POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Resort 2017 Box SPOILER!

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We have the first spoiler for the POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Resort box!

Each box will include:


Roberta Roller Rabbit Beach Shrug – Retail Value $95


It has an open front, and the back has a strap across it.


It’s made with 100% cotton, and the fabric is sheer and lightweight, so it has a flowy vibe!


POPSUGAR sent us this spoiler early so I can answer any questions you might have about it!


Here it is on to give you a better sense of how it looks on:


And I recommend you check out their tutorial on this shrug, too! (Lots of ways to wear this piece!)

What do you think of the spoiler?

More on this box if you are interested in buying one:

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Resort Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: It’s the season to relax and reinvigorate. Start by planning a dreamy getaway. Then kick off your luxurious lounging in style with our curated box of travel essentials. Whether it’s a beachside resort or your own backyard, feel and look fab wherever you go.

Boxes will be shipped by March 20 via FedEx SmartPost.

Are you going to grab a Resort box? Check out my review of the 2016 POPSUGAR Resort boxmy review of the 2015 POPSUGAR Resort Box, and my review of the 2014 POPSUGAR Resort Box to see what has been in past boxes!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Sigh. “One size fits most” garments not only don’t fit me, they make me disappointed with the companies offering them. 67% of American women wear size 12 or larger, but of course most people don’t even know that, because the diet industry doesn’t want us to know. At least boxes like Pusheen ask your size and go up to XL or higher for their t-shirts and sweatshirts. At the very least, something like this could be made in two sizes, maybe a straight size and a plus size that would be, for example, based on a size 8 body and a size 18 body.

    • Even one size fits most plus really means fits a size 8 with a slightly bigger chest! I am not plus size but I wish Popsugar would stop sending cover ups!

  2. This definitely say less “hospital gown” to me, after I watched the tutorial. Items like these kind of stink for bigger people though. “One size” is a bit of a stretch for anyone over a size 12. I sit squarely in the “16” category, so I fit safely into one plane seat but likely not the super cute “One size” cover up 🙁

  3. Not $95.00 cute. Once it gets wet it’s going to stick to all the wrong places.

  4. I am not a beach person but I still bought the box. Some items are beachy but for the most part very usable, like last years, love the frame, the sunglasses worked, the hat was awesome and the scrub I fell in love with and little note books from RP can always be used. This “cover up” can be used as a kimono, robe or for the beach! So I am happy so far. I know for a fact I will skip the CFDA box, unless it is full spoiler when time to purchase, the summer box was good.

  5. I’m really confused by the people who bought the box before the spoiler and are now saying they are not a beach person, or they never go to the beach. I am not a beach person and that’s exactly why I never buy the resort box. Maybe I’m just not thinking outside the box, but to me, resort = beach.
    If there are non-beach resorts out there though, I’d love to hear about them!

    • Vail Mountain Resort, Big Sky and Moonlight Basin, and Aspen to name a few…But I do get what you are saying. It’s not like the resort box is coming out at the beginning of the ski season.

      • Ahh yes, good point Rosemary! If the box came out a few weeks earlier it could be perfect for a spring break ski retreat.

        • You are correct…again! But I totally agree that when someone says “resort”, almost everyone in the entire universe will think “cabanas and cocktails”.

          So when I read “Resort”, as in “PopSugar”, I think:
          1. Mumu (no offense…this cover up is cute)
          2. Over-priced sunglasses (which I want even if they look terrible on my squarish face)
          3. A little bag that could have been cute if they had not uglied-it-up with whatever embellishments they thought to be stylish (read: quirky and totally unnecessary)
          4. I think Lisa Sugar is publishing another book (sorry, that was a low blow)
          5. Sand where sand shouldn’t be

          I write all of this as if I don’t have a severe case of FOMO. I do have a severe case of FOMO, but I have no more expendable income (thank you Luxe Province and Oui Please!)

