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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2017 Box New SPOILER Details!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 8.59.24 AM

We have new details on the Helena Quinn Custom Kimono featured in the Summer 2017 Box of Style:

Helena Quinn Custom Kimono

The fabric is Georgette Poly Blend and the measurements are:

  • Length 36″
  • Chest armpit to armpit 22.5″
  • Below hip is 27″
  • Laid flat completely open 46″

And in case you missed it, here is Rachel’s spoiler video Summer 2017 Box of Style!

Each box will include:

Helena Quinn Custom Kimono

The fabric is Georgette Poly Blend and the measurements are:

  • Length 36″
  • Chest armpit to armpit 22.5″
  • Below hip is 27″
  • Laid flat completely open 46″

Raen Durante Sunglasses in your choice of Black or Tortoise (Value $150!)

(FYI – Box of Style let us know that you can add prescription lenses to these sunglasses.)

Summer 2017 Edition Features:

  • Over $400 worth of this season’s most coveted fashion and beauty finds 6 summer-ready items in one pretty package.
  • Includes 2 exclusive collabs found only in Box of Style.
  • All items are travel-friendly and perfect for the jetsetter and staycationer alike!
  • Beauty items are made with natural, good-for-you ingredients and totally paraben-free.


And we have some add-ons available for the Summer Box, too:

What do you think of the Summer Box of Style spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code BOSSU10 to save $10!

Check out all of my Box of Style reviews to learn more about this quarterly subscription box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So i watched the video but at work w/o sound.

    So what I could gather was the sunnies and kimono that we knew about already. A hat, necklace, sunscreen stick and either cheek stain stick or lip stick – couldn’t tell w/o sound. Did I catch everything?

  2. Tune into @tzrboxofstyle on instagram at 12 PM EST for their live stream reveal!

    • It is 3 pm Eastern time! They are on Pacific Time!

  3. I’ve been trying to wait patiently for more spoilers/ship date. Seems odd they haven’t released more since I’m assuming they’ll be shipping soon to keep on the quarterly cycle.

  4. Are those add-ons items from prior boxes? Did an unsuccessful search. When does this box usually ship? I am new to it and awaiting mine. Thanks.

    • YES, THEY ARE. just be careful when ordering, i ordered one turban (as my friend said works terrific) but when I went in to double check it wasn’t there. So since there was no indicator i successfully ordered i went ahead and order it “again”… little i knew it FINALLY told my i had ordered 2!i immediately contacted them but got no response. i wrote them again and finally i got a response today saying all sales are final….

  5. Are either of these items the “hero” item? Or does this mean that the “hero” item is something else included in the box?

  6. The latest email I received from the Zoe Report indicates that the kimono is silk with a $120 value.

    From the article dated 5/17:

    “Conceived by the LA-based label exclusively for our summer Box of Style, the lovely silk robe is lightweight, versatile and so vibrant it’ll punch up any ensemble.”

    • That is strange! They were telling people on their Instagram that the robes were polyester Georgette. I hope they are not silk. It is so hard to take care of especially if worn outdoors! Now I am wondering….why they are saying two different things…

  7. Really on the fence about this box! How do you add Rx to the glasses??? Can’t wait for more spoilers!! BTW I see other people talking about it going on sale after it is released.. ? Like a promo code or on their site? I would like to get that spring box…

  8. Does anyone have any idea on when they might release the next spoiler? I’m anxious to make a decision on this box. On the fence…

  9. Does anyone know if I can use a coupon code since I did buy the Spring Box (with a code) and cancelled to wait and see what was in the box? BOS did send me a $10 code when I cancelled, but when I contacted them, they said it was for me to continue, so no code from them. You would think that they would bend over backwards to have members resubscribe with all the discounted offers made after the Spring Box was out.

    Should I just try using a new email address in order to be able to purchase the Summer Box at a discount?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

    • I cancelled between winter and spring and was able to use a $20 coupon code for spring. I cancelled again after spring and will wait for a coupon for summer if I decide to get it. So you should just wait til they start discounts and sign back up. I don’t think you’ll have to use a different email address, I didn’t.

      • Thanks! I hope they’ll offer a better than $10 code sometime. I like the 2 items, but want to see the rest before I spend the money.

