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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction
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The 18 Oddest, Bizarre, and Totally Different Subscription Boxes Out There

images from the oddest subscription boxes

In today’s world, it’s so easy to get your hands on something new, the art of gift-giving has become a tad bit challenging. Whether it is for a birthday, holiday present, or a special occasion, finding the gift for that one person who seems to have it all gives me a headache. So, in the spirit of looking outside the box, I’ve rounded some of the oddest subscription boxes out there. Ready for some what-the [...] moments? I swear, even I had a bit of difficulty believing some of these actually existed. 

Oddest Subscription Boxes

1. Skulls Unlimited Bone Box

skulls bonebox open showing some animal bones

Image via Skulls Unlimited

Cost: $24.99 per box

About the Box: Here’s an odd subscription box for you. Skulls Unlimited sends you a monthly curation of all-things bones. Each box comes with osteological items, including skulls, teeth, and claws. Perfect for anyone with an interest in all things bones, science, and history. 

Check out our Skulls Unlimited details to learn more.

2. Cryptid Crate

cryptid crate subscription box open on the forest

Image via Box Mountain

Cost: $40 per box

About the Box: UFOs, Bigfoot, Area51, and aliens are some of those conspiracy theories, and small-town legends we don’t really know are true; but we can’t disprove it yet either. Cryptid Crate is a subscription box that’s all about conspiracies and mythical monsters. It can really be a fun subscription box to share with your kids or friends. Each month you'll get to learn about another urban legend and try to solve mysteries together. 

3. CatLady Box

group shot of all products in the box

Image via our review.

Cost: $39.99 per box

ACTIVE DEAL: 20% off your first box

About the Box: Who says cat ladies can't have their own personalized subscription box? The CatLady Box ships cat-themed items for the cat-obsessed, including jewelry, accessories, decor, and clothes. We love how adorable all these cat-themed items are!

Check out our CatLady Box details and reviews to learn more. 

4. Henny + Roo Chicken Keepers

Image via our review.

Cost: $42.95 per box

About the Box: For the folks with a flock of backyard chickens running around, this subscription box makes perfect sense. Every month, Henny + Roo sends coop items and treats to keep your spoiled chickens healthy and happy. 

Check out our Henny + Roo details and reviews to learn more about this box. 

5. Letters From Dead People

letters from dead people

Image via Lady Delaney

The Cost: $154.99 for one year

About the Box: Alright, Letters from Dead People isn’t your traditional subscription in any sense. From Lady Delaney, you can pay a one-time fee to receive a whole year's worth of this now-dead sub. You receive letters that paint a story based on fictional or real historical characters and each month gives you a mystery puzzle to solve. This could be a fun box to get as a family. Every month you'll get to get together to try to solve all these mysteries. 

Check out our Letters From Dead People details and reviews to learn more about this box.

6. Mouth: Pickles Every Month

pickles in a box

Image via Mouth.

Cost: $60 per box

ACTIVE DEAL: Save 20% off any subscription!

About the Box: Any pickle lovers? If you ever dreamed of starting the day with a pickle, Mouth: Pickles Every Month will make your dreams come true. Every month, you receive a variety of pickles and pickled produce to awaken your senses. Finally! A box that will help you become the pickle connoisseur you’ve always wanted to be. 

Check out our Mouth: Pickles Every Month details to learn more.

7. Venture in History

international currency

Image via Cratejoy

Cost: $17.99 per box

About the Box: Who wouldn’t want to receive a monthly box with international money? Venture in History is a subscription box that sends $20 worth of paper money from all over the world. All you need is to get a plane ticket to these destinations to use your international currency. This is a great box to give any history-lover. But it might be a tremendous educational box for kids too! With everyone doing homeschooling nowadays, this box can be a great way to talk about other countries and history in a fun way. 

8. Hunt a Killer

items from the hunt a killer box

Cost: $30 per box

About the Box: Are you ready to take all the knowledge you’ve gained after hours of watching CSI? Well, with Hunt a Killer, you get the opportunity to become a detective and trace down a serial killer every month. You get police files, case updates, autopsies, evidence, and more to help you get closer and closer to the killer. Maybe you can sign up with a few friends and start your very own murder-solving club? It's almost like playing Clue but with different crimes each month! 

Check out our Hunt Killer details and reviews to learn more.


items from the apocabox subscription box

Image via APOCABOX

Cost: $50 per box

About the Box: Are you getting ready for doomsday? You aren’t? Well, better be prepared with APOCABOX, a subscription box that’s based on survival. Every month, you receive a collection of survival tools that will help you get ready for the apocalypse. Or, you know, whenever zombies take over. 

Check out our APOCABOX details to learn more.

