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18 Best Meat Subscription Boxes and Delivery Services

Updated on 4/6/21 to reflect the most up-to-date information

Grilling season is upon us! It’s time to get ahold of some grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, salmon, or pork, and get your backyard smelling like a glorious barbecue! For the best cuts and top convenience, we recommend a meat subscription box. This way you’ll have access to high-quality meat that was humanely raised on farms around the nation, without even having to leave your home. Some meat subscription boxes even send the best bacon, seasonings, and other extras needed to boost your meal to restaurant status. Ready to find the right fit for your charcoal grill? Read on to discover the best grass-fed meat, wild fish, and more!

Need a hand planning the menu? Our article highlighting the 13 Best Meal Planning Services & Apps includes options offering recipe ideas, automated grocery lists, and more. Below we’ll be covering some of the best meat of the month club boxes!

Best Meat Delivery Services & Subscriptions for Grilling and Beyond

1. Rastelli’s

Image via Rastelli’s

The Cost: Boxes start at $69.00. Save 5% with a subscription. Free U.S. shipping for orders $200+. Shop here!

Ships to: The continental U.S. only.

What You Get: Rastelli’s may currently only be offering specific single-meat delivery box options at this time; check their website to see which options are available for chicken, ground beef, steak, salmon, shrimp, tuna, and/or sausage.

Good to Know: All meat from Rastelli’s is antibiotic, steroid, and hormone-free.

Check out our Rastelli’s details to learn more!


2. Vital Box

Vital Choice Fish Subscription

Image via Vital Box.

The Cost: Starts at $129.00 per month + free U.S. shipping. Subscribe here!

Ships to: Free shipping within U.S. on orders over $99.00. Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii are subject to additional shipping fees.

What You Get: 14-17 servings of sustainably-caught seafood in each box. Choose from three tiers of subscriptions, which include all salmon, all fish, or a variety of seafood (including shellfish) respectively.

Good to Know: Vital Box only sells fish and shellfish from fisheries that are either certified sustainable or considered sustainable by experts such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.

Check out our Vital Box details to learn more!


3. Carnivore Club

Image from our review!

The Cost: $64.99 per month + shipping for the best-selling Wild Game Meats Box. $29.99 per month + shipping for the Snack Box. Subscribe here!

Ships to: The U.S. and Canada.

What You Get: 4-6 varieties of artisanal cured meats from around the world.

Good to Know: All of the delicious meat options that Carnivore Club sends are cured and shelf-stable for at least a month. They recommend refrigerating everything in your meat delivery box immediately after receipt to maintain quality and increase shelf life.

Check out all of our Carnivore Club reviews and details and visit the Food Subscription Box Directory to find other meat-centric subscription boxes!


4. Butcher Box

Image from our review!

The Cost: $129.00 per month + free U.S. shipping. You can save $20.00 by doubling any order. Subscribe here!

Ships to: The continental U.S.

What You Get: 8-11 pounds of grass-fed beef, heritage pork, and free-range organic chicken. There are five different meat subscription boxes available: beef & pork, beef & chicken, all beef, a mixed box of all three meats or you can create your own custom box.

Good to Know: Butcher Box sends 100% grass-fed and grass-finished meats that are antibiotic and hormone-free, and are never taken from feedlots.

Check out all of our Butcher Box reviews and details and the Food Subscription Box Directory!


5. Stock Yards Monthly Club

Stock Yards Meat Monthly Club

Images via Stock Yards.

The Cost: Starts at $199.99 for a 3-month subscription + $9.99 shipping. Subscribe here!

Ships to: The continental U.S.

What You Get: Steaks, chops, ribs, or other premium meats are all included in this meat delivery service. A different type of meat is sent each month, and two tiers of subscription are available for your meat box, offering high or higher quality meats.

Good to Know: Stock Yards sends subscribers the same meats they use in their restaurants, cut by the same butcher. They send USDA Prime and USDA Choice, as well as the Certified Angus Beef® Brand.

