Walmart Beauty Box Now Offers Trendsetter + Classic Options

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New Walmart Beauty Box Subscription!

Thanks, Charlene, for letting us know thatΒ Walmart Beauty BoxΒ now has two subscription options: Trendsetter and Classic.

Each subscription is $5, and you can sign up for both if you want to. Here is what I saw in my account:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 5.55.24 PM

I was signed up for Trendsetter, and I could add the Classic Box as a second subscription:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 5.54.00 PM

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. What is the difference between the classic and the trendsetter boxes?

    • I bought both boxes and they were exactly the same.

      • The Trendsetter and Classic options were not available until the Spring box so no one knows the difference just yet. The boxes that everyone is receiving or has received in the last couple of weeks is what is left over from the Winter box. The Spring boxes are not being mailed out until next week. If you signed up for both boxes or added a second subscription recently, Walmart sent you the Winter box. I got two because I signed up last month for both boxes thinking I wouldn’t get anything until the Spring box. I got two of the Winter boxes a week apart.

        • I have the only trendsetter in options( and Classic is not available.
          Does anyone know why?

    • This didn’t describe how to get both boxes at all……..????

  2. I signed up for the Walmart Beauty Box a couple of weeks ago and subscribed to both classic and trendsetter. Today I received the winter box. Has anyone received the new Spring box?

    • No. I received an email from them that they are getting the Spring boxes ready. This is what it said …

      The Spring Beauty Box is almost here! We expect all the necessary items to be compiled by March 14th, and we will begin billing and shipping the Spring Box that week!

      • Thank you! I haven’t received that email yet but I also didn’t even know that this one had been sent out.

        • Just got an email that my box was about to ship. Clicked on the link and it was the tracking info for the Winter box that I received yesterday! Lol

          • Today I received the Trendsetter Winter box, never got a shipped email. lol. Its mostly foil packets though! Ugh! With a travel size mouth wash, travel size hair spray and a tube of lotion. Guess the Spring boxes will ship next week.

          • That’s odd. I got mine just yesterday and got everything that was listed in the review. The email that it got shipped came today. Way to be on the ball. lol. Was it for sure the Winter box? I had to look it over a few times but the card in there that basically says Thank You says it’s the Winter box. Plus the Classic and Trendsetter boxes were only introduced with the Spring box.

          • I just got the email saying the spring box is being sent now and is should recieve it in 5-10 days

    • I got a box too the other day, and I didn’t know if it was a late Winter or early Spring. I’m thinking, based on the items I received (hint: worst WM box ever) that their new Classic/Trendsetter box split was just a clever way to move some old crappy stock before sending out Spring boxes. For $5, that’s okay, and hopefully it means the Spring boxes will be good! πŸ™‚

      • I got my 2nd winter box the other day and they were all products I had previously received from them, but I don’t think they were in my last winter box. 3 shampoo/conditioner foil packets, mini bottles (one of each) of body wash, hair spray shampoo, and conditioner, foil packet for tanning lotion, and foil packet of moisturizer ?

        I hope future “classic” boxes aren’t just shampoo & conditioner for me. I have more than enough already lol

    • I received an email today saying all the necessary items were expected to be compiled by March 24, and they will begin billing and shipping that week. I added a subscription for the trendsetter box on March 3, but I still haven’t received another Winter box. I got an email after I added the subscription saying I would be receiving one. I hate waiting! lol

      • I haven’t gotten an email, but I saw on my account that they deducted $5 yesterday for the spring box

        I wonder if they will deduct the other $5 later in the month for the second box?

        • Taya, I wonder if what they deducted today was for your Winter box because the email I got today said they wouldn’t be billing for the Spring box until March 24.

          • No, it’s not the Winter one. They took the $5 out straight away when I signed up for the second box, which was the same day Liz announced that there were now 2 boxes…so it has to be one of the Spring boxes (hopefully?)

          • Update: Today, they charged me the other $5 for the second box, so I guess they will be billing them separately?

    • So I just got my box today and it’s totally different. First, it had a sunflower on the box and was clearly the Spring box, not the winter.

