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My Honest Grove Collaborative Review – Is It Worth It?

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Apr 24, 2020 | 45 comments

My Honest Grove Collaborative Review - Is It Worth It?

My Grove Collaborative Review

Is Grove Collaborative Worth It?

So, what is Grove Collaborative and how does it work? Grove Collaborative features all-natural home, beauty, and personal care products that can be auto-delivered right to your door. This company is focused on sustainable, clean, and responsibly sourced products for your home in your kitchen, bath, and beyond.

Your first Grove order comes with a free Mrs. Meyer’s set as well as other Grove Collaborative product extras depending on your order total. I loved how my first order felt like a big welcome package and contained so many items I can see myself having auto-delivered regularly, especially since I am trying to avoid stores right now. To be perfectly honest, I don’t often think about cleaning products even in the best of times and frequently find myself forgetting to make sure everything makes it into my shopping cart at the store since the cleaning aisles often feel like a chore. My Grove Collaborative experience changed that because there were so many cool brands, scents, and formulas offered and I am all about good smells, clean ingredients, and beautiful packaging.

COUPON: 48-hour sale. No coupon needed - just use this link.

by Megan K., MSA Reviewer, Reluctant Cleaner, Pretty Packaging Enthusiast
September 15, 2020| 45 comments

About Grove Collaborative

The Subscription: Grove Collaborative

The Cost: The order minimums are:

  • $25 for recurring shipments
  • $39 for “Ship Now” plans

The Products: Choose from many familiar brands for all-natural home, beauty, and personal care products as well as products the Grove Collaborative brand. 

Ships to: The US for $4.99 flat shipping with free shipping on orders over $49, OR totally free shipping for VIP members on any order.

Good to Know: They are a Certified B Corp.

DEAL: Spend at least $20.00 on your first order to receive a free Mrs. Meyer’s gift set. After that, you will have minimum requirements for future orders but can pause or adjust at any time. You’ll also get a free 60 day trial of their VIP membership (normally $19.99/yr).

COUPON: 48-hour sale. No coupon needed - just use this link.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Pros & Cons

The Pros
  • Auto deliveries for the products you often need restocked in your home.
  • Emphasis on non-toxic, sustainable, and natural or organic products, and an ethical supply chain.
  • Grove is working towards becoming plastic-free!
  • Auto shipments are super easy to pause or turn off. Literally once click!
  • No synthetic fragrances.
  • 100% cruelty-free.
The Cons
  • Membership is required ($19.99/year) for free shipping.
  • Order minimums ($25 for recurring and $39 for ‘Ship Now’)
Is It Worth It?
  • I really liked using Grove Collaborative to restock my home with cleaning supplies and other home goods. It saved me a trip to the store and I can see how auto shipping these products (that I often forget to grab) would be a no-brainer long term.
I’d Recommend Grove Collaborative If You: 
  • Want to use cleaner and less toxic cleaning supplies in your home.
  • Want cleaning and personal care basics delivered to you each month at totally reasonable prices.
  • Would rather do your staple shopping via your laptop.

Why Try Grove Collaborative?

I was intrigued by the brands and I have been wanting to build a cleaner kitchen routine. Also, I kind of hate the scents of so many of our cleaning products and how they make my hands feel after using them. They can be really harsh! I am also someone who likes to spend her money with companies who are trying to do good, and Grove Collaborative is investing in using less plastic, clean formulas, and ethical supply chains. What’s not to love?

The Membership

The membership option can be a little confusing at first, so I want to break that down before we dive into what arrived in my first order.

Grove Collaborative doesn’t require a VIP membership to purchase, but this $19.99/year membership does have its perks, like free shipping, a lower order minimum ($10 vs $30 for non-VIPs), early access to new products, and free (truly useful!) goodies every season.

My First Grove Collaborative Order


My order arrived in a brown cardboard box with branded tape. The Grove team even included a little handwritten greeting. Everything was carefully wrapped in paper to keep it safe and secure.


Also included was a welcome packet full of helpful info on the company.

My ‘First Order’ Mrs. Meyer’s Set

When your first order meets a $20 threshold, a trio of Mrs. Meyer’s products are included. You can mix and match from any of the scents offered, which might have been the hardest choice I had to make for this order! Though ‘Basil’ is my Mrs. Meyer’s go-to, I decided to try out the Grove Collaborative exclusive ‘Fresh Grass’ scent which was new to me!


Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap in ‘Fresh Grass’ Scent, 12.5 fl oz – Retail Value $3.89

This is already my go-to hand soap brand! I love the way it makes my hands feel clean but the formula is very gentle. I generally always buy either the ‘Basil’ or ‘Radish’ scents, but Grove Collaborative has an exclusive ‘Fresh Grass’ scent that I was pretty excited to try. It does certainly remind me of spring days outside and this is a new favorite Mrs. Meyer’s scent for sure.


Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap in ‘Fresh Grass’ Scent, 16 fl oz – Retail Value $3.89

I must admit that I usually just buy whatever dish soap is on sale when I happen to be shopping for it. Prioritizing cleaner products for my home was one of my goals for 2020, so I am very pleased that I like this very affordable dish soap. It has the same wonderful grassy scent as the hand soap and does a really nice job of cutting through grease and mess on my dishes. We don’t have a dishwasher in our home, so we hand wash everything! Adding this fragrant and clean soap to that chore seems to make it at least a little more bearable.


Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner in ‘Fresh Grass’ Scent, 16 fl oz – Retail Value $3.89

Multi-surface cleaner is probably my favorite cleaning product. We have butcher block countertops and a marble island and I like that this is the sort of product I can safely use on both. This light spray is perfect for wiping away crumbs from cooking or spills. It has that same grass scent and I like that it fills my kitchen when I use this product. A+.

My Freebies

So those free goods I mentioned for being a VIP? Check them out! It looks like more or less are added depending on your order total (mine was $54.00) and they change depending on what Grove Collaborative is offering at the time of your order.


Grove Collaborative Glass Spray Bottle + Glass Concentrate – Retail Value $14.95

I am always down for a cute reusable glass bottle! This one came wrapped in a silicone sleeve and complete with a tube of Grove’s own glass cleaning concentrate. Simply twist off the cap and pour the concentrate into the bottle, then fill the bottle with water. Easy! This formula has a wonderfully soft rosemary and orange scent and legitimately works as well as my Windex. It even has the same squeaky clean sound effect!  I love that this formula is more natural and because of the reusable glass bottle I can look forward to using less plastic.


Grove Collaborative Ceramic Sink-Side Tray – Retail Value $12.95

I thought this tray was really pretty, especially for spring. It is designed to hang out beside your sink and hold your cleaners and bottles. Honestly, this will probably end up in my upstairs bathroom to catch jewelry, hold perfume bottles, and other little precious things. The floral design is too pretty to not enjoy.

Grove Collaborative Walnut Scrubber Sponge, Set of 2 – Retail Value $4.95

Because we don’t have a dishwasher in our home, we do a lot of manual scrubbing. That means a lot of sponges! We usually just buy your normal run of the mill blue and yellow options, but I really like this more earth-friendly option. The brown scrubber side is made of walnut shells and the sponge itself is made of vegetable cellulose. We have used one for about a week now and they hold up just as well as the others. This is another switch I would be happy to make and the price is fair when compared to what I pay for sponges anyways.

My Order Items

Here are the items I picked out for myself in my first order:


Method Dish Soap in ‘Rosemary’, 18 oz – Retail Value $4.99

More dish soap! When I saw this was rosemary-scented I knew I had to snatch it up. Will adores anything with a rosemary fragrance. I am constantly baking dried rosemary into bread, crushing it on pizza, adding it to cocktails. He loves it! The selfish part of me is hoping that his love will encourage him to do the dishes all the time and just let me be, at least until this bottle runs out… then I will order more! The formula itself works really well at getting food off of our dishes without us having to “leave them to soak.” Though I may have lost one of my favorite dish-avoiding excuses, I am pleased that it works so well.


Method Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner in ‘Almond’, 25 fl oz – Retail Value $4.99

I actually don’t love almond scents, and I didn’t realize this was when I added it to my cart. My initial disappointment gave way when I sniffed it, because this is actually a very nice and slightly floral sort of almond. Using it couldn’t be any easier: simply pop open the spray-style top and squirt it onto your floor. No mixing required! Then mop away. This is actually marvelous because we usually utilize a massive mop and bucket which just isn’t necessary unless you are deep cleaning. This is perfect for spot cleaning and everyday life and you can use it with a mop or just wipe it away with a cloth. It is also wax-free!


