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We have full spoilers for the now sold out Gilt City POPSUGAR Must Have Day Date box thanks to VerkatertFina on the forum!

Each box will include:

Photo source: VerkatertFina

The Box: Day Date Box

The Cost: $34.99

The Products: “Update your look with this seasonal box, which includes an Ocean Tribe Kilim Towel by Turkish-T, beauty must-haves and more.”

What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Uh oh, I got two spring break boxes. Labels were created. One is 5.3lbs and the other is 4.7lbs. either there are variations or they missed an item…

    • Mine is 4.7lbs also so I am wondering the same thing

    • Mine is 5.1 lbs shipping from NY. Due to arrive 3/24.

    • Mine is 5.3

  2. Great box if you don’t subscribe! I got spring break and hope it’s as good!

    • Has anyone heard about spoilers for the Spring Break box?

      • Someone posted spoilers in the forum

  3. So, anyone who has bought the mystery boxes before, do they tend to duplicate items from one box to another when they both come out at the same time? Should I expect any of these items to be in the Spring Break box? I have never bought a PopSugar Must Have box, so I don’t have any of this, and I sure could use the sunscreen, and I think the pineapple pin and lunchbox are adorable. If they don’t, do any of you PopSugar veterans have guesses as to what will be in the Spring Break box? Thanks!

    • Any word on the Spring Break Popsugar box that is on Gilt?

  4. I will not use most of the things, but really for the price…. its like a mystery box with junk and nice things. I think it’s better than the PUR mystery bag — I can’t get over it —.

  5. I did cut the straps off all of the bags that I have. Because they are see-through, they make good travel containers. Otherwise, I would not use a see-through bag in public.

    • I found using this bag made going through security at events super smooth. It is just small enough that they don’t think they need to dig through it and because it’s clear, they assume you wouldn’t carry anything not allowed in it. It is great.

    • A lot of venues are changing the rules on women bringing purses into the venue and stating purses must be clear. I have seen it a lot with college stadiums. It would be handy to have a clear purse on hand for that.

  6. Already planning a day date where my bf and I go canoeing on the lake and read Lisa Sugar’s book to each other. He’s gonna love it! I just hope that it doesn’t accidentally end up in the lake…

    • I plan to sit on the book during my date so it’ll make me look taller.

    • Noooo! Don’t drop it in the lake! Your gonna need it for the bonfire later!

  7. Same old stuff for the past 3 years or so?
    So glad I passed, I almost thought….hey they can’t still have the same emoji napkins and pineapple pins right? Hahahahahahahaha!!!

  8. I actually laughed when I saw the spoilers. I couldn’t find a discount code, so I paid $35 for this box. There was some mystery box recently that I missed out on and it was really good. So..FOMO got me.

    Bright side..there are a lot of duplicates in there that I actually never used. I gifted it swapped or gave away most of them. So..I’m going to actually keep most of it this time. I’ll use the hair stuff (for some reason last time I assumed that was only for blondes). I’ll use the towel. Etc.. Maybe it will be the perfect box for second chances. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • The really good one was the mother’s day box with the Derek Lam Perfume set and a few other actually awesome items and it was like $either $35 or $45 but also sold out in like a half hour.

  9. I have a couple of the pineapple pins as well, but I use them instead of thumb tacks in my cube at work. Seeing a cute little pineapple brightens my space.

    • That is such a good idea! I have a few of those pineapples, too. I gave a couple away, but they are mostly sitting in an envelope. This would be such a good use for them!

    • Such a good idea! Swapping the pin was pointless, so I’m going to do this! 🙂

  10. I was so close to pulling the trigger on this and glad I didn’t. I really hope others are happy with it but not a great mix for me.

    • Same here. Fool me once, shame on you….

      • This is foolishness; who will wear a pineapple pin on a day date! Where’s the jewelry and where are the pampering items, hello, where’s the make up, perfume? And candles? This is just random stuff that has nothing to do with a day date! Shame on Gilt! They should have named this box! The Conversation box! Because that’s all is! LOL

        • I guess “glamping for one” or “lonely hipster girl in the park” would have made us think twice!

