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POPSUGAR Must Have Winter 2017 Limited Edition Boxes + Spoiler #1

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The POPSUGAR Limited Edition Holiday Boxes (for Her + Him) are available for pre-sale for subscribers! And we have the first spoiler for the women’s box!

And use coupon code WINTER when you buy both, to save $20! (Regularly $100 each)

For the first time ever, you get to pick the variation you want for the Limited Edition for Her Box!

Here’s the first spoiler:

CLUSE La Bohème Rose Gold Watch – Value $99

Accessorize your chunky Winter sweaters with a gorgeous rose gold watch. The La Bohème model is a classic with an utterly sophisticated look. It features a leather strap with a stunning rose gold frame. The white face with metallic accents makes this watch a versatile staple you’ll wear all season long.

(POPSUGAR sent us this item early so we can answer any questions you might have about it.)

(The bands are genuine leather.)

And you can pick this grey band, or the black band:

(This case could double as a soft eyeglasses case, too!)

These watches are the perfect weight. Not too heavy, but not too light to feel cheap.

What do you think of the first spoiler? I love a simple and classy accessory, so it’s perfect for me!

More info on this box:

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Holiday 2017 Box

The Cost: $100

The Products:

Women’s Box: Embrace the chilly weather in style. This limited edition box has everything from beautiful decor to adorn your dining room table to minimalistic accessories to compliment your chunky sweaters.

Men’s Box: The special man in your life deserves items to keep him dapper this holiday season. From easy to use self care products to stylish accessories, he’ll be thrilled to receive these handy gifts he would never think to buy for himself, delivered right to his door.

Are you going to grab a Limited Edition box? Check out my review of the 2016 POPSUGAR Holiday for Her Box, the 2016 Holiday for Him Box, the 2015 Holiday for Her Box, the 2015 Holiday for Him Box, the 2014 Holiday for Her Box, the 2014 Holiday for Him Box, the 2013 Holiday for Her Box, and the 2013 Holiday for Him Box to see what has been in past boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Bought both!
    Glad they have the promotion for subscriber. Guess I can be less grumpy even if later these boxes come with better promo like last year lol

  2. I’m a one-watch-only girl so I had to buy something that would last me a long time. After nearly 20 years, i still wear the same watch. It’s tempting to get something new but I like the one I have very much and it goes with everything (in my mind, at least). 😉

  3. Ooooh! It looks like you can easily purchase different bands for this watch. The mesh band is gorgeous, and for under $50. If you wear watches, this may be a really good watch to get (for the price of the box, and everything else is pretty much pretty gravy.)

  4. Love the bag it comes with! Such a classy design, the watch too!

  5. It looks like PSMH considered feedback from customers and is rewarding longtime subscribers. I am not currently subscribed, but I would order these right now if I could.

    • You can, I did… I love PS but subscribe on and off… I am currently off but got this today by signing into my account…. can’t say if that works if you buy both with discount but… 😎

  6. I swapped for the one from RZ. I normally get the winter LE, but I may go with RZ instead as I don’t need another watch and RZ always has a coupon available. 🙂

  7. So I actually love this watch and will probably get the box, but I’m so disappointed that this isn’t more holiday/winter-themed. I was hoping for something cozy or festive (like maybe another pehr throw??)

  8. I’m wearing my RZ Cluse watch right now – I love it! I don’t need another, even though the face is different. I’m happy for everyone who missed out on that box who gets another chance though.

  9. Go the one from RZ, have other very nice watches, but no longer wear them…. and I am old! Between this spoiler and the NM Box spoilers to date, popsugar seems very dated lately….

  10. …. two small changes that I noticed ….. introduced the box with a spoiler!!!! NICE!!!! ….. and a flat rate for the box – it’s my first LE purchase sans tax!!! NICE!!!! 🙂

  11. I got both boxes last year and I was pleased. I will likely give the watch away as a gift since I don’t wear a watch anymore.
    Hope this years boxes are great!

  12. For the first time in years, we are not purchasing these 2 boxes in our house (and they finally put out a deal for buying both together!). We’ll take the $200 to put toward our Disney trip.

    This watch reminds me of the Nannette Lempore (??) watch we ended up with a few years ago, which I never wore, either.

    • I was thinking it was the Nannette from last year too when I first saw it.
      Disney sounds much better at this point.

  13. Sheesh….And I’m still waiting for my Fall LE to arrive which I purchased two weeks ago …. 🙁

    • It’s been 3 weeks for me. It “shipped” within the 10 day period, but the tracking has been stuck at “shipping information received” for the past week. Meaning that it’s just sitting somewhere with a label.

