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POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer 2016 Box Review


Each summer, POPSUGAR releases a $100 POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box filled with summer inspired favorites. (This box has since sold out).


This box comes wrapped ready to gift!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box (SOLD OUT)

The Cost: $100

The Products: Summer-inspired favorites!

Check out my review of the 2015 POPSUGAR Summer Box, and my review of the 2014 POPSUGAR Summer Box to see what has been in past boxes!


Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.


Hat Attack Twisted Stripe Tote Value $95

This is my kind of beach bag! I think the style is timeless, and I like the thin leather strap handle detail. Here is a look at the (unlined) inside:


It’s a pretty roomy bag! Here it is with our dog Buckles to give you a better sense of scale:


(I’ll be back in review pictures soon – unfortunately, I’m a little under the weather this week 🙁 )


The Chesterman circle towel by Tofino Towel Co – Value $74.99

This towel is 100% cotton and just as fluffy and soft as I was expecting from a name-brand circle towel! I like that it comes individually wrapped for gifting, too. Here it is unfolded (with a little puppy shown for scale):



Corkcicle Canteen – Value $27.95  (16 oz version)

I get a lot of water bottles thanks to subscription boxes, but I can’t resist a beautifully designed bottle, so when I saw this in the spoilers, I was in love!

It has a stainless steel lining and three layers of insulation so it keeps cool things cool for 25 hours, and hot things hot for 12 hours.

It also has flat sides to keep it from rolling, and a wide cap to make it easy to put in ice:


My only issue with this canteen is that Corkcicle recommends handwashing all their products. I think I’ll give it a try in the dishwasher top rack, though.


Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist – Value $32

I’ve sampled the Herbivore brand thanks to other natural subscription boxes, so I was excited to see it in a POPSUGAR box! This mist is fine, light, and refreshing, and while I don’t always like rose scents, I don’t mind this one.

I had been using it on a makeup-free face at the beginning of the day, but I read Sephora reviews that say it’s great for a mid-day makeup setting mist that should give you a dewy complexion!


Londontown Lakur Royal Wedding – Value $16

While nail polish isn’t the most exciting thing for me to get in a subscription box, this coral creme color does seem perfect for summer. Here it is on:


I only needed two coats for full coverage, too.


Sugarfina Ice Cream Cones – Value $7.50

My husband Eric always gets excited about when POPSUGAR boxes show up because they pick the best snacks and sweets, and he was eyeing this candy cube from the minute I opened the box!

We shared the cube, and these gummies were delicious! Not too chewy, and the strawberry, raspberry, and vanilla flavors were great, too.


Verdict: This box has a value of about $253. I think that’s a good value for this box, especially considering there aren’t any exclusively made items for the box. (Sometimes I think the value of exclusive items in subscription boxes can be debated, but in this case, these are all regular retail prices). Personally, I love the style and colors of this box, so it’s a hit with me!

What do you think of the POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box?


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (60)

  1. Loved the gummies, probably BECAUSE they didn’t taste like average ones. The bag– huge, good looking, and smells so awful I want to get it lab tested before using. Just opened it after reading the reviews; now it’s outside for a few days to air.
    The towel is fab, much nicer than I was expecting from the pics. Face Spray was gifted, but it was a nice gift :). Nail polish is a gorgeous color and the corksickle bottle fantastic.
    Doubt I would have bought these things for the price of the box. But it’s a good box.

  2. i just used my straw bag to travel on a plane and New York trip. It held up and was strong! I may sew a snap inside do it keeps shut. The face mist was nice even for my sensitive skin. I thought it would be irritating it smell too strong but it was lovely. The nail polish is pretty and a color I would never have selected. It was a hit with my younger nieces . Candy I gave to friend because it contained wheat …. Ahhhhh!
    Towel will be swapped. It looks big and high quality cotton! Nice design. Anyone need this? Respond if you want to trade . Will swap for something like purse or jewerly! And yes I was hoping for some quality bling! No I didn’t get glasses ….. Still happy!

  3. Wow! I finally got my box and I have used everything. The towel and bag are terrific, I am keeping them packed with our swim gear for whenever we go swimming. The corkcicle canteen has become my new go to accessory, I take it everywhere. I hate drinking warm water or tea, this bottle kept ice in it for over 24 hours. I went on the corkcicle website and bought 2 more. I am really happy with the contents of this box. I am always happy with the popsugar boxes.