  11. The Spring Break box will be a delightful mix of trucker hats, straws, a swan, and possibly…if there is a God…the Lisa Sugar book

    • Hi Beth, if you want the Lisa Sugar Book, I have it, will be happy to swap!

      • I’m pretty sure Beth was being sarcastic.

  12. I definitely feel okay about missing out on this one. I would’ve used most of it, but I’m not kicking myself for being too slow either. I hope those of you who snagged one enjoy it lots!

  13. I’m glad this box sold out before I could get it. Hopefully none of these items will be in the Spring Break box I ordered!

  14. i might be interested at buying this at cost + shipping. i got rid of PSMH years ago so this stuff is all new to me

    • Hi there, mine will be available if you’re interested. My email is llopez1121 at gmail

  15. ugh, this box. thankfully i only paid $28 and i do think the towel is worth at least that. i’ll also use the lunchbox (super cute) , sunscreen, and probably the deodorant wipes. but i’m nearly 44 yo. – emoji cocktail napkins? a pineapple pin? a see-thru plastic “camera” bag? good gravy. fortunately, i have an 11 yo niece who will probably love that stuff. seriously, day-date? c’mon PSMH!!!

    • I’m almost 40 and I have all of those items.
      I never received the napkins, but swapped for them. They are cheesy, but useful.
      I have the pin on my jean jacket…with plenty of other pins.
      I have the red purse, but I gave it to my 7 year old to carry to restaurants with things to do. I also swapped for more. Two have been gifts filled with “stuff” already. I might use the last one for myself when we go to Disneyland, since I want an easy security check!

      Nothing in the boxes is truly for everyone…but you can make them work, gift or swap. I never buy mystery boxes because you know PS is just dumping old stuff.

      • i’m glad you are able to use most of the stuff – maybe when my disappointment wears off (and the box actually arrives), i’ll feel differently. thank you for the reminder to be more open-minded! 🙂

        FOMO got the better of me with this box – i hesitated on the girls’ night in box and loved that reveal. i had hoped the day date would be more along those lines. *sigh*

      • I actually traded for the red purse! It’s a great waterproof bag to keep my keys and phone dry when I’m on the boat!

        • I think it is a great bag! I mostly use it for sporting events, but it was perfect for the State Fair this past year. Fits everything you need and is indestructible. I got some kind of marks on it from scraping it up against stuff and just scratched them off with my nails and wiped away to new again. I may cut the strap off one of the two I have coming and just use it as a make-up bag. It’s so easy to clean- just rinse it out!

  16. I think popsugar would do everyone (including their reputation) a favor if they stopped peddling this old stuff in mystery boxes and just put the items for sale individually on their website so people could get (or avoid!) whatever they want.

    • I think they would keep doing this as long as they have the old crappy stock and it keeps selling out. It’s a brilliant move on their part. People will just have to get over FOMO and not buy. Then I believe they will stop selling. I did dodge a bullet on this one, but that’s just because it was out of stock when I got to it.

    • Agreed! I don’t know how they keep finding more of some of these things. They’ve done clearance sales before and “sold out” on some of these items, even though they clearly have more!

    • They are probably trying to reach a new audience. There is a whole new community outside the MSA!!!! These products will be new to that audience.

    • Beth!! I agree. They are completely disrespecting the loyal customers. Not cool at all. Put out good items not ones your trying to get rid of. People don’t want them.

  17. I’m not sure why people are so surprised and peeved about this box. All of this stuff is pretty much PSMH mystery box 101. I would have been surprised if most of these items weren’t in the box. At this point long time customers of PSMH should be pretty clear that mystery box’s will contain the pineapple pin because PSMH bought 1 million of them in order to get the very best price. Little did they know that little pineapples would piss off their loyal customers to no end.

  18. What is the Name of the other box? This one was sold out I’m glad it was. But I can’t remember the name of the other one?

