POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box Review

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POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box Review First Look

Finally! My POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box has arrived! (I feel like I’m one of the last people to get this box – but at least it seems like everyone will get their special edition box in the same month this time!)

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box

As always, the packaging on these special edition boxes is great. (I always save and reuse the boxes for gifting).

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box Review Items

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: Summer must haves selected by POPSUGAR editors.

FYI – this box is no longer available for sale. Make sure to sign up for the My Subscription Addiction newsletter if you want to be alerted to the next Limited Edition box from POPSUGAR!

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box Review Card

The limited edition box comes with a vertical fold out card detailing each of the items included.

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box Review Necklace

Soixante Neuf Pendant Horn Necklace – Value $155

I’ve been reading the comments on the spoiler post from a week ago, and I was expecting the white version of this necklace to be really bad, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that I don’t hate it! I think I would have liked the turquoise version better, but I’ll still wear this one a lot.

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box Review Necklace

I personally wouldn’t pay $155 for this necklace, but I’m happy to get it at a discount!

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box Review Box of Glasses

Sisters of Los Angeles 4 Cities Glasses – Value $45

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box Review Glasses

These were made exclusively for POPSUGAR, and have the POPSUGAR logo on the bottom of the glasses. I like the fun kitschy souvenir vibe these glasses have for a summer box, but I hate that they are hand wash only! I may gift these to my mom or try them out as candle votive holders instead.

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box Review Palm

Samudra Pouch – Value $60

I love this palm print and didn’t realize how large this clutch would be.

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box Review Live

(The print on the flip side).

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box Review Lining

And more POPSUGAR labels!

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box Review Spray

Eliunt Olive Oil – Value $15

Sachajuan Ocean Mist Texturizing Spray – Value $28

These olive oils are sourced from different countries around the world (country may vary by box). Mine is from Australia!

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box Review Tarte

Tarte Power Pigment in Tipsy – Value $28

Tarte Cheek Stain in Tipsy – Value $30

I love Tarte cosmetics, but unfortunately I don’t think corals work well with my skin tone, so I will sadly have to swap these. Maybe I can find someone who got them in a different shade!

Verdict: This wasn’t my favorite POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition box, but I think the value is there – over $350 retail value. I’ll use enough of these products to make the $100 cost worth it to me, and hopefully I will swap a few items to get an even better value.

What did you think of the Summer Special Edition box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I had such high hopes for this box. The only items I thought were sort of ok were the Tarte cosmetics (I received exposed). Even if I loved the glasses (which I didn’t), handwashing is a deal-breaker. I find the necklace to be cheap looking and hideous, not my style at all. The pouch was ok, but maybe worth $20 tops…I probably won’t use it. Is it supposed to be a clutch? I really feel like I wasted $100. No more LE boxes for me.

  2. This was my first popsugar box and I was completely underwhelmed. While value may be in the $300 range, I am disappointed that I spent $100 on this box.

  3. I have been following popsugar reviews for a while (about a year) stating that I would eventually get one but I have noticed that these values are completely off! When a company manufactures their own product and especially then they put their logo on it, you are not getting a deal. They made something for pennies on dollar and there is no way I would buy a necklace that is essentially costume jewelry for $155. I can get a gold necklace wholesale for cheaper than that. And the clutch for $60…I have officially decided that this box is a rip off and I am happy I did not decide to buy one.

    • Hi, thanks for posting your comments. I have purchased the last 3 LE boxes and this is where my frustration lies…..who makes these price points?! Do you get something different when ordering the same item from the company on an individual basis? With some of the items, although not thrilled, I would have been ok with except they are so poorly made.

  4. I really have no problem with this box, I will use most of it. It didn’t thrill me at all. What does bother me is that necklace “valued” at $155. To have that be its value, someone would be willing to pay that much for it. If no one would pay $155, that is not its value. I would pay $5 for it. Someone else may pay $20. No one would pay $155. I knit sweaters all the time and to recoup my cost in time and materials, I would have to sell them for hundreds of dollars. Is that their value? No, because NO ONE would pay that much for my ill-fitting, mistake-ridden sweaters.

