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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review

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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Box

The Rachel Zoe Box of Style from The Zoe Report is a new subscription box from Rachel Zoe. I am a huge fan and love her taste, so I think this may be my favorite subscription box launch of the year so far!

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Open

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Sticker

The packaging on this box is fabulous – it definitely feels like you are unwrapping a luxe gift!

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Wrapped

(Each item is individually wrapped in black tissue paper).

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Items

The Subscription Box: Box of Style by The Zoe Report

The Cost: $100

COUPON: Use this link to save $10 off your first box!

The Products: “Every season Rachel and our TZR editors will hand-curate more than $300 of our favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle items.”

Ships to: US

Check out all of my Box of Style reviews!

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Letter

The box comes with an info booklet with Rachel’s styling tips, and a letter from her introducing the box.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Info

Each brand also included a coupon code for Box of Style subscribers.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Case

CLUSE La Bohème rose gold watch with interchangeable grey and black straps – Value $132 Value

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Case Open

I even love the storage pouch this watch comes with! Here is the actual watch:

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Watch Bands

Love the menswear inspired style and size. Here is is on:

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Watch On

And a closer look at the strap:

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Band

I think the grey band is my favorite – but I’ll definitely use both.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Serum

One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum – Value $39

I fell in love with this product thanks to the April POPSUGAR Must Have box. The scent is subtle and reminds me of summer, and the formula is pretty lightweight and absorbs quickly leaving a bit of a sheen. I’m so happy to have more of this body serum! (And the coupon included for One Love Organics is pretty great too – $25 off an order of $75 or more!)

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Notebook

Sloane Stationery Custom Set of Notebooks for Box of Style subscribers ($40 Value)

I like Rachel’s suggestion to use the “Shut it Down” notebook for to-do lists! These are both Rachel-isms, and as Tamara mentioned in an earlier post, the Shut it Down also works for 30 Rock fans!

30 Rock Dealbreaker


A look inside at the lined pages:

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review pages

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Fedora

Topshop Fedora – Value $48

I love the olive color of this felt hat, but sadly for me it’s a little too snug for my head and doesn’t sit right. I think I’ll be gifting or swapping it.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Fabric Fresh

The Laundress Fabric Fresh Classic Spray – Value $8

I love that Rachel includes practical styling tools in each box. (I used the nippies from the Summer box to protect my heels in new shoes for a wedding this summer and they were a life saver!)

This spray has a powdery fresh scent and is designed to both freshen up fabrics and remove odors. (A high-fashion Febreeze!) Rachel also recommends using it for your purse and car.

Also good to know about this product: Free of petroleum, SLS, phosphate, phthalates, and dye. Cruelty-free.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Earrings

SHASHI Earrings – Value $55

These are rose gold ear climber earrings. (Check out the link to see how they look on the ear). I love the delicate style – I think these will go with almost anything!

Here is a picture to better show scale:

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review Scale

Verdict: I’m thrilled with this box. It can be challenging to put together a unique fashion box with only non-sized items, but I think Rachel has been killing it every quarter! The hat and watch are two items I rarely see in subscription boxes, and I really feel like this box nailed the fall theme with the color selections too.

What do you think of the Fall 2015 Box of Style?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. This is a horrible company. One of my watch bands did not fit on the watch face, and I know this happened to other people too (such as the writer of the subscriptionista blog). I contacted Customer Service weeks ago and they finally got back to me today with the following response:

    “Hi Jen,

    Thank you for contacting The Zoe Report! We apologize for the inconvenience but we currently don’t have any inventory to be able to fulfill this product for you. We will follow up with you if we get more stock in.


    Team Zoe”

    This is horrible customer service. They didn’t even offer me a partial refund even though the hero item (the reason I bought the box) isn’t even usable!! I unsubscribed right away and won’t be giving them money ever again.

    • Also, the band on the hat has already come loose (i.e., the glue isn’t holding it on). This suggests to me that the box sends out poorer quality items than are usually sold by the companies included.

