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BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review – March 2017


BoxyCharm is a full-size beauty and makeup subscription box. They always provide a great value compared the cost of the box.


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: BoxyCharm

The Cost: $21 a month

The Products: 5-6 beauty items that will include nail care, skin care, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).

Ships to: US and Canada

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Each box comes with a card detailing the items included.


Now, time for the items!


Naked Cosmetics Urban Rustic Eye Shadow Trio – Value $39.99

(All subscribers will receive this palette in their box!)


I love getting palettes in subscription boxes, and Boxycharm is great for sending them out frequently. These colors are a little out of my comfort zone, but I have a lot of brown/neutral palettes, so this is a nice change of pace!

The pigment and shimmer on these colors are amazing, too. (Swatched in lower photo.)


RealHer Lip Liner in I Am Precious – Value $12.50

(Subscribers may receive a different color.)


I’ve sampled this lip liner and liquid lip thanks to another subscription box (spoiler), and I love them! They both have excellent staying power and the pigment is great, too.


And the liner matches the liquid lipstick perfectly:


RealHer Matte Liquid Lipstick in I Deserve The Best – Value $15

(Subscribers may receive a different color.)


The formulas of these lips products are paraben, phthalate, and sulfate free! (Cruelty-free, too!)


Here is the lip liner and liquid lip swatched underneath the eye shadow trio:


Amazing pigment all around!


Crown Brush Deluxe Fan Brush – Value $19


This oversized fan brush is amazing! It’s super soft, and perfect for applying highlighter.


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer – Travel Size Value $16

This is one of the first primers I’ve ever sampled and I still use it whenever I get it in a box! It’s a classic oil-free primer that creates a smooth base for applying foundation.


Verdict: This box has a value of about $102! As always, the value for Boxycharm is amazing! I really love this box, too. The lip colors are perfect for me, the fan brush is my new favorite makeup tool, the primer is always good, and I’m going to try out some new looks with the palette. (I’ll probably stick to only one color in a look, though.)

What do you think of the March 2017 Boxycharm Box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (88)

  1. I am so upset. I just got my March box, and instead of getting a lip liner with a matching matte liquid lipstick, I got the liner and something called BeautyforReal blush + go. So now I have a lip liner that I can’t use because I don’t have its match, and something I won’t use, without Boxycharm advertising any variations for that certain item, which was the entire reason I purchased March’s box.

  2. I wasn’t over the top on this box. I’m a fair skinned redhead. These colors were way too dark for me – I’m speaking mainly of the lipliner and lipstick, but also of the same dark color in the eyeshadow palette. I’ll use the primer but the rest will either go in a Halloween box or maybe I’ll give it to a cousin or donate. Wish I’d received a mascara like someone else, I always love those 🙂 Although I have a whole pile of them just waiting to be used up.

  3. I’ve been using this box for a week now, and just had to leave a comment: all those who were afraid of the eyeshadow pallet – try it! The colours really are very wearable and the naked cosmetics eyeshadow quality is amazing! You don’t need a heavy hand, and the colours are beautiful natural and spring like. Sure, you can glam it up bold if you put more on, but they really are beautiful on your skin.

  4. I would love to see a light weight foundation!!

  5. I am not hating on BOXYCHARM, but they REALLY meant what they said when they labeled this box as creepy, but definitely not cute!!!! OK, that was a little strong….I love the palette, the brush seems nice and the primer is ok. But the Real Her lip liner and lipstick???? They are a rusty orange with a yellowish tint. Think a little more orange than mustard. Seriously…..I do not know ANYONE who could wear these. I love pinks, berries, wines, occasional cool Reds, almost ANYTHING but the orange/brown family. And I had no idea that there was ever a yellow tinted lip product. YUCK!!!!! I would be embarrassed to even donate this. I guess it can go to my nieces for dress up or Halloween. Wow.

