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Walmart Beauty Box Review – Spring 2018 – Classic Box

The Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly beauty sample subscription box from Walmart. They feature brands you will find at Walmart, plus coupons.

FYI – They ask for your birthday at sign up to customize the box based on age. There are two options you could receive based on age: Trendsetter (under 35) or Classic (35 and over).

You can sign up for both like I did – just change your birthday year for the different account. Check out my post on the Trendsetter and Classic options to see how to get both options.

This is a review of the Classic Beauty Box.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Box: Walmart Beauty Box (Classic Box)

The Cost: $5 (ships once a season)

The Products: Beauty samples from brands carried by Walmart.

Ships to: US only

Delivered via: USPS

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SOO AE Sleeping Mask – Retail Value $2.50

This overnight gel mask is fragrance free, and super hydrating. I found the formula to be slightly tacky, but since I was wearing it overnight it wasn’t an issue – and my skin felt so moisturized in the morning.

Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer – 2 oz Value $2.30

This is a great product if you don’t have a lot of time to apply self-tanner, wait for it to dry, etc. You apply it immediately post-shower when your skin is still wet, then pat dry with your towel and you’re good to go.

I found it to be super easy to use, and it left my skin a little moisturized, too. I’m not a huge fan of the scent, though. And it takes a while to fade, unfortunately.

Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Ointment Body Spray – .86 oz Value $2.30

I’ve used the Aquaphor ointment before, so I was excited to give this a try – it’s pretty amazing. Imagine getting a super fine mist version of the ointment that you don’t have to rub in – that’s how I would describe it.

Hello Flouride Free Whitening Toothpaste – .85 oz Value $1.27

Charcoal toothpaste that isn’t a powder! Yay! (This is the equivalent of me finding a natural deodorant in stick-form instead of a jar!)

This toothpaste is fluoride-free, ingredient-conscious, helps fight stains, and it’s nice and minty! The formula is black, so if you’ve never used charcoal toothpaste before it’s a little weird at first, but it’s as easy to rinse away as regular toothpaste.

Degree Motion Sense – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $3.89

First, full size! These are the kind of Walmart Beauty Boxes I like! The formula itself worked well for me, but I should call out that I wasn’t impressed with the claims of no white marks. It didn’t hold up to that promise – my shirt had subtle white marks.

Softsoap Earth Blends in Coconut & Fig – 2 oz Value $.59

I didn’t know Soft Soap had an ingredient-conscious line – this is a nice surprise! The formula is free of parabens, alochols, and dyes! (FYI – not fragrance, though.) It lathers well and smells sweet and fruity, too!

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist – 50 ml Value $.65

I’ve sampled this before and I liked it. It’s is a 3-minute conditioner that provides extra moisture compared to your standard conditioner. I liked the scent, and it left my hair feeling softer. (And I love a super quick and easy hair mask!)

Coupon for a FREE box of Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Hair Color (Up to $8.99 value)

More props to Walmart Beauty Box – in addition to all the products there’s a coupon for a free box of Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Hair Color.

But make sure to use this soon – it expires 5/30/18!

And the coupon came with a hair tie, too!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $13.50 or $22.50 counting the hair dye coupon! That’s great for a $5 Beauty Box! I’m happy with the sizes of the products, it’s great to see some new brands/products sampled, and the free Clairol coupon is a fab addition – I hope those kinds of coupons continue in these boxes!

UPDATE: FYI If you are planning on signing up for this box, please keep in mind that we’ve seen multiple MSA readers report issues with shipping, and some still haven’t received their Winter box.

What do you think of the Spring Walmart Beauty Box? Did you get the Classic or Trendsetter box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (136)

  1. I signed up for the subscription but have to contact them every time to get it sent. I received the Winter Box at the beginning of June after I contacted them about it not being sent. The contents did not match those shown on this site and like the previous two boxes, it looks like it was just odd stuff thrown in at the last minute. Again, for the third time, I received the same sample can of dry shampoo. The Spring Box arrived June 11. It contained the Softsoap product mentioned above, Jergens Wet Skin moisturizer, a Donkey Milk Mask, a small sample of Dove Exfoliating Body Polish, and a flat packet sampler of Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo and Conditioner.

    • I received the same as you. I received the Spring box a week ago. I have noted shipping issues since the Winter box. I have had to contact them to get the last two boxes. I have also noticed repeats in the boxes lately. Have been a subscriber from the start & never had these issues in the past. They said they were still in the Spring season but the first day of Summer had passed. It is getting frustrating!

    • Mine too! Would have liked the one above…wth!

