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My Subscription Addiction

Why I’ll Never Have to Worry About My Cat’s Health After Getting This Cat Food

Sarah Botkin
BySarah BotkinJul 12, 2022In Partnership With Cat Person

If you are a cat person, you know how unique the connection with your furry companion can be. But even more remarkable is the bond between a feline and their food. (If you’ve accidentally gotten in between the two, like me, you probably have the battle scars to prove it.) We all want to see our kitties thrive in all their feline glory. So for my cat, Red, that means choosing the proper nutrition to make sure he can purr through a long, healthy, and happy life.

There will always be a variety of food to choose from, which can get overwhelming. The downside is that generic cat food brands can cause issues for cats with allergies, health issues, and age-related illnesses. One brand that caught my eye for its healthy mission was Cat Person. My Red was immediately curious about the box - he loves to do his “quality inspection” and jumped in as soon as I opened the box.

Here are some things that stood out to me (and Red) about the brand:


Searching for a brand with high-quality cat-approved recipes and an easy-to-understand ingredient list can be daunting. There are cheaper cat food brands out there, but cheap doesn’t translate to healthy or cost-effective. Most generic cat food brands include meat by-products, but Cat Person meals only contain 1-to-2 animal proteins. Cat Person may be a brand to try if you worry about your cat reacting to unknown food allergens. Keeping things simple and honest from label to table (or wherever you feed your cat) can simplify things for you and your cat in the long run.


There are no overly fancy names masking the not-so-easy-to-understand ingredients list here. There are 19 simple recipes, including two different wet food varieties like meat shreds in broth and paté. The dry kibble and digestive support blend have tasty bits of dried meat, all with 50% or more top-quality animal proteins than the AAFCO industry standards. Cat Person's recipes cater to your cat’s palate - and my 9-year-old Red gobbled it up! His favorite was, by far, the Chicken Shreds in Broth recipe! He went from sprinting over when I opened the cup to a satisfied, full-belly little kitty in a happy food coma after licking his bowl clean. I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the protein. Usually, cat food kind of grosses me out, but the food looked good enough to eat (don’t worry, I restrained myself). The wet food also provides collagen for his aging joints and the broth increases his water intake, making this cat mom very happy!


Cat Person makes cat furniture and other items like cozy beds and serving dishes designed for all kinds of felines. They also have nutrient-rich turkey and salmon treats to keep your cat’s brain health sharper than ever. Oh, and toys! There are adorable catnip toys that your cat will love and you can even reuse Cat Person shipping boxes as cute playhouses, which my Red took full advantage of once I sprinkled some catnip in last night. He didn’t leave his box for hours! It was a win-win-win for my cat, home, and the environment.


Signing up was simple. I took a quiz asking for my cat’s age, weight, and dietary preferences then they sent the custom Starter Box, which gave me enough food for about two weeks. Red then proceeded to tell me what he liked (and didn’t like). The good news is that you don’t have to commit immediately and can cancel anytime. Your only commitment here is making sure your cat has their favorite foods, you have the happiest cat, and Cat Person can provide you with the food, treats, and toys to make that happen.

Final Thoughts

The decision is ultimately up to you (and your cat). I can attest that the Starter Box helps you decide whether you want the value, convenience, and quality Cat Person can provide that generic cat food brands just can’t.

You can get 25% off your Starter Box today and check out the Cat Person brand page to see everything your cat could enjoy.