Check out our Stock Yards details to learn more!


6. Omaha Steaks Box Plans

Image via Omaha Steaks.

The Cost: Starts at $129.99 per shipment. Subscribe here!

Ships to: Orders within the continental U.S. over $168.99 ship free (orders under ship for $19.99); Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands for additional shipping fees.

What You Get: Choose from Steak Box plans, Grill Box plans, and “Stock Up All At Once” bulk plans.

Good to Know: Curious about what you’ll receive? When you click into a plan on the Omaha Steaks Box Plans site, you can check what’s going to arrive at your door.

Check out our Omaha Steaks Box Plan details to learn more!


7. Jerky Dynasty

Image via Jerky Dynasty.

The Cost: Starts at $29.99 per month + shipping (free on all U.S. orders over $47.00). Subscribe here!

Ships: Worldwide. If your international order is over 4 lbs, they may call you to collect additional shipping.

COUPON: Use code JOINTHEDYNASTY to save 20% off your first box!

What You Get: This meat subscription offers jerky from alligator meat to kangaroo from the Outback, to venison, bacon, and more. With the Dynasty Club Edition meat delivery service, you’ll receive 16-24 ounces of jerky in a wide variety of items like bags, snack packs, sausages, sticks, and more. With the Fitness Edition, you can expect anywhere from 24-32 ounces of high-quality jerky. The Lite subscription offers 8-12 ounces of jerky.

Good to Know: Jerky Dynasty products are made in the USA, 100% natural, and come from responsible sources.

Check out our Jerk Dynasty details to learn more!


8. People’s Choice Beef Jerky

Image from our review!

The Cost: Starts at $24.00 per delivery + shipping (varies). Subscribe here!

Ships to: The U.S. Free standard shipping on all orders over $85.00.

COUPON: Use code SUBADDICTION29 to save 15% off!

What You Get: A selection of beef jerky from the People’s Choice Beef Jerky product line. The subscription category options are Simple & Savory, Sweet Tooth, Some Like It Hot, Health Nut, and One of Everything.

Good to Know: People’s Choice Beef Jerky offers weekly or monthly subscriptions. You save 5% by subscribing!

Check out our People’s Choice Beef Jerky details to learn more!


9. Bacon Buff Bacon of the Month Club

Image via Bacon Buff

The Cost: $29.00 per month + $14.61 shipping. Subscribe here!

Ships to: The U.S.

What You Get: Artisan bacon from around the country, plus bacon-related swag. This bacon subscription box offers high quality meat every month.

Good to Know: Bacon Buff Bacon of the Month Club subscribers get deals on other high-quality meats, sauces, rubs, and more.

Check out our Bacon Buff Bacon of the Month Club details to learn more!


10. Greensbury

Image via Greensbury

The Cost: A la carte items start at $14.99. Save 5% when you sign up for recurring deliveries. Shipping is $9.95 for orders over $35. Subscribe here!

Ships to: The contiguous U.S.

What You Get: With Greensbury, you can subscribe to receive any individual item in their shop, or you can sign up for a meat “pack” subscription, which is offered in various combinations of beef, chicken, seafood, sausage, bison, lamb, pork, and more. They also sell bones for making broth, and already-made bone broth.

Good to Know: They raise organic grass-fed cattle in a way that is sustainable, humane, and consistent in taste and quality. Their organic meat and grass-fed beef are free of hormones, steroids, and antibiotics. If you want high-quality meat products delivered right to your door, this subscription service has got you covered.

Check out our Greensbury details to learn more!


11. Goldbelly Monthly Bacon & BBQ Subscriptions

Image via Goldbelly

The Cost: $59.00 per month for the bacon subscription, $89.00 per month for the BBQ subscription. Free U.S. shipping. Subscribe to bacon here & BBQ here!

Ships to: The U.S.

