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Walmart Beauty Box Review – Winter 2017 – Trendsetter Box


The Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly beauty sample subscription box from Walmart. They feature brands you will find at Walmart, plus coupons.

FYI – They ask for your birthday at sign up to customize the box based on age. There are two options you could receive based on age: Trendsetter (under 35) or Classic (35 and over).


Check out my post on the Trendsetter and Classic options to see how to get both options.


This is a review of the Trendsetter Beauty Box.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Box: Walmart Beauty Box (Trendsetter Box)

The Cost: $5 (ships once a season)

The Products: Beauty samples from brands carried by Walmart. (I’m guessing coupons too).

Ships to: US only

Delivered via: USPS

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Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Almond Nude – 2.3 g Value $4.60


This is my favorite item in the box! It adds a decent amount of color, moisture, and it has a satin finish – not overly shiny. Plus, it has a nice, fruity flavor! Here it is swatched:

Walmart-Beauty-Box-January-2017-0008 Walmart-Beauty-Box-January-2017-0012

Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash – 1.8 oz Value $.45

I’m not a huge fan of the Dove body wash scents (including this one), but it definitely does the job of a moisturizing body wash! (I love their unscented soap bars, though!)


Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer – 2 oz Value $2

This is a moisturizer that is designed to be applied to your skin directly after you shower when your skin is still wet. The tube says it absorbs instantly, but I was still getting a bit of a film when I tried rubbing it in. I toweled the excess off, and my skin was moisturized but not greasy – but of course that meant half the product was now on my towel!

So to sum up, this is an interesting product but didn’t work exactly as promised for me, and I think I’ll stick to my body oil post-shower routine!


This sample also included a coupon for $4 off of on any Curel Hydra Therapy. (Considering the 8 oz version retails for about $7.99, that’s a great discount!)


Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion – 1 oz Value $.97

This lotion absorbs quickly, moisturized my skin, and I love that it is fragrance-free!


L’Oreal Smooth Intense Shampoo, Pre-Conditioner, and Conditioner Sampler – Value $.25

This set of hair products is designed to help with straightening your hair before you use any heated hair tools. After the shampoo, you apply the pre-conditioner, let it sit for a minute, then apply the conditioner over it, let that all sit for a minute, then rinse.

My hair is wavy/curly, so I usually either straighten or curl it to get a style that looks intentional 🙂 and I was excited to give this a try. It didn’t leave my hair completely straight (I’ll still need to use a straightener), but it definitely left my hair straighter than it would have dried normally. So, it’s not a game-changing product for me, but based on your hair type, it might be for you!


Village Naturals Therapy Concentrated Mineral Bath Soak – 2 oz Value $2.32

This bath soak has an intense menthol scent (though, I guess just about anything with menthol in it has an intense menthol scent!).

This can be used for a full bath or a foot bath. I like formula with the exception of the artificial dyes – I feel like there was no need to add them to the bath salts.


Lastly, this box included magazine coupons, too.


Verdict: This box has a value of about $10.50. I think that’s good for a $5 box, especially because I feel like I got a lot of great travel sized samples. The Neutrogena lip crayon is almost worth the cost of the box alone, so all the other samples are just bonus to me! What do you think of the Winter Walmart Beauty Box? Did you get the Classic or Trendsetter box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (60)

  1. When the fall box came out I was so excited, in the previews there was nail stuff! I love nail stuff, but my box had nothing of the sort. It was such a let down. I can’t remember exactly what I got because it was months ago, but I was upset enough to cancel. And by reading and looking at the winter box, I’m still glad I cancelled! I know it’s only five bucks, but to me the box wasn’t worth five bucks nor is this one.

  2. I don’t even have my fall box yet!

    • I just got mine today ! After emailing them about 6 times with no response!

  3. Can somebody please explain to me how to get a subscription to both boxes? I have tried looking in my account and when I go to add a new subscription it just asks for my name and address and I don’t see an option of what box I want to pick. What am I doing wrong? Please help.

    • I think you have to change your birthday to over 35?? for the classic and under for the trendsetter.