      • Trendsetter boxes are full of stuff. This is like a geriatric box! Smh

  2. I received my Classic Spring Box today and I don’t think it’s even worth $5. I only received 2 of the products shown; Softsoap and Jergens. I was really looking forward to trying the Aquaphor and the Hello Whitening Toothpaste but, I didn’t receive them. Very disappointing. I also received the Dove Exfoliating Body Polish, Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask, and Garnier shampoo and conditioner foil packet. I received the winter box on May 26th after inquiring about it a second time. They need to cancel the subscription service and have customers order it when it’s available like the Target Beauty Box. This seems to work for them since they fulfill new subscriptions first.

    • I received the exact same box today. I really wanted the Clairol Hair Color Coupon and the Hello Charcoal toothpaste. I received neither of those. It did come with a survey card go to to express your opinion on the box. Which I urge everyone to go there and express your disappointment.

    • Same here, my last 3 boxes were late! And I don’t get half of the stuff reviewed on MSA. I’m going to cancel my sub, it’s only $5, but the inconsistencies outweigh the cheapness. I am much happier with my Sephora Play! subscription, even if more expensive. Better stuff, and it comes in on time!

    • Same here. I am totally filling out the survey from the insert. No coupons or anything. So disappointed.

    • 6-11-18 —- I received TWO Winter boxes and ONE Spring box in the mail TODAY. What’s going on with their subscription service? I had received ONE Winter box right around the time that the Spoiler for the Spring Box was posted! I’m not even going to list the products in the 3 boxes, because that will only make me feel worse for realizing I spent $15 and didn’t get anything memorable! Of course I DID get the donkey milk mask, which sounds like it would be stinky.

    • That was the exact same box I got. I don’t understand why they can’t get their crap together. I have been with them for years and still I am one of the last people to get the boxes and they are never like the ones from the beginning.

    • These are the same items I received yesterday, 6/11. 2nd time since I’ve had it (from their first box) where I felt screwed. They need to get it together and ship boxes on time and be more consistent. Smh. I haven’t got my Trendsetter Spring box yet but after this, I’m dreading it.

  3. I got my spring box late, only today….definitely was not impressive. Softsoap wash, dove body polish, mask, garneir whole blends foil pkts of shampoo and conditioner, Jergens glow lotion…no free coupon nada else, yucko!!!

  4. I definitely do not get the same products as you do. plus my winter box was the same as my spring box. both of them SUCKED, especially compared to what you, as a reviewer, get. suspect. very very suspect.

  5. Interestingly enough I Ordered the mens grooming box and subscribed to get the trendssetter box on 5/30 just to see. I was charged and they were both delivered 6/4 BUT I still DO NOT HAVE my winter and Spring box from my subscription. These 2 boxes are really nice, the mens box is great for the price. I got 6 items in the trendsetters box; the soft soap, jergens, hello toothpaste, night mask, the pantene foam conditioner and a tooth whitner kit. I think the mens box is reat value. I would have loved to get the bath bomb for my grand daughter. Just wonder where my winter and spring boxes are at, just saying. Look how fast I got these just ordering, sigh.

  6. Signed up for the hair dye coupon, was looking forward to possibly trying the deodorant, Aussie, and aquaphor. None of those items were included. I don’t even know if I should touch the Pantene after everyone else’s reviews of it!

    • If it’s the Foam conditioner I tried in the past and liked it. But I have fine oily hair.

    • I was missing 5 of the items.

  7. Well, this is the most inconsistent and unpredictable program I subscribe to. I get the classic box and send the trendsetter to my son’s girlfriend. I got billed a classic box in March (and received it), no trendsetter box sent. This week I was notified & charged for the Trendsetter box. Nothing about the classic.
    The contents of my classic box always look different than the review, and rarely if ever match the Trendsetter sent to the girlfriend. Usually there is more than $5 of items of use in the box. Usually some very practical items like deoderant, toothpaste, dental picks, lotion. Not what I’d think of with the word “beauty” but I’m OK with it.
    Was the march classic box Winter or Spring? Is the upcoming trendsetter box Spring or Summer? Not that it matters – the contents don’t appear seasonal. But it is a mystery.
    I might cancel mine, but do like the fact that my $5 box tells the girlfriend I’m thinking about her. She’s off at college & away from old family & friends.

  8. I don’t get all the hate for the Walmart beauty boxes. For a measly $20, Walmart offers a great quarterly beauty box subscription. That is more than I can say about other beauty box subscriptions currently out there ( yes, Target I’m pointing @ you). After a year with the service, I’m pretty dang on pleased with Walmart’s quarterly beauty box and I’m sticking with it.

