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Prize Candle Mystery Box Review – June 2015

Prize Candle Mystery Box Review - June 2015 - Box

Recently, the Prize Candle Club offered a mystery box in a flash sale – 6 candles plus bonus items for $69.99 + $6.99 shipping. That’s a great deal! Their normal subscription cost is $24.99 + $8.99 shipping. What a great opportunity to try out their products!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this mystery box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Prize Candle Mystery Box Review - June 2015 - inside

The Box: Prize Candle Mystery Box

The Cost: $69.99 + $6.99 shipping

The Products: 6 candles, plus bonus mystery items

Prize Candle Mystery Box Review - June 2015 - new collections

In the top of the box were these two cards, advertising their new Party and SoCal Collections.

Prize Candle Mystery Box Review - June 2015 - boxes

What’s better than a box? A box full of boxes! Of the six candles I received, I got four prize candles and two charm candles. The charm candles simply melt down to reveal a surprise charm for your charm bracelet. The prize candles, if I understand correctly, melt down to reveal a ring. The rings themselves are worth $25 each. In addition, there is an enclosed code that entitles you to a prize worth anywhere from $10 to $5000!

Prize Candle Mystery Box Review - June 2015 - chain
(Image from Amazon)

My bonus mystery item was a short length of ball chain, similar to what is pictured here, that could be used as a charm bracelet. Knowing the value of ball chain, I thought that was a pretty disappointing bonus item. I also have a charm bracelet already that I like, so I tossed it before I thought to take a picture.

Prize Candle Mystery Box Review - June 2015 - charm candles

All of the candles included were 9 ounce, pure soy wax candles. The charm candles I received, pictured here, are Italian Leather and Island Escape. The Italian Leather smelled just like a new pair of shoes. I love that smell! The Island Escape smelled like what is typically called “ocean fragrance.” I would rather smell the real ocean, but it’s a nice aroma!

Prize Candle Mystery Box Review - June 2015 - angel

This is one of my charms – it’s a tiny little angel! It’s very cute. My other charm was a little red pump, and as soon as I took it out of the little baggy, it disappeared! I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of it! I liked that one even better!

Getting the prizes out of the candles was a super messy process for me! Am I doing it wrong? Does anyone have a clean way to get them out?

Prize Candle Mystery Box Review - June 2015 - citrus lavender

My first two Prize Candles were Citrus Blossom and Provence Lavender. I really liked the Fragrance of the Citrus Blossom candle! It was heavier on the floral scent but with a nice citrus pungency. The Lavender candle just smelled like soap to me, but I am picky about my lavender. I also noticed it had a very, very light fragrance as it burned, so it wasn’t unpleasant at all.

Prize Candle Mystery Box Review - June 2015 - yellow

This is the pretty little ring that came out of the Citrus Blossom candle. It’s a bit too small for me, though, so I will probably have to swap it. I did go to the Prize Candle website and enter all the codes for my rings, and I got the same prize for all of them, a $10 discount with every referral. Better luck next time!

Prize Candle Mystery Box Review - June 2015 - purple

This is the ring that came from my Provence Lavender candle. It’s my favorite color and design! Unfortunately, this one is way too small for me! I’m still trying to decide if I want to wear it on my pinky or swap it or gift it to my niece.

Prize Candle Mystery Box Review - June 2015 - vanilla ski

The last two candles were Tahitian Vanilla and Ski House. Vanilla is probably my least favorite fragrance of all times, but this one wasn’t too bad. It also burned lightly. I’ve never been skiing, but I always thought a ski house would probably smell like cedar and wet dog. It turns out it smells wonderful! This is my favorite candle in the lot! It has a good healthy pine and cedar scent with just enough musk to give it some weight. It smells incredible when burned too, and just fragrant enough for a medium sized room.

Prize Candle Mystery Box Review - June 2015 - peach

This is the ring from the Tahitian Vanilla candle. I love the unique color of the stone, but this one is too big! I’m having rotten luck with my pretty new rings!

Prize Candle Mystery Box Review - June 2015 - blue

This is the ring from the Ski House candle, and I’m happy to say it fits perfectly. At first I thought I couldn’t wear it because people would think I was wearing a fake second wedding ring? It looked completely clear to me. It wasn’t until after I took the pictures that I realized that it’s actually a very pale aqua color. Gorgeous! I also realized after looking at the pictures that the rings and the candles are color coordinated! I wonder if this was intentional.

The Verdict: The obvious standout feature of this mystery box is the value. The retail value of the six candles at club price is about $150 plus shipping for each, and this package was $77 shipped. All the candles had nice fragrances with mild to medium output. The fragrances were nice, but not like high-end designer candles do. If you have a very picky nose, these probably aren’t the candles for you. I like my spaces to smell nice and for the fragrances to cover up kid and pet smells, so these are perfect. Plus, they burn for 40+ hours, so that’s another bonus for me.

