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Misfits Market Review – Everything You Need to Know About This Sustainable Grocery Delivery Service

Lindsey Morse
ByLindsey MorseSep 9, 2021 | 16 comments
Misfits Market Review - Everything You Need to Know About This Sustainable Grocery Delivery Service

Misfits Market Review

Everything You Need to Know About This Sustainable Grocery Delivery Service

The produce you find in the grocery store is often a thing of beauty: perfectly rosy apples, similarly-sized onions, and carrots so identical they look like clones. Ever wonder what happens to the not-so-perfect fruits and vegetables? Produce that doesn't make the cut is often cast off, donated, or trashed, but Misfits Market has started a grocery delivery service that rescues these ugly rejects and sells them to members at a hefty discount. They even buy up unloved pantry staples and protein off-cuts!

Here at My Subscription Addiction, we're no strangers to subscription food delivery. We're fans of meal kits, beer of the month clubs, and wine subscriptions. We also love a great deal, so the concept of Misfits Market is one that caught our attention early on. Misfits Market claims that their service can help you save 40% off grocery store prices and that their online system provides a "hassle-free shopping" experience that will save you money each week. In this Misfits Market review, we'll investigate these claims and also do our best to help you decide if Misfits Market is the subscription for you. We'll consider the products, selection, cost, and value, and we'll even take a look at the competition to see how Misfits Market compares. Ready to see how this grocery delivery service measures up? Let's dive into this Misfits Market review!

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Misfits Market Pros & Cons

Misfits Market Pros

  • Misfits Market rescues produce, meats, and pantry staples that don't meet the strict requirements of most grocery stores. (Think ugly fruits that are perfectly tasty but not pretty enough to sell.)
  • Members can purchase items each week from Misfits Markets' regularly changing selection.
  • Misfits Market allows all customers to fully customize their box in their brand new marketplace - starting with their very first box.
  • The Marketplace includes a bevy of pantry staples like protein source snacks, cereals, and plant based alternatives.
  • A membership to Misfits Market is free and unlocks savings of up to 40% off grocery store prices.
  • The selection is large and includes more than just produce. You can also shop a wide variety of pantry staples and specialty items.
  • Most of the produce sold through Misfits Market is organic and non-GMO.
  • It's easy to skip deliveries and cancel your subscription online.

Misfits Market Cons

  • You'll need to finalize each weekly order a few days ahead of delivery. If you're the type of person who likes to make regular, sporadic trips to the market, Misfits Market might not suit your style of shopping.
  • Since the selection changes regularly, you might not always find all of the items on your weekly shopping list.
  • Misfits Market is not yet available across the U.S. Scroll down to see which states are currently in the service area.

All About Misfits Market


How does Misfits Market work?

In this Misfits Market review, we'll go over all the things you need to know about this grocery delivery service, but let's first go over the basics. When you sign up for a membership to Misfits Market, you'll have the option to purchase goods from the online store, which is stocked with a rotating selection of fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, pantry staples, and more. A membership to Misfits Market is free, and there's no set fee. You simply choose how much to spend on grocery items each week in the online marketplace (the minimum spend per delivery is $30.00). You're never obligated to buy, and you can skip delivery any week you like.

There's a three-day shopping window each week, and you'll receive a notification that it's time to log in and make your picks. You can edit your order throughout the shopping window, and when your order is finalized it will be sent to your door within 2-3 days. Shipping is assessed at a flat rate, and unlike a lot of grocery delivery services, tipping is not necessary.

How much does Misfits Market cost? 

How much you spend on each Misfits Market delivery is up to you. The initial membership is free, and each week you'll be invited to shop online in the virtual marketplace. Produce, proteins, grocery staples, and more are all available at prices up to 40% off retail, and you can stock up on whatever you need. The minimum spend per order is $30.00, and $5.50 flat-rate shipping is added on separately.

Why sign up for a Misfits Market membership? 

A membership to Misfits Market grants access to some great deals. There are a number of reasons why products don't make it onto grocery store shelves. Fruits might be "ugly," veggies might not be the right size, and packaged items might be discontinued or swapped out due to new packaging. Misfits Market scoops up these perfectly tasty items and passes the savings on to their customers. Organic produce, dry goods (like olive oil, cereal, jam, and coffee), meats, and more are all available at deep discounts.

