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My Subscription Addiction
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Cat Person Review – Will My Cat Eat This Healthy Food?

Megan K.
ByMegan K.May 25, 2023 | 22 comments
Cat Person Review - Will My Cat Eat This Healthy Food?

My Cat Person Review

What did my cat think of this combo of fresh and dry food?

Cat Person is a cat food subscription that boasts "No complicated names or confusing labels. Just high quality, high protein meals made for cats and the people who love them."

I have three pups and one cat, which I guess actually makes me more of a dog person if we are just using quantity as a deciding factor. But my cat Birdie has a very special place in my heart and my home! She is a rescue kitty turned bedwarmer and recent home-gym training coach. She is the only one who lets me sleep in and the very best at bird and squirrel watching. Birdie has been enjoying mostly dry food since we brought her home, but I have been trying to supplement her diet with various canned cat foods. Cat Person seemed like a nice change of pace for her, and the packaging and ingredients were wins for me! She has never complained about her diet in the past, but New Year, New Birdie! Or, at least, more variety in her menu. It is something I can do to pay her back for all of the free labor and work she does around the house, like keeping us on our toes and protecting us from wayward moths and stinkbugs.

About Cat Person

The Subscription Box: Cat Person

The Cost: Birdie's plan landed at around $1.53 a day. Pricing depends on your cat's lifestyle and nutritional needs.

The Products: Dry and wet high-quality, high-protein meals specially selected for your kitty.

Ships to: The 48 contiguous states via USPS. Shipping with meal plans is free!

Pros & Cons

The Pros
  • This food has at least 50% more protein than the industry standard.
  • Auto-ship makes this service feel super convenient!
  • Price is comparable to some brands you might find at your local pet store.
  • Different flavors and textures make it easy to customize to your cat's preferences.
  • This food has zero fillers: no corn, soy, grain, wheat, rice, or potatoes.
The Cons
  • You might need to try out a few different flavors/textures to find what your cat prefers.
Is It Worth It?
  • For Birdie? Yes! The price is comparable to her normal food but with better ingredients and the convenience of never having to make a stress-run to PetSmart when I forget to buy her food. She also seems to really like the taste and variety.
I’d Recommend Cat Person Food If You
  • Are interested in both wet and dry food for your cat with loads of protein.
  • Have a cat with a limited ingredient diet. (You can edit the formulas you receive!)
  • Value timesaving convenience.

The Sign-Up Process

The first thing you'll do when signing up is fill out a super easy and pretty quick quiz about your cat(s).


Just a few super easy questions about your cat's eating habits. I was surprised it didn't ask Birdie's weight (which I don't know anyway) but I think it was smarter to ask how and how much she generally eats instead since cats have such different habits and activity levels that often don't seem to correlate with weight.

After answering the questions, your starter box is displayed. This is what I will be reviewing today:

This is also your chance to edit anything you might not like in terms of food flavors or shreds vs. paté.


On the same page, your regular delivery will also pop up. It is enough food for about 4 weeks and is also customizable.

Birdie's plan ended up costing about $1.53 a day (auto-ships have a 10% discount).

Birdie, My Boss and Our Test Subject

Birdie is a rescue from West Virginia who loves boxes and has a mostly sweet personality.

She is a smaller kitty with tabby stripes, orange splotches, and cute white mittens. We are unsure of her age but we believe she's a young adult.

She is also a professional painter.

Just kidding.

But she does enjoy sleeping under and admiring art in our house when she isn't eating or playing with string.

The Cat Person Starter Box

Before we dive into this, I thought it might be important to calculate how much I actually spend on cat food right now, though the prospect terrifies me.

Cat Person VS Birdie's Normal "Menu"

Birdie typically eats Blue Buffalo Healthy Living Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Adult Dry Cat Food. It costs about $22 for a 7 lb bag and ends up being cheaper per pound with a larger sized bag. We free-feed her, but I am guessing she consumes about 1/2 - 3/4 cup a day. I am also guesstimating that every 4 cups of food equals to about a pound, meaning her 7 lb. bag has about 50 servings inside. This brings her total in dry food to about $0.44. Which is a lot lower than the cost of this subscription. BUT WAIT! Queen Birdie also likes wet food and we usually put out a can a day (of random Blue Buffalo assortments) that costs around $1.00. She doesn't always finish the can, but she devours enough for me to not save the leftovers. So her total per day is around $1.44, which is just a little less than this subscription.

How Cat Person is Packaged


Our box arrived with a super cute illustrated design. The box also turns into an interactive Paw Puzzler for your cat to play with. Birdie just wanted to sleep in it, though.

The Serve & Store Set

The Starter Box arrives with a bag full of pieces to help you serve and store your food.


These lids are probably the most useful of the pieces because, as I mentioned before, Birdie doesn't always finish her wet food. This trio of lids will make it very easy to stash the rest for later and be less wasteful. They are made of super flexible silicone and fit the cans included perfectly.


We free-feed Birdie (she has a lot more self-control than I do). Even so, it might be a good idea to keep a closer eye on how much she is consuming and this pretty blue scoop has a marker for both 1/4 cup and 1/2 cup.


