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POPSUGAR + Gilt Tropical Wanderlust Mystery Box – FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the Tropical Wanderlust POPSUGAR Mystery Must Have Box thanks mandymeg! (This box is sold out.)

Winky Lux Lip Pill in Bunny – Value $14 (From the December 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Ocean Tribe by Turkish-T Kilim Towel – Value $49 (From the July 2017 POPSUGAR Box)

Sachajuan Hair in the Sun – Value $32 (From the July 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Sunnylife Inflatable Swan Drink Holder – Value $18 (From the July 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Pintrill Pineapple Pin – Value $12 (From the July 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Hat Attack Neutral Diamond-Printed Sarong – Value $58 (From the June 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Michael Stars Beach Hat – Value $48 (From the July 2014 POPSUGAR Box)

And in case you missed the other two box spoilers:

The Box: Gilt Exclusive Must Have Box 

The Cost: $75

Use coupon code WELCOME20 to save 20% off your Gilt City purchase – FYI – you may need to make a new Gilt City account to use this.

The Products:

3.1 Phillip Lim 10th anniversary limited-edition 31 Nano Second pouch – Value $195 (From the CFDA Box)

AJ Goods Nest Wire Bowl – Value $35 (From the November 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Pehr Chambray Runner in Wine – Value $44 (From the November 2016 POPSUGAR Box)


Michael Stars Porcelain Skinny Scarf in White – Value $30 (From the July 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Knock Knock Are You Ready (For Your Close-up?) Compact – Value $10 (From the June 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Yellow Owl Workshop Festive Rubber Stamp Kit – Value $19.50 (From the December Mini Box)

Kate Spade New York Photo Album – Value $20 (From the March 2017 POPSUGAR Box)

Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara – Value $23 (From the July 2017 POPSUGAR Box)

Dessange Top Coat Serum – Value $12 (From the December 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Meri Meri Star Party Picks – Value $8 (From the November 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Knot and Bow red tags – Value $4

What do you think of the spoilers?

And in case you missed it, we also have full spoilers for the Gilt City POPSUGAR Must Have Fall Flirty box thanks to Emmy!

This $25 Box (SOLD OUT) will include:

Stowaway Cosmetics Dawn To Dusk Palette – Value $25 (From the November 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Kendra Scott Elaina Rose Gold Bracelet in White Pearl – Retail Value $50 (From the November 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Pehr Chambray Runner in Wine – Value $44 (From the November 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Jack & Lucy Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat – Value $58 (From the September 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer in The Warning – Value $22  (From the September 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Christian Lacroix Paris Pasio Sticky Note Folio – Value $13 (From the August 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Lalicious Brown Sugar Vanilla Shower Oil and Bubble Bath – Retail Value $28 (From the October 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

(FYI – the marketing for this box indicated that there should be 8 items total, so this box might be missing an item.)

What do you think of the spoilers? 

FYI – this box is sold out, but the Gilt Exclusive Must Have Box is still available.

(Use coupon code WELCOME20 to save 20% off your Gilt City purchase – FYI – you may need to make a new Gilt City account to use this.)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Do they not double check what they advertise? It was a calculated decision to send out one less item for both wanderlust and flirty boxes or did they do a formula of some sort that calculated shipping fees of those of us that would request their missing item to those of us that wouldn’t bother and math favored just skipping an item? Pineapple Luxe did it once and sent a mass email to everyone that ordered and made it right. Then again they don’t have the infamous Andy working for them.

    • But how would we entertain ourselves without the Infamous Andy?

  2. I got my missing eighth item from the Tropical Wanderlust box today! They sent me a Thrive Cosmetics Highlighter in Stella, which is much better than the emoji napkins that I thought I would get! Hope everyone else gets a good eighth item as well!

  3. I got the exclusive box yesterday and I love my first runner and wire bowl! The leather pouch is beautiful as well, though of course a good chunk of the invented retail value there (since it was a popsugar exclusive) is the brand. But it is beautifully made! I paid $50 for that box, which may be why I’m not annoyed, but $50 is worth it to me just for the spoiled items.

    I currently have the skinny scarf sitting in a dye bath at work, I threw it in with five yards of cotton jersey I’m ice dyeing for a show set in the late 60s. If it works, I’ll have a funky weird skinny scarf which can be used as a headband! The only thing I really dislike is the compact, because it’s so sloppy with glue all over the inside where glue is definitely not meant to be,

    I should have had my flirty fall box last Friday, but fedex messed up somehow and said it had been refused by resident? Even though the receptionist at work never even saw the fedex guy. Andy the customer service rep was great about that, I should have tracking for a replacement in a couple days. The funniest thing is I could watch the fedex tracking as the box traveled back to New York where it came from!

    • Irene,

      Please post a picture of the scarf in the forum when your done with it. We would love to see sub box transformations.

  4. I got a response today. I only asked for the 2 items to be fulfilled. I think my order is already in process. First time I ordered from Popsugar and, since I haven’t gotten any of these items before, I’m really happy with the Flirty Fall Box. I ordered 2 for gifts. And, believe it or not, I asked for one of my replacement items to be “The Swan” as I have a friend who will enjoy it. So Popsugar probably loves me!

    • Did they give you a list of replacement items to choose from? I received my Flirty Fall box last night and emailed them immediately regarding the missing item…still waiting for a response 😩

      • Come on, gurl. Why would PS do that??

