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Avenue A by Adidas Subscription Box Review – Spring 2016

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Avenue A by Adidas is a quarterly fitness and running subscription box. Every season they send subscribers at least 3 premium items, (most will be sized).

This subscription launched on February 9th and the Spring box has since sold out. You can sign up now for the Summer 2016 box.


The packaging on this box is fantastic! I love the compartments, the color/print – everything!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


The Subscription Box: Avenue A by Adidas Box

The Cost: $150

The Products: Every Avenue A box is filled with at least 3 premium items (mix of shoes, apparel and accessories) selected by celebrity curators who exemplify style, fitness and performance.

Ships every 3 months

FYI – Boxes are assembled and shipped once per quarter throughout the year. Your subscription continues until you opt out and you can opt out at any time to stop receiving future boxes. By opting out, you will stop receiving boxes and corresponding charges. Please allow for 15 days for us to process your opt out. You can also opt back in to receive future boxes at any time.


This box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.


Pure Boost Sneakers – Value $120

These were the spoiled item when this box launched, and they are even more amazing than I expected! They are so lightweight, supportive, and the fit is great too.


They almost have a snug sock feel. Not sure if these are the type of shoe you wear without socks? But I’m wearing them with socks and have no issues. (The “tongue” on this shoe isn’t separated, so it is more like a shoe you pull on, then use the shoe laces to adjust fit).

And here is the floating arch:


It is designed to support and mold to the shape of your foot. These shoes feel as good as they look!


Kanoi Rucpack Dye Jacket – Value $90

This jacket is made with a super thin polyester fabric that has SPF 25 protection. I love how lightweight the fabric is, and the colors are perfect for summer!

Here is the zipper pocket on the back:


And the jacket zips up into a pouch:



Stella McCartney Big Sport Bag – Value $190


giphy (12)


This bag is amazing! I’ve actually had it on my wishlist for a while!

And it is really big. It is large enough to work as a weekender bag. Here it is with the sneakers to show scale:



I love the lining too!


The top zips to close, and there is an additional strap to wear it as a cross-body bag:


One very important thing to mention with this bag from the info card:

This is a very special welcome gift for you as a member of the Avenue A box 1.

AKA – the value and item count for future boxes will likely be lower. This is an amazing welcome gift for founding members, though!


Supernova Bra Melange – Value $40

This bra is designed for running – it has support! The fit is snug, and I like the wide bands and cross back:


Here is the bra inside out:


I appreciate the separated cup lining too!


Adistar Three-Quarter Tight – Value $90

I went with Medium on all sizing in this subscription and I’m happy with the fit. (For reference, I’m usually a medium in bottoms from Fabletics, and a large in bras.)

These are a great basic item (I seem to always gravitate to black when wearing workout clothing). Here is a better look at the detail:


And they have an adjustable waistband tie too:


Verdict: I know it is only March, but I feel like declaring this box as the best subscription launch of 2016! I can’t imagine anyone who signed up being disappointed in the first Avenue A by Adidas box! The value of this box is about $530! That is an incredible value for $150 – especially since these are new Adidas items!

Now the question is how will Adidas follow this box with the summer box? And a question from my husband Eric, when will they launch a men’s verison? (I’ve never seen him have box envy before – but he definitely wants his own Adidas subscription box!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. if anyone wants to sell their Stella bag, I’d buy it for $65

  2. Totally wish this box was still available… I do worry about signing up, all excited, only to find the next one isn’t nearly as good… if the bag was a bonus, the value could be lower, and the thought of only getting 3 items for $150 doesn’t bring me joy… so I’m super stuck haha, because I’m majorly envious of this box. Hmm.

    • I went ahead and signed up for the box. What i like is that they don’t even ask for your financial/credit card details until the box is ready to be shipped out. If it’s like this box, there will be a spoiler. Figured I’d grab my spot now, if I don’t like the spoiler/don’t have the money, I just won’t input my financial details and miss out on the box.

  3. So glad I splurged on this box. It is amazing. I needed new running shoes anyway, all the other items are just a plus. I sized up from 7 to 7.5 and the fit is perfect. I don’t even wear socks with them.

    I am a new nursing mother, guessing bra size 36DD? Got XL bra…sooo comfy and supportive.

    Stella bag is amazing and I will use it as a diaper bag.

    Tights are a great staple and look very well made.

    So stoked on this box.

  4. So much box envy! I just signed up for summer, but I’m bummed that I missed out on this (and instead spent the same amount on that awful Oui Please winter box).

  5. It’s going to be hard for Adidas to top this box, it was just so incredible. I needed new gym shoes and read lots of good reviews for this model. I wear a 7.5 and that’s the size I ordered, they fit great and I think they are meant to hug your feet. The colors on the shoe are fun and I love the floral laces. The Stella bag is multi use and great for every day, since it won’t show stains. I do love the running jacket, though it’s a snug fit (I got medium based on the sizing chart but a large would have been better). I like the idea of getting current season items at a discount, so I’m going to stay with this sub for at least another box. Super happy!!

