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Allure Beauty Box Review – February 2017 + $5 Coupon


Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription from Allure Magazine. Each month they send out a mix of deluxe and full-size samples from mostly high-end brands!


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Allure Beauty Box

The Cost: $15 a month

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Get a free Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit (Full Size) with your first box! No coupon needed - just use this link.

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty and makeup samples.

Ships to: the US

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Each box comes with a booklet detailing the items included and why the Allure Beauty Editors selected them.

Allure-Beauty-Box-February-2017-0005 Allure-Beauty-Box-February-2017-0006 Allure-Beauty-Box-February-2017-0007 Allure-Beauty-Box-February-2017-0008 Allure-Beauty-Box-February-2017-0020

And this box also included a card for a free month of Curology. (Check out our Curology reviews to learn more about this customized skincare subscription.)


Now, onto the items!


Cargo Cosmetics Colorstick in Champagne – .25 oz Value $20

I thought this was full-size when I first saw it. (It is .25 oz compared to the .35 oz of the full-size version.)


The formula itself is great. It goes on smoothly, has a ton of shimmer, and blends easily. Here it is swatched:




Beautycounter Lengthening Mascara – FULL SIZE! Value $29


Yay for full sizes! I really like the Beauty Counter brand (they are ingredient conscious), so I was excited to try this. I think it’s a great mascara if you are going for a natural look. It gave me dark black lashes with plenty of definition and a decent amount of length.

If you are looking for a lot of drama, volume, and length, though, this is not your mascara.


First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads (10 count) – Value $5

These pads are designed to be a “daily treatment pad that contains just the right amount of lactic and glycolic acids to safely and effectively exfoliate, tone, and brighten.”

They’re free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, too! I found the formula to be gentle on my skin, and I’m hoping to notice a brighter complexion in 10 days!


OLAY Eyes Pro-Retinol Eye Treatment – .23 oz Value $11.50

This is almost half the size of the full-size version! It’s designed to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 4 weeks. The formula is a lightweight cream (almost gel) that absorbs almost instantly. It was gentle on my skin, and the scent was barely noticeable.


Grande Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper – Value $10?

(No size listed on this sample, so I’m estimating the value/size at a little less than half the full-size version.)


This formula is gluten and paraben free, and it is supposed to help plump lips. It gives a good amount of gloss with no stickiness – so at least it passes my lip gloss test! The formula tingles a little bit, but isn’t too annoying. I haven’t noticed any major plumping differences, but I rarely do with this type of product!


Red Flower Moroccan Rose Candle Tea Light – Value $2.50

This scent is described as a blend of “rose otto, bulgarian rose, damascus rose, along with musky undertones of patchouli and coriander.”

I thought this was a nice addition to a February box, and I really like the scent! (I’m not normally a fan of rose scents, but this one works for me.)


Verdict: This box has a value of about $78. That’s great for a $15 beauty box! I think this is a fab February box from Allure, and I’m really impressed with the sample sizes this month, too.

What do you think of the February Allure Beauty Box?

This box is regularly $15 a month, but you can use this link to save $5 off your first box. (If you sign up before the end of February, your first box will be the February box.)

Allure Beauty Box

How do subscribers rate Allure Beauty Box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (95)

  1. Where has this mascara been all my life? It’s EXACTLY what I love in a mascara. I put it on 11 hours ago and I just looked in the mirror and I still look like I have naturally long dark lashes. (I don’t). And it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing mascara. I hate those heavy fake-y clumpy mascaras and this one just doesn’t do that. I will most likely be buying this again in a couple of months, and checking out the Beautycounter brand.

    I also love the Cargo stick, but when don’t I love Cargo? Once I love a product, I have a favorable bias toward all that company’s products, and Cargo won me over long ago with Reverse Lip Liner.

    I’m pretty happy with the rest of the box too, but those two are the big things for me. Things like this are the reason I keep subscribing to boxes like Allure and Birchbox. I don’t love most of what they send, but when I do, I’m thrilled and will rebuy. The cost of the boxes is worth it to potentially discover something so perfect for me.

  2. So, I just opened up my box and I received the mascara box with no mascara! I’m almost amused by it because I don’t know how that would possibly happen. Of course I notice on a Saturday night so CS won’t get back to me for days….