    • I have paid my $20 for basically the same 4 items each season. I’m glad you are getting great boxes, but I’m very jealous. I wish I had the stuff other people are getting. And that foam conditioner I keep getting is useless and does not work and yes I keep donating my items. It’s sad to see the box preview, be filled with hope and anticipation, only to be let down and disappointed when I get the same box as the last 3 times.

      • Try changing your information like classic to trendsetter or your age under or over 35?? After you receive each box!

      • I’m signed up for one of each and still receive the same products. That is WHEN I happen to receive both boxes which is rare.

      • I agree with you Loretta. I have been signed up for both Classic and Trendsetter for YEARS. But for some reason I get mine months after everyone else does. Never matches the reviews and usually is foil packets and the same products over and over. I will keep them because it is only $5 a box and I donate the toiletries to my church’s mission trip.

      • Jamie. It’s the same for me. Why is it that we get the boxes last and they have less in them? Never get the good stuff anymore, just repeats. Hope my summer boxes come soon.

    • That is nice and true IF your getting boxes. The problem is many of us NOT getting them or they oly have 3 or 4 items, not the 6 to 8 many are. We are seeing new subscribers getting their boxes and we have yet to get winter box. That is the problem.

      • I received 2 emails today from WBB telling me my card has been charged and I will get shipping info when available. Not optimistic because I got the same emails for the Fall boxes that never came. I was finally refunded that money.

    • For $7 Target sends me what they say they are going to sent me and I usually get it 4 days after I’ve ordered it.

      My winter box was awesome but I got a lot of items others did not get including a full size deodorant which paid for the box.

      Just received the spring box (I think) and I’m not impressed. Foil packs and soft soap, a donkey milk mask and the Jergans fake tan stuff. Meh. No coupons and no survey card.

      I much prefer Target.

      • I just cancelled I FINALLY got my winter box and spring box and it was crap, ALL THE SAME stuff, masks. SOFT SOAP and jergens. I created another account and ordered the trendsetter box, got it 4 days and IT WAS SAME crap as classic spring and what was in winter box. I emailed them and NO response. BRANDSHARE has ruined it. People signed up after watching the spring unboxings and GOT nothing the same except if you got the first boxes. NO one got 8 items like this review. It is a joke. These stupid donkey milk masks and foil packet of shampoo? Are you kidding me? 4 items a box, not even worth 5 bucks.

    • Speaking for me, the “hate” is because other people who pay the same amount routinely get better boxes with way more items. We aren’t talking variations here, we’re talking someone gets six items and her neighbor will get only 3. That’s just BS, no matter how cheap $5 is. I’ve stuck with this screwy sub for years but after today’s Classic box, I’m DONE.

    • Maybe 20 bucks is measley to you. I can assure you it isn’t for others.

  9. Got an email response to the fact I haven been told the sprig boxes are shipping and I will be billed soon, every week in MAY. Now well it is the last day of May and was rudely told they bill in cycles and IF WE don’t like how they bill and then WE do not have to participate. All I asked them was I was told all spring boxes will be billed and shipped by the end of MAY. They clearly don’t get it or care. Was told again if I want my box NOW, resubscribe they send out to NEW subscribers first and IF they are sold out, THEY get FIRST boxes of summer. So having a subscription does NOT mean anything. Your just a number, priority is given to NEW subscribers and the rest are set in their billing system for whenever they want to bill. So there is no guarantee you will even get ANYTHING they advertise in the boxes. So yeah ridiculous, they DO NOT CARE

    • WOW!!! I canceled after I got my “fall” box. It was not at all the Fall box. It was scraps from past boxes. So I complained & got sent another scraps box which was exactly the same as the 1st. I thought I would reactivate for the winter box but chose not to for obvious reasons. When I saw what they were advertising for the Spring box, I reactivated my subscription. What I got was the worst box ever! It wasn’t the Classic or Trendsetter but a few items from both boxes past. The nasty Jergens self tanner wet lotion again, the nasty Pantene foam conditioner again, that weird sample of Dove exfoliater again and a 12 pack of flossers. That is it. Those 4 items. I have basically been told too bad. Of course I did not like that so I tried responding and that CSR is just stuck on suck it up. I have tried getting a different CSR by starting new emails, no response. I have even tried Walmart’s corporate offices. They actually have nothing to do with this “product”.

  10. Well still nothing, and May 27th, Monday a holiday and month is pretty much gone and JUNE starts Summer Boxes. NO help but NEW subscribers get boxes shipped right away. Since Brandshare took over, nothing. totally disgusted.

