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POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus 2017 Box SPOILER #1

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We have the first spoiler for the POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box!

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box

The Cost: $250

The Products: Everything you need for the ultimate cocktail soiree and more! $750+ value.

We’ve teamed up with Neiman Marcus to give you a covetable box filled with treats ideal for gifting or for keeping all to yourself. This box is filled with over $750 worth of luxurious items you need for the holidays from sparkling home decor to beauty gifts that will make you glow.

Select between gold or silver hues to get a box shining with your preferred color delivered right to your door. Each box will contain all of the same items, but the color of 5 of the 9 products will vary based on your metallic preference.

Boxes ship by November 27th.

The first spoiler item will be available in silver or gold (you’ll receive the metal of your choice):

Chan Luu Swarovski Crystal & Pearl Necklace and Earring Set in Gold or Silver – Value $195

Accessorize with trendy yet classic accessories with this set from Chan Luu. The Swarovski pearl necklace can be worn at any length from pendant to choker, and the dangling pearls of the hoop earrings make the classic shape more modern. This season is all about standing out, and this ultra-luxe set can be worn together or apart for an stylish look.

(POPSUGAR sent me this set early so I can answer any questions you have about the spoiler.)

The necklace is 17″ and extends to 19″. 

The earrings measure about 1.75″ in total length (top of hoop to bottom of pearl dangle.)

And here is the gold version:

(We took a lot of pictures of the packaging because it is SO gorgeous! You could definitely gift this set!)

And here is the necklace on to give you a better sense of scale:

I’m all for delicate gold jewelry, so this necklace is pretty much perfect for me!

UPDATE: And here’s Anna modeling the silver set!

What do you think of the first spoiler? (And if you’re getting a box, are you picking silver or gold?)

(Check out my review of the 201620152014, and the 2013 Neiman Marcus Box to see what you can expect).

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Talk about overinflated RV! I went to Chan Luu’s site, and there are some very nice things there. A delicate freshwater pearl and sterling silver necklace, and earrings for an actual buy it now for $95 and $80. A whole birthstone collection with genuine gemstones and 18kt gold dipped sterling silver, necklace and earrings for $65 and $60 respectively. Where are they coming up with a RV price of $195 for these? Crazy business.

  2. Liz,

    Do you know if these are real or faux pearls?


  3. Ladies I checked some of the Chsn zluu jewelry out. The ones I saw were gemstones with 18 kt plated sterling silver gold or sterling silver. I bet you this set is just gold plated……. and then PS and NM will make a style that is neither sterling or with gemstones.

    I want to know now if it is sterling or just plated brass. Does anybody know what this set is made from? It is a pretty set but is it the same quality?

    • Look how I spelled Chan Luu! Pathetic. But I’m old so chalk it up to cataracts. Have them in both eyes but no so bad I need surgery. LOL!

    • Liz posted further down that it is plated brass. Almost certainly an “exclusive ” for the box which we all know is code for much cheaper. Sometimes the contents are not even sold at NM. As another poster pointed out most likely to keep people from trying to return them for full value and also because this box would cost way more than 250.00 if there were all “real NM items in it.

      • That is awful! I really want those earrings in both colors. But there is not $198 value there. Maybe they will be at the swap and I can get at least one pair. I worry about the swap value though.

        • Ahhh…but they are not actually selling the necklace and earrings set for $195.

          The price of the entire box is $250+ tax. When you divide that price by 9 you pay about $25-30 for each item in the box.

          Assuming this set (2 items) is are one of the nine items, then its $12.50 for the earrings and $12.50 for the necklace (plus tax).

          Can’t wait to get my box.

          • I will have to see the rest of the box. Hopefully it will be at a deep discount and even then I doubt I would buy this. It is terribly exclusive instead of being universally appealing. I have no interest in throwing a cocktail soiree now or ever. We shall see but you seriously have an excellent point 🙂

    • It’s gold toned and silver toned over brass

      • Does toned mean plated or is it even cheaper than plated?

        • I think it is cheaper. Gold plated uses actual gold, where gold tone plated is just colored to appear gold.

        • Cheaper than cheap. This designer does sterling with gold and real gemstones instead of fake pearls.

  4. Cute, but “ultra-luxe”? No way. And the price point is ridiculous. Nonetheless, it is cute and wearable. I don’t find that it looks dated.

