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Billie Shave Club for Women Review – February 2018

Billie Starter Kit - Box closed

4.4 overall rating
16 Ratings | 7 Reviews

Billie is a shaving subscription service that caters to women. It allows you to choose the frequency of deliveries and cancel at any time. They outright bash the “pink tax” (that extra amount women are charged for certain products or services, for no good reason) and support women’s causes around the world.

Billie doesn’t typically offer coupons, since their starter kit is only $9. (This is a little more expensive compared to Dollar Shave Club’s Starter Kit, which is just $5 and includes a razor with refills plus additional sample products. Check out our Dollar Shave Club Reviews if you want to see their products in comparison to Billie!)

Billie Starter Kit - Box Open

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Isn’t this packaging great! I could stare at anything holographic all day. I love that the colors and holo are used throughout. I tend to get fixated on packaging – I’m a graphic designer – and this packaging is just super enjoyable.

About Billie

The Subscription Box: Billie

The Cost: $9 for the starter kit and $9 for each replacement cartridge delivery

The Products: The Starter Kit includes a razor handle, mag(net)tic holder, and 2 5-blade razor cartridges. There is also an option to add body care products of your choice.

Good to Know: Billie only has one level of razors, unlike other shaving subscriptions with multiple razor options. The razors are 5-blade and surrounded by aloe shave soap.

Ships to: US for free (including P.O. boxes)

Billie Starter Kit Review

This is my first experience with Billie. I’ve heard so much about this shaving club (and seen so many ads). Let’s see if it lives up to the hype!

When I signed up, I took a super simple quiz to relay my preferences:

First, I picked my handle color. I only had two options because the other two were out of stock. Typically you would have the option of Billie Blush, Coral, Periwinkle Pop, and Cool Blue (shown above). I chose Cool Blue.

Next, I chose my shaving frequency which corresponds with the replacement cartridge shipment delivery. I shave 2x a week on average so I opted for a delivery every two months. BTW, this can be changed anytime.

I then had the option of adding extra skincare products to my order. They carry The Shave Cream, Sudsy Body Wash, and Dry-Bye Body Lotion normally but I had the option to order only two of the products. I didn’t add any this time, but because all of the products are vegan, gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free, non-GMO, exclude synthetic fragrances, are never tested on animals, and are made in California, I may be tempted to in the future.

Ta-da! Here’s the main event!

The top of the icy blue razor has smooth, nice, minimal design with a button to eject the razor head.

The bottom is coated with a rubberized material to prevent slippage when you are all sudsy. This razor feels really nice in the hand and I’ve had no problem holding on to it.

A cover is included on each razor to protect it (and you) during shipment. It is also great to keep in case of travel.

As I mentioned before, Billie only offers one style of razor. It is a 5-blade razor surrounded by aloe shave soap (so you can shave with no additional product) and curved to fit any and all of your curves. Just like their body care products, their shave soap is vegan, gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free, non-GMO, exclude synthetic fragrances and are never tested on animals. Oh, and the blades are nickel free.

I remember the razor with the soap attached from my teenage years and wasn’t excited about the built-in shave gel. But…this one is awesome! I did an experiment in which I shaved one leg with just the razor and one leg with shave gel. I thought the leg with just the razor was easier to shave, smoother, and lasted longer before feeling prickly. I’d recommend thoroughly soaking your legs first and then the razor just glides over without nicking or tugging. I have no problem with clogging either!

In terms of how long each razor will last, that depends on your shaving frequency. Usually, I shave my legs 2x a week, but I put this razor to the test on my vacation to Costa Rica where I wanted to shave every day (for a week, whew!). The aloe shave soap lasted the whole time and my legs felt smoother than ever. As the soap wears down, I will add some shave gel. But, with a shaving subscription, shouldn’t I feel free to change my razor more often. Yes!

I’m happy to say the fun doesn’t end there.

Billie includes this Mag(net)ic, a.k.a. magic, holder.