    • Between Jan and Feb I was charged 3 times for 2 subs I have for my sister and me. I was refunded the extra charge and my sister received her box. I was reassured by brandshare that my box was on the way. After back and forth inquiries for a month I demanded a refund for my box which was honored. Today I received an email stating my winter box charged in February is on its way. Hmmm….almost 4 months after the initial charge. Lol

  11. 1-800-925-6278

    Walmart Corporate Offices
    850 Cherry Avenue
    San Bruno, CA 94066

  12. Although this sub has Walmart all over it, Walmart really does not have anything to do with it. It is BrandShare. That being said, BrandShare does not care and neither does Walmart. At this point, after the holiday weekend, I will be disputing this charge with the bank and getting in touch with the BBB regarding both Walmart and BrandShare. I have canceled any and all online orders I had with Walmart as well and will be returning recently purchased products to Walmart. I can it all elsewhere.

    In the meantime, here is some info for those that want it:
    Walmart Corporate 1-800-925-6278 (its 1800walmart)
    However, there is nothing they can do. I am not the 1st to call. They can not even take a complaint regarding their own beauty box. The best I can get is an address to write a letter to. We gotta go old school?! 😂

    Walmart Corporate Offices
    850 Cherry Avenue
    San Bruno, CA 94066

    • Awesome! I received a box worth $7 and 5 samples. I emailed CS and they said all boxes vary. Really? They show one for $22 and 8 samples to mislead you. Can they at least send one with the same value? Im disputing with my card company!

      • My box contained 4 items total and were all from past Classic & Trendsetter boxes. I should be getting the Classic. I got the Jergens self tanning wet lotion again, that Pantene foam conditioner again, that funky Dove exfoliater sample again and a 12 pack of flossers. W. T. H. 🙄 Hubby gets the flossers, I can donate the conditioner but I can’t give away the Jergens or the Dove.

      • Dawn-oh my gosh I love that Dove 🕊!!! I got the same box as you. Maybe I’ll try using the Pantene as a shaving cream…

      • That’s exactly what I thought the 2nd or 3rd time I got it but it was a big mistake! I normally do use a conditioner for shaving but this Pantene stuff burned!

      • I got the same stuff. The box looked empty to me. I was disappointed in it. Even more so since I thought I had canceled it, only to get it in the mail with a charge on my account. 🙁

    • Dawn, thanks fo rthe info. I sent a letter, did you get a response yet?

  13. I recently ordered the trendsetter after the spoilers were posted, didn’t get the bath bomb or hair color coupon, got 6 items: Jergens, Pantene foam, soft soap wash, hello toothpaste, sleek mask and a 3 day Rembrandt whitening kit. Everything will be used but really wanted that bath bomb for my kid!

  14. No idea which “box” I got but I’m happy.

    -full size degree deodorant
    -aquaphor spray
    – real techniques sponge
    -a mineral bath soak pack
    -a peeling gel that goes for $4 online
    -gold bond lotion

    For once I will use everything in the box which makes me happy.

    Unfortunately, my Penny and Grace sub showed up today as well and the envelope was empty. 🙁. Hoping customer service can fix.

  15. I got only two things I was supposed to—The sleeping mask and the Jergens and I am very unhappy!! I wanted the Clairol coupon, the body wash, the Aquaphor spray, the Hello Toothpaste, the Antipersperant and the Aussie shampoo!!!!

    I feel very ripped off! Instead of these good things I got more of that dumb Pantene foam (don’t like) some Dental flossers and a Dove sample body polish!
    Horrible, can I call or write and complain?
    I am going to cancel at this point ! This isn’t even worth 5 bucks I don’t think!

    • ditto. af.

    • Has anyone gotten as many items that this post did, I have never seen anyone get 8 items.

      • I am one of the lucky ones, I guess. I always get the same items as in the reviews. I don’t understand how they can send crappy boxes to some and great boxes to others. I’ve subbed with them from the start so a number of boxes (both trendsetter and classic) and every one has been excellent and shipped promptly so it’s not random. I’m very happy but I do find it very odd.

    • I hate that Pantene foam conditioner. It doesn’t make my hair feel good, at all AND it mentally messes with me. I feel like I’m putting NAIR on my head or something. I have used Pantene products before and they were fine. This new stuff though? No.

    • Same here. I emailed them and waiting for a response. If you received the card that says “Enter to win a $100 GIFT CARD”, it has the web site, and they want to know what you think about the box. I know what I’m going to say. Ha!

