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POPSUGAR Holiday 2016 Limited Edition Women’s Box Review


Each holiday season, POPSUGAR releases two Limited Edition Boxes great for gifting. This is the review of the POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Women’s Winter box!


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.

FYI – if you are interested in purchasing this box, it is still available!


The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Women’s Winter box

The Cost: $100

The Products: For Her: This holiday season calls for entertainment, celebration, and coziness. Prep yourself as either the gift giver or recipient of these wondrous Winter surprises, certain to bring a smile to anyone’s face.


Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.


The theme of this box is “Giftable luxuries that encompass everything wonderful about winter.”



Now, onto the items!


The Cambridge Satchel Company, Tiny Satchel – Value $95


This is a POPSUGAR exclusive design!



It is made with real leather and has an adjustable strap:


The quality of this piece is seriously impressive. (Exactly what I would expect from The Cambridge Satchel Company.)


And it comes with a dustbag:


Here it is on to give you a better sense of scale:



It’s tiny but I could fit the essentials:


iPhone 7, lip balm, and hand sanitizer – check!


Pehr Designs Charcoal Muskoka Throw – Value $136


This is one of my favorite subscription box items of all time!


This throw blanket is made with 100% cotton flannel. It’s not a thick blanket, but it still has a good weight to it, and it will definitely keep you warm! (Yes, to all things flannel!)

It measures 50″L x 60″W. And I’ll hold it up for you to give you a better sense of scale:


And if you’re thinking it’s great to see Liz hold the blanket up, but a puppy would be a much better (and cuter) way to show scale, you are in luck!


Buckles LOVES this blanket, too! (After we took this picture he didn’t want to get off of it!)


Louis Sherry 6-Piece Pink Truffle Collection – Value $22.50


This is the most beautiful chocolate box I’ve ever seen! The box is a domed reusable tin, and I think it would be a beautiful desk accessory. It has a retro-vibe, and I love the pink and gold colors.

Now onto the actual chocolates!


This set includes 6 truffles:


This presentation is gorgeous!


Here are all the flavors:


Strawberry Romanoff:



Mexican Vanilla:



Fleur de Sel Caramel:



Coffee Costa D’Oro:



Pomegranate Creme:



Raspberry Creme:


My husband, Eric, is the official POPSUGAR Must Have taste tester in our house, (he loves this role), and he also loved the chocolates, too! He had a hard time picking a favorite but said he liked the Strawberry Romanoff the most.


Simpatico Snow Hobnail Reed Diffuser – Value $48


Yay! Another home item! I love the winter wonderland packaging of this box too – perfect for gifting if you can part with it!


The set includes the diffuser oil, the hobnail glass, and reed sticks.


The scent is perfect for winter, too. It’s a sweet peppermint with a blend of vanilla – I love it!


I think this bottle design should go with just about any decor, too.


R+Co Tinsel Smoothing Oil – Value $24

I love that even the hair oil is matching the holiday theme! I really like the R+Co products I’ve sampled before and this one is just as good! It has a fruity/citrusy scent, and the formula is lightweight, so its adds shine and fights frizz without making your hair look oily.


Cargo Cosmetics Around the World Eye Shadow Palette – Value $34


I LOVE getting palettes in boxes! (I can never have enough!)


And I always appreciate when palettes come with instructions for achieving different looks.


This palette has a magnetic flap closure and a combo brush with a blender brush on one end and a liner brush on the other end.


These shades are very wearable for me, too. (There are 6 matte and 6 shimmer shades.)


Here are the shades swatched:


The pigment is good, too. (Some of the lighter shades don’t show up too well on my skin, but will work great as base shades.)

Verdict: This is one of my favorite POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Boxes of all time! It has an amazing value (about $360), and every item feels special, too! I think the balance of items is perfect (2 Home items, 2 Beauty items, 1 Fashion item and 1 Food item), and there is a good mix of classic and unexpected items.

