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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

My Experience With Persona Nutrition

Kat Giuffrida
ByKat GiuffridaMar 7, 2022


My Experience with Persona

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Let’s be honest with ourselves - most of us do not get enough of what we need from our diets alone nowadays. Although we may try to eat and live as healthy as possible, the truth is that sometimes we need a form of nutritional insurance through taking vitamins and supplements.

Although I’ve been immersed in the world of sports supplements and nutrition for well over a decade now, I still find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed at times with the wide range of options that are available today, especially as new supplements emerge on the market each year. Not only that, it can get quite expensive building the right stack, which is why I recently turned to Persona for help.

Persona Nutrition has provided me with a fun and cost-effective approach towards supplementation and I look forward to taking my vitamin packs each day as I know they’ll complement my diet and training and help me to be and feel my absolute best. Here’s a look at my recent experience trying out Persona along with my honest thoughts on the products I received.

Taking The Online Assessment

Prior to receiving my first round of vitamins and supplements from Persona, I first needed to complete the online assessment. While many other D2C vitamin and supplement companies also require taking a quiz in order to receive your personalized recommendations, I have to say that Persona is by far the most thorough and takes into account way more details than other brands.

Generally, online assessments for personalized vitamin and supplement packs require 3-5 minutes to complete, but Persona can take up to 10 depending on the specific health goals you’d like to address, inputting any medications you’re taking currently, and other factors like health history. If you’ve done any genetic health testing (i.e. 23 and me, Ancestry, etc) then you can also include that information as a part of your assessment.

Luckily for me, the online assessment only took 5 minutes at most since I’m not on any medications and knew exactly which health areas I wanted to target.

For reference, here are a few of the questions I had to answer as a part of Persona’s online assessment:

Adding On And Removing Products

Once I had completed the online assessment, Persona provided me with personalized recommendations. While all of the suggestions were certainly in line with my health goals, I decided to remove Foundational Multivitamin as I’m already taking a prenatal multivitamin, Beli for Women, and could use the opportunity to swap out my multi for another product.

In this case, I chose to add on two supplements: Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies and Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. I added on the ACV gummies since they’re a fun and delicious way to support digestion and I added collagen to support prenatal health as it’s a major dietary source of glycine which is conditionally essential during pregnancy.

Other supplements that were included with my first order were Cranberry, BCAAs, Peppermint Plus, Vegan DHA, Ubiquinol, Digestive Enzymes, Brain Gain, Spirulina, Blood Sugar Balance, and Vital Proteins Hydration + Collagen Lemon Lime. These products were chosen based on my main health goals of digestion, fitness, and energy.

What I Thought About My Vitamin And Supplement Pack

I received my Persona Nutrition subscription box within 7 days of placing my order. Here’s a quick look at everything I received:


My daily vitamin packs included one pack for the morning and one for the evening, with my morning pack containing Ubiquinol, Digestive Enzymes, Brain Gain, and BCAAs, and my evening pack containing Vegan DHA, Spirulina, Peppermint Plus, Cranberry, and Blood Sugar Balance. I generally took my morning pack after eating breakfast and used my evening pack after dinner.

As far as timing goes for the other products, I used 1-2 Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies after high carb meals, added 1-2 scoops of Collagen Peptides to my cereal each morning, and took one packet of Hydration + Collagen after more strenuous training sessions when I felt depleted.

Overall, I have to say that I definitely noticed my blood sugar levels improve within two weeks and felt that my cognition was also enhanced. I also experienced fewer muscle cramps and felt that I healed faster in between training sessions.

Although I took 10 pills daily in addition to my usual prenatal capsules, I didn’t mind using them at all as they weren’t huge pills and were easy to digest, unlike other brands which practically give you horse pills that don’t go down that well and lead to GI issues. I experienced no noticeable side effects from using any of Persona’s products and felt confident in their efficacy.

Final Thoughts On Persona

I really enjoyed using my daily vitamin packs from Persona and found that everything I tried complemented my diet and training incredibly well. It was fun getting to try out new products that I hadn’t considered using before and now I have an even better arsenal of supplements. I’m thankful for Persona’s approach to personalized nutrition and supplementation and 100% recommend trying them out for yourselves - you won’t regret it!

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Kat Giuffrida
Kat Giuffrida

Kathryn is a native of the sunshine state and currently resides with her husband and daughter in Auburndale.

She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2015 as well as a Master of Public Health in Environmental and Occupational Health from the University of South Florida in 2018. She also earned national certification in public health in 2018 from the National Board of Public Health Examiners (NBPHE).

Kathryn decided to start her career in regulatory compliance for a specialty chemical industry but soon found her way into the digital marketing world and hasn’t looked back ever since. She has contributed to websites including Muscle and Brawn, Pay It Forward Fertility Foundation, The Unwinder, and SHALE Magazine and is excited to continue her work at MSA.

Outside of work, she’s a year-round swimmer who qualified to compete in the 2020 TYR Pro Series. Whenever she’s not behind the keyboard typing up new articles you can most likely find her in a pool...or chasing after her 5-month-old baby.