BoxyCharm August 2018 Spoiler Update!

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We have more spoiler info for the August Boxycharm boxes!

Thanks to Yosef, we now know that the August box will have six items!

In case you missed it, all subscribers will receive items from these two brands:

What do you think of the spoiler brands?

If you sign up now, the July box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted! Check out the full spoilers here!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Please God don’t let it be a bright a$$ eyeshadow palette. I never used the crown or alamar palette. My posts to try to swap the crown palette had no results. (I had swatched the Alamar)

    I understand bright colors / red toned eyeshadow colors are the IT thing now…but some of us prefer more neutral every day colors.

    No hate comments please. This is just my own personal thoughts. I’ve only been with Boxy since May and I’d love to have something I reach for on a daily basis – instead of bright palettes that just sit there gathering dust. It pisses my husband off. I can hear it now – “why you have so much makeup you never use” LOL

    • Agreed! I canceled my subscription specifically because of those hideous clown colors. I don’t care if these are on trend. I need something I can wear in normal everyday life and not to a Halloween party!

    • The pallet this month is a very very bright colored pallet lol I’m not sure where you think the crown pallet is bright though? I think they are very warm tones

      • I agree neither of those palettes were actually bright.

        • I was also confused by that. I know Alamar had the blue and greenish shades, but also had 6 others that aren’t at all bright and the crown palette (as much as I hated it) was all boring, brownish, warm but as neutral as a warm palette can possibly be. Maybe the O.P. will explain further.

  2. I had to cancel Boxy after this month just because I am wanting New Beauty Rewards really bad can’t have both.Boxy sent email asking if I was sure with the brands for the next box and email said the box is a Retail Value of $100 For August and there are 6 items .

    • $100 even or over $100? Bc every boxy is supposed to have a retail value of over $100. You should tell them that. It’s in their own website blurb lol

    • Did they tell you all the brands for the box? Considering cancelling too because there are so little spoilers…

  3. More make up brushes! Like eye brushes and setting sprays!

  4. I’m going crazy!!! Lol when are they going to show us some spoilers!!!!!!! I know we’re getting Laura Lee, and smashbox. I just want to see an item!!!! Lol.

  5. I love and collect eyeshadow pallettes….I already have the cats pajamas by Laura lee and really like it

  6. I would be so happy to get that party animal pressed pigment palette. I enjoy bright colors. (:

    • I would love that palette too. The colors are bright and bold – perfect for summer, and then again for holiday party time.

    • That’s the pallet we are getting!

  7. I almost ready to skip the august subscription. No spoilers yet makes me think that there is nothing worthy and attractive. LL cosmetic and smaxbox isn’t dream tram for me(

    • Skipping August means we would be ineligible for the upgraded boxyluxe in September. It’s how they’re keeping us subscribed lol

    • You can send it to me!’

  8. I don’t mind palettes but I like color especially purples. I loved the models eye colors in the video.Im so excited! I would love to get the be legendary pucker up 2 lipstick palette by Smashbox! Party Animal palette by Laura Lee is my guess for the eyeshadow. I would love to see some Lorac in our Boxycharm one day. I wonder if kat Von D item will be this box?

  9. Where are the spoilers for August??????🤔 it’s already half of the month.

    • I have been thinking the same thing! I’d like to re-sub if I could tell if I liked next months box! They recently have not been doing it for me, even offering me a Becca highlighter it just isn’t worth it to me right now.

    • Seems lately they are taking longer and longer to release the spoilers

    • They must have lost a lot of subscribers with the previous box. The only thing I wanted from that box was the palette and I got it off of crown for 19 bucks bundled with a few brushes… smh

  10. Is anyone willing to trade the Farmacy Vit. C mask for the Dr. Drandt depuffing eye cream?

    • Which is it that you want? I’m trying to find the mask myself. I have the eye gel.

    • I’m willing, if you’re still looking. I’m never going to use that eye gel, and actually wanted the mask! lol

      • hey just email me at bibrahim914 @ gmail .com

        I would love to contact further for a great exchange!!

    • Me

      • Can you give my your email?

  11. I am thinking since we’re getting 6 items were getting both palettes from Laura Lee

    • I was thinking the same thing!!

    • I really hope so, but I oersonally think the palettes will probably be a variation of the two…fingers crossed though.