The rings are all fairly similar, but I did see on their website that they are starting up some new styles such as stacking rings. These are all classic costume cocktail rings with silver bands. They are very pretty, and I always like to have different rings around for different occasions, so these are great for me. I just wish more of them fit! Charms are not really my favorite, but I have some, including this new little angel. I am still determined to find that red pump, too!

In addition to all of this, I got four chances to win a piece worth up to $5000! How exciting is that?

What did you get in your Prize Candle Mystery Box?

Written by Anna Rodriguez

Anna Rodriguez

Anna has been a fan of subscription boxes since joining Birchbox in 2013, but didn’t become a true addict until discovering subscriptions she could share with her children. Her favorites include Kiwi Crate and Fab Kids.

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Comments (13)

  1. I’m glad I passed on this, I have bad luck with jewelry candles in general. Whenever I get rings they turn my skin green within days, if they fit at all, but I like the option of getting charms instead. I didn’t catch whether those are an option you can pick or you get what you get. Agree the ‘free gift’ was a bust, what a bummer. The candles are usually nice enough but a bit overpriced, IMO, and shipping is always high due to the weight.

  2. I’m still burning candles from the previous box. They are nice. Here’s my novel if you are interested. Not all of the prize candles have a $25 ring. All of mine have been $10, and I’ve only kept one. The rings and charms are packaged in a plastic bubble that pokes out of the top pretty soon after I start burning them. It makes a mess! Since the wax is soy and smells great, I usually rub it on myself like lotion. There is wax inside the prize package, and inside the little baggie as well. I placed a two-candle order after I started to use the candles from my mystery box. The order finally arrived about 2 months late after I had cancelled it off of my bank card. They went back and charged me minus shipping costs, which is fine. Today I received a shipping notice along with a charge for a membership candle. I never ordered a membership. Their CS phone line was unattended and the email was snippy. They said that they would cancel my membership yet didn’t argue that I had never initiated one. I ultimately cancelled my bank card because I don’t trust their website. The only item that I can change on my “account” is my email. So I couldn’t take out my billing or contact information. Nice candles, shady experience. πŸ™

  3. Hi Anna, did all of your rings appraise at $25 each or did they vary?

  4. I loved my mystery box, same exact ones as you got. The candles smell good and the prizes are such a cute touch, it reminds me of the quarter prize machines I used as a kid. And after burning one I do think they are nice quality. Im disappointed that there was only a cheapo bracelet since I thought the special extra would be better. I will be using my own bracelet if I like my charms. I feel taken though now they have a lot of candles for 7.99, I could’ve gotten the exact ones I wanted for less money. But this is the thrill of the mystery box.

  5. I got a starfish charm out of the island escape and a $25 purple ring from the citrus one. I swapped the lavender and ski house one on this site, and still have the other 2 to burn.

    I did order a second mystery box as gifts (and it was exactly the same variety down to the cheap bracelet). However I thought I would let anyone reading this know there is a sale today all their $25 candles are $7.99 a piece..So you can make your own 6 pack for less than the mystery box cost with the scents you want.

  6. Thank you for doing this review. I get frequent emails from this company and wondered what their deal is. I’m happy to hear that they are soy based candles!

  7. What a wonderful review, Anna.

    I got the same items. I digged out the a pink slipper charm from Island Escape candle there was still lots of candle covering it, making a mess of slippery waxes. I put the ski house on swap, but might just keep it based on your feedback πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much!

  8. I got the exact same box (I think everyone did). I like the charm candle scents, but none of the prize candle scents did it for me.

    I’ve retrieved two rings so far – 10 and 25 dollar “appraisal” respectively.

    I ordered a few of their snazzier candles when they had the 50% off deal the other day, based on the scents from the scratch and sniff card they included. I did like some of those ones a lot better.

    But it does need to be called out – they didn’t deliver the promised dollar value (165), or include the “gifts” they said they would – just a cheap 10 cent bead chain. It really irks me that companies do this and expect to just get away with it.

  9. I missed this flash sale and I was so sad. If anyone decided they didn’t want this after all and want to sell it please let me know! I will buy it off you. My email is [email protected]

    Thank you!

    • They still have the mystery box for sale. But they are having a regular sale right now that is even better. ALL their normal $25 candles are on sale for $7.99. So you can pick your 6 scents and have them sent to you for less than the mystery box.

      • Yay! Thank you! I really wanted that mystery box and when I looked I think last week it was sold out. I see it’s back but I decided on the $7.99 deal. thank you for letting me know

  10. I received the same as you, pretty dissappointed in the bonus gifts that were non included but liked the scents they sent. I’m yet to burn them to see what’s inside yet.

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