

  23. I signed up for this sub again after my one-time Walmart /Instyle box was good. Bad idea, since I received this exact box under my classic subscription. Way too many foil packets. The products were generally nice, but this presentation just sours me on them though. I will be buying the village naturals lotion since it did help with some achy ankles, but I wish I had enough for at least one more application.

  24. I finally cancelled after so many many boxes. They just suck, the customer service sucks, the shipping sucks, you never know when the money is coming out. For being the biggest retailer in the world they are also the cheapest.

    • you are so right. This was a terrible box. Bad customer service, if you even get your box. I cancelled last winter when I never got my box, but then got sucked in for Spring, which wasn’t too bad. But this is ridiculous. Foil samples you could get for free at other places. I don’t know why they even bother having a Beauty Box.

  25. I thought I was the only one who got a crappy box. Regardless, I cancelled as soon as I got this in the mail.

  26. Cancelled, this season was ridiculous and I’m trying to do natural deodorant – so the walmart box is no longer for me.

  27. I received all foil samples except for the wipes. I also did not receive the Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Foam Conditioner… Might be cancelling after this disappointing box.

    • Just be happy you got the wipes. I got a single wipe in a little foil packet on a piece of cardboard. No conditioner, no mask. Mostly what I got were pamphlets and advertisements. it just seems to get worse every quarter.

  28. Whoa, glad I cancelled. That’s crummy. So many repeats & foils. Their box was good bacon in the day.

  29. cancelled… i got all foil samples and one whitening strip pack… this is really the worst ive seen from walmart box

  30. I received my box today and I’m very disappointed as well! These boxes keep getting worse every season! You’d think a huge company like Wal-Mart would step it up! The boxes started out pretty good, but now it’s not worth the $5 “for shipping costs”!?!

  31. Rcvd mine today, and it was ALL foil packets. I emailed customer service that there must be a mistake, I expected ateast 1 non foil packets item. If they can’t resolve it I will cancel. Walmart’s boxes use to be worth it. If it’s just foil packets from here on out I’ll be cancelling.

  32. I feel horrible for people who got this rotten Walmart box.I did make a comment but it never showed up so I am trying again because I hardly ever get a good box when they are offered I usually end up with the junk 1.
    This time I did not I got the Pantene product,a couple foil packets,a face mask.Kleenex wipes and The 3 day trial of Rembrant white strips.
    So not bragging just shocked that more people did not get a better box and a value that hardly covers the cost of the box,I hope complaints will help customers get some sort of resolve.
    Considering the Review here was fair you got ripped off JMO.

  33. $5 for foil packets, No Thank You!!!. I’m so glad I canceled months ago

  34. How do I unsubscribe from this awful subscription box? I get both and they were both awful and not worth my $10…

  35. EVERYTHING in my bx were foil packets…including the one full sized item; the Donkey Milk Mask. Everything else will be thrown in the garbage as foil packs are one thing that merely clutter my home and don’t add one iota of information about the product being sampled.

    I wrote to Walmart and told them they would be ashamed of themselves as my items bore almost no similarity to what others got.

    I am canceling this subscription, once and for all…

  36. The Walmart Beauty Box just proved 💯 what I’ve said for a long time… Sometimes I think a company goes out of their way to screw itself out of customers!
    Way to go Walmart….A value of $5.98 huh??
    So happy I cancelled 3 months ago…what a disgrace!

  37. The only item I got that I was happy about was a full size degree deodorant, but when I opened it , it was broken. Half of it was stuck to the cap and the other half was broke. Is there a customer service number to reach them?

    • Did you just get that box? I thought the degree was in one of their spring boxes.

      • Yes . I just got the box and I checked my orders. It states summer classic box.

      • Yes I just got the box. I checked my ordered status on the website and it stated classic summer box.

  38. I got a similar box but only got 1 Kleenex wipe. I got a bath bomb instead of the lotion/body wash foils. Still very disappointed. Especially compared to the Target boxes which are on time and a way better value for $2 more. Worth it!

    • Same. I got it today and cancelled as soon as I opened it. Plus 2 items were repeats from the last box.

  39. I was very disappointed! I canceled!

    • This was my 1st box and Last box not one full size product all foil her cheap box won’t be doing this box again.