The company is also tackling issues of food waste. From Misfits Market:

Besides saving on your weekly grocery costs, joining Misfits Market helps us fix a broken food system. This distressing fact is really what started it all: Almost a third of what's grocn in the U.S. never gets harvested because it doesn't meet the superficial stndards of a traditional grocery store. Because we work closely with farmers and food makers, we know just how much food is going to waste every single day.

By being committed to fighting food waste, we've unlocked a new way to make healthy, quality food more affordable for more people. Customers build their grocery order each week from hundreds of items offered at up to 40% off grocery store prices. Every Misfits Market order benefits farmers and makers, helps prevent food waste, and ultimately helps save our environment.

Where and how does Misfits Market ship?

Misfits Market now ships to zip codes in 44 states, including DC. See their full list on their FAQ page here (once they ship to ALL 50 states, you’ll be among the first to know!)

Good to know:

  • Delivery is handled by a number of third-party shipping providers. You can log into your Misfits Market account to view delivery information and track your order.
  • A signature is not required, and you don't have to be home to accept the box.
  • Food is kept cool in transit with insulated liners and frozen gel packs.

How is a Misfits Market delivery packaged?


Shipments from Misfits Market come packed in a brown cardboard box, and depending on the time of year and the food in your order, you'll find "compostable clamshells, ice packs, protective dividers, and various forms of insulation inside your recyclable box." Due to availability and market supply, packaging my change from time to time, but Misfits Market will opt for eco-friendly packaging whenever possible.

What types of products are available through Misfits Market?


Misfits Market started out just selling ugly produce, but the selection has grown quite a bit. The virtual marketplace now stocks all kinds of different products you might find in a traditional grocery store. Produce is seasonal and organic whenever possible, and other items rotate regularly depending on availability. You'll likely find citrus in the winter, strawberries in the spring, and peaches in the summertime. In our experience, while you might not find everything on a long and detailed shopping list, you'll certainly find enough options from different categories to complete your weekly shopping. A good example to illustrate this point might be crackers. If you're looking to pick up some crackers, you'll probably find at least a couple of options to choose from. Looking for a specific brand? You're more likely to come up short.

Want some specific examples? Here are some recent items we've spotted in the Misfits Market shop:

  • organic broccolini
  • organic leeks
  • organic butternut squash
  • organic mango
  • organic mini seedless watermelon
  • coconut milk
  • microwave popcorn
  • coriander honey
  • olive oil
  • maple syrup

How does Misfits Market source products?


Misfits Market works with farms and food hubs in the U.S. and beyond to offer a large selection of products to members. They work directly with farmers to purchase organic and non-GMO produce that doesn't meet the rigorous superficial standards of traditional grocery stores (they will also on occasion source non-organic produce). Grocery store items are sourced from food hubs, brands, and retailers and may become available for a number of reasons including excess inventory, out-of-date packaging, and an upcoming sell-by date.

Are Misfits Market products high-quality?


Yes! Produce from Misfits Market is most frequently organic and non-GMO. Other grocery items are good quality, and high-end brands are frequently featured. Despite the low prices, Misfits Market does not feature low-quality products or feel like a budget shopping experience.

Is Misfits Market convenient?

Misfits Market offers a convenient online shopping experience. The interface is streamlined and easy to use, and shopping in the online marketplace is a lot of fun. The selection varies, but there are usually enough different options to successfully compete the weekly shopping if you're not brand-loyal or too picky about the specific items you want to receive. Misfits Market is as convenient as Instacart or Amazon's Whole Foods delivery, but it's a lot less expensive and you don't have to worry about tipping. If you want to skip the grocery store and you don't mind produce that's less than perfect, Misfits Market is a convenient way to get your weekly shopping done.

What do MSA reviewers say about Misfits Market?

We've had a couple of different writers step in to review Misfits Market. Curious about what they have to say? Let's take a quick peek back at some past Misfits Market reviews.