  6. I love this box so so much! I thought I would cancel this one but they probably have me forever now. Even without the bag the value was still around $340 so still double what was spent.
    Are they releasing a spoiler for each season?

  7. This box is AWESOME.

  8. I just like to say oh my! I’m glad I was quick and was able to buy the box (I was first to ask to buy it) all my sizes (and my daughters – I think she’s a 10 & I’m a 9) I needed new shoes after surgery last year. My niece works at an Adidas Outlet store and even in her store the shoes are still full price. Now I went and showed my daughter and she thinks the whole box is for her – NOT!!! I owe her capris because I accidentally donated her Lululemon’s.
    I’ve signed up for summer

  9. Ughhh so jealous! I had no idea this existed. Just signed up for the summer one. I’m in between sizes in workout clothing…I wonder if I can exchange sizes af an adidas store?

    • You can exchange sized through the subscription box if something does not fit.

  10. Liz and /or anyone that’s received the box… Does the running jacket with the wrinkled finish look like the wrinkles may come out or relax after a washing? About to spend $90 because I love it so much after seeing this box but would rather it be wrinkle free.

    • I think the wrinkles are part of the “look”, but since it’s 100% polyester, I think a quick steam would get most of them out. If you do wash it I would was it alone because it was dyed after it was assembled, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it bled a little.

  11. I’m so sad, my tracking info says it was delivered but it wasn’t on my porch and now I don’t know what to do :'( I debated this one due to cost but decided to splurge because it was supposed to come around my bday and now I’m out $150 with nothing to show for it

    • Contact their customer service, hopefully it shows up by tomorrow on its own, but if not they should definitely help you.

      I did see the spoilers, but sooo out of my budget range. ?

    • This happened to me! I chatted with a customer service rep at Fedex, they put in a ticket for me and it was delivered the next day 🙂 good luck!

  12. Did I say I love this box?! Sure I did, but it is hands down best box ever! It’s bit more than I would like to pay for something that’s a complete gamble with the surprise contents, but if they keep this up – I won’t blink at the cost! Summer box? Hi. I can’t wait for you!!!!!

  13. Would have ordered but the only thing I’d be able to wear are the shoes. Everything else doesn’t come in my size. Hoping they add more sizes in cloths.

  14. I also hope they put out a men’s version. My son saw the box and stole it but when he looked inside he handed it back to me in disgust and said it wasn’t fair because it was all girl stuff. The look on his face was great though.

  15. I’m glad you enjoyed this box as much as I did. I agree that it has a strong possibly of being the best box of the year! I can’t wait for the next box and wished that it would come sooner. I wore the leggings, shoes, and bra this weekend and they all felt amazing! The shoes felt so springy! They rub against the back of my ankles though, but it’s just a new shoe thing with me that will go away.

    • I noticed the rubbing of the shoes too just from walking around the house in them for a while. I wonder why they made them go up so high in the back compared to other running shoes. I’m going to wear them out on a short run this afternoon to really try them out.

      • I’m glad to hear its not just me that experienced the rubbing. Normally, with me, new shoes always rub somewhere on my ankle. Usually it goes away after I get used to the shoe. I’m hoping that this case of rubbing goes away quickly because the shoe is otherwise very comfortable.

        • I went for a short 3 mile run in them just now, and as long as I didn’t think about it I didn’t notice the rubbing. They did still rub, but my socks were up above them and the fabric was really soft so it didn’t hurt at all.

          • I sold shoes for a long time; normally tightening up the top laces will help with the heel slipping. You can also try threading the laces under the loop instead of over the loop (pull the laces through the back of hole instead of pushing them through the top). I hope that made sense.

    • I actually felt like they were rubbing when I tried them on and walked around in the house, but I took them on a run the next morning and they felt totally fine when I ran. No idea why, but if you just walked in them, maybe try a run! LOOOOOOOVE the box!

      • Just popping in to agree with this! After working out in these shoes for a couple of days now I find them uncomfortable for walking but great for running. That’s a good motivation for me 😉

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! By far my favorite box I have gotten this year. I will be able to use every single item. My husband doesn’t quite understand my box obsession, but he was even intrigued by this one. I can’t wait to see what the Summer box has in store. Hopefully, they will consider a men’s addition too.

  17. My husband said that he was a bit jealous of my box, hahaha… He couldn’t believe everything we got in it and the total value for the price paid. This box is awesome.

    I don’t recall getting a fold out card in mine, or maybe I didn’t care to look.

  18. I didn’t order because wasn’t sure about shoes size. So disappointed now, I would love every single item in this box. It was the box of the year. I can’t forgive myself I didn’t go for it, especially that I need running shoes and those colors are my favorite!
    How could I be so stupid? ?????!!!!!!!!!