What You Get: For the bacon subscription, you get 2-5 pounds of bacon, enough to feed 6+ people. For the BBQ subscription, you get 4+ servings of barbecue meat, which may include brisket, rib tips, pulled pork, dry rubs, and more.

Check out our Goldbelly details to learn more!


12. Moink

Image via Moink

The Cost: $159.00 per box (with or without pork) + free shipping. Subscribe here!

Ships to: The continental U.S.

What You Get: 13-16 lbs of beef, pork, chicken, salmon, or a combination. You can decide whether you’d like to receive this box every 3, 4, 6 or 8 weeks. Moink has two boxes to choose – with or without pork – but you can customize your own delicious meat box by subbing out as many of the selections as you wish.

Good to Know: Moink offers wild-caught salmon, grass-fed/finished beef & lamb, pastured pork, and free-range chicken. The meat in this subscription box is free of antibiotics, hormones, GMO grains, confinement buildings, and unethical growing practices.

Check out our Moink details to learn more!


13. Crowd Cow

Image via Crowd Cow

The Cost: Build your box with a la carte items starting as low as $7.99 + free U.S. shipping on every box over $99.00. Recurring boxes receive 5% off. Subscribe here!

Ships to: The continental U.S.

COUPON: Save 5% off every box when you subscribe. No coupon needed - just use this link.

What You Get: Farm-to-table craft meat. Choose from boxes including Ground Beef, Lean Protein, Farmers Market (a variety of meats including chicken, beef, bacon, sausage, and more), Japanese Wagyu, Farmers Market Reserve (premium cuts of items described in Farmers Market option), and Steak Lovers.

Good to Know: With each shipment, Crowd Cow sends information about the animal’s breed, how it was raised, and the independent ranch where the meat came from.

Check out our Crowd Cow review and details for more info! 


14. Porter Road

Porter Road meat subscription box shown with a display of steak, sausage, bacon, baked potatoes, and other ingredients.

Image via Porter Road.

The Cost: Subscription boxes start at $70.00 + free U.S. shipping. Subscribe here!

Ships to: The continental U.S.

What You Get: Porter Road is a purveyor of 100% pasture-raised beef, pork, lamb, and chicken, from farms in Kentucky and Tennessee. They raise their animals humanely and sustainably, and all their processing—from harvesting and dry aging to hand-cutting each and every piece—is done in-house. You can purchase meat a la carte or subscribe to one of five box options.

Good to Know: Due to the natural environment and organic, vegetarian, non-GMO diet with which Porter Road raises its animals, you may notice their pork, lamb, and beef are darker in color, and their chicken has a golden yellow tone to it. That deeper color represents deeper flavor, which comes along with the territory of humane, healthy raising.

Check out our Porter Road details to learn more!


15. Carne Collective

The Cost: Subscription boxes start at $154.50 + free shipping. Subscribe here!

Ships to: The continental U.S.

What You Get: Carne Collective is the first nationwide direct-to-consumer and wholesaler of Argentinian beef. They provide premium grass-fed, angus-certified beef sourced from Argentina’s best ranches. Master butchers curate box options featuring meats including Filet Mignon, Sirloin Steak, Ground Chuck and more varying in size and servings.

Good to Know: In addition to tasting better, grass-fed beef offers health benefits like extra Omega-3, vitamins, healthy fats and added antioxidants. Grass-fed is also the most ethical and sustainable way to raise animals. You can be assured Carne Collective provides reliable, healthy and sustainable beef directly to your table.

Check out our Carne Collective details to learn more!


16. Mr. Steak

Image via Mr. Steak

The Cost: A la carte items start at $17.50 and subscription boxes begin at $105.00 + free shipping. Subscribe here!

Ships to: The continental U.S.

What You Get: Mr. Steak offers locally sourced, pasture-raised and ethically-produced premium meat using grills with steakhouse infrared technology to deliver ultra-high heat that sears and seals the meat’s flavors. Mr. Steak meats originate from the same midwestern ranches supplying many steakhouses across America. Customers can build their own boxes or choose from a curated selection.

