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BoxyCharm August 2018 Spoiler #3!


We have our third confirmed spoiler for the August Boxycharm box thanks to Yosef!

Each box will include one of the following products:

tarte Lifted Sweatproof Mascara


Becca Primer – First Light Filter Face PrimerBacklight Filter Face Primer, or Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector


House of Lashes False Eyelashes

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

All subscribers will receive a Smashbox Lip Product This sneak peek shows a lip palette, Be Legendary Lipstick, Be Legendary Triple Tone Lipstick, and Liquid Lips!

And all subscribers will receive:

Laura Lee Los Angeles Party Animal Palette

And here is a look with the palette (skip to minute 13):

Thanks to Yosef, we now know that the August box will have six items!

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the July box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted! Check out the full spoilers here!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.


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Comments (163)

  1. I don’t mind variations if they end up actually making boxes based on our reviews, fingers crossed

    • They have a new beauty quiz up that you’re supposed to fill out so they know more about what we like.

      • But our boxes won’t be based off of the results of our new beauty quiz foe at least a couple of months from now. It’ll have no effect on the August box, September box or even the boxyluxe at a very minimum.

      • I filled out that quiz like 2 months ago, unless it’s new questions, it’s been there for a while

      • All kinds of new questions.

    • Yosef already said that them basing our boxes off of us reviewing the last box and the new quiz won’t be implemented for a few months yet so all the variants between now and whenever thw y get that system in place are just going to be more of the same old randomized boxycharm boxes.

  2. Boxycharm why do you have to do this…..


  3. Unpopular opinion alert! Read at your own risk. If you are a boxy lover 4 life no need to tell me about retail values or chastise me for being ungrateful. This is my opinion and I’m allowed to have it. Thank you 🙂

    OR OR OR? Plus the smashbox variation? What’s going on boxycharm? This is the exact opposite of what makes ppl happy! Very few ppl enjoy variations at all and now this box is nothing but variations?

    I think boxycharm, a lot like YouTubers that become millionaires, is starting or maybe already had forgotten what it was that made ppl love them in the fist place and now they’re just throwing any old product in these boxes and their thinking is that as long as the retail value is over $100 ppl will just love it! Boxy is behaving as if they are doing us a favor by existing and we should be grateful to get anything. I don’t like feeling like I’m being treated as a number. Boxy went from feeling like a family owned and run business to feeling like the most impersonal, money grubbing company in this sector over the last 2 months and I’m not a fan.

  4. OMG I want the lashes! I’m on a no-buy but I think I need to resub for this box. The palette and the lashes are tempting!

    Also if anyone wants to get lashes off their hands (eyes?), holla @ your girl haha.

    • Hi Adina!

      I’ve got sooooo many false eye lashes–high-end and untouched. From wispy to full-on Huda max effect. Keep me in mind if you get the Becca primer, or if you want a duplicate palette. I always buy the newest high-end palettes from Marc Jacobs, UD, Tom Ford, Dior, Kevyn Aucoin, Estee, NARS, etc…from Saks, Nordstrom, Barney’s, Net-a-Porter, SpakeNK, etc. It’s the real stuff. This Laura Lee is just too bright for me. I’m full-up on lashes, too. I have never swapped…I just donate it to the ladies transition shelter and Dress for Success. I’d love to finally swap, though, instead of just giving everything away from a box, and I haven’t put this month on hold. Sorry for the long post. xx

      P.S. If this breaks MSA protocol, then please feel free to either not post or remove my comment. I understand. I’m unfamiliar with how to swap, since I’ve just gone the donation route this entire time.

      • There’s a boxy swap page on Facebook.

      • You just need to sign up for swaps. There is a link for it on the top of the page

    • This makes me wonder, is there like a swap group or page? Like on Facebook or something? I often get lip colors I can’t wear, or palettes that I don’t need because I have all the same colors in other palettes. And I def won’t use those lashes. It would be great if we could swap our variants with each other somehow.

      • Haha ignore me, for some reason the above comments weren’t showing. Can someone link the Facebook page? Is it legit? Like does someone admin it to make sure no one gets scammed?

  5. The lashes are probably the allura, Juliette, or the noir fairy lite since those are the 3 sold out on the site and they show 3 different styles on here.

  6. I desperately want the mascara. I will take the ugly pigment palette without whining if it meant I got the mascara. I could live with the primer, it’s supposed to be pretty nice. But I could not deal with fake lashes, so you all know, I will end up with the lashes.