  19. I just signed up and excited to see what the summer box will bring. As another subscriber mentioned, I did not hear about this until already sold out as I would have loved the spring box. What a great way to motivate me to get out and enjoy the nice weather and look good doing so.

  20. I didn’t order because I wasn’t sure on shoe fit and no local stores had it to try on. Any recommendations on shoe fit, so I can sign up for the next one? I usually am a 8.5-9

    • I have a pair of Asics that are size 9.5 and I ordered a 10 for this.
      I like my shoes a little big (I have to be able to wiggle my toes) – the Adidas pair seems to fit a little more snug, but they’re so lightweight that it doesn’t bother me at all.

      so I’d size up a little for this particular style anyways

    • I’m an 8.5 in heels, 9 in flats and usually 9 in all sneakers. I went with 9 on these and felt the fit was perfect. Hope that helps!

      • I had the opposite issue. I’m usually a 9 in shoes and these ended up being a little too loose. I really need a 8.5 and have reached out to the Company to request an exchange.

        • I was just reading the reviews for these shoes on the Adidas website and it seems like there’s people who sized up and also some who sized down – and for some they fit and others they didn’t… I guess I got lucky that mine fit me.
          But you can also exchange if something doesn’t fit or is defective (this option might not work if the box contains and exclusive item) – the sports bra I got is too big so I’m going to try to exchange it

  21. I still have such box envy!! Disappointed that by time myself (and a lot others) found out about the box, it was already sold out! =( So, I’m happy ya’ll received the exclusive bag, but a bit disappointed in that aspect as well since people found out about it at various times (bloggers, etc found out about it before others (or at least some of them, I’m sure). And, myself, like others don’t get on blogs on a daily basis. So, it would be nice to have something like that for anybody that signed up during the first year of the box (even if not something soooo amazing as that bag). If that makes sense.

    The shoes also look much simpler as far as the arch goes than the website shows. Which is a plus! I did sign up for the next box after seeing the full box spoilers. I jumped on it but I don’t know how they can top this first season box. One of the reasons I jumped on it as my size was actual available (XL) in ALL items and not just say a bra, etc so I believe that I’d def get my money’s worth when they ship clothing items. =D

    Something I love about that is they don’t ask for your payment details UNTIL your box is ready to ship. I love that aspect because then you don’t have to worry/remember who all has your information and if you end up not being able to afford it, just don’t fill in the information when you receive the e-mail to update your payment. That’s a HUGE plus for me as well.

    • I agree with you about, that it would be nice for those who didn’t know about this box, that when you sign up you get something special as well. I watch two different blogs daily and i don’t remember seeing or hearing about this box. Love everything in it.

    • This comment, more than anything else, gave me the final nudge to sign up! I do wish there was a section for color preferences (as I’m not a pink kind of girl), but it was nice to see such a range of sizes! And that’s awesome that they don’t ask for payment details immediately!

  22. I agree with Eric. Men’s version PLEASE!!

  23. I could say it a hundred times and it still wouldn’t be enough – I absolutely LOVE this box!
    By far the best box I’ve ever gotten or even seen! The value and quality are beyond amazing. And like someone else said, even without the awesome Stella bag, this box is fantastic!! The bag just makes it beyond awesome 🙂
    I can’t say enough good things about every single item! Did anyone notice the little pocket on the back waistband part of the pants? How cute! (maybe that’s normal for fitness clothes, but I usually just wear basics from Target to lounge around in so I’ve never had anything with a cute pocket like that!)
    I had thought that I might cancel after the first box bc I got it bc I needed new shoes anyways, but after this amazing box, there is no way I’ll cancel! Sign me up for life and take all my money 🙂

  24. I really wish I would have gotten this box. I just find that shoes are so specific and didn’t want it not to fit. After seeing the box I think I won’t have minded. Love the clothing and the bag!

  25. This was by far my favorite subscription box this year. I’ve already been a huge fan of adidas running shoes, but had never tried their apparel. I’m hooked now; I think their clothing will be taking over my fabletics addiction!

  26. Oh My Gosh I have total box envy right now!!!!! I really hope this ships to Canada ( I WANT I WANT I WANT)! Every item is so awesome!

    • Yes, this is one box that I would happily pay for shipping to Canada! Plus, there are so few running boxes for Canadians (stride suspended Canada shipping 🙁 )

      Fingers crossed that they’ll open it up to Canadians soon.

      • I totally agree with you Pauline. I would pay the shipping plus take the hit with our horrible exchange rate. Rachel Zoe now ships to Canada, so maybe this box will too in the near future (fingers crossed).

  27. Thanks, Avenue A….you just validated my FOMO!!! LoL

    • This is the ultimate FOMO box!

  28. This box was fantastic in curation and in the quality of all the items! Even without the bag I would have been thrilled, and that bag was the cherry on top. Looking forward to seeing where they go with this one!

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