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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Winter 2017 Box FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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Winter 2017 Box of Style

We have full spoilers for the Winter 2017 Box of Style!

The box includes:

Here is a closer look at each item:

What do you think of the Winter Box of Style spoilers? I love the brands and I’m so excited to see a classy planner in this box! (Also how adorbs is the tarte eyeliner?!)

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10! (Regularly $99.99 a quarter.) Or use coupon code BOS20 to save $20 off an annual subscription!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Why does this site always delete RZ coupon posts? I can’t find the black Friday one anywhere. Same thing happened when the fall box went on sale 30 off. So what if the coupons are inactive already, it’s nice to see the archive of them or know for sure they’re inactive. Instead I’m looking for what the promo code was just in case and can’t find it. I hate when sites delete posts that have tons of comments, it feels like I’m supposed to be suspicious.

  2. Phew, really glad I cancelled based on the spoilers. This box is beautiful, but just a little too “Glam” for me. Other than the facial oil, I think everything else would just sit around gathering dust. Hoping for a better Spring box.

  3. I’m irritated because I tried to get a close look at the difference between the clutch and ended up with the black. Wish they could change my ‘choice’ but can not. Which is silly, in my opinion. There could always be a last date to make a change but not how it is. Also…I am short and I am not certain the earrings will work for me. Probably sell on eBay for nothing. Oh well. I tried to cancel but they said there was no account for me….which is weird cause I can find it. Oh, I must be just crabby! Ignore me

    • Ugh, so right. I thought I could change my selection until a cut off date, like FFF. This the first box I could make a choice on and was so disappointed when I wanted to change it a day later.

  4. If anyone wants to swap their box I have a bunch of OUi Please items including two 1951 clutches!

  5. Her Winter boxes are always my fave!! Perfect accessories to add glam to the season without spending a fortune. Can’t wait to get mine!

  6. The only thing I probably won’t use is the eyeliner. Everything else is perfect. I LOVE that there’s an agenda in this box!

  7. The new spoilers are kind of eh for me. I’ll use the eyeliner and serum but not the planner. Not quite sure how I feel about the stole either but it’s ok, nice to have I guess. I do love the clutch though, so excited to get it. I doubt I will use it much either but those kind of fancy things are so nice to have when you do need them.
    I’m still mad I didn’t get last year’s Winter box, that one was perfect imo.

  8. Oh….sad to see this is a total miss for me. More money for BTBF I guess!

  9. Overall I love this box! I was wondering if anyone is farmilar with the Osea Hydrating serum. I have acne prone skin and am fearful it may cause breakouts. I am aware that some hydrating oils can actual be good for acne prone skin but I’m not sure if this is one of them. I would greatly appreciate some input so I can decide whether to gift this product or keep it for myself 🙂

  10. I’m pretty happy I skipped this one. I have a one year old baby at home so most of this is not practical. Perhaps before the baby days I may have used it.

  11. I’ll be selling or trading the stole and the agenda (not my style and already have one for 2018) but otherwise this is a gorgeous box.

  12. Still wanting to know how heavy those earrings are ……………. 😉

    • We probably won’t know till we actually get them but that’s a good question! Since there from reputable companies I’d hope there light & comfy but I guess we’ll have to wait & see!! Do u like them besides that??

      • I do, Missy. I must have a long neck or something because I often wear long earrings and they look fine. I also love art deco, so I am anticipating happiness (as long as there are not heavy, I don’t want elongated holes in my earlobes). What do you think?

  13. Great box. I just wish I hadn’t had such a bad customer service experience. It took forever for me to be able to cancel their box last time.

  14. I love this box. Can’t wait to start using everything especially the earrings and that stole. So totally my style. I love Rachel Zoe taste.

  15. I’m not sure if my comment got flagged/erased because of the link, but I’ll try again. Thought maybe some would be interested in Rachel’s Review video:

  16. Great box! I was just at a Junior League Holiday Boutique and I saw a bunch of faux fur scarves that were similar to that one. They are very in this year. The only item that may go up for swap may be the Osea. I am overloaded with serum. Too bad because it looks amazing.

  17. I wish instead of purse color options, boxes offered options to trade out earrings. Everyone can wear a necklaces or carry a purse. Earrings with no options to not get earrings are what keep me from subbing to boxes like this.

    • Same, Leah. I always give the earrings away to my sister, but I’m a little envious about it. We aren’t all pierced, box curators! (I finally know how left handers feel.) ;-D

      • Get em pierced! It’s never to late!🤔

  18. Way too Glam for me! Really pretty things but I would probably never use most of the items. I liked the necklace from last years winter box but have only worn it once. My big night outs consist of high school football games and band concerts. I’m sure everyone that gets the box will love their beautiful things.

    • Ditto. I’d prefer cozy comfortable items that are stylish but don’t require a night out on the town to use.

      • Not me!! I live to go out on the town! So needless to say this box rocks & I want it SO bad!!!