  7. I want the Becca Primer. Why are the variations so wildly different the last two months? It used to be that the variations would be the same type of products just different brands.

    • Did you see that the primer is only a travel size ?

  8. so far im loving the palette i love color..for the lippie anything but brown plz and im hoping i get one of the primers. i dont use lashes and dont wear mascara so lets see if i get lucky this month. i really wanted the unicorn aka vitamin c mask in the july box but nope got dr. brant hopefully the rest of the box is amazing ** fingers crossed **

  9. i can use any of the items.. lashes, mascara or primer. I ordered QVC box for the primer (winter) and the Look Fantastic has a Tarte mascara. I can not wait to get my hands on that purple shadow… all else is extra.

    • Oh I forgot Look Fantastic has the Mascara

  10. Do you lose charms if you unsub for a month then sub back again?

    • ☆Nope! You won’t lose ur charms☆

      • Thanks so much😊 I think that’s what I will do for this month.

  11. I am usually pretty happy with Boxy. This has way too many variations though. Not excited now, as there are things I’d def rather get, out of these options. I want to hang in there until they start using our profiles. I hope I’m not pushed to cancel before that happens.

  12. It’s kind of disappointing to see all of the negative comments on here! Guys…its $21 a month! For 6 items! You cant beat that! The total of these items (variants2) far exceed the cost of the box…by A LOT! They can’t make EVERYONE happy EVERY month. First we say no more browns then we get color and it’s a catastrophe. I’m happy with BoxyCharm..I don’t get everything I want SOME months..but they seem to be on point..especially for a $21/month sub.
    It’s depressing to get on here and see all of these negative comments! Lighten up! Its a make-up box!💌💟💌

    • I completely agree. I’m not wanting some items in this months box but I know just one of the items adds up to the entire box, and the stuff I don’t want makes good presents and stocking stuffers, so either way I win lol. Just wish other people could see it this way also.

      • I agree too. This gets me to try things I never would on my own and if something really doesn’t work for me I have a daughter with great make up skills that’s happy to give me tips or take it off my hands. It’s just for fun.

    • Preach!

    • Or it’s $21 for a box of stuff that is complete trash based on preferences. This could be an amazing box for $21 IF you get the variants you like- or $21 going in the trash. For example if I get the Becca back light, or any of the primers over the mascara it’s a complete dud so far for me. I hate all the lipstick options, & I have more shadows than I could ever use. I will be giving away the shadow, the Becca and the smash box so that’s zero return on my $21. Everyone harping on about 6 items for $21 being amazing- is basing that on it being usable items. There are two sides to every coin.

    • I really feel the same way,and I try everything that boxy sends me ❤❤❤❤

    • It’s also disappointing when people are not allowed to state how they feel, without being called out for it, or told they are being negative for giving an opinion! 💙💕💙😞🤗 Positivity is great, but we all have differing opinions. All love here! ✌

      • Nobody said people aren’t allowed to say or do anything. Anybody, anywhere, anytime, who posts anything can be called out for it. That’s just the nature of message boards and social media.

        The point is that sometimes people are upset all the time with what’s in the box, or they are mad that they didn’t get x variation that they wanted. If that’s you more often than not, then maybe sub boxes aren’t for you and you should spend your money on things you know you will want.

  13. Not bad. These variations are nice, hoping for the mascara more since I am in need of a new mascara and this is one of my favorites! Wasn’t fond of the one from July. But all these variations are making me think that This BoxyCharm luxe will contain one of each variation (like for example: you get the tarte mascara, one of the Becca products, one of the lashes) in the box that’s why they’ve been throwing more variations into the mix. Could be wrong but does make me suspect that!

  14. I want the mascara or lashes but I would be okay with the primer. So far I really like the August box. I can’t wait to see what else we are getting. I wish there wouldn’t be so many variations.

  15. My eyes almost popped out of my head until I realized all of these are variations. Only one I super excited for is the Becca first light. Doubt my chances of getting it are great, so I’ll probably have to trade. Unless they have their customization feature up and running and are basin the choice off our profiles, I can’t say I’m too thrilled about all these variations.

  16. I had a good run with Boxy but I canceled last month and have no regrets. Way too many possible variations to keep the FOMO away.

