POPSUGAR Must Have Box May 2017 Review + Coupon

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POPSUGAR Must Have is a monthly lifestyle subscription box for women. Each month they send a mix of items from categories like beauty, fashion, food, fitness, and home.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

FYI – as of today (5/4) if you sign up this will be your first box. (But there are fewer than 500 May boxes left, so I recommend signing up ASAP if you want this box!)

UPDATE – this box may be sold out now.

The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: 39.95 a month

COUPON: Use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box.

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and the Women’s Subscription Box Directory!

Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included, and what themes inspired the box.

The themes this month are: be good & feel good, family, memories, home, and gratitude.

And this month, POPSUGAR introduced their Must Have It texting program!

Now, onto the items!

Lipstick Queen Mornin’ Sunshine – Value $25

First, I’m excited to see that POPSUGAR is including a newly released beauty product in the box! This lipstick is one of Lipstick Queen’s latest offerings, and I couldn’t wait to try it!

If you aren’t familiar with Lipstick Queen, they make really unique color changing makeup. This lipstick feels like a moisturizing lip balm, and while it looks yellow in the tube, it changes color on your lips to give you a coral shade.

One thing I’ve learned from MSA readers is that Lipstick Queen lipsticks are great for turning lippies that aren’t a good color for you into a perfect shade. (I’ve been doing this with the Hello Sailor Lipstick to give lip colors a cooler hue and it’s awesome!) Just layer it over your lipstick/lipstain etc to alter the color!

Here it is swatched:

As you can see in the swatch, the color is sheer and it has a little shine.

This lipstick also came with a coupon for 15% off your next lipstickqueen.com purchase. (Expires 6/30/17)

Samantha Faye Inspirational Cuff – Retail Value $60

This cuff design is exclusive just for POPSUGAR Must Have subscribers! The words engraved are, “Be good. Do good. Feel good.”

Even though I prefer gold jewelry, I was excited to see this in the box because I know how many MSA readers love silver jewelry! A victory for the silver-lovers! And more good news – this bracelet is easy to adjust to get the size you want.

Here it is in on:

And of course, I love that this bracelet comes in a velvet jewelry bag – it would be a really thoughtful gift if you don’t want to keep it for yourself.

Tocca Montauk Candle – 3 oz Value $20

A luxury candle in a fabulous ocean scent? POPSUGAR, you really get me this month!

This candle has a burn time of approximately 30 hours, and it is officially my favorite Tocca scent! It’s described as a blend of salt air and cucumber, and it smells fresh and summery. (I also love that the scent is light – this isn’t a candle fragrance that will overpower a room.)

And the jar is made of frosted glass, so it would be great to reuse as a tealight holder, q-tip holder, etc. once you are finished with the candle.

Swing Design Essex Frame – Value $13

Another home item! I’m actually surprised this frame is only $13! I expected the retail price to be higher – it’s just such a classy looking frame. I love the simple silver metal frame with the white mat. It should go with just about any decor.

It holds a 4X6 photo and can stand, or go on the wall.

This would be a great gift for Mother’s Day, too. (I think my mom may be getting another picture of Buckles soon!)

Southern Culture Strawberry Muffin Mix – Value $8

This mix is made with simple and natural ingredients: organic flour, pure cane sugar, freeze dried strawberries, baking powder, and salt.

And you’ll need whole milk and 2 eggs to make the muffins.

They turned out well, but the strawberry flavor/pieces were barely there. I recommend adding additional strawberries (fresh or frozen should work) if you want more strawberry flavor!

Nicely Noted Card Collection – Value $17.50

If you aren’t familiar with Nicely Noted, they are a monthly letterpress card subscription service. (Check out our Nicely Noted reviews!)

They send out super cute and useful cards each month (birthdays, thank yous, congrats, etc.), and they work with many different designers, so you always get a variety of cards.

Each month you get 3 cards plus a set of 3 stamps. So, minus the stamps, this is like getting a subscription box inside a subscription box!