  14. I wonder how quickly these are expected to sell out? I’d like at least one more spoiler before committing; I stopped my regular PSMH subscription months ago when I felt it started going downhill, but the holiday boxes always grab my attention. Hoping there will be another spoiler (and a spoiler for the men’s box) soon so I can decide if it’s worth it!

  15. I planned to buy both so loving the $20 off perk. I feel, Any time the spoiler seems meh the rest of the box is awesome. Cant wait!

  16. Liz- Is there any chance that we could get another spoiler of a large value item before this is for sale? I am one of the MANY people who own the Cluse watch with 3 sets of straps.
    RZ BOS gave us a coupon to get additional straps, so I have gray, black and blush.

    The last thing in the world I want is another Cluse watch ( this model was on sale on the Cluse website for less than half price, even but I always have liked the Christmas boxes.
    IF the watch is the only slightly luxurious item in the box, though, I’ll likely have lip gloss, a scarf, some sort of hair conditioner. The nice but smaller fillers.

    I cannot believe PS copied what Rachel Zoe has already sold to probably the same subscriber base.
    SO sad.

    • I think it’s reasonable to assume this is the hero item. The highest RV of any recent winter LE box was $422 in 2015. This watch is likely about 24% of the box, in terms of RV.

    • I missed the RZ BOS when the watch was offered and always regretted it. I’m thrilled its part of this PS LE winter box! I have already put in my order. Maybe I can resist the rest of the spoilers and let it be a surprise!

  17. I totally caved and bought both boxes. I loved the winter box last year (for myself and perfect gifts) and knew I’d be getting this year’s as well. Also really liked the men’s box last year but missed out on getting it. Reading all the great comments about the watch pushed me over the edge, it would make a great gift for my mom.

    For anyone who’s interested, you don’t have to be a current subscriber for this deal to go thru. I’ve subscribed on and off and get one-time boxes every now and then, and I was able to login and get this deal. Thanks Liz for the heads up!

  18. Dear PSMH,
    Did you know that RZ BOS of style introduced us to this exact watch (but with a black face) over 2 years ago? I love that watch and have purchased additional since Fall15 but I expect more from you. You could have at least picked a different style (the Minuit looks cool) or maybe a different band (love the mesh) instead of the same leather that RZ used in her box (and she actually gave us both black AND grey bands). There are such high hopes for the much anticipated “Holiday LE Box” and I’m afraid this is a disappointment. Although, my wallet thanks you.
    Much love, Me

    • Lol now you have me at instant regret. Oh well, I only got into the subscription box game at the end of last year so almost everything has been new to me. I still think the watch will make a lovely gift for my mom, so gonna hope the rest of the boxes are awesome.

      • Sorry, no regrets intended. It’s really a great watch for the price point – and will definitely make a lovely gift.

    • I would have loved the La Roche model or at least this model with a mesh band. Are the bands interchangeable?

      • Yes, all of the bands are interchangeable within the model which is one of the reasons I love this watch! It’s so nice to be able buy new bands w/out having to buy a whole new watch.

    • Exactly!!

  19. ……I bought again without waiting for something I “must have”….. I have the Daniel Wellington black/rose gold version of this watch – this black Cluse will likely go up for swap – that being said, I think it’s a great watch and would make a nice nice Christmas gift!!

  20. I bought them both. I was going to buy the women’s box anyway at full price so $20 off the men’s is enough to get me to buy it. Last year I bought the men’s LE box from Gentleman’s box for my son and PSLE for me. We made it a special event for us with the craziness of the holidays and took our time opening each item. I was going to get him the Gentleman’s box again but at $20 off this one I couldn’t resist.

  21. I never take my own advice and wait till there’s something I must have – that being said, my black watch will go up for swap – I have the Daniel wellington version and I love it – I would think this watch would appeal to many….. it’s really quite nice!! 🙂

    • Oooh it’s pretty in grey!

  22. I wonder why there are now so few spoilers for the monthly boxes? almost all spoilers for the limited edition boxes, recently.

    • We used to only get one spoiler ever for any box. I don’t count the theme spoilers; I think they’re silly and they should just tell us the theme instead of three clue words that often have relatively little to do with what actually comes in the box. I digress. Anyway, the spoiler for the monthly box often came after Liz had already reviewed the whole box anyway. The spoiler for the LE usually came right after it went on sale. I suspect more spoilers is a sign of low sales. PSMH used to be one of the most sought after subs. They could sell boxes based on brand reputation alone. Not so much anymore.

  23. When do these boxes go out? I hate paying and then waiting forever. 😛

    • I think it said they ship on Dec 1, so depending on how long shipping takes, you should get it in about a month from now.

  24. eh, not impressed. I feel like Popsugar has gone down hill this past year.

  25. I hadn’t planned on buying this box but now I’m sold. I was able to swap for one of the black face cluse watches a while back and it’s fantastic. I get tons of compliments on it, and even though I never wore a watch, I wear this one now frequently. Great quality in case anyone is wondering.