What do you think of the POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Women’s Winter box?



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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (147)

  1. To open the purse: Pull down on the leather tabs (because the leather is so stiff, you may have to push down on the top of the purse too) then pull out, away from the purse. Mine popped off very easily that way, but it’s impossible to open if you pull straight out.

  2. I wrote to the company about the satchel:

    Maryann (The Cambridge Satchel Company)

    Dec 15, 12:35 UTC

    Hi Amy,

    Thank you for your email.

    The Tiny satchel closure can appear a little stiff to start with, as the leather will need to stretch with use.
    If you put your thumb underneath it and your forefinger on top and pull it should open, you may find it stiff on the first couple of openings but then it should loosen and soften as leather does.

    We hope this helps! [I found it unhelpful and will try poking an unclicked pen through the holes as suggested on here]

    Best wishes,

    Maryann Veal

    Customer Care Manager
    The Cambridge Satchel Company Ltd.

  3. I just received my box and it’s great, except…….I’m not crazy about the scent for the diffuser……..and

    I can’t open the purse! Is anyone else having problems? I can’t get the silver posts through the slit in the leather……if i work on it any more i’ll just mess up the leather.

    Any hints? Thanks.

    • I had this problem. I finally gave it to my husband, and he just pulled really really hard. It opened and didn’t break anything. Good luck!

      • I used an unclicked pen to stretch the holes out a bit after opening it for the first time and this helped a little for future reference, but it’s still difficult to open and close. I’m sure it will improve over time.

    • Michelle,
      I was just about to post the same thing. The purse is nearly impossible to open. Just got mine today. Now, I want to unload it on someone else, but if it’s so hard to open, no one here will want it 🙁

  4. I received my box yesterday and I have to say this may just be one of my favorite all time LE boxes!! The Pehr blanket is incredibly soft—really exceeded my expectations. I love all the Pehr items that PSMH has featured in their boxes, but this blanket is one of my all time favorite things! All the other items are fantastic as well. Total win!

    • Tracy,
      Can you open the purse? I find it nearly impossible to open and close it. The leather around the pegs is so tight.

      • It was tough to open the first time. I really had to pull and wiggle it around the pegs to get it to give. I think the leather is very stiff and will give over time with repeated opening and closing. I may just try the pen trick this evening to speed the process along.

  5. So glad I waited to read the review after I got the box. As I unwrapped each item, I got more and more excited:

    Satchel- so cute!!! I don’t use a smart phone, so my small dumb phone and cards will fit really nicely. And if I get tired of it, my 3 year old will love it dress up.

    Throw- So excited about the throw!!! Right now, in Denver, it 10 degrees!! I can’t wait to curl up with a book, cup of tea, and the throw.

    Chocolate- OMG!!!! So when I first so the tin I groaned. Once again a food item I can’t have (I keep kosher, so most food items I have to pass). However, in the review I see a kosher symbol. I am so excited to have them!

    Diffuser- I have always wanted a diffuser and this one is so pretty! Now to find a place for it that my 3 year old can’t reach

    Smoothing oil- This is the one item I don’t love, cause I don’t do that much with my hair. But I might try it

    Palette- Really like this item. I wear very natural make up, so this will be used a lot.

    So happy with this box!!! And so glad I ordered it. Its my first Limited Edition box and it was so worth the cost. I was debating gifting some of it, but probably won’t.

    • Yay!! So glad your first Limited Edition box was a hit! This one is definitely one of my all time favorites! 🙂

  6. This is on the Popsugar site as the Winter Limited Edition Box, not the Holiday Limited Edition Box, correct?

  7. I love this box (just got it today), but holy cow that purse is small. It doesn’t even fit my phone (IPhone 6s Plus. I tried removing the case and it still wasn’t even close). I don’t know anyone who uses a purse that won’t fit a phone, so this adorable purse is fairly useless to me. I’m bummed. I’m shocked any company would make a purse that doesn’t fit popular phones which are a staple in every woman’s purse these days. It’s still a nice purse… just way too small. The box is still a win for me though as I like everything else 😊

    • My exact thoughts! The bag was a big reason I bought this box, and I definitely won’t use a purse that doesn’t fit my phone. The seams/stitches make it so my bag def. doesn’t match the measurements on their website. I’m super bummer about it.