  5. Are these actual pearls? Just curious based on the price point, and the description is unclear.

    • It seems purposefully vague. My guess is no because it seems they would be shouting “these are genuine pearls” from the rooftop if they were. On the other hand it’s a high retail value for all fake costume jewelry but my guess is that the Swarovski is what’s jacking the retail value up so high.

      • The Chan Luu jewelry I looked at was gemstones and sterling. So I wonder if this set is up to par with the ones they sell at NM.

  6. The set is pretty, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see that retail value at all. I would probably bite at this if it were in a seasonal $100 LE box.

  7. I love love love this set! Now I just wish I could afford to buy the box 🙂

  8. I ordered this box in silver and gold, because I couldn’t make up my mind. Unfortunately, I’m not fond of this spoiler, so I’ll be listing both sets for swap. I love the packaging though! I hope the remainder of the curated box is more trendy; otherwise I will suffer from $500 buyer’s remorse.

    • :O

    • I bet you will do well in the swap!

    • Why did you order in both if you didn’t like the spoiler?? I would def. be waiting for more if I’m just going to swap them.

      • Michelle I think she meant she bought both without waiting for a spoiler. Very expensive mistake for sure.

        • Oh wow, I would be disappointed. I do hope you do well in swaps at least.

  9. Man, I kept requesting Chan Luu each month in the PSMH surveys, but I don’t really like the jewelry and I don’t want to spend $250 on this box. It’s simple and something I can make myself. Ah well, at least no box FOMO here!

  10. Not even .925- plated brass? Really?

    • I totally agree. I love the style. But for $198? Come on, guys. I really want to buy this, and was literally about to hit the button, but couldn’t do it. Maybe if the rest of the box is stellar, I’ll bite. I really do like to design! I’m just so sick of the poor choice in metals alongside inflated values. I don’t want something to turn my skin green!

    • I don’t get how these sets are not sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver. I own lots of silver, even “high end” sterling from Tiffanys, and most of it just doesn’t cost that much. I just purchased a handmade sterling necklace and earring set, with pretty tourmaline stones for 40 bucks.

      This box is most definitely not for me. I don’t need anything for cocktails, because no one drinks alcohol here. We’re for sure not cocktail party people. Not a fan of this jewelry set at all either.

      • That’s the thing that gets me. The silver isn’t even that expensive! I’m with you. I happen to like the set, and would consider getting it if everything else is great (meaning, if I can justify the $250 in my head haha), but I just wish subs would stop with the sub par metals.

      • So true.

      • THIS! You’re so on point. If these were quality pieces, they’d be maybe worth that, but it’s costume jewelry with a ‘brand name’ EXCLUSIVELY made for PS. Right, you’re not fooling people.. lol

  11. So far no box FOMO! I’m glad I didn’t buy this box. These will probably flood the swap site.

    • I hope so although they have such an inflated value I could probably not have anything to swap. I just got accepted into the swap site and am not sure how it works dollar wise.

      • Amy, if you pop over to the forum we can help you get started in swaps!

    • Um, what it is made out of? Not even .925- more like Nickle. Crappy materials for $195. Or gold foil?

  12. I think the set is pretty! Especially the earrings. Are they heavy?


    I would be more impressed if the costume jewelry was Eddie Borgo, GAS Bijoux or Tom Binns. I am a jewelry snob. I love costume jewelry but I want higher end or handcrafted pieces. I never heard of this designer.

    I still have reservations about cocktail soiree’ things. I would not mind glasses. But I remember the year they sent taper candles that broke at the slightest touch and that Nima Oberoi candle Holder Set that was not the size for the candles. They were in a limited edition holiday box in 2015.

    I like the set but I am not in love enough to plunk down $250! When I think of what else I could buy with that $250 plus tax I just can’t pull the trigger. And the cocktail soiree just does not appeal to me at all.

  13. Love this set. It’s classical and classy, a touch of whimsy, too? Much different than the modern looks I’m used to in these lux boxes that just don’t suit my style.

  14. Not decent or attractive at all. Poor Anna looks like it pains her to even wear them for a second!

    • You’re just full of negativity lately, aren’t you? Must be awful to be so impossible to please. Not only are you insulting PS, Neiman Marcus, and Chan Luu, but you’re insulting Anna as well.

      • I got flamed when I mentioned the fact that the way some people make fun of boxes makes me feel bad and ruins the fun. It is one thing to say “Not my Style” and quite another to say “This is cheap and tacky and looks like something I got in middle school). And I think the majority of Debbie Downers do not even buy sub boxes!