  26. I’ve been wanting to get a nice watch, but this one just isn’t my style. I like the rose gold – but not the size or watch face.

    I’m still debating whether I want to splurge on the 5th Ave Style holiday box for the Empress Valois watch.

    • I’m right there with you…the Empress watch looks nice! Though their listed RV seems to be double what they actually sell for…I went looking for them and the first thing that popped up online was at WALMART, where they were about $650-$700 (and that seemed to be the going price other places as well…)

  27. The last watch I got from PS arrived dead, a brand new watch should have a new battery in it.

  28. I think I’ll get grey, because I spilled on my other grey one from the Fall ’15 BOS so it looks a little dirty. Never even got to using the black band but I think that one’s nice too.

    With this new gray one I’ll put leather protective stuff on it so it stays looking nice longer than my last one 🙂

  29. So I am a subscriber, but I don’t have the option for early pre-order. Do all subscribers get this option?

    • Hey Jen…I was wondering the same thing. Just go to the Popsugar website and login to your account, then come back and click on Liz’s link and it should take you straight to the page. Add both boxes to your cart individually, then in the cart add the promo code Winter. That worked for me!

      • That worked perfectly!! Thank you so much for the heads up!! I ordered the gray and I’m so excited to get it!! Can’t wait for more spoilers!

  30. How quickly do these generally sell out?

  31. How quickly do these boxes sell out usually?

  32. I really like the watch especially with the gray band, but I rarely wear one. Also, I am thinking about (finally) joining the Fitbit bandwagon, so I don’t think I’d get much use out of this. The $20 off is still tempting though! If I’m remembering correctly, last year the women’s box sold out at full price and the men’s had only a $10 coupon before selling out, so saving $10 off each box is a pretty nice deal. Although, I couldn’t convince my husband that he needed anything from the men’s box and ended up swapping it all except the chocolate… 😉

  33. I see a Nanette Nanette Lepore Classic Rose Gold Watch in the swaps that’s from PS. I don’t have that or the one from RZ. Are they similar?

    • In my opinion, they are not similar. I have both. I never wear the Nanette, and I wear the Cluse all fall/winter. The Nanette band is pleather and the Cluse band is genuine leather. The face on the Cluse is thin the Nanette is more bulky. The Cluse is just a lot more stylish, comfortable and better made.
      The Nanette is fine, but is a cheaper watch and doesn’t really compare to the quality of the Cluse.

    • The Nanette Lepore watch is SO LOUD. I keep it on my dresser across the room, and I can hear it when I’m in bed; I can hear it at work over the clicks from typing, too. It drives me a little crazy. I have a Cluse La Vedette watch (smaller face than this one), and I love it! The only problem is that it’s a blush color, so it doesn’t go with some of the things I wear. I would sign up for this in a heartbeat based on my experience with Cluse, but I really want a black-faced, black-banded, rose gold La Vedette. 🙂

  34. I LOVE my Cluse watch from Box of Style (wearing it as I type). I’ll for sure get both boxes at this discount. If I don’t keep the watch for myself, it makes a great gift.

  35. Liz – does this watch allow you to switch out the straps like the BOS one did from Fall 2015?


  36. This looks a lot like the watch we received in the regular box, March 2016. I received a lot of compliments on it, but the second hand ticked way too loud! Even after I stopped wearing it, I could hear the ticks haunting me from my jewelry box.
    This watch does look sleeker though. It’s a nice spoiler, and the winter LE boxes are often my favorites. However, I get by just fine without a watch so I will probably wait for another spoiler.

    • I remember that watch, I gave it away as a gift, it was loud! The Cluse watch doesn’t have the second hand so it doesn’t make any noise.

  37. The watch face is too big to look attractive on a woman’s wrist. My $27 watch from Burlington Coat Factory is prettier – as are the $25 watches from Windsor Collection. Pass. This watch can’t be worth $100 to Cluse if they are letting PopSugar have so many of them for pennies.

    • I love big watches and not all people and their tastes are created the same.

      • I agree! I have a small wrist and it doesn’t look huge on me, I get complimented on it all the time by other women.

      • Totally agree nelliebelle1197! I think big watches make my wrist look more dainty. Love them.

    • I received this watch from RZ’s BOS. I have very small wrists and wear this watch every single day.

      I absolutely LOVE it! I even purchased another one with the white face and nude strap for summer.

      You can’t beat the value when it’s included in a sub box. I’ll gladly take another Cluse as a backup, even if only for the additional straps. 😉

    • I have 6.25″ inch wrists, which is fairly small, and have this watch from the BOS a while back. The watch is NOT too big on me and I wear it fairly regularly. It actually looks quite good, and I love it. So while you might feel it’s too big for you, which is certainly your right, please refrain from such global statements as everyone has their own opinions and they are as entitled to them as you are to yours.

