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POPSUGAR Boxes On Sale at Gilt City!

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Gilt City has POPSUGAR Must Have boxes on sale now! (Thanks for the heads up, Julie!)

Use coupon code WELCOME20 to save 20% off your Gilt City purchase – FYI – you may need to make a new Gilt City account to use this. (Or coupon FBCITY30 may work for some to save 30%!)

The Box: Glamourista Box

The Cost: $29.95

The Products:

  • Includes: Hudson + Bleecker Bonjour smartphone wallet
  • Figs & Rouge Hydra Prime Light™ Reflective Brightening Primer & Illuminator
  • Buji Baja by Hat Attack Coco flower pin
  • Richer Poorer Wool Striped Nora socks
  • Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit cream blush
  • Pipsnacks kettle popcorn

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Good to know: Must order by December 11, 2017 for guaranteed holiday delivery

The Box: Chic Cozy Box

The Cost: $75

The Products:

  • Hat Attack lightweight black poncho
  • (MALIN+GOETZ) Recovery Treatment oil
  • Smith & Cult Book of Eyes in Ice Tears
  • DANNIJO Dagny necklace
  • FOREO LUNA™ Play T-Sonic™ Facial-Cleansing Device + day and night cleansers (15ml)
  • Sisters of Los Angeles smokey tumblers (2)

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Good to know: Must order by December 11, 2017 for guaranteed holiday delivery

The Box: Holiday Host Box

The Cost: $29.95

The Products:

  • “Unqualified” by Anna Faris with a foreword by Chris Pratt
  • Tarte Cosmetics Tarteist™ PRO glow to-go highlight & contour palette
  • Hester & Cook chalkboard paper placement pad & set of four chalk style pencils
  • Chloe + Isabel Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel Split headband
  • Knot & Bow® holiday mint newsprint gift wrap
  • Fatty Sundays® peppermint chocolate-covered pretzels
  • BloomThat $25 gift card

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Good to know: Must order by December 11, 2017 for guaranteed holiday delivery

Are you going to grab any of the boxes?

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  1. Couldn’t get 30% code to work but I was able to use code GIVE25 to get Cozy Chic box for $50. Not entirely sure, but I think the code will work with any order $75 Or more

  2. Final update until order actually ships:

    1. Customer service wrote back acknowledging the redundancy of the requirement for credit card information and inefficiencies/restrictions in web design. Supposedly their engineers are working on this issue, as well as the problem of order confirmations not being sent to people’s email addresses.

    2. I was given the option to receive a shipment confirmation and any tracking info separately in an email instead of having to reactivate an account on a website whose data policy I do not trust.

    Popsugar customer service: 5 stars.
    Popsugar website/checkout process user interface: negative stars
    Popsugar product shipment: TBD
    Popsugar product quality: TBD

  3. Whew! Thank you to Pop Sugar Customer Service, they were able to cancel the full priced order, and after much work, I finally got my GC order place. YAY! Whew! I mean, WHEW!

  4. 3rd update:

    They emailed me a screenshot of the confirmation number, but did not say if Popsugar will be able to generate an email confirmation or tracking number when the box ships.

    Here’ s a copy and paste of my final response to Popsugar’s customer service:

    Thanks for your attention to this matter. My last question on this is – when it ships, will Popsugar email me a confirmation of that as well as some way to track it? I’ve never ordered before, so I don’t know what to expect. Either way, as long as the product ships now, I guess I won’t be affected except that if I want to order more things from PopSugar, I’ll be forced to create an account on a website whose problems have not been addressed.

    Now, about the data policy Popsugar’s website has.. that is a different matter. I recognize that not everything is under your control.

    I am sure you know this, but I did not request for my *account* to be deleted. I asked for the freedom to delete and edit my personal *data*, especially bits irrelevant to my order. To use the first analogy that popped into my head, that is like a mom asking the dentist to have her kid’s old tooth pulled out, and the dentist pulling out the kid’s whole head.

    I imagine this all happened because the particulars of the website’s design are not up to you, but it’s obviously causing problems. If you want to copy and paste what is below to the powers that be, here they are.

    1. Orders for vouchers will not process unless customer inputs a credit card number, even if they’ve already fully paid for it via Gilt City. The absolute need to input a credit card number is not mentioned anywhere in the checkout process. It is also not intuitive since, again, these people have already paid for 100% of the value of their order elsewhere.