  3. Anyone else not receive their box yet?

    • I have not but I only ordered about 10 days ago. I wonder how long it will take to get a shipping notice.

      • Every month, I always get my box before they ever sent me a shipping conformation., then the day I get my box… I get the email that says my box has been shipped…lol. So, I’m sure your box already shipped out!

  4. I think this was one of my favorite boxes EVER. I will use EVERYTHING and that never happens ever. I sometimes will use 3 or more or less. But I am so happy with the amazing change that they must have gone through to get to this place where they are putting out the best boxes and on time and I’m so happy. Thank you AllureBeautyBox. Keep up the great work. You Rock. 💋

  5. I’ve received two broken items from consecutive months already. The eyeshadow palette from Jan box came broken with one shattered color, and the cargo stick from Feb box came completely broken off and stuck in the cap. I’ve contacted CS hoping to get replacements. Anyone else had broken/defective items? How well are they about replacing them?

    • I think their customer service is amazing. I usually use chat to talk to to them when I have a problem (though it was only 1 time). I also had 2 shattered eye shadows in my pallette last month and even though it’s not their fault and probably happened in delivery, they sent me a replacement pretty quick. I just got it a few days ago. So, yes.. I would say, definitely contact them and let them know!

    • It took several months. I contacted them in September and the missing products didn’t arrive until a week and a half ago. My cargo stick also came broken. I hope for allures sake it doesn’t take that long.

  6. I love Allure beauty box so much, that I just signed up for a second box! Oh boy.. I have 2 Glossybox too. Love them both! Just got rid of 1 birchbox account, about to cancel the other too. No competition!

  7. Anyone else been charged but not received a shipping notice yet? I checked my account and nothing! Waiting for customer service to get back to me.

    • I usually don’t receive a shipping notice until the day AFTER I get my box in the mail… not when they take my money out. So, I wouldn’t worry about it. I always get mine… even without the shipping notice.

  8. …tried everything (except Cargo Stick… on highlighter overload and saving for summer) and I love it all! Extremely happy this month. Can’t wait for March box.

  9. I loved this box. Every. Single. Thing. in it. Keep it up Allure!

    • I agree! Great box Allure!!! xoxoxo

  10. Love Allure boxes! Great products every month!

    I am wondering if they are going to do an Academy Awards box like before?

  11. I LOVE the lip plumper! Makes my lips plump right up! I was actually using the WEI Bee Venom to plump my lips, but this one does a way better job. I use it under my tinted lip gloss or lipstick and it works very well. I also put it on my lips before bed and wake up with lush, plump lips! Thanks Allure!

  12. Excited for this box. I’m always happy to have a new multi-purpose make-up item to play with. Also looking forward to the Beauty Counter mascara. I personally don’t mind getting mascaras in almost every box. Yes, it’s repetitive. But it’s a great way to try different kinds and allows me to switch out mascaras often. If I don’t love it, I can toss it without feeling guilty for wasting money.

  13. Got my Feb box today even though I never got my Jan box, hmm, I even spoke with customer service last week and now when I checked my account online it says suspended by user- that is not what we discussed I was not suspending my account- so weird, now I need to call them again. I must be the only one who does not like the candle- I am sensitive to certain scents-especially florals and can get headaches from them, this candle is a headache inducer for sure, the whole box smells! I even had to throw out the paper inserts. Allure don’t do this to me, I love makeup and skin care and even the occasional non-floral fragrance. I have the tea light in the box with cover on and can’t decide if I should just throw it away or find someone to give it to who might like the scent.

    • I had the same problem with them they suspended my box 3 different times and I had to email and call them. They accused me of suspending my account I couldn’t believe it. They finally got it straightened out. Their customer service is awful and they are so rude. But I love the boxes I have received so far.

    • This is incredibly strange: I checked my account 2 wks ago and noticed my account had been suspended, mysteriously…I certainly didn’t suspend it. I changed it back and notified CS via email to make them aware of the problem. They assured me I would receive the Feb box, and I did get it. From now on, I will periodically check my account. And now I know I wasn’t the only customer to encounter this problem.

