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The Zoe Report Box Of Style – Better Than Black Friday 2017 Deal!

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Box Of Style Better Than Black Friday

Box of Style is offering MSA readers an exclusive Better Than Black Friday Deal on both seasonal and annual subscriptions:

Use coupon code MSAHOLIDAY32 to save $32 off a seasonal subscription. (Regularly $99.99 a box.)


Use coupon code MSAHOLIDAY52 to save $52 off an annual subscription! (Regularly $349.99/year) 

This offer expires on Wednesday 11/22/2017 at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time. Valid for new subscriptions only, cannot be combined with any other offer

FYI – This is the best Black Friday deal for Box of Style, so don’t wait! If you subscribe today, your first box will be the Winter Box. Check out our Box of Style spoilers to see what you’ll get with your first box!



The Rachel Zoe Box of Style from The Zoe Report is a subscription box from Rachel Zoe. Each box includes a hero item which is revealed before boxes ship, and other fashionable items and accessories, plus a few beauty products and styling tools, too.

The Subscription Box: Box of Style by The Zoe Report

The Cost: $99.99/quarter

The Products: “Every season Rachel and our TZR editors will hand-curate more than $300 of our favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle items.”

Ships to: US, Canada, the UK, and Australia

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  1. still never rec’d my RZBOS from this day, I bought asap – latest tracking says it will be delayed so I will not get before christmas, ugh

  2. I just used this deal and I had already paid for the winter box. My account shows that i am now up for renewal February 2019, so it looks like I won’t get 2 winter boxes. But i’ve emailed them to confirm. Stay tuned

    • Oh yes, please keep us informed (although I think there are only a few hours left for this deal).

      • they haven’t replied today… i’m guessing they won’t. 🙁

  3. Liz, would you be willing, or would it be worth your time, to ask BOS if current subscribers could use coupon code MSAHOLIDAY52 to save $52 off extending their subscription for one year? Thank you.

    • I agree. It would be awesome if they would offer a deal like this for current subscribers. I don’t need two winter boxes, but I would extend my subscription for another year in a heartbeat if there were a similar coupon out there we could use.

  4. I did it! I am so excited to get an annual subscription from bos! This was the deal I wanted! It is a lot of money but now I get an awesome box four times! Thanks MSA and BOS!

  5. So is the seasonal discount just for 1 box?

    • Yes, just the first box.

      • FYI – right now there is a deal on Gilt City to get this box for $60 with code CITYCYBER20 and it comes with a free gift, a candle

  6. I just placed an order as first time subscriber thru my iPhone. All done in two minutes without any glitches. That white purse and stole are perfect for my SIL. Hope I receive them before Xmas. If not, it will be her “Reyes Magos” gift on January 6th 🙂

    • Susan, I’ve read your comment two times (this morning and now) and both times it has made me really happy!!! We love “Los tres Reyes Magos” at our house. So seen you coment made me feel a little close to home while been far away. Hope your SIL loves it!!!

      • 🙂 I’m sure she will. I know that feeling of being far away from home also as does my SIL. Felices Fiestas!

  7. The code is no longer valid, as the redemption limit has been reached per the message I received when placing an order.

  8. If you’re experiencing order issues, try checking your payment info. When I couldn’t get the order through for the Fall box, I finally discovered it was because the default info was a card that had expired. Even though I was entering a new valid card for payment, the system would still default to the other card.

    I informed ZR about this for future reference & other customer.

  9. if they made the annual less the the quarterly box cost, I would have signed up for a year vs. quarter – surprised no one at RZBOS thought of this as one would hope for bigger incentive when paying more upfront (when I had annual when they first started, I was charged full year amount upfront, no clue if they still do)

    • The annual is less than quarterly. Annual is $350 minus the $52, quarterly is $400 minus $32. It’s basically $300 annual or $370 quarterly. Right? Unless I’m reading it wrong…?

    • No, the annual is less than the quarterly box cost on the long run. For annual, the cost comes to $74.50 per box for 4 boxes. For quarter subscription, you get the Winter box for $67.99, but every future box is still $99.99.

