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POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition For Her Box Review


Each holiday season, POPSUGAR releases $100 Special Edition boxes for Her and Him. This is a review of the POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Holiday For Her Box.


This box comes wrapped ready to gift! (FYI – This box is much smaller than previous Special Edition boxes).


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Holiday For Her Box

The Cost: $100 each

The Products: A selection of products for him picked by POPSUGAR Must Have Editors

FYI – This box is still available for purchase. Orders placed by the 18th will be delivered by the 24th.


Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included:



White + Warren Luxe Knotted Headband – Value $88

(This specific design is a POPSUGAR Must Have exclusive)


This is exactly the type of item I would expect from this box. It’s luxe and special (and 100% cashmere!):


This headband comes with tags and is ready to be gifted as well. It is super soft, and I like the grey marled knit coloring too.

I also appreciate that there seems to be a grey/silver theme in this box.


Elizabeth Cole Adelia Cuff  – Value $167.50

This cuff is made antique plated gold with Swarovski crystals. And this design was made exclusively for POPSUGAR. Here is a close up:


It is a high-quality, beautiful piece! And good news if you are planning on gifting it – there is no mention of POPSUGAR anywhere on the packaging.

Here it is on:


I would say my wrists are on the small side, and this just fits without adjusting it. I personally like the fit since I prefer bracelets that don’t move around too much. As you can see – this is staying put:


I think you should be able to adjust it a little to fit larger wrists, but I don’t think this piece is one-size-fits-all.


Nima Oberoi Lunares Orb Candlestick Holders – Value $69

(I’m including packaging pictures in case you are thinking of getting this box and dividing it up into gifts).



These are understated and gorgeous. And I think they would work with most decor styles? They are also designed to never tarnish. (And these are another POPSUGAR exclusive item!)

And they go with these candles:


Et Al Designs Dot Candles – Value $24

These were also designed for POPSUGAR! Here is a closer look at the sparkle detail:


(These are made with beeswax)

And here they with the candle holders:


I fall into the category of subscription addicts who can never have enough candles in subscription boxes, but I know that not everyone feels the same way, so I like that POPSUGAR found a new take on candles for this box. And these would make a wonderful gift too.


Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Eau de Parfum – 2.9 ml Value $6

If you’ve ever read my Birchbox reviews, you may know that I don’t like getting perfume vial samples in boxes. So, this perfume sample in the Special Edition box is really throwing me off! It’s boxed, so it looks a little better than the typical perfume vial sample (and it is a little bigger), but it still isn’t an item I could gift, and that’s what I was hoping for from each item in this box.

I don’t think POPSUGAR even assigned a value to this item in their calculations, so it is kind of like a bonus item. I really shouldn’t complain too much, but I can’t help thinking, “This should have been a delicious food item instead!”


Butter LONDON Lip Service – Value $29

I love this set! It’s perfect for gifting or keeping for yourself! Here are all the shades:


And here they are swatched:


The formula adds color, shine, and it has a delicious cupcake-like flavor! The colors are highly pigmented on the swatches, but I found you can add just a little bit of the gloss if you want a less intense color and spread it out. (Also, this formula is a tad sticky – but not too sticky to be annoying).



Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion in Plain – Value $39

I have wanted to try this product for so long! (I’m a little obsessed with Gwyneth Paltrow, and I know this lotion is a hit with her and Tracy Anderson).  It “conceals imperfections like bruises and cellulite, thanks to light-reflecting particles that give skin an ultra-flattering glow.” This is the plain version (AKA clear), so I’m guessing it doesn’t have the full effect you might get from a tinted version, but I still liked it a lot. The scent is great, and it is made with all natural ingredients and is vegan and gluten-free!

I think I will be buying the tinted version for the summer season!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $422! I think that’s great for a $100 box, and to me, 5 out of the 7 items are very giftable too. I love both the beauty items. I would say the Prtty Peaushun isn’t as giftable as the lip glosses only because if your giftee doesn’t know about the brand, it might just look like a strange foil pack of lotion! The bracelet and headband are both high-quality luxe fashion items, and the candlestick set is a great home item to keep or gift.

I think if POPSUGAR had included a snack instead of the perfume I would give this box an A+, but really if I just remove the perfume from the box, the value is still great.

What do you think of the POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Holiday For Her Box? Are you planning on gifting some of the items or keeping them all for yourself?


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (107)

  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: If you received broken candles with no replacements and were promised a $15 credit, make sure you actually receive that credit.

    After being told TWICE that my replacements were on the way, they told me I’d receive a $15 credit to my account. Over a month after that, there’s no credit to my account and no credit to the credit card I used to pay for the box. I sent my FOURTH follow-up to the initial complaint, we’ll see what they have to say. This is ridiculous.

    • Well, for those of you who may still be in the same boat as me, keep persevering. 4 support requests later, and making it very clear that they keep making promises and not keeping them, I received a full refund for the box and candles are supposedly on their way.

