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Misfits Market Produce Review - Quirky Look, Yummy Taste

My Misfits Market Review

Quirky Look, Yummy Taste

Misfits Market is a produce subscription featuring “funny looking” fruits and vegetables that are all organic and GMO-free! There are 2 boxes sizes to choose from and you can have your produce delivered weekly or bi-weekly.

I found this subscription to be a lifesaver in a time where I am not super thrilled about grocery shopping. A box full of colorful and fresh veggies and fruits delivered to my doorstep felt like hitting the lottery! I highly recommend this as a source of fresh and affordable veggies anytime though, and I plan on continuing my subscription even when everything has gone back to normal. I also feel like this subscription made me cook more creatively, since some of the veggies were ones I don’t normally purchase on my own. At a time when I can devote a little more attention and creativity to the meals I cook, veggies outside of my norm were welcome!

by Megan Kirkland, MSA Reviewer, Produce Devotee
April 2, 2020| 46 comments

About Misfits Market

The Cost: Misfits Market offers two subscription sizes:

  • $22.00 for Mischief: recommended as the starter box, this size contains 10-13 lbs of fresh, organic mixed fruits and vegetables.
  • $35.00 for Madness: recommended for larger households or those with plant-based diets, this size contains 18-22 lbs of fresh, organic mixed fruits and vegetables.

Also worth mentioning is that from 4 pm Thursday – 8 pm Saturday you can add more veggies, fruit, and other treats to your box at discounted prices. I plan on adding some oatmeal and a few boxes of mushrooms to next week’s order. These items sell out fast, so be sure to jump on at 4 pm EST each week you have a delivery if you want to add on!

What you’ll get: Fruits and vegetables that are healthy, affordable, and a little funny looking.

Ships to: All zip codes in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts (excluding Nantucket Island and Martha’s Vineyard), Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Ohio, West Virginia, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee.

Are Misfits Market shipments impacted by COVID-19? Yes. Due to high demand, new orders from first-time customers will be delayed by 2-3 weeks. Since most areas are extending their shelter-in-place orders, this would still be an awesome subscription to start. I know I plan on keeping ours long after life returns to normal!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Why Misfits Market?

Basically, the last time I went grocery shopping was a few weeks ago, when everything was just starting with the social distancing and shelter in place orders linked to COVID-19. Needless to say, the thought of spending more time in the store selecting produce was the last thing on my mind, and I bypassed these more perishable items for staples like flour, rice, RAMEN, and canned/frozen veggies and got out of the store. This left a pretty big void in terms of fresh fruit and vegetables that quickly became painfully apparent.

Misfits Market Packaging


This has to be one of the cutest boxes ever. I love the sunny yellow apple and the funny text that is on every single side of this box! Inside everything was carefully packed and there were multiple ice packs. Everything was nice and cool inside! The ice packs were the type you can pour safely down the drain or add to your plants for a nitrogen boost.


There were two cards inside, one with general info and a spotlight on “add-ons” (more on that later), and a card with a delicious pear recipe.

My Review of the Misfits Market Mischief Box

Let’s peep some veggies!

It was like an explosion of color from inside this box. How cheerful and yummy! I was really eager to see inside so I immediately started laying everything out to “inventory” my new stash.

Everything looks so delicious! I also think the variety is wonderful too and this nice mix of veggies and fruit is perfect for how Will and I like to eat. He was over the moon when he saw the pears. I was thrilled with those too, and also excited for the potatoes, peppers, and squash. Not sure what to do with radishes, but I am looking forward to experimenting. How do you all like to eat your radishes?

Here is a shot of everything inside!

As far as the produce being unsightly, the only real “ugly” things inside were the carrots, and carrots are generally kind of weird looking in my opinion. Everything was actually along the same sorts of “beauty standards” I would expect from the grocery store.

There were actually some moments of real art in here:

Like this perfectly straight line on one of my apples.

And this truly beautiful little spot of sunshine on the acorn squash’s deep green skin.

So what did I make with some of these yummy treasures?

