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Elizabeth & Clarke The Unstainable Workwear Collection Review – May 2016


Elizabeth & Clarke is a clothing company that makes quality, affordable, and fashionable pieces for women! They have a quarterly subscription for women’s tops (you can see our reviews of it here), and they recently launched their beautiful new line of Unstainable Workwear. Elizabeth & Clarke graciously sent me their Unstainable Workwear Collection to show you, our readers!

They started their Unstainable venture with their Unstainable Shirt line, which was so successful that it was clear they had discovered a significant need for women’s clothing and workwear. Elizabeth & Clarke’s founder, Melanie, says “from there, it was a natural extension to [women’s] suiting.”

They have a Kickstarter to help fund production of the collection right now, which has reached its funding goal to be produced, and their stretch goals include more colors and larger sizes, which is fantastic! Their campaign ends Friday, June 2nd so be sure to pledge now to get your Unstainable items! The Unstainable Collection will also be available for pre-order later in June.


The Unstainable aspect to the clothing is a special treatment that makes the material hydrophobic and everything like wine, water, condiments, food, sweat, etc. just rolls right off! They also have developed and integrated a SweatProof fabric system into this line, as well. You can learn more by checking out the information they provide here.

I also want to mention that every piece you’re about to see is machine washable. No dry cleaning needed!


This collection was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

I actually previously won a contest that they hosted, and as a prize they flew me and a few other women to New York in March to film their new Kickstarter with them! You can read all about my trip here and watch the finished commercial here.

Here’s a look at the pieces in their workwear collection, which contains a dress, pencil skirt, blazer, and pant:




I’m starting things off with my favorite piece in the collection: The Unstainable Dress the James, in Navy. This piece is stunning. It’s extremely well-constructed, polished, and beautifully designed. I adore the netting detail at the neckline and the bottom of the skirt, which add a touch of edge without taking away any amount of professionalism or class.


Yes, the James even has pockets! It’s obvious this dress makes a fantastic workwear piece, but it would also be perfect for any number of occasions.


The fit is so flattering and it’s definitely comfortable to wear. This dress has the SweatProof technology integrated into the inside of the dress, too.


It looks amazing from all angles, and the zipper works very smoothly.



Next is the Unstainable Blazer the Grant, in Charcoal. It’s made with a little motorcycle inspiration – the shoulders have a vegan leather accent, an asymmetrical design, and v cut-outs at the cuffs. (FYI in this shot, the blazer is paired with Elizabeth & Clarke’s Shannon top and a dark wash jean – it looks great dressed down, too.)


Here’s a look at the Grant zipped up. You can see a bit of the leather accent on the shoulder here. The sleeves are a great length and the asymmetrical style is well-proportioned and hides the zipper.

(In this shot, it’s paired with Elizabeth & Clarke’s Unstainable Arden top and their Unstainable Pant the Banks, both featured later in this article.)


The jacket has a shorter cut in the back, as well as pockets! The Grant also has a SweatProof lining, which I can attest works very well – it was sweltering outside when I snapped these photos.



Here is the Unstainable Skirt the Roberts in Navy, paired with an Unstainable Arden top in Heather Grey (which isn’t part of their new collection, but is one of their Unstainable shirt line, featured and available for purchase here). This skirt has the SweatProof lining, which keeps you cool and comfortable and feels very soft.

The design is flattering and features a vegan leather accent panel that adds a little edge but keeps it classy.


Of course, the Roberts has pockets, too!




And lastly, here is Elizabeth & Clarke’s Unstainable Pant the Banks in black (styled with the Unstainable Arden also seen above). The great thing about these pants (other than the unstainable factor) is that they have an adjustable length! The hem is able to be snapped up along the inside to create different lengths.




For their commercial, Elizabeth & Clarke had me,  a 5’11” girl, wear these pants next to a 5’1” girl, also wearing these pants, to show how the Banks can work for any height – no need to worry about finding extra-long or petite sizing.

The Verdict: I know this is a rave review of Elizabeth & Clarke’s Unstainable Workwear Collection, but that’s because I am genuinely impressed with the design, quality, and functionality of each piece. When I met with them in New York to film their commercial and saw their Unstainable collection in person, I knew they had created some really great pieces.