Full Circle Veggie Brush – Retail Value $4.99

I recently signed up for Misfits Market and we have never had so much produce in the house! While that subscription is organic, I still like to scrub down my veggies, so this adorable circle brush was a no-brainer to add to this order. The bristles are strong enough to scrub, but gentle enough to cause no damage, and the circular wooden handle is easy to hang (and cute as heck!).


Method Men’s Body Wash in ‘Bergamot + Lime’, 18 oz – Retail Value $7.99

Will is a body wash kind of guy, so I thought swapping his old bottle out for something more earth-friendly was an easy win. (The bottle is also much easier on the eyes as it hangs out in my shower.) This has a softer sort of scent, and it is manly and citrusy. Will gave it two thumbs up so I plan on making this a more permanent swap.


HiBAR Maintain Solid Shampoo (3.2 oz) & Conditioner (2.9 oz) Set  – Retail Value $22.99

Will and I both enjoy solid shampoo and conditioner bars. Our faves are from Lush, but when I saw these I decided to give them a try. Sadly, I really don’t like this scent at all. It smells more like a cleanser I might find in the kitchen than a smell I would want in my hair. Most of you know I am on the picky side when it comes to scents though, and Will seemed to like it just fine. In terms of performance, I loved the shampoo. It didn’t take much to get a decent lather and it left my roots feeling squeaky clean.

I know a lot of people who like shampoo bars dislike conditioner bars, and I used to be one of those people. I figured out that using them just a little differently was the trick for me. Basically, I only lightly condition my ends, finger comb while wet, then I wring out my hair without rinsing the solid conditioner out. Think of it like a leave-in conditioner! I then towel dry. This method gives my hair a nice feel and a good amount of conditioning without being too heavy, and it worked well with this bar.


Shameless Pets Break an Egg Dog Treats, 5 oz – Retail Value $4.99

I had to grab something for Tucker. His birthday is on the 24th! He LOVES eggs (and bananas… maybe yellow things in general?). These are a softer sort of chew and they are heart-shaped! Inside are ingredients designed to strengthen his bones, like eggshell, mixed with yummy ingredients like eggs, cheese, and potato. Tucker 10/10 recommends.

Value Comparison

Many of these items can be found at other stores. I have seen a few of these brands at my local Target. In comparing prices, I found that Grove Collaborative was about the same for Mrs. Meyer’s products and a little bit more expensive for the Method products. Here are some examples:

  • Method Men Body Wash: $6.99 at Target, $7.99 with Grove Collaborative
  • Method Dish Soap: $3.99 at Target, $4.99 with Grove Collaborative.
  • Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap: $3.99 at Target,  $3.89 with Grove Collaborative
  • Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Spray: $3.99 at Target,  $3.89 with Grove Collaborative
  • Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap: Both priced at $3.89

In my option, the dollar difference in the Method prices is easily forgiven when you add in the bonus products and freedom to just avoid that physical store trip.

Another detail worth noting is that on my first order, I received extras worth $44.52. Sure, not every order is going to have this many free gifts, but it sure was a warm welcome and made my $54.00 total feel like it stretches SO far. While this isn’t the sort of subscription that is going to save you loads of money when compared to running to your local store, it certainly feels more than worth it for the quality of the goods and the perks.

So, what’s the verdict?

I am kind of way into Grove Collaborative. I like the mix of own-brand products with other brands I already know and love. The site makes what could be a pretty mundane act of shopping for soap feel much more like a boutique shopping experience with loads of options to explore. The convenience factor is also impressive and I also give two big thumbs up to how easy it is to pause or cancel auto-shipments. As someone who finds it pretty difficult to get excited about cleaning products (and often forgets them at the store), the auto-delivery is a lifesaver for me.

What do you think of Grove Collaborative? Would you ever sign up?

If you’re curious about other household and personal care brands, check out our Best Household and Cleaning Subscriptions List!

Grove Collaborative is "an online service dedicated to helping you craft a healthy, beautiful environment in your home. We do the research and hand-select the best natural products, and deliver them (carbon offset) right to your door." They have a 100% happiness guarantee as well and are a certified... read more.
Megan K.
Megan K.
I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

Megan K.
Megan K.
I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.
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Alexis M

This looks quite intriguing. Not as convinced after reading the comments though…anything similar to GC that has good reviews?


