POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Summer 2017 Box Review

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Every year, POPSUGAR releases a POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Summer Box – full of items that would be perfect to enjoy the summer!

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.

FYI – if you are interested in purchasing this box, it is still available! 

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Summer Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: “Wishing every day was a beach day? This box will set you up for an endless Summer of looking chic with must haves for the beach, heat-proof goodies, and more that will continue to make you daydream about your favorite outings at the shore.” (Over $300 worth of luxe beach accessories.)

Check out my review of the Summer 2016 Limited Edition POPSUGAR Box and my review of the Summer 2015 Limited Edition POPSUGAR Box to see what you can expect from this box!

Mar Y Sol Collins Tote – Value $129

(If you aren’t a pom person, don’t worry – the poms are removable!)

The bag is handmade with Sisal/sea grass and leather trim. And it has one interior pocket:

It measures 13″W x 11 ½”H x 7″D. The material is firm enough for this to also work as a storage basket in your home.

Here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:

And I’ll be using it as for storage at home, too:

Hamptons Lane Serious Shimmer Spray – Value $32

(Subscribers will receive either the Bronze or Pearl spray. POPSUGAR sent me one of each for reviews purposes)

These both have a light, beachy scent that I love. Looking at the shimmer in the bottle, I was expecting this to be a super shimmery spray, but it’s one of those shimmers I only noticed when I stepped into the sun.

It takes a few minutes to dry, but that is probably a good thing if you are looking for a product to help you cool off!

There wasn’t a big difference to me in the color from these sprays, but the bronze one is a bit more tinted.

Polaroid PLD 6003 Sunglasses – Retail Value $65

First, this case! This is a hard-shell sunglass case with a smooth matte finish. Unlike some cases that come with sunglasses, this is a heavy duty case that I would gladly pay for to keep my sunglasses safe!

Inside, you’ll also get a cloth to help keep the lenses clean!

These sunglasses are made with lightweight blue frame and mirror lenses.

Mirrored lenses are my favorite when it comes to sunglasses, and I love the signature Lisa Sugar blue color, too! (Most of my sunglasses are gold or black, so this is a nice addition to my collection!)

The Polaroid lenses are specially designed to make sure you still see correct colors while blocking glare.

And you get some subtle Polaroid branding, too:

Here they are on:

Hello from Austin!

Sunnylife Reversible Coasters – Value $18

This set includes 16 reversible coasters. They are made from a gloss-coated cardboard, so they are reusable.

My husband Eric saw me open this box and as soon as he saw me pull this item out of the box, he said: “you must be SO excited!” (I love all things Lobster thanks to Pheobe/Friends.)

Even if you aren’t a lobster fan, I think these have a great nautical vibe!

Hint Sunscreen Spray in Grapefruit – Value $24

(Scents may vary)

I knew Hint made flavored water, but I didn’t know they did sunscreen! This one smells AMAZING!

I’m SO impressed with this sunscreen. The nozzle spray uses only compressed air, eliminating the need for propellant chemicals. The mist is super fine, too. It sprays on clear, so you don’t have to rub it in. The formula is also free of oxybenzone and parabens! (And it’s water resistant!)

And maybe the best part is the scent. This grapefruit scent smells exactly like a grapefruit. I love it, and I’m already planning on buying the Pineapple and Pear versions!

Big Picture Farm Farmstead Milk Caramels in Chai – Value $10

These caramels are made with al natural and organic ingredients. (And I love that POPSUGAR picked a treat that is easy to ship in the summer heat!)

The chai flavor at first didn’t seem summery to me, but Eric was more than happy to taste test these, and LOVED them! They are soft caramels that melt in your mouth. And no surprise, this whole box is now empty!

Jane Iredale Lip Fixation in Craving – Value $32

This lip duo has lip stain on one side, lip gloss on the other:

The lip stain is my go-to lip color. I love it! The formula isn’t too drying either. Here it is swatched:

The gloss wasn’t sticky for me at first, but it got a little stickier after some wear, so I recommend just using a lip balm if you want to avoid any stickiness.

Verdict: This box has a retail value of about $310. I think that’s great for a $100 box, and in line with the value I’ve come to expect from POPSUGAR Limited Edition boxes. This is one of my favorite Limited Edition boxes, too.