    • I would definitely wear the faux fur to a football game! And the serum will help with chaffed cheeks. Go Giants! 💨💙

  19. This is a really fab box! I got a stole like this in a Nina Garcia box and it’s great to wear underneath a leather jacket – just gives it an extra pop and keeps you toasty.

    Only item I don’t need is the agenda since I buy an Erin Condren planner each year, so that will go up for swap or to give as a gift. Really lovely curation, high value, and high style!

  20. YAY!!!

  21. Another totally awesome box!! Love everything!!

  22. It’s a lovely box & I’m happy for everyone that’s happy with it. This one wasn’t for me so I’m really glad that you get to cancel in advance.

  23. I love it all!!!! I am in box heaven!

    I am so glad to get facial oil! I almost bought one at the FFF add ons and I still have the face oil from the PS Limited Edition Fall box!

    I can’t wait to rock that pearl bag, the earrings and the stole and I need a glam agenda. While I use my iPhone for appointments and notes and reminders but I prefer to write things down. Now to by a Swarovski pen later this week.

    PS Winter box wasn’t doing it for me. I was worried about the bag quality since it is from Tribe Alive. And I have the Cluse watch which is gorgeous by the way.

    But this is the perfect box. Rachel seems to knock it out of the park with her Winter boxes.

    I love eyeliner! And I love Tarte anything. Black is the color of liner I use for evening looks.

    The perfect winter box for me. I got the champagne flutes as an add ons. I may not drink alcohol but these are great for sparkling cider!

    I hope I get it before the holiday season kicks in full force.

    FFF and Rachel have knocked it out of the water for me this winter!

    • I know that comment makes me sound dumb the way I worded it, but I was shaking with excitement about this box!

      • I completely agree!

      • I’m right there with u girl!! I’m in love with everything and that’s SO rare for me. This whole box is so me! And I’m with u in getting the white pearl color purse it’s stunning! Love tarte but never tried the sex kitten Eyeliner and I wear black liner everyday so that’s a win & that stole will look so hot with my black leather jacket I do wish it was a bit longer though it seems kindof short also I wear mainly silver but love the earrings so I’ll sport my gold with them. And the Osea brand is awesome so I’m sure I’ll love that Serum. I think they could’ve sent a nice pen to go with the planner but of well!

  24. I think this box is beautifully curated . It all goes so well together !

  25. I’m likely as dense as a box of rocks, but could someone who knows about these things please explain why the faux fur item is called a ” stole” when it looks exactly like a ” scarf” sized item to me?A really luxe sized long scarf or large shoulder fling ( which is a stole in fur terminology) which can be styled, not just looped in a short collar type thing, should be longer and wider, I’m thinking. I could be wrong, or the photo could be not to scale. IDK.

    I’m on the fence about the box, and I really am wondering if there’s a size listed for the faux fur item. It will make the difference in whether I get the box or pass.


    • A stole is for more dressy occasions and is tends to be narrower than a scarf.

      • No, a stole is like a pashmina. It covers the shoulders completely.

        • No a stole is narrower. “A stole would be known more as a formal shawl of expensive fabric used around the shoulders over a party dress or ball gown. A stole is typically narrower than a shawl, and of simpler construction than a cape, wrapped and carried about the shoulders or arms.” Mar 7, 2017


    • A stole is smaller than a shawl, thicker, meant to cover the shoulders, are generally dressy, and tend to be made of fur though not always. I don’t know if this one quite covers shoulders and descriptions do evolve over the years, so maybe they are becoming smaller neck pieces, lol!

    • No a stole is narrower:

      Difference between Stole and Scarf
      Key Difference: A scarf, also known as a muffler or a wrap, is a rectangle or square piece of fabric that is worn around the neck, head or waist for various purposes. A stole is considered as a type of shawl but smaller in size and is made of expensive fabric such as fur, chiffon, pure silk, pashmina, etc. to accent a dress.

      • That says the stole is narrower than a shawl, not narrower than a scarf…

    • I always thought a stole was for when u wear formal wear & it’s chilly or cold out and it covers the shoulders.

  26. Well…this is why I subscribe. Gonna try to pull off the ginormous earrings at Christmas dinner. Definitely could use the oil. Love the agenda!!! None of these I would buy for myself, but that’s part of the fun! This is my only sub (now) and I will continue to enjoy non-me items. 🙂

    • Awesome!

  27. You know I am excited for this box. Last year’s winter’s box was great, but this one I can’t wait to use either. The purse will be timeless for many events. And the stole is going to be perfect in my neck of the woods when I want to glam even a more casual outfit. Also, I love paper planners and that is just icing on the cake. I feel like when I got introduced to Rachel Zoe Box of Style that it helps me to try things that I would never picture trying or would want to fork out the actual retail value for. Also, I love that she puts full spoilers out. I turn 46 next month and these box subscriptions have really helped to get out of my comfort zone.