  16. This is no way directed at Liz or MSA,but at the companies that put out subscription boxes(not all, some). We make our purchases for the most part based on what influencers get and when we get something totally lacking, it is unfair to us consumers who actually pay for the boxes.

    • Very true, that is exactly why I signed up for the ones I do. I won’t be so quick to follow that because it makes it appear that the authenticity is not above board. IMHO

    • Exactly I’m totally ticked off I recieved 4 samples of products I have recieved a million times all the youtubers you see all got 7-8 items with full size products it such bs they say oh you are paying for shipping and the box is free well it’s still bs you advertise one thing and give another Ive been with them 4 years now and I have only dealt with customer service one other time years ago and omg they have let the vultures work that place now , the person in the past that helped me was incredible, granted that was 3 years ago but for customer service to go that far down hill after 3 years is rediculous I’m so ashamed and I’m canceling 😡

  17. Mannnnn. Disappointed. I quit after fall because I was getting the same things over and over and it wasn’t worth, even $5, if I wouldn’t use it, and if the value wasn’t even $5. Well, I seen the spoilers and it looked like they had made inprovements, so I restarted both of my boxes. Same few samples others are mentioning and no hair color coupons, which was what convinced me to start it again. The samples could have been junk and had I gotten the coupon for the free hair color I wouldn’t have complained.

    I’m mostly just reiterating what others are saying but yeah…it’s disappointing.

    • Same here. Just opened mine. No coupon, no full size deodorant, no conditioner. Also in trendsetter no bath bomb. Pretty disappointed.

      • Yeah, same with the no bath bomb. I’m not even sure which one is which because they were nearly identical. Both had the mask, and jergens but one had plackers and dove polish while the other had pantene foam and softsoap. $10 on that. Really sad.

  18. Since 2018 started I h ave NOT received my baurty boxes. I get email saying we have till this date to change any information as to not miss out. I contacted them in MARCH that i never got my winter box. Told sorry and they will send another, it has been sittingin processing since. NOW I have not gotten my spring box, same person Jordan says they are still processing spring boxes. Been tellng me that since APRIL. NOW jordan says, NEW SUBSCRIBERS get their boxes first OVER subscribers and IF I want my spring box, to unsubscribe and resubscribe. That is insane and just plain stupid. 6 people I know have gottne spring boxes with 10 days of ordering and yet I am a subscriber and mine is not even in processing. Seriously, then jordan says new subscribers DO NOT get preference? he needs to be a politician. THIS IS ridiculous. Something changed at the start of the year. You have to go through brand share to get help. MIddle of may and no spring box, no winter box and summer boxes start in JUNE. They will shop those before shipping OLD STUFF is what I was told by customer service. RIDICULOUS

  19. Just another unhappy customer who expected the same as the classic one in this review. But nope most things I can’t use and no free hair color coupon which was the reason I signed up.

  20. I received a Walmart box from Brandshare on Saturday but it is definitely not either one of these boxes. It only had 4 items in it and only 1 item is from the spoilers. Everything is a repeat from past classic and trendsetter boxes. The Jergens again, the Pantene again, the Dove exfoliater again and a package of 12 flossers. That’s it?! Wow! Just scraps! This is the reason I canceled this subscription after the Fall box. Their spoilers are the reason I reactivated this sub. So disappointing… I know it’s only $5, but it’s my $5. I’m not paying for scraps. The only good thing about this is I can make a trip to our local women & children’s shelter sooner.

    • Brandshare is why I cancelled, take your money and no tracking for a month, don’t like the change, sad, I liked my previous boxes never had to wait a month and no tracking info , just states processing, not worth the 5 bucks for that..

  21. I received my classic spring Walmart box & I absolutely love it! I already have or will use almost everything inside. I love the boxes themselves as I have found a thousands uses for just the boxes.

  22. I got a Walmart box from Brandshare today but it’s definitely NOT either of these. I got 4 items! All of which are from past boxes! Scraps! This is exactly why I canceled after the Fall box! Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, AGAIN! Pantene foam conditioner,AGAIN that funky sample of Dove Exfoliating Body Polish AGAIN and a 12 pack of Plackers flossers! R U FN kidding me?! I expected that aweful Jergens but not the rest of this crap! I was really looking forward to everything except the Jergens and that’s the only thing I got! So done! This is not worth $5.00 no matter how anybody tries to spin it. It shouldn’t matter that it’s ONLY $5.00 to some. It’s my $5.00 and I don’t appreciate being duped and getting the scraps yet again. I could have taken my $5 and put it towards a Target box and I most certainly will when they refund my money.