          • Hahahaha Rosemary you are hilarious! And spot on. Except (no offense) I hope you’re wrong about #4….even the Half Price Book Store wouldn’t take the first book off my hands!

          • Hi stfne!
            Drum-roll please…I SWAPPED my copy!!!
            I felt like I was taking advantage of the other person, though, and made sure that I added a couple of really, really nice extras (full-sized or deluxe-sample sized, and very swappable if they didn’t like them).

          • Hahaha oh that’s literally unbelievable! Wow! Well….I hope the recipient really powered her happy 😉

  6. I am not a beach person. I guess it will work as a summer robe. I could sew some belt loops on and add a ribbon belt. I think everyone is getting the hospital vibe because of the blue/white pattern, just like a hospital gown.

  7. All my suits are navy, so I think this will look nice, actually. I plan on wearing it backwards and tying it around, like they show in the tutorial.

  8. Whew, I am so glad I broke my trend and did not preorder. This is not something I would get any use out of at all.

  9. Hey Liz!

    What sunglasses are you wearing? They are super cute.

  10. I love the Kimono style cover up. I was waiting for a spoiler, and bought the box after seeing it. I was actually really hoping for a cover up, and dig this style. But I do get those who don’t want clothes in a box. And the hospital gown look, now i have that connection planted in my head… ha! I must be in the minority, but the Popsugar CDFA was my favorite box of 2016. I loved everything. Even the cover up I love, but do admit it is pretty funky and probably not the best choice for “one size fits most” subscription box item. And I did buy it on sale. Would love another pair of shades like CDFA box, or a hat (doubtful as that was included last year). Iove other commenters suggestions: towel, bag, sunscreen, beach friendly jewelry

  11. I love the one from THE summer Zoe box and got compliments all season. This is awful and after last years Resort Box being so horrible this is an easy pass.

    And this totally looks like a pre stained hospital gown. Also, the care tag says no bleach, which means you’ll need to be completely dry of pool water before wearing.

    • Kim, I wish I could subscribe to you comments. I suppose “pre-stained” is kind of harsh, but I LOVE it! I read your comment yesterday, but it is still making me smile today. Thank you!

  12. AHHHH! I really want to get this box because of this cover up. We literally just wrote the check to join the swim club in our neighborhood here in CA. I need a cover up to walk up to the pool, and yet, I could get one cheaper at say Target. But PSMH would give me other stuff for my $100 box… I never thought I’d want a resort box.

    • I guarantee by the sound of responses you will be able to swap for this. It seems like it’s a 50/50 item and the swap site will have plenty. Good luck.

  13. This doesn’t scream Resort to me but I can see wearing it at a Memorial Day BBQ this year over a tank and shorts to be patriotic yet not be the in your face patriotism type of thing

  14. I think it’s really pretty! I do see how you could make a connection to a hospital gown because of the pattern but I don’t think most people will think that when they look at you. I would totally grab this box if I could afford it right now but it seems like enough people dislike this item that I can probably swap for it.

  15. Yay – I’m so glad I waited for a spoiler.

  16. I was curious about this resort box but $100 is an expensive box for me. I checked past years resort boxes and didn’t like them too much, so I was really watching for these spoilers. I couldn’t. E more excited. Kimonos are so on trend right now and I don’t have a sheer one. It’s a huge plus that this kimono can be worn so many different ways, and that was what really sold me on it. I live in a beach city and we swim a lot in the summer at pools and water parks so this will definitely get used. I was for sure going to purchase one by summer time. So for the price of the box and with the other items in addition to the kimono, I think this price point is reasonable for me.
    I am really hoping those sunglasses Liz is wearing are another item in the box. Also, lip color she is wearing looks great for summer/spring so maybe that’s another item?!

    • Sorry the sunglasses and lip stain aren’t from this box – I only have the beach wrap right now! 🙁

      • Thanks for letting me know 🙂
        Mirrored shades with a nice case would be great in this box 📦
        My wishlist also includes a cool beach towel, face sunscreen, a large swim bag to hold ALL the stuff i have bring for family (the fff /trina turk bag last year was so small i had to give to my sister who has no kids).