        That’s way too responsible! Plus it takes out all the fun of stressing & living an anxiety filled existence while waiting for an email or the box or…

        • My main man Andy just replied to me lol you were right! My replacement order has been placed and should arrive shortly. Curious if I’ll be receiving the toothpicks or the stamp set? 🤔

          • Right? They’re not going to send anything good. It will most likely be the cheapest/lightest item for shipping. *sigh* Hello, gift tags or toothpicks is right. I can’t believe I’m hoping for the gift tags.

          • I’ll definitely come back with an update once my mystery replacement item arrives. I still haven’t received any shipping information 🙁

  5. So I contacted customer support and opened 4 tickets for the 4 boxes I purchased. Initially I was going to get 1 item sent out for receiving fewer items in a box than advertised. After reading how people were being offered a box, I wrote back. They offered to send me a September box (I’m already a subscriber) to resolve the Exclusive box. Just checked and they closed the tickets for Fall and 2 Tropical boxes. I asked why it was closed with no resolution and no response about these boxes. They said I have multiple tickets open for the same issue. I told them I have 4 orders with issues (fewer items than promised and items that aren’t beauty/fashion) and if they aren’t prepared to address each of them, then it’s time to discuss refunds.

    • The response was to send all 4 boxes back and after they receive them I can talk to Gilt about a refund.

      We all know Gilt doesn’t offer refunds on vouchers. And why would they when its PSMH that didn’t properly fulfill what PSMH promised? This Andy is pretty sketchy.

      • Why is he the only one that responds? Maybe he’s the complaint guy?

        • Excuse me, Wendy B.?

          His official title is HOBICOC.

          Head Office B*tch in Charge of Complaints (Even Though I Hate My Job & Will Curse Gilt City Forever. What is My Life?)

          It says on his biz cards & everything. Show some respect!

          • 😂 They’re gonna have to change his title to something more extreme cause B*tch isn’t gonna cut it after dealing with everyone over these boxes.

      • Andy said the same to me. Unfortunately, because it’s shipped 3rd class, return service is not included. You can still refuse delivery, but the package gets disposed by USPS. If PS wants the boxes back, you will need to pay for shipping unless you can get PS to give you a pre-paid return label. PS did not give me a return mailing label after many requests. “Andy” explicitly told me in an email to refuse the package.

  6. I think every sub box curator should be invited to look at the swap pages. It’s the perfect way to see the kinds of items that people enjoy and those that are unwanted. Items that have a huge following or are scarce are the kinds of things they should include while the ones that are listed 100+ times should not. There are actually items listed over 400 times. That speaks volumes about customer preferences.

    • Wen, that is a GREAT suggestion!!

      Hope they’re reading THIS.

  7. I posted this update in my original thread below but also wanted to post up here for those who may not scroll down that far.


    Hi ladies! I finally got a response from infamous Andy. He first said he would send me a September box at no charge. I wrote back and insisted on a refund because I already have the September box. He finally caved and said I could refuse delivery and when they receive it back they will issue a full refund to me. So, we at least know for the Exclusive box they will either send you a free September box or a refund if you are persistent. Good luck!

    • So I talked to my mail carrier today and I can refuse delivery but it won’t be sent back to PS because it was sent 3rd class. Only first class and Priority Mail have return shipping services. Love that PS customer service advised me incorrectly on what to do. So, waiting to hear back from “Andy” again on a pre-paid mailing label to send the box back.

      • I commented above. But when Andy cancelled the tickets on my additional 3 boxes, I asked for a refund if he wouldn’t address them in some form. He send me 4 shipping labels( guess he withdrew the offer to amend the Exclusive box) and told me to ask Gilt for a refund. Well Gilt isn’t responsible for this and doesn’t issue refunds for vouchers. Andy is trying to get me to send everything back and forfeit my money. Needless to say I cancelled my subscription

  8. I just finally received my Tropical Wanderlust box and promptly messaged them about the missing 8th item. I hope I don’t end up having to waste too much time on this. I do want to list the box now so hopefully they will send an 8th item ASAP.

  9. I initially received the lame response of we are sorry, but hope that you can gift to your family and friends.. replied with the fact that others were receiving a complimentary box and did receive the same offer. So overall I am satisfied. But will never again buy a “mystery” box. For that matter my subscription has lapsed and it will take some great boxes to draw me back again

  10. I don’t know if anyone is selling, but I’ll buy the whole Tropical Wonderlust box (including the towel) for the selling price + shipping.

    • I’m trying to figure out what average shipping $ would be. Since it was all repeats for me, I’m just going to put it up on eBay for selling price($25) + shipping. Mine was supposed to arrive yesterday, but it should be here today. I would have liked to keep the towel, but I am drowning in repeats and I’d rather spend money on teeth whitening and I know people really want that towel.

      • I’d love to get the tropical box as well if anyone is willing to sell! Thank you!

    • Hi Alexa – I would sell the entire box to you EXCEPT the towel. Let me know if interested

      • I’d love to get the tropical box as well if anyone is willing to sell! Thank you!

      • Thanks but i really just want another towel and would take the other stuff as a bonus.

        • Mine is available on eBay for purchase price plus shipping. It includes the towel, it wasn’t the right shade of blue for me.

    • The only item I want from my Tropical box is the towel. Planning on putting the remaining items up for swap (along with a previously gotten swan I already had listed and at least 2 Kendra Scott bracelets I have up for swap from prior boxes). If you are interested in any of my items, let me know or click on my name for my swap page. I would LOVE if someone took this stuff off my hands!

  11. For those of you who are unhappy with the exclusive box, what do you want PS to do to make it right?

    – Full refund
    – Additional products
    – ???

    • I have asked for PS to meet the promised number of items and also send items to replace the ones that aren’t either Beauty or Fashion. That will meet the minimum standard for what was advertised for the 3 varieties of boxes. Needless to say, I will never purchase a more expensive box again. They are completely unapologetic about putting out a $75 box worth $405 while the $25 box is worth $240.

