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POPSUGAR Must Have Summer 2015 Special Edition Box Review

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POPSUGAR Must Have Summer 2015 Special Edition Box Review Box

The POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box was released on May 13th, and I believe it sold out quickly. I can’t resist a POPSUGAR Special Edition box, so I had to buy one!


My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: Summer-inspired favorites selected by POPSUGAR editors.

FYI – this box is sold out.


Each Special Edition box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.



Kendra Scott Ainsley Cuff Bracelet – Value $120

While I normally don’t wear bangles, I’m loving this statement cuff bracelet. It has some give to it too, so I imagine it will work for most wrist sizes.


Fringe Studio Glass Tray Love Anchors The Soul – Value $13.95

This tray measures 6 by 4 inches (a little smaller than what I was imagining after seeing the spoilers), but I like it. It will be perfect for lip balm, rings, etc.


Omorovicza Gold Shimmer Oil – Value $80

This might be my favorite item in the box. The brand is a new discovery for me, and I really like the natural scent of this oil, and the gold shimmer. FYI – you really need to shake the bottle to get the gold shimmer particles to disperse through the oil:



Sunny Life Beach Paddles in Bronte – Value $26

I think this is the first time POPSUGAR has included a game like this in a box. I like it! It’s a fun addition to the box that doesn’t take up too much of the value.


Savannah Bee Company Honey for Cheese and Dipper – Value $7.50

This is the one item in the box that seems a little out of place for me, but quality honey will go to use! (Plus I really like the Savannah Bee Company).


Baggu Weekend Bag – Value $74

This bag is so big I couldn’t even fit it all in the photo! I love an oversized tote, and I love Baggu, so this item is made for me. I also like that it has a zippered  top, and a zippered inner pocket:


Here is my attempt to show the scale of this bag:


Verdict: This box has a value of about $320. I’m very happy with that value for a $100 box, and I think POPSUGAR did a great job with the nautical theme too. And I’ll use every single item in this box. (Though I must admit, I might put those paddles in our garage and forget I own them).

What do you think of the Summer Special Edition POPSUGAR Must Have box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. For me I always love any PS box
    Even if I won’t use what’s in it I still want it
    Lol that probably makes no sense
    I guess it’s even if something isn’t or me it is perfect time for someone else or a great gift
    As bizarre as this sounds I loved the box but tradedwhole thing

  2. Looking to sell my bracelet if anyone wants it. I’ve applied to be in the swap here, but I’m still waiting.

    pmbeatlefan @

  3. Like whoa! There is just WAY too much drama on here for reviews on a subscription box!! I don’t think there is ever a reason to post anything negative…but that’s just me.

    Anywho…I LOVE this box!! I was also a little disappointed that the tray wasn’t the Paris themed one they posted because I have a Paris theme in my room, but oh well…it’s still nice, smaller than I thought. Can’t figure out if I’m gonna keep or swap yet.

    I’m in LOVE with the cuff!! I’ve been looking for a gold one forever but haven’t found one I liked until this, and who knew it’d come as a blind item? I have super tiny wrists, it fell off immediately but I was able to reshape it to fit. (If you don’t like the gold, Nordy’s has a great exchange policy, and I’m sure you can get the silver, btw) And the gold shimmer oil, I was shopping for something similar earlier in the week – so bonus! And this one is much nicer than the ones I was looking at.

    I think the Paddles are super fun & match the Summer theme with the Baggu bag – what a great beach bag! And with the Sisters of Los Angeles beach towel from the May PSMH box, you’re really good to go! I think the Paddles and Towel will make a great gift for my brother who is constantly at the beach, but if he continues being a jerk – swapping!! Lol or I might keep for Hawaii later this year.

    And the honey is a great item, who couldn’t use honey? To use in tea, bake with, or to use with cheese? Seems wonderful!

    For my first LE PSMH box, I just feel like I hit the jackpot!