  • I sauteed the mini peppers for tacos one night.
  • I used the bell peppers to make stuffed peppers that I served with mashed potatoes also made from this box.
  • We used the oranges in our juicer for fresh orange juice over breakfast.
  • I used the lettuce for a little personal salad.
  • I halved the acorn squashes and baked them with brown sugar and butter for a dinner side.
  • I mashed the turnips and ate them with a little salt, butter, and sugar, just like my nana makes.

And I still have some additional veggies to work with.

As far as volume goes, here is what I ended up with from the smaller Mischief my box:

  • 8 carrot … pieces
  • 4 bell peppers
  • 2 turnips
  • 2 radishes
  • 2 small acorn squash (squashes? hmm.)
  • 7 sweet mini peppers
  • 1 head of bib lettuce
  • 6 potatoes
  • 3 pears
  • 4 oranges
  • 3 apples

The Misfits Market Madness Box

Also, if you were curious about the number of veggies you can expect in the larger Madness box, here is a shot from my next box which was the larger one! Whoa!

My Verdict

I am pretty thrilled with Misfits Market. It was the perfect solution to a fresh food shortage in my house at a time where I really didn’t want to be out and about shopping and the majority of local farmer’s markets are canceled until further notice. It would be really easy to just microwave all of our dinners but I want to get back to cooking regularly, something I haven’t had the time (or desire) to do until spending so much additional time at home. I think the amount of food for the price is great, and I plan on ordering the bigger boxes from now on the share with my neighbors who are finding themselves in the same boat. For $26.50 ($22 plus $4.50 shipping) I received 11 different varieties of veggies and fruits totaling over 40 pieces. I anticipate these lasting us about a week, which is a bargain.

What do you think of Misfits Market? Are you trying to add more fresh produce into your diet right now?

Misfits Market

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Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

Comments (46)

  1. I got a box recently and while I liked most of the produce, it was barely 10lbs of food and I ordered the bigger box, which is supposed to have 18-22 lbs of produce in it. I immediately emailed them (why is there no phone number?) I got an email at 3:14 am asking for photos of everything. Well I’d eaten most of it by then LOL I am vegan so I eat a lot of veggies. I also made a veg soup with the taters and carrots cuz the taters were a bit on the old side. HOWEVER not only had I already photographed everything, I had catalogued and weighed it all too. Their email claims I should have 14 different items, no mention of the wt. I got only 12 different items so even by that lame standard, my box was not up to snuff. I am still waiting for a reply. I requested the rest of my box (figuring they sent me the small instead of the large) OR a refund of the difference in price ($13) I will NOT accept a discount off another box and am considering reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. I am really disappointed because I watched like 6 You Tube videos of folks unboxing their stuff and it was ALL so good and they got so much! I feel totally ripped off. Just wondering, those of you who got disappointing boxes- do you live in New England? There has to be a reason why some folks are getting good stuff and some of us are not. It might be regional??

  2. I wish Misfits served my area hopefully soon fingers crossed.

  3. I was very excited to receive my first Misfit box but was quickly disappointed. I received 1 onion that was mildew, lettuce with the roots, I guess I was supposed to plant because there wasn’t enough for a sandwich, a mango that was rotten and celery that was no good. Was not impressed at all. I canceled my subscription. I can get better produce at the market for less. It is worth my time to go to the market.
    Funny thing too is when I canceled my subscription hours after recieving my first box they did not even try to reach out to me to find out why.

    • I had the same experience with the first box of my subscription; it was also my last as , like you, I immediately cancelled. And, like you they never answered by repeated communications.

  4. I subscribed after reading a review on here and have received three shipments. Although there has been some delays with shipping, I’ve been very happy with the boxes. We get the smaller box and it has pretty much replaced our grocery store produce. Everything has been in good condition, actually we haven’t really received anything ‘ugly’. It’s fun to look for recipes that incorporate the various items received.

    For the past two boxes we were able to customize the box, which was pretty cool. This past box had some substitutions though. I’m skipping the next shipment so I can use up what I have accumulated.

    We have received a lot of limes for some reason lol.