Good to Know: Mr. Steak was founded by Mick Scully, a Chicago drillmaster and former “cook of cooks” in the U.S. Army. Scully wanted to provide steakhouse-quality meats to the backyards of as many people as possible. Meats are shipped through a 100% carbon-neutral process from the company’s 100% biodegradable cooler to maximize sustainability.


17. Bacon Freak

Image via Amazon.

The Cost: Subscription boxes start at $149.75 + shipping. Subscribe here!

Ships to: The continental US. For Canadian delivery, customers can email for a quote.

What You Get: Bacon Freak offers a wide variety of bacon produced in small smokehouses throughout the country. Bacon options include wet-cured, dry-cured, uncured and no-nitrate. The subscription delivery offers two packs of different-flavored bacon each month. Bacon Freak selects their artisan, small-production batches from over 40 varieties they carry.

Good to Know: Started in 2008, Bacon Freak is one of the original bacon of the month clubs. Everyone’s first delivery also includes a 100% cotton t-shirt with their trademark “Bacon is Meat Candy” logo emblazoned across the front. In addition to bacon, they also offer other meats including all-natural sausages, chorizo, bratwurst and items like pig novelties, gifts and more!


18. Chapman 3C Cattle

The Cost: Subscription boxes start at $125.00 + shipping. Subscribe here!

Ships to: The U.S. Free shipping on orders over $249.00

What You Get: Chapman 3C Cattle Company offers three different-sized subscription box options: 8lbs., 15lbs. And 30lbs. Each box will vary from a list of cuts including ribeye steak, T-bone steak, Chuck Eye steak, NY strip steak and more.

Good to Know: Chapman consistently raises high-quality, farm-fresh beef. Their cattle are never confined to feedlots, which delivers the best grass-fed, grain-finished beef available. There are no additives, preservatives, added hormones or antibiotics. All meat is flash-frozen to preserve the highest quality.

Are you considering ordering your specialty meats from a subscription? Which meat club will best suit your needs?


Written by Ariel Sandler

Ariel Sandler

Ariel is adjusting to dad life after recently welcoming a daughter into the world. Before fatherhood (and, hopefully, still during), he enjoyed exercising, craft beer and coffee brands, and discovering new gadget and fashion trends. He’s excited to join MSA because nothing is better than learning more about these passions than with a knock and a box at your door.

Comments (12)

  1. Has anyone tried Crowd Cow (not ground beef)? Megan did you ever get any Wagyu?

    • I have. The ground meat, bacon, and chicken are outstanding. Tastes as good as anything we’ve raised. However, we found the NY strip steaks in our first order to be on the tough side. They were gorgeous looking cuts, had nice flavor,but were not melt-in-your-mouth tender even when cooked perfectly. Their packaging and shipment is perfect and on time. Customer service is excellent. Some of their packaging is compostable, a plus. They also have some seafood.

      • Thank you! I want the flank and tri tip as well as bacon and chicken.

      • You’re welcome! You’ll love the service and products.

    • i tried them for around 4 months and i did not like any of their meat, so i started using Omaha Steaks and they have the best hamburger meat I have ever had. My son says the same thing, they are kind of expensive but OMG sooo worth it

  2. I tried Steakchop and have been very happy. Good quality meat and fish. Would highly recommend.

  3. I think “Meat Subscription” would be a good band name.

    • LOL Christy!
      Or maybe a horror movie?

    • LOL! Hilarious, Christy!

  4. I tried Butcher Box and did not like. They substituted a couple of my selections for lesser value choices. Did not even receive any notification before shipping or in the box. I am getting ready for my second box from Moink. First box was great. Well packaged and meat was good quality. Especially liked being able to get lamb and salmon choices.

    • I’m happy you found a box that was better suited to your needs!

    • I was not a fan of Butcher Box either, I thought the steaks had a very ‘odd’ texture to them and did not taste near as good as the steaks I can get from my local Publix.

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