Lastly, a trio of tiny spoons was included. These are actually SO cute. Cute enough to use in your salt bowl, even. Just make sure guests maybe don't see the Cat Person logo on the bottom! For cat food purposes, these are great for scooping out the leftovers in a can or perfectly portioning out a few scoops for your kitty.

The Food


Salon & Tuna Recipe Shreds, 5 2.75 oz cups

I was a little surprised at just how much liquid was in this little container. I guess I was expecting more shreds? Since Birdie is much more of a broth fan though, this might be genius. With her normal shreds, she does tend to nibble some of them, but mostly she likes the juice and will just lick all of it up until it's weirdly dry and I have to toss what's left. Even though I hesitated at how much liquid was in here, she love, love, loved it. I found that the trick was to stir and then divide the portion.

Also, open the shreds facing away from your face unless you want some fish juice on your face!

Super... brothy?

Here is what a whole cup looks like in one of Birdie's bowls.

And here is a shot of Birdie trying it out! She absolutely loved this stuff. I think the fishy aroma helped! It was strong, but not offensive, and reminded me of a can of tuna.


Chicken Recipe Paté

Birdie has mixed feelings on paté. In fact, she never really chews them but just kind of licks them until they are all dry. I still wanted to try it out for her from Cat Person. It is less firm/stiff than her normal paté and kind of jiggles! It smells like those little canned baby food chicken finger meals.

Here it is inside the cup.

And here it is flipped upside down onto a plate.

Birdie started by licking but did end up actually taking bites! She managed to finish about half before going up to nap on my bed. I stored the rest back in the cup with one of our new lids.


Duck & Turkey Recipe Dry Food, 2 lbs.

Though Bird's diet is usually mostly dry food, I think she was really into the Cat Person wet food and less concerned with these kibbles. I found that the trick was to serve her dry for breakfast and save the wet stuff as a dinner treat/supplement.

The kibbles resembled her normal fare but also had these little chewy pieces that looked like little jerky churros.

Though she was less enthusiastic about the dry than the cans, she still enjoyed this noticeably more than her normal food. She also ended up eating less, probably because this food had more protein than her Blue Buffalo fare (40% vs 34%). On a TMI note, I also noticed her litterbox was less full and less stinky after a week than I would usually expect!

The Verdict

Birdie really liked this food. Like, a lot. She has always been a grazing sort-of cat who probably just mostly eats because her biology dictates that she should, but she seemed to actually enjoy these formulas as a special event if that makes sense. Like, she has actual excitement over dinner now. And it is kind of adorable! I think Cat Person is a great alternative to her normal routine or at the very least, an incredible supplement. Sure, this food costs significantly more than a bag of Friskies, but it also just has better stuff inside than many other brands and lacks fillers like corn, soy, grain, wheat, rice, and potatoes. If you are already paying more for higher-quality cat food, this would be a great service to try. I totally think we will keep ordering her the wet food to replace her other choices and if she sticks with this level of enthusiasm as we get to the bottom of the bag of dry food, we might just make the switch entirely!


What did you think of Cat Person? Would your cat enjoy this food?

Starting at $20.00
Subscribe Now

Cat Person (average cost $2.46/day) is a cat-food subscription box. It focuses on making healthy, easy-to-serve meals with quality ingredients for cats of all life stages. The food is grain-free, soy-free, potato-free, and carrageenan-free, and contains no by-products or unnecessary fillers. Reci... read more.

Megan K.
Megan K.
I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Bob K. Lemley

Thanks for sharing your idea about cat food . I will try this with my lovely cat.

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Joann Thompson

I have questions before I check out.
Payment by PayPal?.. PP popped up at payment time and then disappeared?
Thank you.

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Lindsey @ MSA

Hi Joann (and Jordan)! If you have questions about the Cat Person checkout process, I’d recommend reaching out to Cat Person’s customer service. They can be reached via email at [email protected]. It looks like you can also text (855) 918-2287 for support.

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joann thompson

I am just a beginner here trying out CAT PERSON the first time. I entered information so to elicit the most variety for Jordan.. She loves gravy/broth but does not love shreds so much. She likes some pate’ but it has to be moist. She eats only a small amount of dry food.
Her final combinations do not include a pate’ choice. How can I include it (a la carte)? ~~I too would like to have a phone number to call for my questions. Thank you.

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I read your article you tell Which cat food is best for diabetics cat?

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hi there
I read your cat food article and found some new food ideas. I see your cat is enjoying having dry food in a glass and other wet food also. I will also try for my lovely cat “jimi”.

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I use this food for my cats. They are very picky, and after trying so many foods, when their pet food was discontinued, this was the only one they would eat.

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Couldn’t find a phone number to talk to someone. I’m ordering the starter box but i have some questions because I have an old girl who is extremely allergic to fish do I need to know that there isnt any fish in the poultry dishes. Thank you.

