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Walmart Beauty Box Now Offers Trendsetter + Classic Options

New Walmart Beauty Box Subscription!

Thanks, Charlene, for letting us know that Walmart Beauty Box now has two subscription options: Trendsetter and Classic.

Each subscription is $5, and you can sign up for both if you want to. Here is what I saw in my account:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 5.55.24 PM

I was signed up for Trendsetter, and I could add the Classic Box as a second subscription:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 5.54.00 PM

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I assume, because of my age, that I’m signed up as Classic; checking my subscription info just a few minutes ago it did not state one way or another which box I’m to receive. Since I’d love to check out both versions, I plan to keep checking it out to see if my Dashboard gives me that option to do so. If not, I think I’ll sign up for the Trendsetter.

    BTW, I signed up 03.02.18 and received my first box (the winter box) a few weeks later. Then at the end of April they shipped the Spring box which included the Nice ‘n Easy coupon and Clairol hairtie…such a deal!

  2. I just used the link to check out the Walmart box. I tried this box when it first launched; but, cancelled it after my second box. There is now a disclaimer that there is * Only one Beauty Box per email address*.

  3. I’ve been a Walmart Beauty Box subscriber for about a year. Received an email from Walmart asking me to rate the items in my Spring 2016 BB. Only problem, hadn’t yet received the BB. But I was excited by the type and amount of items coming my way. Excitement is now safely gone. My box had 6 items: Colgate Toothpaste, Jergen’s Wet Lotion, Jergen’s Natural Glow, St. Ives Scrub, Banana Boat SPF & CeraVe Ointment. No packets or coupons. No lip crayon. Mostly things that were never mentioned in my email. Felt like left overs. Especially when I went online to see what other subscribers received. Seems like the people who received boxes in March had LOTS of good stuff. My box arrived today, April 9. I know it was only $5 but that teaser Ratings email set a standard the box did not deliver.

    • Yes!!! That’s exactly how I felt when I got mine yesterday and saw the YouTube videos of the ladies who got theirs up to two weeks ago. Their boxes were jam packed with stuff and like you mentioned I felt like I just got leftovers. Kinda disappointed. I haven’t received my other box yet but I definitely don’t have my hopes up since I’ll be getting it way later and they probably already ran out of everything good by then.

    • I received the exact same box yesterday. I agree with you. Seems like a leftover junk box. The people that got their boxes earlier did get better boxes. I noticed that my box came from Gurnee, IL. I live in the Chicago area, and I’m surprised I always get my boxes late. But a lot of sub boxes are a gamble.

    • Hi Abbie. I received the same box as you. One of my boxes had the Neutrogena lip crayon and one didn’t.

    • Like you, I have been a subscriber for awhile. I received my Spring BB today and was very disappointed. I got the exact same box that you did. No make-up. No coupons. I, too, felt like it was leftovers. Pretty bummed.

  4. This is totally age based. I signed up as myself and my true age (40) and Classic was the only choice. I tried to get a second sub with the Trendsetter box but it wouldn’t give me a choice. I put in a second identity and a young age (20) and there was also no choice. It defaulted to Trendsetter. I then tried a third identity and put in an age of 33 and I was able to choose which one I wanted. So there you go.

    • Nope, I’m 34 and didn’t get an option. I had to set up a second box as a gift subscription to get an option. Used the same birthday.

      • Yeah, I did the second box as a gift subscription, too. When I used 33, it gave me a choice, like you got a choice at 34. But no choice at the older and younger ages.

  5. There are spoilers on instagram for both boxes.. haven’t been charged yet… still trying to decide if I’m cancelling or keeping

  6. I received both the classic and trendsetter boxes and for the color stick alone in 2 diff colors (around $7 each) I am super happy with these boxes. I also love having the toothpastes aw I travel for work often so those are great too. The rest is bonus items to try and see if I like any of them enough to buy. These beauty boxes are really perfect for travel size products. But for the full size beauty items alone…that usually covers the cost of the box.

  7. I just got one of my spring boxes today and oh my goodness it is awesome. Quite a bit of stuff including a chubby lip pencil from Neutrogena that is really nice.

    • I received my spring box today and I think it was the trendsetter box and I didn’t receive a Neutrogena chubby lip pencil like most did. Nothing I really liked except for the toothpaste. ?

  8. Hi, l’m signed up for the classic box and just went in to my acc. And it’s not showing any option for choices between the boxes now l was thinking of getting both but looks like l can’t pick anymore in my acc. Wondering if anyone else is seeing this ?

    • I just checked and I’m still able to add another subscription. I’m signed up for both already…not sure why yours doesn’t give you the option

    • I’m having the same issue. My original subscription doesn’t’ have any option to choose between the two. I tried to add another subscription and it defaults to Trendsetter (what I am already receiving) without giving an option to choose.