10. Cannabox

items from cannabox subscription box

Image via Cannabox

Cost: $30.99 per box

About the Box: Cannabox is a subscription box that sends you essential smoking items based on pop culture themes to make your smoking sesh feel even cooler. This could be a cool box to send as a gift for friends who live in cannabis-open states. 

Check out our Cannabox details to learn more.

11. Moss of the Month Club

Weird and Unique Subscription Boxes Moss Box

Cost: $10 per box

About the Box: Sure, you have your plant subscription boxes sending you beautiful plants and succulents that will die by the time the next box rolls over. But, what if you could get a great curated selection of hardier moss and lichens. With Moss of the Month Club, you can get a great assortment of moss to upgrade your terrarium. 

Check out our Moss of the Month details to learn more.

12. Jerky Snob

Jerky bags

Cost: $15 per box

ACTIVE DEAL: Save 10% off of 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions and/or gifts!

About the Box: Who says pickle people are the ones who get to have all the fun? With Jerky Snob, you can get a monthly box of expertly curated, premium jerky selections. Who knows, maybe after a few boxes, you can become a jerky sommelier. 

Check out our Jerky Snob details and reviews to learn more about this box. 

13. Bark Potty

dog standing next to a bark potty

Image via Bark Potty

Cost: $37 per box

ACTIVE DEAL: Save 10% off your first box!
CODE: pottyaddiction10

About the Box: Have a pet but live in a place where taking them out all the time is a hassle? Here's Bark Potty to the rescue! This subscription box sends eco-friendly potty pads every month that feels like real grass so your pup can go potty without ever leaving the apartment. 

Check out our Bark Potty details to learn more.

14. Exotic Noods

Exotic Noods open box

Cost: $14.99 per box

About the Box: Obviously, any subscription box with the word “exotic” in them had to make this list. Exotic Noods sends you noodles from around the world, perfectly wrapped in ramen products, bowls, and other delicious presentations. If you're a foodie yourself, then this box is a must-have. 

Check out our Exotic Noods details and reviews to learn more about this box.

15. Bizarre Bibliotheca

bizarre bibliotheca box beatles june 2018 review

Cost: $29.95 per box

ACTIVE DEAL: 10% off first subscription period 1, 3, 6, 12 mo

About the Box: Some people celebrate so many bizarre and unknown holidays that the mainstream media doesn’t. Bizarre Bibliotheca from Unboxing the bizarre sends you books and goodies based on offbeat holidays. It includes everything you’ll need to get in the spirit and celebrate all of the wackiness. 

Check out our Bizarre Bibliotheca details and reviews to learn more about this box. 

16. Bacon of the Month Club

Cost: $48.95 per box

About the Box: I’m a vegetarian, so I thought there’s only one type of bacon out there. Apparently, I was wrong since there’s a whole Bacon of the Month Club subscription box out there. Each month, you’ll receive a curated selection of bacon from across the country. I really have to hide this from my bacon-loving husband. 

Check out our Amazing Clubs Bacon of the Month Club details to learn more.

17. Gadget Discovery Club

Gadget Discovery Club open box

Cost: $99 per box

ACTIVE DEAL: Save $10 off any plan or gift package.

About the Box: I’m not sure how many gadgets a person could ever need. But, the people at Gadget Discovery Club apparently think a lot since they created a quarterly subscription box. All skepticism aside, discovering new gadgets every month seems pretty exciting. Each box sends unique and innovative gadgets, including smart home devices, smartphone gadgets, and so much more. 

Check out our Gadget Discovery Club details and reviews to learn more.

18. BlackSocks Sockscription 

BlackSocks Sockscription Review - Sock Subscription Box

Cost: $11 per box

About the Box: Because we all know black socks are superior, the BlackSocks Sockscription box sends men’s dress socks to your doorstep. Never run out of perfectly black socks ever again. With the boxes being only $11, I really think this could be a fun gift for a coworker or your husband. I can imagine my husband's reaction to opening this box every month – totally worth it! 

Check out our BlackSocks Subscription details to learn more.

What’s another odd subscription box you’ve stumbled upon? Share your craziest subscription box in the comments, and let’s keep growing this list! 

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When I had chickens, I came THISCLOSE to getting that Henny + Roo box! I love all the different subs there are for all the different interests people have. Every time I discover a new niche box, even if it doesn’t appeal to me at all, I get so happy. There are so many ways to live a life! It makes me feel a deep appreciation for all the differences we humans have (though it appears we all love getting boxes!!)

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I think a world where chickens can get a subscription box is a world worth living in!

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That skull box looks right up my alley ☠️🖤 I also like how this list was pretty inclusive; from morbidity to pickles to black socks, seems like everything has been covered 😆

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Glad you enjoyed it! I think so many of these boxes would make great gift ideas, especially with the holidays around the corner.

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