      This is the worst subscription box experience I’ve had in terms of both customer service and defective products, and I’ve tried dozens of subscriptions. And this is supposed to be a luxury box!! If I’m paying $100 I expect the company to be a bit more professional.

      What a disappointment.

    • Sorry – looks like my last post didn’t go through? Just want to provide more info:

      So, Customer Service is changing what they said. Here’s the next email I got from them, in response to an angry message pointing out their horrible customer service.

      “Hi Jen,

      We believe there was a miscommunication. Cluse is sending us more product but we don’t have any dates of when it will be receiving in our warehouse and when it will be sent to you but we promise to take care of your damage. We truly are sorry and appreciate your patience! 🙂

      Team Zoe”

      In their last email they said “We will follow up with you if we get more stock in.” Now they are saying that they “promise to take care of the damage.” Hmmm. I guess lots of people got damaged watch bands, and it’s a lot for them to deal with right now. I’ll just wait to see whether they follow through on their word.

    • I finally received a replacement for the unusable black watch strap. It arrived on 10/13.

    • The same thing happened with me, but it was the earrings. The left earring was broken and useable. They told me it was on backorder and that it could be months before they replace it, but they would. After some time, I contacted them a second time, and they basically said I was out of luck and they would credit my account $10. I am not impressed.

  2. Is anyone still interested in purchasing or swapping for the hat? I’m just not a hat person. Email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

  3. I have the hat and body spray up for swap if anyone is interested.

  4. Is anyone still interesred in this box? I’m 97% inclined to sell mine.

    I love everything but living in Puerto Rico I’m still living in the sarong and sunnies from previous boxes and still not in Fall mode.

    • Has this sold? If not, I would be interested in purchasing. Please email ksavage2 at cox dot net.


  5. Would love to swap the watch for Mara Hoffman sarong with tags attached (and the face peel from that box if you can). I bought a watch right before the spoiler was announced and I don’t switch out watches. I have and am still coveting the sarong though. I am on the swap boards!

    • Swapped.

  6. I sorta liked the box. Neither my husband or I were able to swap out the watch bands. The hat doesn’t fit quite right. I do have a couple photos of me (mostly hidden) wearing the hat in a somewhat humorous review.

  7. I would love to buy the Sept box if anyone would like to sell for cost plus shipping. Thank you!

  8. I actually like the hat a lot! The watch is beautiful but lays funny in my wrist. Maybe the straps are the issue, I never even thought to look! The earrings are up for swap and I’m debating the rest. I think I like it well enough to keep. I’m much more excited by the PS LE box!

  9. I’m posting hat and body spray. Anyone interested?

  10. I have a tried and true Omega watch that I ALWAYS wear and had no intention of keeping the watch from this box. However once i got it in my hands I think its beautiful! And I also Loooove the hat (and it fits perfectly – thank goodness!). I basically love all the items in this box and since I didn’t love the white purse from the last box this one totally makes up for it! I cannot wait to see whats in the winter box! 🙂

  11. Forgot to add that it is also fun to wear the watch with one black and one grey strap.

  12. Made mine an annual sub. Just received a compliment on the watch and hat too:)

  13. Another fantastic box from Rachel Zoe. I am not a hat person, but this one looks great! Tried the serum last night and my skin is so soft this morning – love it! The earrings are not my style, but that is fine; will swap or sell them.
    Love this subscription. Now that I have received 3 boxes that were huge wins, I am going to convert my subscription to annual.

    • Have you seen what is in the annual subscription boxes? They are $350 each but items worth $1200 I believe. Have not found anything online regarding those boxes.

      • The annual subscription is not a solo box. The $350 covers the 4 seasons, which on their own are $100 each… I hope that clarifies.

  14. This is my first Rachel Zoe box and I’m a bit disappointed. I really like everything, but several items are defective.

    The black strap does not fit onto my watch. (Did anyone else have this problem?) The metal bars inside the ends of the black straps are visibly longer than they should be (in comparison to the metal bars in the gray straps) and do not fit into the watch head even when the inner metal bar is pulled in all the way. I emailed both [email protected] and [email protected] addresses yesterday and have not heard a response. The fact that others have already heard from them pisses me off. I also just noticed that most of the leather strap on my hat has become disconnected from the glue.