Merci Bouquet Card

I love this Spring-y thank you card! The bright pink envelope is a nice pop of color to contrast with the minimal color on the card, too.

Sunny Birthday Vibes

This is perfect for summer birthdays! (And now I want to go on vacation…)

Hello Card

And lastly, we have a card that could work for just about any occasion!

Nicely Noted also included a coupon code to save 50% off your first month of a subscription. (Regularly $20 a month.) The coupon expires 6/30/17.

And speaking of coupons, we have one more offer in this box:

Gentleman’s Box included a coupon code for $10 off of your first box! (Check out our Gentleman’s Box reviews to learn more about this subscription!)

Verdict: This box has a retail value of about $143. That’s a great value for the cost, and I think this is such a great May box! It’s perfect as a Mother’s Day gift! The entire box would be an amazing present, but even the individual items are all so giftable! (I purchased 6-month subscriptions for my mom, aunt, and cousins as their holiday gift this year, and I’m thrilled that they get to end their subscription on such a high note of a box!)

I think POPSUGAR did a fab job this month! Everything feels special, there are two home items, a thoughtful jewelry piece, a new beauty product release, a food item you can share, and the note cards are lovely, too!

What do you think of the May POPSUGAR Must Have Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I absolutely love everything in the box this month!!! Yay for a good month!!!

  2. On a different note, is there a May Beautyfix box? Or was it the Mother’s Day box that is now sold out? Thank you.

    • I was wondering the same thing since it is one of my favorites….and has been so good lately…. I reached out and was told that they were waiting on shipment of goods….. expected this week…. that we should see billing after the 4th (today) 🙂 …. and that they would begin shipping early next week!! YAY!!

      • So happy to hear that, I have been stalking around for spoilers!!

      • Good, I’m not impressed with popsugar this month so I hope beautyfix makes up for it.

        • Got my beauty fix box today. Lots of little things like liberata tanner.

        • This was my first pop sugar box. I was curious but am glad that I won’t get another box. I just live beauty products too much!

  3. This along with the perfume in the Mother’s Day box will make a great gift!!

  4. Awesome Box!

  5. I love this box!! I was just going to buy that lipstick! Also so happy the cuff is silver, everything is usually gold!

  6. Love this box… They seem to be getting better every month and my sub ends in June… whats a girl to do!?!?

  7. This looks like a great box. First time I’ve wanted a Popsugar box in a long time.

  8. wish I had gotten this on – 1st on in a long time that I liked

  9. I am really excited about this box. Probably my favorite box of the 6-box better than black Friday deal that I subscribed to.

    Does anyone know if the June box will be charged to us at $40 unless we cancel now? Or does the 6 month subscription just end?

    • You’ll get charged full price for June. You have to cancel if you don’t want it to charge you.

      • Thanks all! I just cancelled. I have really enjoyed the 6-month deal but just can’t see paying $40/month. Especially for the month with the red plastic purse ;(

    • You will be charged the regular rate unless you cancel before the 25th (when they begin billing).

  10. Wow! I really like this box, especially the bracelet and the candle. I’m also really excited to try out the muffin mix. Thanks for the tip about the flavor, Liz!

  11. I love this box but was thrown off when I first got the email to regarding the May box. It showed a picture with items which I was hoping would be included such as a watch, necklace, etc. Overall, I like most of the items but was hoping for a nice watch like last year. As with other boxes, items that I don’t care for will go in my gift closet or passed on to people who I know would like the items. The value of the box can’t be beat though!

  12. Love this box. Will be looking to swap for several more frames & candles for wedding party gift bags I am putting together for sis’s wedding. And need another bracelet and cards. So if anyone is looking to swap, I am your gal. I’m even willing to buy someone’s box and take it off their hands if they do not want it.

    • I just posted my bracelet to swap

    • My bracelet and card are up for swap, too!

    • I might be willing to sell my entire box. I am not really excited about anything in it this month.

      • I would be interested in purchasing and would pay for shipping. It would make a really nice gift.