    • I feel exactly the same I got an orange lipstick and liner, nothing like everyone else, I’m fair skin and blonde hair, looks sooo bad on me, I even embarrassed to give it away , due the horrible color.. just can’t

  6. I just got my box and I am living…LIVING for this lip kit. I got the same box and Liz and I couldn’t be happier. This brush is dense but super soft. I probably won’t use it for a face brush since I have my specific brushes for my face. But this is perfect for dusting off excess chrome pigment when I do my nails (I do my own gel nails). I think this is the first box that I won’t be gifting anything to my sister-in-laws. Woot Woot!

    Probably going to stay with Boxy for a very long time

    • You know what… I opened the smashbox primer and apparetly it had separated from lack of movement and this oil liquid cane out.

      So I beat the living business out of it against my hand since shaking it wasn’t enough…. BOOM! MAGIC! Works like primer I know and love. <3

  7. I’m crying right now!!! My box….which was shipped out on the 10th…. is now on its way from California. I’m in missouri. I know shipping was messed up this month, but really?? Is this happening to anyone else?

    • Hey,
      I just got my box today!

  8. Hi! My lip liner tip was broken and I can’t figure out how to screw the lip liner up…does anyone know?

    • It’s not a twist up. Although it doesn’t look like it, you can sharpen it. 🙂

    • OMG! That’s why I’m on this site trying to figure out same thing. My lip liner is broken too!

      • I know these comments are from nearly a week ago, but if you’re still checking — you can sharpen it! The pencils are like Colourpop; it looks like you can’t sharpen it, but you can with any old standard makeup pencil sharpener.

  9. This is probably a silly question, but does anyone know if the trio palette mirror has a removable film? I started fooling around with the mirror, trying to remove a film (a pet peeve of mine!) but it looked like I was scratching the corner so I stopped.

    • There was no plastic “sticker” to pull off but rather an unattached plastic cover that could easily fall off when opening.

  10. I love the lip color Liz got! But when I went to the real her website, the color looks way different. Is it just me? I got the fearless colorway to red..

  11. I received the same box as Liz. Overall, I’m happy with the box. I am a little disappointed that the primer is not full size…..that’s a first for me with Boxycharm, I’ve been subscribed for over a year. I love the fan brush, as I did not receive one yet, its quite nice. The eyeshadows are quite pretty, not my normal style, but very pretty. I love lip products, so I was so happy to get the set. Love Boxycharm!

    • I cancel ipsy this month…just to get boxycharm next month!!!

    • Don’t so many women have even received the March box (myself included) and there account was charged. When emailing customer support they didn’t even respond.

  12. I’m getting this unloading of products where they had overstock (the Smashbox), products that couldn’t sell (that Crown brush), and smaller and newer brands trying to get marketing (the RealHer, Naked Cosmetics) vibe from this box.

    I wouldn’t have on my own actually been willing to pay for anything in this month’s box. This is contrast to the February box where I would have been willing to purchase most, if not all, those products on my own.

    I know people are saying the Smashbox might be useful, but Smashbox has released their next generation formula primer water already and this is old technology.

  13. I wish they had done this for fall.. nothing against boxycharm (not unsubbing unless the value/quality starts going down hill, I share with my daughter) but between my oh 5 beauty boxes I got 4 copper eyeshadows! And the 5th box isn’t here yet. Everybody month since November I’ve got often a copper shadow atleast in one box. WE are copperhead out. I think I have every tone of coppe. i there was a way to beg for no more copper lol. Oh well perhaps if I can keep my daughter from testing every one of them I can swap the next batch lol. This was the first time in a yr I’ve been disappointed usually I like atleast 1 thing.

  14. I must be the only person who got mascara instead of lip liner 🙂 I’m happy with that though !

    • I got the mascara and lip liner but no lipstick

      • Me too and I honestly want to cry about it. The mascara is useless for me.

  15. I received the lipstick in I am Queen and when i tried it on, it got really sticky and patchy. I wasn’t able to remove it easily even with a remover. Is the consistency same for everyone else?