While I have a lot of summer bags/beach bags, I love that this one doubles as chic storage for the home. It’s a great way to give a room a bit of a beachy vibe! The sunscreen was a great discovery for me, I love the mirrored sunglasses, the lip stain is the perfect color, I love all things lobster, Eric loved the caramels, and the cooling mist is a nice addition, too. So, this is pretty much the perfect summer box for me!

What do you think of the POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Summer Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. What would’ve been nice is if they put a Polaroid instant printer for your phone. Or a nice Polaroid instant digital camera. Instead of the sunglasses.

    • GREAT idea Susan!!! How fun would that have been!!! ….. those are perfect for the beach/summertime fun….. camera is the same price point and I’m sure has more universal appeal…..

    • That IS a good idea! My son has a Polaroid instant digital camera and he really likes it.

  2. This box may have finally cured my addiction. FOMO no more!! Ugh. Usually after my box arrives I wind up loving it more and this one went the opposite way. Nothing felt special and I got the pearl shimmer (wanted gold) and a pear sunscreen 😣😣😣

    The kicker? My husband saw my items spread out on the coffee table and asked if I hit up the clearance bin at TJ Maxx. All I could say was that I wish I had.

    • I’d love to receive the pearl shimmer with the pear spf sent. I’d prefer that to bronze shimmer & grapefruit. When I get my box if I don’t get what I’m hoping for, I’ll swap worth whoever hasn’t used theirs yet.

    • I don’t subscribe to pop sugar but there are two items in your box I love, the cute straw teal tote, and the sunscreen I don’t care what flavor.

  3. Hi Liz, Can you please tell me where your top is from in the photos? I need that in my life :)) It looks like the perfect length and so cozy cute! It looks great on you!! And is that the lip color from the box that you have on in the sunglasses photo? Thanks SO much for all you do!! :))

    • I got the top at Forever 21. Unfortunately, it looks like it is no longer available, but it was listed as “Two-Toned V-Neck Top” on their site in case it comes back in stock.

      And the lip color is stila Stay All Day® Liquid Lipstick in Patina. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Thanks so much for the info!! Have a great weekend :))

  4. So…I spent $100 for a $32 lip gloss….because Lord knows I won’t use anything else.

    PS has been disappointing me for awhile now & I can’t seem to learn my lesson. I’m sentimental b/c it was my first subscription box that started my obsession but we may have to break up soon. I think I just may be over you.

    • So… I spent $100+ on a $32 shimmer spray…. I feel your pain Kimberly!!! I am gifting the hero bag to a co worker who thinks it’s cute…. Gifting lip gloss…swapped glasses and caramels for a candle and bracelet….!!! Never again an LE box without spoilers….expensive lesson learned!!! 😳 …. Addiction rehab …. This box is a cure! 🙁

  5. not crazy about the stuff in this box.
    but i tell you what… i got those goat milk caramels in an amazon sweet surprise box and they are outstanding! i’d eat them daily if they weren’t so expensive. the packaging and the info about the goats was cute, too! <3

  6. Ooohhh so exciting!! I am SO happy I caved and ordered!
    I was looking at these exact frames last year at Solciste eyewear & decided on the Ray ban foldables instead. These are super cool and lightweight ! And I was going to drop like $60 on them in the store. So glad I will be able to add these to my collection.
    The tote bag is so pretty and I am excited to carry it around this summer. Love the teal color.
    I am a huge fan of Hampton sun – and I am in need of an after sun product. Kind of hoping for the cooling but I’d be ok with the gold one too.
    The spray can spf is awesome and im usually buying a can or two if this stuff anyway – and spending at least $10.
    The candy is right up my alley too.
    Only thing I’m not excited about is that dark lip color. I am going to make myself a pot of coconut oil lip balm and am going to use the liquid color to give my lip balm a little tint.
    All in all I couldn’t be happier! There’s no giant beach towel, no pool cover up , no water bottle and no inflatable pool toy . $100 we’ll spent!

    • So happy someone else is excited too! I think it’s the perfect summer box. Very happy it’s not another huge canvas bag. Love all the items. So different than the usual stuff and yet everything fits the summer theme. Good quality too. A big fan of polarized sunnies. Great job, PS.

  7. I just got my box. The bag is bigger than I thought it was. 🙂 I got pineapple sunscreen instead of grapefruit.

  8. I have zero FOMO on these anymore. They are great if you’re a newbie but if you’ve been in the game for a while it’s just the same ol’.