        • I’m happy to sell my box. I’d rather it went to a good home here than put it on ebay.

    • i will swap the frame and bracelet will post them tomorrow

  13. A nice improvement over the last couple of boxes! The lipstick sounds like something new and interesting and I can always use a picture frame. The baking mix probably won’t do me any good though since I live at altitude (unless they are nice enough to give adjustment instructions?).

  14. I am sooooo not interested in ANYTHING in this box, except for the lipstick (and I have plenty of lipsticks already). I’m putting the entire box up for swap. Super disappointed, but hopefully someone else enjoys it. 🙁

    • I have been a subscriber since the beginning, and I hated last month’s box and this is the first one in like 3 years I didn’t get. I am with you! The lipstick is the only thing of interest to me this month and I can just go buy that.

    • I will purchase the entire box from you! I can pay via PayPal or Venmo.

      • Let me know if you haven’t bought the box yet! I just got mine today and going to swap or sell the entire box :/

        • How much are you selling for including shipping?

  15. Love this box!!

  16. Hmmm, this is a mixed bag for me. I love cards, as they are so incredibly thoughtful and personal. I will absolutely use these. I guess I’ll try the muffin mix too. Neutral on the frame, cannot fathom using the lipstick queen thing (hopefully the swap board is interested!) and I think the bracelet is tacky.

    To each her own, I am glad there is a mix of things that different people will enjoy.

  17. Wow, this is a better box than the spoiler theme led to believe. I genuinely like everything, which is rare.

  18. Is it safe to assume that an order placed today will indeed be for the May box and not the June box?? I originally signed up for the May box on March 17th. April 28th they shipped the April box instead which I was NOT a fan of….(I cancelled) I really want this box…. and just resubscribed…. thoughts?? 🙂 ….. it says less than 500 left….

    • When I just went on the site and tried to subscribe it said a few times that it was to reserve my spot for the JUNE box, not the May box…..

      • (But I am a brand new subscriber…I didn’t cancel before….not sure if that makes a difference….)

        • Thanks LB!!

          • So after hearing about how you got the April box I decided to go back and sign up for the June box and hope they find some May boxes. I just got the email that I will be getting the May box!! So thanks for the tip and if you haven’t yet,you might want to uncancel and hope you get May too!!

  19. The more I look at it, the more I like this box. The cuff would be a lovely gift for a high school or college grad. 😀

  20. This box would make a great gift for the generic person in your life you don’t really care about, haha

    Seriously though, I really appreciate that they finally used silver jewelry in a box and it is a really nice box despite there being a general lack of personality and color.

    • 😂😂😂 Yes! Totally agree.

    • I think that’s true for any sub box you might gift. None of it was specifically picked out by you for the recipient.

    • Totally agree with Meg. PSMH has always been a lovely but very generic box. They rarely put in anything really quirky or colorful because when they do — hello, red plastic purse! — people have a fit. (I actually use my red bag bc I DGAF about trends/fashion and it’s a very useful bag — I can always find my phone now!) 😀 Anyway, the generic quality of PSMH works bc you can gift anything you don’t like. For the $20 BF deal, this is a super box! I especially like the pretty cuff and will be gifting the frame to my MIL for Mothers’ Day so it’s a hit for me.

    • 😂😂😂 I agree! My box came today and the bracelet feels and looks a bit cheap. I’m not thrilled with the May box. This might be my least favorite of the past few months and that’s saying a lot. I did like the candle a lot although I think their suggested retail price is way too much. And I’m not sure how three cards is worth $17.50.

  21. I was literally about to go buy that Lipstick Queen product after I got off from work today. Gonna go buy this box instead! I love everything!

  22. Wow I love this months box!!!! Great job PopSugar

    • Me too! This will definitely be my favorite box. I love everything and the silver bracelet! I can’t wait to get mine next week.

  23. any guesses about the metal content of the bracelet? i’m assuming it’s actual silver based on the RV? i know anything “gold” is plated….

    • Rhodium based on the Samantha Faye website.