    • In the same boat as you with the tray! I want to keep it but have to occasions I can gift it. I was going to use it in a housewarming basket with the red vase from last month, but I think I have a better use. Next week I have a bridal shower and I think the gift card for a massage will fill perfectly in the basin of the dish, which is appropriately themed. Often I find that after putting aside items after a several months I have a great jumpstart or a complete gift basket with theme, such as your beach one.

      • to=two
        I really wish we could edit for a short period of time, because I have an uncanny ability to see my errors only two seconds after posting.

    • By Nordies, do you mean Nordstrom? And would they really let me exchange my gold one for silver, even though it’s not from their stores?

      I ordered a box off eBay, as I missed out on the original sale of it. And though it’s still in transit, my assumption is that all of the ones from this box are gold. Bummed, because I absolutely want the silver one instead. With my skin tone, silver looks much better.

      • Yes, I do mean Nordstrom’s 🙂 I am not 100% they will exchange but I know they have a great return policy, so it’s worth a try? I love silver too but gold is a lot more flattering on my skin tone so I learned to love, so I know how you feel! I mean the worst that can happen is they say no right?

  4. I’m glad I got this box. It just came today. I like everything. The idea of a game is awesome but don’t you need a certain table to play paddle ball? I don’t have anything long enough

    • It’s not table tennis, you play by batting it back and forth with someone. I’m in Florida and it is a standard beach game (or at least used to be)

      • Ohhhhhh. Thank you. I never played but it sounds fun!

      • Ahhhh! I was thinking the paddles were huge for ping pong! Now I am excited to try it out!


  5. I apprecaite the curation and value of this box but glad I passed because I’m not excited over anything.

  6. I’m going to be selling my cuff. I’m plus size and there’s no way that cuff will fit me. If anyone is interested, contact me pmbeatlefan**at** otherwise I’ll be posting it on eDivv

  7. If anyone wants to sell their box please email me at [email protected].

    How to get on the swap site?

    • Thanks for the heads up! I really wanted the tote, but wasn’t interested in the rest of the box. Score!

  8. As someone who DID purchase the CFDA and did end up returning it (had the lipstick been the right shade I would have just kept it!) I was hesitant about purchasing this box. But, since I have no self control I did anyway. I haven’t received it yet but it looks terrific. This box has incredible potential! I’m a fan of Omorovicza products so this is a plus. As an aside, they are a terrific company to deal with, quick shipping, loyalty points and they’re forever running sales! They ship from various warehouses in the US so it always arrives super fast!

    As for the other items, if they’re things you don’t like they look like fantastic swaps or gifts! I feel like I have too many subs that offer crappy little bittles if products that I don’t want and are to small to give away or swap. Generally PS items, even if they’re “not for me” will work for someone in my life.

  9. If anyone doesn’t like the box, I’m happy to buy the whole thing for $125 plus shipping. Let me know, kirstenee at gmail 🙂

  10. Perhaps it was because I had just won on roulette before this was released, who knows, but I took a gamble on this box. I’m surprised by the negative comments. This is such a lovely box for summer and for once PS has it right, a little credit is due.
    I’m the first to speak up when things are unethical but too much glitter or I don’t use honey are comments that lead me to believe that perhaps some people shouldn’t buy subscription boxes. These are all high quality items that can be found for sale at the current price, they are summer themed, and packaged beautifully…what are people looking for?
    Are there zero children in your life? Surely not, give them the paddles and get them off the xbox. I can’t wait to bring these to the beach with us next month and I know the bag will be going with me to every outing this season, I love that I can toss our towels and cooler in it! The cuff while a little big on my tiny wrist can be molded with a little heat from the hair dryer and is a great statement piece, I could never limit myself to just one metal so gold is great for me! How the honey baffles people I just find amusing, surely someone you know likes a little bee vomit with their tea…tea is quite in now and although it says “for cheese” it’s ok to stretch the boundaries a bit. The oil has the most heavenly scent and adds a nice light shimmer that compliments bare legs in the summer and the tray will compliment the little red vase from May nicely in a housewarming basket for a friend. Come on ladies, use your imaginations, there is a lot a good to be found here.

