POPSUGAR Holiday 2016 Limited Edition Women’s Box Review

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Each holiday season, POPSUGAR releases two Limited Edition Boxes great for gifting. This is the review of the POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Women’s Winter box!


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.

FYI – if you are interested in purchasing this box, it is still available!


The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Women’s Winter box

The Cost: $100

The Products: For Her: This holiday season calls for entertainment, celebration, and coziness. Prep yourself as either the gift giver or recipient of these wondrous Winter surprises, certain to bring a smile to anyone’s face.


Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.


The theme of this box is “Giftable luxuries that encompass everything wonderful about winter.”



Now, onto the items!


The Cambridge Satchel Company, Tiny Satchel – Value $95


This is a POPSUGAR exclusive design!



It is made with real leather and has an adjustable strap:


The quality of this piece is seriously impressive. (Exactly what I would expect from The Cambridge Satchel Company.)


And it comes with a dustbag:


Here it is on to give you a better sense of scale:



It’s tiny but I could fit the essentials:


iPhone 7, lip balm, and hand sanitizer – check!


Pehr Designs Charcoal Muskoka Throw – Value $136


This is one of my favorite subscription box items of all time!


This throw blanket is made with 100% cotton flannel. It’s not a thick blanket, but it still has a good weight to it, and it will definitely keep you warm! (Yes, to all things flannel!)

It measures 50″L x 60″W. And I’ll hold it up for you to give you a better sense of scale:


And if you’re thinking it’s great to see Liz hold the blanket up, but a puppy would be a much better (and cuter) way to show scale, you are in luck!


Buckles LOVES this blanket, too! (After we took this picture he didn’t want to get off of it!)


Louis Sherry 6-Piece Pink Truffle Collection – Value $22.50


This is the most beautiful chocolate box I’ve ever seen! The box is a domed reusable tin, and I think it would be a beautiful desk accessory. It has a retro-vibe, and I love the pink and gold colors.

Now onto the actual chocolates!


This set includes 6 truffles:


This presentation is gorgeous!


Here are all the flavors:


Strawberry Romanoff:



Mexican Vanilla:



Fleur de Sel Caramel:



Coffee Costa D’Oro:



Pomegranate Creme:



Raspberry Creme:


My husband, Eric, is the official POPSUGAR Must Have taste tester in our house, (he loves this role), and he also loved the chocolates, too! He had a hard time picking a favorite but said he liked the Strawberry Romanoff the most.


Simpatico Snow Hobnail Reed Diffuser – Value $48


Yay! Another home item! I love the winter wonderland packaging of this box too – perfect for gifting if you can part with it!


The set includes the diffuser oil, the hobnail glass, and reed sticks.


The scent is perfect for winter, too. It’s a sweet peppermint with a blend of vanilla – I love it!


I think this bottle design should go with just about any decor, too.


R+Co Tinsel Smoothing Oil – Value $24

I love that even the hair oil is matching the holiday theme! I really like the R+Co products I’ve sampled before and this one is just as good! It has a fruity/citrusy scent, and the formula is lightweight, so its adds shine and fights frizz without making your hair look oily.


Cargo Cosmetics Around the World Eye Shadow Palette – Value $34


I LOVE getting palettes in boxes! (I can never have enough!)


And I always appreciate when palettes come with instructions for achieving different looks.


This palette has a magnetic flap closure and a combo brush with a blender brush on one end and a liner brush on the other end.


These shades are very wearable for me, too. (There are 6 matte and 6 shimmer shades.)


Here are the shades swatched:


The pigment is good, too. (Some of the lighter shades don’t show up too well on my skin, but will work great as base shades.)

Verdict: This is one of my favorite POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Boxes of all time! It has an amazing value (about $360), and every item feels special, too! I think the balance of items is perfect (2 Home items, 2 Beauty items, 1 Fashion item and 1 Food item), and there is a good mix of classic and unexpected items.

What do you think of the POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Women’s Winter box?


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m so happy with this box its a hit. Its great for gifting or keeping for yourself. Love, love, love.