      • Good to know – and thanks for the reminder about the $15 credit. I still haven’t seen mine on my PSMH account or credit card. So I’ll definitely be emailing them today about it. Funny that your candles are on their way now – I thought they were out of stock and that was the reason all of us were getting a $15 credit?

  2. I also received broken candles. I contacted customer service three times. Each time I got a formulaic insincere response. The first telling me they were coming “soon” the second that they would be “arriving shortly” and yesterday telling me they were out of stock and they would refund $15. The company has similar dot candle btw. Never once in the response did they acknowledge their lack of responsiveness and timeliness. The box was the first and last I would order from this company.

    • OMG I just went through the SAME thing. I reported the candles as broken, they said replacements would be sent. On the 10th, the said they would be sent soon, as well as an additional gift. Was told today that they are now out of stock and replacements would not be sent but they would provide a $15 refund. UMM…I’m sorry, but the candles (as well as other designs) are still available on the company website. They either need to get it together or refund the amount of the candles so people can buy their own.
      I was less than kind when “rating” the support I received, but I know it won’t fix anything.

      • The same thing happened to me as well. I asked for the value of the candles refunded since they are still available on the merchant website and they said no. I replied to them I was very disappointed in them as I spent well over $500 on LE boxes this holiday – they replied they will be getting more candles and will put me on the waiting list. I am so confused as to whether I will ever get a replacement.

  3. Is anyone else STILL waiting for these people to send candlestick replacements and a bracelet replacement? I have emailed them three times in the last week. Annnnnd no response. I will never, EVER buy anything from this company again. I subscribe to eleven boxes, and not one of them has ever not made something right immediately. Pop Sugar, I am filling out a BBB report on you.

    • I am still waiting. I contacted them again today and received a response that my cuff will be shipped in the next few days. They apologized for the delay, said they would be sending me an extra item for the delay. They also are crediting me $15 for broken candles that I had not previously notified them of and that they are unable to replace at this time.
      I am surprised to hear that people aren’t getting responses because even though it has been a while and taken several contacts, they have always responded to me within 24 hours and have been really nice. Maybe it’s like CS everywhere in that it depends on who gets your email?

    • I am still waiting as well. My candles were broken and my first December box was missing the ombre bracelet and the wine stopper. After the promo offer debacle I ended up receiving a second December box, so I would really be happy with a credit or refund. My first two emails got immediate responses. Both assured me replacements would be on the way soon. However my email last week was ignored. I sent another email this morning. We’ll see. I just started subscribing to pop sugar back in September and I was so pleased with my first few boxes. They obviously had significant problems over the holidays though, and I’m not sure it’s getting any better.

    • My mom ordered this box for me as a Xmas gift (we both do Popsugar regularly). The candle sticks came broken (found that out on xmas morning), we went on vacation, and then she emailed Popsugar around Jan 17 about getting replacements.

      She got a response within a couple days saying we would get new candle sticks. All of a sudden the candle sticks arrived today! No tracking info sent. However – the new candle sticks are both broken!!! I hear the packaging was really good, yet somehow the candles are broken.

      She’s going to contact them again… we’ll see what happens.

  4. I am very upset as I ordered mine right when the box was announced but I never received my box. Fedex tracking said it was delivered but I have nothing and have had no issues with any of their other boxes.
    I have emailed them 3x but have not heard anything back.

    I just want a refund at this point as I am leaving for the holidays so won’t get until I am back anyway if it were to show up.

    VERY disappointed that they cannot even acknowledge my inquiry about my missing box after spending over $100 on this box on top of my monthly subscription.

    • That is very upsetting. I was under the impression that they had better business practices.

      • Try posting a message on FB, or even better PM’ing them through FB. They seem to be more responsive there.

  5. My box (ordered Nov 18) still says processing. PS customer service just keeps telling me I will have it by Dec 24. I don’t believe that at this point as it took them a week to tell me that…………..this was a gift so it looks like I’m going to have to scramble and get something else. I am so annoyed

  6. Those candle holders are stunning! I have my December Globein table runner up for swap, might have to reconsider because these holders and that runner would make a great combination.

  7. My bracelet looks rusted / dark spots; is this what they meant by “antique plated gold” – it does not look good.
    does anyone else have this?

    • Yes, mine looks like that also.

    • Mine looks awful too. Huge black stain looking spots, and the bracelet itself wouldn’t fit my 7 yr old niece. My candlesticks were broken too. I’ve sent 3 complaints with pics, but crickets continue to chirp..

      I had asked for a subscription to Pop Sugar’s monthly box for Christmas. I told hub today to cancel it. Their customer service is hideous.