        • What?? I think it is a totally valid comment. You have every right to point out so much negativity is pointless!

        • For the record I never flamed you so I assume you just forgot to say that.

      • Please read my comment. I didn’t insult Anna. I sympathize with her. She genuinely does not look happy in those clunky earrings.

        • We all read your comment. It’s insulting, as is this one.

    • I’m sure she’s really happy she scurried to get a photo of them up at the request of a reader only for her facial expressions to be assessed and her opinion of them to be interpreted through that photo by another reader. And somehow we wonder why MSA reviewers shy away from modeling the items?

    • Oh give me a break!! Seriously!?!?

    • Another rude, insensitive comment from you? Shocking! 😮

    • I don’t see it as rude towards Anna. I agree that Anna is way too cute to wear these dreadful earrings. You guys do realize that by freaking out and shaming you are being just as rude.

  15. I think the jewelry is very pretty. Especially the gold.

  16. I like the packaging more than I like the items. Easy pass. I wouldn’t even gift those to anyone. I’m sure a lot of people will like them, but that style is not for me.

  17. Well, apparently I have cheap and outdated tastes because I’m digging this necklace in silver (which is what I selected, thankfully). The earrings aren’t exactly my style…mainly because (I think) I have a small head 🙂 and larger, clunky, hoopy, super-dangly jewelry makes me look like a 10 year old dressing up in my mom’s clothes. And when you’re knocking on 50, that’s really not a good look. But kudos to everyone else that can pull these off. I’m a little jealous, TBH.
    Now, the question is, will we be able to find a matching bracelet anywhere? Because I’m ridiculously OCD and need my jewelry to match 🙂

    • I also love this! Thank you for saying this!

    • LOL! I love this as well and so excited that I ordered silver, although the gold is very classy looking and I would be happy with that set too.

    • I too have cheap outdated taste and will be rocking this set this holiday season! 🙂

      • HA! This genuinely made me lol.

    • I think the set is pretty! Especially the earrings. Are they heavy?


      I would be more impressed if the costume jewelry was Eddie Borgo, GAS Bijoux or Tom Binns. I am a jewelry snob. I love costume jewelry but I want higher end or handcrafted pieces. I never heard of this designer.

      I still have reservations about cocktail soiree’ things. I would not mind glasses. But I remember the year they sent taper candles that broke at the slightest touch and that Nima Oberoi candle Holder Set that was not the size for the candles. They were in a limited edition holiday box in 2015.

      I like the set but I am not in love enough to plunk down $250! When I think of what else I could buy with that $250 plus tax I just can’t pull the trigger. And the cocktail soiree just does not appeal to me at all.

    • I am knocking on 65 and I love the earrings! But I am a bit strange taste wise 😉

      • I’m jealous that you can wear them. I WISH I could 🙁 I think the earrings are cute but my tiny head dictates that I wear tiny earrings LOL. Although, with enough boozy eggnog at holiday parties, I might say “who cares if I have tiny head…I’m gonna rock these (apparently cheap looking, outdated) too big for my head earrings all night” 🙂

        • Once you get the lampshade on your head it won’t be tiny anymore and then the earrings will be perfect! 🙂 You will be rocking one hot look! 🙂 I’m 60, I would wear them. They may be overpriced but I do like the style.

    • I think people are missing the fact these look like snowflakes!

  18. I am perplexed! I look at this necklace and earring set and I think, yes, I would definitely wear this set. I am trying to figure out what these comment mean: “looks cheap” “looks like something I wore in middle school” “looks dated”. What are you seeing in this jewelry to make those comments?

    • Frankly there are a lot of people who are just constantly negative. They always seem to enjoy making comments about how much they hate the items. Heck the sub box could include a $20 bill and someone would complain that It was folded up or that the box was cheap because it wasn’t $100.

      • Lisa I think you stated the obvious. Thanks. I am realizing that you cannot please everyone. I also can’t imagine someone wearing this set that they would be thrown all these insults. But, you never know.

    • For me it reminds me of jewelry I purchased from Kohl’s or Claire’s circa early 2000’s, which is why it seems dated to me. It was my style then, but defintely would not be something I’d purchased today. I used to wear hoop-like earrings, but no longer do today and if I go for flashy, I’d choose a statement collar necklace. Otherwise I pretty much exclusively wear studs or understated necklaces.

      I can see how it fits the theme of the box, but as I expected, it isn’t for me!

  19. It looks like the type of jewelry that was popular when I was in middle school that you could buy for $3.

    • Except that these most likely won’t turn your ears green or break after the second use.