  24. This is my last box on the Black Friday deal. I swear they made it awesome so I wouldn’t want my sub to end. This might be one of my all time favorites – Lipstick Queen and Tocca in the same box!

    • I absolutely believe that that have in mind that a lot of people’s subs will be ending, so in contrast to the past couple boxes (pretty bad IMHO), they knocked this out of the park….

      • I think your right but I don’t know if I can forget the red plastic handbag and trust they will not do it again this summer. I just can’t bring myself to buy this box at full price sight unseen. This is such a great month I they show up on discount later I will pick one up.

  25. I like this! So how long did you hold out on us with the spoilers, Cadman?? 😛

  26. I think this box has a great assortment of lovely useful items.

  27. Love this box but still considering whether to renew or not – or maybe just stick to seasonal subs.

  28. Holy Toledo this is an awesome box! I’ve been trying to swap for the Hello Sailor lipstick but have had no luck. I think I will just use the coupon to buy it for myself. Can’t wait to try the Mornin’ Sunshine shade. Candle/frame/cards may seem boring to some but not to me. I’ve been looking for a simple silver frame for my desk at work.
    My PS box this month is shipping from NY so it will be here early next week. When it ships from CA it takes almost two weeks. I thought about not looking at spoilers but I can’t resist PS spoilers. Now I’m even more excited for my box!

    • I have a hello sailor lipstick if you don’t mind it having been swatched up for trade.

  29. Awesome box! I knew I should have subbed just based on the gorgeous peonies in the promos. I think I would use everything in this box. The bracelet isn’t really my taste though it’s so giftable that it’s not at all a minus. But alas, it looks like I’m too late and they’ve moved on to June but I signed up just in case they have a few May boxes left. *fingers crossed*

  30. I’m never happy to see cards of any type in boxes…
    I already have piles of “thank yous” and random note cards that I just don’t have a need for! Maybe it’s being in a younger generation, but I send out maybe 2 cards a year to family.

    But Lipstick Queen and a Tocca candle?! YES

    • I always think “cards are useless”… ill just say thanks instead, grab lunch, rememer to text, etc…but then i remember how much I appreciate the ones i recieve…

  31. I’ve purchased a few Popsugar mystery boxes and discounted one-time previous boxes, but have never subbed. I was willing to finally bite the bullet and pay (almost) full price for this box since it finally fit my style. But I just went to the site and it says to sign up now to reserve the JUNE box….so I guess that means all the May ones are sold out. What really sold me was that cuff because “Be good” had special meaning between me and my boyfriend that passed away a few years ago and it’s silver finally (my favorite)!!!! Oh well…guess it wasn’t really meant to be….

    • Hold out hope! Every month they say they are sold out, and then a couple of weeks later the boxes go on sale for $25! It could happen!

      • Thanks! I was trying to convince myself of the same thing but I haven’t seen the April box go on sale yet either (and I told myself I’d buy that one as a one-time box at a discount if it was available too). I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! I hope so! 🙂

    • We are already listing the cuffs for swaps, so there is a really good chance that you will get one!

      • I’m not currently signed up for the swap page, but thanks for the idea. I’ll stick it out for awhile and see if Popsugar magically finds some extra boxes and I can snag one in a few weeks through a one-time purchase or GILT. I actually like everything in the box so I’d rather get it all (even for $35 or $40) than swap for just the bracelet since it has that $60 retail value I’d be up against….

        • Check ebay for anything you might want. I’ve gotten a few PS items from there, at a great price, without having to swap RV for RV, which often is irritating with inflated prices. And I usually keep or give away most of my stuff anyway 🙂

          • Thanks for the idea! I haven’t bothered to sign up for the swap page because I’m usually picky with my sub’s (try to hold off until there are some spoilers, etc) and whatever I don’t or can’t use I end up gifting or giving away too….so I haven’t had much of a “need.” After seeing someone else post on here that they received the current month’s box after signing up for the next months and then reading the fine print on Popsugar’s page (“you will automatically be shipped the previous months box if it should become available”) I bit the bullet and signed up hoping I actually get May’s. If not, June better be good too since I have a credit waiting for me now!! Ahhhh the old sub box roulette….here’s hoping my non-existent luck turns around for once!!! LOL.