    • Hey Liz, do you by chance have an actual phone number for Pop Sugar customer service? All I can find is the “contact us” email form. I have tried that three times and included pics, but have not heard a word. I get that accidents happen and sometimes things break, but as long as replacements are sent I’m good. With THIS company, I can’t even get a response acknowledging any of my issues. I’m so frustrated!

  8. I received my box yesterday. My candles were broken like a lot of others have been saying. I could see through the packaging that they were cracked all the way through. I did email them last night to let them know. They got back to me this morning and said they will replace them but that it would take up to a month. So for anyone needing a replacement prior to Christmas, it’s not looking like that’s going to happen. Luckily, I wasn’t planning to gift these to anyone. But it seems like popsugar is taking care of replacements for anyone who emails. I was a little worried they wouldn’t have any left with so many people getting multiple boxes they didn’t order! Lol. ?

  9. After very underwhelming November and December boxes, I am pretty pleased with the LE. I’m also super happy I purchased it rather than the Neiman Marcus box.
    The bracelet cuff is actually a little too big for me, which is kind of relieving because I liked it a lot in the spoilers and I was worried after reading so many people referred to it as a doll accessory.
    The headband is absolutely luxurious. I love cashmere!
    I don’t particularly care too much for lip makeup at all, or perfume, but the box containing my lippies is torn, so I’m not sure it’s suitable for gifting. The perfume is far too small for gifting, but I will not complain about it, as I see it being more of a bonus item. Hopefully someone in the swaps will understand that the lippies are still brand new and that the box arrived torn.
    My candle holders appear to be in perfect condition. I was thinking I would gift them, but after seeing them in person, I may be smitten. They are high quality and very classy. My candles did arrive broken, but I’m not too upset. PopSugar did eventually replace my shattered Capri Jewel Box from November, although it took about a month.
    Honestly, this box arrived in perfect timing. Up until this morning, I was extremely upset over the recent promo offer debacle. My first December box arrived incomplete (missing the bracelet and wine stopper). I really just want that box made whole; I’m not exactly looking forward to receiving a second one. And I feel duped and deceived by their marketing and customer service. However, this box is a step in the right direction for restoring my confidence in PopSugar. As long as they make right the missing/broken items issue, I will try not to waste any more energy being upset about duplicate December boxes with the promo.

  10. Got my box today and I don’t like a single thing in it. So mad that I paid $100 for this box.

  11. I definitely received 2 of these instead of the 1 I paid for! I double-checked my bank account and everything. How weird is that? Maybe I was a winner and got a free box, although I would think they would include an insert of some kind describing that. I’m not complaining, I am just really surprised!!

    • Ha! I had the opposite happen to me for the December box. They billed me for two, shipped me one, and emailed me a shipping label and said I need to return the “duplicate box” that I never received in order to get my money back!

      • Same thing here! I bought/paid for 2 and only see one moving in tracking (it’s still not here). And a dud label for the 2nd one.

    • I had the same thing happen! I got two and was billed for one.

    • I got three instead of the two I paid for! Double checked my bank account and everything 🙂 I already sent them a message letting them know, but they haven’t gotten back to me yet. If they let me keep it I won’t even complain about the broken candles in two of the three boxes 🙂

      • This is crazy!! They must have really messed up their shipping this month!!

      • It’s about to get crazier! I just came home from work and was greeted by a FOURTH box. Paid for two, received four. This is the first time I ever ordered from Popsugar and my mind is blown by their ineptitude. I can’t get over this. It’s funny and ridiculous at the same time.

      • I don’t mean this bad towards any of you who have received extra boxes – I really think it’s awesome that you guys are lucky enough to get an extra box or two. I think Popsugar should be sending extra items or boxes to everyone bc of all the trouble everyone has been having with them lately.

        I am just extremely annoyed with Popsugar bc I’m still waiting for my box, I ordered right when they went on sale. 2 weeks to get to me is ridiculous.

      • OMG whaaaat! Wow. Lol

      • I really wanted this box but wasn’t able to afford it. I will trade for items User ID 12922

    • Same thing happened to me!!! I got TWO of the same box today. I checked my order and my bank account to make sure I hadn’t ordered 2 by accident and I had not. So happy holidays to us I guess! LOL!!!

      I actually like this box, but don’t think I need 2 of several of the items and I have already bought all of my gifts for folks, so I may put a few things on the trade boards later today 🙂

      • I too got two. LOL. I was talking to my husband about whether I should contact them, but then saw on the forum that somebody had and was told just to keep the extra – it was a glitch. So that made me feel better. Now, I just wish I had someone to gift it too that would appreciate it!

    • I received a second one as well. It’s a bit like salt in the wound for me, since I had major buyer’s remorse on the one I actually paid for (scuffed, spotted candleholders, crooked bracelet, a very nice headband that sadly won’t fit under my hair), and now I have the additional hassle of trying to get in touch with PopSugar and send this back. I think, perhaps, they took on more than they could handle this season with all the different special editions and stocking stuffer boxes.