  2. After being rather disappointed with the Summer LE box, as well as the June and July PSMH boxes, I swore off of Popsugar. However, seeing the November box, the spoilers for the December box, and this box, i think they’ve gotten back on track. I’ve got some serious regret right now for cancelling my subscriptions and not allowing myself this one. There’s not a single item in this box that I don’t love.

    • I think you can still buy this box if you want one.

    • It’s still available, surprisingly! I just ordered a second one to gift with.

      • I was kinda hoping it would sell out so I couldn’t spend more money… buttttttt, I just pulled the trigger. I couldn’t take it anymore 🙂

  3. Do we have the dimensions of the little purse? I don’t want to order if it won’t fit my Galaxy S7 Edge……

    • According to the website it’s about 6″ across on the inside and 5″ tall and 2″ deep. Your phone will fit, it’s about the same size as the iphone 7.

    • Here’s the info from the website:

      External measurements
      Width: 7” (17.5cm)
      Height: 5” (13cm)
      Depth: 2” (5cm)

      Maximum recommended weight of contents: 0.48Kg

      All measurements are approximate and can vary slightly as each bag is handmade from a natural material. Please note that each bag will be approximately 1″ smaller inside due to the internal seams of the bag.

      All satchels, batchels and music bags have an adjustable shoulder strap to an approximate length of 54.5″ (138cm). Please note this can vary slightly with different leather finishes.

    • My iPhone 6S plus doesn’t fit in the bag. Oh well! Think I will still use it

    • Thanks, everyone!

    • It doesn’t fit my iPhone 6s Plus. Not even close. Huge bummer. I tried to stretch it a bit and was still short getting it in.

    • It didn’t fit my S7 Edge. Not even close. The stitching made it lose a ton of space 🙁

      I’m working on stretching it, but I don’t have a lot of hope.

  4. For whatever reason, this is the slowest-moving FedEx box I’ve ever had :'( I got a shipping email on November 21, but it’s not scheduled to be delivered until next Tuesday.

    • Yeah, I was repeatedly checking the tracker wondering why it wasn’t updating, then Popsugar sent an email saying they goofed and sent out the tracking numbers early.

  5. What???! I can’t even…

    …Merry X-Mas to me!

  6. Oh no! FedEx change my estimated delivery date from this Friday to next Wednesday! Whhhhhyyyy?! I can’t wait to get the box!

  7. Wow, this box is amazing! I love everything and can’t wait for it to get here.

    Awesome job, POPSUGAR! Hands down, the best box out there this season!

  8. Whoops, it’s not available through Walmart (a different cargo palette is), but it is available at the link I shared.

  9. Liz, could you tell me if the eyeshadows are made in China?

    This is such a tempting box!

    • I don’t think Cargo makes any makeup in China anymore. Their cosmetics are made in the USA.

      • thanks!

    • The Cargo packaging says made in Taiwan.

      • Taiwan belongs to China… So basically still made in China…

  10. I’m one of the few people who liked last years box but this box really out did it self!! Love the throw and I have two little dogs who will probably love the throw as much as Buckles. The purse is tiny but oh so cute. Always love more eye shadow and these colors look great. Plus chocolate, reed diffuser and hair oil!! My box might arrive tomorrow. It says Friday but almost always comes a day early. Going to be along day at work when I’ve got something exciting to come home too. Plus BOS is doing a full box reveal tomorrow!! The addiction is real…lol

    • Thanks for the BOS info Des! I will be on the look out for that! And Liz thank you for full spoilers/review. So excited to receive my box next week! Love all items in the box but I am eyeshadow overload! My pooch will love a new throw to snoodle with!

    • Hi,
      What is BOS?

      • Box of Style by Rachel Zoe

    • So… I think they may have spoiled the box on their Instagram story. Looks like a candle, juicy perfume, Clinique product, a small clutch-type thing, and the beanie and necklace. Not sure if those were just freebies at the BOS party in LA last night or if they are spoilers- check out the Zoe report BOS’s Instagram story!

    • Dose your throw have a funny smell? Mine smells like a barn :/

  11. Oh my gosh I’m just so excited for everything! Popsugar did an amazing job, I think. None of this seems like filler and it is all super giftable. Basically this is going to be a Popsugar holiday as most of the gifts I’m giving this Christmas are from Popsugar. haha.