    • Agree, I could not believe how tiny the inside of the purse is, even my small clutches can fit a lot more. I can fit my iPhone 6 in it but it is tight so it would be annoying taking things in and out. Besides that I thought this was a great box!

  8. This is an awesome box…I think my favorite Popsugar box yet! I just caved and ordered another one making use of the free December box code. I am in love with the Pehr throw. Apparently, so are my cats…they have been curled up on it on the couch virtually nonstop since I opened it! It’ll be nice to have one, you know, that the humans can actually use! 😉 And, the rest of stuff in the box will make great gifts. I was surprised at how much I like the Cambridge Satchel purse. Admittedly, it’s tiny…I have to take off the cover from my iPhone 6S in order for it to fit in, and besides that, my DL, a couple credit cards/cash, and a small lipstick, and that’s it…but it was perfect for/ looked really stylish for a night out last week…and was a refreshing change from the huge bag I typically lug around. Great job, PopSugar!

  9. Does anyone know if the strap is detachable on the bag?

    If I can use it as a clutch, this box is going to be my first Popsugar LE!!

    • It is not detachable, but the box is a great value even if you don’t like the purse. I think I will not use the purse a lot, but I am so happy with everything else. I just got my box today and love it!

  10. For some reason my first comment asking this question did not seem to show up…

    Liz (or anyone that has received their box) … can you please tell me if the box contains any type of coupon or promo code for the company that made the chocolates? I want to order some for my mom but if our boxes contain a promo code I will wait until I receive mine!

    Thanks in advance and happy holidays y’all!

    • No, it does not contain a coupon for chocolates.

    • FYI…the Louis Sherry chocolates are on

      • I was just about to post the same thing! 🙂

  11. I have never, ever been tempted by a Popsugar box but this might be the one that does me in. The bag feels redundant since I got a white one in the summer 2015 BOS box, but everything else would get used. Love how the palette is idiot-proofed, as I have a few that never get used because I’m never confident about how to combine the shades. I just got a second BOS box as a gift for my mom so I’m feeling a little shopped out, but man. Decisions, decisions….

  12. Hi Liz (or anyone that has already received her box!),

    Just curious if the truffles came with any kind of coupon code or discount? Seeing the presentation made me want to pick some up for my mom, but if we are receiving a discount/promo code in our limited edition box I’ll wait until I receive that to place the order.

    Thank you!

    • Unfortunately not 🙁

  13. Both Winter boxes showed up to us on Thursday.

    It was awesome to take the time to look at every item. My husband went first, and immediately loved his box. I like everything…except I’m not sold on the purse. I think I’m going to force myself to use it, so I won’t try to trade it away. I just don’t know how to fit much in it!!!

    • I feel the exact same way! The purse is SO tiny, and it doesn’t help that it’s so stiff. If the bag was double its size, I would like it much more. I’m pretty petite, but this is like a fancy little kid’s purse! I’ll still try to make it work sooner or later. I also seriously need to stretch open the knob holes cause it is too difficult to close and open right now. I love everything else though! I wouldn’t have liked the hair oil just a month ago cause my hair was so long and it would have weighed it down even more, but I recently got it cut to a medium length and now constantly use hair oil in my styling. Love the throw, reed diffuser, and eyeshadow palette, and can’t wait to eat the chocolates from the pretty pink tin! I totally feel that I got my money’s worth!