    So I’m guessing that they sell crappy quality products specifically for this box, lower quality than the products usually sold by those companies. I don’t see how else they could get away with the prices.

    In the dozens of subscription boxes I’ve received, I’ve never gotten a box with TWO defective items, and from a luxury box no less. I’ll definitely be unsubscribing, but not until I get somebody to respond to me about the black watch strap that I can’t use! Big fail for me by Rachel Zoe Box of Style.

    • I had the same problem with my black strap. One piece is slightly too long. I emailed box of style yesterday (Saturday) but since it is the weekend I wasn’t expecting a response until Monday at the earliest. I attached a photo of the strap piece that was too big. Hopefully they get back to me soon!

      • UPDATE: They emailed me back yesterday (Monday) saying that they would be sending me new black bands. They would email me back about shipping soon. Will update again when I get that shipping notice.

    • I had the same problem with my black bands–VERY disappointing. To top it off, the stitching on my gray band is unraveling. I’ve also contacted them via email. I’m still waiting for a response.

    • I had a lot of difficulty getting the black strap to fit but I think it’s finally securely in. I didn’t realize I wasnt the only one experiencing this problem. Good luck, our sites look like there’s Ann excellent guarantee on the watch.

  15. I love the earrings and watch! So pretty, and they look great on! I liked them a lot more than I initially expected.

    The serum, fabric spray, and notebooks are cool.

    The hat… doesn’t even come close to fitting my head! It’s soooo small. Pretty bummed about that, but then again I’m not sure I’m cool enough to wear a fedora, lol. I’m one of the few that would have preferred a scarf for fall since that would have fit me. Now I have a hat I need to find a home for. Ugh.

  16. Hi all.. Hat is just too small for my bug head, haha!! Email me at [email protected]. Make a me a reasonable offer (plus shipping) and you got it!

  17. Everything arrived and is great. I have to say I really love the watch, the rest is going to my college daughter.

  18. I love the watch, and the face is lovely. But the straps seem like they’re made of poor quality leather. Bending them just enough to put on started to make creases in the leather. I put leather conditioner on both, and was horrified by how much dye came off the black strap. It looks fine, but the gray one is now a little mottled. But it seemed like they really needed the oil! I was planning on buying at least one more strap, but now I’m not so sure.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Any recommendations?

    • My box hasn’t come yet, but I noticed the same thing in various photos and was wondering about it.

    • Actually I had this issue too – I’ve never had a real leather strap watch before (although I have leather shoes and purses) but after the first day of wear, the gray strap had a huge “chip” on it where the weather wore away and whatever white material it has underneath is showing. It’s also showing wear tears on the bottom of the straps by the stitching. I wasn’t sure whether this was something I could/should contact team Zoe about, or maybe Cluse. I just thought this was really a bummer for a $130ish watch!

      And, I’m not rough at all on watches – I’m in an office sitting all day!

      I wondered whether I could put leather conditioner for my boots in the straps. I had also planned to buy more straps, but they’re too pricey for some thing that can be ruined in one day 🙁

      • That’s disappointing! And I was planning on gifting the watch, but with potential issues with the straps I’m hesitant.

    • Creasing is normal. I’ve owned a few leather strap watches and they almost all had creases. The only ones that didn’t were the extremely thick leather bands. Since this is a very soft leather band, it creased almost immediately, which I expected. It’s not very noticeable to me though. If anyone is noticing defects, the plastic authenticity card that came in the pouch mentiones a guarantee for 24 months from date of purchase. It wouldn’t hurt to contact them or box of style. Creases from wear most likely won’t count though.

      • Very helpful, Justme, thanks! I’ve never had watches with leather straps but I’m not worried to gift it now.

      • Both Box of Style and Cluse have the worst customer service. I love my watch, I’ve worn in a handful of times (gray strap only), and the back of one of the straps where the pin is tore, and it’s noticeable because half of it is hanging off when you strap it on.