      Yes, you can cancel and resub with future quarter deals, but the best deal I’ve seen for quarter boxes so far is this ones, meaning the best you can get for future quarterly box is around $70. And you have to go through all the cancel & resub every time. If you miss their deadline to cancel, which I always do , that’s another $99.99 charged. Plus, these quarter codes always comes in last minute and chances are high that you won’t get your wanted color for some items.

      So for an extra few bucks to avoid all these risks, I would say go for the annual deal.

      • what i meant is to have each box be less than the quarter price of $68 and yes you totally correct it’s a pain to cancel! they always end up discounting it and I guess the main advantage of cancelling by the quarter is that if you don’t like the next box you don’t have to get unlike with annual…

  10. Liz or anyone, do we know yet when they plan to ship this Box and if there are waves or some kind of timeline in which we can anticipate receiving?

    I ask because last Winter was a huge mess with BOS- People were buying/expecting to get them to give as gifts, with BOS even promoting them with “buy as a gift” promotional deals, but many of us didnt receive them till well after the holiday! And there was zero rhyme or reason to whether annual, seasonal or new/additional purchases were prioritized over others.

    You can go back and find the blog post for last years issues- there were SO many people having issues with receiving on time, billing correctly, etc…

    I’m seriously debating on getting this and for no good reason, want to hold on to hope that the issues of the past are long gone, but I’ll be honest- I learned my lesson hard last year that I can’t risk billing errors or delayed/zero response shipping issues especially this time of year.

    Is there ANY way to get clarification on when they plan to ship these- both to current subscribers as well as new subs/those who got a deal? I’d hate to justify getting it to use for upcoming holiday parties, only to find out that the will use the lowest of priority to send them out, especially if we got a deal. A box so extremely holiday party/festivity driven would be pretty useless if it didn’t get here in a reasonable amount of time.

    Thank You!

    • This.

      • Definitely like to know this…

    • Well, my emails says the Winter box will ship in December, but did not state the specific time…

  11. I had a hard time with choosing between the black and the white for my regular sub. Now I have 2 winter boxes coming, so I get one of each! I’m sure I can gift or swap the stuff I don’t want. Thanks MSA!!!!

  12. Also adding that I don’t love the winter box either. I like style with practicality, and I think this box is too formal. I was hoping for nail polishes, candles, or a nifty palette. My fave was Summer, 2017.

  13. I like the deal but don’t like the winter box. If they could switch out the oil and earrings, I would sign up. 😩😔

  14. I emailed them. I’m not due to renew until spring. I love this subscription, and I hope to get the best possible deal.

    • Did you hear back? My last box is the winter box. I would like to capitalize on this deal but don’t want to get 2 of the winter boxes…although I ❤️ The winter box! Anyway to get this?

      • I would love to hear about this too. My winter box is bought and paid for, but I’d be all over this deal if regular subscribers could use it to upgrade to an annual.

  15. I get confused on these. If I subscribe with a quarterly will it just be the winter box that the discount applies to? Or does that apply to every box until I cancel?

    • This discount is just for your first box if you subscribe quarterly. Hope that helps clarify!

      • Yes thank you!

  16. is anyone else having problems with this? i tried renewing my sub with this code and i kept getting an error message, the promo code was accepted but my confirmation would not go through. i then tried subbing as a new subscriber with a new email and had the same issue…..

    • I am a former subscriber and kept getting the error message that my zip code failed to validate when I was trying to buy on my phone. I tried again on my computer with a different email address and mailing address (I moved) and it worked, so I’m not sure if the issue was trying to buy from my phone, the email address, or the mailing address!

    • I had to use my desktop to get everything to process correctly. No luck on any of my mobile devices.

    • had trouble too!

      so just to clarify these are special deals that are better than black friday/cyber monday? thx Liz!