  4. I got my box a few days ago and the glasses at the same time. I didn’t even realize they were late. It was a nice surprise to receive the glasses. I liked everything in the box and I gave the towel to my seven-year-old niece. She insisted we take a picture with as many people as possible piled onto the towel. We got five people onto it. It’s so nice and heavy and really large. This box is a win for me. Of course like I always say I haven’t gotten a pop sugar box yet that wasn’t pretty good. As long as they keep making them I will keep buying them.

  5. Buckles is so cute!!!!

  6. Somehow I received both boxes (Summer LE & extra gift) today finally! I was shocked. They might have even been here yesterday but the post office didn’t put a key or note in my PO Box that I had any packages. I just happened to check with them bc I was looking for some shorts I had ordered for my son.

    Haven’t opened all of it since I’m at work, but I did try the gummies… they were different, but pretty good. I’ll eat them, but not sure if I’d buy them.

    Just happy to have my boxes 🙂

  7. Got my Govino glasses today. I had the crafe and one glass from another sub box (Popsugar maybe? ) and now I have a set! I love using these by our pool and now I can share. I thought it was nice they sent a bonus item for the box delay.

  8. They do have the best boxes. I just could never dish out 100.00 when I not sure I will love everything. I also love the surprise so if I bought I wouldn’t even want to see the spoiler. The surprise is very big for me. If I could afford though PopSugar is the way to go. I am so crazy about a mix of lifestyle items, beauty, fashion and a few tasty treats. In Love. Great box ladies

  9. Tell me more about the Govino glasses you guys are getting? I just got my box today so I think it was pretty late too but didn’t get an email about anything extra for it…

  10. This box suits me much more than the resort box did this year, and I think they included great items – but I think a jewelry piece would have made it absolute perfection. The RV seems a little low, too.

    I love the facial mist and the nail polish color is gorgeous. The Corkcicle canteen is also great, and the gummies are adorable. The towel and beach tote were great items to include, but I will probably swap them because I’m not sure how much use I will get out of the beach towel and the tote is a little too big for me.

  11. This was my first Summer Edition box, and I like it but like other commenters, I was really disappointed to not get a piece of jewelry. I got the Christmas box, and I loved that box. I felt like it was the perfect Christmas present to myself, because it was one of the few surprises I got, and it was things I wouldn’t usually buy myself.

    This time around, I didn’t have that same feeling. Maybe it’s hard to compare the two. I love the towel, and can’t wait to use it. Everything else seems fun, and I will enjoy, I’m sure. But I do feel it needed something more.

  12. I love the box but, I am REALLY disappointed that there was no summer jewelry piece this year! They heave always had one. Very disappointing.

  13. I love everything in my box, will be getting a pedicure Friday with the nail color! The bag did smell funny, but its natural straw, so I’ll just let it air out. I didn’t like the gummies at first, but they grow on you, they’re just different. I’m loving all natural face mists, I keep mine in the frig. Can hardly wait to try out the cork ice, first bottle like that I’ve liked. Awesome box for me!

  14. I love this box! The summer theme was played out very nicely, and everything is useful and beautiful. The ice cream gummies are interesting. Not as gummy as others, and the flavor tastes a bit like cheesecake to me — yum!

    LOVE the towel AND the bag! Both seem well made and durable.

    I’ve learned that when you are dealing with Popsugar, 2 things are important:

    1) Patience
    2) Follow up

  15. I finally got my box today and I’m not too thrilled with pop sugar right now. Super delayed and the hat attack bag I received has a cut in the handle which I seen immediately when I opened the bag. It should have been noticed by the warehouse !! For such a high priced bag… It’s should be a little better quality in my opinion!! Pop sugar did tell me that due to the delay they were shipping out an extra item which will be shipped separate from the rest of the box !
    I absolutely love the towel and the canteen bottle ! I can’t wait to try out the canteen! I had to wrestle it from my daughter ! Overall it’s a good box but would be better if the bag wasn’t defective !!

  16. As far as comparing the box to the other SE boxes, they should give all of us an extra gift!!

  17. What is this “extra item” (the govino glasses) everyone keeps mentioning? I received my box on Saturday. Was that considered late? Should I be looking out for some extra item too?

  18. I got my box yesterday and am really happy with it. The only thing that I was not happy about was the box didn’t include any extra item that was promised by Popsugar.