It comes with a tacky dot on the back, similar to what you’d use to hang up posters. It is easy to move if you need to adjust placement too. Just pull it off and stick it back on.

It keeps the razor dry and out of the way. I love that it just sticks up there (it’s magnetized) without having to worry about it falling when bumped.

Here is my cute razor hanging next to John’s. It is a little longer than a typical razor, but I think that helps with the “gripability”.

The Verdict: I’m so impressed with Billie! I’ve wanted to try a shaving subscription for a while but I wanted a customizable replacement schedule and an amazing razor. Billie offers it all – customizable shipment schedule, cute and functional razor, and a great shave at a great price. For comparison, you can buy a pack of comparable Schick Intuition razors at Walmart for $4.41/cartridge and a pack of comparable Venus Swirl razors for about $6/cartridge. The refill cartridges cost just $2.25 with Billie. That’s a great price for a razor that works so well. The best part is that you get this starter kit for $9 and can cancel at any time. Billie also supports womens’ causes around the world by donating 1% of all revenue. If you have been looking for a shaving subscription that caters to women, I highly recommend giving Billie a try.

The Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, you can sign up anytime!

Value Breakdown: The starter kit costs $9 which is a great value for a handle, 2 shave cartridges, and a magnetic holder. Each shipment after that costs $9 for 4 cartridges, so each cartridge breaks down to $2.25 a piece. Plus, you get free shipping on all subscriptions!

Check out more shaving clubs in the Women’s Subscription Box Directory!

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of Billie?

"The $9 Starter Kit includes a Billie handle, the mag(net)ic holder, and two 5-blade razor cartridges. Ongoing, we'll deliver four replacement cartridges for $9, when you need them."
Tiffany Waldorf
Tiffany Waldorf
Tiffany found out about subscription boxes from a friend who followed MSA. The curiosity started with mystery beauty boxes and grew into an addiction from there. Beauty, clothes, home...she loves the sight of a subscription box in the mail.

Tiffany Waldorf
Tiffany Waldorf
Tiffany found out about subscription boxes from a friend who followed MSA. The curiosity started with mystery beauty boxes and grew into an addiction from there. Beauty, clothes, home...she loves the sight of a subscription box in the mail.
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The blades are the exact same as Wal-Mart Equate brand (as in, exactly the same). I do like the handle, and the packaging is A+, but I can buy the same thing for much cheaper just down the road.


Yes! Good to know im going to try them instead. These billie razors hurt my legs and i mean hurt i can feel the blade cutting my skin ever so slightly. Never had this problem before. My legs are in bad condition right now. Youd think i used one of those cheap pink ones. Cannot recommend


Do the walmart equate blades fit onto the Billie handle???




I am about to order my first shipment. I wrote to the company to inquire about the materials and am so pleased that the blades and all materials are vegan and cruelty free, including the body products. I have a severe allergy that prohibits me from using the store brand products because of the lotion strips. I am so happy to have found these!!

Christine Gavin

I will watch for this one to start shipping to Canada. Definitely interested. Thanks so much for reviewing!


Has anyone used this after using the Schick razors? I love my Schick swirl and feel like it does a great job. Are these comparable?

Elisabeth Gunning

I tried it out for a couple of months….And I hated it.

The built-in shave gel gets too gooey and doesn’t actually act as shave gel.

The razor pops off the handle Every. Single. Time. I. Use. It. I shower every day, and I expect my razor to be able to keep up with me. It does not. I’m in my mid-30s, been shaving since jr high, I know how to use a razor. I’ve never had this issue with any razors which can be clipped to the handle.

I have tried drug store brands, Dollar Shave Club, Angel Shave Club, and am now trying Rose Shave Club. Dollar didn’t have a good enough blade, Angel shave club doesn’t grip well…Rose Shave Club has a bikini shaver on it too, which Billie does not. I’m never going back to Billie.