      • Yes, this MSA exclusive discount is better than the Black Friday Box of Style Deal! 🙂

    • UPDATE: while i never got this to “work”; when i logged out and logged back in , the subscription with my clutch choice shows under subscription and also under orders…….so i guess it went through even though i was receiving the error message…..the bad news, is that as i also tried using a different email address; i have two subs. I emailed to cancel the second sub……

  17. Dang! The winter box did not appeal to me at all otherwise I’d jump on this.

  18. Aaaaaand it’s mine. 😀 I wanted this box and was waiting for a deal. Woohoo! 🙂 (Assuming nothing goes wrong with my payment. There was a little bit of weirdness in the checkout process, but hopefully it’s okay.)

  19. Argh. I am already getting the winter box so I am sitting this one out. Note to self- don’t get the winter box next year until BTBF!

  20. The coupon code does not seem to work if you are an active or former subscriber. I cancelled my seasonal subscription and tried to re-up with the Black Friday code and the system would not process it, no matter which email account i used. Oh well, more money in my pocket.

    • Get a new email address.

      • I tried that with the previous $30 code on the Fall box and never could get it to work. Either they track IP or address as well as email.

        Was bummed on that one and it kind of put me off the box actually.

        • they had a boatload of problems with Fall deal, it was not just you!

    • I’m a former subscriber and it worked for me. Although it’s been over a year – maybe that’s a factor?

      • Who knows? But there’s only just so many hoops I’m willing to traverse in trying to give someone my money.

      • I cancelled my annual after the fall box and ordered another annual with this code, no problem.

  21. I keep getting an error code that my zip code failed validation, which makes no sense. : (

    • I know this seems silly, but double check that you put your state in correctly. I accidentally put the wrong state from a drop down list earlier today and it took me way too long to realize that’s why it didn’t think my zip code made sense. Hopefully your issue is something as simple!

  22. Ahh this is awesome! I think I have to get the annual. AND one of the add-ons is the black silk tassel necklace & earrings?!!! Ahhhh!!! The discount pays for half of their cost….I have no self control….MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!

  23. This is a great deal, but they offer similar discounts on individual boxes after they ship already. I would rather pick and choose the boxes I like for a similar price than be locked in for a year. Does anybody let you know if they let annual subscribers skip boxes like Happy Rebel does?

    • I’M an annual subscriber, They don’t let you skip. When I was a seasonal subscriber, you could cancel to “skip” but they process the payment way before the spoilers show up.

      in fact, as a seasonal subscriber I often received emails telling me that my card was not valid or that I needed to update my card info. ( I think some people pop in a fake card number to prevent charges? ) it just caused me a lot of stress. ( One good think about being an annual subscriber is they send a gift in your “anniversary” box – not great or high value- but I’m subscribed for convenience )

      • Great insight… thanks Catherine!

  24. I am current subscriber and was hoping for a deal for us. 🙁

    • Agree. I don’t get it. :o(

    • I requested to cancel todat…tired of all non-subscriber getting a better deal. I will subscribe to a Breo or Robb Vice instead.

      • The Breo deal today is tempting.

  25. How often are the deals being posted? Once every 30 min. Once every hour? Just wondering so I can actually get stuff done today instead of stalking MSA!

    • Once every 30 minutes. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you Liz. Will factor it in my workday 😂

        • I’ve got a timer going off every 30 mins. on my phone so I can clean and paint and then check the site when my phone dings.

      • I’m at work also, but can’t miss the PSMH deals. Any eta on those ones?

        • That will be a bit later in the day 🙂

        • Given that it’s the one everyone is waiting for, I’m betting it’s going to be late afternoon, which is a bummer because I have stuff I have to do!

  26. Awesome deal but what if you are already a subscriber and have already been billed for the Winter box?

    • I know, it is kind of annoying. I never care about the $10-20 off that is offered to new subs every quarter, but for the loyal subscribers it is irritating that we’ve already been charged and a few days later there is a great deal for new subscribers.

    • Popsugar has learned the way around this by letting you extend your current subscription at a discount. Or at least they did last year. Other boxes would be wise to do the same.

      • So, basically, no Black Friday deal for the current subscribers. That is a bummer. :o(

  27. Drats. I don’t want the Winter box unfortunately.

    • Same. My credit card is happy. For the next 28 minutes, at least.

      • Hahaha I was thinking the exact same thing!!!

      • 😅😂🤣 same here, very tempting but I don’t want the winter box.

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