      • You are right about changing your age. For the trendsetter box you need to make sure you put that you are younger than 35. Then for the classic you have to be over 35.

      • Thank you for this tip! I get the trendsetter but I tried to sign up for a 2nd box to get the classic, but it automatically enrolled me in a 2nd trendsetter! I had to cancel that and order a “gift” subscription with a fake birthday to get the classic.

  4. I get the trendsetter box but mine was slightly different. Instead of L’oréal hair care samples I got Ken Paves hair care samples, instead of that particular Aveeno lotion I got a vanilla and oat scented Aveeno body yogurt, and instead of the lip crayon, I received a 1.15 oz tresemme dry shampoo. The rest of the products talked about in this review were the same as what I received.

    I don’t think things were missing, I think everyone gets a variety (or a different version of type same brand) of products and it isn’t like Target where all the boxes have the same products which is why Walmart boxes don’t come with cards.

    Overall I was happy with type box. I will be purchasing the Aveeno body yogurt, the tresemme (which is already a hair staple for me) dry shampoo, type wet skin mouturizer and the epsom salts (I usually pick up the individual packets anyway) in their full sizes.

    The Dove body wash I won’t be getting in a full size. Their body washes never smell that great.

    I won’t be buying the Ken Paves either. I’m pretty brand loyal to a salon brand that I can get a liter (33 oz) of shampoo and conditioner for $40. The salon brand conditioner lasts me three months. The Ken paves was $45 total for 17 oz (8.5 shampoo, 8.5 conditioner) so that isn’t worth it to spend to me. I wasn’t a big fan of it or its disgusting smell.

    • I got everything you got in your box too! I loved the Aveeno body yogurt, I just wish in would sink in my skin better. I tried the Ken Paves 3 step shampoo & it left my overly-processed blonde hair feeling great! frizz-free & super soft, but that herbal smell is awful it smells gross, like herbal plants, which I don’t like that kind of scent in my HAIR.

      Worth the $5 though. 🙂

  5. OMG! My box was so sad 🙁 so I decided to spend my $5 on a monthly 4-sheet mask box @ (I luv sheet masks!)

    • My trendsetter box was sad. No lip crayon, the dove wash smelled gross and there was a sample of loreal pore vanished that had gone bad and separated. I cancelled today. That was my first box and it was bad.

      • I got trendsetter and classic and didn’t get the lip crayon or mascara! Boo. I think that some subs boxs know that sub adiction posts pictures and give this reviewer better items than the average person subscribing to there beauty box!

      • I have to disagree, I don’t have a social media presence and never post photos of my boxes, but I consistently receive some great products.

  6. Mine just arrived and I’m so sad there were no lip crayon nor mascara. I get bad itchy breakouts from Dove products and don’t use dry shampoo. A total let down 🙁 this box with foils is not worth $5 I gotta stop looking at spoilers on boxes as I hate feeling ripped off after mine end up being bad

  7. This box was quite comical for me.

    I signed up for 1 of each and received them. Then I was charged again for another box. I emailed and received a reply almost immediately apologizing and promising a refund.

    I got 2 refunds of $5 each and then another box showed up. I emailed again and they told me to keep it. Yesterday I got another box. Again customer service says keep it.

    So all told I received 4 boxes for $5. Great deal!!!

  8. Received both boxes yesterday. The trendsetter box did have bath soak. The classic box was so much better. It had good size pond cream and full size mascara. I cancelled trans box, for now will keep the classic one

    • Agree! I loved my Classic box, but didn’t care for the trendsetter box. I’m keeping both though, because last season.. I loved the trendsetter and didn’t care for the classic! Still always worth the $5 each…

      • Agreed, I liked the trendsetter box better than the classic box last time, but this time classic blew the trendsetter one out of the water! If I had gotten the Neutrogena color stick or a deodorant, I’d probably feel differently. Anyway, I’m 36, so I guess I’m borderline old lady, meaning the trendsetter might still be fitting for me. I am still not sure if I’m going to keep my subs or cancel, then resub when I see spoilers. I feel like new subs get the good stuff, but I could be wrong.