    • It is becoming the Sephora. I like some items… But I am not getting anything that I like. Or that would look good on me. I get the “variables…”

  17. You have got to be kidding me. Didn’t they learn from July variation hell?

    • Nope. Not only did they completely ignore how mu ch we disliked the entire concept of having more than 1 variation per box, they seem to be on the way to creating an entire box made up of almost nothing but variations!
      It’s so sad bc I’m sure they heard our complaints. I know they did for a fact bc I spoke with a customer service manager about the variants and how since the July palette had become a free gift with a $15 purchase on the Crown site I felt like I got a practically valueless item while the ppl who got the mist got an item with actual value to it if they chose to sell it. She apologized profusely, said she understood and mailed me one of the Tarte mists for free. It’s a super nice gesture that I 100% totally appreciate, but that was only done for me bc I complained super loudly and super often until they had to respond. The rest of the ppl who got the palette haven’t gotten any kind of reimbursement. Also, the Farmacy vs Dr Brandt variant ended up with most ppl getting the Dr Brandt and a low percentage getting the Farmacy. Seems like the most desired variant items are the ones in shortest supply and the reasons as to why ppl get what they get? “Randomization”. It’s not cool. Random smashbox variant. Random lashes/mascara/primer variant even though we have all gotten one of each of those items in either the June or July box.
      I feel like boxy is turning into the full sized version of Ipsy. Every month ipsy sends out like 5 rounds of spoilers and there are always a few things that everyone seems to want, like in June and July it was the Laura Mercier powder, but very very few ppl actually receive it. But the hope of getting that awesome thing we’ve been waiting to try keeps is subbed to ipsy. However boxy is twice the price and I’m not into this random box-o-junk every month for that price.

  18. Very glad that unsubscribed earlier this month. All these different box variations are annoying.

  19. anything but lashes, no more lashes for me please

    • i would love the primer or mascara but please no more lashes

    • I second that. I have two subscriptions and I got the same items in both boxes last month all the variations I didn’t want. I’ve got a lot of lashes and never use them.

  20. Anything but the lashes, please?!!! I’m sure I just jinxed myself. I’ve only been subscribed for three months and I have yet to get the box variation I want. Time will tell..

  21. I’m definitely crossing my fingers from the Becca Ever Matte primer!!! Please NO MORE false eyelashes!!!!

    • Yeah I’m sure one person will get the black tube the rest of us that damn purple…I never thought I would say this but the makeup community made me sick of unicorns!! And I loved them since I was a child!!

      • The purple doesn’t show up purple on your skin. A lot of people like a dewy look (I am not one of them) and this helps achieve this. It isn’t sparkly, just glowy, and when you wear it under your foundation it gives a nice glow. Its not like the Unicorn Essence that is super sparkly, it is just glowy.

      • lol truth, I’m tired of being magical!!

    • The primer is only a travel size though. Which I’m not too thrilled with. First came the variations. Now her come the travel sizes … and before you know it – it’s gonna be just like all the other subs 😪

      • I’m telling ya, boxycharm is inching ever closer to becoming the mostly full sized items version of ipsy.

        There’s little to nothing special abt it anymore. If they’re hoping to save it with luxe they need to remember that 8 out of 12 yearly boxes will be plain old boxycharms.

  22. Good job Boxycharm! I finally talk people into subscribing, telling them what great items we get and their high retail values, etc etc And what do you do? Send THIS box as their first box! The ugliest, neon, 1980’s eyeshadow pallet and variants on top of variants… ughhhhh

    Don’t be surprised when they all cancel! and me too…

    • Lol!!!!ahaha I feel the exact same way! I’ve had 3 friends sign up from me telling them how amazing it is. And now I feel like an idiot hahaha.
      First time in a year I cancelled :/
      It’s probably why they made this month the one to quality for the luxe Boxycharm upgrade.
      Way too many variations and pretty unfair variations if u ask me. 90% of people will probably get the lashes 👎🏼 And some crazy brown lip colour they’ll never pull off

  23. Oh my! We’re in variation hell!

  24. Ugh, sigh, lashes, yuck! Everything else is alright. Not great though and I’m not sure if the eyeshadow palette will be enough to make me want the box.

  25. I am not really loving this box. The only item I want so far is the smash box Lippy. I really don’t like the shadow colors on the pallet and the lashes really don’t do it for me (especially since I never used the last ones). I could deal with the mascara and primer (even though I have a lot of them). Hopefully the next spoiler will be better.