      • did you get a response yet?

    • Personally, I don’t need a total refund since I liked most of my box.

      I would prefer sub items that are actually in the category they promised, ie; beauty. Not toothpicks, tags or photo albums, etc.

  12. This isn’t about this box, but it is about PS so I thought some of you with more experience with them could help me. I bought stuff in the flash sale (I’ve only ever gotten two boxes, June 2017 and July 2017, so I don’t have the products most people are sick of). I got a pair of socks, the Mani ER kit, the yoga mat towel, that adorable watermelon lunch box, and the Rise and Shine coffee mug. My box arrived yesterday and was missing the mug because it’s apparently on back order. (No note or anything about this; I saw it on the packing slip.)

    I’m a little confused; I thought that the flash sale was items they already had and that they had a surplus of. I didn’t expect one of the items to not be available. If I contact customer service, will they be of any help? I really like that mug. Do any of y’all have any experience with missing items because they’re on back order?


    • The flash sale is still active, so once I knew the catchalls weren’t coming in either of my GC boxes I picked them up along with the mug and the adorable watermelon box. I can’t imagine they’d still be selling it if they didn’t intend to send them out. I would send an email to bring it to their attention, but I would say they will send them out when they come in.

    • It would be completely appropriate for you to contact PS and request an update such as tracking or estimated shipping date for missing items. You can also mention that they could improve your experience by providing this information without the necessity of you inquiring.

    • I personally had ordered items from the flash sale before . Two items were missing and on the invoice it listed them but quantity said zero . I contacted PS and before I got a response I had already gotten a refund for the items . But the funny thing is weeks later they sent me the items and I never saw a charge for them .

  13. Last night after I posted the Tropical Wanderlust box spoiler, I emailed Popsugar that my box was missing an item as I didn’t get eight items as advertised. Andy D. replied back to me today:

    Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for reaching out! We’re very sorry to hear that your item was missing. Your replacement order has been placed and it should be on the way shortly. We appreciate your patience!

    Let us know if you have any further questions.


    Andy D.
    Member Services Assistant

    So ladies, hope isn’t lost about getting that eighth item (who knows what it will be!?) sent to you. I’ll update you if I get a shipping email any time soon. Also, the hat is pretty terrible but I think it would make a good hat for a scarecrow costume or Halloween decoration.

    • …. for a swan 😉

      • YES!

  14. I’m still waiting for my Tropical box to arrive, but I just realized something. I bought 4 PS mystery boxes in the last 12 months and I didn’t get any repeats. That’s incredible!

    I’m terribly sorry for everyone that bought that weird exclusive/ultimate/special/dance dance revolution/whatever box, and I hope everyone manage to get the “consolation” September box 🙂

    • A dance dance revolution box actually sounds kinda fun.

    • Gabi, can I touch your sleeve??

  15. Why does PS have so many freakin’ boxes anyway?

    Must Have
    Limted Edition
    Special Extended Remix
    Dancehall Rap (ft. Drake)

    I mean honestly, how can they fulfill all these different “themes” & not run out of idea/items/stuffings, etc.?

    • Hahaha..extended remix…Dancehall…but really a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. They are still putting the same items in every box. 🤣

      • “But now with more swans!”

    • Dancehall rap, lol. That box would still have a swan, right?

      • With an afro 🕺💃

  16. Estie,

    Contact them again. Anders has had a change of heart (ie; Management probably ordered a better solution as a result from all the hate mail bombarding them today from MSA’ers!)

    • So glad you got something to compensate for this box! I wonder what they will do for folks who already received this box.

      • SWANS!


        • 😂 I’ll have an army of swans.

  17. Also, may I add the swap site is so saturated with these items that we are stuck with them? There are hundreds of each listed. I’m so done with PS forever. I at least thought we would get stuff from this year. I feel duped due to the spoiler of the Turkish towel. I felt sure that meant this year’s surplus. Thanks for all the great comments from you ladies. It has made it way less painful! Vanessa and WendyB, you guys are hilarious!!

    • Wait, there’s a Wendy & a Wendy B??!?!?!?

      *insert confused emoji*

      Are we TRIPLETS??

      *cue dramatic music & raised eyebrows*

      • Get this…I’m also a WendyB?? And I’m sitting here with my daughter in law Vanessa!

        • ZOINKS!!!

          I have a voice teacher named Wendy too!!

          *mind blown*

          & I know there’s at least one other vanessa lurking on MSA too….

          P.S. When I was a little girl, I got a pretty blonde stuffed/cloth doll I named Wendy. Because I had just seen The Shining & I loved the name “Wendy.”

          That should explain everything about me….

          • I love that movie! When I first saw it as a child I was thrilled to see someone else with my name besides Peter Pan girl and the restaurant. I’m a redhead so I got a lot of grief over it.

          • Do people give you a hard time about square 🍔s?

        • 😳 Mind. Blown.

          • WendyB, if you still want a bracelet email me your address and I will mail you one from my fabulous (BS) box that arrives on October 2! Yeah, I bought 2. wendybrooks77atyahoodotcom.

          • I am so shook, I have no mind left to blow.

      • *dun dun duuuuun* we’re everywhere! 😂

        I was actually surprised cause it’s not a super common name. I used to post as Wendy until I saw there’s another so I added the B. I guess if there’s another Wendy B I’ll just have to get creative.

        • I saw yours was WendyB, so I left mine off. Haha! Not a lot of us, I agree.