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Interesting review! Birdie is precious! A note about the pink cup-like dish you used for the dry kibble: she could have been less enthusiastic due to “whisker fatigue” – sounds funny, but I swear it’s a real thing whereas they need to spread their whiskers while feeding, otherwise it can become uncomfortable, causing them to give up and eat less. Best to feed them on open plates or larger bowls. Also, I mix a bit of water in paté formulas making it a little soupy and it works everytime for my four cats. 🐱

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This would be enticing if I was able to give Zorro wet and dry food, however he has food sensitivity so prescription diet for him. He would also love to be free fed but he aspires to be a chunky money so he has meal times (which he yells for – even if there are still a few pieces of food left in the bowl)

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Megan K.

Aww, we had a chunky monkey kitty a few years ago so I totally get it! Birdie is positively demure with her food. It was a big change!

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I use this food for my cats they are very picky and after trying so many foods when there pet food was discontinued this was the only one they would eat.

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Joy-Not the Other One

I just ordered the sample pack! Thank you so much for this review, especially the food pictures. My cat will not eat pâté but he does the same thing Birdie does with shreds which is lick up all the broth and take a few nibbles of the meat. Being able to see that this food truly has a lot of broth was very helpful. I’m always looking for a new wet food because he’s so picky. I’ve been using Chewy for delivery (and I absolutely love them) but have found that quite often lately they are out of his food (as is my local PerSmart-I use Door Dash delivery for PetSmart) so it’s nice to have a back up delivery source. I can’t wait to see if Tommy Biscuits likes it!

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Megan K.

Tommy Biscuits is an AMAZING cat name! I hope he loves the food. 🙂

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Birdie is so beautiful!! She has different pattern but the same coloring as my little Gracie girl. Man, does she have a sweet little face too, and so kind of her to let us see close up shots of her testing out the new foods! I love the idea of this subscription, but the super high protein foods concern me. It’s kind of this newish fad that’s gained footing over the last several years and as a veterinary technician in an all cat clinic, I worry about these kitties kidneys. Kidney disease is very very common in many house cats and the kidneys are what have to work really hard to filter all of that protein. This diet would be the opposite of what you would want to give a cat whose kidneys aren’t functioning properly or like my three cats, are in stage 1 of kidney disease. Giving our cats the highest quality ingredients is something most of us would be on board with and it seems like this subscription definitely works hard to do that with the food selections. However, the whole idea of cats being obligate carnivores is based off of cats in the wild and I’m just not sure our house cats needs, or lifestyles for that matter, can or should be compared.
Anyway, these are just my own thoughts and opinions based on what I’ve seen and learned in my place of work over the years. I just thought it was important enough to at least bring up.
Always love your reviews, Megan and your description of Birdie, the bed warmer, made me happy. How do your pups and birdie get along? Were the pups jealous of birdies box she got in the mail with all of that stinky yummy food? 😁

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Megan K.

Thanks Katie! This is a really good callout. Our last cat, Maggie, was diabetic, and we had to switch her to a prescription level protein food. While it helped with her diabetes, it did eventually cause her kidneys to fail, which was so, so sad. Since this isn’t a drastic upswing from Birdie’s normal food, I am not super concerned, but it is always something good to keep an eye on for sure!

Birdie and the pups got along perfectly from day one, which blew my mind. When we were browsing for a cat on Petfinder I was specifically looking for kitties who were marked as dog friendly. Birdie’s description actually said she loved dogs, so I called on her right away! And its been a great little herd in my home ever since and since the dogs usually have Barkbox, they let Birdie have her moment to shine this time. 🙂

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I came here to say the same thing! I am a vet tech at an all feline hospital. Hsve been for 6 years. It is heartbreaking to see so many cats, including young ones, that have kidney disease as a result of high protein, grain free diets. I see it all the time. I agree with the grain free trend being a fad. It uses slick advertising to make people think they are giving their cats the best, only to find out later on it caused lasting harm. I also want to advocate the importance of giving cats wet food daily! Most cats do not consume enough water and a dry food only diet can greatly increase the risk of kidney issues and diabetes.

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Joy-Not the Other One

Katie thank you very much for your comment. That makes so much sense and was something I had not thought of. I really appreciate it! 🙂

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Birdie looks so much like our Louise (18 years young and counting!) Glad to hear she loved the food, and I agree with Julie that the likelihood of sticking with this sub diminishes as the number of cats in your family grows. Thankfully, my eight manage nicely on the offerings of Chewy and Aldi. Thank you for taking the time to do such a thorough review, and the close-up photos are very helpful (of the food and of Birdie). My late cat March, my true daughter, was nicknamed “Birdie” because she chirped.

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Megan K.

Aww, Birdie is a chirper too! It’s one of my favorite sounds. She seems so happy with the pups we haven’t considered getting another, but it is always super tempting to me!

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Julie O’Boyle-Sharp

Birdie is so cute! My boys tried Cat Person, too, and absolutely loved it, especially the dry food (I think it’s those jerky bits!). Unlike Birdie, though they’re BIG FANS of eating (like literally anything, Zephyr has stolen entire hamburgers before) and the cost didn’t work out for us, but I’m definitely going to order some dry food as a special treat every now and then. Great review, Megan! I vote for more Birdie posts.

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Megan K.

Thanks Julie! Birdie isn’t super picky, but she can be weird about textures. I was happy she liked Cat Person but if she was a little more into food I could see it not working out!

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