    • Mine required eye makeup remover pads and it pulled the peach fuzz out near my lips when I scrubbed it off!

    • I swatches it on my arm (same shade) I still have a bit of tint on my arm two showers 3 baby wipes later! I forgot about my oil based makeup remover going to try that! Goodness!

    • Mine was really sticky too, especially when I put on the liner and then the lipstick. It’s not too bad on its own but it definitely is not made to be layered!

      Also- did anyone else notice the size difference between the liner from here and the one from FFF? They both say they are the same size but the one from FFF is almost an inch shorter.

  16. I got my box today and I really don’t like the eye shadows colors after trying them on. The matte lip is a great color for me but very very drying. The brush looks really good quality. I got a starlooks brand lip liner. Excited to try the primer. Really disappointed in the shadows since I went into it with an open mind and they just look horrible on me.

  17. I wasn’t planning on keeping the eyeshadow palette, but I couldn’t stop myself from swatching it! They are a nice creamy consistency, and I blended all three colors together to make a warm brownish/coppery shade that is a little more “everyday” wearable. I am in love with Real Her cosmetics now after receiving them in subscription boxes (boxycharm and beautybox 5). I got a lip pencil in I am Unique and a liquid lipstick in I am Fearless. They are both like a berry color. This month’s fan brush is way better than the last one (it didn’t pick up much product at all) and I haven’t tried the primer before. I wish I could’ve also gotten the real her colors that Liz got (in addition to mine)!!

  18. If I sign up for a subscription to this box today, will it begin with this box that’s featured? Also what is a swap and how does that work? Thanks for any info I’m new to subscriptions.

    • I think Boxycharm always let you know if you’re getting this month’s box or not on their website. I think most people are usually on a waitlist when they subscribed and around 20th day of the month they let you know whether you’re off the waitlist or not. If you’re off the waitlist, you’ll get that month’s box.

      Swap is one function of this website where you can sign up and list products from subscription boxes that you don’t plan to use and swap with other users. More information is available in the forum. I hope that helps!

  19. I’m a tiny bit annoyed they called this theme creepy cute when it’s not even near it. It’s just so weird that they would call it a very specific look then not follow through. Those eyeshadows look amazing but $40 for 3 of them?! Seems like a price grab to make the book seem of higher value. Heck, you can get a naked palette for a bit more than that and it has 12 shades.

    • I agree about the theme–I was so excited when I opened the box and saw the cute/creepy card with its fun pastel colors and adorable little ghosts on the back . . . and then I looked at all the makeup and the shades look like very rich, dramatic fall colors. It’s not that I even dislike the contents, but what the heck does the theme have to do with what we actually got?

  20. I absolutely love my box this month. I have the eye shadow on now, its gorgeous and blends out beautifully. I am not one to subscribe to “fall” colors, i just love color!!
    That brush is seriously amazing. It feels so substantial in my hand and very easy to use. I used it for contouring this morning and I wish I had more like it. The lipstick and liner I got are not colors I can pull off so those are hopefully going to be swapped for something I can wear. The primer is also welcome.

  21. ANOTHER FREAKING BRUSH!! Omg I’m going to literally scream and pull my hair out!

    • Then don’t subscribe to them. I’m tired of people complaining about getting palettes or brushes all the time. That’s what Boxycharm is known best for, palettes and brushes. At least they’re good quality and for a $21 box, i don’t know how you can complain…. unsubscribe if your so unhappy cause i love Boxycharm and i don’t know why people complain so much but yet still stay subscribed?

      • I have got to be the only one on this “complainers” list that think Boxy Charm is the best ever! Every single box I have gotten I love. The value is incredible! It was refreshing to see someone stand up for Boxy! Not any of the complainers are willing to spend $100 a month on makeup! BC4L! Boxy Charm for Life!

  22. I cancelled this sub box. It was a good run, but some box i got was like a leftovers products. I switched to asian beauty boxes now.