  9. Overall I like the box but the lip stain seems lazy. I feel like if just that one item was replaced with something different the whole box would have been elevated

  10. I just caved & got the Box. I think this is an Amazing box & I will use everything! I’m hoping for the Cooling Spray but I will definitely use whatever I get. This is the 1st Box where I will use EVERYTHING so for me the Value is there. I think it’s a great Summer Box! Puerto Vallarta here I come!

  11. The only thing I want is the sunscreen so I’m hoping someone will want to swap with me for that. It’s a nice box but nothing I really need. Glad I didn’t grab the box myself. Great value!

  12. I’m the rare PSMH can do no wrong for me, but I felt burnt after the LE resort this year (resort and summer were so spot on for me last year. I liked less than half the resort and none of the summer this year. I still love the regular box because at the BF deal, it’s all a good deal, and I would even be very happy with the last few months (except the red bag month) at full price.

    I commented below but this seemed to kill two birds with one stone for this box: grab your favorite color of NYX liquid illuminator, a little goes a long way on your face anyhow. Some of you may have it from Ipsy already. Some of you may have The Beauty Crop tube of super concentrated highlighter in gold color from Glossybox or Birchbox. Take your favorite SPF, mix your liquid highlighter of choice into it in your hand…it makes the best full coverage SPF glow on me, I’ve been doing it for about a week. With the NYX you can’t go wrong as it’s so concentrated and a large amount of it for $10…safer SPF coverage and soooo much cheaper than an SPF and a spray each. I got the idea after the spoiler for the body spray in this box.

    • Love this idea, thanks for the tip!

  13. I was hoping for a piece of jewelry and I wish the lip product was coral. However I do not have a beach bag so I am pleased with that and the suntan lotion, the spray, the candies. I will probably put up the sunglasses-I need prescription and the coasters. I have tons!

  14. I am so glad that I didn’t spend the $$ on this box. There is nothing in it that I would’ve used. I’m not even going to try to swap for anything from it. There is literally nothing in it that I want.

  15. In my opinion this is way better than the resort box! I don’t really need any of it but if the bag and/or sunglasses were more my style I would probably buy. I’m trying to have high hopes for the June box now.

  16. I LOVE those sunglasses and coasters! And both the sunscreen and shimmer spray sound like they would be fun to try! But since the bag/hero item is a miss for me, I just can’t justify the price tag. Maybe, just maybe, it won’t sell out and they will offer a deal…a girl can dream anyway! 🙂

    • I will be listing the coasters & possibly the glasses on the swap site 😀

      • Oh, I’m definitely interested Sarah! I haven’t listed much lately but have a lot of unlisted items, so maybe we could work out a trade 🙂 I put the link to my profile in, so you can look me up if you want!

  17. This is a pretty decent box IMO all things considered. I didn’t go for it because I have a too-similar bag (I probably have a too-similar bag to every bag in the world, LOL) but the rest of the stuff is nice too. If I had gotten it, I would be happy.

  18. Wish I had bought this instead of the Resort LE. I’d use all these items, but enough to pull the trigger. The bag and glasses are great!

  19. Townsend, Vermont where the caramels Are made is right near where I grew up 😂😂. That’s about all I want in here. Those sunglasses and bag…UGH. And the coasters. Seriously. If I’m going to go through the trouble to buy coasters they won’t be made from cardboard and they also won’t have (sorry everyone who loves them) juvenile prints. The lip items is blah and the other spray seems near useless…but hey I guess if anyone likes grapefruit they get some sunscreen?

    • I agree. The caramels look like the best thing in the box.

      • ………. I like the sunscreen, shimmer and caramels….. my first and VERY LAST PSMH LE without full spoilers….. with $108, I can build my own box with stuff I’d actually use….. 🙁 …….. glasses for the very young, bag…..ewwwwwh!!!

        • You can go to target and get awesome spray on sunscreen from one of the nicer little brands with a better scent right now and a body shimmer item that is cream and would last longer has got to be easy to find at target or ulta…and any of your favorite candy, all for like $20 has to be better! I’ve found that if you add the little tube of liquid NYX illuminate (all sorts of colors from pink to gold to more bronze) to regular sunscreen it looks AMAZING. It was $8 or $10 for the NYX and the tube goes a long way and is generous and your fave SPF coverage. It looks amazing on arms and legs in summer!