  9. This isn’t a bad value for $5, but there’s NOTHING that says “Trendsetter” to me here.

  10. I´m not happy , becasue It is not fair that twice in a row they send me the same products: dove body wash and Village Naturals Therapy Concentrated Mineral Bath Soak

  11. I only received 4 items and a foil pack… is that normal? I feel like the foil packs are always extra… should I contact them?

    • Same as you – I was missing the bath soak and the lippy thing. I’m not going to contact because it’s not that big of a deal to me. I don’t sit in my bath, and I don’t use that particular color lol.

  12. I ordered an extra Trendsetter box last week and it arrived today. Much quicker than my regular subscription box! It’s exactly the same as this one Liz has reviewed, including the lip crayon! I’m loving it, especially for only $5. So if anyone is still waiting on their box there’s still hope for getting a good one.

  13. I was kind of bummed when I got this box. I already got the dove body wash, the aveeno lotion and the aches bath salt in prior boxes. It seemed kind of repetitive.

  14. My “trendsetter” box included a Ponds cream that “visibly remove wrinkles”. I guess Walmart just put whatever was available in stock and that’s it. I would expect that on a Classic box, but not on the trendsetter one.

    • I got it in both boxes…and the mascara in both….and the body wash in both (at least those were different scents)…. Oh well. I’m sure it will all get used eventually.

      • Same for me! I got the ponds, dove body wash, mascara and Curel Hydra therapy in both boxes! They are all good products, but I was thinking there would be at least a little variation between the two…

      • Yes! I did get the Curel in both too…I thought there was something else that was the same!

      • Same here. I’m really sad I didn’t get the lip stuff, and really really sad that everything was doubles! Sigh…I guess for $5 though, I shouldn’t be too disappointed!

  15. I only got 5 items in total worth about $8.85 but only three the same…curel, dove, and loreal foil packets…my TRESemme dry shampoo was basically empty when the box finally arrived and the nspa coconut body butter is up on swap cuz I hate coconut. 🙁

    • I got the same box and felt box disappointment for the first time since I started subbing

  16. I get both boxes and i know i shouldn’t complain but I’m missing 3 items from my trendy box. The lip crayon, the aches and pains bath salts, and the small lotion. Does anyone know the best way to contact them about missing 3 products. I’ve received boxes that was missing an item before and i never complained ,but 3 items is a bit much.

    • Not all boxes are identical. Walmart beauty boxes are not like Target beauty boxes where you know what you are getting. For example I did not get the lip item or the bath soak but I did receive 2 different shampoo/conditioner foil packs as well as two different aveeno lotions.

  17. I received both the classic and trendsetter on the same day, opened them, and cancelled both. But for the mascara that I don’t want, the values would have been <$5 each.

  18. I get the classic box and received a good selection of products, in my opinion. I received the same Curel and coupons as the trendsetter box and Dove body wash in mandarin. I also received Dove antiperspirant, Aveeno body yogurt, Aveeno night cream, Ponds anti-wrinkle cream, and Covergirl mascara. I’m happy with the products in this Winter box!

    • How is that Mandarin body wash? Is it a citrus scent? I think I’d like that for these gloomy winter months.

      • The Dove body wash is mandarin and tiare flower. I smell floral with a little citrus. It’s nice, but not a bright citrus scent.

    • The Aveeno body yogurt is my new favorite product! My feet have never been so soft!

      • This is the first time I’ve heard of Aveeno body yogurt. I have been using it on my hands after yard work and it is wonderfully moisturizing and it smells great. I forgot about using it on my extremely dry feet.

  19. Mine was just a box of different lotions. Was a huge disappointment:0/

  20. Cancelled my subscription today. I haven’t felt ripped off, but just disappointed in the lack of variety of products. I think I’d be better off waiting to see if targets boxes interest me or resubscribe if there’s anything of interest to me.

    • I did the same last week. I had both the trendsetter and the classic and they were both the same with the exception of one item. Mostly foil packets and lotion. I was so irritated that I just cancelled it. I’m also tired of getting Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion Type X.