  5. How fun is it to get a mystery box every 1 to 2 weeks! It’s easy to select which day you want to receive your box and how often. The fruit is sweet, juicy and fresh especially the mangoes. MisFit challenges my culinary skills. It’s true that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; my husband has been very happy :O). I wish there was a way for me to send a picture of what I just received. Every time a box is delivered, I can’t wait to rip it open and see what’s inside. And, I can’t wait to plan meals for the next 2 weeks with the box I just got. The customer service is great. It may take a week or so to receive a response, but they always reply. I promise you will be satisfied.
    This is what I just got:
    2 large white onions
    1 large cucumber
    1 large zucchini
    3 plum tomatoes
    7 medium potatoes
    1 mango
    1 purple cabbage
    1 butternut squash
    A bag of green beans
    3 small oranges
    3 medium red delicious apples
    We opted for the “Misfit Box” (the smaller box) because we are only 2 people. We found that 1 box per every 2 weeks was enough. You will still need to go to the grocery store to supplement your meals & buy more fruit. I found that I do not buy much produce at the grocery store anymore since I’ve been receiving the MisFit boxes.

    • You got more stuff in your small box than I got in my large!! I am so sad. Do you mind if I ask where you live?

  6. So far I like it. I subbed to the smaller box and have had five shipments so far. The first two were awesome and the third, not so much, was sad plus was missing an add on. I sent an email, did not hear back but my fourth box was another nice one and so was my fifth box.

  7. Well I ordered my first box and received it however there are a few complaints. One is the ice pack was completely thawed out and warm second one is I ordered add ons and one of them which was a cantaloupe which I never received. I have now sent 2 emails and I have not gotten any responses. If this keeps happening I am going to cancel my subscription.

  8. Awful… many, many, many issues. I’ve been charged for 2 more boxes than I received. After numerous emails, it was never resolved. Every shipment has badly bruised or rotten produce. They’ll give a small credit, if you email and upload pictures, but it’s a lot of work. Missing add-ons… what a nightmare. We ordered the big box, and they’ll send us 8 small potatoes and 1 small butternut squash… not enough for a single dude for a family of 5. I’m canceling.

  9. With a lot of excitement, I signed up with Misfits Markers in April and started receiving boxes in May. I made an inventory and weight of all fruits and vegetables when I received the first box, to compare its value with the prices in my local food coop because I wanted to compare costs. I turned out I could have bought everything that came in the box locally for a bit less than its cost, but I thought the convenience of having fresh produce delivered was a good trade off for the inability to select the produce myself. Overall there were 18 pounds and one ounce of mostly very good quality produce.

    The second box might have been a mistake, because there were just over 14 pounds in it. Including three mangos that were mostly not edible as they were partially or fully rotten, the rest was good quality. Not surprisingly, when I compared its cost to what I would have paid at the place where I shop normally it turned out to be a lot more expensive. But I thought there must have been an error since 30% of the produce was missing!

    Madness (large) boxes are advertised as containing between 18 and 22 pounds, and mischief (small ) boxes are said to have 10 to 13 pounds in them. I though I may have received a small one by mistake, so I contacted Misfits Markets to let them know about the missing produce. After about 10 days they responded acknowledging there had been a glitch and offered a 25% discount towards a future box. I thought their response was inappropriate and at that point I realized this service isn’t worth it for me, and that’s why I suspended my subscription.

  10. I’m off the waitlist and ordered the smaller box. I’m excited to receive it plus some add ons. Thanks so much for the review Megan!

  11. Are there other produce delivery boxes like this? They don’t deliver to Texas. 🙁

    • If you’re in Travis County in Texas, check out Good Apple. Very similar box with a great mission!

  12. I’m not a happy customer! I signed up for the Mischief Box the day I read this review, 4/3/20. They charged my account immediately despite the fact that all new orders were put on hold for 2-3 weeks. Within a few days, I was notified that my account would become active on 4/26/20. I decided to wait because I was impressed by the company and the contents of the box in this review.

    Unfortunately, 4/26/20 came and went. I received another e-mail thanking me for my patience and informing me that my order would again be delayed by a day or two.