      • With my eyesight, when I finally cave and get some type of i-watch, it’s going to be a big as a saucer!

    • Nope. This size watch actually does look attractive on many women’s wrists. Young and old make this size look cool and attractive all the time. Taste is subjective but I think more women would be unhappy with an unfashionable petite watch.

      • Yep. I don’t personally prefer big watches (or any watch that isn’t a smart watch haha), but they’re much trendier right now than dainty watches.

    • Love large face watches!:) I have small wrists and have had compliments when wearing my Cluse watch (received in my BOS). Eveyone’s taste are different – doesn’t really make sense to say that that watch face is too “big to look attractive on a woman’s wrist”.

    • Good for you! Think about all the money you’re saving now that you won’t be spending $100 on this box. You can get four of your $25 watches instead!

    • Strongly disagree and why such a strong negative comment about what is attractive on a woman. Why must women wear small faced watches? Because you decided that women need to be pretty. I love a large faced watch, they are more chic, stylish and modern.

  38. Me: “I don’t wear watches, I have no use for this. I’m going to hold off until there are more spoilers. There isn’t a man that I purchase gifts for either, so buying the men’s box just for $20 off is a waste.”


    The struggle is real, y’all. :Þ

    • Lol

  39. I see the Meri Meri Set of 6 Mini Gold Confetti Christmas Crackers on those plates in the spoiler. I bet they’re in the women’s box!

    • I bet they’re in nov or dec box

  40. This was the hero item in Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style in Fall 2015. It is a great watch! If you do not have it, this is a great spoiler.

  41. I love my black face Cluse watch from the RZ box, while it’s hard to justify getting another since I don’t really need it, the white face one is lovely, too.

  42. I think this is the same watch that was in a Rachel Zoe box last year, last fall maybe. As someone who has owned the watch for over a year I can’t complain at all! Currently debating getting this box just for another watch! Even if it is the same thing I already have!

    • Fall 2015 at RZ. Ours had a black face. This is a bummer spoiler for me so I will not be buying now that I’ve seen this. However, I really like my Cluse watch.

  43. I already have this from the Box of Style, so this is good to know to pass on

  44. Liz I don’t believe you mean to link to the 2016 and 2015 Fall boxes.

    • Oops – thank you! I’ll update!

  45. This is the same watch from the Winter 2015 Box of Style, except the face is white not black. I love these watches and have brought 2 additional ones since receiving it in that box, but it’s pretty disappointing that this isn’t even a different style or color.

    • It is from Fall 2015. I remember this because it was my first RZ Box. I am kind of amazed that PS would offer this. So far no box is making me bite. Maybe Happy Rebel (have to see 2nd spoiler first and my size is still available) and probably Rachel Zoe.

  46. Caved, got them both.

  47. Lovely watches, and a great spoiler. I already have enough normal watches, though (I LOVE my HD Agma Black & Gold watch…and I don’t even really like gold). If I needed another watch, I’d definitely order this box.

  48. I have to thank Box of Style for introducing me to that watch. I used the discount code that came with it to buy the watch above with the white rose gold face but with brown straps. I love their watches and the fact that you can swap out the straps. Wearing one right now.

  49. Love it! I usually use my Apple Watch but my mom would love this watch! Thank you for the early spoiler Liz!

  50. While it’s a nice watch, I have no use for it. I wear an Apple Watch daily so this would end up in the swap pile for me.

    • Ditto, except I never wear a watch. That’s my phone’s job!

    • Exactly! In the days of smart watches, I feel like people either 1) wear a smart watch or 2) don’t wear watches at all. (I’m in the former category so have no use for this).

      I usually buy this LE box, but this makes me hesitate.

    • Working in my school district (special education)- it is frowned upon to be looking at your phone while working with your students – so I always wear a watch.

      • That’s interesting. I never really thought about “watch etiquette” before. It seems that there’s a place, a time, and an activity for every watch of every size and type.

        • They want your attention on your student – looking at your phone could look as though you are checking texts or messages (even if you were only checking the time). Sometimes I have to retrieve my student trying to leave approved areas so I have my radio in case I need to do an alert and I can use my watch for timing activities.

          • That makes total sense.

      • I was going to say I worked in mental health positions in the past and phones were disvouraged on premises. We wore watches daily in order to conduct checks, especially those who were suicidal or had a history of self-harm. Those in the medical field also wear watches to check vitals.

    • I agree, it’s a pretty watch but I only wear an Apple watch so I have no use for this. I know other people change watches like they change jewelry though so I’m sure this is a great spoiler for some people. Can’t please everybody all the time.

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