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Beauty Report Limited Edition Beauty Box FULL SPOILERS (Box B)

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UPDATE: Several readers have reported receiving products that are expired in this box. Please check your box when you receive it. I’ll update when we know more.

Thanks, J, for sharing these spoilers for theΒ Beauty Report Limited Edition BoxΒ (Version B)

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 7.55.51 AM

  • Apothederm Firming Serum
  • Baby Botanicals Lip Tint SPF 15
  • Decleor Aromessence Neroli Hydrating Oil Serum
  • Defense Clinical Power Trio Sampler Kit
  • Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Rose Day Cream
  • Epionce Sample Kit (Milky Lotion Cleanser, Lite Lytic Tx, and Renewal Face Cream)
  • Farmhouse Fresh Organics Island Elixir Shea Butter Hand Cream
  • Tiffany Andersen Gavee Gold Liquid Gold Peptides
  • Le Mieux Bio Cell + Mask
  • Lycopene Skin Care Cream Rinnovante
  • Michael Todd Beauty Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub
  • Neocell Biotin Bursts
  • Theorie Transforming Hair Serum
  • Trilogy Age-Proof CoQ10 Booster Oil
  • Trufora Titanium Day Cream SPF 30
  • Veneffect Anti-aging Lip Treatment

In case you missed the spoilers for Box C:

0417171701a_resized 0417171701_resized

The Box:Β Beauty Report Limited Edition Box

The Cost: $29

The Products: More than 15 full, deluxe and travel sized products. (Items may vary from what is shown in the picture.)

  • Supplements: Lumity, Nutrafol and Biotin Bursts
  • Airelle Skin Care
  • CBD for Life (full size but low value item)
  • Colorscience Sunforgettable (sunscreen powder)
  • Dermelect Cosmeceuticals
  • Epicuren Discovery
  • Eufora International Leave-In Repair Treatment (full size)
  • Go Smile
  • Grande Cosmetics Bat your Lashes (full size)
  • Meder Usa Sheet Mask
  • Meg 21 sample kit
  • Obagi Medical Retinol
  • Parodi Hand Cream
  • Purlisse
  • Skin Inc.

What do you think of the spoilers? If you get Box A please share the spoilers with us!

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  1. Has anybody else not received their box yet?

  2. still havent received shipping notice, got credit card receipt though, will be calling today

  3. Selling my Box B for $25. I gave my daughter the Biotin chew, but all else is untouched. I’m waitlisted for the swap site so please email me at
    kimberdunaway at gmail dot com


    • I would be interested in buying that box. πŸ™‚ I am at justmecarey at gmail dot com
      Let me know.

    • Sold πŸ™‚

  4. I received box B and i listed it for swap. the entire box as received.

  5. Got mine today and kinda wish I hadn’t bought it, especially as I didn’t get the $189 “bonus” item. The only things I was happy about were the sheet mask and the one — count ’em ONE — Biotin supplement. I was hoping that since this was the first mystery box I’ve bought in 9 mos that I’d be less jaded when opening it, but… nah. I better wait 18 mos next time. πŸ˜€

  6. Received my box (B) today. Received exact items that were in spoiler. I like the items, and there were some nice larger size samples. Think it was a good deal for $30. Haven’t tried anything yet. I have never heard of most of these brands, should be fun.

  7. I just got my Box B!!! I LOVE it!!! All skincare!! I’m so happy with everything! Thanks NewBeauty and Liz!!

  8. I received my box today and I have another one coming. It is box (B) and they left out the neocell vitamin burst. Please let me know if anyone is interested.

  9. And the Trufora sunscreen is expired. Expiration date of 4/17.

    I’m really disappointed with this box. I feal like the majority of items are free sample size – not deluxe or travel size.

    • What? The Trufora sunscreen expires at the end of the month! I don’t know why I’m surprised. This company sent the same batch out in the Indie Beauty Expo boxes. I was annoyed then and this is after Tarte sent bottles that are only good until July. I emailed and complained at Indie Expo customer service on April 3rd and I received this email yesterday:

      Hi Amy –

      We contacted Trufora, and they have created a code you can use at to receive the next tube for only $5. You can use the code _____, which is valid until July 9.

      Thanks and we hope you are enjoying your box. We’re sorry you feel some of the samples are small, however, the vast majority are full size products and the retail value of the box is over $600 if you were to buy each product separately.