      • I contacted Popsugar and they said anything I received is mine. So for those who received extra boxes, you don’t have to feel guilty about keeping/gifting/selling the extra one. Popsugar is okay with it.

  12. Got my box today and I really like it! The head scarf/wrap thing is so flattering and soft — really high quality. The bracelet is beautiful. I have tiny wrists so it’s a little large on me but I could see how this would fit most people. The lipsticks are a little sticky but the pigment is amazing and it’s glossy without being crazy shiny. I especially love the bright pink one. My candlesticks arrived unbroken but the candle holders were a little scratched up. Not enough that I’d complain about it since they’re not visible unless you look up close. Great heft and really pretty though! The perfume is small but I actually really like the smell. Haven’t tried the lotion yet but look forward to when I use up the ones I have open now. Overall, great job Popsugar!

  13. My box just showed up today and really the only item I actually like are the Butter London lippies and even those aren’t that impressive. So basically I should have taken my $100 to sephora instead of buying this box.

    My candles were broken like everyone else’s and oddly enough they don’t fit in the candle holders (am I doing something wrong? lol). The tops of my candle holders were scratched up (you can kind of see what I mean in Liz’s pic above).

    The bracelet oddly enough is big on me (???) but I will admit it is prettier in the photos and none of the stones were missing.

    The perfume sample smells like old lady perfume to me (I don’t care what Kardashian/Jenner you put on the ad it still smells bad!)

    The lotion is super greasy and I had to wash my hands after applying it. It also smells bad like limes or something.

    Headband will be a perfect gift for my mom but I would never wear it. GOOD NEWS! I will never be tempted to buy a LE box again. Yay for my bank account!

    • My candle holders were also scuffed up. I was surprised no one else mentioned this.

      • Broken candles and the holders were like yours, too wide for the candles and rough edges. Like they were rejects. Emailed PS With pictures, will see if I get any response. Since they were a big part of the box, if they don’t make it right, I won’t be happy about the 3 6-month subs I bought as gifts this years.

      • Flip the candle holders over. They’ll fit perfectly.

        I had like 5 minutes of blonde moments until I figured this out.

  14. Good things come to those who wait, maybe? 🙂
    My box only arrived today and my bracelet fits, my candles are perfect, and the candleholders are just what I would expect from an artisan.

    I LOVE this box. I love the cashmere headband much better than the blingy one I have from Luxor or some other box, and I adore the Butter lippie set. 🙂

    I will get around to trying out the perfume sample and the lotion in the squeeze pack. Unusual way to package lotion, but I guess it’s 21st century technology or something.

    Happy Holidays to all. 🙂
    PS- I don’t have a word from PSMH about my plain Dec. box.

    • Good for you! Good things come to those who wait because I got mine today and nothing is broken or missing either!

    • I just got shipment confirmation today (12/16)

      • (sorry – should have been more clear… I just rec’d shipment confirmation on the standard PSMHB for December)

  15. Super frustrating – received my box yesterday and the bracelet was missing. Packaging was there, just no bracelet. Emailed support only to get an auto-reply about high volume response time. Of all things to be missing from the box!

  16. I received my box today and I’m really happy with my first Popsugar LE. I avoided spoilers and it was so much fun to open. The headband and bracelet are my favorites as they are 2 things I would never think to buy for myself (esp not retail value!).

  17. I was a little hesitant about this box after seeing the spoilers, but after I received it I really liked it. I didn’t really need the candles/holders, but they are gorgeous. The lippys are amazing. I love all but one of the colors, but it was perfect for a friend. I pretty much liked everything (with the exception of the parfume).

    I do wonder if anyone has questioned the “popsugar exclusive” items. The blanket in the men’s box (although beautiful) is made cheaper than a majority of blankets of the same brand. I don’t know if that’s the case for the women’s box, they appear quality. It just makes me question if these exclusive items are being made cheaper, or if popsugar just really likes to be that involved. If they are being made cheaper, it kind of defeats the purpose of the luxe items that are promised.

  18. I was pretty disappointed when I first seen the full spoilers, however, having now received my box I am slightly happier.

    Still annoyed that a sample perfume was given in a lux box and my candles arrived both broken in 3 places. I’ve contacted Popsugar about this and I’m waiting on a response. Has anyone received a response to say they’ll have them replaced? I’ve never had to contact or complain about anything but I’ve heard some horror stories about PS customer service in general 🙁

    • The perfume sample wasn’t even counted in the value of the box. It’s something extra that was included. I don’t really understand complaining about that.

    • I sent them an email on Saturday about my candles being broken and they got back to me today saying they are sending replacements and that they will take up to two weeks to arrive.

      • Good to know since mine were broken too. The candles are pretty and look so nice with the holders. Did you notice that the candle holders match one of the items from the December box?