        So I figured I’d put the black watch bands on, and like others, one side doesn’t fit. I emailed Cluse—-they said I have to take up matters with Box of Style….box of style says IF they have black bands, they’ll send them, but they’re too busy right now. WTF?! so I pretty much have a watch face with no bands. I emailed Cluse because of the warranty card in the case, and they have yet to respond. Very disappointing.

        • I got exactly the same response from them when I contacted them about the band that didn’t fit. Then I sent a very angry message criticizing their horrible customer service, and they said something like “sorry, we meant we will send a replacement as soon as we can,” which they did. My comment is somewhere in this chain.

  19. I got my box on Wednesday, and I LOVE the watch. I was worried the face would look too big and silly on my petite wrists, but it’s gorgeous and I’m obsessed with it now. I tried to go on the Cluse website to order more straps for it, but they’re sold out of a lot of the colors. 🙁

    I also really like the notebooks and the Laundress spray. Serums are always nice, but nothing I get too excited for. I can’t wear earrings so I already swapped mine, but they’re so pretty – I would have kept them if I could wear them.

    The only thing that really isn’t my style is the Fedora. It fits my head just fine, but it’s not my thing so I have it up for swap.

    Overall, this may be my favorite box ever thus far – mostly because of the watch. 🙂

  20. I love everything about this box. The earrings are nice but are not my style so I will swap or gift those. I’ve never really worn hats, but I am going to wear this one when it gets cold and windy. I don’t know how it’s supposed to fit; it’s a little snug but I think that’s how I would want mine so I would feel more secure that it wouldnt fly off my head on a windy day.

  21. Ps, all the hats are olive (see her unboxing video). I just think different eyes don’t pick that up and see brown. Like that darn Internet dress thing!

  22. Love the box! But for the first time, since all jewelry is always way too big for me, this fedora is crazy small for my big head! I love it so much but not sure I can keep it 🙁

  23. Are the Fedoras all Olive/dark brown?
    Anyone get black?

    • No black. I think everyone got olive green. Olive green can look brown under certain lights.

  24. If anyone would like to sell their box, I will pay cost + shipping. Emails me at muddle50(at)

  25. I’m allergic to wool, so if anyone would like to swap and take my fedora, please let me know. Otherwise, I’m happy to sell it.

    • My hat is olive.

  26. Happy to have gotten my box today! I have small wrists so the watch looks huge but that does seem to be the style these days so I guess it’s time to go beyond my comfort zone. The earrings look great but are hurting my sensitive ears (I’m hoping that’s because I haven’t wore earrings in over a year and not because of a sensitivity but I could be wrong). The hat seems to fit and looks cute but I’m not sure I’m stylish enough to pull it off (how do I wear it? indoors too?). I’m still using up the serum from the PS box but it’s a nice product so more is good. I have some of the fabric spray already from Hitha’s quarterly box. Love the notebooks. I got the month-by-month subscription in case the hero item is something I can’t really use (like more earrings) but I’m tempted to upgrade – this is my first box and I like it even more than the first two.

    • Janet, I sometimes have problems with sensitive ears also. I put a little Neosporin on the posts and it makes it so much better!

      • Thanks for the suggestion! They eventually stopped hurting… until I took them off (ouch!). I’ll get some neosporin and try that out. I have lots of cute earrings I haven’t worn in years. Going a year without wearing earrings probably wasn’t good – I think they had started to close up!

        My husband’s verdict on the hat was that it was cute but silly.

  27. Man, this box routinely kills it. Seems like every box has been a hit so far. I wish she’d put out a $40 box! I’d subscribe for sure!

  28. I want to do the swap thing but it says I am on a wait list. Do you have to wait to be invited to swap something? I really want to swap my whole PS box from last month. I don’t even know if people are interested in that anymore.

    • you have to wait. I’m not sure how long but I feel like I was on the wait list for like a month or two. I would suggest saving up all your swap items for when you do finally get accepted. I had a bunch of old stuff (3-4 months) and I’ve swapped almost all of them by now. It’s worth the wait!