      • I had the same thing!- or at least something similar. I signed up for the sub through the black Friday deal, and Allure canceled and refunded the money. Was super bummed when i found out– AND they never contacted me to say it had been refunded. Super frustrating

    • I don’t like the candle either. I don’t even see why we are getting candles in a beauty box. I would much rather have another beauty product, even a fragrance, than a candle. We get enough of those in mixed lifestyle boxes.

  14. Allure, once again this box is my #1 sub. Love it!! It was great to get the tea candle from Red Flower. I was wanting to try the candle products from them, after trying their lotions. I love that candle. The mascara was a big hit also. And you are correct, mascaras have gone a little mad in the last few years. This Beautycounter product was great. Once again I can not say enough about this box. I can not wait to see whats coming for March!

  15. I am very happy with my box this month. Looking forward to using the highlighter and well everything…

  16. I was charged but I’m still waiting for a tracking notice. I’m really enjoying the allure boxes and am trying to wait patiently!

  17. Received my Feb box today. YAY! Mine is exactly as reviewed above. The tea light smells amazing! Can’t wait to try products. Also, I received a separate small package from Allure BB, not sure why. It was another Doucce eye palette, same as January box item. My original was fine, I never requested a replacement….very puzzled! …unless it was a consolation gift for being charged wrong for the Holiday 4 month special. IDK. (CS DID finally correct my charges, TG! so glad cuz I love this box)

    • FYI Update: received an email, after the fact, regarding the free Doucce eye pallet I unexpectedly received. It was a free gift for reinstating my subscription. (I cancelled back in September). So glad to be back! 🙂

      • Did you receive same two pallets?

      • Yes…same Doucce eyeshadow pallet as in January box, same colors. Now I have 2.

  18. I have been very happy with Allure and the beauty boxes, I just have 2 comments, I really don’t want mascara in the boxes every month, it’s an easy filler and I have more than enough and since this is a beauty box, I expect beauty products, not a tealight candle, if I wanted a candle I’d get a Yankee candle box

  19. Very disappointed with this box. How on earth is a candle even a beauty item? They couldn’t have included a lipstick or something instead?
    The the Curology card is useless to me, as I have no acne to treat. It would be one thing if the service offered a personalized product for any skin concerns you might have, but it doesn’t.
    I mean, for the $10 (plus tax) that I actually paid for it, I suppose it’s okay, but it’s really disappointing for a box that purports to send a value upwards of $100 each month. Also disappointing in comparison to most of the boxes I received from Allure in the past.

    • The candle is an extra item. An over and above surprise.

  20. Another great box! The last four months have been really great boxes. Allure seems to finally be getting back to their amazing selves. I hope they keep sending full sizes and lots of variety.

  21. Has anyone tried the lip plumper in comparison to the Too Faced one? I got the Too Faced one a few months back and it burned my lips, so I don’t know if I want to try this :/ Also, second ingredient in the FAB facial pads is aloe, so that’s a pass. Oh well.

    • Hi! I have tried this product (full size) and am so happy to be receiving a sample. I noticed a difference and bought a second full size when my first ran out. The formula is amazing but their packaging was not good. It is super tight and when I opened the second one the applicator separated from the base. I was able to fix it with needle-nosed pliers and parts from my first container. I am psyched that this packaging is not the same as the full sized! Maybe they changed? I would buy this again if they fixed that issue.

  22. Got my Allure box today! It was early this month, as I usually don’t get it until the last week of the month. I’m happy with everything! I will use it all!

  23. Allure loves cargo – lol.

    • I love Cargo too! So happy to see Cargo products in my boxes.

  24. Got my shipping/tracking notice yesterday 🙂

  25. First time with Allure box. Card was charged a week ago and yesterday received a list of items in my box. Specifically did not sign up for mascara but got it anyway. The Olay lip cream is only item interested in so will attempt the swap. Hope they get better. Was hoping for a hair product , do these ever come in this box?

    • Did not sign up for mascara? It is a beauty box, they send mascara often so this is probably not the best box for you.

      • So I was confusing my Allure box with another box that let you have preferences, i.e. Opt out /in of certain items therefore the mascara confusion, same with the Olay which I will use for my eyes. I also received a tracking number today, it has been shipped! My question is does Allure ever send hair priducts? Thanks.