  12. Overall I am happy with the box; the only item I’m not wanting is the palette, but that’s part of the fun of subscription boxes. I think the value is great, and it should be easy to gift what doesn’t work for me. Another LE success!

  13. I really want the throw, but that’s the only item I’m sad to miss out on. I really can’t spend $100, so I’ll sit this one out.

    • This is exactly how I feel! I wish I could pay $20 for the throw and skip out on everything else.

  14. I really like this box, but the palette looks very similar to the one we got in fff – and I really like that one – so I may have to swap it. I don’t wear makeup enough to have duplicate palettes. Not sure if the smoothing oil will work for my hair type, but everything else makes me happy!

  15. If anyone wants the Kendra Scott bracelet from the November box I will give it to a good home for the holidays. It’s gorgeous and I love it but those dangling pieces drive me crazy. It’s literally unwearable for me. The box is gone but I only tried it on briefly. Happy holidays ladies!

    • I am interested in the bracelet. What is your swap id? 😊

      • I don’t swap. Nothing in return no joke. Just want to do something nice. What’s your email adress Neha?

        • Omg! Thanks Karen. My email id is nehasabharwal21 at gmail dot com.

          Thanks so much ☺️️

        • If I could “like” this, I would. Very sweet! Happy Holidays!

          • I think we should definitely have a “like/love” button for comments.
            Happy holidays to everyone 😊

        • So nice! I am literally getting all teary-eyed at this gesture 🙂

          • Oh my Erin I totally agree with you. This is so wonderful! Karen you made a lot of peoples day with your kind and generous gesture and not just the recipient of your gift. Bless you.

        • This is so sweet! Happy holidays to you!

        • That is so inspiring! Now you have me thinking of doing something nice like that just because…. I just love people like you! What an uplifting thing to hear about to remind me of the true meaning of the holidays. You rock!

    • That’s so sweet of you, Karen! And you’re sending it to the nicest person!

    • What a beautiful gift! I’m in love with mine so i know someone will love yours! Thank you for the kind gesture, its so nice to see good people are still out there

      • I’m happy to do it! I hope you love it,Neha!

        • Aww thanks Leah ❤️ Thank you so much Karen ❤️

        • Now I am crying reading others messages … you made my day Karen ! Thank you for being an inspiration ! All the best to you and yours !

    • Such a nice thing to do for someone. I appreciate gestures like that. Truly the spirit of giving. Blessed Holidays to all.

      • Pay it forward guys!!

    • I’m very interested!

      • Poo, I missed the other comments – if all doesn’t work out I want it badly. Thanks 🙂

  16. This website is the most dangerous to my wallet!!! LOL…. I was going to forgo the LE box this year, and then I saw this review and this is the BEST LE box I have ever seen!!! I love everything. I am going to gift the purse to my sister who’s petite and would pull off the look a lot better than me, but I am LOVING the home items so much. Am I the only person that feels you can never have too many throws?? The diffuser is absolutely gorgeous and I love the peppermint. The palate is great (although I already added it to my FFF Winter box).. I love the reusable chocolate tin and anything hair related is a win for me! I had to grab one! Popsugar got a lot of my money this Black Friday/ Cyber Monday weekend… but now I am officially done shopping!!!

    • You can never have too many throws! 🙂

  17. Ok excited to receive my box, and so happy this review went up cause I was dying in anticipation! I don’t love or hate the satchel (would prefer if it was larger and a solid color, but I’m sure I’ll find a use for it), but I think I will enjoy everything else. I wasn’t sure if I would like Cargo cause they’re products are offered by most subs, and Birchbox had a Cargo GWP for the longest time that it seemed like no one wanted. However, I got a Cargo eyeshadow in my one-time Beautyfix mystery box and LOVE the color on. I’m excited about the chocolates and diffuser too, and I recently got a haircut that might work better with the oil (was too long and easily weighed down before). So, YAY!!! I needed this excitement after a rough day.

    • THEIR products, not they’re, lol. That’s what I get for typing on my phone.