    • Spring break

    • Nevermind i looked on my account it the “Spring Break Box” I hope that one is better & no expired Products or I will complain if anything is Expired. **Sigh** 🤔 Even tho we did get this at a nice discount if anything is expired we won’t be able to use it & down goes the Value.. that’s my main concern.

      • How many of the products in this box are expired? Is it 2 (the hair item and the sunscreen?)

    • Spring Break Box

      • Aka “Here’s Another Swan!”

  19. Wish I could swap something for the camera bag. My daughter needs one. I will have to check out the swap sites.

    • I will gladly swap the camera bag. Im not on swaps but sheiladolanpetitataol.com if you are interested. I have lots of things from various boxes.

    • I also have the bag available, listed on my swap page (linked above), if you’re interested. 🙂

    • D I have the bag listed as well 🙂

  20. I love my towel and bottle opener for $28., the rest is just junk that I can gift away. I am thinking the Spring Break box may be great, remember, just adding a bottle of tequila makes any spring break great! I bet they get the cute swan!!

  21. I feel like people are forgetting this was a $28 box(with discount code)…I got the spring break one but would totally feel satisfied with this box at that price.

    Now if I had paid the full price of $70, that would be a different story…

    • Good way to look at it!

  22. I want another towel, the deodorant wipes are new to me, and I can use/gift a few items. I’m satisfied for $28.

  23. I hope a lot of people who don’t like their box cancel their order so that Gilt City can put these back on sale so that I can get this box. Haha

  24. Although….
    I honestly DO love the watermelon lunch box and pineapple pin. 🍍
    Can’t even lie about that! 😋

    • I purchased the watermelon lunchbox on EBay before and would buy one again. It was 8$ with free shipping.

      • Oohh!
        Thanks for the heads up! I am heading over to check it out now. Hope I find one! 😃 🍉

        • Awesome, I liked the lunchbox and I saw them on Poshmark and Mercari too.

  25. I don’t understand why ANYONE would be excited to recieve 2+ year old products? Wouldn’t the wipes be dried out by now also? Maybe it’s just me, but I know if I purchased this box, it would be going straight back.
    I believe I have now seen everything in terms of crappy boxes. 😖

  26. This box is an excellent reminder of why I don’t subscribe to PSMH.

  27. I don’t know about y’all, but I won’t accept a Day date unless I know I’ll have a copy of Lisa Sugar’s book handy.

    • Thanks you so much!! I’m truly in hysterics. Too funny

  28. If I was new to subscription boxes, this would be great. Unfortunately, for most people here, this is a rotten box of leftovers. If PS wants to get our trust again, they need to get rid of all of this old stock in an honest, upfront manner (stop making “mystery” boxes filled with this stuff).

    PopSugar…we don’t trust you anymore.

    • Again, they are probably NOT targeting the MSA followers to sell these boxes. They are probably looking to grow their customer base outside this blog. They DO exist.

  29. If anyone doesn’t want their box I’ll buy it from you and pay shipping! I’m in OR so preferably west coast ish so its not too pricey

    • I will ….I get my box on Friday!

    • I would be willing to sell mine at cost plus shipping. I’m in the Midwest. Bmckong(at)gmail(dot)com

  30. Also I have to say the Sachajuan product is pretty amazing. I used it all last summer and it was like a luxe treatment. But I have 3 tubes and I think it would take me 5 years to get through them. I hope it doesn’t really go bad. I feel like hair products last longer than say skincare.

    That SPF cream expires in December. So I really hope that’s the last of their stock.

    • I also love and use the Sachajuan Hair stuff in the summer. I only have 1 left.

    • But seriously, that stuff has been in every single mystery box I’ve gotten. When will they finally run out? Same with the pineapple pin, emoji napkins, and the toothpicks with the stars. The never ending supply of that stuff amazes me.

  31. Oh bummer! I hope the other box is better!

  32. Is it just me or has there been a pattern with PS mystery boxes. Good, bad, good, bad, good, bad. The last round was good, so everyone jumps on this round, and it’s junk. The next round will be good…so they can dump the rest of the junk in the next box. Then people get upset, so they make the next round good…and the cycle continues. I wonder if they will have less stuff to clear out with the new subscription model. Either way I’d bet the next round of mystery boxes is a good one.