    • I couldn’t have said it better! Some people cannot be pleased no matter what. Any of these items would be good for gift giving at the very least.

      • If I were to give this whole box as a gift to someone I would normally drop a hundred bones on for their bday, they would be blown away and I would look like a rock star friend!!!

        But I’m not that nice 😉

    • Exactly. I think you nailed when you wrote “some people shouldn’t buy subscription boxes.”

  11. There are some selling on eBay right now for those looking to buy one. Seems like a bidding war, popular box this go around

  12. I like this box. I like the tray in the spoilers better, yet this tray is a good fit for the box. I didn’t order this box because I haven’t liked the summer boxes in the past. Now I wish I did!

    Fruit and cheese served with honey sounds yummy as a summertime snack 🙂

  13. I love PS Must Have and their LE boxes and this one is no exception. I think this is a great useful summer box. I just wish they would begin shipping to Canada.

  14. I really love this box, but I wish the bag had a shoulder strap. It kinda defeats the purpose for me if I can’t carry it hands-free.

    • It does!! It has a two straps a hand and shoulder one. Yay!!

  15. So bummed I missed this box, if anyone wants to sell their entire box please contact me, I would like to purchase it littlekatiebird (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. I actually really like this box! The only thing I can do without, is the paddles, but they seem pretty easy to swap! Great job, Popsugar!

  17. I am ok with it but not in love, my favorite item is the baggu weekend bag its the perfect size for me to travel, but thats more of a useful item not a “i love it item”. Of course i will use the honey, the tray i like but am not sure where i would put it right now since i have several but is useful. The cuff i like, not my typical style but i like gold jewelry so i will try to use it. The shimmer oil i was on the fence about but after reading how others like it i will try it after i shower tonight. Hopefully there isnt too much glitter i dont want glitter all over my bedsheets, anyone else have that issue, lol? The paddles are a no. Anyone have luck selling on ebay, not really into swaps.

    • there is no glitter in the oil so you should be good to go! It smells heavenly!

  18. I didn’t end up getting this (was still stinging from CFDA) but I would have been very happy with it if I had. Well-curated, interesting, fun items that I would never buy for myself. Exactly what I hope for from a special edition box.

  19. So, maybe I’m being a negative Nancy here, but if I had an extra $100 to spend, it wouldn’t be on an ash tray, paddle balls, honey, and a side bag that you can get at any sales give away.

    • I agree with you. Popsugar tries too hard sometimes and in doing so, they miss the mark.

    • Did you received the box? If they give these bags away as promos please let me know where!! I’m a bag lady with a serious addiction, collecting LV, MG, Chloe etc and this is a high quality bag although made in China. I would have no problem dropping $75 on this bag.

    • I must be shopping at the wrong stores. Where do they give away these type of bags? I never heard of Baggu being given away.

      • I’m starting to feel the comments here are akin to NYT on FB where people comment without reading the actual articles.

  20. I would like to swap with some of y’all but I’m stuck on the wait list to the swap site. Does anyone know how long I’ll have to wait before getting approval?

    • I was on the waitlist too but not for too long. I can’t remember how long I was on the waitlist but I know that I got out of it the same week I signed up.

  21. I LOVE this box. I resisted looking at the spoilers, so when I received mine today it was a welcome surprise. I won’t use those paddles, but I know I will be able to swap them. This box was a hit for me. Yay PSMH, you got this one right.

  22. Got mine today. I love this box. Absolutely adore the bangle. The paddles will be gifted to friends w kids. Love the oil, and will buy some cheese to go w the honey tomorrow. The tray went on my desk to put cat treats. 🙂

  23. I would love to have that cuff! It is gorgeous, I love bracelets! I have tiny wrists so I know it would fit! Really wish I would have gotten the box, because I can’t justify paying someone over $100 dollars for it when that’s more than the box! Love it though, you guys definitely got lucky with this box!