Megan's Misfits Market Review

  • Review expertise: Megan has reviewed all kinds of different subscriptions for MSA. She doesn't write about food exclusively, but she often steps in to share her opinion on meal kits, food delivery services, and meat subscriptions.
  • Thoughts on Misfits Market: Megan reviewed Misfits Market back when they exclusively dealt in produce, and she received a box to review right when the pandemic was kicking off. She wanted to avoid shopping at the grocery store, and Misfits Market was a lifesaver. Says Megan, "I found this produce subscription box to be a lifesaver in a time where I am not super thrilled about grocery shopping or going to the farmers market. A box full of colorful, fresh organic veggies and fruits delivered to my doorstep felt like hitting the lottery!" Here's what Megan received in her box that cost $26.50:
    • 8 carrot … pieces
    • 4 bell peppers
    • 2 turnips
    • 2 radishes
    • 2 small acorn squash (squashes? hmm.)
    • 7 sweet mini peppers
    • 1 head of bib lettuce
    • 6 potatoes
    • 3 pears
    • 4 oranges
    • 3 apples
  • Verdict: Overall, Megan loved her delivery from Misfits Market. Here's what she had to say about the items she received and the overall value: "I am pretty thrilled with Misfits Market. It was the perfect solution to a fresh food shortage in my house at a time where I really didn’t want to be out and about shopping and the majority of local farmer’s markets are canceled until further notice. It would be really easy to just microwave all of our dinners but I want to get back to cooking regularly, something I haven’t had the time (or desire) to do until spending so much additional time at home. I think the amount of food for the price is great, and I plan on ordering the bigger boxes from now on the share with my neighbors who are finding themselves in the same boat. For $26.50 ($22.00 plus $4.50 shipping) I received 11 different varieties of veggies and fruits totaling over 40 pieces. I anticipate these lasting us about a week, which is a bargain."

My Misfits Market Review

  • Review expertise: I’ve been writing food reviews for My Subscription Addiction since 2014, and I’ve tried Misfits Market in preparation for this review. I'm the primary shopper in my household, so I'm very open to finding a solution that saves me time and money.
  • Thoughts on Misfits Market: Before preparing for this review, I was under the impression that Misfits Market exclusively sold produce, so I was very happily surprised to see that their selection has increased. I didn't approach my virtual shopping trip with a list in hand, instead opting to feel out the options and add a variety into my box. I wanted to stick to a budget of $50.00 and pick up a selection of groceries. Here's what I ended up buying:
    • organic broccolini
    • organic leeks
    • organic mini watermelon
    • enriched coconut milk
    • microwave popcorn
    • coriander honey
    • Raincoast crisps
    • olive oil
    • maple syrup
    • organic fennel
    • mango
    • 4 nectarines
    • 4 onions
    • butternut squash
  • Verdict: I found most of the items in the virtual shop very affordable. There were a few items I thought I might be able to find for similar prices at my local grocery store, but most of the items seemed discounted and the branded items I looked up online all cost less through Misfits Market. The quality of everything I received was excellent, and I can't even say I found any of the produce to be "ugly" in any way. Perhaps the sizes weren't quite right for retail or there were color variations that were deemed undesirable, but everything looked just fine to my eye. Consider me a fan! My only complaint is that the selection was good but not ample. Still, I had no problem filling up my box, and I'll definitely purchase again.

What do MSA readers say about Misfits Market in their reviews?

At MSA, we don't just publish our own in-house reviews. We also invite our readers to rate and review the meal kits they've tried. Misfits Market currently has a rating of 3/5 from the MSA community. Here's what tpop, a long-term Misfits Market subscriber, has to say:

I've been getting this box off and on for a couple years. I tend to get fewer boxes in the summer as I have a garden, but it is easy to skip a week or more on the website, or pause for longer times. It's occasionally not delivered on the day promised, without notice, but it does come with insulated packaging. Almost every box has one damaged soft item, but the rest are usually great, and I have been refunded for the item any time I've asked. The variety is pretty good, it's fun to figure out what to cook, and it's been great during the pandemic. Although they did not send for several weeks and then send 3 boxes in one week, which was not ideal with perishables. All produce is organic and they have add-ons such as granola, specialty mushrooms and herbs. I don't find the price to be better than my local stores, but the convenience is there -tpop

If you’d like to learn more about Misfits Market and even write your own review, you can visit our Misfits Market brand page here.

Are there alternatives to Misfits Market?

If you like the idea of a grocery delivery service, but you're not sure Misfits Market is the right subscription for you, there are a few competitors that might be a better fit.