I had the same exact problem with the razor head popping off every time. I emailed Billie about it and they sent me a replacement handle and the very first time I used the replacement handle, the razor head popped off. They said this wasn’t a known issue, but it has to be as I have seen others say the same thing. And, no, I wasn’t holding my finger too close to the Billie button (which pops the razor head off). Done with Billie…


I started my billie subscription a few months ago and I love it. I hate that the shave cream isn’t in stock anymore–it’s maybe THE greatest shave cream I have ever used. Ergonomically I love the handle. I wasn’t part of dollar shave club but I actually used to order razors myself from their supplier, Dorco USA. Personally I think it’s a better deal to do it that way and the prices are incredible. I’m a sucker for the packaging and minimal style of billie, and I do think it shaves better, but check out Dorco USA as an alternative. The little magnetic thing isn’t sticking in my shower anymore but I think that has to do with my old tiles and humidity. Plus, I re-use the little holographic bags they give you every month. it’s 100% worth it in my opinion.


I tried a couple of the other razor subs, thanks for your feedback on this one. Sounds great, I am signing up!


I’m so glad I found this thread.


I NEED this! I’ve been doing Dollar Shave Club for a few years, and I like it, but don’t love it. Their 4-blade isn’t quite enough and I always cut myself when I use their 5-blade. This looks fantastic. Subbing immediately.




I just received my first regular shipment from Billie. I really like the way the razor feels and the way the blades shave. I shave a few times a week (basically every other day) and find the blade definitely lasts until the recommended time to change. I’ve been using a Venus razor since they came out, and the shave is certainly equal to, if not greater, than the various Venus blades — and the pricing is so much better! I also like the convenience of having blades delivered.


Has anyone with insanely sensitive skin tried this? Seriously, I buy baby soap and laundry detergent. Would love to try it but afraid it will irritate me.


I honestly have been getting irritated with it. I don’t even have too sensitive of skin. Not sure if it’s the cream (which isn’t really thick or foamy like regular shaving cream) or the razor -_-


I also have crazy sensitive skin and this is the first razor I’ve used that doesn’t give me angry red post shave dots. So glad I switched to Billie (I was using dsc before).

Tiffany Waldorf

Hi Rachel! I buy free & clear baby laundry detergent too. I have very sensitive skin (eczema and allergies) and the razors and built-in shave soap don’t irritate my skin at all. I actually like that I don’t need another shave product (like a gel).


FYI, all handle colors are back in stock but none of the add on products are! Boo! I like shave cream regardless…


Great review! I like how you tested with and without shaving cream. I would love to see a direct comparison review from the various girl shave clubs out there! I’m sure many women would greatly appreciate it because shaving can be a quite daunting chore….at least for me being almost every day!


Anyone who has tried both this and dollar shave club, which do you like better? I get the top level of blade from dollar shave club, and I really like them, but I’m always interested in trying something new!


I definitely like this one better! I’ve done DSC and given Harry’s a try from a Target box and way prefer this one! The razor head seems so much easier to clean out, the other brands for some reason got gunked up a lot and the shave soap is nice and really helps with razor irritation. The packaging is lovely and the magnetic shower holder is SO nice to have, I didn’t think I’d appreciate it quite this much but it totally prevents the shave soapy part on the razor head from turning into goo like it would if you set it on a surface.


You’re very right about it getting gunked up. I subscribe to happy legs club, my first ever razor/shaving subscription. The blade is nice and never ever nicks me, but it gets hunker up SO easily! I don’t just leave it all eew-y either so I just don’t understand it. I’ve actually never had this happen to me before with a store bought razor.


Billie is by far better than Dollar Shave Club, I had the top razor too. Billie wins hands down. I love the magnetic holder, too.


I’ve tried both and more. this is my favorite too. my husband has tried them all, including dollar shave and Harry’s. he steals my Billie a lot. he has thick coarse hair with sensitive skin.


I’ve tried them all– this one is my favorite so far!

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.