      Trufora is more than aware that they are sending out nearly expired product. That I have no doubt. And, I have no intention of paying, not even $5, to get a tube that’s not ready to expire. I am so bothered by the shady, intentional actions by this company I will likely NEVER buy anything made by them. Shame on them! And shame on Indie for expecting customers to pay for their lack of oversight.

      • MontanaBelle-I got a similar email from Indie Beauty re: the expired sunscreen. When I discovered that the sunscreen isn’t even available on Trufora’s website (out of stock) I emailed Trufora directly to find out when it would be back in stock and find out why we’d received expiring product. They said two things…1) They DONATED those products to the Indie Beauty Expo. Indie paid NOTHING for them…and 2) they claim they gave them to Indie months ago. So…just to play devil’s advocate…I don’t think this is completely Trufora’s fault. I actually feel kind of bad for them in that they likely donated something to get free publicity, and they’re getting only BAD publicity due to how it was handled by Indie. I have no idea the situation as to how they got their products into the Beauty Report box…if it was another donation situation or what…but at minimum both Indie and Beauty Report should have noticed that the products were expiring and declined to send them out. On the forum someone posted that they received in their Beauty Report box an item (Defendage, I believe) that expired A YEAR ago…so clearly there is not great quality control going on here.

        • Companies “donate” products all the time and they get great exposure for doing so and a tax benefit. They know a lot of people who may not have tried their product otherwise will be trying their products. We all knew months ago when this box would actually be shipping so I don’t buy that they couldn’t figure out a box shipping in April should probably have product that doesn’t expire in April.

    • I definitely agree we shouldn’t be receiving products that have an expiration date that will pass even if we start using it at a reasonable pace right when we receive it. However, the date didn’t bother me when I received it in the IBE box. What made me give it away was that I thought it applied SO horribly! It had a horrible pink (not even white) cast that just would not blend in. Fortunately, the person I gave it to has far more patience than I do when applying skincare like this, plus didn’t mind the expiration date of the product either.

      • @Luna doesn’t that make you wonder if these “Best of Show” winners are really legitimate best in product class/winners? Hmmm… I think I should just save my $$$ from now on and stick with Net-a-porter boxes?

    • Hi,

      I have the same issue, mine states 4/17 as well. I am very disappointed in this subscription box. I felt like I got scammed… Not worth the money at all.

    • My sunscreen has an expiration date if 4 /2017 as well and it smells pretty bad too. 😑 The vitamin looks interesting but the package doesn’t have an expiration date. I’m afraid to try it.

  10. I still haven’t received an email as to when my box will ship. I contacted them and they haven’t responded. Can anyone tell me when you received your email saying when it shipped?

    • I got my email on April 15th

    • Hey, that happened to me. Turns out they rejected my card, but I didn’t get any notice. I still can’t get anywhere with their customer service.

      • They rejected my card too. I called my credit card company thinking there was something wrong with it, but they told me it was working fine. I even used it on a different website, on the same day, with no problem. New Beauty did call me to tell me that it wouldn’t work though. I thought that they had gotten a number wrong, but they didn’t. It just wouldn’t work for them, so I had to give them a different card to use. They also told me that because my card didn’t charge the first time, that it knocked me out of sequence and I wouldn’t be getting a email with a tracking number like everyone else did.

  11. Getting box A tomorrow .. hopefully since we ( all A box-ers ) brought it first we probably and hopefully get the best items of all 3 boxes in addition to the dermflash ( which I have confirmed I will be getting) .. fingers crossed πŸ˜‡

    • I’m box A and I do not expect to get the best items. I wish all items were equally good among all the boxes (except of course for the extra of the Dermaflash for the first 500.)

      • I agree, I wish all boxes were the same for everyone(except for the dermaflash). I am getting box B and pretty bummed, I like C better.

  12. Does anybody who got box B know what size the Tiffany Andersen Gavee Gold Liquid Gold Peptides is?


    • I haven’t received my box yet but this looks like the same item that was included as an extra (we got a full sized tub of Gavee Gold diamond cell salt polish) in the Indie Beauty Expo box. Very pretty tub with a card that says 8 ml. Hope that helps πŸ˜‰

  13. I really hope the Decleor Aromessence Neroli Hydrating Oil Serum is in Box A – otherwise, I’ll be looking to swap for it!!