  19. Those who are afraid the cuff won’t fit, don’t despair yet! I honestly laughed when I first saw it — I thought it was one of those multi-fingered rings it was so tiny! But it actually fit on my (average-sized) wrist and I’ve been enjoying wearing it. The crystals aren’t an exciting color, but on the plus side, they go with everything. 😉 I live in Calif, but am traveling to a cold weather state for the holidays and plan to break out the headband there. Unlike some others, I was delighted with Modern Muse because I’ve been wanting to try that based on the delicious magazine scent strips; I just wish it was bigger, like a .17oz mini. I do agree some kind of luxe treat would’ve been nice, but I wouldn’t give up the perfume for it — the candles tho, maybe! (Mine were broken, too.) If I get a replacement, someone will be getting those and the holders for a nice gift. Still, I thought it was a pretty good box overall.

  20. I LOVE this box. I have been searching for candleholders for a long time, and these are perfect. I like the candles too. Love the headband and the lip glosses. Can’t wait to try the lotion.

    Only problem is the bracelet is too small, but I’m giving it to a friend as part of her Christmas gift. I love it, wish it would work. But bracelets never seem to work on me. I have big, bony wrists.

  21. I received my box over the weekend. Big surprise – the candles were broken. Contacted customer service this morning, but haven’t heard back yet. Hopefully they will get replaced. I like everything else in the box (like, not love) but the value is there (except for the perfume sample…yuck) so I’m not going to sulk! We all know that we take a chance on these boxes, and we aren’t ALL going to be “wowed” EVERY time. Oh well….

  22. I just received my box today, and I love it. The only spoiler I looked at was the bracelet, and I wasn’t sure about it -but in person, I love it. I have small wrists, so it fits me perfectly.

    The candles are so pretty, and I can’ wait to try the lippies. I also really like the cashmere headband, and I think the color of it is great because it will go with so many other winter accessories.

    The perfume is ok and I’ll probably use it, and I always need nice lotion. Overall, this box is one of my favorites ever.

  23. Just wanted to note that my wrist is 7.5″ and I was able to bend the bracelet a little bit and it fits. Not loosely like most cuffs, but it does fit.

  24. My bracelet was missing a stone and candles cracked. Kinda bummed as i had planned to gift both those items. I haven’t heard back from customer service but I’ll doubt I could get them replaced and sent off in time for Christmas. A little regretful of this purchase. Oh well…so it goes!

    • I haven’t heard back on my inquiry either – I wonder what they plan to do about the bracelet fiasco – they sent child size jewelry to 1000s of grown women.

      My wrists aren’t that big and I really can’t wear it (and that bead part makes my wrist BURN LIKE FIRE when I try to put it on – side effect of working on a keyboard all day)

      Oh, wait, it’s PopSugar, they’ll just ignore everyone then spam us like no tomorrow in a few months for the next LE.

    • My bracelet was missing a stone and candle was broke too!! I’m so disappointed!!

    • This was the tiniest bracelet! I’m glad it fit some and they loved it but I was quite surprised at how small it was. I consider myself to have average sized wrists and there was no chance I could wear it. Disappointing for such a high value item.

  25. I loved this box. I bought the add on scarf from birchbox and a pair of fingerless gloves from elsewhere and now I feel like I have a complete set with the headband. The bracelet I could see why people hate–it’s tight on Liz but fits me exactly like a cuff should. I wear a size four bracelet and usually have to get children’s to find any that fit (but since I only like dainty elegant jewelry not fun jewelry, that doesn’t work for me) and this fits me perfectly. Amazingly perfectly. I feel sad for other ladies because I know I have extremely tiny wrists and no way will this fit even half the people who bought it, but the fact I have an elegant piece that FITS made the entire box price for me.

    I hate the glosses. I live at the beach and haven’t worn gloss since I moved here because there is never a moment without wind and I don’t appreciate my hair being glued to my lips. I only wear matte lipsticks and liquid to matte lippies. Plus my swatches when I was checking to see if they were sticky feathered and “melted” into my hand so I can’t imagine how horrible they will be to wear.

    My candles arrived broken in five places so hopefully they’ll be replacing them. They’re perfect for my husbands aunt we haven’t bought for yet. The fragrance smells good but I agree with Liz–sucks to get a sample.

    I like the candle holders but will gift along with the candles should I get a replacement.

  26. I am very pleased with the box. I’m gifting the headband and 1-2 of the Lippys to my boss for Xmas. I wish the fragrance was in a spray bottle but I do like the fragrance. I love candles and even though I have no plans for them, they are too good to give away!!! I’m keeping everything else for myself !!!

  27. I was pretty excited about this box. Unfortunately my candles were also broken so I was bummed. I contacted customer service but havent heard back. How are those that have heard back contacting them? Maybe there is another way. I also noticed that the bracelet wasnt centered how I thought it should be. I like it but I think that will drive me crazy! 🙂

    • I contacted them through their website and they responded back a few hours later.