      • Thank you ?

    • I would like to swap my fall box with someone’s Summer box. but I guess I will have to pass the waitlist as well..

  29. This is perhaps my favorite box of ALL TIME. I don’t wear watches but this one is stunning and the leather is incredibly supple. I love the color of the gray although I will probably wear black more. The only disappointment was the hat – I loved it and it’s a bit snug! I will try the steaming trick or gift it. Every item in the box is luxury quality and feels worth the list price. The watch alone was worth it for me this time! Have swapped for several serums in the past, don’t use journals but will probably start with these, enjoy the scent of the spray. Just. perfection.

  30. One of my earrings arrived broken. It was really odd because the box was in perfect shape and everything was wrapped perfectly. It looked like it was put in the little baggie already broken. I emailed them so I hope they will replace them, I love them! Did anyone else receive their’s broken?

    • Mine were also broken. They asked me to send a picture and said they will be replacing them.

      • Mine were broken as well. I emailed them and sent them photos. They already sent out a replacement pair and said they’ll be sending a shipping label so I can mail them back the broken ones.

        • mine was broken too! how long did it take for their reply?

          • I received a reply and they are sending out a new pair and a return label for me to send back the broken pair. I must say I am impressed with the no hassle customer service!

          • I sent an email about the broken earrings to [email protected].

            I emailed them on the Friday before Labor Day and they responded on Tuesday (after Labor Day) saying that the replacement earrings will be sent out in a couple of days. I got a shipment notification yesterday but I haven’t gotten the shipping label yet so I can send the broken earrings back.

        • I haven’t received a reply yet about my broken earring. What email address did you use to contact them?

  31. My hat is a dark brown and I love it!!

  32. Any way to keep the classified ads on the swap site or forums? It used to be fun to read everyone’s thoughts, but MSA comments have become like used car commercials. I think MUT does a great job keeping the “ads” on a swap board.

    • We’ve been brainstorming some solutions for this. I want to make sure there is a dedicated secure place for it on the site. More details to come soon.

      • I agree Liz please stop the incessant swap/sell posts!

        • Oh, hm, I’m confused. I thought the swap sites was just for swapping not for selling? Should I be trying to buy through the swap site? I’m on the swap site but I don’t have anything valuable enough to swap for this.

          • Swap site is supposed to be swap but increasingly more women are using it to try to sell while rejecting any swap offers and instead sending links to PayPal. It’s seriously annoying and I hope Liz eventually puts a stop to it.

        • Amen. I haven’t commented in a long time due to the increasing (exponentially!) “buy my stuff!!!!!!!” posts. Blah. I like real conversation. Not classified ads.

      • Oh good! I’ve been finding it a bit annoying, too.

        • Same here. Thought it was just me.

      • I think you need a separate sell site to keep the swap site swap only. Or make it easy and just forbid selling on your site.

    • Yes, it really has made it less appealing to read the comments when they are all people trying to sell the box items. I thought that was why there was a swap board.

  33. If someone wants to buy the hat or the earrings from me, please let me know.

    • I would love the hat if it is in olive for sure.

      • It is an olive color.

  34. Totally need that watch and the earrings! I’m on the swap site and will swap AT LEAST $25 above value for the watch or even more if you are swapping both together!

  35. willing to sell the notebooks, spray, serum and the earrings.. Any one interested contact me:) Vasasowmya at gmail dot com

  36. Kinda bummed about this box. The watch is huge on my freakishly tiny wrist so it is unwearable. The hat is genuinely silly and looks ridiculous on. I love the body serum and the notebooks. I hate delicate jewelry so would never wear the earrings. Hoping the Winter box is better. I hope this sub isn’t going downhill but it kinda seems like it is. RZ of all people should know how silly that hat looks on.

  37. This box was so fun to open. I was initially going to swap the watch but when I got it in person I could not part with it, it’s beautiful. I love that I can buy other colored straps with that coupon. The hat is a little snug but it looks super cute on and I’m totally excited because I never wear hats. I’ve gotten that serum before and always end up giving it away, finally decided to use it and OMG it smells amazing, definitely keeping. Everything was put together really well, everything felt Fall to me. I cannot wait until her next box.