  14. I’m wondering if Box A will be the same as Box B, but with the Dermaflash added.

  15. I don’t understand what anyone is complaining about. We only paid $29.00 for this box, which we got in one or two products and the rest is like getting them for free! I’m sure we will find at least one product we end up loving, but probably more. There are a lot of people who are wishing that they had been able to get this deal and if you are that dissatisfied, then sell your box to them for the $ 29.00 and get your money back.

    • I don’t get the complaining, either. People seem to be comparing this box to the Indie Beauty box and forgetting that one cost $100. Based on the two spoilers, these are awesome boxes and I will happily take anyone’s box for $29.00 as well!

      • Ok…..My box is up for grabs. kelli two seven zero three at gmail dot com

  16. After reading the comments, is there anyone else who is receiving a box that isn’t A that weighs more? I am getting box C and it supposedly weighs 4.5lbs. If so then the variation could be random and not an indication of being in the first 500. Or shipping weight could be way off. I’ll find out on Thurs though.

  17. Sorry I didn’t get this. Even though I’m not into skin care, even I can see this was a good deal.

    • My box is for sale? kelli two seven zero three at gmail dot com

  18. Both of those look great! I’m getting Box A and am excited to see what’s in it!

  19. I’m getting box B and thrilled. For those that already have their B boxes, how big was the Ven Effect lip treatment sample?? I love that stuff and it’s $85.00 for the normal size which is pretty small so I am super excited to see it in the box and I am hoping it’s a decent sample size. Thanks.

    • I didn’t get this box but it looks to be the same sample we got in this month’s beautyfix box and it’s .1oz/3 ml. I’ve been using it 2-3 times a day for over a week and it’s getting to the end. I love it too!! I agree it’s ridiculously expensive but I used the 20% off code you get with the beautyfix box to purchase the full size.

      • The full size is just .34 oz. that would really be pricey if you went through it in a month!

      • How do you use the Veneffect?! Maybe I’m a heavy applier, but the tube felt empty practically and I went through it in 3 uses. I’m also feeling throat tightness so not sure if I’m reacting to it or its coincidence. I don’t typically have sensitivities and my lips/skin feel fine. Anywho, I will have two other vials. Maybe I should just trade them. Did I possibly just get a partially filled tube?

        • My tube was practically empty also. But it’s lasting me a long time because I only use a dot that’s as big as the “o” in dot.. and then rub it in my lips. So, yeah.. I just put a very thin layer on and works like a charm. I’m getting older and my lips have been very dry and shriveled upish..(not a word). .lol. But now, they are plump, smooth and youthful looking. I love it. But anyway.. a little goes a long way.

        • I had a reaction to this lip product also. Not fun!

  20. I’m getting B – looks much better than C for me. Still disappointed I missed getting A though.

    • What’s in A? Guess I haven’t seen that one as a spoiler. Do you think peeps are getting boxes in the order they signed up? First 500 with free gift are getting box A??

      • Liz posted the spoilers for box A already. Also.. yes, the first 500 are getting box A, the next group is getting Box B and then the latest and last people to buy, are getting Box C..

  21. Is this box available for shipping to Canada? I can select province but not change the country.
    is there a shipping charge?
    is there a customer service email – I cannot find a contact method on the website.

  22. Are these boxes still available for purchase?

    • They may be! I just linked to the page and it did not say sold out anymore ?

      • I’ve been trying to buy it and I get a fail after I click to complete the purchase.

        • Me too…I’m pouting πŸ™

        • Im trying to purchase too and I get a failed try again notice..dont want to click again and get charged twice..

      • It’s sold out. I tried and filled out the form for a few days now and it lets you fill out the form, but then that’s it, it won’t go through. I was going to buy another one, but I’m happy their sold out, cause it would have been Box C, which I didn’t care for.

    • I called and they said they are all sold out.

  23. Does anyone know the expiration date for the Trufora sunscreen? I received that item in the Indie Beauty Box – but it has an expiration date of 4/17. Bummer especially as Indie Beauty Expo and Trufira have not replaced the expired product.

    • I posted here on MSA about the nearly expired Trufora and how pathetic it was of companies to do this (I also got the short shelf life Tarte sunscreen as well, I cancelled my subscription). Someone from Indie posted that they were working with Trufora to get replacements for everyone who ordered. Email and complain in case they think we have forgotten. On another note the Gavee Gold peptides are crazy expensive and my skin soaks it in before my hands have even left my face, it is awesome!

