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Benevolent Beauty Mystery Box FULL Spoilers!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 2.49.12 PM

We have full spoilers for one variation of the Benevolent Beauty Box one-time-purchase mystery box! (Thanks Mandy!) This box is now sold out.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 2.46.35 PM

The Benevolent Beauty Mystery Box included:

  • Walnut Hill Face Serum (Full Size 1 oz/30 ml) $39.95
  • Sheaterra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Cleanser (Deluxe Sample Size 1 oz/28 g) $4.50
  • Lauren Brooke Cosmetics Lip Colour in “Sangria” (Full Size 1.8 g) $13.00
  • Mullein & Sparrow Lemon Rose Face Wash (Full Size 2 oz/60 ml) $36.00
  • Oak Lane Face Mask (Small Jar 2 oz) $24.95
  • Medusa’s Makeup Lip Paint in”Hanky Panky” (Full Size 0.34 oz/10 g) $12.00
  • Lauren Brooke Cosmetics Luminous Eyes Corrective Concealer in “Peach Veil” (Full Size 7 g) $15.00
  • Girlactik Beauty Sparkle Eye Liner in “Champagne Set” (2-Step Application Set) $20.00
  • Palmetto Derma Rejuvenating Antioxidant Mask (0.34 oz/10 ml) $12.43

The Box: Benevolent Beauty Mystery Box

The Cost: $34.95

The Products: Each mystery box will contain AT LEAST 8 items and valued at over $150. All products are from past boxes; products and colors will vary.

The subscription to Benevolent Beauty Box is $29.95 a month. Check out all of our Benevolent Beauty Box reviews to see what types of items you can expect to see in the mystery box!

Did you get a Benevolent Beauty Mystery Box?

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  1. Am I seeing correctly? The items displayed total 9 items and everyone who has posted received 8.

    I know the promo says “at least 8 items”, but one extra product sent out to bloggers and (not to customers) makes the photo appear more full than what was really being included.

    I’ve seen other sites posts on the boxes received by the bloggers and they too received an extra item. Why do companies do that?

    • I’m pretty sure the box above WASN’T sent to Liz, she thanks someone else for the spoilers.

      • I have no idea what MSA received, if anything. And yes, the title does say “spoiler”- and I’d assume we all know the difference between that and a review by now.

        But there are other bloggers who did receive and review their boxes (not spoilers) and every one of the four blogs where I read posted 9 items received.

        My question was simply why do companies inflate in the promos (or send higher value promo boxes to bloggers) and then deliver something different to the paying public?

        GlossyBox and Target both come to mind as recent past offenders, but I can name half a dozen other subs where this has been an issue. I was hoping this box wasn’t going down that same path before I subscribe.

        • I am not sure why Benevolent Beauty would do this on a box that sold out so quickly. Maybe on a monthly box, but not on a grab bag. Regardless, I received what was advertised, eight items valued at over $150. I do not really care if a blogger received one more eyeliner/face wash/lotion than I did.

        • Hi Trisha,

          I just wanted to clear the air and let you know that Benevolent Beauty did not send out ANY free Mystery Boxes for review (including MSA). Any post that’s reviewing a Mystery Box was paid for and we were unaware of any bloggers purchasing. The reason some received 9 items and the others 8 is exactly the comment below, to try and even out the value a bit. We weren’t trying to inflate the promotion, they simply ended up receiving a box that had 9 items with a slightly lower value than others that received 8 with a higher value. If we are sending boxes for review (for example, MSA) they will always be the same as any paying customer will receive.


    • Maybe they were trying to make the values comparable across different combinations of items. The 9 items here are a total value of $177.83, and the 8 items I got have a total value of about $204. Which I’m fine with. And yeah like a previous comment said, it delivers on what was promised (8+ items valued at $150+).

  2. Having never subscribed to this box, all the products are new to me – except maybe 1 that I think I have in a larger size unless it’s a slightly different mask by the same brand. 4 skincare & 4 makeup items.

    4 are the same as Liz:
    Mullein & Sparrow Lemon Rose Face Wash
    Shea Terra Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Cleanser
    Palmetto Rejuvenating Antioxidant mask
    Lauren Brooks Corrective Concealer (Peach Veil)

    4 that others mentioned in comments:
    Moody Sisters Herbal Blend Dry Skin Cream (I’m loving the peppermint/lavendar scent!)
    Lauren Brooks Lip Color in Sangria
    Mirabella Love Velvet Lip Pencil
    Manna Kadar Dream Palette

  3. Ah, so disappointed I did not get the concealer or the glitter eyeliner!! I got: (like Liz) the Franklin & Whitman serum, Lauren Brooks Cosmetics lip color, and Mullein & Sparrow face wash, but the rest of my items were: Sweat Pretty setting spray, Mirabella love velvet lip pencil, Terre Mere angled eyeliner brush, Manna Kadar palette, and Moody Sisters Herbal Blend Dry Skin cream. Really would’ve preferred to get the concealer and glitter eyeliner, but my box is still a good value ($204).

    I’m also a bit disappointed because I got the LE box as well, so now have 2 each of the palette, rose face wash, and serum. At least the palette will make a good gift, and I most wanted the BB cream that’s worth more than the cost of the box. The medium shade looks perfect on my light-medium neutral skin (I’m half-Filipino, half-Caucasian, tan really easily in the summer but can get pretty pale/yellow in the winter).