  28. So what’s all this about a coupon? It looks like these boxes usually sell out.

  29. I originally wasn’t that excited about the box when I saw the spoilers, but now that I have it in hand, I’m pretty happy. The bracelet fits well and has a nice heft and sparkle to it. The headband is so soft and warm! And the lip colors smell delicious and have great pigment. I’m still not a fan of the candles, but hesitant to swap them since they’re so fragile. Maybe will gift them 😀

  30. I really liked this box. And Cashmere? Yay! And I have a pretty big head but it fit. The bracelet was a little small but I was able to make it fit. I was lucky, my candles weren’t broken. I am in the market for a new condo and the candlesticks will be perfect with my decor. Overall I liked everything very much. Planning on gifting the Butter London and the body lotion to sister and niece for Christmas. I have wanted to try the Modern Muse fragrance and now I can. I like the little bottle, it looks elegant. That’s what I like about PopSugar. The element of suprise. If I wanted to pick out all my own things I wouldn’t subscribe. That’s where half the fun lies, the suprise! But a nice decadent chocolate truffle wouldn’t have come amiss. ? Another winner PopSugar!

  31. Liz,

    Love your site and reviews 🙂 ….but if you have any pull with Popsugar you should encourage several improvements in your next correspondence with them!

    Between the shipping delays, billing issues, missing/damaged items and poor customer service, Popsugar is making it reeeeally hard for me to continue to subscribe. To me, at this point, any concerns about WHAT is in the box are secondary to asking myself “hmmm will this ship when they say it will?” (probably not), “did they charge me twice when I only bought one?” (yes) and “did they answer my customer service inquiry?” (at first then they stopped responding).

    Just lovely. If one this is certainly apparent is that Popsugar needs to hire several (thousand?) more employees to keep their loyal customers after this holiday season.

  32. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this box since I saw the review for the Fall box and LOVED it. Months later, waiting and waiting and waiting, and I’m so disappointed. There is not one item in this box that I want…and I ordered two! I haven’t received them yet so maybe I’ll change my mind, but from this review, there’s nothing I want. Maybe I’ll like the bracelet. This was my first holiday season with subscription boxes, and I went a little crazy. Surprisingly enough, of Rachel Zoe, Popsugar, and Luxor Box, Luxor Box was my favorite. I’m still waffling back and forth about subscribing to Luxor Box.

    • Same here, Luxor Box was my favorite by far, and I’m still trying to decide whether or not I want to invest $125 each month. Since I loved every single moment of opening the LE box I’m leaning toward getting the monthly box. if I get half as much enjoyment from the monthly boxes as I did the LE, it will be worth the $125 per month.

      This box is ok. My wrists are regular size, not too tiny or too large, and I’m thinking from the comments it’s not going to work, which bums me out. I sort of hate getting bracelets in subscription boxes for that reason – yes you can usually make them work but if too large/small they don’t look right. The lippies are completely uninteresting to me, I’ve tried Butter Lippies before and hated them – those will be gifted. I think my favorite thing in the box is the candles, just because I can always use them. I’m semi excited to try the body lotion, but otherwise I’m not all that impressed. I’m still reeling from my Pop Sugar Nordstrom collab in 2014, and swore I would never buy another Pop Sugar LE box. Fortunately, I’m not as disappointed with this box as I was that box, but I’m still not all that impressed. PS Monthly has been good this year though – hope for even better in 2016.

  33. I received my box last week and guess what? The bracelet was missing!!!! I had planned on giving this box as a gift and thankfully I decided to open it first, but I can’t believe they would leave out the most expensive item. They are “Supposed” to be sending me a replacement but who knows if it will be here in time for Xmas. I really PO’d and disappointed this happened. As for the rest of the box…MEH. Luckily I’m gifting most of it but I have to say overall this box kind of sucks. The men’s box was a million times better, even the today show box was better and cheaper! I’d think long and hard about ordering this one again.

    • I had the same experience ! No bracelet but a response from customer service that they would resend it. I have to say I am really disappointed because other than the lip gloss (and non-received bracelet – I’ll have to hold out on that) I really like this box to the point that I was thinking of ordering a second one. However, after hearing about all of the broken candles and now someone else missing the bracelet I will have to give it some serious consideration.

  34. I liked my box overall, but bracelet too small and my candles were broken.

  35. About the Butter London set.. I am confused. It says lip crayons in the description, on the box of the set it says they are liquid lipsticks, but in Liz’s description they are sticky, pigmented glosses. Beauty experts: is this a new gloss/liquid lipstick hybrid? I don’t know if I should swap or swatch! lol I’m not a gloss fan, so if they’re more like glosses, they are gonzo!

    Someone help me categorize these suckers!