  24. I’m waiting for delivery on box C. I don’t know any of the brand names in it, but I know a lot of the ones in box B. I’m not happy about this at all.

    The probability that I will do a blind mystery box in the future is zero!

    I mean, this on top of Sephora’s recent bag of junk and Ipsy’s bronzers for ants?

    I’ll just buy what I need, and stop trying for these “deals”! Gah!

    • Catherine, I am getting box B and there are some things I might part with if you want to swap for items in your box.

      • I am curious as to how many items in box (B) are full size?

        I will definitely swap products…I am getting box A.

        kelli two seven zero three at gmail dot com

        • Kelli, is there something in B that you are wanting?

    • Catherine, haha I couldn’t have said it better! I cancelled Sephora and ipsy this month due to the lackluster products for the past few months, as well as new beauty test tube and glossybox due to their terrible customer service. I’ve decided to keep my money, and just buy the things I like and find value in. Lmao @ highlighters for ants!!

  25. I’m loving my Box B!!! Lots of great skincare items. I’m doing the happy dance! I was so nervous after seeing box C and the low weight of Box B.. it was all for nothing!

    • I’m thrilled to be getting the Ven Effect Lip treatment again too! I love this stuff. My lips have never looked so plump and full. I put a little on before bed and the effect last all day!

  26. This is the box im getting and im quite happy with it. The c box didnt have much i, personally, would have used. This one for me, is a much better box. But yes they should have said there were different variations. It was a lil bit shady not to have said it.

  27. If you get more than one box will you get duplicates or different ones because I am tempted to buy a second one now!

  28. Liz or J can you tell us which of these are full size?

  29. They really should have advertised different variations, many of us would likely have purchased more than one… I would have!

    • Me too! I don’t love everything in both boxes, but I love enough that I would have purchased one of each. Fingers crossed for Box A!

    • Well I purchased two and got 2 of Box A. So it may not have mattered in they told of variations.

      • Did you purchase both at the same time? I’m wondering if the first 500 were box A, then so on.

        • I was told by CS that box A is the first 500 and has the free gift in it. I can’t wait to get mine but it won’t be here til Thursday.

          • Me too! They told me I have box A and it shipped out yesterday for me. So excited!

          • Can I safely assume that if I’m getting Box A that I’m in the first 500? I bought 3 boxes and all are A.
            I wish someone would get theirs and post 😜

          • OMG!! Becca you have made my day!!!
            I’m getting box A!!

          • Yay! I got box a! Mine says 3.9 lbs πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ» New beauty is 0ne of my fave beauty boxes.

        • I purchased them separately. But close in time to one another.

      • are you gonna get two dermflash? if so could i get one of them please?

  30. I’m getting box a and it’s currently out for delivery! I won’t be home to 9pm EST though πŸ˜… Excited to see what’s in it!

    • Please update when you have a chance. t.i.a.

      • I will as soon as I can if no one else has before me! πŸ™‚

        • MY alarm is set to go to 4am EST so what will it take for you to go home early? Lol

          • I hit the candy sale at Target yesterday…. all yours!

    • What’s the update???

    • Are you home yet? Lol I’m getting box a as well and mine won’t be here till Saturday! Would love to know what is in it!

  31. Aww bummed they are so different =( loved C so much and really wanted that sunscreen powder. I have a roll up travel brush, so ill have to find it and stock up on bareminerals loose powder. Anyone know another inexpensive brand with spf above 30? Thanks πŸ™‚
    On the other hand, I think it’s cool that they divided up the spoiler items in promo…but too bad i dont care for the marula oil thats bound to be in box A =(

    • Marula oil is pictured on lower right corner in box b.

    • I feel the same way! I was pretty excited about the contents in C so a little bummed that there are variations. I don’t really care for the products in B. I’m getting box A so I hope I like the contents in there.

    • I agree with you,I am getting box B I don’t think the value is there. The sunscreen powder is like 65 dollars and I looked up that mascara/primer 45 dollars. Would have loved box c.

  32. I am seeing lots of great items in both boxes. If I had known the boxes were so different I would have bought another one. I am getting box A and am hoping for a good batch of products in it. I’m not really excited about the dermaflash.

  33. B looks better than C.

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