    • Which Asian beauty boxes did you subscribe to?

  23. I hope I get the same lip kit you did. Those colors are great. Although I love the palette, I agree with many others that the theme of the box and the palette colors seem much more suited to October/Fall/Halloween. I wonder what the story is on that…

  24. My box finally moved this morning after sitting at fedex or wherever for over a week. Anyways I really hope my lipsticks match.

  25. To be fair to boxycharm with everyone saying things about the fall colors and such, that eyeshadow palette is NEW. It was just released this month and was only available for preorder before that.

    • exactly plus these are on trend colors. I get so tired of the complaints. These complainers need to unsubscribe if they’re so unhappy. I love this box and it’s known for sending palettes and brushes. You can’t get a better value for $21 on any other beauty box! I guess some people just can’t ever be happy or satisfied.

  26. I got a Doucce volumizing mascara instead of the liquid lipstick and I am just fine with that! My lip pencil is in “I Am Unique”- a pretty plum shade. I am pleasantly surprised by the palette colors in person. A tiny bit goes a longggggg way and it will be fun to create an unusual look- especially with the pumpkin-y orange shade. The purpose of buying boxes (for myself at least) is to introduce me to things that I wouldn’t necessarily reach for immediately. I think they did a good job on this box.

    • What did your box weigh?

  27. I am quitting Boxycharm for good. This months truly stunk. What a waste of time and money. How many fan brushes does one person need. Two in the last two boxes.

    • I kinda felt the same. 2 fan brushes back to back..ugh. BUT..after getting this months brush I was happy. It’s nothing like last months & im actually really happy to have both.

  28. Liz, how much did your box weigh? I’m really hoping for this variation!

  29. Finally just got my shipping notice today- so late this month! Last month, I got a lipstick I can’t use- electric bright red. Hoping for better luck this month!

  30. after seeing so many people ask why they sent Fall colors/the box theme, I am really convinced this was supposed to be the October box (or at least part of it) and something went wrong, so that is why they sent it now

    • Actually the palette is brand new. It just came out.

  31. This is probably a dumb question, but to those who got the lip liner, do you know if it can be sharpened? Or is that tip part all there is??

    • I don’t have my box yet, but the outer material in that pencil looks very similar to Nyx jumbo eyeshadow sticks, which can be sharpened with any makeup pencil sharpener. If the liner has a soft texture, it may help to throw it in the freezer before sharpening. Hope that helps 🙂

      • Ok, thanks! The tube part feels like it’s made of plastic, so I wasn’t sure if I could just use a sharpener on it, but I’ll give it a shot 🙂

      • I never thought about putting it in the freezer first and then sharpen it. Awesome tip, thank you!!!

    • Thank you! Was about to ask this. It seems like it would tear up a sharpener.

  32. I hope I get the same liquid lipstick and lip liner shade 😍😍😍

  33. I feel like you could use that brush for contour too! Looks like a great box this month. 🙂

  34. Am I the only one that got the real her liquid lipstick and a masacara? Im in LOVE with the mascara and didnt need lipliner so I was so excited to see that.

    • What mascara did you get?? I don’t have my box yet but I am running out of my current mascara and I’m kind of hoping I get one now!

      • I also got the mascara – amplilash mascara serum? Does anyone know, is this a good mascara?

      • I didn’t love that mascara. It took a lot of coats to look like I had any one. But, if you like a natural look, you’d probably like it.

      • Yeah I actually love it so much, definitely going to repurchase it, I like layering it with a volumizing mascara (maybelline falsies) because by itself its very lengthening and gives a lot of definition but meh for volume. So happy with it!!

      • I LOVE AMPLILASH, the serum is like 28$. I got it in my PopSugar​ mystery box and if you use it with mascara fibers your lashes are HUGE!!

    • I would have loved to get that variation.

  35. I’m not loving this box except the brush. The eyeshadows I’ll try but they are much bolder than I like and I’ve heard they have a lot of fall out.