      • Yes!

      • Yes, and this sub is always my favorite. This box isn’t their best but try a few more months and I think you’ll be pleased.

      • Which box can you choose preferences? I’d like to check that one out.

    • You can’t pick what you get with the allure box. Some months there will be variations but for the most part all the boxes will be the same. The Olay cream is for eyes not lips.

    • They do send hair products, although the samples are usually pretty small. That’s fine for the styling products, but when it’s a conditioner, the sample usually isn’t big enough for all my hair. This is true in almost all boxes/bags 🙁

  26. Anyone get a tracking notice yet?

    • I just got charged on the 7th and mine is pending.

    • I received a tracking notice just now and one a couple days ago. One is for my January box and one for February! (I signed up a few weeks ago)

  27. Thanks Liz! This box looks great…looking forward to getting my own. Just for clarification: is the Cargo color stick for multi-purpose? Or would you consider it a highlighter? or eyeshadow? Can it be used as lipstick?

    • Cargo describes this color stick as all-in-one eye, cheek, and lip color stick! 🙂

  28. I’m gonna put this up for a swap. All my other Allure boxes have been spectacular!! You still have my love Allure, was just not for me this month.

    • Hi Monique! I’m not on the swap site, but would love to have this box! Please contact me mthsieg at gmail sitcom

  29. I’m excited for the Cargo & Olay. The pads seem cool too. Even though this box as a whole definitely falls flat for me. I can’t very well complain though since there are items I’m excited about and the other boxes have been so good. I’m already looking forward to next month.

  30. It’s not a bad box, but there is nothing here I want or need. I have similiar items, especially mascara!

    I signed up in January and will receive that one hopefully soon. I just chatted with customer service and was able to pause my account until March. I hope I like that one.

  31. Wow, Liz, yours came quickly this month! Mine hasn’t even shipped yet.

    • I know right? Same here.

      • I have not received my January box. 🙁

        I emailed customer service again. Wish me luck!

      • Ugh, their customer service is so frustrating, but their box is sooo good! Good Luck! I hope it appears in your mailbox today 🙂

      • Thanks! That’s very sweet. It hasn’t shipped yet. They told me they were behind. Considering the cost (low) and value is high, I’m trying to be patient.

  32. I am so excited for this box. I love Cargo and can’t wait to try their product.

  33. I love ❤️ Allure beauty box. Can’t wait for its delivery!!

  34. The lip plumper is actually supposed to plump over time. You apply twice a day for 30 days and I can actually say it does work. It basically super hydrates your lips so that they’re nice and full. I know it says you should see a difference right away but no plumper really does anything instantly for me. This one doesn’t tingle much like the soap and glory. Good grief that stuff makes my lips twitch. Anyway, keep it up twice a day for 30 days and see what you think.

    • That is good to know. I definitetly need something to plump my lips.

      • I see a big difference in my lips right away. Perhaps that because my lips are a bit on the dry side? Not sure.. works great for me though.

  35. I’m am so excited for this box. I was wondering if they started shipping it already until I read they had sent it to you guys in advance. Can’t wait till it comes. Great review!

  36. Weird. I just got that Grande Lips lip plumper in the Amazon Luxury Box.

  37. One tea light? I actually like candles a lot, but I expected at least 2 tea lights or a larger candle. Kind of disappointing.

    The face pads will be nice, and I’ll probably like the Cargo product. Everything else – a low impact mascara, lip plumper, and eye cream – is kinda underwhelming. Oh well, I’ve liked most of my recent boxes so I’ll live!

    • It’s just a little extra add-on they put into the box. If you look at the number of items, it still has the usual number, but with this little Valentines addition as well!

  38. When people try the highlighter, will you let me know if it seems pretty complexion- dependent? I want to swap for it, but I’m pretty pale and I’m afraid it might be a little dark for me.

    • I was checking this out on the link to buy, and this is actually the lightest in comparison to the other two. It’s a light champagne color that seems like it would suit most, if not all, complexions.

  39. This is the first Allure box that I’m just meh about. I usually am in love with their selections. This one is dissatisfying. The lip plumper is the only thing that I kinda want. Going to try to to swap thins box…I’m a virgin swapper, fingers crossed.