    • Can you please direct me to the swap site? Do you have to be a member of PS to swap? I don’t have a membership, I just purchased the flirty fall and tropical wonderlust boxes and would like to see what my options are for swapping things I don’t need/want. Thanks!


        This is the swap site. I’ve heard people mention they were waiting for approval or access but I got right on. People swap items from every sub box. Hope this helps.

        • Thank you!

          • No problem! It’s a lot of fun. I wish I’d discovered it months ago. I’ve had some great experiences with super nice ladies.

  18. Hey Guys! Guess what? I got a response from infamous Amos, CS Rep:

    Andy D., Sep 26, 4:52 PM PDT:

    Hi Vanessa,

    Thanks for reaching out. We want to ensure you have a positive experience with the POPSUGAR Must Have box. We will be sending you a free September Must Have box, which does include many beauty items that we hope you enjoy. We do want to thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback, we count on subscribers like you to help us improve our product and make it something amazing. This will help us improve Must Have as we go forward. We’ll follow up with tracking for your September box in a few days.


    Andy D.
    Member Services Assistant

    A September box….? OK. Never say no to free. I did reply thanks for listening & for their generous offer.

    • Whoa, Andy D. must like you a lot more than me! I’ve been emailing back and forth with him for the last 4 days regarding the status of my Tropical Wanderlust that I ordered 15 business days ago!!!! All I keep getting from him is “We’re following up with the warehouse”. My last email to him was…

      “Thank you for keeping me informed. I understand that things like this happen, but the customer shouldn’t be penalized and kept in limbo for Popsugars internal warehouse issues. Please request that a replacement box be mailed to me today. I am not a happy customer.”

      and his response is “Yes, we agree, we’re very sorry about this, we will be following up shortly.”


      • Did you try making threats, Linds??

        • I haven’t. What would you suggest, Vanessa?

          • Glittery toothpicks with their name on the points, an army of swans, a horse’s head in the bed. You know, the usual.

        • Vanessa, my box was finally overnighted to me and delivered today. I checked the tracking information from work and it shows that my tropical box weights 4 pounds, I wonder what they sent me…..I really wouldn’t be surprised if they sent me the wrong box.

          • That’s awesome, Linds!

            I’m hearing other gals are finally getting their boxes too.

            I stopped tracking my Fall Must Have box, but i believe it arrives today or tomorrow.

    • Wow I sent an upset email about the $75 box too and was offered a September box as well. I emailed back and said since this was supposed to be a higher RV box they should send me the LE box instead 😳. Lets see what they say.

      I guess they are finally getting the point that we are mad. Ugh but that September box isn’t making me feel any better. Now I’ll have that flower pin to be mad about. 😏

      • I’m curious to see what they say to that. At least you got your point across either way.

    • “Many beauty products” = 2. That box has a blush and highlighter. 😂 I think PS and I have define things differently. Maybe that is why we all feel duped.

  19. Sep 26, 3:07 PM PDT:

    Dear Pop Sugar,

    I recently purchased a voucher from Gilt City for the Exclusive Must Have Box. Overall, I was mostly happy with my purchase. I bought with the intention to gift the items for the holidays or upcoming occasions. Sadly, I understand not ALL included items are going to be the hero, or sidekick even – but there were more than 1 or 2 WHY IS THIS IN A UPSCALE BOX???

    Glittery TOOTHPICKS
    A stamper set
    Set of plain, generic box tags
    An overpriced photo album

    Really, Pop Sugar? This is what you consider an appropriately luxe cache in an allegedly OVER $400 value box? Perhaps if I was 8 years old those 4 items alone would rock my world, but not at 44. Mailing them out is the equivalent of a giant middle finger to your customer base.

    Burn me once, lose me forever.

    I don’t have time for a company who: 1) sends out several Dollar Store rejects as part of a luxe box & 2) whose Customer Service has a complete disregard for their loyal client base when it instructs them to “gift” this trash to friends or family. Would you want to receive TOOTHPICKS?

    Unacceptable. Goodbye, Pop Sugar. It could have been great.

  20. I don’t know who I’m more mad at; PopSugar for selling this awful, horrible “exclusive” Gilt City box, or me for buying it.

    The boxes offered in May were great. I was able to gift a lot of the items. This box, for $75, feels like a slap in the face. I was happy to shell out $100 for the fall LE box. This just makes me want to eat ramen noodles for every meal for two weeks to punish myself for buying this awful box.

    • Don’t do it, Crystal King!

      Nothing in this world is worth that much amount of sodium poisoning your body!!!!

      (But if you are gonna do it, I totally understand. Can I have your swans???)

      • 😂😂😂

    • It’s really funny you said that because I had the exact same thought. I can’t justify all the money I spent on the exclusive and tropical. There are a few items I’m really happy with but some of them are inexcusable.

  21. Where’s Ann?!??!

    Zoinks! You was right about that hat. Holy frijole! That hat is a$s.

    • Right?! I actually went through my Christmas stash(threw it in there just so I wouldn’t have to look at it again) and decided to try it on again this morning. It is sooooooooo baaaaaaaad. And as soon as my package arrives I will own two of them. Ugh.

      I should have gotten the fall box, but I already have 3 of those bracelets in my stash. *sigh*

      • I understand these boxes are past items, but how the hell do they still have a hat from June 2014? I should’ve got the fall box too. I just didn’t want the hat but I really want that bracelet. Oh well. Life lessons aren’t always fun.

      • I’d buy or trade you for the bracelets?! Trying to get my hands on some for bridesmaids gifts!! Van-gundy dot 9 @ OSU dot edu is my email 🙂

        • @Meghan I have 2 of the bracelets listed for swap. Let me know if you are interested

      • I do not get the buzz about those bracelets, but I guess to each their own. I prefer cuffs. More substantial. Chains are too delicate for my sensibilities & capabilities.

