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POPSUGAR Must Have Cyber Monday Deal – Save Up to 50% on Past Boxes!be

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The POPSUGAR Must Have Cyber Monday event starts now! The August, September, October, and November boxes are on sale as one time purchases, and you can save up to 50% if you buy 3 or more!

Use this link and coupon code 2017CM to save:
  • 30% off 1 box
  • 40% off 2 boxes
  • 50% off 3 boxes

Are you grabbing a box? (Or more than one?) Here’s a quick look at what is in each box:

POPSUGAR Must Have August Box review

POPSUGAR Must Have September Box review

POPSUGAR Must Have October Box review

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2017 Box review

FYI – you can mix and match (so for example the discount will work if you want to buy 3 August boxes, or 1 August, 1 October, 1 November, etc.)

Full details: Use promotion code 2017CM at checkout for 30% off one box, 40% off two boxes, or 50% off three boxes. Applicable for August, September, October and November 2017 Must Have boxes only.  August, September, October, and November 2017 Must Have box purchases do not autorenew. Promotion code listed above (“Codes”) are valid from Monday, November 27th, 2017 at 12:01 a.m. PST until Monday, November 27, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. PST or while supplies last. Only one Code may be used per transaction. Codes may not be used with any other promotional codes, discounts, coupons, or offers. Codes are non-transferable nor redeemable for cash or credit. Codes are not valid for purchase of Limited Edition, Must Have x Neiman Marcus, or Gift Collection boxes, nor for any previously purchased boxes. Other exclusions may apply. Void where prohibited. This promotion may be terminated or modified by POPSUGAR at any time in its sole discretion. Any subscription that is not a gift will automatically renew for additional one-month subscription terms and your account will be billed $39.95 plus tax each month unless you cancel your subscription prior to the 23rd day of the month. You may cancel your subscription or make updates to your account at any time by visiting your Account Page. Must Have Terms apply. Terms and pricing are subject to change. If you have questions, please email at [email protected].

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. My strategy was to wait this out while I tried to figure it out and ultimately let fate decide. If it was in stock once I decided then it was meant to be mine. It sold out! I was only tempted by October (love the mask) and thought everything else in the box would be nice to have. Disappointed but happy to have saved $30. 🙂

  2. I like that they did this deal as it avoids the mystery boxes, which seem to disappoint most, and allows additional savings for buying more (yay for easy gift shopping). Win-win! I’m just hoping they make it in time for Christmas. With 7-10 business days until shipping and often 7-10 more days once tracking is uploaded (historically for me at least), it’s gonna be close!

  3. I was debating all day and finally caved in and got October box – I just couldn’t resist that pillow/blanket set 🙂 other items are pretty awesome too

  4. This is so much better than mystery boxes

  5. Hey Liz, I read this but just want to make sure. All of these purchases do not renew correct? I see it and then at the end it says if you didn’t choose gift etc. I bought a few so I need to make triple sure!

    • Correct. These are all one-time-purchases that will not start a subscription. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks Liz!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I really like this offer! I love the bouncy mask and can gift the shoptiques and the bracelet to lots of people. My daughter will love the wallet, as will my niece love the blush. Really wanted a pillow and blanket for my mother. And I have extras!

  7. I was going to be strong and only buy October. But I really wanted the November box for the book and the Tarte. (Honestly I love that whole box!) So I added it. Then realized it didn’t cost that much more to just get a third box, so I got September too.

    I am weak.

  8. I feel like the odd one out here! I’m stoked to grab the November box (along with October, of course)! I’m really looking forward to reading the book, I love Tarte, the headband is out of my comfort zone but something I’m willing to try, and I hate having to go buy wrapping paper.

  9. Do we know when these boxes will be shipped? Thanks.

    • Said 7-10 business days under each box o.n the ordering page.

      • Thank you, Dawn!

  10. Thank you Thank you PSMH. And of course MSA!!!!!!

  11. If popsugar had a box called Must Have Snacks, I’d be all over it. That is all I want from any of these.

    • Isn’t that the truth? That snack box would be amazing!!!!!