      • I think it’s going to be a variation, one or the other, and that a lot of ppl are going to be pretty ticked off when they get that neon colored palette. I don’t care either way as long as the quality is good, but I’ve been hearing tons of ppl complaining abt the too colorful palettes boxy has been sending including the Alamar palette. If ppl thought the Alamar palette was too colorful and then they got the neon L.L. palette I can imagine they’ll be really unhappy.

        • I agree. I watched her video and she said that it isn’t an eyeshadow palette, it’s a pigment palette. Is the difference too big?

          • There’s no difference. It has to do with what the FDA allows as ingredients in eye shadows or in pigments. In Europe there aren’t any issues with these ingredients. The US FDA is woefully outdated in their definitions for some of these ingredients. Either way they’re fine to use as eye shadow.

    • I hope it’s both !!!! I looked at Laura Lee’s IG, and those new mini palletes have amazing swatches!!!!!!

      • Those swatches, if you look at them closely, look like they were manipulated with a wet base, especially the bright ones. You can see around the edges of the orange and yellow swatches that they’re wet underneath. It’s weird. Bright colors aren’t her thing. Idk wht she dis them other than it’s the trendy thing and trends sell.

        • I’ll have to double check. I use eye shadow primer , and spray sometimes if my shadows need a boost. I totally understand what you mean, I’m just excited to grow my collection. 😁

          • I understand that 🙂 but you don’t want to grow your collection with junk. Also, matte shadows aren’t meant to be used wet or sprayed. That’s a technique for making shimmery shadows shine brighter and have less glitter fallout.

          • Nice , thanks for the tip😁😉 hopefully we get something good. 😁

    • My guess is that we are going to get 6 products because smashbox is probably going to end up being a deluxe or travel size. They have started putting the petal metal ones on sale so it might be that version.

      • That would keep ppl from getting so upset abt getting colors thw y won’t use aka the neon palette. I would use them myself but I can’t see a majority of ppl using them.

  12. I’m so glad I unsubscribed to Palettexybox. not interested in another palette of dumb colors. sorry boxycharm. big thumbs down.

  13. i love my boxes from boxy charm

  14. Another Pallet????? I just hope it’s very neutral colors and Not the vibrant crazy colors which I can’t use. Why do they give so many pallets??? I just have way too many pallets. I had to give away a bunch already.

    • A. It is palette. B. Boxycharm is known for sending palettes, if you don’t like them maybe you should try a different subscription service.

      • Yes 🙌🏻😂

      • I already do. I subscribe to 5 different subscription Companies. I didn’t say I don’t like Boxycharm (in fact I Love my Boxycharm boxes), I just don’t like pallets. Aren’t I allowed to just dislike something??

        • You’re totally allowed to dislike something, but boxy is constantly sending palettes and it’s one of their big selling points. Palettes all the time, in almost every box, even if it’s a crappy palette at least it’s a palette. All anyone is saying is if you really dislike getting palettes them boxy may not be the right sub for you. Maybe you like swapping the palettes for other items? That can be a positive experience. I’m quite enjoying the MSA swap site. Facebook has a ton of boxycharm groups where you can sell or trade your unwanted palettes. Ppl always want them if you don’t 🙂

    • I thought Boxycharm put out a statement at the beginning of the year that every box would contain a palette.

  15. Someone mentioned something about an upgraded luxury Boxy sub, what is that about? I haven’t seen anything official.

    • It’s launching in September and it’s called boxyluxe… available only to current subscribers.

      • How do we upgrade to the new box? Any news yet??

      • Thanks for letting me know. I’ve been a subscriber for almost a year now and didn’t get a notice from them about it.

        • They haven’t sent out any official notices. They’ve been doing it all very casually, very laid back and slack like. It’s not inspiring a lot of confidence my part especially after hearing about what happened with the last special box. If this turns into another damned fiasco with some ppl getting to buy 5 boxes and others not getting to buy any I’m going to be so done with boxy.

          • Yes, the way they handled the LE box was horrendous. Hopefully this will be nothing like that. Thanks for letting me know.

  16. Laura Lee I am not impressed with the nude colors at

  17. So Laura Lee premiered 2 mini palettes today. Each are 6 pans. One is neutrals, one is all colors. It looks like the Manny MUA life’s a drag palette but split into 2 palettes with the black and white shadows missing. Idk if boxy will have both for the August box or just the colored one since Joe said specifically the purple shade was from the palette we would be getting, but that’s what I know.

  18. Laura Lee has 2 new mini palettes coming out next week and one of them has the same colors as the model Yosef showed. And Laura Lee’s husband commented in the video from today that a wholesaler would have the palettes soon. The size of the palette and price point are right for Boxycharm. Hmmmmmm

    • I came here to say the same thing. The colors look right, too.