Misfits Market vs. Imperfect Foods

Like Misfits Market, Imperfect Foods specializes in produce and grocery store items that don't make it onto the shelves of traditional grocery stores. Let's take a closer look at them side-by-side:

  • Cost: It's close, but Imperfect may be slightly cheaper than Misfits Market.
  • Organic: You'll find organic produce at both Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods, but Misfits Markets places more of an emphasis on it. You'll find more conventional items available through Imperfect.
  • Selection: Imperfect Foods offers a wider selection of meats and grocery items.

Misfits Market vs. Hungry Harvest

Hungry Harvest is a produce delivery service that sells boxes of fruits and veggies. You can choose all organic produce, skip the fruit, or order a mix of fruits and vegetables.  Let's take a closer look at the differences between these meal kit subscriptions:

  • Selection: Misfits Market has a wide variety of grocery store items including produce, dry goods, and meats. Hungry Harvest specializes in produce. You can add on grocery items to your order, but if you don't want produce or would rather stock up on pantry staples, Misfits Market may be a better fit.
  • Customization: Both Misfits Market and Hungry Harvest allow you to customize your shipment
  • Price: The minimum order spend at Misfits Market is $30. Boxes from Hungry Harvest start at $15.

Misfits Market vs. Hungryroot

Hungryroot is a meal delivery service that sends groceries and suggestions for how to turn them into meals. You can approach the subscription like a meal delivery service or use it as a way to stock your fridge. Let's see how these two subscriptions stack up:

  • Meals: If you like the idea of a meal kit delivery service, but you want groceries, too, Hungryroot might be the subscription for you. Misfits Market does not provide recipes or tailored meal suggestions based on the items you choose.
  • Organic: Both subscriptions will send organic items, but there's more of a focus on organic and non-GMO ingredients at Misfits Market.
  • Selection: You'll find a wider selection of items for sale through Misfits Market.

Is Misfits Market worth it?

We've covered a lot of info in this Misfits Market review, but one big question remains: is Misfits Market worth it?

Looking at past reviews of Misfits Market and community feedback, it's clear that Misfits Market has a lot to offer. There's a rotating selection of high-quality products, and the organic, non-GMO produce and pantry staples never feel cheap or undesirable. Whatever the reason products end up at Misfits Market (blemishes, out-of-date packaging, etc.), they're just as tasty as the items you'd find on the shelves at the grocery store. Misfits Market advertises savings of up to 40% off retail, and the items really are noticeably less expensive. As far as negatives go, the selection is varied but not super wide, so if you're looking for niche or specialty items you may come up short. You're also unlikely to find the same brands from the grocery store, so open-minded shoppers who aren't brand loyal are likely to have the most rewarding shopping experiences. But the value and convenience are definitely there. If you want to shop from home and have groceries delivered to your front door, Misfits Market offers very competitive pricing and unbeatable convenience. If you're ready to sign up, just make sure you understand that you're signing up for a subscription. You'll be charged every week (unless you skip) until you decide to cancel.

Ready to subscribe? Make sure to sign up using our coupon below to ensure you get the best deal.


You can try Misfits Market for yourself here:


Have you tried Misfits Market? Head to the comments section and let us know!

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Lindsey Morse
Lindsey Morse

Lindsey is a professional baker, cold brew coffee addict, and rosé aficionado who loves writing about food and wine. When she’s not sharing her love of subscription boxes with the world, you’ll find her in the podcasting studio, perfecting her cake decorating techniques, or cursing her way through the New York Times daily crossword puzzle. 

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Asdis Skagen

I have ordered, and subsequently cancelled, services from this company twice over 2021-2022.

I really like the idea of food delivery using items that would otherwise go to waste. In execution, though, this company fails to meet even minimal expectations for service.

I will give a sampling of two of eight issues that occurred with with just my last 2 orders. For example, I ordered 2 pkgs (8 oz) Organic Valley Cheddar Cheese for over $10 and 2 pkgs (6 oz) Roth Cheddar Cheese for about $8. What I received was 4 pkgs of Roth Cheddar cheese, with no indication on my account that a substitute had been given, and no refund of the difference. Another example is my order of chicken broth – didn’t receive, didn’t get a refund, and there was no “substitution” of anything comparable.

I wish I had checked with the BBB reviews before giving this company my money, as it has a horrible overall rating and the examples given above pale in comparison to some that were indicated on the BBB review site.