      Yes, it’s only $5 per box, but since I get two, I can use that money for other boxes.

      • Right! I don’t want any more dove body wash or vaseline lotions. or any more lotions/bodywashes to be honest. I have enough! The sample sizes I’ve gotten have been great, and I’ve gotten full sized products too (mascara and lipstick) – but everything else is so hit or miss. And it’s frustrating that the boxes vary so much.

        I think maybe they need to rethink these boxes. Maybe have categories like skincare, makeup, haricare, etc and let people choose what types of products they can be getting (hopefully could reduce the duplicates). Or move to something similar that target does and just release different variations for one time purchase.

  21. Love these boxes you can’t beat the products for the price. You don’t always get what’s shown but still end up with good stuff.

  22. I did not receive the lip crayon (as I see many others also did not.)
    When you take away the lip product all you’re left with are foil packets and a couple body washes/lotions. It’s totally a crap box. There’s nothing ‘trendsetter’ about body wash and lotion. Get your act together Walmart? ok… i know it’s only $5 but i could get a couple body washes in the travel stuff for LESS than $5, so I feel like I lost money.

    • I agree…that’s what I was thinking as I read this, that it seems like a box of crap. You can often get all those samples except the lip crayon for free at Walgreens.

      • How do you get these items for free at Walgreens?

  23. I got the Trendsetter box. I didn’t get the lip crayon either. I received the Curel hydra therapy, Dove body wash, Tresemme dry shampoo, Napa body butter , and package samples from L’Oréal. (Plus the coupons) I’m hoping the Spring box will be a lot better.

    • This is what I got as well. My Classic box was way better. I’m hoping that the spring boxes are better, or I will be cancelling my sub. It’s tempting to do what others have suggested, which is to cancel, and then when the spoilers come out, resub.

      • That sounds like a great idea to cancel and just wait for spoilers.

  24. Wow your box got to you late… On top of that your box had some of the products that were in my box but it’s missing the other half… I feel like when they get to the end of the subscription boxes they start to get less and less stuff and more foil packs. The 2 boxes before this one were amazing but this winter box was not my favorite and the one you have here is even more sad…. Normally for 5 dollars you can’t complain….. Great review though…

    • Yes – I don’t know why but I think my box is always in the last wave to ship. (I think that explains the product variation, too.)

  25. I get one of each, Trendsetter and Classic. My boxes were exactly the same except that the foil shampoo/conditioner pack was a different brand in each one. I can’t imagine why the trendsetter would have included the pond’s anti-aging cream. I received mascara in each one, too. No lip crayon in either 🙁 I am going to drop these boxes. Even for $5 I have not received anything even remotely exciting, although for $5 if you travel a lot the value is definitely there.

    • Both of my boxes were pretty much the same and sounded like yours. I was surprised since these were my first Walmart boxes. I thought they would be more different.

  26. I did not get a lip crayon. I got a Ponds moisturizer sample, which I also got in my classic box. I was really quite bummed at this one.

    • Thanks for confirming what my memory was telling me — I didn’t get that lip crayon either. I got the Ponds instead (just checked my stash). I *hate* box variations, no matter if it’s Walmart or Sephora. Give everyone the same stuff, darn it!

  27. Ugh mine didn’t have the lip crayon! Do you know if there’s a way to complain to Walmart about this? Thanks!

    • Unfortunately, I don’t believe Walmart makes any guarantees on the types of samples you’ll receive. From what I can tell via Instagram, there are many variations of the Trendsetter and the Classic box.

      Sorry I don’t have better news for you!

  28. This is a minor quibble, but I wish Walmart would include a simple card (even Target does!) listing all the products. They don’t even have to detail what each item is for, I just want a list of products sent. I don’t know about y’all, but I keep every single info card to help me organize my stash, rotate products by date received, etc. I look at this review and I can’t even remember if I got all this stuff because I got the box several weeks ago and have no card to refer to. (Maybe I need to up my ginko biloba intake, just ignore me…) 😀

    • If they did that, everyone would know what was missing from their box lol.

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