    2. Once the voucher is redeemed, there is a confirmation of the pending order in the “order history” section, but no emailed confirmation.

    3. When the customer tries to delete personal data, there is no such option built into the website. The customer has no way to delete their information themselves.

    4. When the customer caves and reaches out to customer service to do this, there is *still* no explanation of why credit card information was ever necessary to begin with (because it wasn’t), and the Zendesk email form prematurely marks the issue as “solved” without requesting customer confirmation.

    5. When the customer asks again that Popsugar delete what should have never been collected in the first place (credit card data), customer service may delete the whole *account*, not the data. This will confuse the customer and leave him/her with no actual record of their order from Popsugar.

    6. This probably creates retention problems for the same customer wanting to order again from Popsugar, as they will need to create a brand new account from scratch and go through the customer service conversational tree every time they want their credit card information and address deleted from the “default” categories on the website.

    7. Therefore, the best business strategy Popsugar can adopt in this scenario is to have their webmaster edit the customer account details page to make the address and credit card information areas EDITABLE and DELETABLE BY THE CUSTOMER.

  5. 2nd update:

    As I wrote before, I demanded to know why they need anyone’s credit card information to process an order using a fully paid voucher.

    Popsugar’s Zendesk customer service gets back to me the next day – saying the issue has been solved and that a. my order’s processed and set to ship in the next 7-10 business days and that b. they will delete my information once that happens.

    I write back saying that it has not been solved, because they will not delete my credit card information, which is not necessary for this transaction. I understood about needing the mailing address (though not the not deletable or “default” without confirmation parts of it). But if they had a good reason to have my credit card on file, which made no sense to me, I asked them to give it.

    In response, customer service said they have deleted my account details.

    But when I refreshed the page, all the info – address and credit card number – was still locked into place. So I tried signing out and signing back in, and my entire account had been deleted instead of just the personal data.

    This is problematic because after your order goes through, Popsugar does not email you a confirmation of the order placed and your order number. I have now asked customer service to send me an order confirmation via email since I would otherwise have no record of spending $60 on their company and having a pending order.

    No response yet.

    Really disappointed in Popsugar’s inability to handle personal data issues with more finesse. For those of you with a longstanding history with Popsugar, take this as a warning that if you ask that they delete your DATA, they may respond by deleting your whole ACCOUNT. I’ve seldom seen such hamfistedness by a company designed to cater to women.

  6. anyone have the poncho already? I saw Liz’s comment that it is lightweight but any thoughts if doable for warm places? thx!!

  7. I just got an email from Popsugar buy holiday box get December box for free offer code Winter17

    • Not free December box is $10 with either men’s or women’s Popsugar Must Have Limited Edition Box

  8. Will these boxes arrive in time for Christmas ? I snagged the coZy box for $52, considering gifting the necklace if it arrives in time for Christmas.

    • Must order by December 11, 2017 for guaranteed holiday delivery

      • Thank you so much! 🙂

        • anytime! enjoy!!

  9. Really debating this, but not sure a $60 deal on a nice LE box is worth all this hassle.

    • Right? If you add in your time at say $15/hour, then it isn’t…… Bummer, though if these companies wanted to get their acts together they would be so amazing!

    • you can get for $50, I posted info in last comment – it all worked fine for me today, had no issues with gilt or psmh!

  10. Tried my voucher again this morning and it still doesn’t work. “That promo code is not valid for this order.”

    • Has this worked for anyone?

      • Yes – I got ordered and received the voucher last night and then went to the must have website and ordered my box with no issues.

        • YOU ARE A WINNER! not me…. still won’t work:(

          • Are you logged into the site? I think you might have to have your CC info in there for it to process.

  11. Be aware that many of us who purchased the August Popsugar Box during the 50% off sale have received emails saying so sorry but we oversold because our inventory control stinks so we will issue a refund a week after your order. Popsugar is now on my “do not buy under any circumstances” list.

    • I’m surprised this post didn’t get edited out. Mine get deleted when I try to warn people.

    • My August box also got cancelled. I’m very upset as I ordered it right after the sale posted and was planning to divide it up into several holiday hostess gifts. They need to do more than just refund the purchase price!