      • You can join the swap sight and trade off some of the stuff you do not want..that’s what I do.

      • Am I the only one who wants that hat. lol. It’s perfect for gardening.

  22. It seems as though PS doesn’t give two effs about the false advertising (7 items vs 8) , poor curation, or reuse of complete junk. Gifts? I wouldn’t gift those items to anyone. The 75 dollar box is atrocious and terrible value. Rescind your business to this company and they will make changes. Their response email is incredibly flippant under the circumstances, especially to loyal customers.

    • It’s the written electronic equivalent of a giant middle finger to us.

      • Right?!! And who on earth would gift toothpicks, gift tags, or a pineapple pin? Retail value collectively a buck. This is really bad. I hope folks stand up to them.

  23. This is what I just sent to them…if they don’t offer me a refund, I will file a chargeback with American Express. This is ridiculous.

    Hello, I purchased the PopSugar Gilt Exclusive Must Have box and I expect to receive it tomorrow. I understand that this box does not have the items advertised on Gilt/PS. My voucher, Gilt’s website and PopSugar’s all clearly stated (at least until you changed it) that this box would contain “Eight additional full-sized fashion and beauty surprises.” I wasn’t expecting to receive toothpicks, gift tags or rubber stamps.

    Given that the contents of this box are not what the voucher promised, I would like to return this box (at PopSugar’s expense) for a full refund. I’ve attached the portion of my voucher that clearly indicate what I purchased and it is not what I will be receiving. Please let me know if you would like to send me a pre-paid return label or if I should refuse delivery.

    As thoughtful as it was for PS Customer Support to suggest to some of my friends to regift the items, I will not be giving my friends or family gift tags or toothpicks.

    I look forward to your response.

    • Wow, nice!! Please let us know their response!

    • Bam! Well said. Please update with their response.

      • Thanks, Wendy & Cristina. Can you imagine if someone paid $150 for this box? OMG. I hope no one did.

        • That would be awful.

          • There’s always someone in a worse situation than you…. 🙁

    • Perfectly said. I am going send them a very similar message. Maybe if enough people do this something will change.

      • We should all send letters verbatim!

    • Hi ladies! I finally got a response from infamous Andy. He first said he would send me a September box at no charge. I wrote back and insisted on a refund because I already have the September box and don’t want to gamble on other “fashion or beauty” surprises they might want to send. He finally caved and said I could refuse delivery and when they receive it back they will issue a full refund to me. So, we at least know for the Exclusive box they will either send you a free September box or a refund if you are persistent. Good luck!

  24. So happy I opted for the Fall Flirty instead of this one.

    • Me too.

      • Me three.

  25. I have been a subscriber for years, almost from the start. I have no expectation to love everything in every box. This is only the second time I have really been unhappy and the 1st time unhappy enough to email customer service.
    This is what I wrote:

    Very unhappy with this curation. I have been a subscriber from the start and have been overall happy with Popsugar even though some of the boxes are a complete miss for my taste. I also have purchased almost every limited and special edition boxes. This is the first time I have felt completely taken. I have received all the items (except the pouch) in NUMEROUS boxes. I now have 4 of the table runners and three wire bowls. I knew that the box would include items from prior boxes but to get the same items in every extra box??? The smaller $25 boxes had way better value.

    This was the reply I got today:

    Hi Backy,

    Thanks for reaching out. We’re very sorry to hear that you were not thrilled with your Gilt City Exclusive Must Have Box. We do hope that you’re able to make good use of the items that you don’t enjoy (perhaps you can use them as gifts during the upcoming holiday season). However, we do want to thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback, we count on subscribers like you to help us improve our product and make it something amazing. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


    Andy D.
    Member Services Assistant

    Not sure what kind of reply I was expecting but what kind of reply was that?? Also the name is Becky not Backy!

    I think because of the popularity of the box that they really not interested in retaining subscribers.

    • That’s the exact reply I got. Verbatim.

    • From the same guy.

    • Get bent, Ardy!

      That’s absolute crud. I’m sending them an email right now letting them know exactly where they can stick their crummy toothpicks & box tags.

      And it’s also going on IG. Because at this point, I’m all out of F’s to give.

    • yup! Same letter. And I did think of someplace to shove (I mean make use of) all those unwanted items!!

      • Maybe we should all collectively mail them back to PS with Undy’s name written on the pointed ends….

        Sounds like a dull lad, though. I doubt he’d get the point.

        • Please count me in,

          • Elena,

            Andres replied. See my post above. I got a freebie!

    • Or maybe because the box is so inexpensive they don’t expect a lot of complaints? I guess if I were a subscriber from “the beginning” as you have indicated I wouldn’t order a special box through Gilt City, especially since it clearly states it contains items from past boxes which you clearly have. What are we talking…$2.50 to $3.00 per item? I’m thinking you can regift something.

    • Same response I got when I sent an email!

  26. Oh no! Don’t even ask me how many swans I have & the pineapple pin hardly counts as anything. I have the hair stuff already!!! Anyone need a swan, pineapple pin, or hair product? Or even the lipstick? I have a few of those, too.

    • I’ll take them! Haha!

  27. Anyone want to SELL or SWAP items from their Tropical (Not So) Wanderlusty box?

    I bought the LE Gilt City box & I have the Fall MH box coming on Saturday.

    vmarias at

    • I have the whole Gilt city exclusive box listed already and will be listing everything from the tropical box aside from Turkish towel, which I might not keep either depending.