      • Michelle, how did you cancel your subscription. I cancelled mine in April and got a confirmation from them saying it was cancelled and today I got an email saying that my summer box is getting ready. Were you able to speak to someone. Can’t seem to get a response or answer from them. I would expect more from a Rachel Zoe company. Can you help me?

    • I wouldn’t do that and I speak from experience. I had issues with them drafting the winter box and after not getting any responses to my emails I did just what you suggested only to end up getting charged for two boxes. On top of that one of them was supposed to be a “one time only gift” which did not happen since I was billed for and received two of the spring boxes. Frustrating that there isn’t an 800 number when no one responded to numerous emails I sent. I finally went thru my bank card and got the charges reversed in my favor. The only response I ever got was that they don’t do refunds, I hadn’t asked, and not one of my inquiries was addressed. In the end it worked to my advantage since they didn’t respond to my banks inquiries either. It’s really sad because I love the Box, some less than others, but the horrible customer service seems to be a recurring theme if u read their reviews. So please learn from my mistake and don’t use the different email addresss idea. It’s not worth the risk of having to communicate with them. I even spelled out what I was doing when I ordered it and it fell on deaf ears until it came time for them to run my card. Twice!! Call me crazy but I’m still a subscriber.

  10. On a bit of a whim, I got a year subscription last week while buying the Spring box at a discount. After getting the confirmation email I was hit with buyer’s remorse; however, I’m reassured after seeing the sunglasses and kimono in the preview for the next box. I know some people would prefer a different kimono color and are disappointed that it’s not silk but I’m glad it is what it is as I’ll get much more use out of it since I’m not a fan of silk (it snags and wrinkles far too much for me to mess with). With the annual discount plus the $30.00 off the Spring box I feel the value is definitely there for me and I like shaking up my personal style a bit to keep things evolving. Fingers are crossed for more great items!

    • How do you get $30 off??

  11. Odds are I will be selling my whole box. I forgot to cancel my sub & saw that I was charged today. I’ll wait for the full spoilers but based on the first two things, I’m not excited at all.

    • I sent them a request on 5/13 to cancel. I was told I had the ability to cancel until 5/15 on 5/12. I have reached out again and want the charge removed. Otherwise, I’ll be disputing it.

      • I cancelled in April and got an email stating that my subscription was cancelled. Now today I get an email saying that my summer box has renewed. Not happy. You can’t talk to someone. You have to leave a message or email them. Have done both. No response yet!

  12. Is anyone else not able to select a sunglasses shade on the website? I followed the link from the email and I can see where to select the shade, but before I can select, the webpage asks me to log in or tells me I need to subscribe first.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    I’m an annual subscriber (in case that matters) and have contacted the company but have not heard back yet.

    • Yes, you have to log in to select your shades. How else would they know whose box this selection was for? Once you log in, it should let you choose black, tortoise, or surprise me.

      You should have a login if you are a subscriber already. It would have been created when you signed up.

      • I signed in and still get the message that I must be an active subscriber. I’m an annual subscriber. I think they may be having the same problem they had with selecting the earrings in the last box. I wrote to them so I’m sure they will fix it soon.

        • This is the problem I was having. It appears to be fixed now, by the way.

          • Thanks so much, Rebecca! I just chose my sunglasses and added the two bundles. 😎

  13. The CS is horrid. I cancelled my subscription and they emailed to offer $30 off if I stayed. I emailed back 3 business days later and they said the offer had expired. I said there was no time limit mentioned and they said, yes, within 5 business days. Hmm, I responded in 3. Horrible way to keep customers

  14. Buyer beware.

    After I was sent a stained bag that they claimed was not considered damaged and I had to argue with them to get it replaced (which took 2 months) I cancelled my account.

    I contacted 2 different people and they acknowledged that my account would be cancelled.

    I just received an email that they tried to charge my credit card for the Spring box! This company is untrustworthy. How shady!

    • Edit: That’s the Summer box they tried to charge me for, not Spring.

    • I agree! I have an email stating my subscription was cancelled in April and today I’m being charged and that my summer box is renewed. This is so frustrating!

    • This company’s customer service policies are the worst. I agree with whoever said “Buyer Beware”. Once you are sign up it is very difficult to cancel. I have had to dispute several charges. They are still pending… I accidentally clicked on a tab and low and behold they added another subscription to my account. I was sent additional boxes after I cancelled.

    • I did not know this. Glad that I subbed using an online one time use card number through my cc so they can’t extend without me re-funding the card. It is my preferred way of paying for subscriptions (and difficulty cancelling is the reason why).