      • I’m really annoyed too because I was also going to give these as gifts. I thought it was weird when I received tracking several days ago, but only for the October box. I wrote them now asking if they are not going to send my August boxes at all or at least send one? Totally shady, because I ordered early on in the sale, so they either had verrrry few August boxes to begin with, or maybe they are shafting the people who ordered other months as well, and sending out August boxes to people who ordered only that….very annoyed to find this out a week after the fact.

      • They need to do MORE than refund your money?

        Oh Peggy, bless your heart – you are so funny! LOL

  12. Wow. I just got an email tonight from Popsugar. The August boxes I bought on cyber Monday were oversold. They’re refunding my money. This is such a bummer!

    Did anyone else get anything similar from them?

    • I bought the boxes for the months of August and October during the cyber monday sale and both were, sent about 4 days ago.

  13. Woa, I think I might actually be healing from my subscription addiction. One more company or deal that seems to tank, with little or no ability to resolve an issue or concern. I won’t be adding any new subscriptions for a very long time after this. Even if it gets resolved correctly. I’m worth more than the time this has taken already to try to resolve it. You live and you learn.

  14. The voucher still doesn’t work. I called Gilt City and got the same response as others. I’ll try again tomorrow.

  15. Update. It only let me process the voucher once I added my credit card. This seems unnecessary since there seemed to be no tax or shipping charged. Then, when I went to account settings, they had saved both my address and credit card information as “default” personal data without any option to delete it. I have contacted Popsugar to address this nonsense. I am disappointed in their sloppy and restrictive data policy.

    • I do NOT advise this as good advice. I did the same thing and was charged $43 for the box, never got the GILT City voucher to work, so in addition to the $43 I was charged by PS, I was also charge $24 by Gilt City. Now I am out $65 for 1 $39 box. What the heck. And 2 companies with little to no approachable Customer Service. What do I now? And, I cannot get my cc info off PS… either

  16. Ordered mine on Gilt CIty. 30% wouldn’t work so got 20% off for $60.
    Went to Pop Sugar’s site. Entered code. It seems to register, bringing total to 0.
    But it won’t let me check out. What gives?

  17. If one was a mystery I may of jumped in but……I really am happy for those who are grabbing one or two or ten..😂😂😂

  18. My voucher code was also not working. I signed out of Popsugar, then back in, tried again and it worked. It seems like a glitch. I have ordered lots of Popsugar boxes using Gilt City voucher, and I have never had problem.

    Question ladies, Any thoughts on gifting the necklace to a plus-sized woman? I am really trying to give all relatives on my Christmas list a necklace. But this one looks like it may be too small for someone that is ladies XL. I would love to gift it though, if it’d be a good fit. Any thoughts?

    FYI— I am a scrawny-sized woman, so I tend to have the opposite problem. So many of the chunky necklaces, especially from Bijoux Box, are too big. I really need some guidance here, so I don’t offend! 😊

    • You can include a necklace extender if you aren’t sure about the fit.

    • I’m a L/XL and this necklace is fine for me. It has a true extender, and I find it plenty roomy. I’d say you are fine to gift this to an XL lady, although it may be hard to give it up once you see it. I think it would work well on a scrawny lady too!

    • The necklace is much more substantial than it looks in pictures. I was surprised at how large it actually was. I think it will be perfect.

    • I’m an XL and the necklace fits me fine, so I’d say definitely go for it. 🙂 And like Jacki says, if by chance it’s a little tight, she can always get an extender…you can buy them on Ebay for very inexpensively. But I think the sizing should be ok.

    • I’m plus size, 2x with a rather thick neck. I complain regularly about necklace lengths. On its longest length, it fits me perfectly, though I would prefer it a little longer, so the inclusion of an extender would be a great gift idea.

      I adore this necklace. It’s enough of a statement piece to not seem lost on a larger chest, but isn’t gaudy either.

  19. My voucher finally worked, so they fixed the problem. Yay!

    • Yes, mine worked too! Yay!!

      • And, mine is not working, guess I get to shop elsewhere….

  20. I was just able to use my voucher with no problem.

    • Thanks for letting us know. It’s working for me too!

  21. I bought the LE full price. This gives me more incentive not to buy the LE Hers until it gets discounted. Not sure if this is a good model for PS to get rid of extra stock going forward.