  12. So has anyone picked up November? I’m starting to feel sorry for it. Poor box.

    • It’s so sad and cold in the void.

      I’m getting these for gifts so umm…yeah. Poor November.

      • Exactly. I feel sorry for it, but not quite that sorry lol. Bet I know what will be in th next mystery box!

        • lol….oh no

    • I got it. I have a friend who would love the chalk pencils and placemats, and I’ll use the contour palette and read the book. It doesn’t look bad to me at all for 20 bucks. 🙂

      • thought the same thing! I got one 🙂

      • I got Nov too, my kids will love it (not book obv) they are PSMH addicts like us….also bought, Aug + Oct! wish I got another Oct as would be a perfect teacher gift but bought it for my DD for xmas pressie, she will LOVE the pink wallet, bow, socks and blush even though she’s 10! she wanted a wallet just like this from Charming Charlie’s but this one looks way nicer! yeah!

        • Did you mean you bought September? That’s the one with the pink wallet, etc.

          • yes! meant Sept! i’m getting old I think! i’m just thankful I know it’s Nov today at least! kids eat brain cells, at least mine do! xx 😂💕

        • I would normally jump on a deal like this; however, all this did was highlight how disappointing these boxes were. So glad me annual subscription just ended.

          • Sorry. Didn’t mean this to be a Reply. Still in Cyber Monday fog.

          • I would have gotten one if there had been a box with a mix of items from the boxes. I feel also disappointed in these individual boxes by themselves.

  13. I’d rather they just open the boutique so I can buy the 1-5 things I want at 1/2 off instead of whole boxes.

    • perhaps they will after christmas to clean out inventory, we can hope!

  14. I’m mildly tempted by the October box, but I think I’ll pass. … Probably.

    @Liz Any chance of a review of the PSMH Winter LE pretty soon?? I’m dying to see if I should buy it. (I want the bag but not the watch.) 🙂

    • SAAAAAMMMMEE – although I already purchased my PSMH Winter LE, I still want to know what’s inside it. Never mind the fact that it’s supposed to arrive this week. HA!

      • pls report to us asap Cat! I already have the watch from RZBOS so I didn’t get! plus, I didn’t mean to get as much as I did today, ooops! I ended up getting a few too many goodies today in the sales! I really need today to end, ha!

  15. The price is good, but unfortunately there are only 1-2 items per box that I would really like. I’ve already splurged a lot on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals so I think I will pass on this one.

    • Yes, thinking the same thing. I like about 2 items in each box, but the rest not so much….

    • Agreed. I put 3 in my cart but I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I didn’t jump on the BF deal either so I’m going to play POPSUGAR box by box.

    • Yeah, they waited so long to post this sale that by the time it went up, I’d already spent my Black Friday/Cyber Monday budget. Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Since the subscription sale wasn’t as good as last year I was already prepared to just wait for boutique sales.

  16. Grabbed Aug, Sept, Oct for gifts. Poor November! 🤣

  17. Grabbed a September and an October. Thank you Liz for letting us know! So thrilled that I got two awesome boxes for a total of $51. My office needs sprucing up. This is perfect.

    • Yay!

  18. I keep changing my mind.Im probably the only one who would of rather a mix of all in a surprise mystery box. August looks good specially with the giftcard.I wot be grabbing any though because I know most of it will sit around. Great gifts though. I broke down and got the Dec box for 35 so I could grab the 3 month subscription. I had been waiting for an amazing deal for 6 months. Wanted to get a year. At least I know I will be getting the Feb box which is a must.

    • No you are not the only one…Out of the 4 boxes I only have the September one, but I would have loved a box with a mix. That would have been awesome and maybe one where we could see the contents and another that’s a mystery.

      I can’t justify it even discounted if I only like one item in each of the boxes.