      • hi, which one? The one with neutral colors or the one with bright colors? I couldn’t find the model’s picture.

        • I’m assuming it’s going to be the bright colors. Joe did say the model’s shadow would be in the box and she was wearing a purple-ish shade. I can’t say for 100% sure though. They might choose to include both as variants where some of us get the neutrals and some get the colors.

    • Dang you guys beat me to it I also just came here to post this exact comment about the Wholesaler thing!!

      • I think they were referencing Ulta carrying the brand. I would think maybe one of the two palettes would be in there or possibly some of her lip or eyeliners.

        I would love a palette though. I’m curious to try her shadows.

        • Ulta is not a wholesaler, they are a retailer. However, boxy is classified as a wholesaler. In addition, yosef siad in a video that the palette would be an influencer palette. 😃

    • And laura lee said she was “working” on something with boxycharm

    • I had also heard some where that TARGET was going to be selling Laura Lee Palettes, could that be what he meant when he said “wholesaler?”

      • Target is not a wholesaler, Target is a retailer. Boxycharm is classified as a wholesaler though.

  19. Really hoping it’s not the cats pajamas palette

    • @Leslie the cat’s pajama’s palette is way too big to fit in the boxycharm box so I don’t think you have to worry about that. I think it will either be her lipsticks or one of her two mini palettes.

      • actually no it’s not too big, i have the palette myself and i tried to see how it would fit into the box and it fit perfectly fine, so it could be the cats and pajamas palette or maybe even her new mini palettes

  20. I wonder if the Laura Lee product is going to be from her new launch that is coming. I am super excited to see what it is

  21. i like to comment because for the past few months Boxycharm has been giving us subscribers nice products.

    especially like the facial mask. 🙂

    • The facial mask… do you mean the one in the July box? Did you even get that variant? Just wondering.

  22. The vlada stuff is on sale, I’m betting boxy picks up a bunch of items from the collection for August.

  23. I’m looking at the close-up of the July Crown palette, and I just looked at the Laura Lee website and… I don’t know. Crown is neutrals/nudes and Laura Lee’s site looked like that’s all she has (nude eyes, lips). Smashbox has some nice lip and blush colors, but few eyeshadows that aren’t neutrals. I ‘ll continue to stalk the spoilers to see what else may be revealed. One of these days a “that’s me!” product will be revealed and I will resub. Or just an item or two that I will use. 🙂

  24. The primer water would be nice to try!

    • Yes I agree. The Primer Water would be Awesome to try. But NOT another Pallet for me.

    • Yes! That’s exactly what I am thinking! Would love the Primer Water.

  25. OMG I love Laura Lee. Probably one of her liquid lipsticks would be amazing to have one of her palettes though. & I love Smashbox primer it’s my holy grail.

    • Its a palette from laura lee Yosef confirmed

      • Did he say if it’s a new palette?

        • No he didnt however he did say the model was wearing the shadow and her shadow was purple so one could hope

      • Another dang Pallet!! Why??? Way too many Pallets. I just might have to cancel Boxy and try Glossy Box and LookFantistic Box.

  26. So never redeemed charms before…what is the normal waiting time for shipment? Today is 2 weeks. Just curious if I should be patient or contact customer support.

    • Whenever I have redeemed charms, they ship it right before sending out the next month’s box. So I would expect it before you receive your july box.

      • Thanks! I’m currently waiting on a missorted Ulta package (going to end up being 19 days) so I’m overly paranoid now lol.

    • I had to ride customer service to get my item I redeemed charms for. Eventually contacted my credit card company as I paid part of it out of pocket. After getting the run around for a week, they managed to ship within a few hours after my credit card got involved.

    • I redeemed some of my charms for the first time 6-23. Got my order just today.

  27. Yes praying for a pallet from a Laura Lee and smashbox lippie from their new rose gold collection 😇

  28. Hmm….6 items. That’s great, but also suggests that one of the items is of low value. Probably another Jontblue liner. Either way I’m not complaining. My daughter enjoys those oddly colored things.

    • Oh the dreaded jontblue! Was thinking the same! The last 6 items boxes were not as fab to me so I’ll be holding off for reveals.

      • BC alawys ahve enough to cover the cost of the box, so as long as I like a couple things I am happy. The rest are bonus. Six items means more to play with! No complaints here!

  29. I always love boxycharm! Such a fun box and a wonderful “pick me up” after a hard day.

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