      • & the swan, right, Sis? You’re not swapping the SWAN!??!?!?

        • After all the build up I have to keep the swan haha.

          • Sis, you have to!

            You can’t kill the swan. After all this we’ve been through.

            I’m negotiating to get a set. We can compete for best swans….

            (Ladies, I have officially jumped the shark, or the swan as it were. I’m coocoo for Coco Puffs)

  28. OMG! PS is SO SKETCHY! They just changed the wording on Gilt’s website to say: “Every box will include a 3.1 Philip Lim 10th Anniversary Edition 31 Nano Second Pouch ($195 retail value), an AJ Good Nest Wire Bowl ($35 retail value), a Pehr Chambray Runner ($44 retail value), and many more fun surprises.” Does anyone have a screen cap of when it said “fashion and beauty products”?

    • I grabbed a screenshot of the Tropical Wanderlust box :/

    • Sketch-O-Rama!

      Not cool, PS. Not cool.

    • You should have all that information on the email they sent from Guilt City. PS did the same exact thing in May boxes from guilt as well. Make sure you don’t ask for the extra product last time they sent me extra napkins 🤔 It is false advertisement for them to say that you will get 8 products and only get 7. They should get in trouble for that!

      • For the Gilt Exclusive box, they did send out 8 items in addition to the 3 spoilers:

        1. $195 3.1 Phillip Lim 10th anniversary limited-edition 31 Nano Second pouch
        2. $35 AJ Goods Nest Wire Bowl
        3. $44 Pehr Chambray Runner in Wine
        4. $30 Michael Stars Porcelain Skinny Scarf in White
        5. $10 Knock Knock Are You Ready (For Your Close-up?) Compact 
        6. $19.50 Yellow Owl Workshop Festive Rubber Stamp Kit
        7. $20 Kate Spade New York Photo Album
        8. $23 Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara
        9. $12 Dessange Top Coat Serum
        10. $8 Meri Meri Star Party Picks
        11. $4 Knot and Bow red tags

        The voucher from Gilt clearly states the box will contain”Eight additional full-sized fashion and beauty surprises.” I wasn’t expecting to receive toothpicks, gift tags or rubber stamps.

        Ladies, what do you think would be our best recourse? Demand a refund from PS? Has anyone complained to Gilt? I don’t blame Gilt for this but I think they should be aware that many buyers are not happy.

        • I think we should contact BOTH to let them know how much they s*ck.

          • I’m totally with you, Vanessa.

            Is anyone considering a chargeback on their CC? Has anyone had success contacting them on twitter/FB/IG?

          • I would definitely call both companies out on social media (so the public is made aware) & send an email expressing my extreme dissatisfaction & disappointment.

            However for me personally, I can’t request a chargeback for my LE box. I like/will use 90% of it one way or another. Since my goal was to acquire gifts to distribute for the upcoming holiday season, I got most of what I asked for.

            My secret hope would be they’d send out replacement items for the junky stuff. That would be the most I would expect.

        • I emailed PS yesterday after seeing the exclusive box items. Just received an email back that said they hope I can use the items for gifts. What kind of friend/family member would I be if I gifted someone gift tags and toothpicks?

          • If someone gave me toothpicks as a gift, not even as a gag – I’d stab them in the eye with one.


    • I do!! This morning I noticed that PS changed the description on the PS website, so I made sure to screen shot the description for each box on Guilt and on PS.

      The screen shots from Guilt state:
      Exclusive Must Have: 3 spoilers plus “eight additional full-sized fashion and beauty surprises.” (11 items)

      Flirty Fall: 2 spoilers plus “six additional full-sized fashion and beauty surprises.” (8 items)

      Tropical Wanderlust: 2 spoilers plus “six additional full-sized fashion and beauty surprises.” (8 items)

      The screen shots from Popsugar state:
      Exclusive Must Have: 3 spoilers and “many more fun surprises”

      Flirty Fall: 2 spoilers plus “six additional full-sized fashion and beauty surprises.” (8 items)

      Tropical Wanderlust: 2 spoilers plus “six additional full-sized fashion and beauty surprises.” (8 items)

    • Yes I DO and I posted it to their FB yesterday… I KNEW they we’re going to do this!!

      • Shady AF, if you ask me.

        The moment you called them out on it via social media, they suddenly made edits to their ad. Sounds an awful lot like New Beauty & the infamous “Now You See the Dermaflash, Now You Don’t” awards box.

        • It’s just gross. I will never understand why so many companies do this. They have now lost me as a customer and I’m sure a lot of other people will not be doing business with them anymore. They’re worse than children. If you mess up, fix it! Admit you made a mistake and move forward by fixing whatever the issue is….customer service 101.

          • Thank you! That’s what happened to me & FFF. Their CS didn’t treat me right, so I said never again.

            Fool me once, shame on you. Fool twice, shame on me. #NeverAgain

        • I actually got up early to make sure I picked up one of those beauty award boxes. Then I got the email from them with the items and saw they’d changed the items. Which means they baited people in but made it public before people bought them, which at least makes them better than glossybox. Lol

          • I did too, but luckily was able to cancel the order before it was processed about 2 WEEKS after the fact.

            Still have a bitter aftertaste in my mouth from that stupid box!

            Let’s not bring GB into this. PS is already bad enough…. GRRR.

        • I actually got my derma flash a few weeks ago when ulta was selling it for only $90 ($100 off). I don’t think it’s that’s great, so you weren’t missing much.

          • Have you started using it?

            I’m scared of those. I’ll dermaroll my face off, but no way José to blades.