  24. I NEVER look at spoilers if I can help it so this box was a complete mystery to me. I LOVED it. I’ve been looking (or meaning to look) for a big beach bag and this one couldn’t be better. Sturdy and cute, what more could you ask for?!

    The oil smells outstanding and isn’t greasy.

    The paddles are so cute, they went right in the bag to go to the beach.

    The little tray fits right in my kitchen decor so it went in there for now.

    The honey is fine, Pop Sugar always does good w/ their food items.

    The cuff I don’t like. It is pretty, just not my style and doesn’t look good on my arm, I’ll be selling that.

    SO. MUCH. BETTER. than last years summers box although I am drinking some juice out of one of the glasses from last years box. 🙂

    • One other thing that is silly, but I loved that the box everything came in was a different size.

  25. I got mine today, too!! Alas, the cuff is too small for my stupid fat wrists. 🙁 But I suspected that would happen. But it’s soooo pretty, dangit!

    But I love everything else! That nah is seriously huge, though. I was kind of stunned when I opened it up.

    And, uh … what exactly am I supposed to do with those paddles? 😀

    • well if you don’t know any kids…you could go for a 50 shades twist with those paddles 😉

  26. I will never wear the gaudy gold bracelet (looks like something Old Navy might sell for $10) nor the shimmery gold oil (I really don’t understand it). The cheesy tray will probably end up in the donate pile. I do like the bag, the paddles are cute and honey will always get used. So luckily I just broke even on this one. Officially over PSMH…at least until the next NM box.

    • I am sure there are plenty of people here who would be happy to help take these off your hands, myself included. 🙂

      Are you on the swap board?

    • I would be more than thrilled to wear the bracelet- I think it looks gorgeous. Sadly, I have to limit my boxes, and this one is out of my price range. Will you be putting the bracelet up to swap? Thanks.

  27. Mine’s waiting for me at home. I can’t wait to get off!

    • Heh. Heh heh. :: shifty eyes::

      I am 12.

  28. Hi, if anyone is interested in selling I will buy for $120 + shipping! Let me know!
    [email protected]

    • I’ll email you!

  29. I got my box today! So pleased with everything. Totally makes up for the fashion box. Love PopSugar!

  30. I am SO SO thrilled! This box was absolutely perfect and made for me. I was worried about the fit on the bracelet as I come from hearty peasant stock, but it’s adjustable and looks great! The shimmer oil, according to my husband, smells like ‘rich ladies’ – and I agree, very luxe!

    Can every PopSugar box be this well put together? Please? 🙂

  31. For anyone like me who would have preferred the silver Kendra Scott bracelet, I called their store in Newport Beach, CA and they said they would swap out the colors. 🙂 So if you have a store near you, give it a shot.

  32. I missed out on this box, because I was waiting for a spoiler, then I saw the post with the full spoilers, I had regrets for not getting this box. Now seeing the actual items, I’m glad I skipped this box. The only 2 items I would have used is: Sunny Life Beach Paddles and the honey.

    • I can swap you fur the paddles.

    • American Eagle sells the paddles FYI.

  33. I’m mad I didn’t get ghis box – I would have lived everything in it, especially that bag!!! I’d be happy to buy from anyone who doesn’t want their box!

    • Maggie, I am selling my bag on eBay for $54.99. It is gorgeous and heavy duty. I just have easy too

      • Opps… I wasnt done. I just have way too many bags to keep this one.

    • I’m sitting here trying to figure out for the LIFE of me how the heck did I miss out on this box?? I love their regular boxes, and die for the limited edition boxes! So bummed!!

  34. I haven’t received my box yet, but assuming the bracelet is gold, there is NOT ONE THING that I want to swap. I love it all!

    They have great style. What happened with the CFDA box? That was such a HUGE disappointment. Didn’t read “fashion” at all.