    The smashbox primer stinks imo they have so many new formulas I would have liked one of those rather than this old one. And it isn’t even full size!

  36. I liked the lip shades you received. I got the I am loved and I’m a rockstar ones which are a bit too dark for me. I’ll likely gift them=)

  37. This really seems like a Halloween box – with the theme and those eyeshadow shades. weird.

  38. My lip products were different and did not match at all. I received Realher Lip Liner in “I Am Unique”, a plum shade and the lipstick from Dirty Little Secret in the shade of “Phantom”, bright red/coral color. All other items were as shown.

    • Me too. I got I am Unique lip liner and a Japonesque bright red liquid lipstick. Both this one and the one I got last month (bright red, another brand) look ridiculous on me. I’ve read tips on how to use a bright red with a nude, etc. to lighten it up which I keep trying. Would have loved the color Liz got!

    • I got the exact same lip products as you and I’m a little disappointed. I would have been much happier with a matching liner and lipstick. That’s the risk with subscription boxes i guess!

    • I got same thing. The lip liner is great, but the lipstick is way way bright. I wore one time and my lips were stained for entire day.

    • I got this same exact box. Disappointed I didn’t get a matching Realher set.

    • Yeah. I also got the real her lip liner and then a bright red matte lip. I’m disappointed because the colors don’t go together AT ALL. And last month I got a lip liner in a really ugly cinnamon color. I would have preferred a lip gloss or lip stick like others were getting. I’m totally understanding the frustration people are feeling about inconsistencies with boxes. I wrote them an email telling them it makes absolutely NO SENSE to put together variations that don’t match. The value is fine–but why don’t they work on making more consistently matched boxes? The variations are nuts. You either get a great cohesive box, or a box that makes no sense at all.

      • This is why I dc’d my box. You were told you were getting these things and you would think that the Real her, (I think that is what it is called), bundle would be matching, sounds like new people or maybe I am wrong, are getting a few left-overs and WOWOWOWOWOW I am glad I just discontinued because it was too stressful! Yes there will always be complaining, however sometimes it is warranted like in the situation that you are always getting the worst end of the stick……which if you cannot use something that is reddd all the timelike me that don’t do red then you lose out. So yes from what I am reading above, nothing has changed!

  39. The only eyeshadow shade I don’t know how to use is the green one. The other two I would use on my eyes. I saw an instagram video on boxycharm’s page of someone using one of the eyeshadow shades as part of a lip look.

    • Yes! And that’s the only way I can think of to use these colors. They’re just not my style. Way too sparkly. I guess it’s okay if you’re younger or go out a lot. I’m a medical professional who’s too tired to go out after I spend a day at the hospital. I like to look cute, but these colors do not work for my job. I know a lot of people like them, but I’m not a fan.

  40. I’m really not loving the eyeshadow. The other items seem pretty useful and fun (not sure about the lip liner and liquid lipstick yet). I don’t understand the “Creepy Cute” theme. The theme and the eyeshadow palette would be perfect for October not March. Oh well, that’s what swaps are for! 😆

    • Totally agree. That was my first thought when I saw the palette. If I get these lip colors I will be so happy. And I am the type of person to only buy neutral eyeshadows so it will be nice having something for a pop of color.

  41. I hope I get lip products in these colors, not purple/dark colors like some bloggers 🙁

  42. My box comes today, and hoping i get his box, the other variation I see out there has a lipstick repeat from last summer. :/

  43. I quit BoxyCharm after getting a few too many palettes. That being said, I probably would’ve liked this month’s box. I hoard samples of that primer, it is one of the ones that really works for me.

    • I recently just finished working my way through ~35 packet samples of that primer (received mostly from Ulta online purchases made last year), and I’ll soon be working my way through all of the deluxe tube samples I have of that primer (~10-15 of them). 🙂

    • Why not just buy that primer if you like it so much? You can use the money you saved from quitting BoxyCharm.

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