    • Christina – I’ll buy your box if you’d like to sell it.

  38. Always pleased with Rachel Zoe’s boxes – can’t wait to see what the Winter box features. The watch looks chic and edgy with several silver and beaded bracelets. The hat fits me well – love the style. Now I’m going to buy some silver climbers I think – I had not had climbers before – very pretty.

  39. When I saw the complete spoilers I was on the fence, but then I got the box I fell in love! It’s just so perfectly put-together. I’ve never considered myself a “hat person,” but this one might just change that. The ear climbers and watch are gorgeous and so luxe looking. I was a tiny bit bummed she didn’t include any makeup, but only because I really loved what she picked for the summer box. But then the PS LE included the Becca palette and scratched that itch. I’ll keep getting the RZ boxes for as long as she makes them.

  40. I don’t subscribe to this box but I swapped for the hat. Let’s say I’m not surprised that there are like a hundred of them in the swap site. You really have to have the right type of face to wear this hat. Not mine.

    It’s also very flimsy which means it’s hard to shape the rim, the MSRP is pretty outrageous and the color makes it look like a park ranger hat.

    Still, I think it could come in handy for a costume for one of my girls. The hat is loose on me but I have a very small head.

  41. Omg, I’ve been quoted in a Liz MSA review! 😀

    • 🙂

  42. I know it’s a long shot, but if anyone wants to swap the watch, please contact me: [email protected] I have the scarf from last month’s PopSugar (still in plastic), entire September PopSugar arriving next week and the Fall FabFitFun coming later this month. Plus other items.

    • Never mind, bought it on Poshmark!

  43. Love this box! LOVE.

    For anyone who has a hat that is a little too small, you might check out How to Stretch a Wool Cap:

    TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK (and maybe consult other websites first since I have never tried it myself)

  44. If anyone is interested in selling the entire box, I would love to purchase it. Please contact me if you’re interested.

    • Bri, I would (sadly) be willing to sell. I like some of the items, but I took a risk purchasing a fall themed box when I live in Hawaii. The hat and watch are definitely not island friendly. Mine has not arrived yet but I could do the cost plus shipping to you when it does. It will remain unopened. Melconnors04 at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

      • Thank you so much, Melissa. I just sent you an email 🙂

  45. If anyone would like to sell. I would like to buy the box.

  46. I would pay more than the retail for the watch. It’s so chic and well made. Also Japan movement. The case is gorgeous on itself. Wonder how I can reuse it.

    I am selling the hat, notebooks and serum for $60 via PayPal. Please contact me at [email protected]. The hat looks like a million bucks just not for me.

  47. My first RZ Box of Style. I’m on the fence on this one. Not a fan of the serum. I’ve had mine from PSMH listed in the swaps for a few months now. The watch and earrings are nice but not something I would use. I like the hat but I haven’t tried it on yet. Honestly, I’ve been meh since I read the spoilers so all I did was open the box yesterday. Everything is still wrapped. I think i’m either going to try to swap the box or sell it.

    • If you haven’t already sold this box, I am very interested. Please email me – [email protected] Thanks!

  48. Hat pro-tip (my friend is a stylist) – if you have a steamer you can steam and reshape it, might fit on your head a little better than. You can reshape the tip too, if you don’t find it flattering. It’s my new favorite thing to do.

    • thanks!

  49. Hi All: I will sell the hat for $40 + Shipping. I can throw in the notebooks for $50 (or not.) Let me know: [email protected]

  50. I loved the box as well! Unfortunately, I dropped the serum and the bottle opened and spilled everywhere, so that was a huge bummer. I also had a similar issue with the hat: it’s super cute, but a tiny bit too small. I’ll probably be swapping it as well! I LOVED the earrings much more than I thought I would, they go with everything! And the watch is gorgeous.

    • I love the watch, but I live in LA and it’s so hot right now I don’t want to wear it and ruin the leather with sweat…

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