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Le Tote Reviews

About Le Tote

Le Tote (starting at $69 per month) is a monthly clothing rental service for women. A stylist will recommend items for each tote, and subscribers can edit which items they want to receive. Wear the items as much as you like before returning them, and buy the items you can’t live without for up to 50% off retail prices.

Plans include one or two totes per month, and you can choose from a variety of plans including both apparel and accessories. Free shipping and returns both ways.


Le Tote Reviews

We've reviewed over 20 different totes! See what our staff reviewers think about Le Tote's selections, styling, fit, and more:

    Is It Worth It? Le Tote Pros & Cons

    What We Love

    • Unlike some other rental services, Le Tote lets you preview and edit items in each delivery, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting in each tote.

    • No washing necessary! Le Tote handles all of the dry cleaning and sterilization for you.

    • Le Tote also offers a Maternity plan (starting at $79/month) for style-conscious moms-to-be who don’t want to buy a temporary maternity wardrobe outright.

    You Should Know

    • Le Tote currently carries size 0-16 (XS-XXL). They do not carry tall, petite, or plus sizes.

    • Since Le Tote is a clothing rental service, the items you receive will be gently used. All items are inspected and thoroughly cleaned before you receive them.

    • If items are damaged when you send them back, Le Tote will charge you accordingly. (You can optionally buy insurance against repairable damages for $5/month)

    • If you want to rent a majority of your wardrobe, the price goes up: Le Tote ranges from $69/month for 5 pieces of clothing, up to $119 for 10 articles of clothing and 5 accessories.

    • Unlike competitors Gwynnie Bee and Rent the Runway Unlimited, you don’t get unlimited returns and rentals each month: you’ll get one or two totes, depending on the plan you’ve selected. (If you return before the end of the month, you’ll be eligible for your next tote on your billing date.)

    We'd Recommend Le Tote If

    • You love to always have something new to wear, but find yourself wearing things once or twice before they’re stuck in the back of your closet for the rest of the season.

    • You want to look great and on-trend for special occasions or work, and don’t want to invest in pieces you know you won’t wear again.

    • Your clothing size is changing (such as due to weight loss, weight gain, or pregnancy) and you want to fill gaps in your closet temporarily without breaking the bank.

    My Honest Le Tote Review

    My Honest Le Tote Review

    Thinking of subscribing to clothing rental service, Le Tote? We've done all the heavy lifting to give you an overview of the basics, plus over six months of reviews to help you decide whether it's right for you. Read our first post to dig in and navigate to all sorts of helpful information!

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    ''I like that I can pick out what I want if I don't like what they've suggested.'' – PK, from our Readers' Choice Awards

    Le Tote FAQ

      What is Le Tote and how does it work?

    • Le Tote is a clothing rental subscription service, currently serving women in sizes 0-16 (XS-XXL) and maternity sizes. Subscribers pay a monthly fee to receive a "tote" of apparel and accessories. Keep them for as long as you like, or return them to receive a new tote next month. You can also buy items that you want to keep forever, with prices up to 50% off retail.

      Is Le Tote worth it? How do I know if clothing rental is right for me?

    • If you've never tried a clothing rental service before, you might be struggling to figure out how it fits in with your regular day-to-day wardrobe. We find Le Tote is best for:

      • - Trying out new trends and styles without long term commitment. You can try some new things that you might otherwise never buy for yourself, and learn from what your stylist recommends. Plus, you have the luxury of wearing the items multiple times during your rental to decide how you really feel.

      • - If you travel frequently. Need something warmer or cooler to wear for just a few days or weeks? Rental can help fill your suitcase with the stuff you need, without purchasing items you'll rarely wear again.

      • - Getting a style boost for special events, date nights, and job interviews. Rental is great for those more special pieces that you don't want to buy outright (and, you won't even have to dry clean them yourself).

      • - Filling in wardrobe gaps when you're between sizes or pregnant, and don't want to buy a whole new wardrobe. You won't be able to rent 100% of your closet, but having a few pieces that fit well during transitional times can really go a long way in helping you look and feel your best.

          How much does Le Tote cost?

        • Le Tote starts at $69 a month to rent 5 items of clothing, and the priciest plan is $119 for 10 articles of clothing and 5 accessories. Le Tote maternity starts at $79 per month. You can also buy items if you fall in love with them, with discounted pricing up to 50% off retail.

          How long can you keep each tote?

        • You can keep the items in Le Tote for as long as you like, although you'll pay the rental fee every month as long as you have items checked out. You're free to wear the clothing and accessories out and about until you feel ready to return them. Once you return a tote, you're eligible for the next tote on your next invoice date.

          Can I cancel Le Tote online?

        • No. You can pause your subscription easily online, but you need to call Le Tote's customer service line or send them an e-mail in order to fully cancel.