          • Thanks for the tip! I’m going to buy some NYX and give this a try!

  20. Yay… no regret here.

  21. Love this, and the value is there, but I’m with (most) everyone else…it seems kinda tired. You could dupe the box for less than a $100 lol

  22. This is a really great box overall, but I’m glad I didn’t buy it. Solid purchase for anyone new to subs, but too many repeats if you’re a long time addict.

    • I thought the same thing. It felt a bit same old thing to me. The value is there, I’m just not interested. Nothing surprises me here.

    • Yes! Agree 100%. I would have been thrilled with this box three years ago. Now, not so much. That tells me I really need to evaluate the boxes I’m getting or maybe even take a break all together.

    • There’s the rub, in the end. The longer you sub to any box, the less excited you get each time you receive one, and you do start to get things you’ve gotten before, just a different brand. I’m pretty open-minded about these things. I try to find a use for everything, especially if it’s a gift, but in case of subs, the value fades as you enjoy the box less and less. It just becomes difficult to be pleased or surprised. I applaud Popsugar, and they are my favorite subscription. I have purchased every LE box since I discovered them and loved them, but I knew we were ripe for sunglasses, which I can’t wear because I wear prescription glasses, so I passed on this box. I don’t usually look at spoilers if I’ve bought a box, but this time I did and seeing the bag, I decided to pass. Glad I did, although, as someone else said, it’s a great box for someone new to subs.

      • I think that’s why My Subscription ADDICTION is the perfect name for this site…the longer you do it, the harder it is to get that great feeling you used to get from receiving your subs. So you want more and more, and still can’t quite keep that feeling.

  23. I think this is one of the best summer LE boxes ever. And I am not a huge fan of PopSugar.

    I love it all except for the lip stain and I can’t wear nudes. On me they look like mud. But I can gift or donate this for sure.

    I love the bag. I am always down for sunnies. While I hope I get the cooling mist in bronze I certainly won’t complain if I get the pearl.

    Those coasters are too cute! And I so need new sunscreen. I don’t care what scent I get.

    I love Chai. If the caramels had been any other flavor I would have given them away. But since they are my favorite flavor I am keeping them for myself (I may give my husband one if he behaves)!

    I can’t wait to get my box! I am happy I went with my FOMO! I would have really missed not getting this box!

    • Agreed- living in Florida- and it is Hot here- this box is a perfect fit! Again, do not understand all the negative contents. I think this is a perfect box!

      • I agree! I purchased the box after seeing the tote. I think it is too cute AND a Mar Y Sol! Seriously folks they go for $120 on their own and the Pom pom’s are THE trend of the Season. There is not one item I won’t use and I’m not excited for. Whoever said they felt the Jane Iredale was just an after thought hasn’t used the products. They are fantastic and very expensive. The luxe item I’ve come to enjoy from these boxes. The shimmer spray looks so decadent, and isn’t that the point, to get things we wouldn’t normally?! The scented SPF, wow! The ones I buy all smell the same and boring. This looks fun! Who can’t use another pair of sunglasses? I use prescription lenses too, but what I have found is many of these high end glasses can have prescription lenses put in, like the sunnies from the Rachel Zoe box. The coasters are a great summer home decor item. If you entertain, or have teenagers, there are a win! I’m from Vermont and have never heard of the candies so super excited to try them, especially since they are Chai. This box isn’t my first go around ladies and this is one of the best LE’s ever. I get the Rachel Zoe box too and Popsugar blew it away this season! Keep up the great work Popsugar!

  24. I love this bag so much and want it so bad. I would order it now but I’ve been thinking about where I’d use. A big drawback for me is it doesn’t have any type of closure. Also the only things I can use is coasters and sun spray.

  25. I really like this box, but taking a break from subscription boxes since suffering from the beauty overload and this box have three. I would love to swap for the sunglass though. Please take a look at my swap profile.

  26. Ugh! More tote bags & sunscreen! OVER it! Very disappointed in this box. I would’ve loved some nice beachy jewelry or a summery coral lip shade. What a waste of money!

  27. Imho you should always rub in spray sunscreen, no matter how fine the mist. It helps improve the chance of protecting skin that needs to be protected!