  18. 😭 I want this for myself, but not sure it’s in the holiday budget 😭

  19. Love love everything! I will swap the eye shadows because I’m allergic to something in powdered shadows. I only wear cream . Soooo who will swap with me ?

    • I did not purchase the box, the only thing I want is the palette and chocolates. Lmk if you want to swap?

  20. I got my box today and I’m so happy with everything! I was thinking I’d gift some of the items but nope! It’s all for me…

    • The diffuser smells so awesome!!!

      • How pepperminty is the diffuser scent? (Mine still hasn’t shipped, and the waiting is killing me.)

        • Its not super pepperminty… at least not to me. Its very subtle actually… I filled the bottle and used all the sticks and its not an overwhelming scent at all.

          • Oh nice. I was hoping it would be on the subtle side. Thanks for replying!

    • I definitely won’t be gifting any of this. I don’t even think I can share the chocolates, lol.

  21. I’m so glad I ordered this! I love every item, well except for the chocolates but those will make a great gift. I wish I could afford a 2nd box!…..I know I am a definetly a freak lol

  22. So excited for this box, and awesome review Liz (great pictures)! I signed up when I saw the blanket, I was a little unsure about the purse but it might make a nice alternative to a clutch, or my mom will love it. The scent of the diffuser sounds like something I would really like plus I really like the design. Of course the chocolates look great, I probably have way too many eye shadow palettes but it does look nice. I also think all of these items make great gifts.

  23. Uh oh. I am (really) kinda wanting this…

    Liz, can you tell us more about how the satchel opens and closes? It looks like it may have a peg-like closure situation (for lack of a better description), but I can’t tell for sure. Thanks in advance!

    • Elle Em,
      Did you wind up getting the box? The satchel is nearly impossible to open. The leather around the pegs is unforgiving. Someone on here said to twist a pen through the hole to try to loosen it.

  24. Now THIS is a holiday box! Chocolates, a cozy throw and winter scent for home. Fun palette, hair smoother and a cute bag for parties. I’m totally walking with them on this curation. Only downside, I don’t get mine until a week from now.

  25. EEK!! This is so, SO nice. Wow. I am so pleased with both the men’s and women’s boxes this year. I know exactly what I’m gifting and what I’m keeping from both. Nothing will get swapped or go unused. PS nailed the winter LE boxes.

  26. The around the world eye shadows palette was offered as a fabfitfun add on for $16 just a few weeks ago. Glad I didn’t pick it up then! I like all of the items in the box though!

  27. Oh Gosh! This box is amazing! The presentation of that candy! I love Cargo cosmetics! I have never used a diffuser and was wanting one. Oh Lord! This box is such a winner! I like the throw and after seeing Liz’s photos I really think it is cute! This box is a TOTAL SCORE for me! I am happy I went ahead and bought it!

  28. Haven’t looked at the review, cause I want it to be a surprise. Just wondering when I will get an email about it being shipped. I ordered it Nov 22. Does anyone know how the shipping works?

    • I ordered mine Nov 2nd I THINK (whatever the first day was) and mine is due to arrive this Saturday. I got my shipment email last week. I do subscribe to PSMH – not sure if that makes a difference in the order they ship.

  29. Really excited for this! Major home run box for me. I resisted all the holiday palettes so far, and those colors are great. Love hobnail anything, though Christmas equals pine and only pine so I’ll probably wait for January to uncork it ….peppermint is supposed to be energizing so maybe it will help beat the post-holiday blues 😉
    The chocolates seem a little skimpy for a hostess gift, but with a bottle of red wine they’ll be perfect.

  30. I love this! My daughter is going to be over the moon for the purse. I can think of someone to gift each product in the box, except the truffles. Those are mine 😜 Money well spent for Christmas gifts 🎁 Thank you PopSugar 💋

  31. I was so excited to see the diffuser, till I read the scent. I hate peppermint – taste & smell. But, I think I’ll gift this to my stepmom and buy the reindeer scent for me. But I’m loving this box. I bought it for the throw, am excited for the small purse, and can’t wait to eat the truffles. The rest is just a bonus for me.