    • I emailed them this morning and received a reply this afternoon. Unfortunately it said the same thing. Your order is processing. It wasn’t even personalized and I doubt they even checked my account.

  23. I just got my spring box – 4 items – a mask and the same three things I got in all the boxes last years – things I don’t use or like. I wanted to try the toothpaste and deodorant – Walmart just keeps sending me the same 3 things in both the trend box and the other – frankly, I have not seen any difference in the two – I get one and my mom the other and the contents are always the same 3 things. I see the “sneak peek” on this site and can’t wait for my box and then it has none of the items pictured!! I could take my $5 to the store and buy the things I want to try. So disappointed. But now they are selling the better boxes in store – like Target. I saw 8 different ones last week. I think it’s time to cancel. 🙁

  24. tried to use the coupon for the color but was told by Walmart that they no longer accept free item coupons!

  25. I know there are often variations- I thought I would post mine. I received Pantene foam conditioner, Dove exfoliating body polish, Aveeno yogurt body wash, hello toothpaste, Jergens Wet Skin moisturizer, and SOO AE Donkey Milk skin gel mask.

    I was hoping for the Degree deodorant because that is the brand I wear. Half of the things in this box I’ve already sampled, but I guess that’s the gamble with a $5 drug store brand box.

  26. I just received my classic box and it was completely different than this one. I got Pantene foam conditioner sheer volume, Aveeno daily yogurt body wash, jergens natural glow wet skin moisturizer, dove exfoliating body polish, plackets mint dental flossers and a coupon, acai berry revitalizing sleeping mask. Not bad, but no hair dye coupon, and no makeup…

    • Mine is different too. No sleep mask a different mask no coupon or body wash no degree. Okay for $5.00 box

    • Same here, just the jergens, dove exfoliator, flossers, pantene, and a face mask..Not bad for 5 but was getting the box because I was hoping to get the full size deodorant to save some money lol:/ The box reviewed here seems so much better in value and just in general.

      • This is the same that I received. I cancelled after problems with the Winter box,but resubscribed after seeing this review. Very disappointing to receive items that I previously was sent. I resubscribed to try new items. Cancelling again and hopefully learning my lesson.

  27. My daughter and I received our Fall boxes in late December & our Winter boxes in late March.
    Just yesterday (5/14) I received another Winter box, which I did not order & was not charged for – very strange.
    We received emails to verify our address for the Spring box in late April. No charges for that one yet…. Based on the trend I expect we’ll receive our Spring boxes no sooner than late June or July.

    • I had the same thing happen. Today, I received a tracking email saying that my box had shipped. I was so excited, until I realized it was for my winter box. It was dated today, so weird!!

  28. Since Walmart is the largest retailer in the country, most of these samples are free from manufacturers like Proctor and Gamble. Brandsource is the issue but I cant complain since they sent me two fall boxes and now I have received three winter boxes. No spring box yet but I am disappointed that the Nice n Easy coupon will expire so quickly now that we wont even receive it. Since Walmart is so powerful, I think Brandsource could preorder enough of each sample to make each box identical.

  29. This doesn’t look anything like my Classic box. I received a handful of items that I have received before and NO hair color coupon. Also, I was charged for 2 winter boxes that I have never received, nor did I get refunded for them per my request. I am supposed to receive 2 boxes every season. I’m cancelling, not worth the hassle. I think the first letter of your last name has something to do with why some people receive junk boxes or no boxes at all. (Those on the bottom of the list get done out.) Wal-Mart should limit the boxes one per customer to make it fair for everyone.

    • I wish I could say your right about this but my last name starts with “B” and I only received one of the fall boxes and neither of the winter. Was sure charged for all though.
      You would think this king of retail would have it together better.
      Cancelling as well.

  30. Because it’s only $5 a quarter, I honestly don’t see any reason to complain. My box always shows up when it shows up (sometimes I get a shipping email, sometimes I don’t) and it’s like a surprise gift.

    I wish I’d gotten the deodorant. I got whitening strips, Dove body polish & Pantene foam conditioner instead of the deo/Softsoap/Aussie hair mask that you got. I’m always good with whatever they send though, because I share with my teen daughter and if there’s something neither of us like, she has a million friends who are willing to take it.

    • no reason to complain? Sorry, I don’t enjoy waiting over 2 months for a box, after being charged. That is a problem.

    • Zara, I got that same variation. Signed up recently, and this is my first quarter, so, maybe that has something to do with it. I already have plenty of deodorant samples, and was wishing for some good hair care and a hand soap. Oh, well. $5, right?