I feel that this collection fills a need in women’s suiting and workwear – in their Kickstarter commercial, Melanie (the founder) points out that they wanted to make pieces that were designed specifically for professional women, which is so needed in a world where so much of women’s workwear is “sized-down men’s suiting.”

There were many things we talked about while filming that didn’t actually end up in their finished commercial. One thing I loved speaking with the Elizabeth & Clarke team and the other women there about about was what it’s like to be a working woman and the struggles and obstacles working women (and women in general) face that men just don’t experience. One of those things is difficulty finding suiting that is flattering, stylish, and functional. We talked about how it can be hard to be taken seriously as a working woman, and that our workwear wardrobe can definitely help or hurt that. In the commercial, one of the girls says, “it’s really distracting to be focused on my outfit [and all the things wrong with/uncomfortable about it] when I should be focusing on my job.” They also had us film anecdotes about hilarious and unfortunate workwear wardrobe mishaps (spills, popping buttons, ill-fit issues, etc – all things that you don’t have to worry about when wearing this collection), but those didn’t make the cut into the final commercial, either.

I feel proud supporting Elizabeth & Clarke and their Unstainable Collection – I definitely feel like a revolution in working women’s wardrobes is needed. I had a blast meeting with the inspiring and hard-working women behind Elizabeth & Clarke and talking all things fashion, working, and subscription boxes with the sweet and intelligent ladies I got to film with.

Head over to Elizabeth & Clarke’s Kickstarter to get your own Unstainable Collection! Their campaign ends Friday, June 3rd.

Elizabeth & Clarke

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Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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Comments (37)

  1. I’m wearing the skirt today, and it is AWFUL! The way the lining is sewn it doesn’t lie flat at the bottom at all. It is comfortable enough, but it looks like a balloon skirt.

    The dress sizing is so screwed up, that I had to get a 14, and am going to have to spend an additional $100 on alterations to get it to fit (my bust is a 14/16, whereas my waist is an 8, and hips are a 10).

    I also got the Liz Lemon, and they recommended a 14. It’s HUGE.

    Don’t waste your money. It might be unstainable, but you can get better pieces for less, that will fit better and just buy multiples.

  2. I guess I am the only one that looks at the jacket, skirt and dress look like design fails from project runway? In fact, I think I have seen those designs on past PR seasons!

  3. Wow everything they picked out for ya fits you well and look so gorgeous. I feel like clothing subscription box are more of a miss then the hit. Not saying the stylist isn’t trying, I do like trying on cloths at home so thats a plus.If I had the cash to order I may but even then I probably wouldn’t. I don’t see the difference from me shopping online and having it sent.This way I am picking what I know I want. If you don’t have the time to shop and want to be taking out of your comfort zone and have he money. The prices kill me too. Anyway sorry about my sad outlook ? Your one of my favorite reviewers and I do think these outfits are very stunning on you. That blue ? is beautiful..

  4. Love all the pieces, except the Grant. I thought maybe it would look different on someone other than the model on their Kickstarter, but no… It’s just a weird jacket. It’s just so boxy and awkward. 🙁

  5. The navy dress looks great on you! And that’s so cool that you were in the commercial:)

  6. I’m so glad they added the final day perk as it was just what I wanted – one pants, one skirt, and one blazer, since the dress is a bit fashion forward for me. Can’t wait to see this! Machine washable dress pants!

  7. I cannot wait to get my pieces from this collection!

  8. I didn’t know about their other sub at all! I signed up for it today, but it allowed me to pick out summer tops. As far as I understand, though, they are about to start charging for the fall collection. Any idea if I will get summer/fall and when that might be?

    • There’s some faq’s on their site but I believe summer will ship in June, they’ll charge cc in June for fall, which ships In Dec. they’re super nice on email.

      • Actually,M there will be a fall shipment in Sep, that’s the one billed in Jun; Dec is billed in Sep and ships in Dec. They stay a quarter ahead in billing since they make each season’s collection as they go based on subscription volume.

  9. They really hit it out of the park with this. I hope the success of this will inspire Melanie to design additional capsule collections.

  10. I was worried the dress would be too risque for work based on the kickstarter pics (especially with the way the skirt comes off), but looks like it fits just fine in these pictures. I’ll probably grab that instead of the blazer. 🙂

    Thanks for the review!