I agree with the scammy nature of this company. I heard about it on a podcast offering a free gift…so I punch in the code , and without my asking , they add multiple “free” or “value” items , like spring cleaning package for a discount or $65 value VIP package . When I look in the inbasket, the package is actually a bunch of items with like 50 cents off . What set off alarms was when I saw the “VIP package” was a free shipping service for 3 months , then “cancel anytime” . I closed the browser when I saw that . Looking at all the reviews, I am glad I did.

Alexis M

Good to know! Thank you


I had a terrible experience with this company. I like their stated mission and products but their business practices are shady. I specifically requested I not receive monthly subscription products but they continued to charge me without my permission. I requested a refund, and they refused saying that I had to opt out multiple times in order for the monthly charges to stop. Opt out multiple times????? I had to get my bank involved and dispute the charges. Nightmare.


This was my experience, too. And it happened to me at least 5 years ago, so it seems they are still up to the same shady practices. I was in the program that stated you would be alerted when your annual was due, and you would have to ok the charge. Well I was not alerted and was charged without my knowledge. They gave me a charge back when I pitched a literal fit with customer service and threatened to get lawyers involved. Never again.

Alice W

Exactly my thought. It is more of a hassle to manage subscription than just buy what you need. To be fair, I found it to be the case for any cleaning product subscription.

You don’t run out everything every month, and it is really not hard to stock on the few essential items when things are on sales. Not to mention, their prices really are not competitive at all. It is just as easy to do Amazon and you get better selections. Unless they have really unique awesome products, I don’t see the point of this.


I have been trying to cancel my membership and have not been able to. This is another scam company that makes money on memberships and knows that most people will end up paying the $20/ year rather than go through the time consuming hassle of calling to cancel – they do not allow you to remove your credit card information or cancel your account online – at least not that I have found. I have read all the FAQ and emailed customer service with not response other than a suggestion that I call customer service.


While the products are nice, trying to cancel your account and subscription is a nightmare. When I go in my account, it says there is nothing in my cart, I am not subscribed to anything, however, I keep getting a box of the first items selected. I have chatted twice online with their support people, who assure me it’s cancelled, only to receive another box. Calling the number is a waste of time – it rings and rings and rings. Frustrating company that I think is not totally above board.


I had been enjoying the things I bought from Grove until my last order, which was a nightmare. They charged me $151 for 3 condoms. It took 3 times of me calling in and complaining that my order was incorrect. Each time they said I shouldn’t have received what I did and that I was supposed to get the 144 pack…not 3. They sent 3 seperate shipments and all 3 contained a 3 pack not 144. It shouldn’t take over a month and 3 tries for a company to ship you what you order (in this situation I never actually got what I ordered).


Pros: Grove is the only place I have been able to find Seventh Generation disinfectant wipes and sprays during the pandemic (although there are times that some of those items are out of stock). I have also been introduced to some new items/brands I wasn’t familiar with, which has been a good experience. I like their Rooted brand hand cream and facial wipes. Regarding customer service, the one experience I had was positive. Once I received an alert that an item I wanted was back in stock, so I rushed to place an order. But when I received my order confirmation, I noticed the item I really wanted wasn’t listed. I was able to chat with a representative right away, and I let her know that if that product wasn’t going to be in the box, I wanted to cancel the entire order. She cancelled the order right away and I wasn’t charged for a thing.

Cons: I agree that it’s very annoying that your cart gets stuffed with things that you did not put in there yourself, but it’s easy enough to simply remove them (on the app at least). Grove does send an email and a text to let you know that your scheduled order ship date is coming up, so when you receive that notification you simply need to take a look at your cart and remove anything you don’t want, or add things that you do. It’s not the easiest thing to figure out how to pause an order, but I think on the app it’s a bit more straightforward–in your cart you can change the ship date, and it will tell you at the bottom “recurring order won’t ship [X date]” so you know for sure. Right now I am stocked up on everything, so I took the extra step of removing everything from my cart and subscription and will start over when I need to.


This is a scam company. They enroll you into a subscription, VIP services etc. without clear information while purchasing and then start charging your creditcard. It took me several phone calls to get them to cancel my subscription and refund my money. AVOID THIS COMPANY.