        I was so happy about this kimono earlier. Then, after i ordered of course, i zoomed in on the fabric of the cover up and it does look more cottony and less soft sheer material than i thought. When zooming in i now see the cottony hospital gown look that others were referring to. Im hoping once i see it in real life i will like it. I do like the print a lot and how versatile it is since u can style it many ways.

  17. Fml. I hate it. I thought since PSMH was on a good roll this new year, this box would kick a$$. I hate this stupid thing and wish I could cancel it.

  18. It could look cute on the right person, but most of us aren’t that person.

    • Well said.

    • Exactly. It wouldnt look good on me either. Im so glad i stayed strong and hop on this sight unseen.

      • *and didnt hop on this sight unseen.

  19. buyer remorse ,(

  20. I actually think this is pretty, but I don’t think clothes are a good idea in any box that isn’t specifically for clothes. It probably wouldn’t fit me. Also, I don’t have much need for beach/resort-wear.

    The resort box is the one LE I don’t usually get, even though last year’s was pretty good. I still don’t anticipate being this year’s.

  21. Not sure how I feel about this – I’ve already bought the box and feel kinda bleh about it so far. The part that bothers me the most is this item is 1/3 of the value in the box. I’m really hoping this doesn’t turn out to be the hero item cuz I want to love this box. Come on PSMH make the other items wonderful!!

    • Ditto – you said it better than I could!

  22. These look like the robes I wear when I get mammograms. Not for me!



  23. LOVE!!! Doesn’t say hospital gown to me. Says boho cuteness!

  24. Yep, Liz is so beautiful she can make a hospital gown look good! But alas, us plain janes not so much 😞 no popsugar for me.

  25. Ummm, no.

    • Exactly what I said as soon as I saw this item. Glad I didn’t think even a second about this box.

  26. I think you can make anything look cute, Liz. It probably won’t look good on me though. I’m not feeling this box.

  27. I like it, ill have to set of it works for me when i get it, but looks nice! At the very least i can use it as a bath robe since im always too hot in the summer for the thicker ones. Or it looks like it could be made into a nice scarf.

    • I love the bath robe idea. My hips are too big for most of the styles in the tutorial.

  28. Yes, I’m enticed by the spoiler, but no, I’m still going to wait on buying the box.

    I feel like I’ve been burned several times buying PS LE boxes – I’ve bought them as soon as they were announced only to watch PS lower the price by $20 before they even start shipping!!

    It would be one thing if those that paid full price received their box and then sometime later it went on sale, so at least the higher price gets you early access. But the way it’s been is just too annoying.

    On more than one occasion I emailed PS to see if I could get a price adjustment since the box hadn’t shipped. They’ve responded with truly annoying emails stating that I was already saving $____ off of the retail price of the items in the box, so I should be more than satisfied that they already helped me do that!

    Lastly, although the LE boxes are not part of their monthly series, they are hardly “limited.” The sale of them goes on quite a long time and then the majority of the items show up in their mystery boxes!

    • Wait, what?? The only PSMH LE box that I can recall ever going on sale in the past two years was the 2016 CFDA box. And it only went on sale because barely anybody bought them (probably because the 2015 CFDA box was such a disaster.) And I don’t recall anything from any other LE box ever showing up in a mystery box. … And the only LE that I remember being available for a really long time was, again, the CFDA box. Frequently the LE boxes sell out before they start shipping.

      I’m getting the sense that the only PSMH LE you’ve had experience with is the CFDA box. That box was… unusual.

      • No, thankfully I lucked out and did not buy the CFDA disaster! The most recent example of the discount was with the winter 2016 LE boxes. They were announced on MSA approx. Nov 1. On Dec. 5, if you bought the LE box you got a December box for free.

  29. My first limited edition box. Now I’m disappointed. I don’t think clothes options are good choices. I hope there is 50 other items in the box.