  11. What a miss on this post!! I read it this morning and went to pledge for the whole collection but it’s closed 🙁 Too bad it was not timed better…

    • StyleSnob, E&C will be opening up pre orders on sometime this month/June!

    • Hi StyleSnob! The Workwear Collection is now available on for pre-order. Any orders placed before June 30th will be delivered with the first delivery batch in November. Enjoy!

  12. That dress is gorgeous!

  13. The James dress looks amazing on you!

  14. Man, I wish I would’ve known about this before today. I would’ve picked up the pants, if in my size. Sadly, the campaign is already closed though.

    You look great in all the pieces! They are all unique looking and all ooze class and sophistication but still have a ‘fun’ aspect to them.

    • Valerie, E&C will be opening up pre orders on sometime this month/June!

    • Hi Valerie! The Workwear Collection is now available on for pre-order. Any orders placed before June 30th will be delivered with the first delivery batch in November. Sizes 00 – 18 are available.

  15. Thank you for the review, I am glad I am only getting the pants at this point. I love the dress but at 5’4″ I was worried that the waist is not going to be at the right place, and since it fits you so well, it will not fit me. I do love the jacket and the skirt. Last year with the shirts you can still add on when they ask you for sizes, so hopefully I can add on the jacket and the skirt later. Also to note, I think as of yesterday they did not reach the goal to offer other colors, so it is only available in black.

    • Hi Wendy! Our fit model is 5’4″ exactly — typically fit models are 5’7″ or 5’8″ in the fashion industry. However, the average American woman is actually 5’4″. The jacket, in particular is cropped, and the skirt does hit at the knee. This collection looks good on pretty much everyone who tries it on — call it “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Work Clothes” 😉 You can pick both styles up when you fill-out your survey. Thanks!

  16. You look crazy sassy in that blue dress!

  17. Thanks for this post. I’d seen the Kickstarter earlier but my size hadn’t been unlocked yet–and now it is! I’m excited to get the jacket and pants and seeing your photos convinced me.

  18. Is it Friday (June 3) or June 2nd?

    • Thanks for catching, Gloria! The Kickstarter campaign ends today, June 3rd.

  19. The banks are probably the greatest invention yet….from a fellow 5’11” er…how nice to not have worry about them being too short, which always happens!!! I wasn’t interetested until I saw that feature ? Love your reviews!!

    • Ronzi, when they fitted me for the pants for the commercial, I was definitely thinking smugly to myself, “look, I know these won’t *actually* work! I’ve tried every pair out there!* But I don’t even have to have it on the longest hem option!

      • That is so great that they can go even longer for those taller, such a great idea, I am excited that even though no one thought of it earlier it will be there for my daughter, who is only 6, but looks like she will pass me in height ?

  20. The” JAMES” looks beautiful on you. I need unstainable white jeans:)

  21. I just pledged and can’t wait to get the dress and skirt!!! That dress is so amazing on you, Haley!!!

  22. Very interested. Need more info for sure!

  23. The Grant blazer, what is that white piece on the back of blazer on the left shoulder? Great review and fabulous photos, all the pieces looked great on? Hailey!

    • That’s the sun’s glare off the vegan leather.

  24. How was the sizing? I ordered the kickstarter and will need to give size prefs soon.

    • LM, I felt the sizing was pretty true-to-size. The dress works great on me with a larger bust and also smaller chests, that’s great! I needed a larger size in the pants than I do for jeans, but dress pants generally run smaller than jeans anyway, so it fell in line with my formal wear sizing. (And I’m confident their team will work with anyone who feels they need an exchange or sizing adjustments since you never know how anything truly fits your individual body when you order online!) The waist on the pants is also just a smidge lower than I usually wear, but that’s because I prefer high-waisted pants, and also again because of the workwear style, and also so it works on multiple heights. They’re still comfortable and looks good, though. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks, this is really helpful! Would you say it fits more like H and M sizing, or Gap, Ann Taylor, etc? I’ve tried their shirts (E and C), but the rigid ones fit small and the stretchy ones fit big, so I want to make sure I get the right size.

        I took the plunge because it’s the same price as an Ann Taylor suit but you get four pieces and they are more stylish IMO. Love how everything fits you.

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