    • I am 63 and just love the ability to still feel glamorous. If I live to be 95 I will still want to be glam! That is the way my Grandmother was. She put on her makeup the day she died at age 84.

      • Go amyr and grandmother! Love this comment!

      • GLAM IS GREAT!!!💋

    • I just turned 47. I, too, feel the Rachel Zoe boxes have a youthful vibe that is more than appropriate for any age. I have less formal and social events to attend (by choice)— never keeps me from making evenings and weekends and holidays glamorous and special. My husband and I often break out a fancy cheese platter with fancy wine glasses along with our pjs to watch a Netflix movie. Why not?! Won’t think twice about carrying this new pearlized marble clutch WITH CHAIN along with a fun outfit to a small evening gathering at one of our neighbors home. These boxes keep me in the loop for trends and add so much fun to my otherwise un-glamorous plans. :). Love big earrings with bulky winter sweaters, scarves, and coats!! The faux fur accessory is great! I used to have one that I bought in New York many years back. It was lost/taken at a New Years Eve ticketed event. I’m so excited to have a faux fur one this time around. This box is a total WIN for me.

      • I love this! I too think you can do fancy and fabulous whenever you feel like it– wear the stole to the grocery if you feel like it!
        I think the stole would be super cute with a duster cardigan even if one wasn’t going anywhere typically dressy!

  28. What a fabulous box!!!!!🙆

  29. I’m kind of on the fence about the faux fur scarf (looks a little small), but I can’t wait to get this box. I have a big pile of black liquid liners to use up, so I will give my sister the liner as part of her Christmas gift. This is my favorite sub box!

    • Yeah I think it is a bit short as well but that’s the right size for it being called a stole I think

  30. This is my first BOS box and I’m sooo excited to get it! I intend on using 4 out of the 6 items which I consider a success! The hydrating oil may go up for swap and the planner a gift.

    • Right there with u! So glad this will be my first cause it’s right up my alley!

  31. LOVE!!

  32. 1. Wow! Such early full spoilers!!

    2. Is the stole an exclusive collaboration? I don’t see it on their website.

    3. I might need to get this box. Might. I love the bag, but I don’t think I’d get much use out of it. I’m pretty sure I can dress down the earrings and the stole, though.

  33. This box is so “me.” Love glam, girly, and glittery anything!

    I avoid white bags due to dye transfer, but this one will be perfect!

  34. Loving this box! Waiting on a coupon code before I bite!

  35. Glad I cancelled based on the first 2 spoilers – just more glam than my lifestyle. I do however hope to swap for that agenda. 🙂

    • That’s what I was thinking but I didn’t cancel. Will hope the rest is better. If not will cancel future ones.

  36. Super early spoilers this year! Last year this didn’t happen until December. Perhaps they’re trying something new for their black Friday special? Anyway, very glamorous box this year! Definitely a change from last year which was much more cozy (aside from that insane necklace!) with the beanie and candle. Also, I’m curious about the OSEA oil…I’ve never tried a hydrating oil before. Is it good?

  37. Not for me and glad I went with popsugar le. Hope everyone who ordered enjoys their box!

    • So grateful ZR made the choice easy! 😉

      • She did for me! PS was not doing it for me. This one is absolutely me! 😛

  38. For those looking to buy, look for when this goes on sale on Balck Friday.

    These items are great for cocktail, holiday, and black tie parties this winter.

  39. Not for me (unless this is acceptable attire to wear at target) but super glam box and hope everyone getting it is thrilled!

    • I’m fairly certain that as long as you’re fully clothed, it is acceptable Target attire, lol. But I agree: these glam items are lovely but don’t really fit in my lifestyle.

      • This box doesnt fit my lifestyle either, but hoping I’ll be able to swap for the serum.

    • Yeah I’m a little too laid back and into comfort for the glam holiday party look this box seems suited for. At least i have more money for smthg else now 🙂

  40. That eyeliner is my current eyeliner and it’s my favorite. Definitely going to be swapping for it. Other than that, I definitely feel like last winters was better.

    • Jessica, on that eyeliner, do you have any problems with smearing? I use the traditional twist liner but can’t wait to give this one a try!

  41. Fall knocked it out of the park for me. I used 3 products today! But this one is trying a little too hard for me, or maybe my lifestyle is a bit too casual for it. I’m skipping it but hope others enjoy! I also enjoyed last winter’s a lot and wore the hat today and am burning the amazing candle tonight (the third I’ve swapped for and would love to have more).

  42. I loved Fall box, but skipping Winter one. Hero items are gorgeous, but if I use them at least once would be too good, as they are just not my style. The only item I would be interested in is Osea serum and I will try to swap for it.

  43. Happy, happy … I’m already getting this box 🙂

  44. I’m so glad I cancelled based on the first two spoilers. Last year winter box was so much better! Really bummed.

    • Wow- now I have to go back and check last winter’s box! started this year and thought this was an awesome box, so now I’m curious

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