  30. This waaaaay overpriced and pre-stained hospital gown (reminds me of old “General Hospital” episodes) is unwearable, not even at a hospital.

  31. Nah

  32. Liz you make everything look chic and fabulous! Can’t wait for my first le box!

  33. I am not kidding – I had to go have a full set of exams (possible blood clot) and the hospital gown I had to wear was so similar to this.

    • OMG you are so funny! Thank you – no wonder it did look familiar 🙂 You just saved me $100 with your post. Thank you very much!!!

    • Hospital gown was my first thought!

  34. Surprisingly I like it, and good timing on the spoiler because I was just looking at something similar online this morning!

    Only complaint is that its 1/3 the value of the box, so hoping the other items are good!

  35. I never go to the beach, but this will make a great gift to my aunt whom is beautiful and would look beautiful in this at the beach. So I’m still excited about the box.

  36. Love this!! Can’t wait to get my box! I’ll be going to Jamaica in May and this will be great 🙂 And I like how you’ve styled it here too!

    I do hope it fits, but it looks quasi-universal sizing.

  37. Hey Liz, just so you know, your tutorial link goes straight to the last picture, which confused me lol. If you remove the “#” and everything after it, it goes to the top!

    • Took me a while to realize that I was at the bottom of the page. I was thinking that it wasn’t much of a tutorial 😀

  38. Glad I didn’t purchase, not for me.

  39. I couldn’t find this piece on the Roberta Roller Rabbit website, but for what it’s worth, the Saks Fifth Avenue website lists this beach shrug (in a different color/pattern) as DRY CLEAN ONLY. Liz, can you confirm? Thanks!

    • The tag on this one reads:

      Hand wash separately in cold water. Do not bleach. Line dry in shade. Warm iron if needed. Do not rub. Do not dry clean.

      I don’t know what the “do not rub” part means, but you’re good on the dry cleaning part! 🙂

      • Thank you Liz!

  40. Nope. Curtains. Cheap kitchen curtains.

    • I was thinking hospital gown 😉

      • LOL wow this shrug has so many uses I never even thought about. Kitchen curtains for the win!

  41. That is not tempting me to but the box. Maybe if it was a different print.

    • From far away, at a quick glance, the print kinda looks like pot leaves. 😂😂

  42. Not for me…but I do like your sunglasses! Are they from the box?

  43. I should have waited. Sigh. I really thought they wouldn’t do another shrug/poncho again soon. Not me at all, and these things are always look goofy on my petite. Lesson learned for next time – wait for spoiler!

  44. Dang, I love it. I still think I will hold out for the second spoiler.

  45. Thanks Liz! I like this much better than the Lem Lem because of the open front. It will fit all body types, which the Lem Lem did not.

    • There was no cover-up worse than that Lem Lem thing 🙂

      • Actually one of the forum members posted a picture of herself in the lem lem and it was beautiful (okay, so is she which may have helped the lem lem). But it was enough for me to take it off the swaps and use it for my upcoming vacation. This gown however … Major buyer’s remorse here.

  46. Hi Liz, Thanks as always for the reviews and spoilers. I love this piece, and really LOVE the tutorial on the multiple ways to wear it! That was awesome! I would never have thought of wearing it any way other than as a regular cover-up. But I love the reverse way with the sleeves still showing. So cute 🙂

  47. Liz, do you have general sizing information on the shrug? I love it, but I am not sure it will fit. 🙂

  48. The FOMO is strong, but yeah, I’m not a beach or resort person. My vacations are centered around winter and mountains. Probably going to continue holding off for now….

    • Not trying to tempt you but I will probably wear it to yoga as a jacket!

      • Good idea.

      • Yeah, I kind of was looking at it and trying to see what other uses it has. But for now, I think I’ll hold off (that is a really good idea, btw!)

  49. It’s cute but I’m not a bathing suit person so it’s helping me stay firm in not buying this box.

  50. It’s not me at all. Sigh.

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