    • Yes! I agree.

      • Second that.
        Bitter taste…
        Esp when I bought it blindly and then realized nothing in the box I can/will use after full spoiler/upon receiving…
        I would rather they do a mystery box and throw in the extra stock without letting ppl know the full content.
        At least then I can sort of lie to myself it’s not such a bad purchase after all…

  22. Whenever I have bought Gilt City vouchers they say to wait 24 hours to claim.

    • Same here!

  23. So annoying that the box was advertised at full price as only having few left when I bought it and now it’s available at almost half price.
    So sick of these companies being dishonest to get sales.
    I loved the box I got but won’t be shopping with companies that don’t have integrity.

    • I totally understand you, I was feeling super happy that I got it on sale, but did thought it must be very upsetting to get it full price and then see it almost half off…

    • This is how I view it: if I want it in time for the current season, I order right away; if I don’t mind getting it 3 months later (or only want a few of the items), I take my chance on getting one on sale. Somewhere in between and I’m likely to be disappointed at paying too much. I purchased summer late, winter early, and fall just now.

      • Yeah, If I really want it I don’t have an issue paying full price. My issue is with lieing about inventory. I would have just waited.
        I love the box just hate being lied to.

  24. I placed an order but still do not have the voucher. Did you get your voucher right away? It’s been more than an hour.

  25. My promo code is also not working and I cannot find a phone number for Popsugar.
    Does anyone have one?

    • same…mine is not working either.

      • Mine wasn’t working. I waited about an hour and tried it again and it went through.

  26. @liz

    I’m adding my voice to those who can’t get the code to work. Is there anything you can do to find out what we need to do to resolve this issue? It’s particularly frustrating as there does not seem to be a phone number to call for cs. Thanks!!

    • Yes, I’ll reach out. I think this has happened once before with Gilt City voucher codes, and it was just a timing delay issue, so I’m sure it will be resolved. I’ll let you know when I hear back.

      • Thanks. You’re the best!

      • Liz is the best!

        I am on the fence about the LE box, very tempted but do y’all think the poncho is too thick for FL weather? it does get a chill every now and again but if it’s too thick I would def pass! anyone have any thoughts?! or live in a warm place? thx!

    • Mine wasn’t working. I waited about an hour and it went through.

      • Hooray! Mine went through also.

  27. Love that necklace 🙂

  28. How quick did you get your voucher code to use on the PS website? I bought this about 20 min ago and still no voucher has been mailed to me. I don’t want them to sell out before I get my code!

    • They can’t sell out. They should have as many boxes available as they gave vouchers to gilt city so even if your code isn’t working right now the box should be held for you under the voucher.

      I’m holding off mostly cause i’m broke and still debating a year of GQ but i’ve done this before and usually you add the box for the voucher to cart then put in your voucher number in the promo code and it should zero out the balance. Hope that helps. =)

  29. My voucher code isn’t working. I keep getting an error message that says “That promo code is not valid for this order.” I’ve tried using both Safari and Chrome, so I don’t think it’s a browser issue. Has anyone else had a problem redeeming the voucher code?

    • I’m having the same problem! I wrote to Popsugar about it, so hopefully it’ll get fixed.

    • Same problem. Voucher doesn’t work 😟

    • yes- will not go through on google chrome- exploere- my phone or ipad- very frustrating- but glad it is not just me…

  30. Is anyone having trouble redeeming their voucher on Popsugar? Putting the voucher code in the promo code spot is not working for me and there doesn’t seem to be any other place for it. Figured I’d see if anyone else figured this out before contacting Popsugar.

  31. So how did you guys get a discount? Do they send it to your email when you make an account? I don’t see anything saying that.

    • To get the discount, you add the discount/promo code at the time of checkout on Gilt, and it will calculate the discount immediately and show it on your screen right then before you complete the order.

  32. Ugh. My voucher isn’t working, so I called Gilt City and they said it’s working on their end and to contact Popsugar. What a pain!

    • Exactly- my voucher not working- emailed Popsugar – but who knows how long that will take- is this a scam?

      • No it’s not a scam…..jeez.