    I logged into my account this past weekend (5/2/20) looking for some kind of update, and I noticed that they were about to charge my account 5/3/20 for my second box when I hadn’t even received my first. I skipped the charge manually, and then I e-mailed Misfits Market asking for a shipping date or a refund for my first order. I received an immediate canned response full of vague statements and an admonition that their customer service team could not provide shipping dates to anyone at this time.

    What a coincidence, though! Within an hour of sending my request for a refund, I received a tracking number. However, the tracking number is empty – the number itself was sent electronically to FedEx, but they don’t have my box yet, and there’s no indication they’ll have it anytime soon – and my Misfits Market account shows that my order is still in limbo. I feel like the tracking number was just a neat trick to put me off.

    I understand that the pandemic generated a sudden influx of customers that they weren’t equipped to handle, and they’re also dealing with a reduced staff that has to take multiple, time-consuming precautions, but I think they’ve gone about this completely wrong. I’ve been working with other companies with delayed shipping, but their transparency and frequent, specific updates inspire confidence that they’re doing everything they can. (As opposed to Misfit Markets’ two e-mails in a month and a website reference to read their March COVID-19 blog post.) Also, the other companies didn’t try to charge me a second time for something they still hadn’t provided for the first charge.

    Is anyone else having issues?

    • Update: The tracking number has been updated, and my box is due to arrive 5/5.

    • Welp, it’s after 4 PM on 5/6, and my shipment has gone missing. My new estimated delivery date is “unavailable at this time.” I understand that Misfits Market isn’t responsible once they hand the box over to FedEx, but this is just one more issue in a series of issues. It doesn’t help that I haven’t been able to get a hold of anyone Misfits Market due to “higher than normal inquiries.” (I guess that happens when you take people’s money and don’t give them anything in return.)

    • Same here!!!
      I got empty Fedex tracking number too!
      No response from Misfit market customer service.
      It’s been waiting for 3days, no up-date since delivery date.
      I can wait, but just want to know what’s going on there…

  13. No real misfits there. We cook with everything show, but unfortunately, Louisiana isn’t in the shipping list. Otherwise, I’d subscribe in a heartbeat.

    • I too am in Louisiana. I ordered and received my first box four days ago. It was supermarket labeled and packaged old, unusable produce like what supermarkets throw away.

  14. Thanks so much for the review! I am on the waitlist and can’t wait to order, and I didn’t know we could order add ons which would be so useful. After all this is over I’ll continue with this as I rely on my son for grocery shopping and he doesn’t always adhere to my shopping list, and definitely not buying enough produce. Subscription boxes rule!!

  15. Appreciate the review and opinions shared here. I plan to try this sub.

  16. If they deliver to Ohio, why not Michigan? I am about 1 hr from the Michigan/Ohio border. Disappointing because I would definitely order this.

  17. Wish they shipped to Mississippi.

  18. I love misfit box so much!

  19. I’ve been a customer for almost a year and we get 2 Madness boxes weekly for our family of 3. Although they’re having a few problems with shipping during this pandemic, this company is amazing!!! I highly recommend them to everyone 😊😉

  20. I was thrilled to discover Misfits Market a short while ago. I just received my 2nd box this past Wednesday n was once again thrilled. Thankfully I signed up about a week or less before the lid was blown off on this pandemic so there was no waiting. I am loving cooking foods ive never prepared before. Made my 1st pot of collard greens ever n they were fabulous with ham ans bacon. This round i received fennel which ive personally never used before. Peppers, red potatoes, lettuce, oranges, apples, pears, butternut squash, celery, cilantro, kale, rutabegas, cucumbers, zucchinis, lemons, red radishes n more. Love love love this box too! Ive frozen fresh green beans n brussel sprouts. I added on mushrooms, fresh dates and a pancake/waffle mix. My fell suggested we get a small chest freezer so i can freeze/store more. We’re VERY happy

  21. What you are calling radishes are actually turnips (greener) and what I think you are calling turnips (purpler) are rutabagas.

