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Crowd Cow Reviews

Is Crowd Cow Right For You?

Updated February 7, 2024 | Verified Since 2024

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Crowd Cow Overview

About the Brand

Crowd Cow is a meat subscription box with lots of variety that connects you with the farms your meat is coming from so you get exactly what you want. Wish you could find higher-quality and more sustainable options for meat or fish when shopping at your local store? Crowd Cow has partnered with the most ethical farms and fisheries worldwide to bring food right from the farm to your doorstep. That’s right, it’s a subscription that’s fully centered on meeting your protein needs and allows customers to confidently make purchases that not only support animal welfare but also reduce their environmental footprint.

Key Info

  • Price:$149.00 Monthly
  • Founded In:2015
  • Ships To:US

What It’s Like to Subscribe to Crowd Cow


Crowd Cow is one of the leading subscription services that sells meat and seafood that are humanely raised and sustainably sourced. While many brands only appear to be committed to animal welfare on the surface, Crowd Cow goes above and beyond to guarantee taste, transparency, and convenience all while providing foods that are grass-fed, wild-caught, and truly pasture-raised. You can choose to either make one-time purchases for single items or you can sign-up for a recurring service that saves you 5% on each purchase. Rather than offer the typical pre-made meal or follow-the-recipe meals, Crowd Cow solely offers single items for purchase that you can easily pair together to create wholesome meals.

How Crowd Cow Works

It’s quite simple - all you need to do is select which food items look best to you and then add them to your cart. Once you’ve selected your top choices for meats and side items, you’ll be given the option to sign up for a recurring subscription or make a one-time purchase. Crowd Cow also allows its customers who sign up for a subscription to swap out items and build their box exactly the way they like each and every time.

Example Crowd Cow Items

Aside from classic cuts of beef, pork, or chicken, you can also find things like:

  • Wild Maine Lobster Tail Pair
  • Wagyu Ground Beef
  • Norwegian Atlantic Salmon
  • Lamb Loin Chop Pair
  • Classic Surf & Turf
  • Bison Hot Dogs

Pricing Options

Pricing is based on how many items you order per week and whether or not you sign up for the recurring service or make a one-time purchase. They have a wide selection of items, but here are some example items and their prices as we saw them:

Type of Food Price Per Pound (Non-Membership) Price Per Pound (Membership)
100% Grass-Fed Ground Beef $8.41 $7.98
New York Strip Steak $16.99 $16.14
Pasture-Raised Chicken Breast $10.12 $9.61
Heritage Thick-Cut Bacon $12.00 $11.40
Five Pepper Pork Sausage $7.99 $7.59
Norwegian Atlantic Salmon $15.00 $14.25
Wild Maine Lobster Tail Pair $35.00 $33.25

Crowd Cow Pros and Cons


  • Each box can be fully customized
  • Membership is not required but provides a 5% discount on all orders
  • All meat and seafood are sustainably sourced, humanely raised, and treated ethically


  • Order must be $99 or more to qualify for free shipping
  • Does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii
  • Not for people looking for full meals as it’s mostly protein-only options

What Diets Does Crowd Cow Accommodate?

Diet Is Crowd Cow Good For This Diet?
Keto Yes, all keto options, minus a few side items.
Gluten-Free Yes, all gluten-free options, minus a few side items.
Vegetarian Absolutely not!
Vegan Absolutely not!
High Protein 100% yes!
Low Carb Yes, all options other than sides.
Organic Yes, many organic options.

What Else You Should Know About Crowd Cow


Crowd Cow is one of the best subscriptions available today for people who are eagerly looking to make more ethical food choices but want to still eat meat or seafood. Although this subscription plan is not at all for anyone who’s looking to live a more plant-based lifestyle, it offers tons of food items that can be used towards individuals following keto, paleo, or who are pescatarian. Crowd Cow also offers its food items at extremely competitive prices - why buy similar foods at the store when they don’t taste as good and are not guaranteed to be ethically sourced?

Is Crowd Cow Worth It?


If you’re someone who’s willing to spend extra money to ensure that the meat and seafood you eat is the highest quality possible, then Crowd Cow is 100% worth it. This subscription is meant for individuals who are wanting to make more ethical decisions about the food they eat but still want to consume meat.

How Crowd Cow Compares to Other Top Meal Subscriptions


Crowd Cow_ VS Butcher Box: Butcher Box offers 5 different box options to choose from. Its individual box prices usually range from $159 for 9-14lbs of assorted meats to $288 per 18-26 lbs of mixed meats and shipments are made every 4 weeks. Butcher Box allows you to select from its set limit of cuts (usually 6) to add to your box. Its custom box option costs $159 per month, with each meal coming out to around %.30. Butcher Box is the best option for customers who may go overboard adding in individual items and thus go way beyond their budget each month with ordering. However, Crowd Cox offers by far the most flexibility and gives customers greater freedom to choose individual items and whether or not they want to select a subscription or make a one-time purchase.

Crowd Cow_ VS Carne Collective: Carne Collective sources all of its products from Argentina. It offers 4 types of subscription boxes which start at $149/month. You can choose to build a custom box or you can opt-in for a pre-selected box. Carne Collective is the best option for customers who want to go the traditional subscription box route but it does not offer the extensive amount of options that Crowd Cow has. Crowd Cow is better for individuals who want more freedom in building their boxes and it’s also better for customers who are pescatarian as Carne Collective does not offer any seafood options.

Crowd Cow_ VS Cooks Venture: Cooks Venture is similar to Crow Cow in that it offers chicken and beef options, however, all of its beef options are grass-fed and its chickens are perhaps the most ethically raised we’ve seen. However, it does not offer seafood options and offers a much more limited selection of food items than Crowd Cow. Its boxes range in price from $109.99 to $289.99 per month.

Crowd Cow Reviews

Crowd Cow News

Crowd Cow FAQ

Is the packaging of Crowd Cow meals environmentally friendly?
Yes, every box is shipped in 100% recyclable and compostable materials.
How much does Crowd Cow cost?
Unlike practically all other meat subscriptions, Crow Cow varies in price as each box’s final cost is dependent on which items customers select and how they choose to customize it each time. It appears that most customers will spend between $50-$100 for smaller orders but upwards of several hundred dollars per box if they choose to include major bundles and specialty items.
What skill level do you need to cook Crowd Cow meals?
Although this subscription doesn’t require full-level chef status skills, you certainly need to possess basic cooking skills to prepare its meat and seafood items. However, it does sell a few pre-made items.
When does Crowd Cow ship meals?
Crowd Cow usually ships out its boxes by the next day and you may receive your box as early as 2 days after shipment.
Is Crowd Cow good for families with kids?
If your kids love food items such as steak, burgers, hot dogs and the like then we think they will love Crowd Cow, plus parents can buy higher end meat for themselves.
How to cancel Crowd Cow?
Log in to your account and adjust the settings for your next shipment. You can cancel your recurring membership at any time.
How to skip a week of Crowd Cow?
Simply log in to your account and modify your upcoming order before your box ships.

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Crowd CowVerified by MSA
0 overall rating
Starting at $149.00
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