      I get both the Trendsetter and Classic boxes – this is the Classic one. I don’t even have shipping for Trendsetter yet. Curious to see the difference. In the past, they have often been quite different.

      This is what I got:
      Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer – pretty large tube of it
      Colgate Optic White toothpaste 1.45 oz – not quite a full size, but pretty close
      Cetaphil Clenaser – deluxe sample size
      Banana Boat Sun Comfort sunscreen, 30 spf, 1 oz
      Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Restorative Night Cream – deluxe sample
      Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Daily Moisturizer
      Vera Wang Embrace sample
      Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick – not quite full size
      Small tube of something from Roc – I can’t remember exactly what it was
      Several other small samples
      Not as good as some of the past ones, but not horrible either. Last one was pretty bad, so I guess anything would be better : )

      • how do you sign up for both

  3. I tried to add a 2nd sub to my account to have one of each out of curiosity, but small print at the bottom stated I had to create a new account, which I did. Walmart billed me and scheduled a Winter box to ship, (their site mentioned Winter boxes are still available, so they must be trying to clear them out). However, they didn’t let me choose Classic or Trendsetter, just put me in Classic – again, so it’s definitely age based, cuz I’m old and honest, putting my real age in thinking I’d still get to choose Trendy, haha!

    I immediately emailed Walmart stating I wanted Trendsetter and to cancel account if they couldn’t correct it. While waiting for reply, I changed my birthday by 20 years, since the Classic/Trendsetter box is useless and logged out. Walmart sent a refund confirm email only. Logged back in and I’m now a youthful Trendsetter with my 1st box shipping in Spring on sub 2 as they left the account active. Can’t believe the lengths I go through to get a deal I can live with!

    • So changing the birthday will change Ur box I may a new subscription with a younger birthday because the option was not available. . Didn’t out get both and where they diffrent

  4. Mine defaulted to Classic so I added a second sub for Trendsetter just to compare. I figure the boxes are easily worth the five bucks either way. I can always drop whichever one doesn’t live up.

  5. Part 2 added the trendsetter , got an email right away that the winter box is shipping and the money was charged. Well its still technically winter for a few more weeks.

    • The same thing just happened to me lol! I wasn’t expecting to get a winter trendsetter box; I figured I wouldn’t get one until they started shipping for Spring. I’m fine with it though. I just hope we don’t get leftovers. I’m curious to see if I’ll get a better box than the one I got in early January.

    • Weird. I added the Classic. And I never got any email after that. And I checked and didn’t have any charges either.
      I wouldn’t have been too upset if I got another. I totally thought it was worth the $5. And I got mine a couple months after everyone else did too.

  6. Added the trendsetter, for 5.00 can’t go wrong. Now I am going to have to beat my husband to the mail with this box thing!??

  7. I
    was listed under classic, I guess because I am over 40 but i added a trendsetter box to the mix since I have teen girls.

  8. I’ve been a subscriber for a while now and just noticed there was another box, so I signed up for that one. After signing up, I received an email stating that my winter box will be on its way soon. I don’t want another winter box, I only signed up for the additional box and waiting for the spring one. Are they seriously sending me another winter box?

    • Yes, it seems they are but it should be the other box this time. Not the same one we already received.

    • The same thing happened to me, but it should contain different stuff from the other one you received. I’m hoping it will be the same one that Liz received.

  9. They put mine under classic, so I’ll leave it that way for a while and see how it goes. I’ll be interested to see what people get in the trendsetter boxes. Not ready to sign up for both yet, since I get BB and usually get the Target ones.

  10. On your account does it show that you have two subscriptions? I’ve tried to sign up for the classic box by “adding another subscription” but it just refreshes the page when I try to add it. Its not giving me any confirmation and even tried to do it as a gift.

    • I added the other box, and mine now shows two subscriptions. Maybe the site was busy, or try a different browser.