  40. Cancelling!!!!!!

  41. How do I cancel this?

    • (For me on an iPhone),
      logging in it takes you to your
      account dashboard,
      tap the account dashboard text to minimize your dashboard, which will bring up a menu of options. Go to ‘subscriptions’ from here and you will see your current subscription and a big ‘cancel’ button.
      Hope that helps!

  42. Walmart Box you got is just horrible .I am thankful I got the 3 day Rembrant white kit otherwise mine would of been a bust too.

  43. I still haven’t received mine

  44. I got a very similar box. No foam conditioner. No village naturals. I received a foil pack of Garnier shampoo/conditioner and a 3pk of white strips….I know it’s only $5 but…..

  45. Wow surprise surprise! I never got my box yet I didn’t think they shipped for a longer time bc everyone I know has been waiting. Thanks for the review now I’m excited 😊

    • What’s there to be excited about?

  46. Liz,
    This isn’t the box I received at all, I sent you and email with it. It was the Trendsetter and came with a Camilla L’Oréal makeup bag, 3 face mask minis, a mascara, an eyeliner, 2 Garnier foils, the Kleenex wipe and a Camilla album download card.

    • Oh I’m NOT happy about this! This box was awful- I got exactly everything Liz got but would’ve much preferred your box! I’m done.

    • She’s reviewing the box she received. And it sounds like you got a better box than most. Mine was filled with foil packs too. Mine came with a 3 day whitening kit. And both my trendsetter and classic were the exact same. Would have liked a little variety. Only good thing is at least I can get use out of the foil packet since I have 2. The foil packets of conditioner is never enough for my hair.

    • That was my box too. Definitely not worth $5 to me. I don’t even know who Camilla is.

      • At least a full-size mascara and eyeliner actually *are* worth over $5.

    • I got this exact box. Loreal/ Camilla bag with mascara, liner, and clay kit. Same foil samples too.

    • I got the amazing box you got, too! Only without the mascara, which I was disappointed about, and then I felt guilt because I still got an amazing box compared to everyone else. I emailed customer service about it and the representative I spoke to had NO IDEA that anyone got full sized products or anything Camila Cabello themed. I had to send him pictures to prove it.

      • Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with Walmart box. I had been billed for fall and winter that I never received and Ido why some of use were sent the L’Oréal bag box and some got full packs for the Trendsetter box but tbh none of them were great. I’d received bigger mask samples through Allure Try It, the mascara & eyeliner are great for people that don’t already have a lot of them I guess.

      • Foil*

  47. This was the final straw. I canceled. I got a bath bomb and didn’t get some of the things you got.

    • How did you cancel

    • I did too. Mine was crap. I know it’s only $5 but for $7, target is a hundred times better.

  48. My box sucked (excuse my language lol) I got another bath bomb (same from last box) that foam conditioner I got too in the last box and it’s horrible for my hair type…then I got a one use hair mask, the foil packet of the garnier mask, and ONE yes ONE Kleenex, not even a pack lol the only good thing is a Pore sheet mask, which I’m trying to value that at the $5 price point lol otherwise awful

  49. This box was aweful, not too mention mine was missing the Pantene. I would not cancel, over this but I would not have bought these things 🙁

    • I was shocked at how worthless this box was. Nothing but single-use packets. I did not get the foam conditioner I got another body wash single use foil pack. There was no need for a box as a regular envelope would suffice. The whole point of getting these boxes is trying something new and getting your moneys worth. Not even worth 5$. If I was shown the product beforehand I would’ve even had to think about it if it was 2$.

      • Yeah, this is the kind of stuff I’d expect to get for free.

        Heck, I’ve gotten my better and bigger samples from stores for free! Like all those awesome Ulta gifts with purchase.

      • I got the same box as you – all packets! And I’m signed up for the Classic box. What gives, Walmart??

      • Jen,switch to the trendsetter box! It’s 💯 times better….usually!
        It sounds like there’s a bunch of partiers or 2 yrs olds working the WBB warehouse for goodness sakes!

      • Susan- that’s the best explanation I’ve seen to explain this box, lol!

  50. Gosh, this is simply pathetic. So glad I gave up on Walmart last year.

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