  32. As a person who bought the Black Friday deal, this is totally worth the approx $24 I spent for it back then…

  33. I love it ❤️ Perfect Box!

  34. Wow! They did a really good job this month. I am still going to cancel my subscription, but if they keep up this quality of curation, I will definitely consider re-subbing again. I hope they bother to read these comments, as their box-curation really went to the dogs for a while.

  35. Didn’t we just get a candle not too long ago? I’m running out of places to put these lol.
    All said and done, I’m happier with this box than the last 2, but…inspirational bracelet? Really? If it was just a plain cuff, I’d be fine with it (though I hate wearing cuffs because I have very bony wrists and then end up being uncomfortable), but I have no interest in wearing something that has cheesy phrases on it.

    • Same here bony wrists and zero interest in cheesy sayings. Maybe if it was written in Morse code or a language other than English it would seem a bit more exciting.

    • Call me cheddar then, because I think the bracelet is awesome 🙂

      • I love the bracelet too!!

  36. What a perfect box! Its very neutral, in a good way + gift vibes (mothers day or may grads!)- > im not a mom, and my mom is too far to ship to, but im a student so this will go a long way with classmates 😉
    Sooooooo sad its my last btbf box 😭😢 Liz…christmas in July??? Heeeellllpppp us 😔😓😉

  37. There are some really lovely items in this box! I would love to have that Lipstick Queen lippie!! Alas, my sub ended.


  39. I am so glad I canceled before the May box was billed. I would have been super disappointed with this assortment of items. Popsugar is getting lazy. Everything feels much less curated and special these days. The picture frame is way to similar of an item to the Kate Spade photo album we received just a couple of months ago. The bracelet is super corner. Maybe one of those phrases would have made it better, along with a different font. I’m just not sure the remaining items would have done enough for me. I hope that they change things up soon, because I’d love to resubscribe, but the last few months have been total misses in my opinion.

    • I will use everything in this box, but I felt like it was more like a $20.00 box instead of a $40.00 box.
      The same picture frame is at Dollar General for $1.00. (Yes, I understand this one is probably made better – but, it’s the same picture frame.)
      The lipstick is kind of neat though.
      Just feels like a cheap box.

  40. Tocca in a monthly Popsugar box? Yes, please! (faints with joy)

    • I know right!!! And candles > perfume 😍

      • I love both their candles and their perfumes, but a candle is definitely the better choice for a box 🙂

  41. Still not sad that I cancelled my sub, but do like everything in this one. Enjoy ladies!

    • Totally agree with you. Had I gotten this, I wouldn’t be disappointed. But, don’t feel like I missed out either.

      • Exactly!

  42. I like the lipstick and the candle not sure about the other items. I was hoping for a scarf. Not too excited for the frame.

  43. I’m so glad I resubscribed! I’m not a huge fan of everything, but I can definitely gift some things.

  44. Yay! I’m loving this month’s box! Looking forward to everything in it!

  45. I’m so excited to get this box!!! What a great mix of beautiful items, and my first LIPSTICK QUEEN!! I’m thrilled that it’s a new item, and the color is really pretty. I almost got the Birchbox LE with Hello Sailor, until I saw it swatched on you. My lips also have very little pigment, and would have looked just as bad on me. I think PS nailed it this month.

  46. Nicely done, popsugar! Very understated, will be a great mother’s day gift!

  47. This is a lovely box. well worth $40

  48. Great box! Thank you for sharing this fantastic review! I can’t wait to get my May box!

  49. Hmm another disappointing box for me, hopefully I’ll like the candle. Otherwise the only thing I like is the picture frame, cause you can never have too many of those.

  50. I can use several items and gift a few. Thank you for the review, Liz!

    • Yay! This box is so giftable! 🙂

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