    • I ended up purchasing both of the last mystery boxes for $25 each and only liked one or two items. I sold one full box on ebay and am donating most of the other to a women’s shelter. With this I spent $64 and already know I like a lot of the items and am happy to have duplicates for back ups and gifting.

  19. I ordered one each of August, September, and October. Some excellent gifts in these and for $20 per box…good deal!

  20. Did everyone who ordered get email confirmations already? It’s been about half an hour and I haven’t got one yet. My account shows my order but I’m worried.

    • Same. Ordered all but November.

    • It took a little time for mine, but not 30 minutes…

    • did you check junk mail? rec’d email confirm, I did so quickly as i’m sure these will sell out fast and wish I got another October, hmmm…great sale!

      • I checked and it’s not there. It’s been almost an hour now and still nothing. I’m really scared it will sell out and my order will be canceled. I just emailed and commented on insta.

        • did you ever get your email confirm?!?

    • I got mine within 10. Sometimes it just takes longer, so I wouldn’t worry. 🙂

  21. I wanted the pillow so win! And the $25 shoptique gift card covers at least the whole august box. =)

  22. Ordered one August and two November!!! LOVED November I had to resist not buying more!! I was so nervous when the post was first put up and none of the links directed me to the sale, then I couldn’t find the sale at all on the site, and then the post was deleted!! I went back to the site and the sale was finally loaded to so purchased ASAP without any hesitation! I only wish more past boxes were available!

    • Totally meant two October! Haha opps!

    • Sorry about that – I had accidentally posted the deal early and had to remove until it was live. (I blame my sleep-deprived Cyber Monday brain! 🙂 )

  23. I got two August and one October box. Awesome deal! Love the Shoptique gift card. I got 2 huge and thick beach towels on clearance with my last one.

    • I ordered the same boxes! I figure the gift cards will work for my sister-in-laws.

      • Yes! Shoptique has great variety and some damn good sales so it is a great gift.

  24. I got August, September and October. Perfect for some gifts and myself!

    November really didn’t do anything for me, but I could gift the headband to my bestie and contour to my cousin (as I have the Kat Von D one).

    • Me too. Great gifting items!

  25. Got all but November, which looks like a real stinker..

  26. Meh…

    • Same 🙁

      • I said that, then…. Well, I needed presents. So, three August, one September and one October later… I’m such a sucker.

  27. I got the August and October. I knew I wanted oct but I didn’t realize that almost everything from Aug was on my swap favorites list. I skipped out on the Black Friday deal but I’m really excited about this!

  28. I remember one year, they offered boxes with items from past Winter/ Holiday LE items. I had missed the items offered. There was a blue glass jewelry box, one box had a blue leather clutch, another a blue leather wallet, and it was really luxe items with a great deal of coordination in the 3 or 4 different boxes. This happened the year they sold the ” Today Show” box, which I did buy.

    Does anyone remember if that sale is a regular thing, and if it was before Christmas or after? It was great, and really was a totally different type of sale than this stock clearance of entire boxes, but that’s really all I recall. Too many boxes, too many years, am I right? 🙂

    • I remember too as I bought that today show box a day or two before christmas (i think) and the next day it went ½ off! ha!

      was it through Gilt that the LE items were sent in mystery box? was the glass jewelry box a candle first? a Claire V clutch from NM box? i know there was a sale on individual items on PSMH – i’m sure all info in the archives here but if they do anything it would def be after christmas I would assume!

  29. I got the August and September boxes. I wish they had mystery boxes this year but I like the extra boxes. I might get another October box too.

  30. Liz or anyone else in the know: will this be Popsugar’s only Cyber Monday deal?

    • Yes. This is their only Cyber Monday deal.

      • Thanks so much for the info and for all you do for your readers!

  31. (Unfortunately) PS made it easy for me to pass on all of their deals this year. I suppose nothing will match their deals from last year….

    • Their deals last year we fabulous I was so excited for them this year. Oh well. I am super happy about this one though because I was suffering from serious fomo on that October box!

    • Agreed 100%!

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