  11. I am so glad they are making this change. Great info.

  12. Well, I’m getting 4 now! We’ll see how they differ! I have 2 accounts for the boxes, one for 18 year old Cathy and one for 45 year old Cathy. Sometimes it’s been obvious the products were geared to age, other times not so much. I checked my accounts and 18 year old Cathy was defaulted to Trendsetter and 45 year old Cathy was defaulted to Classic.

    I LOVE that you can add a second box to the account and set up both of mine to receive both boxes. For $20, I know I’ll get more than that in product and coupons. I may drop down if they are using the same products in Classic and Trendsetter regardless of age. It’s a fun experiment!

  13. Yay! Signed up for the trendsetter, I already have classic so I’m super excited!

  14. I’m so glad Walmart did this because no matter what age I told them I was to try to tinker with my box choice, it seemed I always ended up coveting an item from the other age group’s box. Now I can just get both, which will mean some duplicate items, but no more box envy. πŸ™‚

  15. I get the trendsetter and my mom gets the classic. They had basically the same thing with the exception the classic had rogan coupons

  16. Thank you for letting me know! I’m so glad I discovered your page, ever since I found you I always get the target boxes that before were impossible to do because there were always sold out by the time I went to purchase them… Anyway I also signed up for this one because of you and I love it, it’s just fun to receive them on the mail every season and just for 5 bucks

  17. I wonder whether they determined whether you are “Classic” or “Trendsetter” based on your birth year…

    • Response from customer service: The Trendsetter is for the younger subscriber under 35 and the Classic is for the more mature subscriber.
      There are similar products but different ones too.

      • Well, I had my age down as 30 for the younger box and they had given me “classic” as their default. That isn’t completely true!

  18. I wonder how they decide who’s already signed up for trendsetter and who’s signed up for classic? I went into my account and it said I was signed up for trendsetter so of course then I also sign up for classic. Got the email that I just signed up for classic winter box.

    • What did you get in your winter trendsetter box? I have the classic box but just added the trendsetter and am hoping it’s won’t be duplicated things.

      • Some of the items are the same in both versions, so you will get dupes, but the bigger items are usually different and at $5, I think it’s worth getting both.

      • Pantene hairspray, 2 Aveeno lotions, the NSPA coconut body butter, a Vera Wang perfume sample, Goody hair ties, Swisspers q-tips, foil packets of shampoo & conditioner, and Crest 3D whitening packets, that I can remember.

        • I never got qtips in any Wal-Mart box so far! πŸ™

    • Me too so I hope I don’t get a repeat of the same box from Winter! Oh well if so.

  19. I tried to comment earlier but it’s not showing. Maybe forgot to ‘submit’?

    Anywho, I just added the Trendsetter box – was already ‘classic’ and received a Winter box in December. So, now I am being shipped a Winter box for Trendsetter, too – in March.

    I am hoping that we’ll be charged/shipped Spring boxes later this month, too.

    • Good grief, please disregard…apparently I DID submit and just wasn’t patient. Sorry!

      • if you use a different email address comments have to be approved by admin, so sometimes there is a delay. FYI

        • Nope, nothing different – think I was just a little antsy this time, lol.

          But, thanks for the tip!

  20. Thank you! Signed up for second one!!

  21. I was also signed up for Trendsetter and I added the Classic to my subscription. Hope not to receive any duplicates between those two boxes!

    • I wouldn’t think that would happen. Were you automatically charged after you ordered? If so, then you should be all set to receive two totally different boxes, just like me! Think email I got said Spring boxes are shipping this week, so should be here soon! I’m always excited to get it! πŸ™‚

  22. I am a little confused. I’d already received a Winter box when I first signed up in December – guess I was ‘classic’. I added ‘trendsetter’ today and it says I will be shipped a Winter box?

    Wonder if that means a Winter Trendsetter box ships now and then I’ll be charged for both Classic and Trendsetter boxes when they roll out the Spring boxes later this month?


    • Same here! Just got charged for the second one – “winter” edition. I guess we’ll pay a total of $15 for these this month because of Walmart’s failure to consider this. Grrr. Oh well – only $5. I’ll skip a lunch out LOL.