    • I have the lip plumper, also noticed it did nothing.
      I think the Buxom glosses from bare minerals actually plump nicely and i like the gloss consistency, colors, scent and flavors they have….. and i especially like the effect of one from physicians formula that comes in a gloss tube shaped like a test tube…idk what its called but that works REALLY well but what i dont like is the smell.
      I havent tried many plumping products besides those 3…but grande lips does nothing for me at all.

      • Thanks Linda for the heads up on the plumper. I think I’ll put this box up for a swap. But I still love you Allure, you have won me over with your previous boxes.

  40. Looks good, little more heavy on makeup then I like but everything included is what I like, mascara, lip plumper and highlight. I really like the addition of the candle, just some thing different, though I wish it was a scent other then rose. Impressed with everything and the value is insane, no idea how they do it. Can’t wait for my box.

  41. Will there be any variations this month? Or will all boxes be the same?

  42. This is going to be my first box and really excited! In need of both highlighter and mascara. I love candles and I love eye creams. Pretty much will use every product.:) I will cancel my other subscription after this month. Full sized products are more fun!

  43. Nice box. If the candle was a bit better, it would be an amazing box. 😉

  44. Wow, still waiting for the January box. It’s “processing” so I can’t even cancel. The only thing customer service has done is given me inaccurate information and refused to refund my money. Such a bummer with so many other great boxes out there. Live and learn.

    • Gosh I just hate hearing stories like this. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. I haven’t had any issues with them yet, but I’ve definitely have heard they frequently have all sorts of problems. Which is such a shame.

      • I know me too. I haven’t had any problems myself either but keep hearing about some who do, which is too bad. I rather like this box, so far anyway.

    • Make sure when you finally get your January box that all the items are there. I knew the January boxes were delayed, which I was fine with. But when I finally got my box January 27th, it was missing the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion.. which was the sole reason why I signed up for a subscription in the first place! I saw the January box spoilers and was sold when I saw the Dr. Brandt product. Emailed customer service and they assured me they would ship out a replacement.. but it’s been 2 weeks and still nothing. I read about this happening to so many other people from past boxes and they’ve still yet to receive their replacement products! Starting to wonder if this sub box is worth the hassle! Just signed up and already having problems…

      • Just to give you a word of warning about not constantly checking your mailbox for the missing item. I had one item missing in a November box and contacted customer service right away. They told me the same thing–2 weeks or something. Well they came and went and I figured it had gotten lost or never been sent. Until it showed up one day in January!!
        So, you might not see it for a while but they DO show up.

      • Thanks! I guess I’ll have to just be patient lol! I shot them a quick email the other day asking if they could confirm if my replacement item was shipped or not, and they said that it is showing that it’s shipped and to allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Their customer service seems nice and they are quick to respond to emails, but I just wish I didn’t have wait months to receive a product that I was supposed to get. Oh well. Hopefully everything is accounted for when my February box gets here. If this is going to be a constant occurrence, I may need to just save myself the hassle and cancel..

  45. Thanks for the review!!! My box should be arriving between Thursday and Saturday and I can’t wait to try everything! I think this looks like a great box! I sometimes use small candles in my car (unlit!!!) for a nice scent in the car.

    • Yay! Glad the review is helpful, and I like your idea about using an unlit tea light candle in the car! 🙂

    • Do you know when you were charged for this box? I haven’t been charged for February yet and on my account info, it only shows January’s charge and tracking.

      • I just started this sub in January. I was wondering where does it show your charge and shipping info.? I only see ‘active’.

        They told me I would get January’s box, but I haven’t received anything, and I was charged only once in January.

      • Thank you Jami! All I see under that is Shipment frequency: Monthly. I guess they didn’t ship it yet. 🙁

      • i haven’t been charged either. 🙁

      • They told me today on chat that they are charging for February closer to the end of this month. And for January that they are delayed.

      • OOPS I made a mistake, my BIRCHBOX is arriving bet. Thurs and Sat, not my Allure. I was last charged on 1/21 and it arrived on 1/25. I recall they had a later than usual shipping date last month. I think I usually get this box sometime after the 16th of the month. (clearly a sign, too many subs LOL!!!) I have so much fun trying new products!

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