    • My voucher also not working. But when I contacted Gilt, they said it’s also not working on their end, so they “escalated it” to their resolution people. I also contacted Popsugar…so hopefully between the two they’ll get if figured out for all of us! I mentioned to the Gilt CS person that many people were having similar issues, so it seemed to be a systemwide issue, so they were going to look into it…but my guess is that it’s a Popsugar problem that they need to fix…

  33. PS did the right thing by revealing the exact contents of the boxes. While I love a good mystery box, I love not being disappointed even more.

  34. Good things come to those who wait. I waited for this Fall Limited Box and it has resurrected as the Chic Cozy Box! Woohoo! Thank you, Liz. Now I have to tuck my card away and lose the key.

  35. please help- voucher not working- cannot redeem- driving me crazy!

    • Mine is also not working! I enter the voucher number and it is still trying to charge me the $100 plus tax 🙁

      • Same here… Guilt City says they will need to escalate the issue..

        • Same. Thanks for this update. Aggravating :\

  36. I’m pretty happy to be getting the Fall box for $52 with the 30% off code. I really wanted the fall box but couldn’t pay $100 for it. I love the poncho and necklace! This will be my first LE box.

    • Did you have to open a new account for the 30% off coupon to work?

      • No I didn’t. It worked with my existing account.

        • Did you use the FBCITY30?

  37. They sent me my voucher but it’s not letting me redeem it 🙁 No one at guilt city to help! This kind of thing upsets me.

    • Me, too…… Sometimes I should just trust my instincts up front….

  38. ordered the Cozy Chic option – from Gilt City- got coupon code- will not work on 2 sites I have – says coupon code is invalid- think I just wasted my money- very upset! This has happened before with them- is it a scam?

    Need help!

    • It’s not a scam… I have ordered past boxes like this without ant problems, they must be having a issue with the voucher codes/system.. Will most likely get fixed soon.

  39. How this redemption thing works?

  40. Totally gave in and ordered the Fall LE… I really wanted that necklace and I have heard great things about the foreo luna, the rest will be traded (maybe the poncho will go to my grandma as a gift)…. So.. YAY!!!

  41. Went to Guilt City- bought the certificate for the Chic Cozy box – and got certificate- followed instructions- the promo code they gave me does not work- did I just waster my money! Why do I try these things w/certificates- they never work! Help!

  42. I’d been wanting most of the items in the “Chic Cozy” box so just grabbed one. After the Welcome20 discount, got it for $60…great deal for $450 worth of stuff!! For anyone trying to open a Gilt account to purchase this…I had issues/couldn’t sign up when I used Google Chrome, but then when I switched over to Explorer it worked…

  43. Ohhh this is going to be so hard not to order the Fall Limited Edition box. I wanted that one so bad!

  44. How quickly does Gilt City ship the boxes? I would love to order one but need before Dec. 17th for holiday gifts!

    • It’s Popsugar who sends the boxes…. They can take a couple of weeks…

    • It will ship from Popsugar and I haven’t found on the one off boxes they ship very quickly.

    • It will ship from Popsugar and I haven’t found on the one off boxes they ship very quickly.

      But it does say “Must order by December 11, 2017 for guaranteed holiday delivery”

  45. Well I tried to talk myself out of it, but I wanted that Limited Edition box and with the 20% off Welcome code, I got it for $60. Hooray Christmas presents!

  46. Any 30% off codes floating around out there?

    • FBCITY30 gave me 30% but I know it only works for some accounts for some reason.

      • Worked for me! Got the ‘Chic Cozy Box’ aka the Fall LE one for $52!! I knew I could eventually get it for half off LOL

      • Worked for me! Thanks 🙂

      • Worked for me! Thanks for the tip. I can never resist half off.

      • Worked for me too! Thanks!!

      • The 30% off code worked on mine, too! Thanks for the tip! What a bargain!

  47. So they’re just named something different? Wow.

    • Yeah. Wow. ‘Cuz they were called “Full Price” when I purchased mine.

  48. Nice try, PS.

  49. Funny, PopSugar claimed that the first box was sold out… I guess that wasn’t the truth. Just give it a silly name and put it on Gilt City. At least it’s good news for the people that wanted it.

    • I’m pretty angry about that. I ordered a second one on Black Friday as a gift… find I got an email saying it was sold out…yet it’s on gilt city? Lol I’m done with. Popsugar.

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