    • Same, but it might just be a glitch. When I first signed up for this box a year ago, it was on the cusp of the seasons like now and they claimed I’d get a Winter box first, but in fact I got the Spring. It’s possible they have a bunch of Winter boxes left to unload and we’ll get one soon, but it could also be the c/c charge is in fact for the Spring box you/I just signed up for.

  23. Mine said Trendsetter, it was pretty close to Haley’s box. I added the classic as well. I decided it will save me in the long run from having to buy these as I run out. I always need lotion, hair ties, etc. Whatever they send in the classic I am sure will be useful as well. Even if there are some overlap w/the same products, I can find use for them somehow, or as others mentioned, donating them.

  24. Well… what’s a girl supposed to do? Sign up for the other box as well! Logic… I have it. πŸ˜‰

  25. I have the classic and my winter box had:
    *Aussie hair spray deluxe sample
    * L’oreal shampoo and conditioner deluxe samples (travel sized bottles)
    * Ken Paves shampoo, conditioner and hair mask – triple foil pack
    * Neutrogena facial cleanser deluxe sample
    * Jergens Natural Glow large triple foil pack
    * Nivea cream deluxe sample
    * L’oreal Miracle Blur tiny foil pack
    * Crest whitening tiny double foil pack
    For $5 I was not disappointed since I got a lot of large deluxe samples.

  26. I am already signed up for the classic box. I’ve been pretty pleased with the 5.00 boxes. I signed up to receive the Trendsetter box, too. I love the travel size product that they send, they come in handy. The spring boxes should be shipping soon.

  27. I was set up under Classic so also signed up for Trendsetter! I’ve enjoyed the walmart boxes so I think I’ll be able to use 2 boxes. And if not, my friends and family like all of the free gifts!

  28. I was signed up for classic. That box was so horrible last season, I just threw it away. Took the bait and added the trendsetter. Maybe between the two, will get a decent box for $10.00.

  29. Just checked mine, I was on the classic one so just added the trendsetter one in addition. For 5 bucks can’t go wrong really! I’ve liked the products in the previous boxes. Plus I have tween girls who gladly take any unwanted products off my hands lol.

  30. Yeah… I’m going to wait and see how it goes for y’all, good luck ?

  31. I checked my account and was listed as classic. I decided to add trendsetter as well.

  32. I was signed up for trendsetter and went ahead and added the classic box.

    I’ve never been disappointed with my past Walmart boxes. Plus with these cheaper subscriptions, I just sign up for the experience of it. I’m addicted to getting surprise packages in the mail!

    • Hi, jen… can you tell us what was in the “trendsetter” box in your past box? thanks!

  33. I was thinking about signing up again, but the samples are almost always little foil packets, and the decent deluxe samples and full size products are ones I don’t really use. I also remember that bright, obnoxious red Gladiator lipstick that I got in both my summer and fall box… perhaps I’ll keep an eye on the Walmart Beauty Box and see how these new options play out.

  34. Uh oh… I just signed up for the classic (I was automatically signed up for trendsetter) and it says my winter box is on it’s way… hopefully it’s better than my last winter box.. that one was dreadful! Lol fingers crossed

    • Yeah…Just the same here. Was surprised that were getting the December winter box now being March. Lets hope for the best!

    • How do you check which box you’re signed up for?

      • log into your beauty box profile and go to account. It had a little drop down notification if you wanted to change/add another box. It’s not the same as the I finally just searched the beauty box on Walmart’s site and found where I could log in.

  35. My account was on “Trendsetter” so I signed up for “Classic” as well! Hopefully the boxes are a lot different. I really don’t want to end up with duplicates. Also, did you guys know they advertise the Beauty Box as FREE? The $5 we pay is for flat rate shipping. Interesting…

    • That’s the reason I signed up over a year ago lol since I was only paying for shipping!

  36. I was signed up for the Walmart box; but totally didn’t get the last one. I got an email saying it’d ship soon; but never got charged and never got a box. It seemed the last box was a failure based on most people’s reviews.