  26. I love boxy charm. Ive always gotten great stuff so it makes up for max 3 bad boxes. No boxy has ever been a bust like Play! I want that lip pallet SO bad!

  27. That’s my favorite mascara, but have to cancel because I don’t want to get a primer or lashes variant. I’d rather use the $21 to buy the one item I want

  28. My luck ill be getting those false eyelashes…i just know it. Julys box i actually really enjoyed. But aug box is looking a little rough lol

  29. Don’t care for any of it! Irritated about them hyping the farmacy last month and then almost no one got it and then they spoil a million variants and a neon palette that I have no use for! Like if there are so many variants then why not say this month is a total surprise?! I guess the shocking neon eye color needs more drama with a bold lash! 🙄

    • I actually received the Farmacy mask. I was surprised because I meant to cancel and just left a card that wouldn’t have money on it until 10 days into the month, but they just charged my card just hours after my paycheck went on there. I received my box a lot later than everyone else, but it had the mask!

  30. Come on boxy get it together with all the variants! That’s too many. Here’s hoping for any Becca primer. I’ve heard good things. Hmmm why so many variants tho. Variants in variants. Craziness lol

    • I’m very happy with the palette tho! People complain with neutrals and complain with color. Can’t please everyone. I’m very excited for it tho! And I seriously love all the high quality brands boxy includes. I just am not a fan of so many variants. I’ve been subscribed for a little over a year and I tend to get super lucky with the boxes I get. And even if I’m not happy with these variantions I will never ever NEVER cancel my boxy! The value is so great and I can always sell or swap products. Keep up the good work and maybe listen to the complaints about too many variants. They do listen so that’s good. I am stoked for boxy luxe

  31. Ugh there is no comparison! This sucks. The palette is horrid, and they finally do a sweatproof mascara (as close to waterproof as these boxes get) and it’s a variant. They pre-released that mascara months ago as a spoiler I believe, making us think all would get it.

    As a consistent subscriber for years (never unsubscribed), you would think I would get the best boxes, but I tend to get the least desired variants every time!

    It’s getting old. Especially for a fair-skinned 40’s gal, who has NO BUSINESS wearing neon eyeshadow, or blue shadow (gag)! That last palette was also nearly useless for me (I have plenty of those brick-brown-gold shades I don’t use in my good palettes), might be time to let this one go. I was such a die-hard Boxy fan, I was hoping they would eventually ask our skin tone and preferences, so at least the variants would go to those who wanted them…but I don’t like the recent decisions being made.

    • There is a new profile quiz on the site now! Yosef has asked everyone to go complete. Login and click on the giveaways tab. its in there! They have said by the end of the year, they are wanting to use our profiles for the boxes. I think this is a step in that direction!

      • In six months they plan to use the profiles? Good grief what’s the point?

    • I totally agree with your comment. I’ve only been subscribing for 3 months and I’m about to unsubscribe. Don’t need more false eyelashes. We just got some and I gave those away. And there is no way I can wear the colors in the latest eye palette in my 50s especially in a professional setting. This will be the 2nd palette in 3 shipments where I will have to give away the eye palette because the colors are not for someone my skin tone or age. One thing that was keeping me going was the full size products but this will be the 2nd time I’ve gotten a smaller size (bum bum cream). Will have to reconsider this subscription.

  32. Does anyone know of a really good non- latex eyelash glue/ adhesive? I have about 4 new pairs of false lashes from BC boxes in the past, and can’t use the ones that contain latex near my eyes. Also, magnetic lashes didn’t work for me, sadly..

    I’m going to re- subscribe as soon as they stop shipping the July box ( un-subscribed because it wasn’t for my tastes). I really do like this box but I definitely want to make sure I get it, then Sept. special box, and not July box.

    • Try the Kiss or duo both can be found at Walmart!

  33. Man, I’ve got like 5 pairs of false eyelashes from subscription boxes that I will NEVER use (falsies + glasses = nope). REALLLLLLLLLLLY don’t want the lashes.

    • I have two pair that I haven’t tried. But then I didn’t start using an eyelash curler until about ten years ago, so maybe it’s time for a new leap?

  34. Definitely cancelling, and this time for good. I can’t take the box of crayon eyeshadows AND three different variants. I have three pairs of false eyelashes, and I don’t wear them.