  32. This is so much better than last year’s box but I had been holding out to see if they had anything other than the blanket and bag that I really had to have. The throw is lovely but between the men’s throw from last year and the woman’s throw from the year before I’m pretty well stocked up (although the lack of fringe is more cat friendly). The bag is great but I suspect I would never use it because of the size (it probably would not hold my wallet and keys). I don’t need a pallet because I have one from FFF and my fine hair does not need oil. The diffuser scent might bother my cats (and if it didn’t, then I risk having them knock it over – 7 month old kittens…). The chocolates look pretty good.

    Now if they come up with a good sale… I might cave (I ended up with the box from two years ago when they threw in a free December box with it – that put me over the edge). I suspect this one will sell though – it really is a nice box!

    • I’m in the exact same boat. I would love this box, but don’t *need* it. But would probably be pushed over the edge by a sale. The 2014 holiday box was the only LE I’ve ever purchased, and I still love that throw.

    • Same. Love that throw and the chocolates, but since nothing else is calling my name… I’ll probably have to pass and save $100. Which I’m kind of sad about haha.

  33. I love this box so much but I don’t think I can spend the money 😭

  34. I didn’t purchase one of these but I do think its an awesome box by popsugar! I agree the balance is nice, having a good variety of items for home, beauty, fashion, and food! Makes me excited for future boxes since i signed up for several months of the Must Have! 😀

  35. This is a nice box but I’m not having FOMO at all. Perhaps because there is nothing that I need or really want? Glad I resisted this year! Enjoy to the ones who didn’t~

  36. Glad I passed on both of the LE boxes this year, they are so rarely for me.

  37. Nice box although I love the two tone color of the satchel since I am a klutz with light color bags.

    • *don’t love

  38. Love this box! Only item I’m not excited about is the palette since I just got one in the fall fabfitfun and November Popsugar, but everything else is great.

  39. I’m surprised there is no jewelry item this year. Not unhappy about it (I LOVE the box)…just surprised since the holiday box usually includes something sparkly.

  40. The throw and bag were enough for me but now I’m even more excited with the chocolate and diffuser! The other two items will make wonderful gifts 🙂

    • Same here!!!! I was totally fine just having the blanket and bag…was totally worth it!! Everything else is awesome. I am SOOOO excited and happy with this box!!!

  41. Very lovely. I am impressed.

  42. I’m happy, and especially with the quick shipping. I need that bag for a Christmas party Saturday, and that’s when it’s arriving! I will never say no to a blanket! Or an eyeshadow palette… and I was about to buy the Amazon Luxe box and put the credit towards a new hair oil that’s included, but glad I didn’t since one is included here! Overall pretty happy with the guy’s and girl’s boxes! The one for the ladies seems MUCH better than last year!!

  43. This is a good box. I am happy with the items they included. I did buy this for myself as a holiday present and the men’s for my husband. They are due to arrive this Friday so we can both have something to open Friday night. There are lots more self-gifting next week with all the other boxes I ordered for BF and CM. 🙂
    It’s Christmastime and Hannukahtime!!!

  44. I can’t imagine dropping $100 on a box, but this one is NICE. Dang, I need to resist. Great review, Liz!

  45. Thrilled with this box! Thanks for the review, Liz!

    • Yay!! 🙂

  46. I think I’m going to love this box!! I’m super excited about everything but the eye-shadow but I don’t hate the palette either since it looks really versatile. Those chocolates would make such a nice gift but I’m afraid they might be difficult to part with. And what a pretty diffuser! I’m seriously contemplating buying a second box to break up as gifts since I want to keep all of the items for myself!

    • I was just thinking the same thing!

  47. I love this, I feel like they peeked in my head for wishes. Great job, awesome box. Mine should arrive soon, can’t wait!

  48. What a great box! Madly in love with the throw, always happy to have more diffusers, and can’t wait for the chocolates!

  49. Love it!!!! Very happy. I bought it with the intention of gifting the two spoilers, but am excited I get to keep the rest of me!!!

  50. this is a great LE! they definitely redeemed themselves from last year. I am also impressed with how fast they shipped these. Excited!!!

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