  37. I will probably sign up for both so I don’t get box envy over the one I didn’t get… the fight is real!
    Although my last 2 walmart boxes just came with samples, not one full-size item at all (I don’t know if they just run out of products by the time they pack ship mine out or what, but it comes a good 1-2 months after everyone else’s) I’m going to take this change on good faith to mean they are updating their system to fix these problems.

  38. You can do this with the baby box too. I have the newborn/infant box and the toddler one too now!

    • They aren’t shipping the toddler yet are they?

      • I’. not sure. I know they charged me for it.

    • I didn’t know they had baby boxes too! I just sent the link to my sister who is due this month!

  39. Well… I just added a “Classic” subscription. I was already registered for the “Trendsetter”. We shall see what we get. <3

  40. After the last couple that I received, they need the option “actually worth the $5 that you are paying”.

  41. I’ve been getting this box for awhile. I went and checked which box they have me subscribed as…’s the classic, the old one. It would’ve been nice if Walmart sent out an email letting us know about this new option. Thanks Liz!!

  42. I caved. Getting both. Lord help me I am addicted.

    • Is that you Bird?

      • No Krissy not bird.

  43. I am so glad you let us know! I signed up for the other one. I missed out on the last Target box. So glad Walmart is a subscription!

  44. Is trendsetter just default? I had that as mine too & of course, I added the classic. Are they going to start shipping both boxes this season (Spring) or wait until the next one?

    I’m starting to become a hoarder with all my subscription products ??? I can’t say no to a good deal!

  45. Nice! I love getting this sub every quarter, and I love that it’s just $5. I’ve gotten some less exciting boxes, but I’ve also gotten some great ones with full size products, too. I’m interested in seeing what differences there are between the two boxes.

  46. They are killing me with this!

  47. I had no idea they had 2 different boxes. I’ve only gotten one other. What’s the difference, does anyone know? Also, do they ship automatically every season?

    • I just reached out to see if they could give us more info on the differences between the two subscriptions. (I saw no mention of the differences in the FAQ.) I’ll update when I hear back!

      • Am thinking it is whAt was previously the younger and older version. It showed me as signed up for classic anF my daughter as trendsetter.

    • Unless you cancel, they automatically ship each season. I have no clue what the difference will be between them

      In my mind trendsetter will be (makeup wise) a lot more bold & colorful where as classic might be more natural/neutral colors. For everything else, my only guess is trendsetter would be a variety of products that are in right now & that maybe not everyone will be willing to try or something ?? and classic would be more “normal” products that are timeless? I really don’t know. That’s as creative as I get

      ?? they just need to be sent out already so we can see what’s in them!!!! At least send out a sneak peak or a description of each since it’s something new they’re trying! ☺

  48. This is almost enough to get me to sign up again.

  49. I’ve been considering signing up for the walmart box, depending on what the spring box looks like (no interest in what I’ve seen out of the winter box). Did the boxs switch over to spring with this new change? And are you able to see what’s in the boxs before you get them?

    • They’ve never revealed the products in previous boxes, so they probably won’t do that. I can’t remember what I got in my winter box, but I’m pretty sure that’s the one I was disappointed with (it’s either that one or the fall box…pretty sure it was winter though), but I’ve loved every other box I’ve gotten and I’m a very picky person ??

  50. Is it just me or does it still sound like it’s a “younger” box and “older” box, just renamed? Younger = trendsetter. Older = classic.

    • I believe that’s it.

    • Yes, I agree. I was defaulted to the classic box because I’m old. πŸ˜€ But screw them. I’m getting both and if I get glitter eye shadow, I’ll wear it proudly!

    • Yep, I have the Classic, which pegs me as the “older” version. That seems to be consistent.

    • I don’t think that’s what it is. I had changed to the “younger” box, as they seemed to be getting more of what I’d want. When I saw this, I logged in and was and I had been given “classic”. I added the new option and will be receiving the Winter trendsetter box now.

      • I get the trendsetter now but would also like to get the classic also. How do I go about doing that?

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