  33. J U N K ! ! !

  34. Aw, this isnt “day date” its “all the stuff from other boxes no one liked and cant get rid of” box. 🙁 The towel was a bamboozle. Its the only thing I can use.

  35. Crap! I feel bamboozled! And I purchased both boxes! This has nothing to day with a day date! 😡

  36. Um. Are they seriously sending people 2 year old nail polish and hair cream? Gross. :/

  37. Dodged the bullet, for sure!

  38. I might be in the minority here, but I love this box and I’m so excited to see the spoilers for the Spring Break box! Sure I might not use some of it, but for $28, I still think it’s amazing.

    • I agree! Ive already found a use for everything even if it’s just giving it to someone who will love it more! I just love these little surprises in my mailbox and love trying new things that I wouldn’t buy for myself normally. I think it is worth noting that it’s probably not worth buying these mystery boxes if you subscribe because then you’ll probably just end up with doubles but I don’t subscribe to Popsugar so I’m excited for my box!

  39. No swans or trucker hats, at least. But I’m not sorry I passed on this one.

    • Those will be in the spring break box. With a swan and some straws

    • Don’t worry, the hat and swan will be included in the next PSMH mystery box. And the next one. And the next one,..

  40. I almost wish they would stop throwing in all the small stuff that everyone hates. Somehow they taint the box with these silly fillers. I’m happy with the towel, I can fill the purse with little presents from my niece(and I get lots of compliments on that bag whenever I use it- people seem to like it), matches are always useful, the nail polish is fun for craft projects, I will use the bar key, sunblock is always a win, the deodorant wipes are freaking great for travel, the watermelon container will make a nice little gift addition, emoji napkins are still ridiculous, but whatever. Toothpicks are…toothpicks. I got two of these boxes and I am now wishing I had done one of the spring break boxes instead.

    • Would you like to sell one of your boxes?

  41. I’ must be really slow…this is the 3rd box in 4 days I went to buy or sign up for on here that’s sold out…lol

  42. Whew….did I dodge a bullet on that one or what???
    Every single thing I have but never used.

  43. SO bad. At least the towel is awesome.

    • Agreed. I feel like this is just a compilation of items I hated in past boxes (the pin, the napkins, the toothpicks)…. Glad I passed on this one.

  44. So, I’m counting $255 when Gilt said $275. What is up with that. I could be counting wrong, full disclosure, margaritas, big ones, evil bartender. Lol

    • Did you count the book mentioned below? I believe it was a “free gift” when it was included in the original box but I bet they are counting it worth at least $20 for here…sigh….

      • Boo. Well, at least I don’t have six of the items already. I got two boxes though. Lots of presents for people… Hopefully we see spoilers on the other box too.

  45. Since i had FOMO from the girls night in and box, I really wanted to get this box. Good thing it sold out before i had a chance… i already have everything in this box x2 and would be extremely disappointed.

  46. Mine is up for swap if anyone wants. Or if someone just wants to buy at cost plus shipping, can do that too.

    • Link is in my name.

  47. Wanted this box for the towel but it sold out before I could get it. Nothing in here I’d be too mad at but nothing that gives me too much FOMO either. I just see a bunch of potential gifts lol.

  48. Plus the cherry on top, the Lisa Sugar book 🙄

    • That book that can’t be swapped.

      • There’s a number of things in there that can’t be swapped, IMHO. I’m lookin’ at you pineapple pin, book, napkins, 2 year old hair stuff that I’ve had listed and never get requests for! It’s definitely a very ho-hum box, but for the $28 or whatever I paid after the 20% discount, I’ll use the sunscreen, towel and a few other things.

        • I’d buy your box from you if you’d like to part with the box + book

  49. Plus the book…

  50. Awesome another spoiler for sold out box. 🙁

    • People like to see what came in it, so they what they can swap for,or whether or not they dodged a bullet

      • I’m glad I passed on this box!!

    • I like to see what’s in the box, most people do, so I’m happy to see this post.

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