    • I think they just got the lip glosses confused with another product from Butter London. They sell Lip Crayons, and these are their Liquid Liquid Lipsticks. I have used them prior to getting them in this box, and I can say that they are very pigmented, but are on the sticky side. I agree with everything Liz said about them. I would have rather received the lip crayons as they are newer items to Butter London, and I’m curious about them, and I don’t really like anything sticky. The crayons have gotten rave reviews, but then again, so have these. And just an FYI – these aren’t like the liquid lipsticks we are used to today were they are ultra matte and dry, these are glossy and shine so they don’t dry in case anybody was wondering.

      • Whoops *lippy liquid lipsticks!

      • I wore one today and hated the consistency. The color was *barely* pigmented enough to look like I was wearing more than clear gloss and it was super sticky. Definitely not a win for me. I’m also not thrilled we got an older item (older in terms of being not a newer release). For a $100 Box I think folks expect better than last season’s inventory. That said I did enjoy the rest of the box. I’ve bought many PS LE boxes over the last 3 years and know well enough that each is a total crap-shoot in terms of quality and value. #lessonneverlearned

    • These definitely feel like a lip gloss to me, though they’re labeled as liquid lipsticks. They are very sticky and shiny.

      Unfortunately, with my light-medium complexion (I’m half-Filipino), the only one that looks good on me is Toff (which they describe as “dark rose pink”), which happens to be very bright. Pudding (rosy pink) is okay, but tea with the queen looks horrible on me (as do all nude colors), and fruit cake (which is supposed to be “berry”) just looks kind of blah and kind of like I’m just wearing clear gloss.

      Just a heads up to any mixed race ladies that these colors seem to be best for white ladies.

      I am glad that they didn’t send the tinted version of the body lotion, so that it’s usable for more people.

  36. I love the color scheme of this box! I think it was really nicely put together. Ok and this is just a thought/prayer but when is Gywneth going to curate a GOOP box………….

    • OMG a goop box would be AMAZING!!!

  37. I LOVE the headband! It’s beautiful and soft and just lovely! The bracelet is beautiful as well, I’m so happy with this box just from those two things. Also the lotion is fricken awesome! Woah I never thought I could like a lotion that much! My candles were both broken 🙁 sad! I messaged them though so hopefully I’ll get them replaced.

  38. When I first saw the spoilers, I was extremely disappointed. EXTREMELY. But the more I look at it, the more I am hopeful that I will like it when it arrives (on Wednesday, theoretically.)

    There’s no way that bracelet will fit my 7.5″ wrist. At first I was really bummed about how small the bracelet is, but it doesn’t look like my taste anyway. And it turns out my bf’s mother has small wrists so I think it will be a good gift for her.

    I live in Florida, so I’m dubious that I’ll have much use for the headband, but I hope I will! It’s CASHMERE!

    I don’t get the perfume sample, either. The box makes it pretty. But really? That instead of a snack?? Pfft.

  39. Now that this box is in my hands, I really like it. The bracelet is beautiful and fits my little wrists (a rarity in cuffs or bangles) and the head wrap will be my new best friend this winter. I think the candles, makeup, and lotion will all get used. The perfume isn’t my style, but will make a nice addition to my pile of sub-box “not right for me” items, to donate to a battered women’s shelter or women’s treatment center. Because I LOVE the bracelet and headwrap, the value is there for me, and the rest is gravy.

    • P. S. I bought my own fancy chocolate bar, to address that “something’s missing” feeling, and I’m eating a piece right now.

  40. I really enjoyed getting my box 🙂 I saw the spoilers so it wasnt a surprise, but I was surprised about how soft the cashmere headband was. And as I expected, the candles and candleholders are absolutely lovely. I wanted to order a dude box but they are sold out, so i’m re-thinking ordering a second women’s for gifts

  41. I’m really looking forward to this! It’s not as good as last year’s, but I’m not at all disappointed. I do wish I’d waited though because it will probably go on sale, and I probably could have saved money on it.

    The only thing I’m not sure about is the headband – I have a small head and fine hair, and on me it might look more like a turban. Also, it’s in the mid-70s where I live, so not a lot of opportunity. I’m lying here in front of my box fan, drinking iced tea and thinking about cashmere, lol.

    • The knot can go under your hair too, the first thing I thought when I wore it is it looks like a turban, and my husband confirmed

  42. Someone could tell me the weight and size of this box? I’m thinking about buying it but i have some shippi g issues

  43. Was I WOWED by this box? No. However, I am still REALLY happy with it because I will use and keep EVERYTHING in it. I can’t say that about past PS boxes. I thought the bracelet was really beautiful in person—even though I couldn’t get it on at first—but luckily it stretches a little and it went right on after that.

  44. My box arrived yesterday but I won’t be home until tomorrow. Cannot wait to see if the bracelet fits. Just love it. And one comment mentioned using pins on the knot of the headband and I’m going to try my RZ hairpin. This is my first holiday box from Popsugar and although I’m bummed not to get a throw blanket I’m also not disappointed in this box. Am excited to get home and see everything in person.