  14. Mine arrived super early this morning – woohoo USPS! I was worried bc my tracking got pushed to Monday randomly, and then yesterday they delivered the entire neighborhood’s mail to me (no joke), so I was really worried something would happen to my boxes. But here they are!!! The boxes were all beat up, which is a shame since they’re really nice, but at least the contents are okay. I just can’t gift the box stuff IN the box. What’s weird is the actual shipping box was fine, so it’s almost like Popsugar jacked them up?? Anyway, love the stuff. Satchel is really tough to open but that will soften over time. The blanket is pretty small – I guess I’m taller than Liz – BUT I will totally use this at work for my shoulders. It does say THROW not BLANKET. The diffuser scent is lovely, and I know I’ll use the makeup and hair oil. Thrilled!

    • Same! My PopSugar box looks all dinged up on a couple corners, but the box it came in didn’t show any damage.

    • My box too arrived beat up on the inside but not the outside. Bummer

  15. This is a fantastic box! I had to order another one because I kept one for myself and I will gift one. Popsugar has outdone themselves this year! I don’t know how they will top this box next year!! The men’s box is fabulous as well, my boyfriend is going to really enjoy it. I ordered two of them also, the 2nd one for my Twin brother. I bought the Nieman Marcus box which I will gift some of those items. PopSugar has the best boxes out there!! Way to Go!! Thanks Liz for the great reviews!

  16. I think Popsugar did a great job with this box and I’m really excited for December ! I also want to mention that I like that Popsugar does not send a bunch of free boxes to everyone on YouTube, I noticed FabFitFun and boxycharm do this. I understand that is a form of advertising, but I do appreciate that Popsugar does not seem to do that.

  17. Both of my PS LE boxes arrived today, men’s and women’s. The contents are amazing and the boxes are gorgeous and just so happen to match my Christmas decor this year. Wish I could post pictures of how pretty they look with my tree.

  18. This is my first LE box. I assumed I’d get gifts from it, and I will give my hubby the throw blanket. He hates synthetic fabrics, so I think he’ll love it! Everything else is mine mine mine! I usually don’t like hair oil serums, but I even like this one! The eyeshadow palette is my least favorite item, but I really like the way they paired up the colors, so I really look forward to imitating the looks they show! This is now my birthday box, not my Christmas present box, and I couldn’t be happier!

  19. I will use every item. Now I’m kicking myself for not jumping on the BF deals. After the mystery box mess and last summers horrible box and lackluster run of boxes I just didn’t want to chance it. I did chance this box and I am so happy!! I’m STILL waiting for my exchange boxes from the mystery box mess.

    • Wow, they haven’t sent your exchange boxes yet? That is ridiculous! I finally got the replacement earpad for my defective Caeden headphones from the Summer LE box, just a week or so ago. In that case, they had a logical excuse…they were waiting to receive replacement supply from the maker (and they sent me the cute PopSparkle heartbeat necklace as an apology for the delay 🙂 )…but what’s their excuse for not sending you the replacement boxes yet? I will say, as much as everyone complains about their Customer Service, they have always done right by me…even if I have to follow up to make sure it happens. Good luck!

  20. I really want the R+Co oil if someone wants to swap with me please 🙂

    • I will be swapping it. What’s your name on there? I’m “Britt”

    • I will have this and already have a zillion other hair oils as well.

  21. I just got mine at work and I didn’t see any of the spoilers and OMGGGGGGGGGGGG I LOVE EVERYTHING! This is an awesome, awesome box! Yay!

    • I haven’t looked at the review either and the suspense is killing me. My box won’t be here until next Wednesday. So tempting to read review. I was going to give it to myself to open Christmas day but no way can I wait for that.

  22. Popsugar nails the Winter box every time. I can resist the other ones (sometimes) but I can’t skip the Winter one. This box is perfect for me.

    • I think this is my very favorite subscription box I have ever received. The blanket, the diffuser, the chocolates, swooooooon!! I received mine this morning with a knock on the door at 8:30. Christmas came early at my house 😀 😀

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