    • the extra item will be shipped separate

    • I got my box last week. I wish I got the extra! I thought it was a pretty good box, but I also felt it was missing something. I thought a piece of jewelry would have been a nice addition to top it off. I was disappointed that my bag had some frays. I’m a little worried about the strength, but I love the size. As long as it can hold the weight, I don’t need to worry about it fitting enough. I planned on swapping until I got it. It’s ginormous. The face mist was a bust for me. I live in AZ so I have a natural face mist called “sweat” anytime I walk out of the house. To be fair, I’m sure something rose scented smells way better than what I have naturally. The towel was a HUGE surprise! I don’t know what I was expecting. I saw some spoilers of the fabfitfun ones and I assumed it would be more of a sheet since it looked like you could see through it. This was a legitimate towel. I loved the quality and will happily swap for more. I loved the corksicle bottle. I am really hoping it lives up to the claims. This is another thing I want more of since I think it will come in handy for the rest of my fam. I was not happy with the gummi addition since I recently went on a diet and can’t eat them. They’re super cute and tempting. Must…not…give…in….

  19. Overall I think this box is nice and I love the towel! BUT I’m glad I didn’t spend the $100 to get it. I don’t have box envy and nothing really WOW’d me.

  20. This box is sitting in a pile unopened along with the April and May PS Boxes (and a bunch of other subscription boxes) – I think I’m subscription boxed-out.

    But after reading the comments, I need to check the box to make sure every item is in there ASAP. I hope you all get your missing items replenished soon!

  21. My beach bag smells bad! Anyone else have this issue?

    • Mine also did. I kept sniffing it! I’m glad I’m not the only one. I think it just needs to air out.

  22. I loved this box! I have already used everything but the nail polish!

  23. Mine still hasn’t shipped label has been in creation mode since 6-16…beyond disappointed as I leave on vacation and I specifically ordered this for my beach vacation. Been in contact multiple times with PS customer service. Not happy…

    • Mine was delivered today. It still shows only that the label has been created on the tracking info, so hopefully yours will show up soon.

    • Mine still says label created, but I got an email from PS yesterday that its been shipped but has a different tracking # now, and they’ll send me the new tracking # as soon as they have it….

  24. I can’t really pinpoint why exactly but this didn’t WOW me like the past two summer boxes. I received an email saying I was getting something extra but haven’t received anything. I’m not holding out . My box is up for sale/swap

    • Hi Kim. I’m interested in buying!

  25. Absolutely love my box!!! I’ve used everything in it already!

  26. I think you should be more specific about the scale (eg this bag is approx. 2.5 buckles) 😉

  27. Got my box on Saturday and I love it!

  28. That bottle rocks. Seriously. At first I was like “meh, a bottle” but I decided to test out the 25 hour theory. I filled it with iced tea and ice cubes Monday morning and put it in my car at 7:30 am. Car was in a garage till 2, then outside, parked in the sun for the rest of the day. High of 90 degrees. At 8pm last night there were still ice cubes. At 8am today no ice cubes but the tea was icy cold.

    • I meant claim not theory. Scientist DH would not approve!!

    • Love that you tested it out! 😀

    • Where do you live? I’m wondering how it will hold up in 120+ weather. Sometimes when I get into my car it says 150+ and we haven’t hit the worst of it. ? If this thing works it will be a godsend.

    • I tested the HOT water 12 hour claim. Filled it with hot water from my keurig (190 degrees) at 8pm. In the morning I got up and tested it around 9am. It was STILL hot! Like “Ouch, I just stuck my finger in hot water” hot. I couldn’t believe it!

      I left it out at room temperature (probably about 60-64 overnight– I live in Seattle).

      This might be my favorite thing in the box!

  29. My box was black not blue. I did enjoy these items, and I like how Buckles’ tags match the towel!!

  30. I did get my box but it was missing the Corkcicle bottle. I emailed to let them know & they said they’re trying to “secure additional inventory” and they would send me one when they did. Pretty bummed because I don’t really want the headache of following up on this but I really want the bottle.

    • In the March bix I got one of the defective watches. I e-mailed them and received the same answer. I never followed up with them. About 2 weeks ago I received the watch and a shea butter lotion (which I liked more that the watch!). So, they did take a lot of time but I did received more than I was promised.

  31. I have seen people complain about the retail value on this being lower than past boxes but for me this one far exceeds last years. I personally am excited about every item!!

  32. No box yet, but I did get the govino glasses as a consolation for being so late. Still not even showing movement on the tracking.

  33. Buckles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Seriously, I think he may be the cutest dog in the world!)

    Hope you feel better, Liz.