      • I looked for other comments on their posts yesterday to add to them but there were none. Did you send them a private message?

  29. Hey Liz,

    Has anyone contacted them about the discrepancy that they listed 8 items and seem to be only sending 7 for the wanderlust and flirty box?

  30. I think it’s safe to say that all of the 2017 mystery boxes are going to be made up from 2016 or prior inventory. Maybe next year they will incorporate this year’s inventory. Or maybe they will for the Christmas time mystery box. I loved the one I got last year but it was my first ever PopSugar box and everything was new to me. The only other mystery box I ordered this year was the Mother’s day box which I also enjoyed. I gifted the repeats from my first box to my mom, sent two things to my bff and kept the rest for myself. So I would really like another holiday box but I think the only way I’d actually buy one is if I knew 3 or 4 of the items upfront so I would know it I was going to be happy enough with the box.

    • That Mother’s Day box was amazing for the price!

  31. I bought this box mainly for the beach towel. I was hoping there would be a few newer items in the box so I am a little disappointed but I did know there was a chance of it being all the old repeats from the last few mystery boxes. I am going to stay positive they have to run out of these items at some point. Right?

  32. I’ve been reading MSA reviews for about 9 months and from early on it was clear to me that PS and other boxes like FFF and even Luxor buy in bulk and inevitably have leftover stock, which they repackage as mystery boxes, editor boxes, or “special theme” boxes. These boxes seem to usually be at least 80% recycled items from earlier boxes. Sometimes the stuff is great to get again – and every box contains a few lemons. If I buy one, I know what to expect. I don’t quite understand the intensity of the outrage over these boxes, given this. It’s not a new practice. In fact, it seems pretty common in the sub business for the larger boxes. What am I missing?

    • These have been the same items literally in every mystery box and every warehouse sale for a year. If you notice most of them are from November 2016 or before. Everyone just expected that by now these items would be gone and they would have more items from January 2017 and after featured in the mystery boxes (besides the Turkish towel and mascara). No one can believe that they had such an incredibly large inventory of these items….it seems never-ending. For example the pineapple pin has been in mystery boxes and was a freebie given away with EVERY order during the last warehouse sale and they are still in mystery boxes?!?!?!

    • I agree.
      I don’t know what people are expecting, but it’s always the overstock of what’s already been in boxes.

    • I wouldn’t call it outrage what don’t you understand about some people such as myself who just don’t like this box! We are all aware we’re getting mystery boxes key word mystery sometimes it’s a happy mystery or I don’t like this mystery ive been thrilled with past mystery boxes this waunderlust box I just don’t like wish I would have ordered the fall box

  33. Most of this is the junk I got in the last mystery box I ordered. Done with Popsugar. Most of this box is going in the garbage. Again.

    • if you’re really serious about throwing some things out, please don’t! I’d love to have them and happy to pay for shipping!

    • Please donate the items! Im sure that one of those shelters for homeless teenager will be happy to receive them.

  34. Omg I don’t like anything on this box I’m sooo mad I bought it and it’s being delivered today 😡 I will donate it throw it away I’m so mad should have got the fall box

    • I actually like this box. If you don’t want it, I can buy it from you?

      • The only thing I am set on keeping is the towel from this box…. If you had wanted all the other items id be happy to swap them with you.. I am J.B on thr swap site or JodiAnne on thr forum 🙂

  35. I love the value of these boxes. I have a TON of the sarong/cover ups. Trying to think outside the box for uses. Might try making a duvet cover. I have enough for a king size bed. I think the exclusive box was the most disappointing, but I bought multiples for the wire bowl. They are going to get strung together for a wall hanging for my living room.

    • I use it like a regular scarf. I love it. It is neutral and adds some detail to plain outfits and jackets.

      • That’s how I would use it. No way that piece of floss is going to cover any part of me except my neck.

  36. This is about what I expected from a Tropical box, although I was really hoping the Captain Blakenship sea salt spray would be included. The towel alone is more than worth the box price to me, so I can’t be too disappointed.

  37. Wouldn’t it be nice if Popsugar would do a spoiled intro box like FFF. They could include some of the following:

    Stowaway Cosmetics Dawn To Dusk Palette – Value $25
    Winky Lux Lip Pill in Bunny – Value $14
    Pintrill Pineapple Pin – Value $12
    Sunnylife Inflatable Swan Drink Holder – Value $18
    Pehr Chambray Runner in Wine – Value $44
    AJ Goods Nest Wire Bowl – Value $35
    Michael Stars Porcelain Skinny Scarf in White – Value $30
    Knock Knock Are You Ready (For Your Close-up?) Compact – Value $10
    Yellow Owl Workshop Festive Rubber Stamp Kit – Value $19.50
    Dessange Top Coat Serum – Value $12
    Jack & Lucy Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat – Value $58

    These aren’t bad items it’s just when you already have 5 of any given one because you have bought mystery boxes before that it tends to leave you disappointed. The only mystery for some of us is why we keep buying. I think if Popsugar keeps this up they will get to a point where they can’t sell the mystery boxes as all. I wonder what percentage of buyers are from groups like this one and not just regular consumers who stumble into an add for the box newly.

    It was so nice one time in the last year that the box was completely spoiled and we could by it on the merits of the box its self and not be disappointed. Please do that again.

    It seems like it may even make sense for them to wholesale the items away and get them off the books for the end of the year. As the market of existing subscription box consumers is saturated with these products. It may even be bring a few brands down in the eyes of consumers.

    • I’m glad i didn’t buy any of these boxes. They are so boring. You can tell they are trying to get rid of old inventory.