    • Aaaaaand, my daughter wore the necklace once and its broken. Popsugar may just lost me entirely on their LE boxes.

  5. I’m so happy I did not spend the $100 on this box I would have been so upset.

  6. I actually wasn’t too disappointed with this box. I liked the glasses because they are fun to have out for company. We have wine glasses but no real tumblers for things like mixed drinks, so these will come in handy. I was unsure about the necklace, but I wore it yesterday with a maxi dress and denim jacket and I have to admit it looked great paired with a boho-type outfit. I got the white and while I definitely wouldn’t pay the suggested amount of $155, I think it is safe to say I’ll get a lot of use out of it throughout the summer. I think the bag will be used to hold things within my gym bag, but I haven’t decided yet. I like the Tarte products (I got mine in Tipsy) and have used them both and really like them. Perfect shades on my fair skin for the summer. Not sure I’ll use the beach-hair spray, but I might give it a try or share it with my mom. And the olive oil is great to have on hand. Overall I feel that I got my money’s worth out of this box.

  7. I saw the spoilers for this box and I knew then that I wasn’t going to be happy with it. I figured that there would eb some high end sunscreen in it or something for summer, but it is all basically useless stuff that I would not buy no matter what, even if it was very discounted. This is my first time buying a Pop Sugar box, and I have always seen the contents of the luxury editions and wanted them so I thought I would try it. Never again. This was huge waste of 100 bucks.

  8. Random, but did you see that Fancy Box is partnering with Nicky Hilton? I’m intrigued. I like her style.

  9. They are replacing my damaged necklace. 🙂

  10. I actually liked my box. I really liked the necklace. I got it in white shell. I wasn’t sure what I would think of it, since its not really my style, but its actually quite stunning and I like the size. The white is more versatile than the turquoise, but I would have liked either. So the other stuff is as bonus.

    I am ambivalent about the sea salt spray and I also had a bottle that probably leaked or something but I don’t know how or why because it was closed pretty tight. I just am not sure how the sea salt spray works (I have straight hair). I like the smell and will figure it out.

    The glasses are really cute, although I agree I don’t like that its not dishwasher safe.

    I like the tarte products – and don’t have coral, so it will be fun to try. Olive oil you can’t go wrong with (I got Sonoma). Although exposed seems like a better color for me.

    The Aloha bag I am not sure what to do with. I thought it would be a lot smaller and am also surprised at the size. Its really big – I can put my kindle in it – its a weird size and I don’t really need another make up bag. I also thought there would be different choices. I don’t mind the print, but it would be cool to have a print of a designer bag on it. I am not super psyched about it, but its nice. Overall, I am good with this box and feel like I got a good deal out of it.

    • I agree about the size of the bag. It’s like it isn’t exactly sure what it wants to be. A clutch? A makeup bag? Tablet holder? But it’s cute and I could see using it with a fun summer dress. I think ultimately it will most likely wind up in my gym bag to hold a variety of little things. 😉

  11. I actually like the necklace, I got the turquoise. I am happy I got the tarte in “exposed”. I love the clutch, its so big. The glasses are really cute, I got excited when I saw them. I don’t need glasses but that is a good tip about using them for candles. I got the olive oil from Portugal, that is interesting. I never think $100 boxes are worth $100… even when it is, I always expect so much more. I love how they package these though, it’s so exciting to open.

  12. This box was underwhelming…I did trade the turquoise necklace for the white one (less resembling a pepper, and more like a horn). I do like and use the glasses ( I got the NY-LA-SF-London set, the set I preferred), I like tarte as a brand but don’t like the coral tarte products either I would have preferred pink or berry for the summer, so I’m trading this and the rest. *sigh*

  13. This is is my last LE box, I got the previous one, and meh. I got Nina Garcia ‘ s first box, I am not her demographic.