  15. Black polyester for summer. Well, there went my FOMO. Nope. A shame, because the silk ones look nice and if I liked the brand I might have wanted to get more for gifts. How can the estimated retail value of a poly-blend be the same as silk?

    • I love the box/surprise of it all, but the prices have become extremely exaggerated. For instance the holiday necklace. There is NO WAY that necklace sells for $200.00. Thankfully I get my money back on the beauty/other products.

  16. Thank you for getting this extra info for us!

    So excited for this box!


  17. I was wondering which of these is the “hero” item, or are they co-hero items?
    This will be my second box so i’m not completely familiar with the process, but.. was it usually the hero item that is spoiled?

    Also, i’m really excited for the kimono. I love silk but i don’t much like the added washing care for silk items, so i try not to use them as often. This being poly I am hoping the washing won’t be as delicate and i’ll be more likely to wear it often in the summer.

    • Same! I am also happy this is polyester.
      That means I can wear it and just enjoy it, not fret all day over something happening to it (which means muddy dog paws, in my case).

      • Haha! Me too on the dog paws. 🐶💖🐾

  18. You can add prescription lenses to most sunglasses. But that’s not a trivial expense!

    • Right! And some women have been asking if Box of Style will pay for it lol ummm no

  19. Although I would much rather have a lighter colored (and silk!) kimono, it seems fair that it’s not. Materials costs are high for silk, so it might simply not be feasible to manufacture a silk robe for $40 or whatever the production cost would need to be, since silk is still being made by silk worms. It’s disappointing but not unexpected. (Something I learned recently: in the future silk may be brewed by yeast rather than extruded by insect; at least one company has piloted the idea with spider silk) It’s also too bad it’s coming out mid-summer rather than earlier, but I’ll still probably end up buying and using these items. Also, I don’t have any sunglasses at the moment.

      • To some of us, summer is a state of mind.. and in Arizona when we hit triple digits it’s summer lol which happened a month ago.. it may be “Spring” by dates on a calendar but it’s 115 degrees here and if that’s not summer idk what is LMAO

        • Right there with you!

  20. I have to disagree. Many designers have “retail” versions of their pieces. Pretty much every designer you find at TJ Max is a good example. They have their boutique pieces, and then they have what the products they make available for the masses. It is not a knock against the designer. They are trying to be accessible and I see nothing wrong with it.

    It is not fair to say that you are getting a compromised product. Instead consider these exclusives and collabs as “entry level.” If you like the way the kimono wears then buy a silk version.

    BOS was my first subscription and is still my favorite. (I chose this over Nina Garcia years ago.) No season has ever been a flop. They are consistent and reliable. I trust Team Zoe and I’m always surprised and impressed with their curations. Even if you don’t like every piece, you always get your monies worth. There are even things I thought I would never use, but now I reach for (the hat, the leather tassel belt, the LA bucket bag, etc!). She pushes me out of my comfort zone and I have found that, even though I’m a XL girl, I can still pull things off. It’s given me great confidence!

    • I like this view of the products being entry level. The collaborations are a way to get a more affordable version of a product that would be out of range for many at full price. Then the rest of the box can get filled out with name-brand products so there’s something for everyone. I don’t know if I’ll get this box (maybe if they really discount it and if I like the other items – I’m not sure I can pull off the kimono as day-wear without looking silly) but I like having the chance to try out something trendy without making it an investment. Winter and Spring were amazing.

  21. I agree about the Kimono – if the Tribe Alive bag retails for $238 & the Kimono retails for $145 – why couldn’t we get one made of silk. However, not knowing what else is in the box yet I am willing to keep my subscription. As for jewelry pieces – I prefer sterling silver as it looks better on my skin tone and seeing some of the prices for these ‘other metals’ I’d rather get the real deal. & could at the given retail prices. I personally like what I get in her boxes; I think the TA bag was nice but would I pay $238 for it, probably not & I did attach the scarf to it as that’s where it fit best. I have been a user of Tatcha products for years! I drink water all day long so the BKR bottle was nice. I feel that this is one of the most thought out boxes out there — If I wanted samples of products – I’d join Birchbox or better yet get the same samples for free at an Outlet. If your disappointed just by the Spoilers & then cancel your subscription, well, you are missing the value aspect of this box. Rachel is sought out by many and with these seasonal boxes – she is styling us in the latest & greatest for free so I won’t end my subscription due to what I may consider a bad box — I use all of what she puts in the boxes or give what I won’t use to a friend. [which is very ltd.]