  31. Wow, I wish I had gotten this face mask! I got a donkey milk face mask and maybe its just me but I’m gonna have to gift it to someone, I don’t see me using it!!!

  32. Hmmm…my winter box is processing since 4/20 and I see nothing for Spring.

    Part of the problem I have with several subs is I get a “processing” email and then weeks later a ship order. They put it on my radar long before it ever makes it to shipping and then it moves at a snails pace because they choose the slowest cheaper ship method.

    It seems like it’s “on its way” far longer than it actually it.

    Everyone needs to take a lesson from Target.

  33. I always get both of my boxes but don’t always get charged for them. I got one yesterday so I bet the other will be here today. No charge yet. I think these boxes are so useful for the price. I hope the box above is the one still coming. Happy with all of it.

    • They certainly are useful for the price of free! LOL. Seriously, lucky you….luckily I’ve not had the problem that others do of getting charged and not getting the box. I just don’t get charged or get the box usually.

  34. I wish their boxes were more consistent. I got way different stuff than most of this. Some variations but also just different. I got a different Hello toothpaste, a completely different deodorant and it’s sample size, etc.

  35. I signed up for winter for my first box and received it no problem. I also received my spring box last week. I have had no issues.

  36. Ive been told everyone will be BILLED by the end of the month. The only reason is such a mix up is because so many people signed up last winter. So it delayed thing sence. Told them I Did n care what the problem was thAt they need to provide a service that they promised and to eather change days of there shipping or billing because someone people EXPECT them to have Higher standard. So by the end of may we should all have our spring boxes……dont ask about summer they said lol

  37. I canceled after the Fall box issue. I reactivated my account a few days ago. Now I’m beginning to think that was a mistake considering some have not even gotten their Winter boxes yet.

    FYI: This box May say Walmart on it but it is not Walmart. It is Brandshare. Walmart employed Brandshare to do this. Walmart does not know there are as many issues as there are with this box.
    I don’t know what the deal is with Brandshare but I’ve been charged and now their system is screwy. I can’t make changes, cancel or send them an email. Time to call Walmart’s corporate office regarding this product.

  38. Has anyone else received their Spring box?

    • I did! I get classic & trendsetter – They both arrived last week. My trendsetter was exactly like this one.

      About a month and half ago, I got a notification to check my shipping info for the Winter box, but it never shipped. I wasn’t charged, so I’m assuming that they skipped that one for me.

    • I have not, but I haven’t been billed yet either.

  39. Yikes, I’m scared because I’ve gotten mine right on schedule every time, although this is only my 2nd one. And the first one they sent 2 boxes, each slightly different but both classic.

    I think this is definitely worth the $5. I haven’t had to buy deodorant thanks to Walmart. There’s been a full size in the last 2 boxes (and I got 2 last time). I probably won’t use the Aussie conditioner and I won’t use the coupon but still worth it for even a couple items.

  40. I’ve had no problems with my boxes, so it seems hit and miss for those considering subscribing. The value on this box was amazing! I’m overloaded with product right now, but I keep this subscription because it is usually fairly practical and the quarterly is more manageable than monthly subscriptions in terms of product overload.

  41. I received my spring box yesterday. It wasn’t spring themed like this one. I did get the aquaphor and the toothpaste, but the rest was mostly tiny duplicate lotions from past boxes. Definitely no hair dye coupon

    • That’s two now with no hair color coupon! That’s why I got this box. I really hope I get the coupon or they will be hearing from me!

  42. I haven’t received my winter box either. It says pending shipment, and the customer service rep said that meant it was in their warehouse waiting to be shipped. And I have nothing showing for the spring box. I would advise anyone thinking of signing up for this box not to do it until these issues are resolved. Just my two cents, don’t sign up.

    • @julia – Same here. I have emailed and called numerous times. Really frustrating.

  43. I have two subscriptions on classic and one trendsetter. I was charged for winter classic in January got it days later. First week of February I was charged for the same box again and the other box. They sent me an email saying they double charged me they’d refund my second charge I could keep the extra box. It’s been 3 months plus haven’t gotten either my trendsetter or the second classic box I was charged for in error. I’m very frustrated with the whole issue. Seems I have had a lot of bad luck with beauty subs lately. Paid yearly for beauty box 5 and lip monthly both took my money and quit sending boxes and ignored my inquiries to them. I cancelled both they both charged me for another year after they never sent a good portion of the first years boxes and now Walmart is issues every season. It’s getting old maybe it’s time to quite the subscriptions all together.