    • Except you have no idea of the weight or craftsmanship since you have not seen or held the pieces.

  20. Just curious Liz– when you say that the item was sent to you so that you can answer questions– does that mean you already have the entire box in your possession so you are able to release each spoiler as PS allows? Just wondering…😁

    • I don’t have the entire box yet!

    • I’ve always wondered that too!

  21. I absolutely love the packaging. Pity it doesn’t seem to match what’s inside. I don’t doubt the retail is actually correct on this set because I checked out her collection everything is super expensive but for that price point I want elegant and classy and something that like Rebecca said can’t be bought from Calire’s because unless you keep the cardboard part of the necklace on while you wear it, t doesn’t scream Chan Luu or even neiman marcus.

    • My thoughts exactly!! With all of that gorgeous packaging the jewelry set is a bit of let down. It’s not terrible but it’s not what I would expect from NM either…and it should be noted that you can’t actually find this set at NM (at least not today). If this is a “PS exclusive” I think that’s terribly disappointing. For these boxes “exclusive” almost always means lesser value…maybe something you would find at a Last Call store instead of NM proper. I wonder if this is strictly a cost issue or if they’re concerned with people trying to return items to NM for full value when the values are typically insanely inflated. Anyway, not FOMO for me yet.

      • Sadly there will still be people trying to return them. It actually does make sense though as to why a lot of the Popsugar NM items aren’t actually sold at NM

  22. The set is pretty; I just don’t think I’d pay that much for it. I guess the value is high because of the Swarovski crystals?

  23. Wow! This may Actually be the first time I may skip this box. I was disappointed the last two years but did not want to have FOMO so I bought the box before their spoilers. So what I wear this time these are awful and they look cheap. Totally not a good representation for this brand you could never gift it to anyone, that had any sense of this brand either because it would look like a regift LOL
    I’m hoping for a waaaaaay waaaay better second spoiler!

  24. Glad I didn’t get this. I have gauges so earrings are a no go for me!

  25. So I always scroll the pics and go back to read later. My inital thoughts- not my style. Not horrible for a gift though. Probably an RV of $100 a set- which accounted for my normal anticipated inflated RV. I was SHOCKED to see both the designer and the pricepoint. These items are not in line with her current pieces. They looks dated- very The Limited 2005ish. Maybe my mom would wear them?

    For me, this isn’t something I have any intrest in, and at over 1/4 the value of the box I am going to need some very exciting second and third spoilers to buy. Right now I am relieved I haven’t pulled the trigger.

    • Easy pass for me, too. I *completely* agree with the Limited circa 2005 reference. There’s nothing modern or fashion-forward about this jewelry set. I realize that others may disagree, and that’s fine as there’s no way to please everyone. That said, I think RZ BOS does a much better job of incorporating current trends into easy-to-wear accessories. PSMH should take note.

      • Totally agree with all of this.

  26. I’m waiting for more spoilers before I take a $250 plunge!!!!

    • Me too, Kitty! Me too!

  27. I like the necklace but if you make jewelry it’s easy to replicate this, so I think I’ll do that instead!

    • That is what I was thinking!

  28. Love the jewelry but I’m not ready to spring for the box yet!

  29. I like this set in both gold and silver and it would go nicely with my vintage-inspired wardrobe. I haven’t taken the plunge to buy the box yet, but am at least tempted now.

  30. I really like this set!

  31. I, despite all the negative remarks on this necklace and earrings, love this set. I don’t think it looks cheap or dated, and would love to wear it. I’m so glad it’s in the box. I guess it’s up to the person, but what’s dated? What’s cheap? The only thing about people criticizing this set is now when I wear it, I’ll be wondering what people think about it and will they think that I who usually am an up to date woman on clothing and accessories is starting to be an outdated woman. I hope not. This set is lovely at least for me!!!

    • Nancy, you will rock this set! Wear it with pride sister. Your friends will be jealous 🙂

    • Who cares what other people think?

  32. I love this in silver. Hopefully I can swap for it.

  33. Very disappointing. Of course this style isn’t available in stores because it’s super cheap looking. I’ve bought all NM boxes in the past and am not thrilled! I might skip if the other items don’t account for the $700+ value.

  34. I typically love Chan Luu, but these are not her usual style, and I’m not liking it. It’s a strange representation of this designer. Disappointing because if it was “regular” Chan Luu jewelry I probably would have gone for it.