  28. Just a tip – even if the spray sunscreen goes on clear you should still rub it in for even coverage. A lot of people say spray sunscreen doesn’t work as well as lotion sunscreen, but that difference almost vanishes if you apply it liberally and rub it in.

  29. Fabfitfuns box RV total price for the last box was $380 and I paid $50, I can’t justify $100! But I do love everything in the box!

    • Exactly! Well said. I’ve yet to have FFF remorse, but I can’t say the same with PSMH. Still, if this box was $50, I’d buy it this minute!

  30. Maaaaybe with a coupon. I’d get use of everything but for $100, nothing I absolutely must have.

  31. I need to find some split the box buddies, for real!

  32. Cute box, but I couldn’t justify the $100 price tag, even with the high RV. Maybe if I hadn’t purchased the Ultimate Box. Sigh… I never pick the right PSMH boxes. Do they ever discount LE boxes?

    • Not that I’ve seen in several years

    • No I have never seen a PopSugar LE box discounted. Usually after these spoilers the boxes sell out.

  33. These sunglasses are being sold for $38.35 on ezcontacts.com down from $64.00. JUST AN FYI POPULAR

    • That’s the thing about this box… probably could find all these items or similar variations, and spend less that $100. Cute set-up, but ouch!

    • Thank you. *looks around for the swap police* I got my head bit off last time I made mention that a lot of lux/home items in boxes aren’t listed as the actual “RV” LOL Glad to see I’m not alone…

      • LOL.

  34. I give popsugar a lot of credit for being so on trend. I’m seeing those straw bags with Pom poms everywhere this summer. Perhaps the Pom Pom is to 2017 what the tassel was to 2016??? (Thank god that’s over…I’m tasseled out!!)

    And I agree, I LOVE the sunglasses case. It makes sense that the glasses were made by a company better known for technology than fashion…tech companies are all about the packaging and presentation (I always feel guilty when I throw away any packaging from an Apple product!). Is it weird that the glasses case is my favorite item in the box?

  35. I wonder if there are variations in the lip gloss color?

  36. Boy oh boy, did I ever dodge a bullet with this one! These items are seriously NOT for ME. I’m sure they’re great for others, but there’s not a single thing in this box that I want. (Except maybe the caramels…)

    -Already have more totes than I need.
    -Not really into shimmer sprays.
    -I can tell by the pic of Liz that the sunglasses would not look good on me. Plus, I need prescription lenses, anyway.
    -The coasters are not my taste.
    -The lippie looks nice but I already have several others in similar colors.

    I’m kinda bummed. I wanted to want this. I hope I like the Fall one better!!

  37. Hint sunscreen hmm? I love the water at glance I thought it was some new drink i too am I bit thrown off by this

  38. Super excited for this box! Can’t wait to get mine!
    Going to try to swap for more shimmer spray, sunscreen, caramels and maybe sunglasses!

    (And love the shirt you’re wearing in the pic from Austin with sunglasses on 😎)

  39. Not super excited for this box but also not a total miss. I used to love hint water and subscribe to their monthly deliveries (yes I even subscribe to water)… until I had to deal with their customer service. They were so awful and so so rude! They sent out bad product and refused to correct it or even act empathetic. Still leaves a bad taste in my mouth 😑

  40. Sold! I love the sunglasses and sunscreen and will use everything else!

  41. This box is the real deal! I love all the items!

  42. No FOMO for me but this is a super practical summer box. Hopefully everyone enjoys it! And I might need to check out that sunscreen!

  43. Those sunnies are AWESOME!

  44. Nothing screaming my name. Easy pass!

  45. YES!! no jewelry! I am super happy with this box!

  46. I really expected to see a book based on the theme spoilers of “Beach Reads”. Everything is perfect for me except for the lipgloss and that’s only because I have a ton of lip products already

    • I believe the “Beach Reads” theme was for the June MH box. I’m hoping for the best!

      • Oh yea, you’re right! Oops. Too much to keep up with ☺️ Thankyou for refreshing my memory

  47. i’m really excited abou this!!

  48. Sold! I love the sunglasses and sunscreen!

  49. Hmmmm…. I may have to buy this now. I was waiting to make sure but I think I’ll use most everything.

  50. Yay! I’m happy and glad I took a chance on this.

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