  35. Wow… so one of those 8 products?? Even the variants have variants now? Def. think this is my last box. Only sticking around this month for that colorful LL palette.

    • too many variants was why I stopped ipsy (not being able to redeem/ earn points was the other reason). Boxycharm seems to be going more and more towards the ipsy model.

      • I think they are doing it to get them to subscribe to the lux box just to get all the products whenever that comes up. I’m not feeling this at all. I’m sad they are going this route, I really liked Boxycharm

      • I think im going to pass on boxy lux. What if its a big box of varients i dont use. Like false eyelashes and brown lipsticks. Lol. Ill just stick with the 21.oo dollar a month box.

  36. I love the Becca Primer it really makes you glow 🙂 I hope that they would include an adhesive if they have lashes because the last one didn’t.

  37. But I do think it’s ridiculous that in just this “stage” there are 8 – EIGHT – possible variants.

  38. I’m not liking the trend toward lashes every few months, just because I never wear them and have no interest. However, I get that some people are ecstatic! I just hope I have a 2/3 chance of getting what I want, a primer or a waterproof mascara.😊

    • Please no lashes! Everything else makes me not want to cancel despite the god awful palette!

  39. I’m guessing here, but I think maybe we will all get the mascara (it’s one I’ve been wanting to try 🤗), each get one of the primers (PLEASE poreless! I hate illuminating primers as they just light up my large pores), and one of the four pairs of lashes. With the pics showing so many variations within each item I am hoping that will be the case. Fingers crossed!

  40. I thought Boxy didn’t do sample sizes… Those becca primers are all minis :/

    • Someone said that there are 6 items in the box this month and I find that in the past whatever the 6th item is usually is some type of larger deluxe sample size. As they only guaretee 4-5 full size items they are still being honest. That being said, I truly hate the variations. I cancelled about a year ago because they were doung this and I got irritated and then re-subbed in the spring but these variations are making me consider dropping this again for a while until they get their stuff together.

    • That’s probably why we’re getting 6 items for August.

  41. Please no lashes!!! 🙏🏻

    • Yeah heard that, especially because they just did false lashes!

      • No lashes please everything else is great as always.#lovemyboxycharm

      • Yeah and those false lashes were so stiff , it took so much glue to keep them in place and then just a few hours later, they started peeling off… Never happened with any of my other falsies. So, yeah, no more lashes from Boxycharm unless it’s coming from a good reputable brand.

  42. Unless it was edited, it says clear as day, in bold even, “one of the following products” – so my guess is that that would mean “one of the following products” not one of each of the following products. This isn’t meant to sound snarky, and I hate that over the interwebs you can’t relay tone, but I’m trying to help clarify. Or at least, give my take on what it means hah

    • That’s correct, thank you for clarifying! I just updated the text a bit because I realize it wasn’t perfectly clear. Thanks!

  43. I still have that Becca primer unopened from before, so I’m really hoping for lashes!

  44. No variants, please. I always get what I was hoping I wouldn’t get. How so disappointing. Buy enough product or don’t buy it at all.

    • I think they are doing this just to get people to subscribe to the Lux box…giving a bunch of variants. I didn’t like all the variants with my ipsy subs, never got what I liked… so I unsubscribed. I may do it with this one too

  45. Yeah, I’m confused as well. Will we be getting one of these items, or one of each?

    • one of the three. And not even in the same category. Eyelashes to primer to waterproof mascara?

      • Yeah, that’s sort of what I figured. Seems like they are picking up scraps or something. I think a repeat on the false eyelashes is unfortunate.

    • I believe you get either the mascara, primer, or lashes as the 3rd item.

      That really sucks.

  46. So, do we get one of each mascara,primer and eyelashes?????

    • only one of those many items….

  47. I have been wanting to try the Becca primers! Backlight or Firstlight please oh please oh please!

  48. we got that Becca First Light Priming Filter Face Primer in the Limited edition box in November.

  49. No lashes for me!!! Please!! I prefer becca double primer set

    • Not a double – porless

  50. I JUST UNSUBBED AND RESUBBED after seeing this I need those house of lashes omg I hope it’s not just me freaking out in excitement!!! 😅😳😳😭😭😭😭😭😭💜😍

    • I love house of lashes too!! They just had a big sale and a lot of their lashes were $4/$5.

    • When you unsubscribe do you loose your boxy charms?

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