  44. I don’t know who they use for shipping’s so frustrating to continually email them …be told the winter box is coming yet no trouble getting the Spring box last week.
    I just shake my head . And they get 5 bucks free.

    • Email Brandshare and request a refund. I did! They had charged me in Feb for one of the Winter boxes. I emailed them a few times, to be told they’re working on it. After an email the end of April, I was told they re-issued my winter box. Another 2+ weeks later I told them just refund me! (and they did) No idea when or if I’ll get a spring box.

      • I’ve never gotten responses to my emails.

      • I wrote them an email and gave them a deadline to issue my refund or I told them I would contact my credit card company. They were very cooperative after that. Just send them an email and if they don’t respond it’s usually very easy to file a complaint with your credit card company and get the refund issued.

  45. I seriously have no idea what is going on with Walmart. I had 2 accounts to get Classic and Trendsetter. I canceled both after never being charged for or receiving winter boxes when people started getting spring. Last week I gave in and reactivated my Tredsetter account. It still says pending shipment but I got a box today….in a Winter colored box, though? Total chaos…

    • I did something similar. After not receiving the fall or winter boxes I cancelled. Then a couple weeks ago resubscribe to get the spring box, but I still never got the fall, winter or spring boxes! They’ve got my money, too! What is wrong with these people?

    • Oh no! I just reactived mine. I did not get the Winter box. I canceled before after getting the Fall box. I’m definitely going to send an email telling them not to send me the Winter box.
      Walmart does not actually have anything to do with their own beauty box. They pay Brandshare to do it. However, everybody making complaints to brandshare doesn’t work. Call Walmart’s corporate offices. They are starting to get more calls again due to Brandshare shipping out Spring boxes but the Winter box is still a mess.

      • Can you provide me with the number to call to find out what is going on? Brandshare replies to my emails, but never gives me a definitive answer, I am always told, they are processing.

  46. I thought this was a great box!I really Love the toothpaste, my teeth feel so..clean afterwards.

    • Well, at least you got yours.

      • Sometime last year, I moved and had an address change..3 boxes just floating around somewhere, because I never got them. So it’s hit or miss not with the contents, but the actual receiving..

  47. Liz is this the classic or trendsetter? You have both listed. (Well trendsetter was listed once at the top, the rest were classic!). Thanks!

    • Whoops! Classic

      • Thank you! I’m so glad to see that they are starting to ship. What a really great $5 box!!

      • Yes! They really stepped up their game this quarter! 🙂

      • This is classic? Mine was different. Will take a pic tonight.

        I did get the lotion* and toothpaste, but got conditioner mousse, a different face sheet mask, a body scrub and…maybe something else. Will post when I get home.

        *I always get that lotion! Not necessarily a bad thing, but every box??

      • Mine was different as well, about 3/4 of the products were different, and No hair dye coupon, and I was excited for that 🙁

  48. I never received my winter boxes either. I ended up contacting Wal-Mart and they cancelled my winter boxes and refunded my money. I hope I get my spring boxes.

  49. Just resubbed to this. Hoping it wasn’t a mistake ….

  50. These are supposed to be quarterly. I just checked my account, and I got the Summer box last year on 6/17/17, then the Fall box on 11/14/17.

    I still have not even received the Winter box, but they are sending out the Spring boxes to influencers already??

    • I’m so sorry about that! This box was not sent to us for review purposes – we bought it and I have several subscriptions to this box. This is the only box that has shipped so far. I do not understand their shipping schedule. But I’m going to make an update on the review to note these issues.

      Thanks for calling this out and sorry again that they haven’t shipped you your winter or spring box yet!

      • Sorry, I certainly didn’t mean to direct any of my frustration at you, Liz! It’s all directed at Wal-Mart! 🙂 I just don’t understand what’s going on with their shipping and fulfillment lately, and their support isn’t very helpful.

        Did anyone else receive a Winter box yet?

      • No worries! I didn’t get the impression it was directed at me. I wish I understood what was going on with their shipping, but I’ll try reaching out to see if I can get some clarity.

      • I never received my winter boxes either. I ended up contacting Wal-Mart and they cancelled my winter boxes and refunded my money. I hope I get my spring boxes.

      • I’m resigned both my daughter and I. She received hers quickly (winter) but I’m still waiting on my winter. “Pending shipment” for a month now. I hope I get the spring before the coupon expires 😔

      • @Heather
        I just received my Winter box this past weekend! Not sure which one it is since I’m signed up for both but at least I got something after being charged back in February! I have not been charged for the Spring boxes yet-at least as of last week.

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