  45. Hi Liz, can you measure your wrist size? I’m thinking about getting this box, but I’m worried that the bracelet won’t fit. The bracelet is half of the reason I want to get this box lol! Thanks!

    • Just measured – it is about 6 inches. Hope that helps!

      • Great! Mine is also about 6 inches. Looks like it will fit! Thanks a lot Liz!
        Now I just gotta wait for a coupon code like last year haha!

    • Most of my box, including bracelet, will be up for trade on the swap site. This box was not a good fit for my style.

  46. I’m withholding judgment until I actually get mine. I love the way the bracelet looks on the screen, but I’m now concerned about fit. I’m interested in the candlesticks and holders, but again I’ve heard that a fair number of candles are broken. I have that same size perfume — it was a GWP. I’m not in love with the scent, but it’s not horrible. I don’t wear headbands, but if it’s thick enough to wear as an ear-warmer type thing in the cold I’m willing to give it a try.

    • This is a cashmere headband meant to be worn as ear warmers in cold weather

  47. Guess I’m in the minority but I LOVE the fragrance vial. It holds at least as much perfume as a mini, if not more, and the tall, slender vial is so classy and beautifully unique. It is a soft, old-fashioned scent and I just plain love it and will be looking for swaps so get ’em up there, you vial-haters! 🙂 The headband is just beautiful, soft and warm. I hate snow and now I’m actually looking forward to having a reason to wear this! I wear my waist-length hair up most of the time and winter hats just smush down your hair. This pretty little head warmer is just perfect. My ponytail is un-smushed. The center knot is the perfect size for a cute, decorative pin. I’m starting with a crystal snowflake and working my way through my collection of vintage pins. The lippies look like some great colors so I’m happy with them, too. The candles, holders and lotion are not me so they’re already on the swap site.

    • What a great idea to put pins on the headband!! I’m going to do the same 🙂

  48. My sister and I received our boxes yesterday and the bracelet is a little loose on her and tight on me and my wrist isn’t much bigger than hers. Plus mine seems a little off, when the crystals are centered on my wrist, on the other side one of the balls is almost on the side of my arm, hard to describe, but it doesn’t look the way it does on Liz. I do love the way it looks though.

    Unfortunately one of my candle holders has 2 deep scratches on it, but the candles came fine. I don’t get the point of the perfume, I agree with everyone else, it should have been a snack. The headband is so soft, but I have thin medium length hair, not sure how to pull the look off, but I’ll use it if it gets cold enough! I’ll definitely try the lotion and Lippies. Overall, I will use all of the items if I can, but it is boring to me.

    Someone had posted a message to them on Facebook about the bracelet being too small and they told her to contact customer support, so I decided to do the same. I had heard bad things about their customer service, but they responded back last night about the bracelet and candle holders and said they are sending me replacements. So as far as response time, I’m impressed.

    • You contacted them about your bracelet being too small and they were willing to replace it?

      • Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised. They didn’t address it in their first response to me, so when I asked again they said:

        “Apologies we will also be replacing the bracelet.

        POPSUGAR Support”

        I made sure to send them a pic.

      • They included a chain/charm bracelet 2 years ago in the holiday for her box. It too was wonky in its assembly. The charm wasn’t remotely centered but unfortunately that’s how most if not all were made (poorly). That bracelet was also the “hero” item. While I’ve worn it several times the lack of symmetry drives me nuts!

  49. I absolutely loved last years box. A beautiful home item, I beautiful fashion item perfect for holiday parties, truly all natural beauty item WITH brush, a unique color from a great nail polish brand, a cult classic beauty scrub, gorgeous smelling candle in a gorgeous tin and delicious treats?! Swoon. Yes and yes.

    Nothing at all grabs me from this box – except maybe the lotion.

    • I completely agree – last year’s box was so pretty and I ended up ordering two of them. This one is such a huge disappointment; that bracelet is just dreadful (IMO) and a good portion of the value.

  50. Well, I ADORE the headband. Wearing it now. So so cute.

    I like the candles, but both of mine arrived broken, so hopefully that will get resolved.

    Apparently I have the world’s smallest wrists, because this bracelet is way too big for me. I certainly wasn’t expecting that based on what other people were saying.

    The lipsticks aren’t really my thing but I have someone in mind to gift them to. I’m very intrigued by the lotion, so that’s a win for me. Hate that the mini perfume was included, like Liz, I want a treat! 🙂

    • I agree with you about the headband! I have been wearing mine for 2 days straight. It’s the perfect alternative to a beanie. A compliment from my husband didn’t hurt either. 🙂
      My candles also arrived broken but I have already received a response from customer service so I am not worried.
      Overall, I am much happier with the box in person than I was when the spoilers first came out.

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