  35. I loved unboxing this one! Everything is so on theme to me and I love how the bag, paddles and tray almost match. The honey dipper is the cutest thing – can’t wait to use it (and the honey) on a cheese platter. I also thought the tray would be much bigger but I like it the way it is. Haven’t tried the shimmer oil yet but am definitely a fan of the scent. The bracelet is quite big but it is a beautiful piece. I’m one of the crazy few who kept the CFDA box and I do like and use everything in there – except the book which I swapped – but I can certainly see how this is a much better box. Hope everyone enjoys! 🙂

  36. I’m seapping the beach paddles. Anyone interested?

  37. I saw the bracelets today at Nordstrom in both gold and silver. I’m sure they would swap colors for you if desired. 🙂

    • I’m surprised on how reasonably priced ( some ) of the items are at nordstroms. I just got a baggu regular bag there for $9 with free shipping

  38. I got mine today. This is such a great box. The bracelet and the bag are competing for my most favorite item.

  39. Loved everything in this box. The oil smells soooooo good! It smells to me how I would imagine rich people smell on their yacht lol! That’s why I love the box I would never pay $80 for the oil so I would have never gotten to try something like it but I got that and so much more for practically the price of the oil.

  40. Did anyone have problems with the zipper on their bag? Make sure you check it because mine is broken. I emailed PSMH yesterday but have not heard back! I loved everything in the box including the bag but disappointed in how chea
    p the zipper is! ):

  41. I got the fall, holiday for her, resort and summer special edition PSMH boxes and this box was my favorite by far. Such a great summer box! Love everything!

    • Me too. Got all those hut this one just wows me.

  42. Liz
    Is your cuff silver”? It doesn’t look too golden in the photo

  43. I got mine today, I love it! I love the bracelet, but it’s much more bold than I usually wear. It’s so pretty though, I think I will keep it to force myself to go out of my comfort zone.

  44. I also see the beach paddles is also selling on Jcrew. I was browsing thru, and when I see it, “Hey, that’s so familiar!!”. Funny how the ‘in trend’ items are selling on multiple sites.

    • I saw the Garden in a Bag at the Jcrew store yesterday! Wonder if they are working on something together?

      • I also saw the garden bag too!! 🙂 I don’t think they are working together. What I think is happening is that nice trendy items are being pick up by multiple sites/stores and see if they contribute to their sales.
        I remember I saw the Apolis bag in a Phoenix store 2 weekends ago, when I was visiting. It didn’t say Merci, instead is a Phoenix city bag.
        Popsugar just happen to pick those same items (really good on trends). My guess..

  45. So I am LOVING this box! Funny, I was just walking out the door to take my son to the beach since we finally got a day to go out and celebrate summer! My mail arrived just as I was packing up and there was my Pop Sugar box. I had to open it up before I left the house. I was so excited when the paddle game was in it. It was perfect timing so I threw those in my bike basket. Contemplated taking that fantastic bag that I got in the box. Great quality, was so impressed! But, it was too big to put on my bike so that one will be saved for the car trips to the beach. My least impressive item was the honey, however I LOVE savannah bee honey and have been to Savannah and to their stores and have a bunch already. It is very good stuff, just weird to get honey-but I love honey so YAY! The Gold Shimmer Oil was probably the least excited thing I opened, however after we returned from the beach and showered I put it on and the smell is amazing. Not sure about all the shimmer but I like the consistency as it’s not oily and greasy at all but is moisturizing. The plate is cute, I live on an Island and on the water so nautical is great for me to use around the house. The gold cuff, it’s big-not super wild about it but it may look really cute with a simple dress. Overall I loved this box and was pretty impressed and definitely felt like I got my $ worth. I did not feel that way about the CFDA box I ordered so I was relieved to see a box full of things I liked!

  46. I’m keeping my paddles with the beach towels. That way, I won’t forget them the next time I’m heading out to the water! 🙂

    • That’s a great idea!! Thanks!

  47. I really liked the Paris tray from the spoiler So I’m a little sad about that!

    • Me too!! The one we got is nice enough and I’ll use it, but I really really liked the one shown in the spoilers.

  48. If anyone wants to sell me their box, please reach out! Hilarymblackburn **at** gmail

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