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Raven Compton

Do you sale a2 cow’s milk. And I have seizures, if I was to subscribe ,can I not choose what I want in my Box because I cannot have certain fruits and vegetables.

Reply ButtonReply


Hi Raven! If you have questions about any of the products available through Misfits Market, I’d recommend reaching out to their customer service team. It looks like they can be reached here: https://help.misfitsmarket.com/contact/custom-contact-form-S1NAIK1Iw

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Karen S

So disappointed with this company. I went online and was forced to fill out a membership, complete with credit card in order to shop and see what they carry. So, I started an order. At the end of it all, I decided this was not a service that I wanted, mostly because the delivery date they chose for me (and I couldn’t figure out how to change) was a day that I was going to be gone for 3 days. So, I cancelled my subscription within hours of putting stuff in my cart.
Several days later I get notice that my order is being readied to ship. I was a bit shocked, went into my account online and saw that it was in fact cancelled, so I wasn’t terribly worried that it would actually be shipped. I sent an email and told them to remove my credit card from their system and close the account. They didn’t respond to me until yesterday morning when the order was actually shipping out.
I’ve had several emails with them because they don’t publish a customer service phone number, and they cannot cancel the order and they will not refund my card. They did remove my card from their system and closed my account. Meanwhile I have $85 of groceries coming (mostly meat) that will sit on my door step for 3 days and ruin and nothing I can do about it. And, no compensation or consideration from the company. Very, very upset and disappointed.

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I would ask family, friends, or even a neighbor to pick up your order once delivered. I’m sure they would be glad to help and then you won’t have to come home to rotten meat on your doorstep. 😣

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Interested in trying this service but would like to know more about delivery, specifically, how are the products delivered. UPS? FedEx? Local delivery service? USPS?

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This box also had some inedibles. Also you often can’t tell what quantity you’re getting on produce— just given a price— and size sent may be very small. No info to be found on webpage about refunds, rotten food replacement.

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Cynthia A Thompson

Only the coffee beans and the beets wre ok. Every thing was rotted. Arrived July 5, 2021. I know it’s not your fault on delivery but I would appreciate a refund. Thank you. Cindy Thompson

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I signed up and will get my first delivery next week. I just moved and have to drive 20+ minutes to get to a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods now. I am hoping it works for us as the prices seem reasonable.

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I’ve been subscribing for several years now. Liked it for about the first year and then had to stop due to having to throw away too much bad food right out of the box, which continued even when I was using it off and on during the pandemic. Started using it again now that they changed their model and I have liked it so far – except for the few times I have had their gel packs break open in shipments. Technically they are biodegradable but they are a gooey, sticky mess and I don’t feel safe eating food that it has gotten all over.

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I’m on box three. I skip every other week or more as needed. I’m mostly very satisfied. Amount and cost are good and much less plastic than even local stores. I have had some waste with inedible produce- yellow broccoli, tasteless melons etc, but usually only one or two items per box. I’ll keep it going once or twice a month in fall and winter esp if Delta/ other variants keep washing through.

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Oops sorry. I mixed up missfits and imperfect. The comments I wrote were about imperfect. Missfits just started meat and I’m planning to try them. I liked their produce but as said it’s alot even alternate weeks. Lots of fun stuff in the grocery. I like them best in the winter when I can’t get much at my local farmers market.

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I’ve subscribed for almost a year. I really enjoy but I seldom get their produce. I like it for their meat. Very easy to skip and customize delete items. I usually get it just 1Xmonth so I get free shipping. Like their odds and ends too.

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I subscribed last year and cancelled after one shipment. I felt like what I received was nothing like pictures, there was a lot less than expected, I was missing 2 of my choices, and a lot of the fruit and vegetables were very close to being inedible because they had been battered or were starting to rot. I didn’t think it was worth the money.

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I just went to sign up for a free membership, and they wanted my credit card information up front, that’s not ok with me. I use a similar service that’s local to me in TX, that has no fees, no shipping. I’ll stick with them for now.

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I subscribed for a few months at the beginning of the pandemic. We really liked it! Everything was good quality and it was fun trying new recipes to use up the produce, some of it I’ve never had. I paused because, even with skipping weeks and giving some things away, it was a lot of stuff! I’ll have to log back in and see the new items! Great review!

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