    • I didn’t get Nina Garcia’s first box and I am thankful for it. I would have been upset if I had bought the first box, So not me. But I loved her second box so much that I bought the third one and waiting…. 🙂

      • My feelings exactly about Nina’s first & second box. I was so surprised the first box came from her! Who knew?

  14. The June monthly PSMH box is leaps and bounds better than this one. I liked the texturizing spray from the LE box and the Tarte products (mine were in the Exposed color) otherwise it was a total dud. Big waste of $100.

  15. Hmmmmm. Not too happy about this $100 box.
    My favorite thing was the sea salt spray and mine came all greasy and wet because it leaked in the packaging. The makeup seems pointless to me; why would I need flushed cheeks in the summer when it’s already hot everyday therefore making my face red as it is?!? The glasses are pretty cool I guess, but I’m a Chicago girl so would’ve been cooler if they had an office here to represent!

    Now, onto this supposed $155 necklace. WHO would pay that much money for this???? It literally looks and feels like something you could pick up at forever 21 for $8 bucks. Mine seriously smells terrible, like that fake plastic smell of children’s jewelry. Doesn’t even look or feel (or smell?!!!!!!!) like a freakin precious metal. Or maybe I just got a fake dud?? Ha. Who knows.

    I’ve written/said nothing but positive things about all the subscription boxes I get, this is the first one that felt like a letdown 🙁

    • My necklace smells too, like cheap metal. It also had 2 long hairs twisted in the chain, gross. They weren’t mine because it came right out of the pouch like that. 🙁

      • I juts tried the necklace on. I like the length, but now my hands smell like the cheap metal. Whomp, Whomp

    • I felt the SAME WAY about the bracelets in the last LE box. Who would pay $150 for beads on an elastic band?! Crazy. I was so disappointed with the Resort box that I’ll never buy another PSMH LE box again. Ever.

    • The white necklace looks like a finger x-ray from the side.

  16. Interesting box but I’m glad I skipped it since there is nothing I can really get too excited about.

  17. I’m glad I didn’t buy this box. The last 2 special edition boxes were disappointing so I’m glad I skipped this one.

  18. I have this entire box on the swap website. Or am willing to sell it.

  19. I was disappointed that I missed buying it at the time, but nothing looks like it’s estimated value. Nothing special there that can’t be found on a clearance rack for less. Glad I missed this one.

  20. I received the Exposed Tarte items — I love the blush and thought I’d hate the color on my lips. I did at first, but then I decided to like it with a bit of lip gloss on top.

    I also received the Portugal olive oil. I’m not certain I’ll use this, but definitely willing to try — and that’s what I LOVE about PS. It gets me trying new fashions or products that I’d not necessarily stop to look at in the store. They’re so very thoughtful.

    I did e-mail PS Customer Support, though. I received the turquoise necklace — which I thought I’d dislike because I anticipated it being a lot bigger. I don’t mind it because it’s smaller. However, there’s white spots on my necklace in the black areas — like the black parts chipped off. It’s really noticeable and doesn’t look right. I’m hoping that’s not how it’s supposed to be, though — because I’d never pay that much for a necklace that looked so distressed if it is indeed supposed to look like that. We’ll see!

    I’m trying to resist ordering NGQ3. The past two boxes haven’t been my style (although the second box was nice!). I think I might want for Q4 — fall! Which is my favoooorite season.

    Excited to try your Swap area when I’m off the waitlist!

    • What is NGQ3?

      • Nina Garcia Quarterly – Awesome box!

        • very awesome box. So sad that it isn’t coming this month. But this box is worth the wait!

          • I emailed quarterly, it is shipping at the end of this month!

  21. I Didn’t like any of this stuff!!!!!

    • I was disappointed by this box as well. I enjoyed the tarte products and that’s about it. Otherwise this box was meh for me, this is the first limited edition box I’ve really disliked. Oh well, can’t win them all. I was truly hoping for something similar to the one last summer with sunglasses.

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