    • I would have liked another Turkish towel but I purposely didn’t buy any of these boxes because I had a good feeling the rest would still be this same stuff and I couldn’t even stand to see it anymore. I literally didn’t want it showing up at my door. And I’m not even a regular PSMH subscriber. Saturated is an understatement but this is all well said and true.

    • Pretty sure those are the most saturated items up for swap right now and if they made that box none of us would buy it. The mother’s day box was amazing though and I wish I had gotten it, which they did have spoilers for. The only way they can get rid of the list you made in a box is to not let us know the contents. That stamp kit was just atrocious. I can do better with crayons and thumbprint art. And the michael stars scarf I have neither been able to swap out nor sell for $10. The wire bowl gets packed with gifts and given as an extra at Christmas.

      I absolutely agree with you on all other counts! The girls night out and in boxes were great with spoilers and still seemed to sell well.

    • Right. Make ‘Beginner Boxes’ on their PS site for purchase with these old, old, old items and be done with it. Subscribers are all so tired of getting the same things over and over. For instance they seem to not have overstock of the 2017 Aloha pouches, trucker hats, mermaid spray, or any other summery item? Weird! They must have not over-ordered those things…

      • Who at PS ordered all that carp in the first place???

        A trucker hat? In 2017???

        Good grief.

        • I’m ashamed to say that I actually bought the trucker hat on eBay 🙂 What can I say, I live in LA, I hike and I love trucker hats on the trail.

          • No shame to that Lav! I live in LA, & witnessed the Von Dutch 1st hand (& embarrassment 2nd hand.)

            Peoples like what they likes 🙂

          • I like it too!! I wear it to walk my dogs & basic places like the grocery store. I don’t have to worry about doing my hair and it’s a cute hat!

  38. I can’t believe they have an item from 2014 y’all. And that hair serum is a year old. What is it’s shelf life?

  39. I was hoping it would have the Bando Tumbler because while everyone seems to hate it I was using mine by the pool on a regular basis until last week when I dropped it on concrete and it came apart

    • Are you on the swap board Lisa?

  40. I am officially DONE with PS! No more boxes any kind. They can keep this junk to themselves, I am sure they still have a lot of them left. First time in my sub box experience, I am truly angry.

  41. I may be the only person stoked with this box. But this is exactly what I thought was gonna be in it and I’m honestly super happy. I don’t have the towel ( which is the reason I got the box) I was hoping for another sachujuan. My Bff just stole my last bottle and was gonna have to swap for more. And those swans are the biggest hits between all my GF… We all love picnics and wine tasting and festivals and now most of them have them in their go bags for such events. The few GF whom don’t have one have been jealous. So yay. One less I have to swap for… The rest of the items are just bonus for me ( but expected) and will go up for swap…

    • You aren’t in Kansas City are you? If so, you can have my hair stuff for free if you want to pick it up. The hours I work don’t allow me to go to the post office ever.

      • Hi, I have this same issue (never able to get to the post office), so instead I schedule a pickup for USPS. It’s free and your mail person will pick it up from your porch or mailbox. Hope this helps!

        • Thank you Robin, that’s great! 🙂

      • Most post offices also have a self service that runs after hours.

  42. Not bad for $17.50. The only repeat item for me is the Winky Lux lipstick that I recently swappped so I guess I’ll try it now lol.

    • I have had my eye on popsugar for a couple years, my question is did they do mystery boxes prior to 2016 and if so did they reuse the same items for 2 years on the mystery boxes???? I just don’t get it??? I would love to buy a mystery box with some new merchandise in it!! When will they run out of swans, nail kits, smith and cult polish and gloss!!! Argh

      • I am thinking they probably learned their lesson and ordered LESS of new items and have none left?

  43. oh wow. I should’ve known better. I love the lalalicious bath soap but I got the box with the towels 2 times and the only thing I love is the actual towel..lmao. Serves me right. Everything else will be gifted for xmas.

  44. LOL, someone totally called this box on another post. Really, I just wanted the towel. But I like the hat. Most of these will end up as christmas presents, I live in SoCal so they’re not that weird as december gifts, lol.

  45. Just came to read the comments…

    • LOL! I brought popcorn!

  46. Buyer’s remorse.

  47. OMG
    99% of these items have been in a POPSUGAR box in the past year or so…
    Ugh, this is exactly why I cancelled 6 months ago…

  48. I was wondering when I would get the swan, I am now part of the swan owners of the world! I’m so glad the towel is worth the price of admission, the others are meh, but I don’t have any of these items except for the lipstick so it’s all good.

    • LOL! I said the same thing when I saw the swan! I will now have 3 of the scarves… but I’m cool with the lipstick, towel, hair product and even the hat. I’m not a regular subscriber (just pick up the occasional sale boxes) so I don’t have many of the items… Well, except the scarf!

      • Yea I’m not a subscriber either so I like these sale boxes. But I think I’d better stop while I’m ahead, one swan is enough!

  49. Ahhh the swan is making a comeback. Glad I passed on this box. I would have been thrilled with the Turkish towel though! The hat is cute, but I’m sure my big head is too large for it lol.

  50. Hey Liz — These boxes seem to be missing an item, based on what Gilt advertised and what the spoilers are. Have you heard anything from PS about this?

    • I was wondering that too. It noted the towel and lipstick + 6 more items, didn’t it?

      • Yep, that’s exactly right.

    • I contacted PS about the missing items and haven’t heard anything. I ordered all 3 boxes, so I’m out 2 items. They should make it good! I ordered the Wanderlust mainly for the towel, but really didn’t expect almost half of it to come from the July ’16 box. They could have made it better by at least missing it up with other summer boxes.

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