Do not become a member of Grove. They will put EVERYTHING your order on a repeat shipment and if you don’t go in monthly to edit at the correct time you will end up with a lot of stuff you do not need. Also very expensive products. You can get all the products cheaper at over places online.


Exactly my thought. It is more of a hassle to manage subscription than just buy what you need. To be fair, I found it to be the case for any cleaning product subscription.

You don’t run out everything every month, and it is really not hard to stock on the few essential items when things are on sales. Not to mention, their prices really are not competitive at all. It is just as easy to do Amazon and you get better selections. Unless they have really unique awesome products, I don’t see the point of this.


I ordered several items in my first order and joined the VIP membership for a fee of $20 annually on a trial membership. My first order was nicely packaged, although the porcelain piece of the sink caddy item I ordered was broken. This was one of several pieces I ordered and an ensemble for next to my sink. I tried several times to get in touch with Grove but had no response to their phone or text contact options. I eventually was able to use the chat function in the app and had the worst experience. Grove would not replace the broken item as their policy prevents sending a replacement (they won’t send a single item for “sustainably” policies) I would have to order more items to justify an order and reorder a sink caddy. The only other option provided was they could send me a pre paid postage mailer and send back all the items I have. I fail to see how sending back a larger package for used items to get thrown away is “sustainable” vs sending a replace for the broken piece though. But worst of all is that the Chat person “cancelled” and wiped clean my membership and my order history cause I did not agree!!! I could no longer log in when I could right before the chat. This means I could not cancel the fees for my VIP trial membership, could not see what was refunded to me or if I was receiving a return postage package. For 6 months Grove courted me on social media and then don’t want to clean up the mess on my first order, and treat me as a non-human and blind me to my financials. What extortion! A company built on “Cancel Culture” to it’s customers!! It is for this reasons I would NEVER engage in transactions with such a company again. Would appreciate knowing what reporting mechanisms for occupational licenses, etc are available….


Very disappointing to go through the whole shopping and checkout process, only to be told they don’t ship to Alaska. We are part of the United States!!


Yeah, this was kind of a nightmare for me. They kept shipping, shipping, shipping. And they’d do this super irritating thing where they added the free items I’d gotten from the initial order as paid items in the subsequent orders. So I paid for multiple hand lotions and lip balms. The one bright spot is that they sent me tons of hand soap. A few months later when the pandemic started, I was able to supply my extended family. I recall at the time, I told them I had enough hand soap for a small village and to STOP shipping! So it ended up being a good thing, but never again! Honestly, I’ll never run out of dish soap, hand cream, or lip balm!

Jaimee Rindy

I really REALLY wanted to stand behind this company, because I think what they’re trying to do is awesome, but I’m only 2 boxes in and already I’m having lots of problems.

On the first box, there was delayed shipment and I’m pretty sure that was due to a misprint of my address. I was willing to be patient with that, but when the box finally arrived it was missing 2 items.

On the second box, my order didn’t ship on the day I was told it would because I was “under the minimum”, but I was only under the minimum because one of the products in my cart went out of stock the night before it shipped. Also, for some reason they removed my free items from my cart when I went to fix it. The costumer service was very nice and they were able to sort out the problems, but it’s still frustrating how many times I’ve had to reach out to them in just 2 orders.

Other issues — I find myself adding random items I really don’t need in order to meet the items and get the few items I do need/want, and it’s extra frustrating when those items don’t even make it in the box. Additionally, it’s a pain to figure out how to take things out of the auto-subscription. I just don’t need that much product generally.

I love what they’re trying to do, but the execution has been poor from my trial run. It may be a good service for large families, but it’s just too expensive for me to justify the hassle. I’ll just go to Target.

Wesley F Brooks JR

NEVER ORDER, THEY ARE SCAMMERS! packages never received after months of calling over and over, they lie and say it’s shipped but never actually do anything! **DO NOT ORDER**

Janice Melton

I canceled the 19.99 renew(?). Today I was charged on my PayPal account. Please reimburse my account. This is not good service so please correct this situation.


Buyer beware!!!!!

Grove order charged me for everything I ordered but my order was missing 3 items.

When I contacted them their response was to offer to credit me for the items. I had to insist they refund me and they are acting like they there is nothing wrong with for items they don’t send.

I’m debating reporting this. Not sure where.