    • I got the same bag and so upset and disappointed. So make up heavy – two lipsticks one bright red another dark burgundy. Eye brush and make up setting spray. Pus the pallet. I thought I would try something unique but can care less about brush, would never use make up setting (if anyone want it) and lipsticks colors are not everyday wear. Have bunch of pallets. First time I truly hate my box.

      • FYI – the Lauren Brooke Lip color in Sangria is not dark at all… it’s very sheer. It gives my lips a light, pretty tint – very moisturizing – and I actually wish it was a little more opaque. But I like it!

  4. OMG, SO PLEASED with my box!
    – High Endurance Cosmetics “Sweat Pretty” setting spray
    – Mommy Makeup Stay Put Matte lip cream in “Heather”
    – Palmetto Derma Rejuvenating Antioxidant Mask
    – Lauren Brooke Luminous Eyes Corrective Concealer
    – Medusa’s Makeup Lip Paint in”Hanky Panky”
    – Mullein & Sparrow Lemon Rose Face Wash
    – Lauren Brooke Lip Colour in “Sangria”
    – Walnut Hill Face Serum

    • Box Twins! Love everything I got, especially the Walnut Hill Face Serum- I tried my daughters and loved it!

  5. Seeing the picture of all of the goodies makes me almost wish I had purchased the mystery box. But I didn’t since I’ve been subbed to Benevolent Beauty since its inception (and I purchased their LE box during the holidays too), so these would have all been duplicates for me. Maybe if I go home and compile all of these into a box, then I’ll feel better. Ha!

  6. Mine is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and I’d be happy with these products! Fingers crossed!!

  7. Thank goodness this box is sold out or I would have bought it after seeing this review, and I’m already on product overload. I hope they offer it again.

    • Same here!

      Looks like a great box mix and value, I would totally buy it in the future ✔

  8. I hope everyone is reading the ingredients even though the product is touted as being -free. That Medusas lip paint has parabens, despite BB saying it does not.

    • You are right, even on Medusa’s website they say “paraben free” but the ingredients clearly say methyl and propyl paraben. That’s crazy misleading info.

      • I emailed Rachel about it and she said they just print the info the companies give them. As you saw, the ingredients were clearly visible. And she just left it at that. I canceled my subscription. They are a more expensive so my expectations are higher.

  9. My box is due to arrive on Friday and I can’t wait! I hope my box is similar as I think every item you got is great.

  10. So, I’m clicking on the link for the mystery box and it takes me straight to cratejoys page and it says nothing about the mystery box. Is this only for current subscribers?

    • Sorry this box has sold out, but I just updated the link to go to the sold out page. Hope that helps!

  11. Uh oh… this seems like an awesome box!

  12. This box is outstanding! I love every dang product and the lemon face wash is scrumptious! I’m sick that it’s sold out. I went on as soon as I received the email and ordered one. Went through paypal, thought I had completed the transaction, but looking at my account I guess the transaction did not go through. 😞 Glossy box is no comparison to Benevolent Beauty!

    • If you’re interested, the People Shop has the Lemon and Rose face wash on sale for $16 when you use their coupon for 50% off.

      • Oh my gosh. I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you for posting this. I didn’t get the face wash in my box, so I went to the website to check it out and ended up getting that, a scrub and some candle sets that were 30% off plus the 50% off of everything (yes, stacked on the candles)…with free shipping and a free lip balm. Haha. I just couldn’t pass it up! Thanks for the tip!

        • And your mention of the 30% off made me go back and look again and I realized it was 30% off plus 50% off everything holiday related! So I placed a second order! Cards, candles, ornaments. Thank you! LOL

          • Just ordered hair serum. 🙂

      • I’d be interested in your face wash! 🙂
        Just email me at iluvmichickens at gmail
        We can trade if you want! 🙂

        • I just listed my face wash on swaps. If anyone is interested feel free to request and I’m happy to take a look! 🙂

    • Hi Alyce,

      I got that lemon face wash in the last benevolent mystery box a month or so ago and I ordered a box this time too. If I get another lemon face wash when I get my box you can have it. I have so many face cleansers it’s crazy. I have never traded or given away products so I am not sure exactly how we do it but it’s yours if you want it. You can even have the one I have if I don’t get a new one but I did open the bottle to smell it so you may not want the one I already have. Let me know.

      • I’d be interested in your face wash! 🙂
        Just email me at iluvmichickens at gmail
        We can trade if you want! 🙂

      • Felicia, you are a doll! Thank you for the kind gesture.🌞

        • Alyce,

          You are welcome. I am a make-up, skin product junkie so I always have extra stuff and I would hate to see it wasted. My box arrives tomorrow so I’ll know then if I have two bottles of the lemon rose face wash or just the one that I previously sniffed. 🙂


          Since I already offered one to Alyce I’ll give her first dibs but if she passes or if I end up with two and you don’t mind the one that I opened (but did not use) then I am happy to send your way. I will email you tonight once I am off work. I’m in California so around 4:30. feliciaburton2 also at gmail.

  13. I got almost the same stuff. Except instead of the Lemon Rose face wash, Medusa Makeup lip paint and the Lauren Brooke concealer I got the Tumeric Face scrub from the January box ($15.88) and the Manna Kadar palette ($39) and Mommy Makeup Stay Put Matte lip cream in Heather ($22) from the Special Edition box. So happy! I love that Mommy Makeup lip cream!!

    • Oh my gosh!! I LIVE the mommy make-up. I have such box envy.

  14. I ordered one. This will be my first experience with benevolent beauty. Every item looks exciting. Should receive it any day.

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