    • You make an excellent point!

      I live in rural Maine, which means I have to travel three hours to Boston for any kind of decent shopping. I love love love how the coming seasons trends get delivered to my door without any thought or effort on my part. 🙂

  22. Pass. Maybe next one.

  23. I own several kimonos as they are my favorite spring and summer staple along with a tank. They are all polyester blends and they are lightweight, comfortable, and keep me covered up a little more when needed without making me hot. Personally, I would rather have a poly blend kimono while I’m using it over a swimsuit at the lake with my kiddos,or at a BBQ with my family. If I was wearing silk I would be afraid to do anything!! I’m super excited for this box!!!! 💕💕

    • Considering how many beach cover up options there are out there, I would not be reaching for a black poly kimono. I have a lot of cute beach cover ups that are more Summer appropriate. I think this one is a bit . . . aging and impractical.

  24. Obviously who am I to disagree with Rache about style, but wearing this to the office? Maybe in California but not on the east cost. The only thing I would use this for is a beach coverup or summer robe and not interested in that and I can’t use the glasses….maybe the fall box if there is one will work out better for me.

    • I was on Anthropologies website last night (mother’s day weekend sale), and I was surprised to see several kimono’s. I guess they are in style this season.

    • Kimono….it looks like lingerie. I would never wear this as out in public with a top. Beach coverup is the only other way I would wear it…

  25. After seeing the video, I think I like the glasses. BUT I don’t think the print or the material for the robe is anything special — I’m surprised it made the box. Obviously just my opinion…

  26. Fyi: If you’re plus size and not sure if this would fit you, Lane Bryant lists a size 18 dress as having a 44″ bust. This kimono has as 45″ bust and since you want some room to spare, you probably can’t be any bigger than an 18.

    • If you have boobs, there’s a difference between a size 18 and an 18W. I have a 47-1/2 bust and an 18W fits just fine. A misses 18, not so much. 🙁

  27. The kimono definitely won’t fit me, then. 😛

  28. These are really cute items but I just don’t NEED them so I cancelled my subscription. It’s frustrating too because I probably would have kept it if they had offered me a discount to stay like it seems like they were doing for many members who were trying to leave. Oh well…more money in my pocket. And if it ends up going on sale (like the last 2 boxes did) I will definitely snatch one up. If anybody doesn’t want the black sunglasses I will definitely be looking to swap for those…

    • I cancelled after seeing the spoilers, too.
      I was surprised they didn’t offer me discount code to stay as well, since it seems like most of the ppl who cancelled at least got a $30 off code…
      Well, fingers crossed for a good box. I’ll probably end up snatching one even with little discount if it’s great. Wasn’t going to cancel at first, but those 2 spoilers are a complete miss to me (can’t use either)

      • I also didn’t get a discount offer. I wonder why they offered to some but not others. I’m older – I wonder if I’m outside their demographic?

        • I did write to them politely (at least I think I did lol)
          I wonder if the tone makes a difference? 🤔

          • I also wrote them, telling them how much I loved the spring box, but requesting a cancellation for the summer box, due to sizing issues with the kimono. I received a very nice, prompt response, but no discount offer :/

      • I didn’t get an offer and TBH I just don’t like the items, so it would have not mattered. Sunglasses are VERY specific to your face shape and I already know these won’t work. It happened last summer too- those glasses I can’t even locate bc I think I grabbed them when I couldn’t find mine and probably just tossed them in a pile. A kimono seems like a really odd choice, IMO. I wish that BOS would explore brands they’ve done that got great feedback. I love Cluse watches bc of BOS.

  29. I’m going to have to pass. It isn’t silk but a cheaper polyester blend. Like the tribe alive bag. And I would rather get a kimono in exactly my size. Since when is any item of clothing one size fits all.

    Same with the sunglasses. I’d rather try on and pick out new sunglasses for the Summer.

    • agreed. her products are basically just knockoffs masked by terms like “custom” “excluisive” and “colabs”. If EVERY time its a cheaper version, at what point do you call these counterfit?