One item they didn’t send was TP, the whole reason for my order. I bought a bunch of things we didn’t need to get it to ship. I stopped looking for TP & now we only have half a roll. This was my third order in a year. It makes me wonder if the previous orders charged for things I didn’t get but I didn’t notice.

Shanda Anderson

File a complaint with the BBB!


So it is a bit of a pain to go into your account and de-subscribe from items, besides that one nuisance

I have found over the past few years
– grove customer service is outstanding- if something arrives damaged etc they immediately correct it
– they have introduced me to great products and have some really great house brand products as well
– if you watch things you love will go on sale and you can stock up
– if you become part of their sampling program they give you great gratis items for reviews (which will also be noted as coming from a sampler)

Overall I love the connivence and get a lot of value from it. If I paid closer attention at the grocery I might be able to save a bit of money but I’ll take the convenience and service at grove any day


Agree with other comments saying the one thing I disliked was they put things in your cart and have that on auto ship. I cancelled a few years ago but remember it was so much work at the time to cancel and try to ensure I wasn’t getting a $50 order/bill I didn’t order. Having said that the staff I dealt with were lovely.
It’s just the set up of the business that is questionable. Actually put me right off as I’m afraid to order again in case I end up in the same position. Ease of cancelling/skipping is everything. That’s why I get my allure box via amazon as it’s so easy to skip or cancel vs phone calls.


I was surprised to get a box from Grove a month early (I have it set bi-monthly not every month) since I only had $15 worth of items for auto ship after I deleted the hand soaps (I have overstock on them after Bed Bath & Body sale) & Grove added me an unwanted & never before purchased or even looked at glass bottle to meet minimum even though I’m VIP So it should have shipped free. The only reason I keep Grove is for that Almond floor soap for my wood floors that I can’t get at Target. I loved Grove’s LE scent of peony (My favorite flower that doesn’t grow in the south & I miss it every spring) & I regret I didn’t buy a metric ton of this scent last year. So “Iowa Pine” collection is the default for me now to tell my mind it is Christmas’19 not COVID-19. Lol


FYI has that floor soap

Jennifer Davis

I have been a VIP member for several years and truly love Grove! The prices can be a bit higher but I love that they are a B-corp so I don’t quibble over an extra dollar here or there and I try to stock up when they have sales.


Just a heads up as far as price comparisons go: if you find an item for less on say Target or Amazon or elsewhere online, you can add this item to your Grove cart, email them with the link to the lower cost item, and they will adjust it and price match it for you!

I will say I’m sad that they’ve raised the minimum price for the freebies. I’ve been with them a few years now and they used to be free with around $40 purchase, but now it’s around $75-90 purchase. And since I do almost monthly (sometimes bimonthly) orders, they’re not going to be that high. So I rarely ever get free gifts anymore, when it used to be I would get one nearly every shipment, sometimes two because of the seasonal one as well.

But on the topic of auto-shipments, yes you do have to manually adjust it, which is annoying but not difficult. It’s somewhat easier on the app. I just make sure I do it right after each order so I don’t forget before the next shipment. And then throughout the month I just add what I want to my cart as I think of things. I always get an email and notification before my next shipment too so I’ll remember to adjust the date if I need to.

Hope this helps!


They have fabulous customer service. My favorite product to buy is the recycled garbage bags – the only ones I’ve found that are 100% recycled

Jennifer Davis

I love the garbage bags as well!

Kathy S Piccini

My DIL introduced me to Grove about 2 years ago n I’ve never looked back. I absolutely LOVE this company & their products. Ive purchased everything from cleansers to bath care, skincare, laundry care, self tanners and perfumes. I love that I no longer use cleansers loaded with toxic chemicals too. And they are most definitely environmentally friendly as compared to most companies out there. Ive replaced soooo much plastic with reusable glass containers. I dont havta lug all the heavy bottles upstairs. I dont havta physically go to the store to purchase (especially NOW), their hand sanitizer smells n feels soooo goo d on our hands. Just placed another order full of disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizers n dish soaps this morning


I just renewed grove for my second year. I got a $15 cleaning caddy for my $20 renewal gift. I’m a senior so I appreciate the easy shipping each month and I’ve enjoyed all the products. They offer frequent gifts with purchase and the grove products all work very well and save on all the plastic bottles. I use glass bottles and refills. Their laundry detergent is especially nice. I do recommend grove.

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