  9. Beware of signing up for both boxes! After I received two of the same box I emailed them and got this as a response:
    Hello Jeannie,
    Thank you for contacting Walmart Customer Care.
    The gift subscriptions are intended for subscribers who want to sign up friends and family to receive a beauty box but the subscriber is paying for it.  Of course, any subscriber can sign up for more than one beauty box in order to receive more products. 
    The Classic boxes are geared for over 35 years old and Trendsetter under 35. However, there can be very little variance between the two boxes, sometimes only 1 to 2 items. It is possible that the beauty boxes received for Classic and Trendsetter could have the same products as there are different versions throughout the Season Campaign.
    If you sign up for both Classic and Trendsetter, the boxes received may be the same.  You may want only one subscription. Let us know if you would like to cancel one of the subscriptions.
    Please let me know if you have any other questions or if I can be of further assistance.

    Thank you,

    Walmart/BrandShare Beauty/Baby Box Team

    • Now that I’ve received my 2nd box, that is very true! There are many duplicates between them. I found 3 items in the Trendsetter box, that wasn’t in the Classic. They each had the same Neutrogena lippie stick but different colors.

  10. I added the Classic to my Trendsetter but only got charged for one box so far-you’d think they’d do both at the same time,so why didn’t they?

  11. I received a Spring box today, though I’m not sure which one it was supposed to be (As of a couple weeks ago, I’m subscribed to both “classic” and “trendsetter” ). And it is… fine. Nothing too terribly exciting, but nothing I’m sorry to have.

    * a small-but-full sized whitening toothpaste (great for me, since I’m a coffee addict);
    * some nice trial/travel-sized face care from good brands (cleanser, day cream, night cream, and serum);
    * a full sized lip product in a formula I already know I like, but in a shade I’m not sure will work for me (“Nude” lips usually make me look like a corpse);
    * another one of those “in-shower” body lotions for wet skin (Is it just me, or could they give those a rest for a year or two?);
    * a little tube of sun-block that I’ll be glad to tuck in my purse;
    * a sample spray vial of perfume (haven’t tried it yet, but I looked up the notes, and I’ll probably like it);
    * there’s the usual compliment of foil packets and coupons.
    * Honestly though, the thing I’m most excited by is a foundation tester card with a tiny sample of product in about a dozen different shades. It’s a brand I like, and a formula that gets good reviews, but I HATE taking pot-luck with drugstore foundation shades. So I’ll definitely be using that tester before my next trip to the drug store!

    I have another box coming next week sometime, which will be “the other one.” Between the two, I hope this one is the “classic” (read, less exciting) one, and the one I still have coming will be a bit more fun. But I’m still satisfied that this was $5 very well spent. Especially considering I have a weekend trip coming up soon, and a lot of these items will be perfect for my travel toiletry bag, I have no real complaints at all.

    Actually, now that I think about it, *most* of what’s in my travel toiletry bag has come from these Walmart boxes LOL!

    • I have a trip coming up too and I would love to receive those products for my travel bag but alas, my spring boxes (sub one of each) have yet to arrive. I emailed and the reply said they would ship “in waves” anytime from mid-March through April. Also that the account could be charged up to 2 weeks in advance.

  12. I received one of the Spring boxes today. I have signed up for both but have NO idea which one this is. There is a card in it but it doesn’t say Trendsetter or Classic anywhere! I’m pretty impressed this time, compared to some of the other boxes I’ve received. There’s quite a bit in this one. Small, yes – but more smaller tubes and not all foil packets. Plus a travel size Colgate Optic White toothpaste, Jergen’s Wet Skin moisturizer & Banana Boat sunscreen (spf 30) Also included was a sample of Neutrogena Moisture Smooth color stick (almond nude color). Maybe deluxe sample size? Not bad for $5!

    • Sounds like we got the same box, whichever one it is LOL!

      • I received mu second box today. Now I am pretty sure that last one is the Classic and this is Trendsetter. This new one includes biore baking soda pore cleanser (small tube) many are dupes from the first box. This one has Jergen’s natural glow lotion (rather than the wet skin lotion) a different shade of the neutrogena lippie. After seeing these probably will have a lot of duplicates. I will probably cancel one of them.

  13. When I saw this post about the two boxes, I went on my profile and added a trendsetter box (I already subbed the classic). I got a single box today so I am not sure if this was the trendsetter winter box since I added that or a spring box. If its a winter box, it had some overlapping items with my classic box that I have already received. It had Aussie travel size hairspray (overlapping item), Vaseline Intensive Care travel size cream, ACT travel sized mouthwash, Fructis triple foil shampoo and conditioner packet, Jergens triple foil tanning lotion packet (overlapping item), 2 tiny foil packs of Crest whitening toothpaste (overlapping item), and two tiny L’Oreal samples, one miracle blur product and one eye serum. If this is supposed to be the more youthful box, assuming it’s the Trendsetter winter, it seems odd that the L’Oreal anti-aging products would be included. BTW, I didn’t receive an email notice for billing or shipment for this box so it was a complete surprise.

    • Hi Paige! This is the Winter Trendsetter box. I received the exact same box Friday. I never received a tracking email either, and it had been a while since I was charged the $5 so I emailed customer service. They sent me a response with the tracking number, and I happened to receive the box the same day. I, too, was disappointed in the box. I figure we received leftovers. I’m hoping the Spring boxes will be better.

  14. I got my box today. I didnt really like it to much…they played it safe and gave me lotions,and shampoo… this is my first box and i cancelled my subscription…think im just a target beauty box kind of girl…

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