      • Nothing is counterfeit if it is a special collaboration. Counterfeit is an item that is copied without a designer’s knowledge. But……the special collaborations in RZ boxes are usually inferior in quality to the designer’s own products.. Helena Quinn robes are silk, never polyester.

      • Agreed! Custom and limited edition are now code words for cheaper made versions than their normal line.

        For me, their CS has been nonresponsive, and unhelpful when they do respond.

        Considering these together, I just canceled. Not sad

        • I know, but not always! Sometimes collabs are great and a product that is even better comes out. Think Adidas, tooface,etc. (endless list) They dont cut corners when they make a special product,they just make a prodct that caters to a niche market.
          Unless the niche market hey are trying for is “people who want a more affordable version” then what racher zoe is doing is more like what target does when they do the “x- for target” lines (which i totally love) but target does it in an open and honest way! (And you know the quality will fall between the margins of both collaborators, while with rz the quality is far below whats expected from either producer)

        • Their collabs are not​ always poor quality. The Dylanlex necklace and Alexis Bittar ring were fab.

          But yes, this is becoming an issue.

          • I feel like it is consistently going downhill. The Miansai bracelet in the first box was stellar. The Cambridge leather satchel was very nice quality and the same bag was available on the retail site. The jewelry collaborations are okay, definitely not as substantial as that bracelet, however it’s the quality of the bags that has been the most noticeable difference to me.

      • Since it’s an item designed/manufactured by the actual brand it is not counterfeit. I always think of these “exclusive” items as outlet versions of the actual designer goods. I mostly find this annoying because RZ talks about these items like we (the customer) are too stupid/unfashionable to know the difference. But I always question how including these lesser versions in sub boxes helps these brands. Since we’re not getting to experience the actual quality of a full price item how do we know if they’re worth paying full price for.

        • That is a really good point, especially pertaining to this particular kimono. The designer’s other products look gorgeous, but this seems like it will not be a great reflection of the quality of her actual products. A georgette/poly blend will never come close to the feel of real silk.

          And black polyester for summer?!?!? Seems a bit toasty.

          • Yes, exactly! I can’t help but feel bummed knowing ALL the rest of her products are SILK! I would rather something else be “custom” so we could have silk 🙁
            Oh, and I also love all the rest of her designs but this one is just ok.
            She makes it out to be such fab, special, above the norm for most of us, pieces and yet….poly blend?! Why 🙁
            And yes, black+poly in the summer is just sad
            Seems to just be bringing the kimono company down, wondered why they would lower themselves to non silk for this since not what they seem to stand for!
            (sorry for the mini rant, I love lightweight medium length kimonos like this but could get a poly one for not much at all…not why I got this box(I have a year sub))
            At least the sunglasses look great! Hope the rest is as good quality as those seem to be!

  30. That’s wonderful news that kimono will most likely fit most everyone! I’m glad seems like this box does cater to a variety of sizes! Personally as soon as I saw this spoiler I was like I have got to have this box!! I wear kimonos out over tanks with cut offs all summer! That’s like my uniform so I’ll be excited to have such a high fashion fancy one😉

    • Hi Lawden that’s what I’m trying to figure out lol I’m usually a 2-3X do you think this will fit? Thank you in Advance 😘

      • I believe someone said it fits up to a size 14.. I could be remembering that wrong. But I think that’s what I read on the last spoiler post. Hope that helps! (:

        • I said that, but I was going by what was on Helena Quinn’s website. Their sizes run from XS-L, with L being a size 12-14. I’m a 1X, but have boobs, so I just don’t know how this would work. I certainly wouldn’t be able to tie it closed, but I usually wear stuff like this open over a sundress, etc. Just not sure that it would hang right. I wish RZ would offer a regular size and a plus size!

      • Yeah, I think it should fit sizes up to 18, someone posted something up above mentioning that, so I’m glad a lot of gals who didn’t think that it would fit can now actually use it as well😃

        • There’s a difference in bust size between a Misses 18 and an 18W. Just sayin…

  31. I’m so excited for this box! Going to add prescription lenses to the sunglasses, and am totally going to wear this kimono out and about. Was about to cancel my subscription before I saw these spoilers, and I’m sticking around now!

  32. Ok now I’m really excited. The kimono will fit me and I love it! AND I can add prescription lenses to the glasses! I wasn’t a huge fan of the Tribe Alive bag or the scarf in the last box so I’m really thrilled to be getting things I love in this one. 😀

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