    • Thanks so much!! 🙂

  34. I loved the box. My very first popsugar! the towel is huge and super heavy! LOVE for the beach! For some reason my teenage daughter ADORED the water bottle and she took off with that as soon as I took it out of the box. I like the nail polish color and the kids loved the gummies. 🙂 I do like the bag even if it is a bit bigger than I normally carry, it will look great for a day on the beach! I feel iffy on spraying my face with floral scents as I tend to get migraines from fragrances, but this is pretty faintly scented, so I’m going to give it a go in our Florida heat!

    • Yay! So glad to hear you had a great first POPSUGAR box experience 🙂

  35. FINALLY a good LE box from them. Everything is great (though I won’t touch the candy). Having a manicure done with that color today!

  36. It should be a requirement that Buckles models something, anything if Liz is the reviewer. If there’s anything that is always a win, it’s a super cute dog! Buckles!!! <3 <3 <3
    The box was much better than I expected after seeing the full spoilers.
    The towel will be put to good use all summer long, I am going to place the face mist in the fridge to use as a chilled mister by the pool. The beach bag is fantastic! The candies, delicious.
    Not excited about another nail polish but my friend loved the color so she kept that.
    The water bottle is perfect for the long bike rides along the beach.
    Well curated box, all very useful and fun. Just in time for summer!

  37. I must not be in the Cool Kids Club because I haven’t heard of any of these brands before! Well, with the very recent exception of Hat Attack, since a sarong by this brand was included in the regular June PSMH box. If I’m being completely honest, I really like everything in this box, but I don’t think I would’ve spent $100 on this collection if I were shopping for myself. I can’t imagine spending almost $100 alone on a tote that isn’t more versatile (like the Coach I carry every day). And $75 on a towel is insane. Having said that though, I like to believe you get what you pay for, so I’ll be very happy if these products last me 10 years in good condition. On the other hand, if the towel gets scratchy after a few washes, or if the tote falls apart in a year, I’ll be pretty disappointed.

    I used the bag last weekend at a neighborhood festival. It is a little large for my needs, but it paired really well with the hat from the PSMH resort box. My neighbor said I looked like a grandmother, but I thought I was all sorts of cute haha! I have also been carrying the Corkcicle, which is less risky outdoors than my normal glass bottle. The outside shows some scuffs and scratches already, so that’s kind of lame, but it really does keep my water cold for a whole day. I also live in the city, where dishwashers are uncommon in our hundred year old buildings, so I don’t mind that it’s hand wash only. I haven’t used a dishwasher in a decade….complaining about hand washing certain products is a trivial first-world-problem in my opinion.

    The towel is beautiful, and very soft, but I was hoping to use it more as a throw, as someone suggested in a comment after the spoilers were released. It’s very clearly a towel though, and probably can’t be passed off as anything else. I’ve never used a hydrating mist before, but I’m open to trying it, and I like the idea of keeping it in the refrigerator. I’m pretty bored of nail polishes in boxes anymore. It’s a boring, overdone product, and it certainly doesn’t scream “limited edition.” Oh well, I’ll give it as a gift. Finally, the candy is all gone. I was pretty excited to see that this chewy candy, unlike most, contains no gelatin and thus, is vegetarian friendly. If I hadn’t already ordered more of the parmesan Whisps from the LLB box, I probably would be ordering more of these, because I quickly devoured the whole cube!

  38. Buckles!!!

  39. So I received an email about an extra item because of the delay….I didn’t receive anything extra, did anyone?

    • I didn’t get email but my box took almost 2 weeks and I still don’t have it. But I love the box…

    • I did, I received the govino wine glasses from the SE today’s box! They arrived separately.

      • Wow! Are they nice?

  40. Aw Buckles – feel better soon. <3

    The towel looks soft and small.

  41. That towel is everything!! I’d love to swap for it if anyone doesn’t want theirs! 🙂

  42. The towel was a lot bigger and nicer than I was expecting, and I’ve been using the bottle nonstop since it arrived yesterday. I look forward to using the tote this weekend. The polish is too bright for me, and for some reason, I didn’t like the gummies – not sure how that’s possible. Overall a great box though! I love summer luxury boxes but can’t afford them all, so I’m glad I picked this one.

    I will say I miss the old black boxes. I don’t know when they changed them, but this is the first SE I’ve gotten in the newer type box.

    • Agreed on the box – this one reminds me of a slightly better gift wrap box for a robe. PS may have cheapened the box to save on cost since the box needed to be larger than past LE’s but considering the value of this LE was lower than usual – they could’ve sprung for the better box! 🙁

  43. Wow! Nice Box!!!!!!!!!

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