    • They look like watermelon radishes to me – white with pale green on the outside and red on the inside. I get them in my CSA delivery sometimes. They’re an heirloom variety.

      Those do look like rutabagas, though.

      • Lynn, you’re right – they are watermelon radishes. They have been delicious, and beautiful inside! As for what to do with them Megan, my boyfriend and I have been shredding them to eat in fish tacos! The sweeter flavor of them compared with radishes is great with the normal shredded cabbage and carrot we typically have in our tacos, and the extra crunch is awesome. We also add them to our salads, and last time I made a coleslaw, too. I’ve been getting Misfits for about seven months now and it is the best! I get so excited on delivery day to see what we have gotten, and since I am a very high risk person, it has been a lifesaver for sure 🙂

    • i thought turnips and rutabagas were the same things. Root veggies confuse me.

  22. So adorable. I wish they had a box of just fruit as I have no idea how to cook anything besides potatoes.

    • this box certainly makes you learn how to cook veggies. i am enjoying the challenge myself!

  23. Megan I don’t see any radishes. I see two lovely rutabagas!! I cut them like “fries” and roast them!! They get sweet and taste awesome. Actually any veggie tastes the best roasted. You can toss in olive oil and spread out on sheet or just lay them out and use a cooking spray on them. I enjoy the extra spicy Mrs. Dash on everything. Making me hungry now.

  24. Sliced radish with butter and salt on top are awesome!!

  25. Hooray!!!! I’d seen Imperfect Produce last year when I lived in Atlanta and couldn’t get it there. Instead, I got weekly delivery produce from Fresh Harvest (totally wonderful!) and a farm share from Rise and Shine farm (also wonderful, bunt not home delivery). I recently moved to Chicago and have been wanting a produce delivery. This couldn’t have come at a better time!!! I just signed up and am thrilled.

  26. Replace potatoes with radishes! For example, if I’m making a pot roast I throw in radishes instead of potatoes. I think they have a similar texture cooked.

  27. If you’re in the west coast & can’t get this, Imperfect Produce is a similar service that might be available to you.

    I only recommend IP if you use a LOT of veg pretty quickly — the shipping cost can cancel out the discount you get on the produce, & a lot of the produce isn’t even “imperfect,” just surplus, so it can go bad a little more quickly than you’re expecting if you usually buy from grocery stores.

  28. I signed up a few days ago and now I am even more excited! I didn’t realize that shipping was extra – that’s on me. I have been getting another box that is ok – sticking with it because I like the ad on market – excited to know that Misfits has one too!

    How long did you think your produce lasted? One reason I don’t love the other box is because I feel like the produce goes bad really quickly. My sweet potatoes were moldy after 3 days.

    • Mine seemed to last about a week. I use the crisper drawer in my fridge for most of it though. The fruit I left out though, and I legit am munching on the last pear right now, and it was delivered back on the 25th, which is pretty good. THe apples and oranges (what we have left) are still looking great and we made omelets with the last two peppers last night.

    • I have been a customer for almost two months. Depending on the produce it can last the week but I have had things last up to 3. They usually have some nice add ons as well for an extra few. Very worth it and I have yet to be disappointed.

      • Mireille419 – I’m a new subscriber, how do the add ons work? I can’t figure it out from their website. Where do you go on their website to do that ? Thanks.

  29. Any thoughts on this versus Imperfect Produce?

    • I get both and love them both! I usually alternate weeks. I like Misfits produce a bit better – it seems just a bit more fresh and the mangoes are incredible. Imperfect Produce has a huge selection though, including a ton of pantry staples and even eggs/milk/meat, so their website is more similar to ordering via a grocery store online. I haven’t had to go to the grocery store in months (even before the pandemic)!

  30. Radishes go great sliced up on a salad.
    I wish this shipped to Arkansas. Looks great!

  31. I’ve been a member since last year and love it. I have a CSA in the summer and use this service for the other months. The quality is great and their customer service is top notch. When I switched my delivery day from Saturday to Friday I was invited to customize my entire box. It does ruin the surprise but makes meal planning much easier.

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