    • Exactly. If it was a special edition of one of the wrap bracelets, or one of the yummy scarves (I have a black to white ombre one that is so soft, I just adore it) then getting this box would be a no-brainer. But this set is sort of oddly conservative to me. Maybe I just don’t like pearls. Well, I guess we’ll wait and see what they have in their Winter LE Box for Her!

  35. I will either by swapping my gold set or putting on e-bay. Likely route will be e-bay to recoup some of the cost of the box. I haven’t had much luck swapping anything of high value recently. I hope the next spoiler is more my style. I am disappointed with this one and having a bit of regret purchasing without a spoiler.

  36. Pretty 🙂

  37. Liz – Could you show us what the earrings look like on?

    • Yes, we’ll get a picture of the earrings on now and upload it asap. I’ll let you know when it is up! 🙂

    • Just added a picture of Anna wearing both the necklace + earrings in silver. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Thanks so much, definitely helps!

  38. Soo pretty! Love it in gold. For $250 I will basically have to love everything to make it worth it for me though so I will wait for full spoilers.

    • Same here. I really love this set, but it’s not enough for me to assume the rest will be worth it too. I’m hoping it’s all great because I feel like this could be an easy way to get in a few gifts!

  39. The jewelry is not my style but that packaging is adorable!

  40. Those are pretty, but not enough to make me bite yet! I like the Box of Style jewelry aesthetic more. They would make a great gift to a sister though.

  41. Love the necklace! I usually like gold, but I think the silver looks better in this style. This box is off to a good start.

    • I agree. I like it, but I think that I will wait for the next spoiler.

  42. One question- is this solid gold? Plated?

    • I’ve reached out to POPSUGAR to get the details on the metal composition. I’ll update as soon as I hear back!

      • Thank you, Liz!!

        • From POPSUGAR: The jewelry is gold toned and silver toned over brass.

          Hope that helps! 🙂

  43. Glad they are sending a set! I’m glad it’s not the norm for the brand!

  44. How come they think everyone has pierced ears? Thankfully I didn’t buy this box.

    • They don’t think everyone has pierced ears any more than they think everyone has the same wrist size. Yet they always send out bracelets that are too small for my 7.5″ wrist and barely every send out earrings. I THINK the last time PSMH sent out earrings was in 2014.

      Personally, I’m thrilled to see a jewelry item about which I don’t have to worry about whether it will fit me or not. And it’s incredibly rare with this box.

  45. I like it in gold. The the cute bag and box that the jewelry comes in A LOT. Packaging mean so much, specially if you end up gifting. The necklace is cute but I’m not a big fan of the earrings. Just not my style. I could never afford this amazing box… I hope that many of you that have been waiting for a spoiler are excited to finally see one. I pray that they have a monster Black Friday deal for the regular Must Have box. Pretty Please Popsugar!

  46. OMG! Buying!!!! Love!!

  47. Love this brand but those items are not the norm and IMO not very tempting.

    • I wish they had selected the Chan Luu Pyrite Mix Diamond Bullet Pendant Necklace. I’d be resubscribed in a flash if that was the case. But this set is a miss for me.

  48. The necklace is very nice ! I like to wear studs only , but looking good so far ! Can’t wait to see more spoilers ! And the packaging is beautiful 😍

  49. Whew. I don’t love it! Yeah!

  50. While cute, and I don’t doubt the quality is there, these just look a little too close to items bought from Claire’s in the 90s. I hope everyone else loves them though!

    • Exactly…they are not my style and they look cheap tbh… especially for $195.

      • Amanda…I was trying not to mentions the word “cheap” in order to placate the delicate souls who don’t think people should voice their real opinions…but you hit the nail on the head. Of all of the gorgeous designs that I saw on the Chan Luu site, why did they select a design that looks like a teenage craft project? It’s like PS went to the Chan Luu company and said “What can you make us that won’t cost us more than $5.00?”

        • I completely agree with you! I have bought every single one of the NM boxes, and this may be the first one I skip. It just looks dated and cheap.

        • Lol yeah I’m just blunt…not very good at sugar coating things. 😝

        • Lol Rosemary that’s awesome! Delicate souls haha

      • Lol. YES. Looks very Claire’s or Icing circa 1996. Something I would have loved as a teenager. $5.99 a piece or two for $10.

    • I am trying to place when I had jewelry that looked like this, I either bought something like this from a Claire’s or Nordstrom Brass Plum in the late 90s or early 00s.

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